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Kabhi Dosti, Kabhi Pyaar
- a new FF by Sabiha Ali
Characters - Page 1
Background Info - Page 1
PM List - Page 1
Part 1 - Page 1
Part 2 - Page 1
Part 3 - Page 1
Part 4 - Page 3
Part 5A - Page 5
Part 5B - Page 8
Part 6 - Page 10
Sneak Peek - Page 13
Part 7A - Page 15
Part 7B - Page 18

Hello everyone.
Reading everyone's FFs made me wanna start one of my own.

It's a ShaNak, AN and AR FF. I hope you all enjoy it.
Please don't hesitate to read, like, hate, comment, criticise.
A writer needs nothing more than the opinions of her fellow readers.

NOTE: This FF was previously on the RBO forum - sorry for any inconvience. :)

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sabihaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Main Characters
Abhimanyu Modi:
Final yr student at medical school; he's the nerd of the trio. He's playful, and believes in true love, which he hopes he's found. He's Shan's older brother, and Armaan's cousin. Is also currently in a relationship with Riddhima Gupta.
Armaan Malik:
Just like Abhi, he's also a final yr student in med school. The flirt of the trio, he's also the most popular student of his yr. Doesn't believe in love, but still devotes his attention to Khanak, Riddhima's younger sister - who he believes is the closest thing he'll ever get to 'love'.
Shantanu Modi:
Abhi's younger brother, and Armaan's cousin. The spoilt brat of the family who prefers playing pranks than studying. He's in his 2nd last yr of college, and plans to go into the family business. He's best friends with Nikita Malhotra.

Riddhima Gupta: Khanak's older sister, and Nikita's step-sister. She's finishing med school with Abhimanyu and Armaan. She's going out with Abhimanyu, and thinks she's found her life partner.
Khanak Gupta:
Riddhima and Nikita's little sister. She's in her second yr of college, and wants to become a teacher. She's very bubbly, and always gets what she wants. She's head over heels for Armaan, and wishes he would take their relationship a little more seriously, although she has heaps of fun with him.
Nikita Malhotra-Gupta:
Riddhima and Khanak's step-sister. She's the most serious out of the group, but she's learning to smile again with Shaan around. She has a lot of hate for what her parents put her through, but loves her sisters more than herself.

Other Characters
Shashank Gupta: Head of Sanjeevani; father to Riddhima and Khanak, step-father to Nikita. Loves his daughters equally, and wants them all to live happily.
Asha Gupta: Fashion photographer; mother to Nikita, step-mother to Riddhima and Khanak. Sees Nikita as the root of her problems, but doesn't know how to make amends. Wishes Nikita knew the truth about her family.
Rishabh Modi: MD of Modi Enterprises, and head design consultant; father to Abhimanyu, Shaan and Rahul, uncle/second father to Armaan. Wants nothing but the best for his children, and always seems to know everything.

Prerna Modi: Mother to Abhimanyu, Shaan and Rahul, aunt/second mother to Armaan. Sees nothing but good in everyone, and knows that her sons will make the right choices in life, even if they've made a few wrong ones now - especially in the course of love.

Rahul Grewal-Modi: Neurologist at Sanjeevani; Prerna and Rishabh's adopted son, husband of Muskaan, father of Ayush. Lost his family in a car accident when he was ten, but was warmly accepted into the Modi household. Wishes his brothers would grow up sometimes, and accept their true life partners.
Muskaan Modi (nee Chadda): Pediatrician at Sanjeevani; wife of Rahul, mother of Ayush, daughter-in-law of Prerna and Rishabh. Always sees the brighter side of life, and isn't afraid of standing up for what she believes in. Sees Riddhima, Nikita and Khanak as her own family.
Balwinder (Billy) Malik: Father of Armaan; Prerna's brother; on the Board of Directors for Modi Enterprises. Is generally away on business, but always makes an effort to come home and bond with his only child. He seems to know what lies in the heart of everyone, but always keeps it confidential - even if it seems he has a loud mouth. That's just Billy for ya ;)

