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Originally posted by jyoti06

Many have asked me the storyline of Uttaran till now and so I have decided to write down the Uttaran story so far in this thread so that members who hv started watching the show from last few months can get an idea about the story of Uttaran till nowEmbarrassed

I will keep updating the story every weekBig smile
This is the story of Ichha( Female protagonist) who is a girl  born in the slums of mumbai...her mother is a widow and is working as a servant in various houses..they  live thier life on everyone's Uttaran..that is leftovers..whether its food or clothes and so the name of the serial is UttaranBig smile...Even though Ichha is poor but she desires much more than what her destiny has in store for her and so In the hope of giving her a better life, Ichcha's mother Damini joins a rich household as a maid...Ichha addresses her mother as Ammo...
Here enters the rich household family whose owner is Jogi Thakur..His wife's name is Divya Thakur and they have a daughter named Tapasya(Negative female protagonist);Damini works there as the servant while Ichha is there as a friend for Tapasya..
Ichcha befriends Tapasya (the only daughter of the house), and they both form a deep bond.
Now an interesting twist comes when  Jogi Thakur the master of the house is eventually revealed to be cause of Iccha's father's death. Actually Ichha's father dies in a car accident for which Tapasya's father is responsibleOuch;So He and his wife Divya accepts Iccha as their daughter to give Ichha a good life and also to repay for their crime of accidentally killing her father .Ichha's mother Damini first shows her anger on Jogi and even wants to leave the job but eventually she forgives them all as it was just an accident..and from here on Jogi starts treating Ichha and her mother as members of that family only and no more as servantsBig smile
Here another problem arises when Jogi's daughter Tapasya starts feeling jealous sinse Ichha gets the same treatment from her fatherOuch..Tapasya is jealous of the fact that till yesterday Ichha was living on her leftovers and was just a friend to her but today Ichha is sharing everything that she had ...like they both going to same school..wearing similar dresses..playing with similar toys and getting equal luxuriesOuch..Also Ichha starts calling Jogi as "Papa" which Tapasya cannot resist because all of a sudden she is sharing her father with a servant's daughter;Further Tapasya is poisoned by her Nani as well who keeps telling her that Ichha is the reason why her father's love is being shared todayOuch
Slowly Tapasya in her jealousy turns negative and even tries to harm Ichha many times;When Jogi realizes this ,he in anger sends Tapasya to a boarding school as punishment which further makes Tapasya negative because she feels that Ichha is responsible for the messOuch;Even Tapasya's mother takes the side of Ichha and Ichha's mother everytime which further makes Tapasya burn with her jealousy;Eventually Tapasya is brought back from boarding school on Ichha's request but that seed of jealousy already grew in Tapasya's mind which remained forever
Slowly they both were shown growing into adults and from here the main story of Ichha and Tapasya beginsTongue...Even though Jogi loves both but Tapasya always feels that Ichha is their servant's daughter and so she doesn't deserve all this love...Ouch...but Ichha is shown very much loyal to her friend Tapasya and can sacrifice anything for herEmbarrassed...Ichha is always shown hiding Tapasya's mistakes in front of thier parents but Tapasya gives a damn to their friendship and only uses Ichha to her own advantageOuch..
One fine day Rich and handsome Thakur Veer Singh Bundela( Male lead Protagonist) enters their lifeEmbarrassed;He basically comes to see Tapasya for marriage sinse his family and Jogi's family r old friends but Tapasya is least interested in meeting Veer as she is already in love with her college buddy Sidh(supporting actor);So everytime Veer wants to meet Tapasya,she asks Ichha to go and meet himWink;Eventually Veer falls for IcchaTongue. Veer goes and tells Jogi that He wants to marry Ichha and not TapasyaBig smile;Tapasya has no problem with this as she is already in love with someone elseBig smile;Ichha too silently loves VeerEmbarrassed;Finally Jogi agrees for Veer and Ichha's marriageBig smile;But Veer's family r not ready to accept Ichha as their daughter-in-law because she is servant's daughterOuch;But Veer manages to convince his family and finally they agree even though r not very happy...
