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This is a story of 8 year old Ichha, born in the slums of Mumbai but desiring more than what destiny has in store for her. In order to provide for her basic needs,her mother Damini joins a rich Thakur household as a full time maid. Ichha befriends the only daughter of the household, Tapasya, but Tapasya is a spoiled brat.Meanwhile in dramatic consequences, Tapasya's father Jogi Thakur is revealed to be the cause of Ichha's father's death. He along with his wife Divya Thakur accepts Ichcha and Damini as their house members in order to set right the wrongs meted out to them. This chapter brings a new beginning but a terrible change in Ichha's life as Tapasya starts hating her for getting everyone's attention due to her simple living and high thinking personality. Also, Tapasya's Nani keeps instigating her against Ichha and Damini.Scolded by parents and even punished at times for behaving unfriendly with Ichcha, Tapasya's woes against Ichha grows stronger.

A New Story:

Eventually, they grow into Adults...Rich and handsome Thakur Veer Singh Bundela,enters their life.Veer falls for simple and sweet natured Ichcha.He asks for Ichha's hand in marriage to Damini which shocks rest of the family.then evil nani plans to get ichcha marries to a wine shop owner however Jogi thakur finds her wife suspicious and comes back without telling anyone and investigates the truth from ichcha,veer and tapasya and he says that Veer will marry Ichcha.Both Veer and Ichha are happy for this.On seeing Ichcha scoring the best score of her lifetime,by entering into a rich household,Tapasya goes adamant on gaining Veer for herself. She dumps her boyfriend Sid. She challenges herself to be in place of Ichha during her wedding.She tries to attempt to spoil all of Ichcha's wedding function.Cookie,a friend of Ichcha suspects a foul play of Tapasya and tells to Ichha who keep on rejecting her views. On Ichcha and Veer's wedding, Tapasya cuts her wrist and demands death if Veer is not married to her,in front of Ichcha. Ichcha sacrifices her love for their friendship.However,Damini does tell Tapasya that the right to be Veer's wife has been given to her as Ichha's "Uttaran"(Give-Away), thus fulfilling the cycle that started in their childhood.Tapasya marries Veer in pretense of being Ichha as Veer thinks he is getting married to her since he can't see her face which is covered in veil. After knowing the truth,Veer doesn't accept Tapasya as his wife. Meanwhile Damini decides to leave the house with Ichha which bothers Jogi Thakur to an extent that he has heart attack.This prompts Damini to change her decision.Not-so-normal circumstances become a regular cup of tea until Ichcha on being confronted by Veer refuses that she will not marry him as he is Tapasya's asset now.

A Twist In Tale:

 Meanwhile Veer's drug addict brother,Vansh, takes a liking to Ichcha at the Rehab Center. Tapasya, on knowing this, induces her indirectly to marry him.Ichha, for betterment of Vansh and to move over and above Veer,agrees to the proposal of marriage by Vansh and his family members.Veer sacrifices his love and prepares for the marriage of Vansh and Ichcha.Tapasya who just can't stand seeing Ichha happy threatens her married life by revealing to Vansh about Ichha and Veer's romantic past.Vansh, mentally instable, goes on destroying both of their lives for not telling him the truth before marriage. He just can't stand Ichcha in front of her as she appears to him as his brother's Uttaran(Give-Away).Meanwhile, a girl named Masoom enters Jogi Thakur's house claiming to be his daughter. This causes misunderstandings between Jogi and Divya. However, Masoom has actually been planted in the house by Pushkar, Jogi's brother-in-law who wants to steal his wealth by blackmailing him.

Impending Disaster: Vansh starts suspecting Ichha for having affairs with many other men on his back and tortures her mentally while Veer and Tapasya move out of the household to give some space to Vansh and Ichha. Vansh's condition worsens as he suspects Ichha each and every time whether she is talking on cell phone, shopping or even out of his sight for a moment. His further investigation leads him to Tapasya who in a dramatic sequence reveals how she was the one who brought everything upside down by ruining Ichha's life for ever and ever. Vansh gets furious and goes hellbent on killing her but she in a twisted tale of words lead Vansh to rethink who did more harm to Ichcha, She or Him? She was none to Ichcha but he was her husband and would never be able to look her in the eyes again. Vansh,unable to face this truth, shoots himself.Ghosts of sadness close in on Ichha once again.

