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sabihaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 June 2010 at 9:33pm | IP Logged
@ Khushi - thanks sweetheart.
My rotis don't look much better, but I successfully made it last night. Burning my fingers in the process - something Abhi would probably do.
And yeah, AN's clothes - that lengha sari is one I bought actually. It's soooo gorgeous.

@kashndsel4eva - thanks darlin'.
I'm glad you liked the roti part - I had fun writing the argument. :)
& it's all good, thanks for taking the time to read the story.

@AttractiveAdya - I'm glad you liked ShaNak's convo. I realised I'd focused too much on everyone else, and I can't wait for ShaNak as a jodi on the show...
Thanks sweetie :)

- Thanks sweetie.
I will update in the next couple of days. Just trying to think of sequence now.

@xogopi1022 - I'm glad you loved it. And don't be sad it ended, it's only going to continue until I run out of ideas.
And of course I'll PM you. :)
Thanks darl.

@Sumii - LOL. Yes, the dream.
I love Prerna too - she's so sweet and loving.
Thanks honey.

@ Liz - hello little sister. You finally posted, and woh bhi on my FF. Hehe.
Yes, Nikki Pehelwan. I had to use it.
Thanks babydoll. :)

@Honey - thanks sweetie.
I love Prerna's motherly tenderness as well - I suppose I wanted to show that even if one feels like there's no one that cares, there's always that person who will stand up for you no matter what.
As for Rishabh and Prerna - they're a very down-to-earth couple, and there's so much love for everyone.
I can't wait for the meddling either, although it probably won't be in the next part.

@Fatima - Thank you!
I'm glad you like my intricate details. I was wondering if everyone got bored reading so much. But you've cleared my doubts. :)
I'm really glad you like the way I've portrayed everyone. I didn't want Nikki to be with anyone except Abhi, and I never thought Shaan would suit Nikki - he's too immature at times. But yes, he does like Khanak, although he won't admit it - which is why he treats her meanly at times. But he does have a softer side :)
As for AR - the next part will definitely have them. Definitely. I've focused on the other couples, and now it's time for my other fav jodi.
I miss KZK as well - well, I didn't watch that much. But Rishabh and Prerna were like the ultimate couple for me on that show. And I wanted to re-create that.
RM - I did that for those who would have wanted them together on DMG, I couldn't believe they were separated like that either.
Thanks once again honey, it means a lot to me.

@mitzification - it's all good darlin'. I know a few people were confused. In fact I almost confused myself for a bit. Hehe.
AN will take their time to become a couple... especially with how serious Abhi-Riddhima are right now. But I have started doubts in their mind already.
Thanks. :)

@Sheena - thanks sweetheart.
I will update soon. Promise. Just a little confused on how to start the sequences.
And yes, it shall be long. :)
Hehe, I think his rotis would taste better than mine as well. :)

Thank you so much everyone for your support and comments. Means heaps to me. :)
And thanks angel_sub for liking the part. :)
And yes, all those silent readers, don't hesitate to comment/suggest/like/hate.

Much love. <3

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xogopi1022 Goldie

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Posted: 08 June 2010 at 11:59pm | IP Logged
when are you going to update I'm dying to read the next part, Don't forget to me PM about it.

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sabihaa. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 January 2010
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Posted: 10 June 2010 at 8:19am | IP Logged


A few weeks has passed since Prerna's dream. Exams are almost over, and everything seems to be going alright with the jodis, or so it seems. Abhimanyu and Riddhima haven't been spending too much time together because of exams, and it's put a massive strain on their relationship.

Khanak has been forcing Armaan to study which he resents. He thinks Khanak is sees him as her student, rather than her boyfriend.

Things with Nikita have gotten a lot better – staying at Rahul and Muskaan's place has calmed her down heaps, and when she goes to see her family, she does her best to stay smiling, although Asha still has resentment but Shashank assures Nikita that she'll come around.


Riddhima is walking to the library, and is holding heaps of books when Armaan bumps into her.

Armaan: (in pain) Owwww. Riddhima Gupta. Dekh kar chal nahin sakti? My body... oh my legs. (pushes the books off him) True basketcase.

