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AttractiveAdya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 June 2010 at 4:38am | IP Logged
Nice prt!!!!!!
Shaan as Om is ok!!!!! but Abhi as Raj Aryan from mohabbatein!!!!!!! LOL
nd Armaan as suri ROFL
waiting for 5b!
nd yeah thanx for d princesses tag in d pm! Smile


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Liiz Newbie

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Posted: 11 June 2010 at 5:36am | IP Logged
"Khanak: Just because you have the emotional capacity of a teaspoon does not mean it's a bakwaas idea" LOL

unhappy? why so? your writings awesome.. but yeah fresh mind Tongue

love u lots Day Dreaming

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MysticalRealm IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 June 2010 at 5:40am | IP Logged
Awesome idea! Waiting for the dance

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dmg_roks_antara Goldie

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Posted: 13 June 2010 at 3:21pm | IP Logged
nice ff cont soon n plz pm me on d nxt upd

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nyxx IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 June 2010 at 4:32pm | IP Logged
I just caught up with your FF..and its just awesomee :D
Loved all the parts..and hmm..the current pairings are wayy off haha..but cant wait for them to find their real love :)..and i loved prerna's dream..LOL...and hahaha cant wait for the dance...update soon :D pleaseee
and pm me as well :D thank you

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sabihaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 June 2010 at 6:18pm | IP Logged
@Maddy: I'm glad you liked those parts.
& you don't have to wait any longer ;)
Thanks babe.

@kashndsel4eva: Thanks sweetheart. :)

@xogopi1022: Sorry about the wait babe.
& I'm glad you found it cute.
5A was such a drag for me.. I was coming up blank.
Thanks honey.

@Jaya: No need to wait any longer ;)
Thanks for your comment.

@ Miketa: Glad you liked both parts.
& of course I'll continue PMing you... :)
Thanks sweetie.

@moonlight2630: I'm glad you had a good laugh.
I laughed when I was writing the boys' reaction. They complain so much more than girls.
Thanks baby :)

@Sumii: You don't have to wait anymore ;)
& actually my fav actor is Salman Khan.
But as the girls pointed out, SRK is the ultimate romantic hero :P
Thanks for your support honey.

@Honey: I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. :)
I agree, the girls will look gorgeous... and the boys will look... interesting :P
Thanks for your lovely comments. :)

Someone realised!
I love(d) HP. And that is my favourite comment.

@Shale: I'm glad you can imagine everyone in their avatar. :)
It's all good, and thanks for your comments darl.

@Adya: I'm glad you liked the boys' character choices :D
& all women are princesses ;)
Thanks sweetie.

@ Lizzie: Hehe, I love that line.
You always love my writing.. biased much :P
(I secretly love it. Don't stop)
Love you.

@KaSh_Deewaanie: Welcome to my FF!
Glad you like the idea.
Thanks hon :)

@devfansumita: Glad you're liking it.
And I'll definitely PM you :D

@Armaan-KSG: Nice to see a new reader :)
Yes, the pairings are stuffed around... but they're getting on track (slowly).
Just updated today.
& I'll definitely PM you.
Thanks honey :)

@Nahida: Another new reader. Nice :)
I'm glad you think I've kept the essence of each character from DMG.
& I missed the masti as well. I've tried to re-create a bit of it.
& I'm definitely glad you appreciate my intricate details... it helps me imagine the scenario as well.
Khanak & Shaan are from Rang Badalti Odhani on Star One. Do check it out.
Hehe, I see Armaan & Khanak as puppy love.. AR is true love.
Definitely keeping you updated.
Thank you for your support :)

Thank you everyone for your love and patience.
A big thank you to karankideewanix and Sheena for liking it :)
I know I kept everyone waiting for 5B...
The first time I uploaded it.. I-F had a technical error... and didn't update it.
But second time around.. WOOHOO.
Much love. <3

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sabihaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 June 2010 at 9:25pm | IP Logged


The lead up to the dance has been interesting to say the least.

While the girls had whole-heartedly gone shopping and made an effort to get nicely dressed up, the boys had temper tantrums as they tried their best not to look like complete losers, or so they thought.

The gang had decided to meet at the party so they wouldn't spoil the surprise.