The Showdown:

 After Vansh's death, Tapasya gets fearful and even dreams of getting caught by the police. Her dreams come true when her ex-beau Sid threatens to reveal the whole suicidal story to police as he knows everything. Tapasya gives her ransom but he reveals the truth to Veer who gets Sid arrested and brings the sinister colony of Tapasya to an end by revealing all her sinister plans in front of his and her family.Tapasya receives banishment while Veer tries reuniting with Ichcha.She meets a man named Raghuvendra Rathore, who helps her for some time. However, after he discovers how dishonest she is, he also deserts her. Also, Pushkar and Masoom get exposed. Jogi Thakur is furious and throws them out of the house thus ending their diabolic plan and patching up with Divya.

A New Beginning:

 Ichha tells Veer to stop thinking about their unity and leave her alone. Veer does as she asks but then she realizes her mistake and tries reuniting with him but Veer's mother Gunwanti chooses Veer's childhood friend Kinjal as his new life partner. However, Veer realises his true love and proposes to Ichha, who agrees. Their marriage brings happiness for them but not for Gunwanti and Veer's grandfather Baldev,who gets furious and declare that they will never accept Veer-Ichha as a couple. Ichha becomes sad but Veer cheers her up by saying that they will never ever care for anyone else for anyone from now on. However, Tapasya re-enters their life as she is later accepted by her father Jogi who banished her(as he sees how she has lived in the most troublesome situations after being banished.)Tapasya returns but with a plan to take revenge from those who did wrong to her and also take away what is hers. She begins with re-entering into Bundela household with the help of Nani by faking that she is pregnant with Veer's child. She tries to create rift between Veer and Ichha but that comes to fail. In the most dramatic sequence, it is revealed that Tapasya who is faking the pregnancy is actually pregnant with Veer's child. She tries to win back Veer who always thought that she was faking the pregnancy. The Thakur household also faces problems as Pushkar re-enters the house with his wife Rohini because Tapasya convinces her father to forgive them. They begin to think there is a love triangle forming between Divya, Jogi and Damini. This is mainly because Divya thinks that Damini is interfering in the important matters of the house. Pushkar and Rohini continuously try to put Damini down and get into Jogi's good books. However, they always fail.

New Incidents:

Meanwhile, Veer and Ichha become friends with Veer's business partner Satya, and his sister Sanchi. One day, on their way home from the birthday party kept for Damini, Veer accidentally knocks over a lady. It is revealed to be Sanchi and they immediately rush her to hospital. The next day they find out that she is blind. Satya and Sanchi come to the Bundela house, where Ichcha looks after Sanchi. Tapasya receives a phone call from stranger saying that "he knows a secret which is well-known to her too". Tapasya declines this, but she actually has a secret which is related to her unborn child. The baby in her womb is not Veer's baby but Rathore's child. Meanwhile, Satya nearly has a car accident in Veer's car. Initially thinking it to be a mistake, it is then revealed that someone had tampered with the car. One night, Tapasya was locked outside the house on a cold night by someone. In the morning, Satya opens the door in the morning, to find Tapasya on the doorstep, unconscious with fever. Gunwanti and Nani hold a pooja for Tapasya and her unborn child because Gunwanti believes that Tapasya and her unborn child are in danger. Tapasya requests Veer to sit with her in the pooja however, he tells Ichcha to sit in the pooja as well. After the pooja, the pandit says that the plate must be kept near god.. Veer asks Ichcha do it first; this greatly upsets Tapasya. When Tapasya goes to do this, a dead rat falls in the plate and the sindoor falls on her face. She runs away from the pooja. Baldev (Veer's grandfather) blames Ichcha for everything. Damini tells Ichcha that if she wants to be respected in the Bundela household she will have to conceive. It is then revealed that Satya and Sanchi are behind all these incidents. Their mother, who worked as a maid in the Bundela household, was mistreated by Gunwanti and Baldev.They plan revenge on the whole family. They plan to kill Baldev and Tapasya by dropping a chandelier on them. However, poor Ichcha gets injured in the process of saving them. Meanwhile, Ichcha discovers that the baby in Tapasya's womb is not Veer's as he is infertile. She gives Tapasya 15 days to tell the truth and leave the house. Meanwhile, Ichha finds out that Satya and Sanchi are bad people from Kasa Kaka.later tapasya finds out that veer is infertile so she threatens ichcha that if she tells her truth to anyone then she will also tell veer's truth to everyone.