Armaan, Abhi and Riddhima are in their final yr of med school; Nikita and Shaan are in their 3rd yr, and Khanak is in her 2nd yr. Nikki and Shan grew up together - from primary school onwards, until Nikita's parents divorced and sent her to boarding school. Nikki thinks Abhi is a strict, moody jerk; and Abhi thinks that Nikki is a bad influence on Shaan.
Riddhima and Nikita met at med school, and became inseparable even though Riddhima was older. It was Riddhima who calmed Nikki down after she found out that her mum got married to Riddhima and Khanak's dad.
Armaan and Riddhima think that the other is too good for their own sakes, and continuously taunt each other. When Khanak started college, Armaan notices her, and when he finds out that Riddhima is her sister, he proceeds to get further entangled with Khanak to piss Riddhima off... or so he thinks.
Because of Khanak's infatuation with Armaan, she gets to know his family quite well, and cannot stand Shaan's immaturity because she is generally a studious student. She loves Nikki heaps, and wishes Nikki was her real sister.

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sabihaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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PM List

Please let me know if you'd like to be added to the list. :)

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sabihaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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It's another day at college, and Riddhima, Nikita and Khanak are sitting near the basketball courts, discussing the upcoming dance.

Riddhima: I wonder what the theme is... it'd be so cute if it was a fairytale setting, although I don't think anyone would appreciate it.

Khanak: Di. Why fairytale? Why not Fusion? It's by far the easiest thing to do, and everyone always has a lot of fun, hai na Nikki Di?

Nikita: (lost in thought) Hmm, oh sorry Kaz. I was thinking about my exams. Arghh, only six weeks left... I better get accepted into this early admission internship.

Riddhima: HUH? Nikki... phir se? Why must you worry about exams six weeks away sweetie? Has my boyfriend convinced you to start worrying early? (smiles cheekily)

Nikita: Hmph. Your BF is the biggest sadu I know. Present company included. (notices Riddhima's face) Chal yaar, you have to admit he's rubbed off on you. Kaz, what say babe? Kaz... Oh My God, Khanak! Stop staring at him, it's obvious enough without you two blowing kisses at each other.

Khanak: (blushes) He has that effect on me. What to do? I still can't believe he's willing to take me shopping, and pay for it all on his credit card!

N: Awww jaanu. It's not as if he's paying, it's Daddy's money after all... (smirks)

R: Do you two not have anything better to discuss? Baar baar sirf unka naam. Armaan Malik is and will always be a jerk. Kazie, sweetie, why are you with him? He's such a flirt.

K: (flares up) Di, please. Bas ho gaya. I don't want to hear another word about him from you... Arghh, I can't sit here, I'm going to the library. DO NOT follow me. (walks off)

N: (amused) Ridz... Di. You know the more you speak against him, the more she refuses to listen. Chal, don't make an issue out of it. Let her be, she's still so young.

R: I know you're right Nikki, but every time I see him, I feel like slapping him. And great, here he comes. Thank God Abhi's here as well. (smiles in relief)


Armaan and Abhimanyu make their way to the girls...

Armaan: (smiles flirtatiously) Why hello ladies, how are you, and what have you done to my girlfriend this time? Where is she?

Abhimanyu: (lays a restraining hand on Riddhima) Mr. Malik, you know exactly where she is. Just don't leave so soon, alright? (smirks, as Ridzy glares at Armaan; notices Nikki looking the other way) Ahem, Miss. Happy-Go-Lucky, no hello?

N: (in a sugary sweet tone) Oh, hello Mr... Khadoos (under her breath)

Riddhima steps on her foot, Nikki grimaces in pain, and by accident kicks Armaan's shin.

Armaan: What the hell? My dear Nikki, not only are you height challenged, you seem to have no coordination; which is probably why you're friends with Mr. Lambu.

Ab: Do you mind? I don't want my mood ruined already. Mr. Lambu and Miss. HGL = the Immature couple. Ridz, chal. I need to finish the presentation.

Ar: Isn't it already finished? (it dawns on him) Oops. My bad. (says loudly) Khanak, meri jaan, kahan ho? (quickly walks off to the library)

R: Oooh, I could just kill him. In class, he won't leave me alone and on the basketball court, always wanting to verse me. Never any peace; either he's making out with Kazie, or continuously calling Abhi. (squeezes Abhi's hand)

N: Kitne baar kahe? He is a brat. Chhod, he's not worth it. Anyway, isn't this your cue to leave? (smiles, and then realises Abhi's still there) On a second note, how is it possible that you, Mr. Khadoos are brothers with my best friend? Your DNA matches nowhere!