(At the girls' house)

Prerna: My goodness girls, you look more than beautiful, what say Asha?

Asha (taking photos) Can I take you girls for a photoshoot instead? (smiles) Nikki, you look so uncomfortable, anything wrong?

Nikki: Ummm... I don't like saris. Shaan better appreciate this. Hmph.

Khanak: (giggles) Nikki Di, I don't he'll do anything but stare. I bet he's going to be so possessive of you tonight.

Riddhima: I agree. I think all the boys are going to be our personal bodyguards. Especially considering we give these actresses a run for their money, hai na Maa... Aunty?

Asha: You bet sweetie. If only Shashank would agree to let me do a photoshoot with you three. These models have nothing on you. (sighs) Right, I think that's enough photos for now. You better get going.

Prerna: Definitely. Have a great night girls, and drive safely.

All the girls hug Prerna and Asha, and rush out of the house.

A: Do you think things will work out?

P: Asha, of course. Look at how close you and Nikki are getting. It's only going to get better. I wonder if my dream will come true though.

A: Prerna of course it will. These kids just don't know it yet. I bet tonight will be the start of something new...


(At the boys' house)

Armaan: Moment of truth... (puts moustache on) What?!

Abhi: (doubling up with laughter) Wah Wah Surinder saab. Taani, I mean Khanak ji, will be so interested to see you.

Ar: Chup bhe! Oh great... now I have to speak proper Hindi and stuff. Myself Surinder Sahni, lighting up your life.

Shaan: Haha Bhaiya. I like it. You look good... a lot better than me right now. I never thought I'd dress up like this. Never. Nikki better not laugh.

Ab: I'm sure she won;t. She'll be too busy holding onto her sari. Remember last time at Suraj's graduation party? (chuckles at the memory)

S: (looks at Abhi weirdly) You remember that? Hell, I barely remember yesterday, and you remember something that happened almost a yr and a half ago?

Ab: (looks embarrassed) Nah man, whatever. Aren't we getting late? Damn, almost forgot the stupid violin. Cannot believe I'm pretending to be a professor who sees dead people.

Ar: Come on buddy boy, you look decent at least. And by the way, you can drive. I refuse to be seen till we get inside.


At the dance, the crowd has already started filling up - with girls on one side, and boys on the other. Riddhima notices a lot of different characters ranging from Anarkali to Umrao Jaan.

R: Wow girls. So many characters. Looks like everyone's gone all out for this. Do you think we'll recognise our partners in this crowd?

K: Well, we do know who we're meant to be looking for, so who knows. And I know we look exactly like our characters, so there's no overlapping. But this is so amazing, no one looks similar in any shape or form.

N: Thank goodness for that, I'd hate for someone else to be wearing a white sari with a mangalsutra and sindoor. I really do feel like a ghost now.

R: Nikki, you look beautiful. Shaan won't let go the entire night... your personal bodyguard.

K: Oh look, the boys are making their entrances. Do you recognise any of ours? Gosh, I see Asoka, Raj from DDLJ, oooh, even Radhe from Wanted! This is so cool!

Just then the MC came on stage.

MC: Welcome everybody to tonight's end-of-year dance: Bollywood Couples! Everyone definitely looks like they've come out of Bollywood films. Alright, let's get the picture rolling. The rules are simple: find your other half, and stay with them the entire night. Judges will be walking around choosing best dressed couples, and those who have closely dressed to their specified film. So enjoy your night, and let's start with an all time favourite: Where's the Party Tonight!

Immediately, everyone started moving forward to find the other half of their Jodi. Some found them straightaway, and some took awhile. There were definitely a lot of shocks and surprises...

N: Alright girlies, how about we all separate and find the boys? It would make things a lot easier. *They all agree and move off into the crowd* (thinking to herself) Hmmm, let's see. I'm meant to be looking for someone with a violin. Shaan, where the hell are you?

K: *moved to the back of the hall* (thinking) Hmm, where could he be? He's meant to be wearing a red checked jacket and matching bow tie. Armaan, where are you? *bumps into someone* Sorry... *takes in red checked jacket, gelled hair and bowtie* YOU?