A Welcoming Friendship

Tapayasa and Ichcha become friends once and again to save Veer from Sataya and Sachi. Meanwhile, Damini is proposed to become manager at Thakur Saab's business canteen. Thakurain has started becoming very jealous of Damini and Thakur's trust and relationship which her brother helped provoke. Later satya along with sanchi try to trap veer by taking him to a hotel and poisoning his drink. Through a series of events Tapasya and Ichcha reach there and tries to stop veer from drinking the juice but he does not believe them instead shouts on Icccha. Later Iccha drinks the juice herself to prove and collapses. Veer and Tapasya rush her to the hospital while Satya and Saanchi dash out of the hotel and seek shelter from Rathore who gives them time to vacate the place. In the hospital doctor says that Ichcha is well and Veer has said everything to his family. Gunwanti and Daddaji feels guilty for not trusting their own family member but believing strangers. Soon they come to know the real identity of satya and saanchi from their mother's photo and conclude they have come for the revenge. Damini, Divya and Jogi reach the hospital where veer apologises to damini for Ichcha's condition on which Damini says that even though she is her daughter, she is now his wife. This makes Tapasya sad. Next day while veer takes care of Ichcha, Tapasya calls to check Iccha's condition where ichcha assures she is fine and has faith on her mangalsutra nad sindoor for veer which makes tapsya once again feel bad but is happy that veer has realized her efforts to save him. the next day while veer and ichcha are having some good moments like veer putting bangles and sindoor on ichcha, mai and daddaji comes to take ichcha back home. mai apologises to ichcha for not realizing her affection towards the family and they both reconcile. Ichcha comes back home and is welcomed by Tapasya affectionately and the whole family have a good talk and tapasya says she will cook for Ichcha today and says she'll take Damini's help. There tapsya says how she was afraid for veer's life and damini realizes that tapasya is still competing for veers love and goes and warn ichcha for which she assures that tapsya has change. Meanwhile Satya's bank accounts have been frozen but still continues to plan to revenge the bundelas. Divya has also realized her mistake of her misbehaviour with Damini and confesses it to jogi.

