NEW FANFIC-Obsession Updated Ch8 pg 14 (Page 2)

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thats soooooo beautiful FF......loved it dear

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NEXT DAY- (Morning)


The sun shone brightly, Pratigya opens her eyes and felt drained. She has flashbacks about the fight with Krishna. A tear rolls down her cheek. The door opens, and Kamal strolls out in her nightrobe.


Komal:  "morning, How are you feeling Pratigya?"


Pratigya:  "Feeling better, I'm just going to get ready now and go work"


Komal:  "Pratigya, you don't look so good take a day off, your face is all pale, and you look as if you've been crying all night besides you also have puffy eyes."    

 After a moments pause'..

Pratigya'. Do you want to tell me what happened yesterday?


Pratigya looks at her and doesn't answer.


Komal:    That's fine if you don't wanna talk about it but remember I'm always here for you"


Pratigya smiles (trying to hide her pain, but Kamal sees right through her)


Pratigya:    "Ok, I'm gonna get ready now, Buniya will go mental if I'm late, the salon is getting really busy as it's the wedding season. I have to do a bridal makeup on a customer today'.


Kamal:   " Women and their makeup, what's so special in that, I mean why cant they just dash on moisturizing lotion, a quick mascara and just walk out''.. Women do all this for what'' In the end they look like clowns anyway''



Pratigya laughs and says "Because you're a tomboy''always hanging out with men'..there is no femininity left in you'..all you think about is cars, rally driving' really you should have been born a male"


Kamal:  "So what if I'm more tomboyish,  It just go to show that not all women are the same''. And to shut those peoples mouths who say women can't do this or that"


Pratigya laughs and asks what do those people say?


Kamal:  You know, those typical lines''.Women can't drive, women don't know how to assemble apparatus, women cant do a mans job, they are too weak'. Blah blah blah


Pratigya laughs and ok im gonna get ready, and you need to as well you have to work in the garage don't you?

Kamal:    "Yeah Yeah Yeah, Im gonna get ready now, the rest have gone to work and university, so we should make a move"


Kamal and Pratigya get ready and leave for work:





A customer praises Pratigya about all the hard work she has put in to make her daughter so beautiful on her wedding day. She says her daughter looks like an angel.

Pratigya says thankyou to Heer (bride) and wishes her luck and all the best for her marriage with Prem (groom). She sees the bride out''


But then she gets a shock, Krishna is waiting outside the salon with a bunch of roses and chocolates for her.


Krishna walks up to Pratigya, he feels ashamed of himself he has trouble look into Pratigyas eyes and says " Prat, about last night'. I'm really sorry, I don't know what came over me''.please forgive me''..I love you too much I don't wanna lose you'. Please forgive me''. I brought these for you''.


Pratigya accepts his apology and the gifts; she says 'I'm sorry too for hurting you, I love you too, I hope your not mad about last night'.


Krishna:  "Hey, It's ok''.Pratigya please come back home with me"


Pratigya:  "Ok, right now I'm at work and I finish at 5, I will''(Pratigya gets a shock after looking at his arm which bandaged)  What have you done to your arm? (Pratigya is visibly upset)


Krishna: "Oh this? Its nothing much compared to what I did to you?

Pratigya has tearful eyes and asks what happened


Krishna:  Nothing much, I just engraved your name on my arm using a knife.


Pratigya is about to shriek but before that Krishna hugs Pratigya and says "Babe, don't cry, this is my punishment for hurting you and now I want you to go inside and do your job. Otherwise that witch Buniya will give you a hard time.


Pratigya sobs silently and Krishna kisses her on the forehead and says I'll be here when you finish work and we will have dinner together at my place.


Pratigya returns to the salon, and there is a big queue of people wanting to get haircuts, make up and etc. Pratigya sighs and says this is gonna be a looooong afternoon



It's 5pm and Krishna is waiting outside for Pratigya. Pratigya smiles at Krishna and kisses him on the cheek. She asks "How was work today?"

Krishna replies "It was ok, but got a massive headache, having to correct all the VAT returns'. man sometimes I hate my accountancy job..


