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                                           Monday May 31st 2010 Episode 30

Gopi singing....
Singer 1
Porandhaalum pancha paandavigalukku annana porakka koodathu
appadi porandhu putta  kalyanatha nenekaa koodathu.....
((Pancha Pandavigal(Gopi's sisters))

 Kicking Dirt


Gopi comes to his kuppam(house dhaan....koottama irukadhanala kuppam...) very silent and kuppathu makkal(his sisters and parents...)are standing with a thiru thiru muzhi....Gopi asks "what happened?why r u all so silent?..." Mom stats crying..Gopi shocked...asks his mayil chithappu and chokku dad "ennadhaan aachu?".....Chithappu rombha bandava looks at his brother once and starts his visaranai ..says "cycle tholachittu byke kku maaritingalo?That too with a lady driver?"....He continues "we r treating u like a periya manushan in tis family and u r behaving so silly?We are having so much hopes on u ...aana neeeeee....oru ponnu pinnadi bike la rounding?".....(Ippo enna nadandhu pochu nnu indha sithappu ippadi nadas vaasikararu?...avaru pesaradhu pee pee oodhara maadhiriyae irukku...adhuvum pesikitte dance vera aadarraruLOLLOL...his way of talking is like that)...Pancha Pandavigal(Gopi's sisters..PP)... looks at each other...Gopi tries to say something..But sithappu continues his dancing talks...
Mom says that his son is not like that and let him explain his tharappu vaadam..But sithappu shouts "No anni...pandi ya vida gopiya dhaan rombha nambinen..."....he runs toward his daughters and says "parudaa..5 girls..ur sisters...ur responsibility..but u r busy with bike rounding...After mylife,u should take care of my kaamu and paramu..But u.CryCry." Starts crying...Gopi says nothing like that...avanga EB la work panra madam....Sithappu asks "yaara irundha enakkena"Tells his brother chokku.."Anne,gopi kku kalyana aasai vandhuduchu..we should look for some girl"....Gopi says no..avasarathukku lift kaettu ponen..idhu oru thappa?....Now chokku's turn .."Thappudhaan gopi..u have 5 sisters..they  ur can u go with a girl like that...this is a small ooru..Everybody will talk thappu thappu ..."...(what is this?Ivanga line aa 5 girls aa pethu vachikkittu..gopi vazhkaiyila sindhu padaraanga?)....Gopi promises them that he will not meet that girl hereafter and his life is his sisters ...and he will think abt his marraige only after all his sisters settle in their life(Advance 60 aam kalyanam wishes Mr.Gops)....Sithappu mayil innum konjam dance aadittu leaves the place....
Chokku tells gopi that he has full faith in his son but oorukkulla ppl will not take this in a good way..That will affect this pancha paandavigal's life..Gopi says that he now very well knows abt his responsiblity and hereafter this kind of thappu will not happen..Chokku saysnot to get angry with Mayil..Gopi says no,i wont..he is a periya manushan and this is a small misunderstanding b/w us....he again promises that he will not see that girl again...Gopi cries on that kalyana aasai words by sithappu....Chokku samadana paduthufies gopi and gopi azhudhukitte goes in...Pancha paandavigal follows him and once again gopi says "thangaigalae ...iam not in love...just a lift..adhukku ivlo periya scene...."...Pancha paandavigal tells his annan that they believe him and says "nee yarayavadhu love pannina..come and tell us..we will unite u both..."..Gopi hugs his sister and anga orey  emotions of india.....CryCry
Pancha paandavigal koottama sitting together and gopi's phone rings..oru ponnu takes the phone and says "yei..andha ponnu dhaan'......Phone cut aayi poyii....Oru paandavi doubts her brother..oru velai love aa irukkumo...other paandavis says  vekkama illai to talk abt our brother like this.....if she calls again we will attend her call...sollikitte irukkumbodhu malar calls again...Raging picks it up and talks..Annan is in washroom..neenga yaaru...Mala says iam malar ,EB Engineer....Ragini introduces herself and malar says naan computer centrela job vaangi thandhene andha ponna?....ragini says yes...malar thitting mayil...Says girls should work...malar asks abt gopi..veettula eppudi....ragini says enga anna veettula irundha rombha jollya irukkum..we love our brother....Gopi comes and she gives the phone to him..Malar visaruchufies abt her pick up and drop gopi matter...Gopi tells her not to call him family is a patham pasali family...if u want to talk to me come in more phone calls....Malar says ok....pancha paandavigal comes and asks sorry...Gopi leaves the place...Oru pandavi says ippodhaan sandegam varudhu....he should have talked to her infront of us..edhukku thaniya vandharu...we should watch him.....
Pirai comes home with dts effect Shouting... wife asks what happened..pirai says nobody gives respect in this place...yaaro avaru mela petition pottangalam...Sam laughs at his father....advices him to deal smoothly with his customers...sam tells his dad first u change this ummanamoonji and keep smiling always....pirai says "once upon a time....i was very charming...only smiling face...once i married ur pee pee mother i lost my smile and charming face.....His daughter comes with the application and tells his father to sign the form...Arivali appa and daughter fills the pen with ink  holding the pen and bottle just above the app.form..sam vandhu thallivittaru..application spoiled....Daughter tells pirai that tomorow is the last date come with me to the college to sign the form...appa says no..take ur and daughter plan success...Sam wishes happy journey...take care of my matter too... both ladies show their 32 teeth...

