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Kool's Commentary : May 28 PR

koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 May 2010 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
Kool reporting from base ...........The Pyasi Atma succumbs to Shakkar in PR
After slapping the very pregnant Pyasi Atma purely for her own good , purely coz the baby shud be born HEALTHY and PREMATUREly [ as premature babiesr very very healthy in PR land } Miss Shakkar proceeded to become a righteous Kali and fire PA left , rite and center .
How DARE u talk like this  .  You are MA and u talk this ? Chee .  [  So Miss Shakkar can show disgust and say CHEE . How come this was never said when Savita called her a WHORE. Wasn't that word deserving of CHEE?}
Its NOT just Ur Baby . It is Sachin's baby and hence Ours . It is MY AAI's Baby .[ Here Aaai . ......Saint Savita tried to look as saintly as possible but failed miserably.]  Manav's baby and even MY baby . [  Ah but Sachin is GONE . DEAD and GONE . Manav has NOT yet married Shravni so NO LEGAL CLAIM. Savita , however saintly she has become Is even more DOOR ki BAAT , so is SHARAABI GRANDPA DAMO. Regarding how it is Archus baby , my lips r sealed . I had this suspicion ALL along that Archu was DELUDED that the baby is hers .}
How can u say I dont have VAASTA with this baby . I and Manav put our Happiness , Our Khushi , our zIndagi on DAAV for this baby . Why , we r getting DIVORCED for THIS BABY . [ Ok now WAIT a minute . I haven't heard a BIGGER LIE than this one in full PR uptill now . When Manav agreed to marry Shravni FOR the baby he was NOT putting his happiness on hold or sacrificing it as THERE WAS NO HAPPINESS EXISTING AT THAT TIME THANKS TO U MISS SHAKKAR WHO HAD LEFT HIM TO DIVORCE HIM . So Why r u laying guilt trips on that girl ? Put Our Khushi on DAAV indeed ! Was there any KHUSHI when Manav agreed to marry Shravni or was everything burnt to ashes ? In Fact Manav decided to marry Shravni coz there was NO PERSONAL HAPPINESS in his LIFe so he thought why not use my life to give the baby a name and stop Shravni , SAchins gf from being dishonnored ............So WHERE does the question of putting happiness on hold even come in ? There was nO WE at that time ..........there was only I [ Manav] .....PERIOD .  Miss Shakkar needs a reality check . Manav and Archu r getting divorced due to their stupidity NOT coz Shravni came , pregnant when they were a HAPPY couple and THEN broke them UP .]
My Aai [ Chubby] says , one must never tell others of the good deeds she did , but u need a reality check so I will tell u of the good deeds I did for u . [ Did anyone tell u to ?  To go and constantly force urself  and do good deeds like a stubborn girl scout who hounds people ?That is the question . Did anyone ? Ha ?LOLLOLLOLWink]
My Aai also says that sometimes it is necessary to WAKE the other person up so TELL HER OF YOUR GOOD DEEDS  SO SHE BECOMES AWARE . {  I must say , CHUBBY has some pretty interesting twistable philosophies in her POTLI that she has secretly handed down to her DEVI daughters to use at the right moment . But again , how come Miss Shakkar nEVER thought of using this philosophy and making Savita aware of how many good deeds she was doing for her when Savita was abusing her ?Didnt Savita need this wake up call ?]
So U see I WILL go on LOOKING AFTER U TILL IM HERE . WHETHER U LIKE IT OR NOT . FOR MY AAI .[ SAVITA} .{ Ok I will not even go into the respecting wishes or legality thing here as very obviously this is an EMOTIONAL HAQ that mISS Shakkar is talking about .........which is very legal in LALA Land of PR . My insistence on her marrying Girish remains .]
Alas ! The Pyasi Atma crumbled coz with this last dialogue Miss Shakkar quickly injected an invisible shakkar dose in her veins .And her solid immune system , so immune to it till now , CRUMBLED , gave way ! To top it Pavitra Rishtaaaaa Pavitra Rishtaaaa started blaring in the background . The Pyasi Atma blinked and slowly went to her room .
The Nautanki Couple [ Savita Damo] and Zimmedari Baba uselessly stared , doing hoo haa silently , without using their voice .
Miss Shakkar  went to Shravni's room with a fresh tray YET AGAIN after this [ sigh] . The Pyasi Atma did NOT shoo her away .She realises when she is beaten and all this emotional drama had left her quite , quite drained . She looked thoughtful .
By losing everything ur so happy . By gaining everything Im so unhappy she said sadly . { I felt bad for her . What she doesnt know is that this losing gives Miss Shakkar a high .]
Why r u divorcing Manav she frankly asked .U wanna stay here , this family wants u here , then why ?? Good question dear , u dont know it but they r planning to steal ur bachcha .LOLLOL All this is for the bachcha . U dunno the value of what ur carrying . All their eyes r on that baccha . Ur being well fed like a MURGI who will give them the gold egg . Once they get it they will declare u psychotic and run away with it .LOLLOLLOL
I wont go into Miss Shakkar's answer coz Ive heard it many times and I get BOREd .
Downstairs Zimmedari Baba was going to the common tap to wash clothes . seeing that , Miss Shakkar RAN like ligthning to it .Manav AAP ? Ur doing this when Im alive ? Miss Shakkar felt as if she had sinned by allowing that thought in his head .It seems Men shud NEVVER NEVVER wash clothes when their wives r around ,They shud sit up in the room and drink cups of chai like Damo and Kaka . And Manohar . [ who doesn't stir from his living room divan .]