Satya and Sachi Succeed Temporarily

Ichcha and Tapasya jointly plan for a night out for Veer with Ichcha and asks Veer to meet at a hotel. Satya and Sanchi gets to know about the plan and plan to trap Veer. When Veer comes to the hotel and he gets chit asking to come to room 512 instead of 302. this is planned by satya while Iccha waits in her room. Veer gets into the room and sees Ichcha actually Sanchi in the hood. Veer mistakes her for ichcha and gets close and she makes him drink more and get drugged. all while here ichcha gets tensed as Veer has not shown up yet and goes to the reception. she gets to know that Veer's car has been parked but not yet shown up. ichcha sees a key with S on it and recognises it is satya's plan. she gets panicked and inquires about Veer's whereabouts to everyone when one of them says that he has seen him in the fifth floor. Meanwhile Veer takes off the hood and is shocked to see Sanchi and drags her towards the door to surrender her but he gets dizzy due to the drink and faints. Ichcha knocks at their door but by the time Veer has fainted which left Ichcha to be panicked. Sanchi bursts her heart out to unconsciousness Veer of how his family's respect will go after this incident and shouts how her mother and her brother was mistreated by them.She plots evidences of molestation on her body and the room. Meanwhile in the bundela house Divya comes to meet Tapasya and expresses her worries regarding Tapasyas future for which Tapasya says she is fine. Meanwhile in the hotel Ichcha gets panicked and calls Tapasya and informs her about everything and she along with Umed Singh and Daddaji comes to the hotel. They send Tapasya and Ichcha to home and reach the police station to file a complaint. The Police, Gauri sharma attends them while she gets a call from the hotel saying, a girl has been molested. She along with Daddaji and Umed go to the hotel. While Gauri enters the room Veer is lying unconsciously on the bed while Sanchi begins her fake act by crying and hugging Gauri. Gauri tries to wake Veer but he is still in the influence of drug and stumbles to tell the truth. They handcuff him and bring him down. Daddaji and Umed Singh are shocked. All the media people question Veer, Sanchi, Daddaji and Umed. Back in Bundela house Satya calls them says them to switch on the TV and look at it. All are shocked to see Veer and Ichcha breaks into tears. Gauri questions Veer who is still unconscious.rathod deals with Tapasya that if she marry to him he will become the witness of Veer's case. then he give saree to Tapasya to wear it and come to sangeet. Then, Tapasya came to rathod's house to convince him that she will marry him.the next day rathore goes with a fullfledged baraat to bundela house.tapasya threatens him to leave or else she would slit her wrist.fearing the safety of his unborn child rathore leaves.iccha comes to know about tapu's child's truth and advises her to go to rathore but an adamant tapasya refuses to do so.the next day rathore calls tapasya and informs her that veer would be bailed but he has not given up and can tell the truth .tapasya gets happy for veer's bail but also worried from rathore's intentions as she realises that she cannot threaten him anymore and his determination

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Things screw up

Veer returns from jail, and Ichcha urges Tapasya to tell Veer the truth. Tapasya refuses, so Ichcha slaps her. However, Veer's new reports show that he isn't infertile which is because of the medicines Ichcha gave him. Veer doubts Ichcha and she is heartbroken. She decides to leave the Bundela house to make Veer understand that what she said was the truth. Tapasya gives birth to a baby girl. Meanwhile, Damini decides to leave to Thakur house too when Divya accuses her of stealing Jogi from her. Ichcha and Damini decide to start afresh and return to their basti and reunite with Anjum Nani. Meanwhile, Veer comes to know the truth from Rathore as well as the doctor and realizing his mistake, he goes for searching Ichcha but fails to find her just like Jogi, who had the same intention. Tapasya has been thrown out of Bundela house by Veer and leaves her baby in an orphanage and reaches Rathore and asks him whether he'll accept her without his baby. Rathore says yes he'll accept her even without the baby. Then she confesses her love for him and then he goes to the orphanage only to find the baby is lost. He searches everywhere but does not get to the baby.

Meanwhile Ichcha finds Tapasya's baby and with Damini plans to find her mother. Iccha and Damini are approached by Avinash, who claims to be a servant of a rich man. He says that his master is in his deathbed and wishes to see his daughter in law and his grandchild. He had abandoned his son when he married a low caste woman. The servant says that even though the son has been dead his master wanted to see his wife and child. He asks Iccha to act as her. Ichcha agrees, even though Damini is reluctant. Chanda tells the rest of the Bundela family about Veer throwing Tapasya out. They are extremely shattered by the news that Tapasya was lying. Veer has also gone into depression. Rathore promises Tapasya that he will get their baby back. Meanwhile, Jogi accuses Nani of poisoning Tapasya against Ichcha, and holds her responsible for the mess they are in. Nani is upset and brainwashes Divya into finding Tapasya. They reach Rathore's house and he lies to them that Tapasya is not there. However, Nani suspects that he is lying. In the end, Rathore manages to fool them and send them away. Rathore's men capture the thief with whom Tapasya had left their daughter. After learning where he had left the baby, he beats up the thief. Meanwhile, the servant, Avinash with whom Ichcha and Damini have gone with seems to be a dubious character. After Ichcha poses as his master's daughter-in-law, he recovers rapidly. Avinash seems to possess a secret. There is also a young boy, Kanha, in the house who is surrounded by a mystery. Kanha tells Ichcha and Damini that Avinash is his uncle and the dying man's son. Avinash mistreats Kanha and in reality, wants all his father's wealth. Rathore begins to get a trail of his child. Gunwanti keeps cursing Tapasya and her child for their problems. When she and Chanda encounter Nani, Divya, and Rohini at the temple, praying for Tapasya she tells them that she prays for Tapasya to always be miserable. Nani and Gunwanti start a verbal fight. Accusations are thrown at one another. Nani warns Gunwanti that Chanda keeps instigating her, that she never wanted Ichcha or Tapasya in the Bundela household, and that she only wants luxury and comfort.