Ab: Why, thank you for noticing. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have better things to do than argue with you. Chal darl. (takes Riddhima's hand, and walks off to his car)

N: (thinking to herself) What does my dear sister see in him?


Just then, Shan notices Nikki lost in thought; and wonders if she's thinking about her family again.

Shantanu: (looks anxiously at Nikki) Hey princess, what's going on? Why are you here by yourself?

N: (looks up, startled) Why hello Prince Charming. (smiles) Your brother, and bhabi just left. Armaan went running after Kaz, as usual. (giggles at the look on Shaan's face)

Shantanu: Urgh, don't remind me please yaar. What Armaan sees in her amazes me. She's such a bore, either studying or making out with Armaan. Makes me sick.

N: (giggles even harder)

S: What's so funny?

N: You and Ridz both think the same way. She can't stand Kaz & Armaan making out either. But then again, she can't stand Armaan. And for good measure. What a flirt... (silently starts grumbling)

S: Princess... please don't start alright. I know you have your issues with my brothers. But not with me, right? (grins)

N: (sighs) Gosh Shaan, why are you so different from them? It's so natural with you - none of this crap that your brothers put me through. We all studied together, na? Why do they hate me?

S: Hey princess. Smile please, Malik doesn't hate you, in fact if Khanak hadn't come into his life, I know he would have made a move on you. Actually hang on, he did once, hai na? (laughs at the memory)

N: (punches his shoulder) Chup. No, seriously Shaan, chup! Shaan... please... stop laughing. Stop... (starts giggling at the memory)

Shaan and Nikki have a good laugh about that memory, when Nikki stops laughing, and looks at Shaan.

N: (thinking to herself) What a beautiful person. I can't believe he's still here with me, after all these years. God, please, don't let me lose the only person who's supported me through everything. (notices Shaan looking thoughtfully at her, and tweaks his nose)

S: Hey, princess, watch it alright. That's a very expensive nose alright. I might have to get it insured. (winks, and gestures for her to get up)

N: Where are you taking me Mr. Lambu? Arghh, I meant Prince Charming. Your khadoos brother has me saying it now! Alright PC, calm down, let's go.

Shaan and Nikki walk off, and bump into Armaan & Khanak, who seem lost in each other...


Will post more later.

Please read, like, comment, criticise.

It's the best thing for a writer. :)

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sabihaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Armaan has found Khanak at the library, where she's studying for an upcoming test.

Armaan: (stands behind Khanak and whispers) Hello meri jaan. Missed your kisses.

Khanak: (freaks out, and turns in her chair) Armaan! (realises she's talking loudly, she starts whispering as well) Armaan, please, I'm trying to study. And if you keep making those faces, instead of writing proper answers on my test, I'll end up writing your name. Stop it, and go do something constructive. (softly giggles at the faces he's making, and goes back to studying)

Ar: (thinking to himself) Huh? You've gone back to studying! Impossible. Where's that cookie gone? (searches for cookie bag in his satchel) Mil gaya!

K: (watching Armaan sit opposite her, and busy himself with his books) Armaan, that's so cute. You're going to study... seriously? I must have an effect on you.

Ar: As you wish, sweetheart. But firstly, before anything... have you eaten? (watches her silently squirm in her seat) Ahaa... and as usual my lovely, you haven't. I won't argue, if you promise to eat the cookie.

K: A cookie?! (reaches over the table, and pinches his cheek) That is shoo shweet. Alright, I'll eat. Pass it over please.

Ar: (thinking to himself) I could have a lot of fun with this...

K: Armaan, stop playing games and give me the cookie. Pretty please? (looks with hopeful eyes)

Ar: (reaches halfway to hand over the cookie, and then takes it back) I will, when I get another kiss. (winks, and starts reading his book)

K: (shocked face) ...Ar...Maan... I want the cookie. None of these kisses until I get the cookie.