Now the period of Veer and Ichha romance begins..they both get engaged...Veer starts pampering Ichha with expensive gifts and romantic datesEmbarrassed...This makes Tapasya jealous again as her boyfriend is not as rich as VeerOuch;Tapasya sees how Veer gives expensive bracelet to Ichha and starts repenting for rejecting Veer's proposal which originally came for her and not IchhaWink;She starts feeling that how can a servant's daughter become a Thakur's wife;
So again with this jealousy, Tapasya also falls for Veer, thus framing the question that does Ichcha sacrifice again and hand Veer to Tapasya to make her happy ?Ouch

The answer is Yes she doesOuch. On Veer and Ichha's marriage day,Tapasya tries to commit suicide and tells Ichha that if she doesn't get Veer then she will kill herself;Ichha is now clueless what to do sinse Veer is waiting for her in the mandap and she too is dressed as bride but at the same time she cannot just go and sit in the mandap leaving behind Tapasya who already cuts her wrist and threatens to kill herselfOuch ;Nani who always brainwashes Tapasya in doing all this,too asks Ichha to let Tapasya sit in the mandap instead of youShockedOuch;Ichha's mother is not agreeing to this whereas Jogi and Divya(Tapasya's parents) are waiting downstairs for Ichha to come and sit in the mandap;They hv no clue whats going on upstairs, neither Veer and his family know about all this;Finally Ichha decides to sacrifice once again and so she gives her shaad ka jora to Tapasya and asks her to sit in the mandap by hiding her face with dupattaOuch;Ichha's mother is shocked with this decision of Ichha but somehow Ichha convinces her mother and tells her that Tapasya's life is more important than marrying VeerCry;So finally Ichha's mother agrees but before giving the shaadi dress to Tapasya ,she tells Tapasya that "Whole life my daughter Ichha lived on your Uttaran(leftover),but today you will b leaving on my daughter's Uttaran by marrying Veer"ClapClap;Basically Ichha gives Veer to her best friend Tapasya in UttaranCry(So this justifies the title of the show Uttaran by 50%..next 50% will b justified when another male lead will b introducedTongue)

Tapasya marries Veer through betrayal and enters Bundela House as Thakurian Veer Singh Bundela.Everyone is shocked to see that its Tapasya who married Veer and not IchhaShocked;Tapasya lies to Veer's family that in the last minute Ichha decided not to marry Veer and so to save family's reputation she had to sit in the mandap by hiding her face with a dupattaAngry;Veer's family actually believes Tapasya and r more or less happy too because they never wanted Ichha as their bahuOuch;But Veer knows that something is fishy and Tapasya is lieingClap;So he storms out of the house and goes straight to Jogi thakur's house to question him about this marriage fiascoOuch;Jogi and Divya(Tapasya's parents) r equally shocked to see Veer there at the middle of the night when Ichha comes downstairs and informs Jogi that Tapasya got married to Veer and not meCry;She doesn't tell the reason why she did this but everyone is left confused and hv no option but to accept itOuch; Now it is Tapasya's mission to win Veer over, who is still in love with IchchaEmbarrassed. She tries everything possible to win Veer's heart but is unsuccessful as Veer never considers Tapasya as his wifeClap;One fine day Veer finds out the reality of Tapasya And so he goes and exposes Tapasya in front of Jogi Thakur..He tells how Tapasya did the suicide drama to blackmail Ichha and sit in the mandapOuch;Hearing this Jogi is deeply hurt and is angry over his daughter for ruining Ichha's lfie;He decides not to ever talk with his daughter now...;Tapasya as usual holds Ichha responsible for all this and feels that mayb Ichha is still hving some affair with Veer but Ichha is shown burning all memories of Veer the day he got married to TapasyaCry;
Let me introduce Veer's family nowLOL...Veer's family consists of Veer's mother(Mai);His Father Umed Singh(who is joru ka ghulamLOL)...Daddaji(grandfather)..who r all in favour of Tapasya and wants Veer to accept her as whatever mayb the reason,they r married nowAngry;Tapasya is shown hving tough time in her sasural as she is not used to do lot of work and cooking which she is doing now in her sasuralLOLOuch