Gopi's house..ellarum sound sleepping..gopi's phone rings...picks it up and says "enna indha nerathila?"..pancha paandavigal sleeping maadhiri acting....Gopi polambing in the phone...morning la irundhu neram sariyillai...what?u want to me now?....ok....varen..somethings is going to happen...varen..."..sollittu gets up and suthi suthi parthuttu goes out....Pancha paandavigal follows him....Gopi comes out of the house and goes somewhere.....Sisters comes out and seeing.....Shocked....

Edha parthu ivlo shocknu nalaikku dhaan theriyummmm...Nalla kelapuraingayya suspensaa......


Update by Migan

Tuesday - June 1st

Gopi walks out and Pancha Pandavi's follow him. He goes out and Pandi is standing outside. Fully water beaten. The girls see him from far away and decide to go inside as Pandi will cause problems.

Gopi goes to Pandi and talk him asking him why did he drink? Pandi starts blabbering scolding Pirai that he used bad words, shouted at him,.... Gopi asks him why did you go there? You know about him it is our Atahi so why did he drink too much? Pandi says Gopi you too come to water beat. Gopi scolds him and says don't go home - go to shop and sleep there. I will inform your dad. Pandi asks Gopi if Maha came yday and did you meet her? Gopi says accidentally I saw her in the college road. Pandi wants to aks some thing and says yennai Kai vitrada. Gopi says what? Pandi says I will ask you later. Gopi forcefully sends Pandi away. He goes inside and is caught by the girls. They say we followed you to see if you are talking to the EB Ponnu. Gopi says we only talked like that yday and you are not trusting me any more. You have to trust me. The girs accept. He calls Mayil and tells him that Pandi will sleep in th eshop to safe gurad some money.

Nextday morning
Pandi walks in the house. Mayil asks yennada. Did you only sleep in the shop? I am asking because I can't trust any one. This Gopi I thought he was a good boy but he goes behind a EB girl. That's why I am checkign with you. Pandi holds on to that and asks really appa? Mayil says Yes. Pandi also says I have heard the same but didn't want to tell you as you might get mad. Mayil asks why did you go to Pirai house? That guy called and shouted left and right. Pandi says I want there for some work and decided to stop by. Mayil says what ever and leaves. Pandi is happy. He says(to himself) follow the girl Gopi. Leave the line clear for Maha.

