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SR - One Shot - sleep tight - part 4

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This posts contains material not suitable for ages below 15 and above 55. User discretion is advised. I would also request all the readers to refrain from changing their skin color when reading my post. No Pink, Blue, Green or any shade of Red. Thanks.

contd from:


.. the bells rings again. Riddhima gets up suddenly and Sid releases her from her hold saying

S: ye iss waqt kaun aagaaya hai. Riddhima gets up and checks her dress and tries to straighten with her hands and then combs her hair with her finger. Tries to hide her expressions on her face by rubbing her hands.

R: "Papa hon gay"
S: "arre main kya bolon ga" Now Sid becomes embarrassed of the situation. Dr. Shashaank kya bolein gay. He is putting on his dress. He also tries to straighten his dress and hurriedly runs his hand through his hair and wait.
Riddhima opens the door and its her dad.
R: "Hello papa! kahan reh gaye thay" she asks greeting him. He enters and senses someones presence in the tv lounge. He looks at her.
R:"Papa khana khaein gay?" She is feeling shy to be caught like this. She did not tell him that Sid would be here and that too sitting in the TV lounge wearing his dress.
S:" Khana kha kar aa raha hoon. Tv lounge mein.."
R: "woh!.." she doesn't let him complete the question "..papa woh Sid aya tha." she explains in minimum words.
D: "hmm, achi baat hai. " he is pleased and walks in the tv lounge. Sid is acting as if he was all the time watching tv. He sees Dad and gets up.
S: "Hello Dad." he greets Dr. Shashank.
D: "Hello son!.." then smiles as he sees him wearing his own dress. Then looks at Riddhima and says
D: "yeh kaun sa dress dey diya, iss ke to bazoo lambey hain, woh.."
R: "papa yehi theek hai. " just not wanting her dad to ask any questions as to why is he here.
S: "Haan dad yeh theek hai. main comfortable hoon."
D: "Sid tum nay khana waighaira kha liye." He looks at Riddhima whether she served him the food.
S: "Jee dad, khana kha liya hai. Abhi dessert kha rahey thay." and he looks at Riddhima mischievously. Riddhima gives him a stare and then smiles and looks towards her father.
D: "Tum log baitho, aaj toh din kaafi lamba hogaya hai." Dr. Shashaank says as he turns to walk out to his room.
Sid was feeling guilty conscious not being able to justify his presence at her house at this time of the night.
S: "Asl main woh eik surgical procedure karna tha kaal, iss liye main ne socha ke Riddhima se discuss kar loon" Dr. Shashaank stops and turns back towards Sid and smiles as he understands what Sid is trying to cover up and says
D: "Bilkul theek hai.." and also looks at Riddhima who is already smiling at Sid's justification and says "Riddhima yeh toh bahut achi baat hai. If you want I can also sit with guys to explain anything you want me to.."
Sid was not expecting this he looked at Riddhima for help and she knew her dad was pulling his leg.
R: "Papa hum milkar kar lein gay."
D: "Acha, theek hai, tum log discuss karo main to sonay ke liye ja raha hoon." and he walks out of the room.
Sid lets out a sigh and falls back into the sofa. Riddhima look at Sid, walk to stand behind him and holds both his ears and says
R: "Kaun sa surgical procedure jhootay?" Sid laughs and says "toh papa ko sara bata daita hoon ke yahan kaisay aaya" He now tries to defend his justification.
R: "Acha! Acha! aaram se baitho, papa ko poochti hoon koi cheez to nahi chahiye." she walks to her father room. Knocks at the bedroom door.
D: "aa jao..Riddhima" he knows its her. He has changed his dress and getting ready to get into bed.
R: "Papa koi cheez toh nahin chahiye, coffee, tea.."
D: "Nahin baita, aaj to khana bhi zyada kha liye hai, pait main jaga nahin hai. Buss thora sa newspaper dekhoonga phir so jaon ga." He responds to her as he sits on the bed.
R: "Papa.." she says and then stops.. looks down at her hands .. trying to say something.
D: "kya baat hai baita? " he asks as he sees her hesitation.
R: "Papa.. agar Sid aaj raat yahan ruk jaye to, mera mutlab hai guest room main so jaye toh aap .."
D: "Baita ye ghar bhi Sid ka ghar hai, aur tumhara pati bhi hai, jahan marzi so jaye. But why guest room?"
R: "Buss papa, ye mujh par chodh dain." she does not want her father to come on this topic.
D: "Baita tum behtar janti ho..I am very happy to see him here.. but treat him well.." Shahshaank gets under the sheets.
R: "Woh to main dekh loon gi.. ab aap aaraam karen. Goodnight papa."
D: "Goodnight baita" and switches on the bedside lamp to read the newspaper.
Riddhima closes the bedroom door and walks back to the lounge. Sid is browsing channels. He saw RIddhima entering and asks
S: "papa ne kuch kaha to nahin.." he was really not comfortable with his excuse for being at Riddhimas house.
R: "Mere papa aisay nahin hain. Woh mujhse bahut pyar bhi kartey hain. Laiken main unn baat bhi manti hoon." Riddhima comes and sit next to him on the sofa. She continues "Papa ko mein ne keh diya tha ke tum discussion ke baad wapas apney ghar chaley jao gay " she decides to pull his leg.