Now comes the most interesting part..Veer's family also consists of two secret members who were kept in the darkWink ..they r Veer's chacha whose name is Tej Singh and Veer's big brother whose name is Vansh Singh Bundela(Another male lead of this show);There was a scene where Ichha once sees this Vansh during her engagement with Veer but is scared to see him standing at the doorstep and giving dangerous looks to her..that time it was not revealed that he is Veer's brotherWink;Its revealed now when Tapasya goes to Veer's house as the bahu of that house;Basically Veer's chacha Tej singh is a villain and is not happy with the fact that he was never given enough power in this family;So to take revenge he spoils Veer's brother Vansh and makes him a drug addict sinse childhoodOuch;Veer studied abroad and so he was never spoilt but sinse Vansh stayed in that house only ..Tej singh got the opportunity to turn Vansh into a full time addict and a psychoOuch;Veer is shown loving his brother very much and he cannot see the way his brother is locked up in a room years after yearsCry;So finally he decides to put his brother in a rehab centerEmbarrassed;
Meanwhile after this whole marriage fiasco Damini(Ichha's mother) decides to leave the house with Ichcha which bothers jogi thakur so much that on the moment of both of them leaving the house, he have his first heart attackOuch.Seeing this Ichha and Damini decide not to leave the house and so After Jogi is discharged from the hospital, Damini, Jogi and his wife Divya Thakur leave for Darjeeling for betterment of thakur saab's health.
On the other hand Tapasya tries to seduce Veer but only gets insult from him in returnLOL and so Tapasya leaves her sasural and arrives home and tries to insult Ichcha  who has not gone to Darjeeling with Jogi  because of a student of hers who becomes a drug addict and she wants to help him as much as she canEmbarrassed.
Ichha puts her student in that same rehab center where Veer's brother Vansh is admittedWinkEmbarrassed
Once, while returning from rehab centre , a mysterious masked man follows Ichha who she realises is Tapasya's Ex-flame  Sidh. Tapasya managed to convince Sid to kill ichcha so that there is no obstacle between her and VeerShocked. Sidh even manages to shot Ichha on her arms but Veer arrives in time and saves IchhaEmbarrassed;Ichha is admitted in the hospital and that Sidh gets arrested;The police then asks Ichha to recognize Sidh and this is where Tapasya is completely screwed up sinse she knows that Ichha very well knows about SidhWinkTongue;But Ichha once again saves Tapasya by refusing to recognize SidhAngry;Tapasya then does one MORE drama and shows to Ichha that she is repenting for her deeds and also asks for an apology from Ichha but all this is fakeAngry;Ichha feels that Tapasya is really sorry for what she did and forgives her againOuch
One day, Veer comes to Jogi Thakur's house (all of this happens when Divya, Jogi and Damini were in Darjeeling) and gives Divorce Papers to Tapasya and asks her to sign itClap. He says that after divorcing Tapasya, he'd marry IchchaClapEmbarrassed. But Ichcha SLAPS him and says that she would not Marry him as now she sees him as Tapasya's husbandOuch. Veer rightly states "You are saying no just because you are under the pressure of the vanities this family has enforced upon you"Clap. But Ichha is stubborn and refuses Veer's proposalOuch;Veer too is stubborn and is not ready to accept Tapasya at any costLOLOuch
Meanwhile Ichcha's student Paras and Veer's Brother, Vansh (who too is a drug addict), are at the same Rehab Center.Here starts another love story of Vansh and IchhaLOL..
Now, Vansh Singh Bundela and Ichcha meet at the hospital where both Vansh and Paras are being treated for drug addiction. Vansh falls for simple and good natured Ichcha;They had several friendly encounters in that rehab centerEmbarrassed but Ichha is unaware that Vansh is Veer's brother and even Vansh is not aware about Ichha and Veer's pastOuch while Tapasya again goes to meet Sid who is in jail after trying to kill Ichha;Tapasya manages to bail out Sidh and tells him to go out of this city forever,and never to show his face againLOL.