R: *moved to the front* (thinking) I wonder if Abhi wore the moustache. He'd look so adorable with it. Where are you Abhi? *notices someone in white shirt, tan pants and runners* Mr. Sahni... Hi, I'm Taani. (giggles) *He turns around* (stops giggling)


Abhi: *walking around* (thinking) I feel like such a loser holding this violin. Ridzy, please put me out my misery. *accidently hits someone with the violin* Oops, I'm so sorry madam.

N: (hearing the voice) *turns around* Ouch Abhi... You are (looks at him) such (notices the clothes) a (notices the violin) Raj Aryan? (eyes widen) You have got to be kidding me. Why? Why you?

Ab: Why me what? (notices Nikki's outfit) Oh... oh... why hello... Megha. *glares at her* (thinking) Could this night have started any worse?


K: This isn't possible. You did not just dress up as Om... where's Armaan? This is a joke right? (looks incredulous)

Shaan: Khanak! Calm down... yes, I'm Om, and I notice you're Shanti. Nice dress. Now look, I thought it would be Nikki as Shanti, so the joke is being played on me. (groans)

K: Arghh, the best night of my life, and I'm sharing it with you. Great. (looks around) I need something to drink, 'Om'. Aren't you meant to be love sick over me? Get me a drink then. Thanks.

S: (muttering) Oh, I'm sick alright. Please kill me now, somebody, anybody. *drags Khanak to the bar* Order your drink already. Thanks. (smirks)


R: (looks confused) Tum? Tum yahaan, iss kapre mein? Why are you in Abhi's clothes? Armaan Malik, why are YOU my partner?

Armaan: Dekho teacher lady, I was handed a slip, it had Surinder Sahni on it. Not my issue... and as for clothing, you can swap with whoever Megha is, because Abhi is Raj. (muttering) Talk about issues.

R: Teacher lady? Hmph. And I heard that. You know what, I won't give you the satisfaction of ruining my night. I am going to have a good time, and you will not annoy me.

Ar: *looks at Riddhima weirdly* Thanks for the essay answer. Do what you want, I'm here for the free drinks. And by the way, no one's night is as ruined as mine. I'm here dressed as a dork with a muche... and I'm stuck with you. So suck it up Teacher, you're not the only unhappy one.

R: Oh, I'm not unhappy. Look at you makes me laugh. I wonder how irresistible Khanak will find you with that muche. (giggles)

Ar: Very funny. Where is everyone anyway? Oh look, your lover boy is on his way... and with... wow... Nikita?!

Nikita and Abhi make their way towards Armaan and Riddhima who look just as shocked to see them as they are.

Ar: Well, well, well... a bhoot and her professor lover. Touching.

N: You know 'Surinder' you're welcome to swap anytime. Although, I don't think I'd look as good as you in the muche. (smirks)

Ab: I actually agree with Nikki... no one can look as dashing as you Armaan.

Ar: (chuckles)

N: Oh please, not another AbhiMaan moment. Ridzy, pass me a bucket.

R: (giggles) Niks yaar, it's not that bad. They have known to be worse. Remember Anjali and Atul's wedding? (grimaces) Anyway, where's Shaan? And Khanak?

Ar: (angry tone) Yes, where are they?

N: Armaan, calm down. He's not going to steal her away from you. They're probably killing each other as we speak. And what do you know, they're on their way.

K: *walks up to Armaan and cracks up* Why hello Mr. Sahni. Don't look at me like that...

S: (in a low voice to Nikki) Thank God she's found him. She does my head in. I don't care how pretty she is. And yes Nikki, I think she's pretty. Stop laughing.

N: Oh come on Shaan, she's not bad. She just knows what buttons to push. With Khanak you've gotta be a bit more firm. Show her who you are, Mr. Confident. And please, keep her away from her boyfriend.

S: Since when is that my job yaar? (sulks) Fine, I'll do it for you princess. By the way, you look exceptionally beautiful. *notices the straightened hair, sindoor and the mangalsutra* Megha? (cracks up) You and Abhi... that's too good yaar. Ouch... don't hit me yaar.

R: Hi Shaan. Wow, you look so adorable! You make a much better Om than SRK. Hehe.

S: Hi Bhabhi, and you look pretty amazing yourself as Taani. It suits you. Although Mr. Sahni seems to be paired with the wrong girl. *hits Armaan on the shoulder* Mr. Sahni, yeh tere film ki heroine nahin hai.