S: "Kiya.." he was surprised, "ye kyun keh diya tum ne.."
R: "Mein aur kiya kehti, tum ne hi papa se kaha tha ke discussion karney aaye ho. " she was now talking casually as if she does not care "ab koi discussion karne ke baad raat ko wahin toh nahin reh padha".. Sid is looking at her face with his mouth slightly open, he does not believe his ears as to how can she say this. And Riddhima is doing her best to keep her face straight.
S: "ab tum kehti ho ke itni raat ko mein wapas ghar jaon?" Sid is a little disappointed, he was experiencing something totally new about their relationship. He never felt like that for Riddhima or anyone before.
R: "nahin.." Riddhima holds his hand to give him some comfort "discussion kar lo phir chaley jana .." and she could not hold back her smile.
S: "Kaun si discussion.." he is not certain as to what is actually happening "mein ne to waisay hi keh diya tha..aur dad se kya kehta."
R: "Chalo, discussion to shru karo.." Sid looks as her and she start to giggle and teasing him.. "haan ji kaun sa procedure hai..." Sid realizes that she is trying to pull her leg. He tries pull her towards himself but she gets up and slips out of his hands
S: "Riddhima, idher aao .. " he is smiling but acting as he is going to punish her.
R: "Shhhhh! ahista papa sun lain ge to yahan aajayenge." She uses her Papa card effectively on him. He slows down.
S: "Idhar aao na " speaks softly and he dabs his hand over the sofa asking her to sit there. She is standing out of his range."mein kuch nahi kahon ga"
R: "Promise.." takes two steps and stops teasing him "Cheekh maroon gi zor se..aur papa bhaagey bhaagey aa jain ge.."
S: "Nahin kahoon ga kuch.." Sid is now begging her. Riddhima smiles and sits next to him.
R: "Bolo..Sid kya problem hai." she is enjoying his condition and she want to keep it under control.
S: "Riddhima woh main yeh keh raha tha ke..mein raat ko yahin ruk jaon" he holds her hand.
R: "Yehan iss ghar mein" she shows her surprise. "mein ne papa ko toh bataya nahin." she acts as if she is thinking to find a wayout and wants to help Sid. "mein dekhti hoon ke papa jaag rahe hain.." She says and makes a half-hearted attempt to get up. But Sid stops her from getting up and says
S: "Kya kar rahi ho, papa so gaye hon gay." he does not want her to involve dad in this matter.
R: "Acha Sid tumhari khatir.." she tells him " lekin aik shart hai." she now take charge of him, enjoying every moment of the situation.
S: "Shart!.. kaisi shart? ..Riddhima ye kiya shru kar diya..." his voice becomes louder.
R: "Shhhhh! Sid, ahista bolo " she hisses at him pressing his hand. "Papa uth jayengay.."
S: "Acha.. " he becomes mellow "kya shart hai!"
R: "Dekho, tumko guest room main sona hoga.." she announces. Sid thinks for a while and nods.
S: "Theek hai, jaisa tum kaho gi.." and then he talks to himself "dekh loonga kaun kahan sota hai."
R: "kuch kaha mujhse" she is smiling and Sid moves his head sideways.
S: "nahin..koi film to lagao" Picking up the remote and passing on to Riddhima. Riddhima changes over the channel and there is some romantic movie running. They start watching it. Sid his legs and places them over the table in the front and sliding down himself in almost half lying position. Riddhima leans backward and resting her back on the sofa sits next to him. She looks at him and slips herself down so to bring her shoulder at his shoulders level. He for a moment looks at her and their eye meet. He looks back at the TV and Riddhima tilt her head and places on his shoulders.
S: "Ye titantic lagi hui hai? " trying to recall as the movie was already running.
R: "haan." she confirms " wohi hai..Rose wali."
S: "Barri love story hai." admiring the movie.
R: "Sid, asl titantic main aisi koi story nahi thi.."
S: "lekin ye film to chali hi love story par hai." emphasizing his point of view. Riddhima likes this interaction, they are discussing things in their home, she wanted to talk everything with her husband. They talk and discuss like friends.
S: "Tumhey love story pasand nahin hai.." he asks her as he sees her quiet.
R: "Aisi ka shauk nahin hai.." she says softly as her mouth is close to his ears.
S: "phir kaisi, romeo juliett, Shireen farhad.."
R: "Nahin Sid mujhay woh love story pasand hai jiss main aakkhir main do pyar karney waley aapas main mil jayen. " She slides her arm under his and holds it against her body.. as she found her love. Sid felt her emotion and the love when she held his arm against her body. He felt her love flowing through his arm into him. He understood where she was coming from.
S: "Haan.." he admitted "theek kehti ho.."
R: "main bilkul eik normal si zindagi chahti hoon.." She closes her eyes.
S: "Hmmm! " he ponders over what she said "Simple zindagi hi achi hoti hai." He raises his arm and puts it around Riddhima and she snugs herself inside his arms and rests her head on his shoulder. Her head is touching his chin. He can feel her perfume. Riddhima pulls back and folds her legs on the sofa and completely leans onto Sid. She gets the sense of security. The movie goes on..