Meenatchi, Sokku, mayil go to Josiyar and ask shim to check Mahesu and that boy's jathagam. He looks at it and says all 10 match there. Perfect match. He also says prepare everything for the wedding. They all leave happy. Josiyar wife comes there and asks is it real or did you lie to them? He says it is the truth. If Mhesu gets married to him there will be so many changes in their family. Their house will change to a sorgam. She is happy and goes out. His son asks Appa are you telling the truth? Josiar laughs and says no I lied. That guy jathagam has so many Doshams. All are wrong. The moment he comes to their family they are going to suffer so much.

Back at home - Sokku, Mayil and Meenatchi are happy and talking about that. At the time Pushpa and Maha come there and ask them what is the happy news? They says the alliance worked out for Mahesu. Pushpa says arrange for anotehr wedding at the same time. Rest wonder what is going on. Sokk usays no problem but why all of a sudden? Pushpa says Maha and Gopi talked yesterday and wanted to get married. I also wanted Maha to marry from this family. So I am happy. Mayil gets upset - we talked that much yday but Gopi never said he talked to Maha.

Gopi is walking on the road. Malar is giving instructions to an EB guy. (She looks pretty with red salvar) She says oh tailor coming. He won't go with out talking to me especially so much about the cycle. Gopi sees malr. But he walks as if he didn't notice her. Malar says what's up with him? He is not seeing me as well he is not responding to my calls as well. EB guy says he didn't notice her. Malar keeps on looking at Gopi. Meanwhile Gopi gets phine call from Mayil asking him to come home immediately. Gopi says yes and he turns back and walk aviding Malr. Malar realises he is indeed aviding her. she wonders how can he do that? He could never stop from talking. EB guy says maybe he is angry that you didn't find his bike so far? Malar keeps looking on.

Gopi goes home. He sees Pushpa and Maha. Mayil and Sokku ask him why didn't he inform them about their conversation? Maha has told everything to her mother but you didn't yday after all that happened. Gopi says Illappa. Sokku says no Gopi you did a mistake by not telling. Gopi looks embarrassed.....



Update by Rojapoooo

Wednesday 2/6/10

Nondha Gopi yai chithappu innum konjam vega vaikkiraar -
" how dare you talk to Maha and fix the marriage?? And how
dare you keep  quiet??" Gopi says that he kept quiet only because
of Maha "she said that she has not told her parents !!! Na inge
unga kitte sonna, Maha might be exposed...athaan " Finally , every
one comes to know what exactly happened - from Maha - " I was the
one who initiated the talk and Gopi athan said that the family should agree. Veet le ellarum edukkira mudivu kku naa kattu paduven nnu sonnaru.." Maha and Pushpa leave. Another round of advice on "how 5 thangachingaloda annan should behave."

Deivanai's friend has got an alliance for Kaamu. She brings 2 women
and they want to see Kaamu. Deivaanai says that Kaamu is not there - "ipdi dhideer nnu vanthittinga??? " Draws aside her friend and tells her that Peacock has no clue about this search. Just then Peacock marches in and Deivanai plays peekaboo - sends the visitors to the garden, stalls PC ...etc.  etc., Finally when PC is inside, dispenses the visitors unceremoniously. Athunga iva virattara nnu puriyaame, veettu aambalaingalai kootti kittu varrOm nnu sollittu kilambarathugal !!!

PC and Deivanai cootchi cooing - PC updates all the recent developments and Deivanai playing chayngg chak. Pondy comes and learns every thing. Deivanai is angry that Pushpa did not visit her. Takes the phone from Pandy and calls Pushpa "enna, antha veet kku mattum kaathu adikkuthu??? Ingeyum oru mappillai irukkan,  you forgot??" Pushpa is neutral. Pandy is happy about :ingeyum oru mappillai.."

