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"... it's not the length but the excellence of the acting that matters"

and such an excellent performance was delivered by one of the finest actress of Tellywood, Additi Gupta. With her simple and appealing beauty she brought life into the character of Heer in Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil. She won three awards and nominated for five awards for her performance as Heer. Kis Desh.. is not part of television anymore but Additi as Heer is still part of millions hearts. Life moves on and Additi has returned with a bang in the second season of a dance reality show titled, Zara Nachke Dikha on Star Plus. Through this show we, the fans realized that there is so much is in Additi that we haven't seen yet. Day by Day her performances are getting better but unfortunately she was target to be eliminated from the show. Lets wish her good Luck for the Elimination Round from the bottom of our hearts and pray for her success.


 - Additi Gupta -
Hometown Bhopal
Nickname Luvy
Date Of Birth 20th April, 1988.
India-Forums profile page Additi Gupta
Moment of Fame Heer (Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil)
Other Projects Zara Nachke Dikha - Season 2

Personal Quotes - Additi Gupta

Sex Appeal

"My Figure. Its good to be in shape."

Starry Nakhras

"One day my shoot got unnecessarily delayed. I said that I am going, my head is all blocked now".

Make-up Tantrums

"I don't know anything about make-up, so I have to rely on my make up artist only."

Bad Hair Days

"I ensure my hair stylist makes my hair look nice."


"It happens not only between girl and girl but also with boy and girl."

Fuss Factor

"I hate when I have to sit idle. I'd like to go out and flirt with boys."

I'll be a good wife because ...

"I'm very romantic, emotional and totally filmy by heart."

Mr. Right

"Shahid Kapur."

Success Mantra

"Only hard work pays in the long run."


 Mini Biography of ADDITI GUPTA

Additi is from Bhopal. She is doing her second year in fashion designing at Symbiosis University. Acting was never on Additi's mind as a career option. But things took a turn and she was chosen to play the main lead of Balaji's 'Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil', after auditioning for it in Pune. Additi have taken a year's break from her studies. She would like to move further in this industry, but she will also continue with her studies as and when time permits. Additi's name wasn't spelled Additi, but Aditi. Due to Ekta's belief in numerology, an extra 'D' was added to her name.

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Heer, as the name implies its really a love legend. We the Fans of FC also let our hearts drool over the Heer of Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil. The character portrayed by Additi Gupta who have won many awards for this role. Its hard to define so much simple character whose heart is filled with Hope, Love and Wait.

The story begin when her father decides that she will marry his best Friend's (Lalit) son, Prem Juneja. Heer, since her childhood, waited for Prem, whome she thinks will love her forever and so she tries to find his face in Moon.This relationship was founded when she was young and didnt even understand the meaning of love. Time passes and she grew up. Everyone now questions her father about Prem as well as his friend (Lalit), who had moved to Canada long time back and never returned or contacted.

This made her parents to cut off every relationship with Junejas and selected "Manmeet" as Heer's life partner. But one day Heer's parents find out that Manmeet is already married and they decide to break every relation with Heer's Uncle and Aunty who actually arranged the relationship of Manmeet and Heer. Unfortunately her parents died in a bus accident so Heer and her younger sister decides to move to the city to her Uncle and Aunty's home.Meanwhile Prem and his family had returned from Canada and are shocked to hear that Heer and all her family is dead. Things took a new turn when Lalit decides to make Ash (Heer's cousin) Prem's wife. Now Heer works as a maid in Juneja House as well as Waitress in their hotel. Situations bring Prem and Heer closer and they started feeling things for each other. Heer took the blame of prostitution to save Prem's hotel from Insult. Prem brought her back and told her that he loves her. But they both realized that its too late and they both have to marry the people who are selected by their parents.