Scene changes
A new patient arrives in the emergency room. Yuvi is the duty doctor. He gets the patient history. Suggests some blood test, and then look at the condition and he gives him a pain killer. He asks the nurse to move him to ICU to keep him under observation. Meanwhile he tells the duty nurse to inform Dr. Riddhima that she might have to operate on the patient tomorrow morning subject to the x-rays and the blood test report. He also advises her to inform the surgery to have the theater and the team ready.

Scene changes
The movie is about to end. Sid is watching it and Riddhima fell asleep in his arms. He knew that she was asleep but did not want to wake her up as she was resting on him. The movie ends. Sid using the remote, puts the TV in stand by mode. His movements wake Riddhima up, she opens her eyes and says
R: "Oh! main so gayee thi.." with a smile
S: "Nahin tum to ankhen band kar kay film dekh rahi thi." he shows his humor.
R: "Aaj thuk gayee thi, pehlay hospital, phir beach, phir tumhey khana khilaya." she counts on her finger.
S: "To tum roz hospital nahin jati, khana nahi khati.." he said, questioning her count.
R: "Chalo baba beach ne thaka diya. bus!" and she gets up from the sofa looks for her sleepers and looks at Sid
R: "tum bhi utho, subah duty par jana bhi hai", she moves her hand asking him to get up. Sid could sense now she will send him to the guest room. "Chalo utho naa Sid," she holds his arm and helps him get up from the sofa. She walks in front of him and take him to the guest room.
S: "toh tum bhi yahan so gi guest room main." he gives her a hint.
R: "Kyun ? mera apna bedroom hai." she ignores his hint. She brings him into the room and pushes him in the room. She stops at the door.
S: "Riddhima kya kar rahi ho.. mujhay akelay main darr lagay ga." he tries to justify.
R: "tumhay akelay main darr lagta hai." she asks as if she believes him. "toh aisa kartey hain ke papa ke kamray main tumharey liye aik mattress rakh daiti hoon, wahan so jana" she gives him an alternate.
S: "Nahin mera khayal hai keh mein yahan hi darr darr ke raat guzaar loon ga."
R: "Goodnight Sid!. Subah Alarm se utho gay, main 6:30 uthi hoon." she tells him the getting up time.
S: "Itni subah??" he asks "tum ne subah murghay ko jagana hota hai azaan dainay ke liye."
R: "Sid tumhe pata hai ke main hospital hamesha time par jaati hoon. Good night Sid." She shuts door and goes away. He keeps standing there, wondering ke ye kya hai. He wanted to be with her. He could have slept in his own house. Again there is a knock at the door.
S: "Aa jaen " and Riddhima enters with a thermos and a glass.
R: "Iss mein paani hai." she puts the thermos and the glass on the bedside table. "agar pyaas lagay toh pi laina."
S: "aur agar bhook lagay toh?" he asks her. He is little unhappy about sleeping in the guest room.
R: "Raat ka khana bacha hua hai" she smiles at him, teasing him again. she can sense his unhappiness.
S: "aur agar darr lagay toh. " he is trying to hint her.
R: "toh mujhay bula laina." she smiles. Her eyes have gone heavy as she is feeling sleepy especially after she dosed off while watching the movie. "Mujhay barri neend aa rahi hai. Goodnight Sid!" and she walks out of the room.