Ar: Well, I guess you'll never get the cookie now. I want a kiss, right here, right now. (smirks, knowing she can't get away from this)

K: Oh, in that case... (reaches over the table, kisses him on the cheek, and takes the cookie) Now, let me eat my cookie in peace. (winks)

Ar: (eyes widen) Miss Khanak Gupta, that is cheating. I demand my payment for getting you a cookie.

K: Alright Mr. Armaan Malik, calm down. How much do I owe you? Can't have been more than 3 dollars, right? (giggles at the sight of Armaan's face) Awwwww, is my baby upset? Fine, I'll start pouting as well. (imitates Armaan)

Ar: Hmph. Not happy sweetheart. All I wanted was a little TLC. But I guess I can't even get that much... I'll call you later. (packs his things, and walks away)

K: Armaan! Oh my God, over such a little thing... I have to find him.

Khanak quickly packs her books, and rushes outside, when someone pulls on her dupatta, and pulls her towards them.

Ar: (whispers in her ear) Didn't think you'd last so long without me. Now do I get what I wanted?

K: (shivers) Armaan, now? What if someone sees us? (turns, and looks into his eyes)

Ar: (puts his finger on her lips, and pulls her closer)

Armaan and Khanak gaze into each other's eyes, when Nikki notices them...

Nikita: Why hello Kaz.. Armaan... (grumbles) Kaz, sweetie, weren't you meant to be studying?

K: (sheepishly) Ummmm, well Di... I was ya know... but... (turns red)

N: (smiles) It's alright Kaz.. dil ke baatein and all that jazz right? No worries, I think we're going to walk in the opposite direction now... (slaps Shaan on the shoulder) Hai na Shaan?

Shantanu: (caught staring at Khanak and Armaan) Well of course... who would want to remain near such a bore anyway? Armaan, by the way, you are coming past for dinner right? Mum will kill me if you don't. And no... unwanted... guests either. (stares pointedly at Khanak)

K: Shaan, why don't you go crawl in a hole already? Armaan, please, can we go now? Di, I'll see you at home, yes? (looks hopefully at Nikki, knowing she might refuse)

N: Ummmm, Kaz... I'm not promising anything. After last night's episode, I might crash at Muskaan Bhabi's place instead. I'm sorry Kazzie, I'll make it up to you. Promise. (hugs Khanak, glares at Armaan, and drags Shaan away)

Ar: Uff, that Nikki. Sweetheart, don't worry too much - you know Shaan will be there for her. (sighs, and holds Khanak)

Khanak watches her sister walk away unhappily, knowing that Nikki is being put through a lot of pain, by all of them. If only she could see how much Khanak loved her.


Riddhima is being driven by Abhi to an unknown destination.

Riddhima: Abhi, where are you taking me? You know we have another class in an hour.

Abhimanyu: Relax darl. Just enjoy the little time we have together. I can't wait to show you what I've planned. (glances at Riddhima, and smiles)

R: Abhi, you know I hate surprises. But I do like this drive, I've missed you...

Just then Riddhima gets a phone call...

R: WHAT? That's not possible. Do something about it! Listen to me, do anything you have to, I'll be back asap. Please... make her understand.


That's Part Two concluded.

Part Three will take a couple of days. And I promise it'll be a bit longer.. ahem Sumii ;)

Much love.<3

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Abhimanyu has taken Riddhima out of college, for a surprise (it's around 4pm).

Abhimanyu: (thinking to himself) I wonder if you know how much you mean to me Riddhima. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world... and yet... (voice in his head) Arrey, what's wrong with you Abhi? Don't doubt what you already have.

Riddhima: Abhi, it's been half an hour since we left. You know we have class in an hour. Couldn't you take me later, you know, like after the presentation... oh my God, the presentation! Abhi, how am I going to present it? It's such a bad diagnosis. (starts badmouthing her presentation)

Ab: (smiles) Riddhima, darling. Relax. Deep breaths. You know your presentation is perfect jaan, it's just nerves. (starts singing softly)

Dil kya kare, jab kisi se... kisi ko pyaar ho jaaye.