Before Heer Manmeet marriage, Prem finds out the truth behind Manmeet's ill behaviour. He tried to put impart the truth in front of whole family but fails and confesses his love for Heer. Lalit asks them to leave the home forever. Prem Heer alongwith Meher (Heer's Younger sister) moves to chawls where their bond strengthened and they decides to marry. Through all this, Heer decides that she will try to clear out the differences between Prem and Lalit so she moved to Ajmer with Prem and Meher where Junejas have gone. A storm hit Ajmer and somehow Lalit finds out that Heer is his friend's daughter but before he could do anything, Heer flew away with Storm which throw her in the lake. Prem, again saved her. But Heer decides that she will leave him as Lalit doesnt like her


Lalit realizes his mistake and bring Heer back and announces Heer and Prem's engagement. After few days Heer finds out that there was someone else in Prem's life in Canada who is now dead and Prem aimlessly blames himself for the death of his friend, Sanjana who had fallen in love with him back in his college days. Heer supported Prem and then they both decides to marry. But unfortunately, Prem died on the Wedding Day and Heer, for few days, turned insane. She starts imagining Prem and danced with him and so on. But all her dream crashed when she saw a video tape where Prem was burning after the blast which took his life. He asked Heer to continue her life and take care of his mother and family. Juneja's business suffered a great loss and their Business rival took an advantage of their sorrow and asked Heer to marry him or else he will destroy Prem;s family forever. He took her to Rajhistan.


Heer doesnt agree to marry him and so she ran off in deserts to kill herself but Prem saved her. He was saved by a doctor who lied to him that he is her's fiance and he is about to die in few months. Prem stopped Heer and Rishabh Marriage. But soon Heer predicted that Prem is acting starange and she finds out that she is not her's Prem. She got sad but one day she suspected that Prem is acting like Prem and she finds out that Prem is about die so he was acting someone else. Heer supported him thinking that Prem is about to die. But everything got resolved and they both reunite. They had PHingoli but Prem's mother turned a bit harsh towards Heer as Heer supported his brother not Veer (Prem's sister who is married to Heer's brother). Veera poisoned Gaytri (Heer's mother In Law) so much that Gaytri decides to separate Prem and Heer. Prem asked Heer to leave the home as Gaytri asked him. Heer without a word Leave the home knowing that Prem loves her and there is something which led him to do that. Circumstances bring them back again but Veera in attempt to attract Nihaal killed herself. This made Gaytri insane so she decides to separate Prem Heer forever.


Gaytri bring Ashlesha and a blackmailer in Heer's life. Heer started acting on what Gaytri stuffed in her ears just to save Prem's life. Things didnt turn out right and Ash pretend as if she had spent a night with Prem. This hurts Heer a lot and somewhere Prem also believed that he indeed had spent a night with Ashlesha. So, Heer decides to leave Prem forever hiding the fact from him that she is Pregnant. Then the serial took 6 years leap.

So by all this story we came to know that how much Heer loves Prem and how much she care for him. Through thick and Thin they stand with each other and always keep their love pure. Post Leap will be discussed in FC VI.

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Heer (Additi Gupta)- Star Parivaar Awards 2008


Every year Star Plus organizes this special Event for the excellence on Star Plus. Basically this awards are not for actor but for Characters who touch our hearts. Obviously the actor who is portraying the character is labelled as Winner. Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil was started on 3rd March 2008 and soon its ratings touched the sky. It became one of the finest serial on Star Plus. Therefore, Star Plus promoted Heer in every promotion regarding Star Parivaar Awards alongwith her co-star Harshad Chopda. She was part of Games and Rehearsals shoots, Red Carpet, Performances and even she won an award. She wore a pink dress for the main event and a red dress for her performances.


As mentioned above, Heer (Additi Gupta) was part of every promotion that was related to Star Parivaar Awrds 2008. She was shown celebrating Harshad Chopda's birthday as well as practicing with him for the event. She was shown in SBS with Anurag (Hiten), Prerna (Shweta) and Prem (Harshad Chopda). Her pics from rehearsals were also published at Star Parivaar Awards website, where she was shown rehearsing. Additi was also part of Trailers related to Star Parivaar Awards 2008 and was compared with Parvati (Saakshi Tanwar). She had promo with Harshad, stating that "We will Rock the whole Desh". She also participated in the Game event regarding Star Parivaar Awards 2008 with his onscreen father in law, Lalit (Deepak Qazir) where she wore a pink dress.


Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstaar was a singing reality show where Prem and Heer were given a chance to promote their display their performance before the event. Heer was looking Gorgeous and beautiful in Sea Green dress. Prajakta Shukre, participant of Show and a very big fan of Kis Desh asked Heer a question after the performance. Her question was "Kis Desh Mein Hai Heer Ka Dil", To this Additi replied that previously it was in Canada and now its in India. Her glimpses were shown throughout the episode. She settled among the audience and enjoyed the show.


Heer performed twice at Star Parivaar Awards 2008. First performed with Prem (Harshad Chopda) on the song "Ishq Hua/Hulchul Hui" from the movie "Aaja Nachle (2007)". She performed beautifully on the song and the steps were also magnificent. Later she danced with Prerna (Sweta Tiwari) on the song "Nee Main Samajh Gayee". Here she danced with extra grace and was well co ordinated with Prerna. Throughout her performance she wore a Red Dress. She looked Gorgeous in that dress.


Additi was nominated for few awards but she won only single, Favourite Yogya Jodi alongwith Prem (Harshad Chopda). They thanx Balaji and Ekta Kapoor and her whole Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil Cast and Crew Members. Heer (Additi Gupta) specially thanked late dorector of the serial, Garry Bhinder. She and Prem were also shown backstage where she said that I feel happy to win an award with my co star "Harshad Chopda".

Overall she rocked the event and looked Beautiful throughout the event.


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Star Parivaar - 2009.

SPA 2009 was a boring among all SPA. The performances and the event was full of bloopers and above all the worst part was its editing. Anyways, it was a second year for our Heer in Star Parivaar Awards, She was nominated in many category but unfortunately won only Best Jodi award along ith her co star Harshad Chopda (Prem). She wore a Pink Saree and was announced # 1 by SBS/Miss Kitty (Fashion critic) among all the actors present at the event. She also performed on a song "Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Kay - Rab Ne Banadi Jodi" with HC - Shammi Helen Part.
Starting with promotions in Culcutta. She landed in Culcutta city to search for SP Fan # 01. A promotional show where fans will come and present their ability to impress the artists and show their love to Actors. AG received a shocking piece at the show. Where a boy put lipstick and kissed AG Banner. AG was so shocked and surprised - overwhelmed that she eventually Hugged him at the end.
Her promotional pictures were also published in Culcutta Magzines and Newspapers. Where she was looking tired. Some fans scanned her pictures and posted in the forum. She was looking gorgeous in her simple attire.
Thought the decline of Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil was started but HC and AG were considered as part of SPA Title Song. AG appeared in three parts of the song. The beginning, where she danced with other couples from SP Shows alongwith HC. She wore a green Saree and was looking Hot. The middle part was comprised of all Famous girls (Heer, Sadhna, Ragini and Akshara) dancing with Kiran Bedi and holding a "Dia" to spread the messege of Peace. The end, Where she was shown dancing with HC and other couples but in Pink Dress...
AG was performing on the song Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Kay from movie Rab Ne Banadai Jodi. She was supposed to perform on Shammi Kapoor and Helen Segment. When she was shown rehearsing on SBS, Everyone got excited to see her in the Hot attire of Helen. In SBS she said that  "I dont know how to do steps, I can hardly move". She also shared some segment on Bhoot.
As mentioned above, AG wore a light Pink and a dark shaded Saree. She was looking gorgeous. Her picture from the red carpet was even published in the magazine. She was ranked # 01 by SBS Miss Kitty (A fictional Fashion critic). The critic liked her way of handling the saree and less jwellery giving her a simple but elegant look.
Additi performed on the song brilliantly. She was looking Sexy in her Golden Red outfit and was dancing gracefully. Her moves and her body language was very much like Helen and her whole attire and performance was mind blowing.
Finally after going throughout the event, a blessed moment arrived where she won the best jodi award with Harshad. She thanked Garry Bhinder and Ekta Kapoor and also Harshad. She looked happy as it was the last chance to win an award in the event as she had lost the awards to others in different categories.

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k-ekta fan
parth garewal
sidra fariq
tv star
heer beauty
heer beauty
faiza khan

Members: 78

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Fan of the AG Fan Club..
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