Sid jumps on his bed, keeps sitting and then lies down. He tries to sleep. He gets up and picks up a book lying on the bedside table. Its a book on medicine, He flips through the pages. He thinks about the evening when they went to the beach and afterwards what all happened. He got lost as he thought about it. He picks up a pillow, rolls it and puts his hands around it and holds it around his chest.

Scene changes
Riddhima comes out of the bathroom, after brushing her teeth and changing into her night dress. She was thinking about her interaction with Sid. She was becoming comfortable with him and felt that she could express herself. She felt very intimate as they kissed in the lounge. She shrugs her head not to get carried away by that beautiful thought.
She switches on the bedside light and switches of the room ceiling light and gets into the bed. She lays there again thinking about Sid. He is her husband and she wanted to be with him but she did not want to rush. She wanted it to move slowly. She did not want to ruin her romance. She again starts to think about the kiss and rolls onto one side and slightly whispers to herself "Sid.. sonay to do!" and closes her eyes.
There is a slight knock on the door. She gets up and opens the door. And its Sid standing at the door holding his pillow in his hand. She looks at him and with her eyes questions him as "kya hai?"
S: "Woh..tum ne kaha tha ke agar mujhay darr lagay.." he whispers not to be heard by her father.
R: "Sid.." she is slightly tired and was also thinking about Sid, she went soft. "tum kahan sowo gay."
S: "waisay to tumhara bed bhi barra hai, laiken main neechay so jaon ga. Taakiya lai kar aaya hoon." he shows the pillow.
R: "Aao laiken subha uthna hai aur koi badmaashi mutt karna." Sid nods his head like a good student. Sid looks for a corner and lies on the carpet, putting pillow under his head. Riddhima goes and lies down on the bed pulling on the quilt over her. She closes her eyes but she can feel his presence in the room. Its a strange feeling for her to have someone in her room who is important part of
S: "Riddhima.." he calls out in a loud whisper. "so toh nahi gayee.."
R: "Bolo Sid! "she responds in a sleepy voice. She felt sleepy but now she became conscious of him.
S: "Neend nahi aa rahi hai!" he tells her.
R: "Mujhay to aa rahi hai." she enjoys teasing him.
S: "kamal hai.. " thodi neend mujhay dai do".
R: "Sid so jao.. subha uthna hai." There were almost whispering and they hear the footsteps outside and knock at the door.
D: "Riddhima, " Dr. Siddhant calls out. Sid jumps up from where he was lying on the carpet. Riddhima also gets up from her bed, Sid is confused and looks for a place to hide, He hides behind the door as she opens up.
R: "Jee papa..sab theek hai." she asks him worried.
D: "Baita tumhara cell phone off hai. Hospital se phone aya tha ke shayad subha koi surgery karni padhey. So be there in time aur main Sid ko bhi bata doon, voh guest room main so raha hai."
R: "Nahin papa theek hai main uss ko subha bata doon gi." she tells him so he does not knock on the guest room door.
D: "Okay baita, good night!" he says
R: "good night papa and sorry aap ko uthna par gaya" she apologizes.
D: "no problem.." and he walks away. Riddhima shuts the door but Sid keeps standing there. They room is slightly dark, just one bedside table lamp was on.
R: "Kya hua Sid? " she asks him casually, "chalo ja kar laito aur subha koi surgery bhi hai" As she walks Sid holds her hand. "Sid! mein nay kaha tha na badmaashi nahin." She does not pull her hand away from him. Sid puts his hands on her shoulders and says
S: "Badmaashi.. hmmmm .. aur mein" now he understands what she did. Riddhima could also sense that now he is going to be naughty.
R: "Sid sona hai ..janney do" but does not try to get away from him. Sid moves his arms and put them around her waist and pulls her close to his body. She puts her hand on his chest just to balance herself. She likes being held by him. But she acts naive "Sid, kya hua kuch batao to sahi." She acts as if she is yawning and feeling very sleepy.
S: "Toh yeh badmaashi meri nahi hai tumhari hai. " he says "papa ne kiya kaha tha ke Sid guest room main so raha hai." he adds quickly "papa ko kaisa pata ke main raat ko idhar hi hoon ga. " he solves the mystery, and she listens to him, enjoying his hold and smiling, looking up in his eyes, and Sid continues "tum ne kaha tha, ke papa se keh diya, ke mein raat ko chala jaon ga" He holds her closer tightly, she squirms under his hold.