Tailor's shop - that podisu and Pandy are discussing Gopi's " lady love" Pandy says that they should go all out and help Gopi. Just then Malar arrives, learns that Gopi is away - antha podisu romba pesarathu !!! - "unga boss ai police station kku varra sollu...cycle identification, ok?" Gopi comes after she leaves. Pandy and podisu tease him with Malar. Finally tell him that he has to grace the police station. Gopi calls Peacock and asks for permission. PC is not happy about the fact that Malar will be there but agrees "un cycle, nee thaane identify pannanum... pOittu Odane vanthudu.." Gopi goes to the police station. PC is there before him  - looking around for Gopi's cycle. Malar comes, Gopi tries to escape but Malar has no such idea - learns that PC is chithappu - "ithu vaa??? Ivar thaan unga thangachi yai oru naal kooda velai seyyame izhuthu ttu pOnathu??" PC is livid - saucers become side plates...



Update by Smlaksh

Episode - 33           Thursday - 3.6.10

Credits to

Malar learns tht Mayil is Gobi's chithappa .. Doesn't give a chance for Mayil to speak LOL.. nalla left right centre pottu vanguthu ponnu .. Says , "why did u do tht .. poor ragini .. u forced her to stay home .. this is violence .. yen pponnungala ippadi adakki vakkireenga .. in which century r  u now " .. Mayil tells her not to talk unnecessarily .. Malar yells at him .. i ws the one who got her job .. Gobi kkum thittu .. kallu mathiri don't stand , say something nu .. Mayil kku BP ekiruthu .. Learns from gobi tht she is MAlar , EB madam .. Mayil's turn now , "avala nee LOL .. bike la appadi ippadi u went with gobi" .. Malar gives a damn abt it .. Starts her next archanai for troubling Kaamu .. ur own daughter .. ippadi adichi thuvaichu .. Confirms with Gobi if he is the same chithappu LOL .. Further says , u r a male chauvinist .. aan aadhikka vathi .. sontha ponna adikkarathu mirugathanam .. Mayil chides gobi for updaing her with their family issues .. Malar avara vidaratha illai .. Tells him not to murmur to his nephew .. i talk , u talk , no gobi Embarrassed .. Adds , it's a social problem & anyone can talk abt it .. Further adives him , not to treat his daughters like slaves & to let them live as they wish .. Finally finishes her archnai & asks "ellam purinchutha" .. Gobi urges Mayil to leave .. Malar insists him to look for his cycle .. Gobi's orey aim is to clear the arena LOL .. paavam paiyyan arandu poyi nikkuran .. Malar also doesn't forget to chide gobi for avoiding her .. Assures to meet gobi the next day .. Mayil kadhula , vayathula ellam ore pugai LOLLOL .. Pora pokkula , gives one last warning to Mayil , treat ur daughters like human .. illatta ur DIL will torture u for the rest of ur life .. Mayil face la no fly dancing [u deserve it Mayil .. yaarenum unnai ippadi kelvi ketta thaan neer adanguveeru Embarrassed] ...

Gobi reaches home .. finds the house locked .. Gets to know from Deepa tht whole family has gone to temple .. Mayil walks in .. share his grief .. "ennada intha ponnu , ippadi pesuthu .. enna vayi enna thairiyam .. no respect for elders .. annan kooda ippadi enkitta pesinathu illa" .. Gobi does a poosi muzhugal job .. illa chithappa , she was the one who helped Ragini tp get a job .. Mayil correct aah asks , Appo Kaamu matter .. Gobi manages saying , Malar was at the scene when Kaamu got admitted in hospital .. She got to know abt it on her own .. Mayil warns him not to cross limits .. Samarthu Gobi asks , i took permission from u to visit police station .. But u were there when i arrived .. en mela no trust ?? .. Mayil stammers ...

Gobi continues , u know me from birth .. u must have very well understood my character .. even then no trust on me .. i'm ashamed .. Mayil tries to convince him .. Says he has a valid reason for his fear , When me & chok's were of ur age , society was too good .. we didn't worry abt future .. but now the case is different .. 5 sisters lives depend on you & Pandi .. And he is little playful .. but u , a very responsible guy .. When u were a kid , u'll make all ur sibling have food first .. avlo responsible .. Even after tht .. no oor suththufying business .. college mudicha , tailor shop .. un mela enakku romba respect .. and tht's the reason for my fear today .. Gobi gets emotional .. u trust me so much , but why don't u show it out .. Mayil says , we trust u , not ur age .. Goib assures , he'll not travel in wrong path .. Mayil says , he trust him , but not the girls .. Paaruda , antha EB ponnu , en kann munneye unkitta izhanchuttu nikkuthu LOLLOL .. payama irukkuda .. Gobi assures he'll not go wrong .. mayil feels ashamed for being so selfish .. Gobi comforts him .. Adds , after ur big lecture , i'll not commit any mistake Embarrassed .. will never let ur trust on me fail ...