Before they go separate ways, Gunwanti warns Divya that Nani will one day ruin Divya's family, too. This greatly disturbs Divya. Meanwhile, Rathore proposes to Tapasya. She accepts his proposal. Rathore goes to meet Jogi and to ask him to come for the wedding and give Tapasya his blessings. Jogi, however, flatly refuses to bless the girl who is starting her own life after ruining someone else's. Meanwhile, Daddu (Avinash's father) comes to know Avinash's truth from Ichcha and they plan to punish him. Avinash is exposed by Ichcha in front of the police, who arrest him for trying to murder Daddu. Before they take him away, Avinash promises to get even with Ichcha. Nani meaanwhile discovers that Tapasya is at Rathore's house. She refuses to go back with Nani who discovers that Tapasya's daughter is missing. Meanwhile Daddu asks Damini to stay in his house for some more days for Kanha's sake. Ichcha is overwhelmed when Kanha calls her mom and she asks him to continue to do so. Divya is extremely shocked that Tapasya has agreed to wed Rathore while her daughter has gone missing. Divya blames Nani for bringing about such an irresponsible Tapasya. When Nani defends herself, Divya gets frustrated and asks Nani to leave her house and her family.Damini tries to find the parents of the baby by taking her to the same bustop but misses seeing the man to whom Rathore enquired about his baby. Tapasya asks Rathore to marry her as soon as possible. It is revealed that Ichcha is pregnant. Damini asks Ichcha to convey the news to Veer.

A new personal assistant joins Veer's company. Her name is Madhura and he confides in her. Iccha tells Damini that if she informs about her pregnancy to the Bundela house, there might be a collapse again between her child and Tapasya's child as she is unaware Tapasya has been banished. Nani leaves the Thakur house alone as her son Pushkar refuses to go with her since he wants only comfort and luxury. She is found by Rathore, who takes her to his house. Nani and Tapasya reunite and reconcile. Ichcha and Veer have a hit and miss scene at a temple. Damini tries calling Veer to tell him about Ichcha's pregnancy. Veer assumes that Ichcha is happy without him and Damini puts the phone down, disgruntled by the fact that Veer seems to have moved on so easily.

There is a five-month leap forward. Rohini is revealed to be pregnant. Pushkar plans to give the baby to Rathore and Tapasya after Rohini delivers it so that they will be in his debt. Daddu passes away and leaves all his property to Ichcha and Kanha. Avinash is released from jail, and plans to kill Ichcha and Kanha. Ichcha, Damini, Kanha and Mukta, Tapasya's daughter, all escape from there. Avinash reaches there and finds Ichcha's passport. He goes to Veer and asks him to print an ad to find Ichcha. Then Tapasya and Rathore get married. Ichcha sees that add and goes to the place mentioned in the ad. She sees Avinash there and leaves immediately thinking that Avinash found out that she is Veer's wife and put the add to trick her. When she comes home, she tells Ammo that she went to meet Veer but instead of him being there, Avinash was there. She is shocked to hear this and tells her not to worry because she's in her ninth month of pregnancy. Ammo suggests to call Veer and say about this but Iccha refuses saying that if Veer had cared for her then he would have come searching for her. Meanwhile Rathore lovingly asks Tapasya for a baby and they consummate their marriage.Meanwhile Divya comes to Rathore's house for Tapasya's pakphere and sees Nani straining the relationship with Daija who is a motherly figure to Rathore. She gets afraid that Tapasya may again get influenced by Nani and asks Nani to come with her but Nani insults her. Veer plans to settle in US to not to disturb his family eventhough Mai, Umed, Madhura asks him not to go.