Pratigya:  Ok, when we get home I'll cook you a nice dinner

Krishna smiles




Scene: Kitchen


Pratigya is chopping all the vegetables, she is making paneer palak and aloo gobi (Krishnas favourite)


Krishna is in the living room'flicking through the channels; he gets frustrated that there is nothing good on tv and decides to help Pratigya.


Krishna says "Move over, let me help'.. I'll do the chopping''(He grabs the knife from Pratigya but she is still holding on)

Pratigyas says "I'll do it"(they have a tender moment, and they both fight over who's gonna do what)  


Then suddenly Krishna cuts his finger.

Pratigya gasps and says "I'm sorry"

Krishna says its ok, it's only a minor cut'.

Pratigya rushes into the store room trying to find the first aid kit. The first aid is on the top shelf she grabs it but accidently she drops something else on the floor. She picks it up and gets a shock'.She is looking at her high school photograph album'she wonders how did it get here? It should be in Rolis house. She opens it and gets another shock, when she looks at Kamals picture. Kamals name has been crossed out'..Pratigya puts the album back and rushes into the kitchen with the first aid kit. She treats and bandages Krishnas finger.


They have dinner and after they sit down to watch tv drinking tea and cuddling each other. But Pratigya can't get the photograph album out of her head. What is it doing here?

She asks Krishna about the album.

Krishna says "Oh, I popped down to your cousins Rolis house and she wasn't home but her boyfriend Angad was home. He let me rummage through everything in the house and then I found it''.Why'.is there a problem?


Pratigya:  No'..I was just wondering how it got here, I tried to look everywhere yesterday'. I couldn't find it''.


Pratigya felt uneasy at the thought of Krishna going through all her thing. ''why did he do that?''.what is he trying to accomplish, and most important of all'.. these were my things'..he had no right to rummage through my personal belongings'..

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Scene: The salon


It has been two weeks since Pratigya last heard from her friends. Pratigya was really tired and was waiting for the clock to strike 5 o'clock so that she can leave work. She began to pack her bag so that she can leave on time when suddenly Buniya enters the staff room.


Buniya:  Pratigya we have one more customer left could you please serve her, all the other staff are tied up.


Pratigya:  I have just finished work, I will need to go now, Krishna will be expecting me home soon.


Buniya pleads with Pratigya and finally Pratigya gives in.


Pratigya: Fine, I'll do it as long as I get paid overtime.

Buniya: That's fine, get to work quickly and no slacking!



Scene: Krishnas apartment


Pratigya finishes work and returns home tired. Pratigya takes her key out and slots it into the lock to open the front door. She enters the apartment and see's Krishna sitting on the sofa, Pratigya walks up to Krishna


Pratigya:  Hi Krishna, how are you? Sorry I'm late, I had to work overtime and……..


Krishna stands up and slaps Pratigya before she finishes her sentence. Pratigya is shocked.


Krishna:    Why didn't you come home early? Did you know how worried I was? Couldn't you ring?


Pratigya is shocked and silent.


Pratigya's phone rings. Pratigya takes her phone out and checks it, it was Kamal but Pratigya cancels the call.

Krishna says 'Why didn't you speak to her?'

Krishna grabs the phone of Pratigya and calls Kamal back and says to Pratigya speak to her properly and he hands the phone back.

(Phone conversation)

Kamal: Hi Pratigya how are you, I finally got through to you, I was wondering if you can come over, everyone is here, It would be nice if you can come over and have a get together.

Pratigya:   I'm sorry, I can't come over, (Pratigya pauses and then says) Kamal is it possible if you could stop calling me? If it's important I'll call you. I forgot to tell you I am work at the moment and I can't speak to you. I'm sorry'

Kamal is surprised and confused. After a few moments Kamal says 'ok, I get it take care and Kamal hangs up.


Krishna looks at Pratigya and sits down at the dining table to have dinner, Pratigya joins him a while later.




Pratigya is at work, she has been working tirelessly without any break. The door opens and a familiar person appears. It's Chandu…..Kamals flatmate.


Chandu:    Hi Pratigya, How are you? Long time no see? What have you been upto?