Pirai's home .. Pirai has some fixed rate for leasing the coconuts in his thoppu .. The other party is not satisfied & walks back .. Pushpa convinces the party & tells him to ask for Rs.28000 .. Pirai kku ego , iva enna periya officer aah .. my paattan soththu .. i'll fix the rate .. even if a penny is less , no mattai , no ilani , no thengai , no contract [avare ippadi thaanga dialog pesinaaru EmbarrassedLOL] .. Party disgarees & walks away .. Trio , Choks, Mayil & Gobi arrive .. Pirai asks his wife , yendi innaikku namma veetla lemon rice aah ROFL
ROFL ROFL .. Announces the trio's varugai .. Pushpa tells him to greet them .. Pirai veerappa stands .. Asks what matter .. Chok's apologizes for the incident tht happened the other day .. u r our mappillai , sontham vittu pogumaa .. we have come to apologize .. Pirai gets happy (nadippo?) .. Welcomes them in .. orders Push to get some water .. Calls for Sammandham .. Tells him to get 30 vadai & 30 mysorepak .. Gobi kku konjam doubt .. Mayil kaatha kadikkararu .. Mayil sides Pirai .. Padichavar , athaan maarittaru .. Gobi is still doubtful .. Mayil tells him to wait till vadai arrives LOL ..

Villagers crowd in Pirai's home .. Offers them Vadai & Mysorepak [kirukku enna panna pogutho Ouch] .. Says , something important is gonna happen in his home & hence he has invited them all .. Trio , kadhai kadichufies .. yetho villangam panna poraan .. Moonum thiru thiru nu muzhichuttu nikkaradhugal Embarrassed ...

Thodarum ...

Update by Shreenithi

Friday Episode update

Pirai serving oormakkal with vadai mysorepak..Oor perusus asks why this virundhu?any kalyana matter....pirai says no,a very important nigalchi is going to commence soon...Gopi and PC tensed...Choks tells them to be cool...Pirai tells oor makkal abt his machaan veetula asinga patta vishayam...And choks says that they had come here to ask sorry ...Oormakkal -adhukku naanga edhukku?Pc too asking the same ..this is our family matter maaps...why this oormakkal present now?Pirai-that day neenga mattum ennai ellarkum munnadi asinga paduthineenga....tit for tat...u think iam a ilichavaai?LOLLOLnow..say sorry infront of eveyone...ShockedShocked
choks and co,pushpa and sam shocked...Pushpa says that his annan is a periya manushan dont insult him infront of everyone...Pirai nakkal aduchufies her anna's periya manushathanam...Pushpa crying and crying ....Pirai goes on talking nonsence...Pushpa says that her anna is a gem...Pirai says nothing doing..ask mannippu now..oormakkal says time this is not ur family problem,it is now our oor what ur machinan is says....Pirai says see my balam....oor thalaivars are with me...says some more vijay dialoguesDead...Choks stops this koothu and asks sorry infront of everyone...Gopi too asks mannippu to his maamu....Pirai tells them to leave the place...says "poyya veliya"....Choks and co shoked,leaves the place...Pushpa crying....
Here in choks house..meenakshi shouts at pirai's behaviour...Meenakshi sabadam pottufies...let maha come to this house as my marumagal...i'll see that man then....choks says dont talk like this...stop talking abt this matter and instructs gopi and mayil  to meet mahesh's maappu veetar ...gopi says he has mayil will go...Gopi says mayil rombha feels abt pirai's behaviour towards his brother....
PC sogama sitting in his house..deivanai too says nalla 4 vathai kettuttu vandurukanum....PC feels abt his brother....says we came without fighting becoz our sister ,ur athai is there....tells his wife to wake him up early...he has some important work....hides the maappu veetar matter to deivanai...
Pushpa polambing abt her husband's loosu thanam...Says how will i now talk abt ur rishta with gopi....maha says if appa comes in my way,i'll run from this house...i love gopi athan..and mama too likes our rishta..idhula what work for appa,naan onnum padikka pogalai...gopi athanai parkathan more mariyadhai for that man(pirai...)...she goes in....
Now sam comes and asks his mom "neeyellam oru mummya?poonu says that she will run from this house..u the same...make arrangements for my maraige with kaamu..."...pushpa viratting her son....
PC getting ready....pandi asking money....PC gives the money with some advice..PC says bye bye to his wife...Deivanai asking where are u going..PC says katcheri kku...deivanai tells him to wait and goes inside and brings his nadaswaram....PC vazhunjufies...Deivanai blah balah nu shouting...PC thiru thiru nnu nadaiyakatting....
malar standing in nadutheru...i mean edho velai parkaranaga tansformer kitta ninnu....sees gopi entering his shop.....malar calls him thru mobile..says how r  u?...Gopi says he is busy now...he is not in his shop...Malar confused and asks when u will be back...gopi says he is busy,i'll call u after sometime....kaja paiyan says dont lie anna....gopi pesikitte parkararu..shocked to see malar standing there in his shop......