Riddhima: Armaan Malik, get over yourself. And by the way, you were in my way, so it's not my fault the book dropped on you. Junior Hulk. (crouches to pick up her books, and Armaan does the same; they bump their heads together)

Ar: (staring at Riddhima and thinking to himself) Kya aankhen... kya chehre... hang on, Riddhima? (says out loud) Riddhima! (is in shock and quickly stands up)

R: (picks her books and stands up) Arghh, Armaan tumse ek kaam bhi nahin hota. I still wonder why Khanak goes out with you, ahh, she pities you! Now if you'll get out of my way, I have more important things to do. (walks off with a last glare)

Ar: (to himself) Pities me... whatever. Khanak adores me... (gets confused) Dude, focus. Find Khanak. (walks off thinking about Riddhima's eyes)


Khanak is sitting with Nikita and Shaan, and all are discussing the dance.

Shaan: Bakwaas idea. 'Bollywood Pairings'; I mean come on yaar, how filmy can you possible get?

Khanak: Just because you have the emotional capacity of a teaspoon does not mean it's a bakwaas idea. I love it - I think it's going to be so much fun! And apparently there's a twist for this year!

S: Trust you to love such a filmy idea. And what twist? (gets interested)

Nikita: (giggling) Kahani mein twist, aur Shaan ko hogaye interest. Nice, nice. So spill, what type of twist?

K: Well, from what the girls were saying, when you buy a ticket, you also get a slip telling you who you have to dress up as. On the night, the objective is find your other half... of the pairing of course.

N: Wow, now that really is a twist. I'm already looking forward to it! Chal, let's go buy tickets now. In fact let's get everyone here so we can buy them together.

S: Awesome, I'll call the boys now. (calls Abhi) Dude, kahan ho? We're going to buy tickets for the dance... yeah, yeah... Alright, we'll meet you at the cafeteria. (hangs up) Abhi is with Armaan, so they'll meet us there. Where's my bhabhi?

K: Your bhabhi? Oh right... ummmm, I haven't seen her. She might be at the library stressing.

N: Hang on, I'll call her... no, wait, there she comes (walks towards Riddhima with Khanak and Shaan) Ridzy darling, chal. We're buying tickets for the dance. Come na.

R: (smiles) Nice to see you smiling baby. Chal, let's do this.


At the cafeteria, there's a bit of a line for tickets, but the girls spot Abhi and Armaan already in line, so they walk towards them.

Khanak: Thanks guys. I didn't think the line would be so long (feels Armaan's hand on her waist).  Hmmm, the dance is going to be so interesting, na? (places her hand over Armaan's)

Abhimanyu: It's alright Kaz. And you're right, Bollywood couples... I wonder who'll be paired up? (looks meaningfully at Riddhima)

R: (looks away) Hopefully, there'll be some friendly pairings.. it'll be so cute to see. (notices Abhi's pained face and holds his hand)

The line moves forward, and the six buy their tickets. The girls and guys are each handed slips. The ticket seller tells them that they aren't allowed to reveal to the opposite gender their character, as it will ruin the fun. Everyone agrees, and the girls and guys go their separate ways to discuss the slips.


The girls decide to go to Muskaan's house, and their friend sits with them as they each open it up.

R: Oh wow! It's a description of the movie, and the character I have is... Taani from Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. Oooh, I get to wear white, like in that title song. Hmmm, but my hair has to be straightened... I wonder if Abhi would look good in a moustache. (all the girls start giggling)

K: Di, that is so cute. Alright, let me open mine... let's see, oooh, I get to be an actress: Shanti-Priya from Om Shanti Om, and wear that gorgeous black sari. This dance is going to be mindblowing. Armaan as Om is going to be interesting to say the least. Hehe.

M: Ooh, I remember dressing up as Shanti for the Valentine's Day dance at Sanjeevani. Good times...

N: You dressed up like Shanti? Nice bhabhi, you could totally help Khanak with the outfit then. (smiles) Oh, yes, almost forgot about my slip... let's see now... oh my God, this is too much... Megha from Mohabbatein? I wanted a friendly pairing. As if Shaan and I could do the whole romantic angle... (starts giggling) Can you imagine Shaan with glasses and a turtleneck?

R: Nikki, he'll look soo cute. I think you'll both look gorgeous whatever you wear. Isn't it funny though how we're all going to portray characters from SRK movies? (smiles)

K: Di, who better to portray than the ultimate romantic hero? Hehe.

M: I agree Kazzie. Ai hai, Abhi, Armaan and Shaan all playing SRK. I can't wait for this!

The girls start giggling as they imagine their boys in those character roles.


The boys decided to go home to work out these silly slips. They noticed Rishabh and Rahul sitting in the family room discussing work.