Jaane kahan jab kisi ko... kisi se pyaar ho jaaye.*

R: (giggles) Abhi, you always make me smile. I'm glad we're away from school. I'm going crazy thinking about this presentation, and here you are; knowing exactly how to de-stress me.

Ab: I'm glad you're enjoying yourself.

R: Where are we going anyway?

Ab: Rids, it's a surprise. (glances at her, and smiles)

R: You know I'm not too fond of surprises... but, hang on, this looks familiar. Like really familiar... ABHI! My favourite beach! We haven't been here in ages!

Abhi stops the car, and Riddhima excitedly gets out, and admires the beach before her. Before she can walk towards it, Abhi blindfolds her, and leads her to a picnic area.

Ab: (whispering in her ear) There's a lot we haven't done in awhile...

R: (giggles) Don't tell me...

Ab: Tada! (takes off the blindfold)

R: Abhi! You're recreating our first date! Right down to the same drinks and food. You knew I had been thinking about this day for awhile. Do you remember Abhi? I just knew that I would be with you from that one date. And three years later, look where we are. I love you for this.

Ab: (smiles, and leads her to the table)

Riddhima and Abhi enjoy their afternoon with a lot of memories being re-created. They decide to take a walk along the beach when suddenly Riddhima's phone rings.

R: WHAT?! You can't be serious. No! Make her understand. Khanak, don't let her leave like that. I don't care, make some excuse. I'll be on my way ASAP. Khanak, make Nikki understand!

Ab: (looks at her startled) Ridzy, kya hua? What's wrong? Sweetheart, please tell me!

R: (still in shock) Abhi, I need to get back home.

Ab: Alright, alright. Take deep breaths. We're not far away. (leads Riddhima back to the car, and makes his way to her house)


 An hour earlier...

Shaan and Nikita are making their way back to Nikki's house.

Shantanu: Princess, are you sure you're alright? You've barely said a word the entire time we were shopping. Was the shirt I bought that horrible? I'll return it promise... (smiles, and then notices Nikki's unresponsiveness)

Nikki: (thinking to herself) I can't go back home. She'll start up again, and I haven't got the strength to argue, not after yesterday. (whispers) Shaan, can we not go to... I mean, can we go back to yours instead?

S: Nikki, why are you whispering? Of course we'll go to my place. But I thought you wanted to grab some clothes pagal. Wasn't that the point of this field trip?

N: I can't do this. I'm not going inside. Shaan, I can't face her, not after last night... not when she'll only start up again.

S: Princess, she's not even home, the Merc isn't parked in the driveway. It'll take five minutes, not even. In and out, and then we can go back to mine... Mum misses you a lot, and then once she's fed us enough for several lifetimes, I'll drop you off to Rahul Bhaiya's place. Sound good right? Well, I happen to be a master planner. (laughs)

N: (manages a small smile) Okay, let's be rational. She's not home... (steps out of the car) She's not home... (walks to the front door) She's not home... (opens the door and rushes upstairs) She's not home!

Nikki quickly packs an overnight bag with clothes and essentials, when she hears two voices arguing downstairs.

N: (thinking) It's nothing important. I just need to finish packing. Just finish packing...

Downstairs, the voices start getting louder, and although Nikki does her best to stay calm, she can't control herself and listens from the top of the staircase.

Shashank Gupta: Asha, please understand! You can't hold her responsible for what happened between you and Rajeev. She was only a child Asha! A child who has grown up thinking her parents would rather her dead!

Asha Gupta: I don't care Shashank. She doesn't deserve to be here. After all I've done for her, it's never good enough. I should have never allowed her to come and live with us. Let her go back to her dearest father, I don't want her in my life. That's it Shashank. We were a perfect family before she came. And lately, it's only getting worse.

Shashank: Asha, Nikki is going through a phase. She's hurt, and very confused. You're not helping by arguing with her. And after last night Asha, I wouldn't be surprised if she chooses not to live with us anymore. The things you said... (holds his head wearily)

Asha: Shashank, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you with this. But she's always defending Rajeev, always. I'm always the bad person in their relationship. I just want things to go back to what they were, before Nikki came back into our lives... Did you hear that Shashank? (looks up) Nikki!