Meanwhile Ichha's drug addicted student Paras dies, due to drug overdose in the rehab centerOuch. Vansh doesn't know what to do as Ichcha asked him to keep an eye on Paras and also take care of him whenever she is away. Ichha cries her heart out when she finds Paras dead and also blames Vansh for it but later Ichha realises that Vansh was always innocent as he too is there fighting with drug addiction and so she asks for an apology;Slowly Ichha and Vansh start meeting each other more often in the rehab center and one fine day Vansh realises that he is in love with IchhaEmbarrassed
They show the friendship of Vansh and Iccha where Vansh falls in love with Ichcha but Ichcha does not. Veer is still unknown of this fact that Vansh loves Ichcha but his mother knows everything as she sees Ichha meeting Vansh in rehab center and so now  she is really tensed because  both her sons love IchchaLOL.
On the other hand Tapasya is playing her own games as she is showing her fake sacrifices to both Ichcha and Veer by divorcing Veer whereas, Ichcha now doesn't want her to divorce Veer  as Ichha feels that how can she live happily after destroying the life of her own sisterOuch;
Tapasya then discovers from her mother-in-law that Vansh too is in love with Ichha..when Tapasya sees this as a golden opportunity to get Ichha married to Vansh so that Veer will hv no option but to return back to her as he cannot keep any relatiobship with Vansh's wife Ichha who will become Veer's bhabhi thenOuch;Tapasya feels that Ichha will now suffer throughout her life if she gets married to a drug addict VanshOuch;Even Nani supports Tapasya in this and so Tapasya convinces her mother-in-law to accept this proposal of Ichha and Vansh because only then Vansh will recover from his drug addiction as his only medicine is IchhaWinkEmbarrassed;Mai(Veer and Vansh's mother)..is in dilemma now because she knows that even Veer loves Ichha and is divorcing Tapasya for this reasonOuch;But she feels that it will b better if she opts for Ichha and Vansh marriage because then Vansh will b cured and also Tapasya and Veer's marriage will not breakBig smile
But Jogi Thakkur refuses the proposal of Vansh as he feels that it will b better if Ichha and Veer get married as his own daughter Tapasya has already divorced VeerOuch. Also Jogi and Ichha's mother don't want to see their daughter getting married to a addict..Ichha is confused as she is shocked to know that Vansh is Veer's brother and now Veer-Vansh's mother wants to get Vansh married to herLOL
Meanwhile, Veer is in Delhi to fight a case on Tej Singh(Chacha who spoilt Vansh and made him an addict)), oblivious to the plot Tapasya is setting out now. Veer has no idea that his own mother is all set to get Ichha married to his own brotherCry;
On the other hand Tapasya's Nani convinces Ichha to marry Vansh because thats the only way she can save Tapasya's marriage with Veer because Veer will never look at her if she becomes his bhabhi by getting married to his own brotherWink;So once again Ichha sacrifices and convinces everyone in her family that she wants to marry VanshEmbarrassed;Hearing this news Vansh's family is very happy and Vansh who can't live without Ichha is also very excited now as earlier there were many situations where they showed Vansh trying to kill himself after hearing the news of Ichha's family turning down the marriage proposalOuch;
They also show the madness of Vansh's love here..sinse he is a good artist..so he draws Ichha's pictures and decorates his room with her photos everywhereEmbarrassed..poor guy has no idea that Ichha was once in love with his own brother Veer because their mother decides not to reveal this truth to Vansh sinse his mental condition was not properOuch
One fine day Veer arrives home from Delhi after winning the case against his chacha, he suddenly gets a call from Vansh who calls him in a helipad areaTongue. Ichcha also arrives and There Vansh reveals her love to Ichcha and his after life plans with herEmbarrassed. Veer finally comes to know that Vansh is in love with Ichha and their marriage is also fixed nowCry;Veer  just couldn't get over this trauma of losing his love forever to his own brotherCry. He, at home, curses his mother for misleading the information and not telling anything to Vansh as wellAngry. Meanwhile Ichcha agrees to Vansh on his love proposal as she eyes this as an opportunity that veer will forget her and accept Tapasya as her wife. She also manages to convince Jogi. Now both the families are happy except VeerCry;But eventually Veer decides to sacrifice his love for the happiness of his elder brotherClap;But still he is not ready to accept Tapasya as his wife;Vansh feels that Veer is happily married to Tapasya and has no idea about all thisOuch