R: "Acha baba tum ye to daikho .." she tries to play him around "kay tum guest room main toh nahin ho.." she giggles.
S: "acha hassi aa rahi hai" He starts tickling Riddhima on her waist and navel. She starts giggling loudly
R: "Sid...Sid .. mutt .. karo.. " she bursts out in to a laughter "Sid.. meri .. awaaz papa ke kamray main chali jayegi.." She cannot control her laughter and starts to get herself out of his hold, in this struggle they both fall back on the bed. Sid continues to tickle her and she tries to roll over but Sid has put his weight on her body. They both roll over from one side to another a couple of times and then she begs Sid to stop.
R: "Sid please buss .. " tears roll down sideways from her eyes, she laughed so much. She tries to hold his hands to stop him from tickling. But Sid finds his way. Riddhima suddenly hold his head and kisses him on his lips. Sid effort to tickle her comes to a grinding halt. He was not expecting this. Riddhima ran her arms around his neck. Sid was taken by this pleasant surprise. He stayed motionless, did not budge at all and she kissed him with full open lips. Sid forgot all about his aggression of tickling her and he could hardly believe it happening this way. He was never kissed like this before. He responds to her kiss. They both roll and on lay on their sides, still locked in an embrace. He runs his arms around her body and pull her close to his body. The time started flying away.
R: "Sid.. " Sid starts to kiss her on her lips. He runs his other hand over her cheek, feeling her soft skin. She trembles under his touch and then pushes his head back so that she can stop him from kissing her.
R: "Sid.. Sid.. meri baat sunno.." she softly tells him. Stopping him from kissing her.
S: "ab kya ho gaya?" Sid stops for a while.
R: "eik minute..zara ruko aur meri baat sun lo" Sid stops and listens to her. She puts both her palms around his face holding him and Sid could feel her affection in the way she held him. Sid calms down and pays attention to what she is saying.
R: "Dekho Sid.. agar tum ab na rukay to mein bhi khud ko rok nahin paon gi.." She speaks in a low whispering tone and admits her weakness.
S: "Mein to chahta yehi hoon " he smiles
R: "Sid.. main bhi chahti hoon laiken.. "
S: "to masla kya hai.." lowers his head to kiss her.
R: "ruko! ruko " she holds his head back.. "I want this to be special.."
S: "fikr na karo ye special hi hoga.." he again tries to kiss her.
R: "Iss tarah nahi. " she pushes his head again. "I want it to happen as something special, jaisay humari suhaag raat honi chahiye.." she finally tells him what she had in mind
S: "Yaar.." he says like a man " tum kin chakron main padh rahi ho.." but also appreciates her idea. "Toh hotel main kamra laina hai.." he cracks a smart one.
R: "Nahin.. tumharey ghar ka kamra sajao gay to phir.. " she clarifies
S: "Chalo.. abhi ja kar set karta hoon." he tries to get up. She holds him back. He is kidding her but is convinced on the inside. He missed on something very important in his marriage.
R: "Chalo ab sonay ki tayyari karo.." moving back to her side of the bed.
S: "Thora aur pyar na kar lain.." he suggests while she is moving back to her space.
R: "Sid.. barra mushkil ho jayega rukna.. please so jayo." She lies on her side pulling up the quilt to cover her. She is still feeling the tingling in her body. She smiles shyly at the thought of their special night ahead. But she wanted to do it the right way.
S: "toh phir mein wapas guest room.. "
R: "Nahin Sid.. yahan hi so jao." she pats on the bed. "Tum mere pati ho."
S: "Yahan to nahin so sakon ga." his body was giving him clear signs. "mein nechay so jata hoon carpet par"
R: "Kyun Sid.. " she insists "iss bed par hi so jao.." and turns towards him and pulls his arm and making him lie next to her.
S: "Iss tarah to mera kuch pata nahin." Sid is obviously not comfortable.
R: "Idhar mudho meri taraf." She rolls on to her left side and wants Sid to roll on his left side behind her. She searches for his hand and pulls his arms and wraps it around her. Sid spoons her.
S: "Riddhima.. " he whispers.." koi guarantee nahin dey sakta.."