Before Asha or Shashank can say anything, Nikki wipes her tears, grabs her bag, and runs downstairs to the front door...

Shashank: Nikita, beti. Please don't go. We can resolve this.

N: I'm sorry Mr.Gupta, but there's nothing you can say or do that's going to make me stay. She obviously wishes I were dead. Always the bad person... hah. Listen to the self-pity, always the drama queen. I'm sorry you have to live with her Mr.Gupta. I'm sorry your daughters have to live with her.

Asha: How dare you Nikita? After all Shashank has done for you, that's what you say? He is a better father for you than your own... At least respect him if you can't respect me.

N: I do respect him Mrs. Gupta. I respect him a lot more than I'll ever respect you. He has patience, and a lot of wisdom. All you've ever given me is hate. I know you hate me Mrs. Gupta. I know you wish I'd died at birth or something. But let one thing be clear, you can argue with me all you like; I will not hear anything against Dad. (in a sugary sweet tone) Oh, and please don't worry about me, I won't be coming home. I don't care about my things, rip them, burn them, I don't care. All I know is that I'm not coming back.

What Asha, Shashank and Nikki don't know is that Khanak has heard their argument, and she calls Riddhima.

Khanak: Di?

 All notice Khanak standing in the doorway, tears streaming down her face.

Shashank: Khanak, don't cry. Your sister isn't going anywhere.

Asha: Khanak, sweetheart. Come here, it's alright.

N: Kaz, don't mind me. (smiles) Pagli, why are you crying? Your mother just made a few things clear is all. Nothing to worry about.

Asha: Khanak beti, I'm sorry you had to hear that. Chal, let's go wash your face, and I'll make you something to drink. (walks away into the kitchen, with Shashank following)

N: (under her breath) Oh that's right Mrs. Gupta, you only have two daughters.

K: Di, you're not going. Please Di. Not like this.

N: Kaz, if I stay here any longer, I'm going to end up crazy. I can't live in a house where there's no place for me.

K: There's always a place for you here. Dad, Ridzy and I love you so much. And Mamma is making an effort to understand you.

N: Understand me? What has Mrs. Gupta been telling you Khanak? She wishes I hadn't been born.

Asha: (walks back to the front area) Yes, tell yourself that Nikita. And what happened to leaving? Have you decided not to go? I don't need more disrespect from you Nikita, so go before I lose my temper.

N: Hah, disrespect. At least learn what it means before anything. Oh, and don't worry Mrs. Gupta, as I said, I'm not coming back. So have a good life Mrs. Gupta, and I hope you end up regretting it all. (storms out)

K: Di! (runs to catch up to her) Please don't go. Please.

But it's too late, Shaan has already driven off. Just then, Riddhima gets out of Abhi's car.

Riddhima: Khanak? Where is she? (hugs Khanak) Do you know where she went? (notices Asha in the doorway) Mamma, you let her go? (takes Khanak inside the house, and walks back out to tell Abhi to go home)

Ab: Ridzy, are you sure you'll be alright? I don't want to leave you in this state.

R: I'll be alright. Just need to calm Khanak down. If Nikki is at your place, please tell her to call me.

Ab: Alright. Call me if you need anything. (kisses her on the cheek and drives off)

R: (to herself) I need a lot Abhi, but no one's ready to help me. I need Nikki back at home; I need Mamma to forgive her if she really has done anything wrong. I need my family back.

Riddhima walks back inside to find everyone in their own rooms.

R: I guess no one's ready to talk. (walks upstairs to Nikki's room) Nikki, why'd you leave? We need you so much. I need you back. (notices a letter addressed to her and reads aloud)

'Ridzy, I'm sorry. I know you're hurting because I left, but we both knew it was inevitable. I won't step foot in your house until your mother can accept who I am. I don't hate her, but I know she hates me.  I love you forever, and I'll be at Muskaan's place if you need me.'

Nikki, I love you too. And she doesn't hate you, she just needs time. Please come home. (sobs)


In Shaan's car, Nikki is extremely quiet, and nothing Shaan says gets through to her. They reach his house.

Nikita: Shaan, are my eyes really swollen? I don't want Aunty to get upset again.