So what , said Zimmedari Baba . Its Ok . I have done this before . { A man whose feet r grounded in reality . Very practical , nice man . Never thinks Satya Yuga style , knows the present times .For instance , absolutely not above throwing first wife over to get present NEED the BACHCHA , in the family .]
Miss Shakkar pulled the bucket from his hand and went to wash clothes .Afterwards Zimmedari Baba joined her .He was in a romantic mood and The Pyasi Atma was not around . Miss shakkar hadturned him on [ And this only as far as the turning on GETS u naughty people so DONT start imagining things .]
What r u doing , gasped Miss Shakkar as if Zimmedari Baba was attempting to Kiss her on her slender , holy neck in front of the chawl . ALL R LOOKING .
So ? Let them Look . said Zimmedari Baba , quite on a romantic high . U only said na , in these last 3 days we will add to our COLLECTION OF MEMORIES FUND ? Lets Wash clothes together and add to our FUND .
Title Music started . The Chawl cats stared and stared .The Holy couple washed clothes together .Miss Shakkar gazed moonily at Zimmedari Baba.She wished this moment nevver nevver ended , this washing of clothes on common tap together with chawl cats observing every move . She wished this moment FROZE IN TIME.
Look , Look . How GOOD they look together , said a well rehearsed chawl cat . What IS Savita Tai doing , only 3 days r left .How come she is not stopping the divorce .
My suggestion: Instead of selling bike to do GOdbharaii and shaming the family , why not buy a washing machine ?The chawl rooms r pretty big by Mumbai standards and  in case Ekta doesnt know chawl rooms r replete with accesories like washing machines , fridges , cable Tv nowdays .
The Nautanki couple watched from up . They looked at each other meaningfully . Its YOUR turn to do something , said Sober Damo like Sri Krishna tells Arjun . Savita narrowed her eyes and thought as holy trumpets blew in the background . Unaware of all this , the Holy Couple went on washing clothes in the most holy manner below . The water turned holy with their touch , so did the soap .
The Nautanki couple then caught a rick and went to the advocate who is managing the divorce . The advocate was clearly in noo mood to handle divorce cases that day .....he was more interested  in the BAINGAN BHARTHA AND JOWAR ROTI his wife was preparing for dinner ,.He was DROOLING on the phone . Savita snatched the phone from his Hand and asked him to suggest something to  stop the divorce but the advocate said only the holy couple can stop it if they decline . Go back to ur Baingan bhartyha , Savita snapped in disgust . Faaltu advocate. LOL Now i'll only think of SUMTHINg .
Vandu phoned Miss Shakkar . Stop your divorce , she said . Everyone wants it , everyone .Only U can stop it . Miss Shakkar gasped at the sinful thought . Such temptations ! All Shaitan's work , All Shaitan's work . It is he who is giving even Vandu such buddhis , such thoughts . Just then Evil Ajit heard this and grabbed Vandu evilly from behind and started warning Miss Shakkar with his MOST evil , nasty voice .
'' Hey Archna , Dont even THINK of stopping ur divorce samjhi ? Got it ? if u stop Divorce na , Such HAAL ill make of ur DO TAKKE KI NANAND LOLLOL you wont even begin to imagine . Remember how u had broken up MY marraige for ur Holy Moly reasons ?Ha ?Well , I gotta see URS broken .
And hey . I don't care a damn about u stopping or not stopping for Shravni ........if not for Shravni , think of Vandu's face and say YES to the divorce , Samhji ?
and Evil Ajit yanked Vandu's hair and made her scream on the phone . Miss Shakkar treied to fire him but he tut tutted her and shushed her LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL.
What we wud do without Evil Ajit I dunno . He ALWAYS delivers . LOL Sooo Kameena . Apparently , he has no 9 to 5 job inspite of a good education , like his sister .He only frequents brothels , drinks , pilfers his Moms money ,rapes his wife and threatens ARMAN when things get too boring .
I wanna see what the great Miss Shakkar is gonna do even after hearing blatant domestic abuse on the phone .She heard SCREAMS for Gods sakes and what do we see ? In The Precap , Miss Shakkar has gone with Zimmedari Baba to eat a last lunch as a couple at her maayka before the divorce as a suhagan , just like Jesus had his Last Supper before his arrest by the soldiers . And here I rest my case about my IRE about Miss Shakkar's holy moly hypocrite fights against justice .
Interesting point : Chubby is organising a lunch for Miss Shakkar and soon to be divorced zImmedar Damaad who has given them 3 lacs rupees recently and saved their izzatdaar butts . Now she loves this damaad , she loves him . She told this to Manohar who only said HA SULOCHNA . { He generally says this or TUM  THEEK KEHTI HO SULOCHNA OR TUM SAHI BOL RAHI HO SULOCHNA] . Manohar it seems is secretly a very practical man behind that wimpy veneer . He told Chubby two three times that this divorce is NOT in our hands and just leave it to fate and god now .That day also he said lets not cry on the road whats roadside crying gonna achieve when BUNFACE kicked them out . Guys Guys , Im LIKING Manohar . He secretly hates tamashhas that his Devi wife and Devi daughters drag him into and wishes they were more practical . Muvaa to the wimp .
Chubby it seems has a Mom who says VAASTU says TATHAASTU ............So does mine guys . Truly . It means the building or room in which u sit and say things hears u and says SO BE IT . And exactly that happens , so say SHUBH things .
Haila . With this philosophy Im worried abt the PB and Shravni now .
Like button only if u liked Comments with tomatoes r WELCOME.
Kools signing off for the weekend .........ENJOY . Ciao .