Even after the finalisation of Vansh and Ichcha's wedding, Tapasya doesn't seems to be contended at allAngry. On the day of the wedding, Tapasya manages to get Vansh in a room where she had previously planted Veer and Ichcha's pics of ring ceremony and other close pics, all this just to deprive Ichcha of the love she is receiving from Vansh just because she couldn't get that same bit of love from Veer ShockedOuch.So Tapasya feels that if she can't get Veer's love,then even Ichha has no right to get her husband's love after marriageAngryOuch
Vansh gets furious after seeing those Veer-Icha photos;He is shocked to know that his brother was in love with Ichha and so he refuses to marry IchhaShocked but Tapasya with her Nani somehow manages to convince Vansh that it was just their past because no wedding means passing out Ichcha to Veer which Tapasya can never doWink. Vansh finally marries Ichha but with a hatred in his heartOuch;He feels betrayed by Ichha ,Veer and his family for hiding this truth about Ichha and VeerOuch
All the plannings show their colors when on their first night, Vansh refuses to accept Ichcha as his wife and says that if he had known her past with Veer, he would not have married herShockedOuch. Vansh tells Ichha that "I thought I will never give my love to you in Uttaran...but I had no idea that I m getting my wife's love as my brother's Uttaran"Ouch(So like I said this 50% completely now justifies the title of Uttaran...Tapasya got Ichha's Uttaran in the form of Veer and Vansh got his brother Veer's Uttaran in the form of Ichha...two couples got married but cannot live happily ever after..destinyOuch)
Ichha is shocked to hear all this as before marriage she had given a letter to Vansh where she confessed all about her past with Veer in that letter;After reading that letter,Vansh even told Ichha that he is ready to accept her with her past ;But neither Ichha nor Vansh has any idea that the letter was changed by TapasyaAngry
Vansh walks out of the room and eventually out of the house when a crying Ichcha sends Veer to search for himCry. Meanwhile Tapasya consoles Ichcha and Ichcha comes to know that the letter she wrote to vansh depicting her past with Veer somehow got changed when she gets to see the letter kept in the room and finds out that its not her handwritingOuch. The letter is a different one which only depicted her slum past  rather than her link-up with VeerOuch.
Ichha recognises the handwriting in the letter and comes to know that Tapasya changed the letter so that Tapasya could stop Vansh from knowing her past and then later reveal it to him in her way,so that Vansh starts hating IchhaOuch.
Finally Ichha's patience gives up and she slaps Tapasya for the first time in the serial and asks her to leave her and Vansh alone. Ichha even warns Tapasya to stay out of her and Vansh's life as till now she always sacrificed for Tapasya's happiness but today she will never tolerate anything that hampers her husband's lifeClap
After getting the slap Tapasya leaves the bundela house but promises to return only when she and Veer begs in front of her to returnAngry.
Meanwhile Veer manages to convince Vansh that his and Ichha's relationship is a forgotten past now and that he is happily married to Tapasya which is a lie of course but he said it to get Vansh back homeEmbarrassed;So now Tapasya's hope of coming back to her sasural enlightens when Vansh on his way back home, after being consoled by Veer, Asks Veer that he would first talk to Tapasya to know about her and Veer's married life status and also that whether Veer has really moved on over Ichcha or notWink. Vansh will accept Ichha as his wife only when Tapasya tells him that she is happy with VeerOuch
Vansh continues to misbehave with Ichha and hate her like anything..;Vansh even blames his entire family for hiding this big truth from himOuch;They also show few tender moments like Ichha getting lime juice for Vansh but Vansh refusing to hv it ...Then Ichha fainting as she was fasting during her marriage..and seeing this Vansh lifts her in his arms and offer that lemon juice to her lovinglyEmbarrassed..but again he remembers Veer-'spast and starts hating herCry....He loves Ichha but can't get over the fact that he got his brother's love in UttaranCry;So he wants to hear from Tapasya's mouth if Veer is really happy with Tapasya or not..only then he can accept Ichha as he loves his brother so muchCryEmbarrassed
Tapasya when contacted and told everything by Veer,... eyes this as an opportunity to better her relations with VeerWink. She calls Veer in a restaurant and takes full advantage of the situation by making him beg before her and asking her to come home with him but she in her over attitude refuses to come with VeerAngry but later she calls Vansh and tells him that everything is fine beetween her and Veer which Vansh does not believe and asks her to produce herself before him and then tell the truth about her relation with VeerWink.