Pratigya:   Hi Chandu, Im fine, I've been busy at work, haven't had a chance to see everyone. So Chandu, now tell me what brings you here?

Chandu:  I wanted a trim, short back and sides please.

Pratigya: That's fine, it good that you decided to have a haircut. Your hair is slightly damaged at the tips.

Chandu:  I know, I've been meaning to get a haircut for sometime.


Pratigya gives Chandu a haircut and after they sit down and have a cup of coffee, they catch up and Chandu tells her all about the get together and what happened. They both enjoy each others company.

Chandu:  Arushi, Kamal and some other friends will be getting together and going to a park tomorrow, there is also a small race track as well and you know whats Kamals like, she would be having a race just to compete with the other lads. They will meet at 2pm. It would be nice if you came along as well.

Pratigya:   Sure that's fine, I'll be there.

Chandu:   Ok that's it, I should be going now, I have a load of paper work to do for the supermarket.

They both get up from the sofa and Pratigya see's Krishna, who is looking through the window. Krishna waves at them. Pratigya starts to panic.

Chandu asks is that your friend?

Pratigya:    He's my boy friend; he's come to pick me up from work.    

Chandu:  How sweet of him, he looks after you sooo much,

Pratigya gives a half-heartedly smile. Chandu says goodbye and leaves.


Pratigya finishes work and greets Krishna who is waiting outside.

Krishna:  Who was that guy?

Pratigya:  Oh, he was Chandu, Kamals flatmate, he's a nice person, he just popped in to get a haircut.

Krishna:  Oh I didn't know you cut mens hair.

Pratigya:  We do,  it is a unisex salon, but we hardly get men popping in.

Krishna:  That's fine, when we get home, Prat could you cut my hair?

Pratigya is nervous and says Sure, I'll cut your hair.




Krishna and Pratigya have their dinner.


Krishna gets ready for the haircut he sits down in front of the mirror, he wrap a towel around himself.

Pratigya picks up the sharp scissors and starts to tremble. Krishna looks in the mirror and notices that she is shaking and asks 'whats wrong Pratigya'

Pratigya gulps and says I get nervous when I have to give a hair cut which has to be perfect. Krishna listens to her and grabs her hands. He slides open the scissors and brings it close to his ears. Pratigya is really shocked. Krishna is not letting go of her hand. Pratigya panics and says 'What are you doing?  Please stop this, you are gonna hurt yourself……..(there is no response from Krishna) You will cut your ear at this rate…..Please let go…..

Still there is no response from Krishna.  Pratigya shrieks and realizes why Krishna is doing all this.

Pratigya shrieks and says 'Ok, I wont cut mens hair anymore please, let go…….Krishna please let go I wont cut mens hair. Pratigya starts to cry. Krishna lets go of her hands, gets up quietly from his seat, takes his towel and retreats to his bedroom without saying a word.

Pratigya is horrified and she cannot stop crying.



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OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i guess it..........krishna is an obsessive KILLER........................???????????????????ShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked

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Originally posted by kaasshh

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i guess it..........krishna is an obsessive KILLER........................???????????????????ShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked
Thanks for reading my fanfic....
Just wait and see what happens, I like to keep everyone in suspense.......
I would like to hear other peoples views as well....
Thanks again for taking time out and we'll see how the story unfolds..

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Wow!!Chp 2 was very good.So Pratigya and Krishna are back together.But abt the album,hmm......I wonder what's going on in his mind.And why did you edit chp3??? I wanted to read itUnhappyso pls update soonSmile

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i like ur suspense part.
i am happy that both Krishna and pratigya are back together but sometimes krishna's actions seems to be very scary.
can't wait for next one.plz update soon.

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Originally posted by shruthiR

Wow!!Chp 2 was very good.So Pratigya and Krishna are back together.But abt the album,hmm......I wonder what's going on in his mind.And why did you edit chp3??? I wanted to read itUnhappyso pls update soonSmile
Hi,Im glad your enjoying the fanfic.
Sorry I had to edit  chapter 3- Im having trouble pasting my fanfic, for some odd reason not everything is being pasted on to India forums and the punctuation seems to be out of place.
I have uploaded chapter 3- happy readingSmile

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