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thanks Shree - hmmm, after all oru lift !!!! Athukku
medai pOttu threadbare alasal ?? Gopi, paarthu ppa -
nee moochu vida permission kettu vaichukkO - apram
chithappu sollichu nnu unga appa unnai moochai adakka
solluvaar - nothing is impossible !!!
raaspach IF-Rockerz

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This peacock sithappu is too much...
Rombha over...ivarae ellarayum love panna,odi poga ready aakka poraru....
Gopi....another raising star...Hero....Aambalai hero....asusual like other main leads edhavadhu onnunna azhararu....super....welcome hero...
metti oli la azhudhadhu..ippo nadaswaram la thodarudhu....
Naala irunga....
honeydaisy IF-Dazzler

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thanks for super updates.... Mayil always need someone to sing his archanai....
smlaksh IF-Rockerz

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Thanks Suma ... thoongum podhu veetu kadhava saatha mattangala Confused ..
raaspach IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by smlaksh

Thanks Suma ... thoongum podhu veetu kadhava saatha mattangala Confused ..
first andha house kku kadavu irukkannu check pannanum...ConfusedConfused
becoz mayil sithappu sollirupar...
Mayil to Gopi:
Dei maganae....wooden doors ellam nambamudiyadhu..indha veettu ponnunga..esp naan petha ponnungalayum nambamudiyadhu(Mind voice:Unnaiyum dhaan da gopi....)so...thaniya kadavu ellam vendam...5 sisters unakku irukanaga..adhanala avangala kaapatha vendiya poruppu unnodathu....kadavukku bathila neeyae kadavu maadhirii nilluda....appodhan un 5 sisters oda vazhkaiya kaapatha mudiyum.....

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_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Thanks for the super duper kalakkal udpate Sumi akka and Migan ClapClap
aaahaaa.. super terminologies Sumi akka ROFLROFLROFL....
Hmm.. I still think peacock sithappu is doing oravanjagam Angry... he didn't bother to confront his own son... paavom Gopi... he is under surveillance leh from his paanja paandavar sisters, and the PP brothers.  This Pandi payal is off the hook eh...
oh my... how could that josiyar (btw was that Josiya Shokku?) be so cruel?  Anyway, if Shokku n family are smart, they should check all the jaathagam with couple of josiyars and not just one Wink....
and it looks like Gopi will end up falling for malar Tongue

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rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

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Thanks Migan - Sokku is right - Gopi should have
told them all - He should have known that Maha will
inform her mother and this would be known pretty soon !!

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