S: Hi Dad, Bhaiya. You're both home early. That's a change.

Rish: Haan Shaan. We decided to take a day off and work on a new project. But what are you boys doing home, and what's that in your hand? (becomes curious)

Ab: Dad, we didn't have any classes... and well... these are our costume requirements for the dance. (looks sheepishly at his brothers)

Ra: Costume requirements? What the... these dances have changed. What happened to going to a dance just to dance?

Ar: Bhaiya, 21st century and all. Abhi, Shaan, come on let's open them now. Please? (they all chuckle at Armaan's eagerness) Oh come on, as if you're not excited... that's it I'm opening mine... HUH? (stands silent until Rahul pokes him) What? Oh... no, no, no. I am not doing Surinder Sahni. No, no, no. Moustache and me?

Ab: (laughing) Armaan you and muches make an awesome Jodi... I think Khanak has some competition.

Ar: Oh, you're funny Abhi. (glares at them) Shaan, chal, stop laughing and open yours.

S: Army, chill out dude. I'm opening it... (opens and reads it) This is a joke, I'm not doing it.

Rish: Kya hua Shaan?

S: Dad, me... Om Prakash from Om Shanti Om? Me... playing a wannabe actor?

The boys look at each other and go into hysterics.

Ra: Champ, it can't be as bad as Armaan's Suri act.

Ab: Rahul Bhaiya is right. Champ, stop stressing, I'm sure you'll look good in white pants and puffed hair. (laughs even harder)

S: Abhi! Come on dude, that's not funny. Go on, open yours up Mr. Khadoos.

Ab: (raises an eyebrow) Alright, calm down. Let's see... (eyes widen) Wah, me with a violin in my hand, and a turtleneck. Great... I'm become Raj Aryan from Mohabbatein... writing on leaves. At least Riddhima will look good in a sari yaar.

S: Hey that's not as bad as me having to puff up my hair, seventies style.

Ar: Hah, my hair is going to be glued to my head, and I'm wearing a muche. Beat that.

The boys start complaining about their choices when Rishabh quietens them down.

Rish: Look boys, it's just a dance. You're doing this for the girls... and besides, you'll have a lot of fun when you get there. Stop worrying about yourself, your job is to compliment the girls. (smiles) I think you boys will look awesome all the same.

Ar: Dad's right... we're doing this for the girls. And wow Dad, using 'awesome'. Kya baat hai... (chuckles) Can we call the girls now? I want to know what they're wearing.

Abhi,Shaan&Rahul: (collectively) Armaan!

They all crack up, and resolve not to complain... after all the dance is happening in four days.


Part 5B is on its way... the Dance. :)

(I know.. I know, but I was so unhappy with this part. I'm writing up Part 5B tomorrow, with a fresh mind.)

Much love. <3

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Khushboo_AN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 June 2010 at 8:26am | IP Logged


You know I just can't stop laughing at the mental images of Suri/Armaan and Raj/Abhi! ROFL
I've seen what Armaan can look like...but Abhi in a turtleneck...eeeeeshhhh I've seen him in one! *remembers suddenly* And oh no....I don't like the sight of it! Dead Ouch
Please don't make him wear that horrible thing he once wore during their unofficial date! Nooooo....*moans pitifully*
But can't wait for prt's gonna be fun! Big smile
But tell me one thing. Why are the parts divided like this? Confused Couldn't 5b have been 6?
Anyway, who cares...waiting for the update! Embarrassed

Edited by Khushboo_AN - 10 June 2010 at 8:37am

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mitzification Goldie

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Posted: 10 June 2010 at 8:31am | IP Logged
great job ... one great party its going to be ... looking forward

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sabihaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 June 2010 at 8:47am | IP Logged
@ Khushi:
I couldn't stop giggling either. I have to admit, writing that was fun. :)
I had almost forgotten Abhi had worn a turtleneck before... and I think I know you didn't like it..
No UBS. :P
I made it 5A because I wanted the dance as one part... but then I realised how long the post would become, so I separated it. :)
I'ma update tomorrow anyway.

@mitzification: Glad you liked it. :)
& yes, I'll try to make the dance extra awesome.
I've got songs planned... it is going to be great (if I do say so myself).
blackdaughter IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 June 2010 at 9:00am | IP Logged
I like part 4 and 5A. It's cute!! Waiting for more already Sabz!! Big smile

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felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 June 2010 at 9:27am | IP Logged
Awesome part
can't wait for the dance
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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