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Sasural Genda Phool
Sasural Genda Phool

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(*This Section is about the Story so far, thats the Summary of the Show till date.
The credit for this Summary goes to our very dear Friend Shounak)

Woh Din tha bada Mastaana, Life me aayi Suhana,
Suno Kahaani...
Dikhne mein Sundar, jaise ho Titli,
Laal Mirchi jaisi woh nikli,
Suno Kahaani...
Sasural mein bheed hai bhaari,
Confuse hai Bechaari,
Is bheed me koi aesa, jo meri Maa ke jesa,
Banungi uski Laado Raani,
Suno Kahani...!!

SuShaan Safar Ab Tak

Pizza or Paratha

Jeans or Sari

Yo or Namaste

Modernor Desi

This is what Sasural Genda Phool is all about.The transition of a modern girl to a desi bahu.

     The story starts with the introduction of two contrasting families.On one hand are the Bajpai's,a nuclear family consisting of Mr.kamal Kishore Bajpai,a rich and well to do businessman,his older daughter Suhana and younger daughter Sanjana.


On the other hand are the Kashyaps-A desi middle class joint family consisting of a dozen of members which later becomes Suhana's Sasural-which can also be called heaven on earth...situated on the streets of Chawri Bazaar Delhi 6,this family is a very traditional Indian family.The youngest son of the Kashyap household,Ishaan Kashyap is an eligible bachelor and an IT professional.An ordinary man with an extra ordinary heart.


Therefore,the show focuses on the relationship of Suhana Bajpai and ishaan Kashyap,who are destined to get married and become Mr.and Mrs.Kashyap.


Suhana,a young,beautiful,rich,modern,outspoken,spoilt and headstrong girl is in a relationship with Sid,an upcoming model.She loves Sid to the core of her heart and is planning to get hitched as soon as possible with Sid.But Sid uses Suhana as a mere material of show off and does not reciprocate her feelings.He ditches Suhana saying she is not a marriage material and is not fit to be married to someone.This leaves Suhana heart-broken,but Suhana takes this as a challenge.She decides to go to any extent to prove Sid that she indeed is a marriage material.She decides to get married to anyone,her father chooses as soon as possible.


As destined,Mr.Kamal kishore Bajpai chooses Ishaan for her daughter and as his son in law. Suhana had already met Ishaan before under troubled situations where Ishaan had always played spoilsport to Suhana's plans thus giving an impression to Suhana that he is a very shy,ordinary guy without the IT factor.


The marriage is fixed and Ishaan-Suhana are ready to get hitched.On one hand where ishaan has already fallen in love with Suhana seeing her photo,on the other hand due to various circumstances and Suhana's insistance,she fails to see the groom's face before marriage.

Finally the D-Day arrives.The marriage takes place and Suhana gets her first shock of her life seeing the shy,ordinary ishaan as her husband.Unable to withstand the trauma,she faints then and there in the mandap.But keeping in mind her father's respect in the society,Suhana decides to get married to ishaan.


After marriage,Suhana gets another shock of her life seeing her sasural-an old bunglow in the streets of Chawri Bazaar,Delhi-6 which is totally different from her huge mansion and hi-fi lifestyle and modern upbringing.


Thus starts the journey of a modern bahu in a desi sasural.Ishaan loves Suhana but Suhana has not yet accepted ishaan as her husband and this fact is only known to radha Bua,Ishaan and Badi Maa.


Shaileja Kashyap a.k.a badi ma-The angel of this household has an immense power to shower love and blessings to each and every member of the family. Initially Suhana finds it very difficult to adjust in her sasural where there is no privacy at all(Thanks to the dozen of family members living there).But Badi ma tries her best to make Suhana comfortable in her sasural.Suhana,a motherless child finds a mother in the form of Badi ma.She starts transforming from an ill tempered girl to a loving bahu.