Ar: Shaan... (glares) Please leave me yaar. I'm trying to get at least a moment with my girl here, and you're just ruining the moment.

K: Consider it ruined darling. *kisses him on the cheek* I can't stand with you any longer... what if the judges come past now?

All six position themselves with their respective partners, but none look too happy about it.

Ab: Do I not get a moment with my girlfriend tonight? Nikki, can't you swap clothes?

N: *pities his sulking face* Alright for you, I will. (smiles)

Ab: Really Nikki? You're not too bad after all.

N: (smirks) Ridz, chal. I've decided to be nice and swap clothes with you.

R: (eyes widen) You'd stay the night with Armaan so I can be happy? I love you!

N: Calm down, it's for my own sanity as well. Ridz, chal yaar.

Just then, one of the judges walks past and notices the pairings.

Judge: Arrey wah, Shah Rukh Khan movies - I like it. Let me see, Shaan and Khanak; Armaan and Riddhima; oooh and Abhimanyu and Nikita. Very good, very good. Please continue.

All six realise the judge has written their pairings down.

N: (melodramatically) Nahin!

Boys: (all look at her amusedly)

R: (sulks) This isn't fair.

N: Tell me about it. How long till the dance is over?

Everyone: Nikki!

K: You know what, I'm getting bored standing here. Oi, love-sick boy. Chal, I wanna dance.

S: (raises eyebrow) Excuse me? Love-sick boy? Scratch the love sweetheart. Koi pyaar vyaar nahin.

K: Whatever. Ab chale please? Come on guys, I wanna dance.

Ar: Anything for you sweetheart. (smiles lovingly)

N: This is getting old real fast. *notices Abhi's face* Abhi! Stop staring at her for once please. Please?

R: (blushes) Alright, let's go. Armaan, do you mind?

S: I don't think he does Bhabhi. But I think we gotta get out of this area. I'm getting a lot of looks... I think we all are.

K: Definitely. Alright, Armaan! Please na, chhodo. (smiles at his face) Aww, I'll miss you too.

As they all start to walk, the MC comes back on stage.

MC: Alright, has everyone found their partner? Let's get it all under way!

Everyone notices as Armaan&Riddhima, Shaan&Khanak, and Abhi&Nikki make their way to the dance floor, none of them looking too pleased to be with the other.

MC: Alright, the first song to start our little dance off... let's start with a little romance.

"Woh Pehle Baar - Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi"

As everyone took their positions on the dance floor, there was a little hesitation from the gang. They looked at each other like they didn't know the other person... until their hands touched.

In that second, the world stops. They each feel the spark of connection and in that moment saw their lives entwined together. Then the song starts, all six looked around wondering what had just happened, before they start dancing.

Ab: (softly) Nikki... are you alright?

N: Huh? Are you being nice to me?

Ab: Of course not. I'm only asking because it's obvious you look uncomfortable.

N: (nods sarcastically) Wow, complete genius. It's this silly sari...

Ab: You could have worn a salwar you know.

N: Hmph. Don't start me. But all the same... smile, and don't let go.

Ab: (smiles)


R: Armaan, he won't do anything. Why are you so possessive of her?

Ar: I can't help it. It's Khanak. She's so... delicate. I worry about her sometimes.

R: Wah Armaan, you worry about someone other than yourself?

Ar: Riddhima, you're a world class act. *shakes head* Oops, I forgot we were dancing.

R: Armaan, please. One complete dance. Just one, that's all I'm asking.

Ar: Alright, alright. Let's do this.


S: Khanak, what's up with you? I thought you wanted to dance.

K: It helps if you actually paid attention to me.

S: What are you talking about? I'm dancing with you aren't I? What more attention do you want?

K: If you could look at me instead of watching Nikki out of the corner of your eye. That would be nice.

S: (looks sheepish) She's dancing with Abhi. Of course I have to keep an eye on her. Who knows what she might do to him.

K: (smiles) Shaan, you're really cute. You always look out for her. But I'm sure she'll be fine, Ridz is keeping an eye on them as well. Can we focus here?

S: *looks at Khanak* Sure.


The music ends, and everyone starts clapping.