Veer Ichcha Reunion

As veer plans to settle in U.S. Iccha still thinks that tapasya is with veer.one day when ichcha and damini go to hospital jogi sees them and further tells whatever happened to iccha. iccha goes back to veer searching him in the airport and finally finds him .they both rejoin together. Veer and Ichcha came to Veer's home. all of them are happy seeing Ichcha. Veer,Ichcha,Kanha,Mukta goes to Jogi's home for Dinner.Nani is shocked to see Iccha pregnant and happy with veer and kids.Divya and nani are jealous of Iccha.Nani decides not to tell Tapasya about iccha and veer.tapasya goes to hospital for check up but Doctor informs nani on tapasya's check up that tapsya cannot become mother again!.One day tapasya , rathore goes to jogi house her father also accepts her and Nani Tells to divya that tapu can't become mother again accidently tapu also hears.Nani asks tapasya not to inform Rathore about this as he is very much fond of children and he can do any thing for them. Instead tapasya tells him the truth. Tapasya's parents visit her to console at the same time Rathore enters and consoles tapasya. Thakur, Thakurain and Nani attend's Iccha's ghod bharayi. ichcha goes to tapasya's house to give Mukta to tapasya.After knowing this, nani tells Ichcha to leave the house.Then nani and Tapasya go to priest and tells him to bless Tapasya.The priest tells that Tapasya's child is alive and is living happily. Tapasya and nani are happy. Ichcha returns home and tells veer where she went and why she went. Veer gets angry and tells Ichcha not to give Mukta to anybody because, she is his life.Ichcha gets labour pain and veer looks shocked.

Ichcha's labor

Ichcha gives birth to a son. Everyone in Veer's family is very happy. However, Sumitra Devi and her son steal the baby boy by bribing a nurse. The Bundelas are told by the nurse that their baby choked to death. This leaves Ichchha and Veer depressed. Sumitra Devi's son Pushkar is caught by Rathore and Tapasya as he is about to abandon the baby. Rathore and Tapasya are delighted with the child and take him home. They decide to adopt him since they are childless. Ichchha and Veer decide that they will not have another child; instead they will focus all their attention on Kanha and Mukta. Rathore and Tapasya celebrate the arrival of their adopted son with a party. They name the boy Yuvraj. Ichcha also attends the party. When Yuvraj is alone and crying in hunger, Ichcha's maternal instincts are aroused and she feeds him. Seeing this, Tapasya gets upset and Sumitra Devi insults Ichcha as much as she can. A few days later, Ichcha again visits Tapasya's house and feeds Yuvraj. Rathore seems to understand her feelings. But Tapasya again lashes out at Ichcha, who apologizes and leaves. Now used to his mother's milk, Yuvraj refuses to have any other food. Out of concern for the child's health, Rathore asks Ichcha to feed Yuvraj every day while Tapasya is away. One day, Ichcha is doing so in the room of a hotel owned by Rathore. Tapasya, who suspects this, makes a false complaint to the police, which raids the hotel. In a panic, Ichcha calls Veer and tells him everything. Veer shows trust in his wife but advises Rathore to tell Tapasya everything. Later, Rathore finds that Tapasya is responsible for the police raid and quarrels with her. However, they make up after some time.

Vansh again...and Sid too!

A man who looks exactly like Vansh arrives at the Bundela house. He claims that he is the elder son of the family. Gunavanti supports him but the others consider him an imposter. Later, in Jogi Thakur's house, their new maidservant stabs Divya and tries to abscond with the valuables and cash that she has stolen. Damini saves Divya's life and foils the robbery. The next day Tapasya thanks Damini for saving her mother's life. Later, Tapasya goes to Bundela house and apologizes for her past mistakes. She see Vansh's lookalike and gets dumbfounded. She tells everyone that the man is a fake.