Veer then goes to meet Tapasya's father Jogi to tell him that he wants to accept Tapasya as his wife forever and wants to give another chance to this relatoinship;Hearing this Jogi is a bit confused as this is the same Veer who wanted to divorce Tapasya once but later Jogi agrees and so we see Veer and Tapasya finally returning back together to Bundela houseOuch;Tapasya there tells Vansh that she is very happy with Veer and also gives the impression to Vansh that he should trust his wife Ichha more than any other person if his love is really trueWink;In short Tapasya wants to keep a clean image of hers in front of VanshWink
Vansh is finally convinced that Veer has really moved on with Tapasya..so he accepts Ichha and asks her for an apology as he din't trust her words earlierCry;Vansh is feeling extremely sorry for misbehaving with Ichha but Ichha tells him that if she was in his place then she would hv reacted in similar manner after finding out such big truth...Finally Vansh and Ichha r together but that seed of doubt remains in Vansh's mind regarding his wife's past with his brother which time and again haunts himOuch
Finally Veer-Tapasya and Vansh-Ichha go for Pagphere where Vansh behaves like a loving and caring hubby in front of Ammo but next moment when they all go to Ichha's school where the students talk about Veer-Ichha's past love story,Vansh once again starts getting into his illusionary world and starts doubting Ichha's loyalty towards this marriageOuch;But everytime Vansh has a doubt,Ichha shows patience and manages to convince Vansh that its a closed chapter in her life nowClap;Even Veer tries hard to convince Vansh that he has moved on in life;He even tries to start a new life with Tapasya but somehow fails to do so as he just cannot imagine consumating his marriage with TapasyaLOL which is now bothering Tapasya so much that after her second failed attempt to seduce Veer,she decides that as long as she cannot get Veer's love,she can't allow happiness in Ichha's lifeOuch..
One fine day when all four go to the temple to take the blessings of a Baba,...that baba predicts to Vansh-Ichha that "Whatever happened in past will happen in future again"Confused..After this Tapasya manages to change Ichha's puja thali becuase of which Ichha accidentally ends up tieing the thread of Veer's name on the tree instead of Vansh's thread ;Because of this Vansh again gets mad on Ichha as he feels that baba's words and then this thread exchange cannot b co-incidenceOuch;He begins to feel that there is actually something still going on between Veer and IchhaOuch
Veer now slowly loses his patience because of his brother's continuous doubt sessions  but Ichha tells Veer that the only medicine for this is patience and love because she is sure that one day Vansh will become his brother's biggest strength but for that we need to give him timeEmbarrassed;Veer tells Ichha that he can do anything for his brother as he has lost his love for his brother's happiness but cannot loose his brother's trust nowClap;Vansh overhears everything and next day he plans a honeymoon trip for all fourConfused;Veer is not interested in going for this honeymoon but Vansh manages to convince Veer to come with them as they all need to spend some quality time with each other to resolve all thier differences...But Vansh's expressions suggest that he has some hidden agenda behind this sudden honeymoon tripOuch
Finally they all go for the honeymoon where at night Vansh takes Ichha to a cottage inside the jungle at nightConfused;In the hotel Veer is worried for Vansh and Ichha as he is wondering where they both can go at night while Tapasya cares any damnLOL...