MC: That was brilliant everyone. Now if you get tapped on the shoulder, you're not making it to the next round. Please stand around the dance floor if that happens... Alright, I notice a few couples moving away. Time for Round 2.

"Dil Dance Maare - Tashan"

The music got a bit faster, and each couple started their routines. The gang finally started having a good time, giggling away as they made up silly steps to the song.

It seemed everyone liked their dancing, and somehow they ended all moving to the same steps. The song ends, and the gang start laughing.

S: That was awesome yaar! I can't remember the last time we danced like that.

Ar: Come to think of it, neither can I.

Girls: Armaan... tum sochre hain? (giggling)

Ar: *glares*

Ab: (chuckles) Yes girls, contrary to popular belief, Armaan Malik thinks.

MC: Wow. That was amazing! I think our final three couples deserve a massive round of applause for including everyone in their dance! So could I please ask the jodis of Surinder & Taani, Om & Shanti, and Raj & Megha to remain on the dancefloor. Everybody else, get ready for the final stage.

N: (whispers) Final stage? I barely kept up in the second one. At least Mr. Aryan makes me look good.

R: (whispers) Honey, you were simply amazing. What matters is that we're all having a great time. And I'm glad you're warming up to Abhi.

N: (whispers) Huh? Oh right. Hehe.

Boys: (whispers) What are you two giggling about now? We need to get into positions.

MC: Alright, are y'all ready? Couples, move into position. The final song...

"Sholon Si - Shabd"

Gang: SALSA? *all look at each other*

The three couples start salsa routines. And it's definitely hard to say which couple is better. And although each Jodi look at each other, thinking of others, everyone around them thinks otherwise. There's an attraction in the air... the eyes say it all.

As the song goes faster, the salsa routines become much more than a dance. Each couple forgets the crowd around them... there's only the two of them, and they don't remember anybody else but the person dancing with them. It's electrifying, and none of them want to let go until...

Audience: *claps and whistles and calls for an encore*

The three jodis are brought back to earth, with dazed looks. They look at the person next to them - was it only a dance?

MC: And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, one of the most scintillating and sensuous dances ever seen. The judges are setting their scores... let's see, I've got the winner's names... and a side note: 'It was a one point difference between the winners and the other couples...' Wow, I wouldn't have been able to do that. Alright, the winners of tonight's dance off are... Armaan and Riddhima... I mean, Surinder and Taani!

AR: Huh?

AN and SK: Congrats! Yay, you won. *massive grins on their faces*

MC: Congrats Surinder and Taani. We'd now like a special dance from both of you, and in fact, we'd all like separate dances from all three couples. What say audience?

Audience: *claps their hands in approval*

MC: Alright... Surinder and Taani, please... enjoy your special dance!

"Haule Haule - Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi"

R: (whispers) This is so embarrassing.

Ar: (whispers) I agree. But you know, we won. So that is pretty awesome, even if I did all the work.

R: (glares) Very funny. (smiles) But we did win. Although I would have rather Nikki or Khanak win instead.

Ar: Shut up for a second please. (smiles)

Armaan and Riddhima glide the floor in a medium paced dance... but neither are really focused on dancing. They're focused on each other...

Ar: (thinking to himself) Riddhima isn't such a bad dancer. In fact... she's pretty good. And she's really pretty, especially looking like Taani... (eyes widen) I'm thinking about Riddhima... Riddhima... Riddhima!

R: (thinking to herself) It's funny how I'm having a really good time tonight. I didn't expect Armaan to be such a good partner, even if he wasn't paying enough attention to me. Wait, why am I upset about that? (looks at Armaan) He is such a dope. But a cute dope... Did I just call Armaan cute? (eyes widen) What is wrong with me?

The song ends, but Armaan and Riddhima are still looking at each other as they walk on the stage to receive their crowns. The MC then calls for Om and Shanti to grace the dancefloor.

"Mein Agar Kahoon - Om Shanti Om"

Instead of a faster dance like Armaan and Riddhima, Shaan and Khanak decide to move a bit slower. As Shaan dances with Khanak, there's a lot of admiration (and possibly something else) in his eyes.

S: (thinking to himself) For all the grief she causes me, she's a cute girl. Look at her smile, for a nerd, she sure knows how to move... wait, I shouldn't be thinking about her like this. (sighs) She's like a doll, Armaan better not hurt her.