Being in such a big family.Suhana ensures to lend her hand for any help needed with hillarious outcomes and circumastances.Either she spends Rs.1000 at one gofor buying washing powder from a super mall to calling the best cardiologist in Delhi for Dadaji's checkup ending up paying Rs.3500 as the doctor's fees,Suhana does it all.Slowly she starts sharing an amazing rapport with Meethi,the youngest member of the family.She also tries to convert the other desi bahu's into glamourous women.Everyday,she discovers a new quality of her husband Ishaan Kashyap.


Will Suhana accept ishaan as her husband?Will she transform to a desi bahu?or will she change the whole Kashyap Family?

Too many questions,one answer...keep watching SGP mon-fri 7:30pm on STAR Plus

(*This section contains all the memorable scenes from the Show since begining. Credit to Sakshi aka Leo)

1. Ishaan-Suhaana talk after the Muh Dikhai Ceremony YouTube Link

Ishaan asks Suhaana about her decision of leaving or staying in the house and tells her that her decision is really important for him'He asks her whether she really wants to leave the house to which Suhaana first replies yes and then says no and tells him that she can't leave the house.Ishaan asks him why so? And tells her that if she wants to go no one will stop her'She says that if she leaves the house it will be proved that she is selfish and stubborn and no sensible guy would wish to marry her'She tells him that she can't loose and she wants to prove that she is marriage material'Ishaan remembers that Sid had told her that she isn't marriage material and gets angry an Suhaana that she shouldn't have taken his words as a challenge and atleast saw his photograph'he tries to talk some sense into her and tells her that he is concerned about his family.Suhaana starts crying and says that she didn't want to hurt anyone and she doesn't wish to leave the house..Ishaan tells her that he won't force her to leave the house'

2. Ishaan-Suhana Dumb Charades YouTube Link

The family forces Suhaana-Ishaan to play dumb charades'.at first Suhaana refuses but then agrees and  tells that she will guess.Ishaan picks up the chit and complains about getting a song. Ishaan begins to enact and Suhaana guesses Pyar..then he enacts furter and Suhaana guesses Iqraar..and then she guesses the song to be Pyar Hua Iqraar Hua..the family praises her on guessing such an old song.Suhaana tells them that it is her mom's favourite song and Dadi says that there are just two couples in the house who understand each others ishaare'

3. Ishaan-Suhana First Pillow Fight YouTube Link

Ishaan enters the room to see Suhaana reading a book...she has all the pillows with her.At first he tries sleeping without a pillow but then tries to get a cusion thts between her legs..but suhaana lifts it in the air with her legs'he tries talking to her and tells her that there's a library nearby and he can get her books from there. Suhaana says that she doesn't read books from the library'she tells him that she is not in a mood to talk.Ishaan asks her mera takiya and Suhaana is confused'.Ishaan goes over to sleep without a pillow. When Suhaana turns around to sleep she throws a pillow at him and tells him that he could have asked for a pillow from her'Ishaan thanks her.

4. Ishaan-Suhana "I Love You" YouTube Link

Ishaan is talking to his mom when Suhaana comes and sits next to him.She starts talking to her and tells him sorry.When he tries leaving from there,she stops him and asks him for a coffee..he refuses but she insists and he agrees.Suli and Sudi call her to inform her that Sid is coming'she takes the coffee away from him and tells him to look into her eyes and forces him to say I love you. Sid comes and sees them and she leaves with Ishaan..

5. Ishaan talks to Suhana after Sid dumps her YouTube Link

Ishaan takes Suhaana away from sid when she is crying.He offers her his handkerchief to wipe away her tears and tells her that she doesn't look nice while crying.She asks her why he brought her away'Ishaan tells her that he didn't like the way he was behaving with her'he tells her that she is smart,beautiful and intelligent and she shouldn't beg him to marry her'.he says that Sid doesn't deserve her and advices her to tink before falling in love again and leaves..