R: "Sid.. " she brings his hand up and kisses it and places it back around her waist. "mein janti hoon. I trust you and .." her voice is confident and getting heavier with sleepiness she squeezes his arms to her body and whispers "..I love you Sid!" Sid responds to her by slightly holding her back to his body.

Riddhima had her eyes closed. She was so happy to be with him. Sleeping in the same bed, with his arms around her. Her body was so relaxed and she floated slowly into her dreamworld.

Sid was thinking this day was something out of this world, may be a gift from the heavens. It all happened so smoothly and one thing led to another. He never knew Riddhima loved him so much and really wanted to be with him. She was at home with him. She trusted him and this is how he is lying next to her in the same bed.

He starts to think about what she was saying about suhaag raat. He should make arrangements to her liking. I guess I am the luckiest guy to have a wife like her. His mind continues to think between todays event and the arrangement he needs to make for their suhaag raat till he falls asleep.

To be contd... Really?

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OMG A fabulous continuation!

And you have to write the next part! I loved this part, It was too good! I loved the SR dynamics!!!!

I want the next part now!!!!

Great work!!! Clap

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please please do continue wrting as ur skills are so awsome :)))

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Nice OS.Big smile A lil too hot to handle.Embarrassed
Continue..... looking forward to the next part. Big smile

Edited by lucky__me - 29 May 2010 at 1:57am

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Wow what an episode a paced one please do continue !!! more  closeness and comfort level between SR!!!Thumbs Up

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Hi Mars,Big smileSmileTongue

I don't know how should i praise you for this.Clap

After Reading this OS,I just gave a Standing Ovation to You.ClapHats-off.

This is really a Brilliance.Your Perfect Writing Skills have Took this OS to a Higher Level.

The Romance of Siddhima,The Whole Concept of the OS.This all will be remembered for long.
Next Part toh banta hai Dost.Big smile
Agar next part nahi banaoge toh saare Siddhima fans Court main tumhe Sue karenge.Big smileLOLlol
Waiting for the Next Part.Wink
Intezaar kab tak hum karenge bhala,Tumhare OS ko pyaar kab tak,naa karenge bhala.
Mars Rocksss!!!ClapThumbs UpClap


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Originally posted by JATINTHAKKAR

Hi Mars,Big smileSmileTongue

I don't know how should i praise you for this.Clap

After Reading this OS,I just gave a Standing Ovation to You.ClapHats-off.

This is really a Brilliance.Your Perfect Writing Skills have Took this OS to a Higher Level.

The Romance of Siddhima,The Whole Concept of the OS.This all will be remembered for long.
Next Part toh banta hai Dost.Big smile
Agar next part nahi banaoge toh saare Siddhima fans Court main tumhe Sue karenge.Big smileLOLlol
Waiting for the Next Part.Wink
Intezaar kab tak hum karenge bhala,Tumhare OS ko pyaar kab tak,naa karenge bhala.
Mars Rocksss!!!ClapThumbs UpClap

Jatin, I am happy that you liked it and more relieved that I edited it to your level of comfort, warna you would not have been able to give me a standing ovation. Thanks Mate for your support.Big smile

ye bhi amma ke darr se edit kya hai. agar ghaar se nikaal diya to barri museebat kahree ho jayegi.Ouch

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hats off 2 u...it was soooo romantic...cudnt stop blushin n smilin throughout....loved it!!!!.....
u hav 2 continue darlin...cant wait 4 de next part

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can i give armaan tight hug

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Author: mithilalovesksg   Replies: 39   Views: 2204

mithilalovesksg 39 2204 25 March 2010 at 8:21am by PremKiDeewani
Armaan Hold Ridhimma Tight:-)

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Author: Sue101   Replies: 36   Views: 2586

Sue101 36 2586 16 February 2010 at 2:56pm by BoldNBeautiful
Nikki needs to give Armaan TIGHT SLAP!!

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Author: howzzat   Replies: 60   Views: 2999

howzzat 60 2999 12 June 2009 at 12:31pm by TerrificTina09
most tight hug??

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Author: avantikakaran   Replies: 34   Views: 2157

avantikakaran 34 2157 12 May 2009 at 3:10am by tomnjerry2
ridzy’s tight slap......

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Author: armifan   Replies: 16   Views: 1106

armifan 16 1106 25 June 2008 at 10:38am by sea_nyx

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