K: (thinking to herself) I am having the coolest time yet... and it's all because of Shaan. He's been putting up with me so silently. He really is a true friend. And the way he cares for Nikki is so sweet, just like a big brother. Maybe I shouldn't annoy him as much. (smiles)

When the song ends, Khanak quickly hugs Shaan.

K: (whispers) Thanks. You're a good dancer.

S: (in shock) Umm... wow, thanks. You're not too bad yourself. (chuckles)

Everyone claps as Shaan and Khanak go to stand next to Armaan and Riddhima, who have been watching them with smiles, although Armaan isn't too happy about Shaan being so close to Khanak.

The MC announces for Abhi and Nikki to come to the dance floor. There's a bit of a delay as Nikki is really reluctant to dance.

Ab: *walks Nikki to the middle of the floor* (whispers) Nikki, I know you don't like dancing that much. But please, it would mean the world to everyone, and especially your sisters if you danced. Please, Nikki.

N: (sulks) Alright. I'll do it for them. *looks up at Abhi* Thanks for the support. Don't let go of me.

Ab: (smiles inwardly) Of course I won't.

"Aankhein Khuli - Mohabbatein"

Abhi twirls and guides Nikki around the dancefloor. Nikki follows Abhi and finds dancing isn't that bad.

N: (giggling and thinking to herself) I'm actually having a good time. This is crazy. Normally Shaan and I just make our own silly moves, but Abhi has really got me into this. He's such a sweetie for helping me. Especially in this dreaded sari. Ridzy is a lucky girl for finding someone so understanding... Even if he drives me insane most of the time.

Ab: (thinking to himself) She's an insane girl... with a heart of gold. And she knows how to dance. She is the craziest person I know, but she is still so shy around everyone. Using her sisters' as an excuse to dance was definitely a good idea. She deserves happiness in her life.

Nikki and Abhi share an eyelock as the song ends, and Nikki blushes at Abhi's gaze. As they walk on stage, Nikki almost slips because of her sari, but Abhi firmly holds her, stopping her from slipping. She looks into his eyes and wonders...

The MC gives flowers to the girls, and shakes each of the boys' hands. He announces that the night hasn't finished, and calls for everyone to enjoy the rest of the night. Music starts again as the three jodis walk towards the back of the hall, deciding to take a break.

K: Congrats Di! And Armaan, yes, you danced well. But Di, wow! You're such a good dancer. And your song was so adorable.

N: I definitely agree, and Kaz, wah. You should definitely take up professional dancing. You were like totally having the time of your life with Shaan... that must be a first, hai na?

R: (giggles) That's so true Nikki! And wow Nikita, you danced. And you didn't trip over your sari. All thanks to Abhi.

S: Yeah man, Abhi, genius yaar. Didn't let go of Niks once. She's not a bad dancer, but she prefers making silly moves to graceful ones. Ouch princess, that hurt.

N: There's more where that came from. Uff, all this dancing has made me thirsty. And hungry. What?

Everyone: Nikki! (cracks up)

Fed and watered, the gang decide to dance some more.

"Twist - Love Aaj Kal"

"Yeh Ladka Hai Deewana - Kuch Kuch Hota Hai"

"Mauja Hi Mauja - Jab We Met"

"Deewana Hai Dekho - Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham"

"Jhalak Dikhla Jaa - Aksar"

The night finally ends with a round of applause, and every couple being given small gifts for the judges announce that everyone lived up to being "Best Dressed". The gang decide to head to Rahul and Muskaan's house to kick back.


Precap to part six:

Shaan: (thinking) Why can't I get her out of my head? *thinks back to their dance*

Armaan: (thinking) What am I doing? Khanak is my girlfriend, hell, Riddhima is nothing more than a friend.

Abhimanyu: *thinking of Nikki's dancing* Yeh ladki toh mujhe pagal kardegi.


Enjoy :)

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nyxx IF-Sizzlerz

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loved the whole dancing and the description of looks. and this dance was definetely starting of something new. finally, they re all thinkin about their respective ones haha :)
and yay AR won the best dancer award. but very nice selection of songs for all the couples :)
loved the part :)
update sooonnn timmeesss pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

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