Veer returns from a trip and accepts the man in the house as Vansh. This surprises Ichcha. Later, Veer confesses to Ichcha that he knows the man to be an imposter but has been forced to call him Vansh. Veer has been blackmailed by an unknown person to support the imposter, otherwise Ichcha and the children will be harmed. The Vansh-lookalike tries to get close to Ichcha and, when she and Veer object to this, asserts his claim as her legal husband. Veer and the imposter come to blows. However, Gunavanti intervenes and supports 'Vansh'. She tells Veer to accept the truth that 'Vansh' is Ichcha's husband. This upsets Veer and he tells his mother that Ichcha will legally divorce Vansh if necessary.

Meanwhile, Tapasya finds clothes and jewellery belonging to Rathore's dead first wife, Malvika, and wears them. Rathore sees her and gets disturbed by past memories. He shouts at Tapasya and warns her not to probe into his past. This causes friction between them. Later, Rathore's beloved nanny, Daija, announces that her son is about to come home from abroad. Rathore has always regarded Daija's son as a younger brother. The son in question turns out to be Tapasya's ex-beau, Sid. This stuns Tapasya.

'Vansh's' identity

The man claiming to be Vansh is actually Rocky, a former jailbird, who is involved with a woman named Ruby, a club dancer. Rocky had been brought to the Bundela house by Veer's mother Gunavanti, who is angry with Ichcha. Gunavanti is desperate to have a grandchild who can continue the Bundela lineage. But Ichcha-- having lost her first-born child-- has decided not to have any more biological children. Hence, Rocky has been called to drive a wedge between Ichcha and Veer. Gunavanti hopes that Veer will leave Ichcha and marry another woman who will bear children for the Bundela family.

End of Rocky

Rocky tries to molest Ichcha while the other men of the Bundela house are away. Gunwanti is horrified and calls Jogi Thakur for help. There is a scuffle between Jogi and Rocky. Trying to save Ichcha, Jogi accidentally kills Rocky. Jogi calls the police and gives himself up. After the police leaves, the Bundela family comes to know that Gunwanti was the mastermind behind Rocky's impersonation of Vansh. Gunwanti confesses her deeds and reveals that her accomplice was Kasa, the loyal retainer of the Bundela family. Shocked by this double betrayal, everyone condemns Gunwanti and Kasa. Frustrated, Veer decides to get out of the house with Ichcha, but she refuses and begs him to change his mind. Veer's father, Umed, decides to go with Veer. But Veer's grandfather says that the one who made the mistake should go out. Gunwanti leaves even though Ichchha begs her not to. Ichcha convinces Veer to bring his mother back. Veer agrees; Gunwanti and Kasa come back home.

Ichchha learns that her baby is alive

Tapsaya has been missing for a long time since leaving home after a quarrel with her husband. Veer and Ichchha take Kanha and Mukta to a park. They meet a madwoman calling herself a sinner and asking them to forgive her as she stole their baby. The couple is shocked. A balloon seller say that the woman says the same thing to everyone, so Veer and Ichha leave. Jogi is refused bail. Divya thinks Damini is responsible for all that is happening and starts hating her. Ichchha identifies the madwoman as the nurse in the hospital who had told the Bundelas that their baby was dead. Ichchha reaches the hospital where she had given birth. She sees the CCTV footage and discovers Nani a.k.a. Sumitra Devi's involvement in the baby boy's disappearance. On the other hand Pushkar kidnaps the madwoman. Ichchha confronts Nani and asks the whereabouts of her son and threatens dire consequences if the latter hides the truth. Nani mocks Ichchha and asks for proof. Ichha talks about the CCTV footage, leaving Nani shocked. Nani says that she will not tell where the baby is, if Ichchha calls the police.But later on Avinash finds out that Yuvraj is Ichcha's baby boy and he make a master plan to kidnap him, Avinash kidnaps Yuvraj and blackmail Ichccha to send Kanha to him and get Yuvraaj her real baby. After sge tell the whole story to Rathore and Veer and Rathore tries to find Yuvraaj. After Rathore decides to take a break and go to some place for an year. There Veer took Kanha with him to give im to Avinash and Veer takes police help with him and he save both of his kids Yuvraaj and Kanha.


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wow cant believe this show is still on ...

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ClapClapClapClap It is a great great effort  for such a detailed post. i salute ur patience and sincerity to  members of the forum. HATS OFF !

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