Shantanu: You look fine. Adorable even. (smiles) We can talk about what happened later. The most important thing is that you're nowhere near your mum, and you can breathe freely now.

N: Oh yeah, breathing. (smiles) Thanks for being my rock Prince Charming. Chal, I'm hungry. I wonder what Aunty made.

S: You're always hungry. (laughs as Nikki swats him) Hey, fighting outside of my baby, not inside.

N: (rolls eyes) Alright already... Mmm, I can smell it already.

Nikki and Shaan make their way inside, and before they reach the kitchen, someone runs and bumps into Nikita.

Ayush: Nikki Chachi! YAY! Me was telling Mamma you'd come. Thee Mamma, Nikki Chachi's here.

N: (picks Ayush up and walks into the kitchen) Hi Chote Nawab. And as if I'd miss your Dadi's cooking. Hi Aunty, Bhabi looking good (winks). Oooh, Rahul Bhaiya? You're cooking? Mmmmmm.

Rahul: Yes Nikki. Mum should be proud that at least one of her sons learnt how to cook. (smiles at his mum)

S: Bhaiya, that's not fair. I'm learning how to cook. Hai na mummy? (smiles at his mum)

Muskaan: Ai hai. What a cute picture. Mummy's boys. (giggles with Nikki) Where's Mr. Khadoos and Mr. Flirt though?

Armaan & Abhi: (simultaneous) Hum yahaan hain! Chal, we're going to cook as well. (smiles at their mum/aunty)

Everyone cracks up in laughter, and Ayush just watches all the adults amazed.

Ayush: (whispers) Nikki Chachi, when I grow up, can I cook as well?

N: (giggling) Why don't you start cooking now? Help Dadi out in the kitchen. Mamma and I will watch.

Ayush: Yay. Dadi, I wanna cook too. (smiles at his Dadi, and Rahul picks him up)

Muskaan: Wow, complete family picture. Well almost anyway. Dad kahaan hain?

Prerna Modi: You know him Muskaan. Always at work. He said he'd be home just before dinner. Anyway boys, make sure you don't make too much of a mess. I plan to sit with my daughter-in-laws and relax.

N: (looks up) Aunty, if you don't leave the kitchen, they'll expect you to make dinner. Come sit. (smiles)

Abhi: Oh really Nikita. Mum taught us well, thank you.

N: She might have taught you well, but that doesn't mean you learnt. I'd like to see you make roti. (giggles with Muskaan and Prerna)

Rahul: Abhi, you still don't know how to make roti? Come on yaar. It's not that hard. Chal, I'll help you.

The afternoon is spent enjoyably with Prerna's sons and grandson making dinner, and her daughters giggling away at their mistakes. Finally dinner is ready, and Mr. Rishabh Modi is home.

Rishabh Modi: Oh wow, I'm home, and dinner is on the table. Smells good, looks good... but I wonder if it tastes good. If it doesn't boys, you'll be doing the dishes as well. (smiles cheekily)

Boys (in chorus): Dad! That's not fair. The girls did nothing.

Abhi: (under his breath) Especially Nikki.

Rishabh: (noticing Nikki and Muskaan giggling) Arrey, my  two favourite daughters are here. Nikki, you & Muskaan shall be head taste-testers. And if anything tastes bad, you get to tell them what to do. Deal?

Nikki: Uncle, you're just too kind. (giggles at the sight of the boys' faces) Don't worry boys, I won't be that harsh. Rahul Bhaiya and Ayush's chilli prawns look too good to resist.

Ayush: Dada, dada. I helped too. Can we eat now?

Everyone laughs at Ayush's remark, and sits down to eat.


Precap to Part Four:

Prerna: Nikki, aaja. I know you're upset.

Nikki: (sniffles) I'm so confused Aunty. What do I do?

Muskaan: Nikki, you're living with us is what. My little sister isn't going anywhere else. Acha?


And that's Part Three finished.

*The song I used was "Dil Kya Kare" from Julie.

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wow123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 June 2010 at 5:29am | IP Logged
Add me also in pm.
I m late.Nice storylines.I eager what happen next??
Everyone is commited here except Nikki n Shaan.

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felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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awesome concept
loved all the parts
plz add me to ur pm list
con soon

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