Meanwhile Vansh takes Ichha to a cottage located deep inside in the jungle..then spikes her drink and leaves her alone inside the cottage as he plans to do a loyalty test on Ichha and Veer togetherOuch;After this Vansh returns back to the hotel and tricks Veer by lieing to him that Ichha is lost in the jungle which forces Veer and Tapasya to go along with Vansh in the jungle in search of IchhaOuch;After this Veer ends up in that cottage alone with Ichha as per Vansh's plan and he almost kidnaps Tapasya in car so that Veer-Ichha r left alone in the jungleOuch;Veer sees the sleeping tablets kept there and realises Vansh's plan and feels really hurtCry;Next morning Vansh and Tappu finds out both Veer-Ichha in the hotel where a doctor is checking Ichha;After this Veer and Vansh together get into a huge argument over the last night fiasco where Vansh believes that his brother and his wife r still hving an affair and Veer tries to explain him that its just his illusion and nothingOuch;Eventually Ichha too finds out about this loyalty test and feels really very hurt but Vansh starts developing even more hatred towards his wife because of his growing hallucinations about Veer-IchhaOuch;
In his hatred Vansh even starts emotionally and physically torturing Ichha because of which Veer decides to go back to US along with Tapasya as he feels that only then Vansh will start trusting his wife if he leaves the house because sometimes this distance in relationships can work in favour of that relationshipCry;Veer also manages to convince Tapasya to come with him to US;But Mai is not too happy with Veer' s decision but Veer manages to convince his Mai tooCry...
Tapasya decides to celebrate her parent's 25th Wedding anniversary before leaving for US and so she gives a huge mask party at Jogi's house where entire Bundela family also comes;Vansh initially was not in a mood to come to this party but then he agrees after his Mai intervenes in the matter;Ichha makes sure that Jogi or Ammo doesn't find out about her marital problems with Vansh and even Vansh agrees to it but in the party a major misunderstanding happens when Ichha mistkaes Vansh as Veer because of the mask exchangeOuch;She thinks its Veer and tells him that she is feeling bad for him as he had to leave the house because of herOuch;Ichha was talking in genuine manner but Vansh takes it otherwise and again his doubts start increasing and he starts torturing Ichha secretly in the party..even gonig to the extent of blackmailing her multiple times that he will go and expose the reality of their relationship to Jogi and AmmoOuch;Nani overhears all this and takes the advantage by further brainwashing Vansh against Veer-IchhaOuch..
So now Vansh puts a condition in front of Ichha..he tells Ichha to humiliate Veer in front of his family by telling everyone that Veer still has a soft corner for her in his heart so that Veer starts hating her forever OuchAnd if Ichha is not able to do this then she will see her husband going back to the world of drugsOuch;Ichha is in a dilemma now.,.she is not able to understand what to do next as if she humiliated Veer..it will b morally worng and if she doesn't do it then she will loose her husband foreverCry..
On the other hand Sid is back in the picture with a vengenceBig smile..He meets Tapasya in the mask party and almost threatens her by saying that even her hand hv the blood stains of Ichha which she should never forgetBig smile;Tappu too is quite tensed now..she wants to go to US with Veer as quickly as possible but the question is whether Sid can expose Tappu or not before she flies off to US with VeerConfused
jyoti06ji thank u very much for utaran story! Smile now a days i am not watching it....
its very boring for all in my family..

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Oh thank you sooo much for the story!
It must have taken you so long!

SO im assuming that Ichcha no longer loves Veer and that she now geniunely likes Vansh? Right?

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thanks for this summary especially for me since i havent seen it from beginning.

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Sanjayji plz forgive me as I could not wish you on friendship day and on our Idependence day. My sincere apologies for that as I was held up with my busy schedule. God bless you. Best of lucks for all your future endeavours.

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thanks for the brief
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First, tks for the update. But can you continue to update the story???

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PavaniShiny IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 December 2010 at 6:20am | IP Logged
y don't u continue the update
prettywomen22 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 1:51am | IP Logged

thanks for the update !!!!  lovely capturaization

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