6. Ishaan-Suhana First OMG YouTube Link

Ishaan and Suhaana are at the Bajpai place for the pag-phera. Ishaan comes to the room with Sanjana who later leaves while Suhaana is talking to her friend.After she disconnects the call she notices Ishaan admiring her and asks him why he is staring her'.Ishaan asks her what is OMG,she tells him that OMG is Oh My God'Ishaan asks her to say that again. Suhaana gets irritated and says OMG again and Ishaan starts smiling'

7. Ishaan-Suhana Tie scene YouTube Link

Ishaan comes to the room from the washroom,Suhaana tells him that he shouldn't come to the room in the towel and tells him to call the bathroom'washroom. Ishaan says that he will take care of that the next time'he tries finding his clothes in the suitcase. He is in a hurry but Suhaana stops him and tells him that he doesn't have any dress sense and that his tie doesn't match with his shirt'she changes his tie for him while Ishaan admires him'

8. Ishaan-Suhana Ring Issue YouTube Link

Ishika tells Suhaana that Ishaan had bought a ring for her..Suhaana asks Ishaan why he didn't give her the ring.She tells him that he was testing her and when she didn't accept him as her as her husband he decided not to give her the ring'She tells him that officially she is his wife and he should give the ring to her. When Ishaan gives her the ring she is happy to know that it is the same ring that she had chosen at the jewejjery store'

9. Ishaan-Suhana "Zoobi Doobi" sequence YouTube Link

Ishaan dreams of him and Suhaan dancing to Zoobi Doobi song from the movie 3 idiots

10. Badi Maa talks to Suhaana after she breaks the glass

Suhaana gets angry because she didn't get chilled drinking water and breaks a glass'all the members of the family are shocked to see that. Badi Maa takes her to her room and talks to her 'she makes her understand that she shouldn't have got so angy and thrown the glass for such a small thing. She may have hurt herself or Meena,..She tells her that Meena comes to their house to earn a living for her family.Suhaana starts crying and feels sorry for her actions.

(*This section contains all the remarkable dialogues from the Show since begining. Credit to Harika)

"Iss ghar mein sirf do jodiyaan hain jo ek doosre ko samajhti hain... ek main aur dadaji,
aur ek, Ishaan aur Suhana ki..." - Dadi Ji to Everyone

    "Leher oonchi hi sahi, par naav doobegi nahi..." - Badi Maa to Radha Bua

    "Jab doodh ubal jaaye to aanch dhime kar deni chahiye taki woh bartan se chalke nahi..." - Badi Maa to Radha Bua

    "Acchi cheezon ko bahut jaldi nazar lag jaati hain.Hame usse sambhal kar rakhna hoga..." - Badi Maa

    "Main aur Rano ke baad tum is ghar mein bahu banke aaye hon,bado ka farz banta hain chote logon ka khayal rakhna..."  - Badi Maa to Rajni

    "Jo hamko milta hain, woh doosro ko nahi milta hain,kuch logon ko khaana bhi nahi milta.hume adjust karna padega..." - Badi Maa to Suhana

    "Zindagi chahe jaise bhi hon,guzar jaati hain....bas muskuraate rehne chahiye..." - Ishaan to Suhana


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congrats on the opening of our very own first Newsletter!!!!!!!!!
hope we have many such NLs
and its really awesome blossome!!!!!!!!!

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Originally posted by haaki.b

congrats on the opening of our very own first Newsletter!!!!!!!!!
hope we have many such NLs
and its really awesome blossome!!!!!!!!!

Congo to u too Sweets..& the whole SGP Forum Members... & its all a team Effort.. so Hip-Hip... Wink

you too did it very well, well done... it was great working with you...  ....
Big smile

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Originally posted by ~*simran*~

Wow! Awesome work ji! And thank you so much for taking the time and effort to make this so amazing! Again, wow!

Thnxxx & my plxr Simran.. its our pleasure that u all are likin it & appreciations & criticisms are alwaz welcome.. do leave in ur comments & suggestions.. so that we can implement thme in our future attempts. any section you would like to include Or exclude, any new ideas/games/fun... do let us know... all are heartily welcomeeem glad u all like itttttttttttt EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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congrats...on d opening of NL...i must say gr8 effort put up by all d members... Clap Clap keep it up guys...! Thumbs Up

Eagerly waiting for the nxt issue....dis is astupendofantabulouslyfantastical!!!!!!!!! concept...

ROCK ON Guys..!

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