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carpe-diem IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 May 2010 at 12:22pm | IP Logged

Agree, i want to see Shravani progressively turn good, it better not be an overnight process. one slap and she understands, what nonsense Shocked

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ektarfapyar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 May 2010 at 12:24pm | IP Logged
kool di again cool commentary Clap
i guess wat shld be done with this ajith sick manAngryAngryAngrygetting on ma nervesAngry the divorce is gonna stop by d day by day hints given by savi n damo. i guess shravani will stop i m waitng for tat mayb she realises she's coming betn dem (ye pehle bhi hua thaLOL) bt this time i thnk tats d major twistErmm

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koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 May 2010 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by carpe-diem


Agree, i want to see Shravani progressively turn good, it better not be an overnight process. one slap and she is understands, what nonsense Shocked
Yeah , that too just when I was hoping her to slap Archna right back .LOL And then her water breaking and she going to hospital and GIrish giving a second slap .LOLLOLLOLLOL Arre watz going on yaar .Give us some entertainment .

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tarantulla_p Goldie

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Posted: 28 May 2010 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
I am as stunned as Shravani is - at her about turn. Its like the slap dislocated a few grey cells. Why is it Archana's right and duty to forcefeed Shravani?? Shravani is just fine, not suffering from a terminal disease - pregnancy for heavens' sake. I carried two kids to term and drove to&fro work till the very last day, cooked and cleaned my house and no one forcefed me - of course if they did,  that wouldnt have been very pretty for them.

I think the whole story has turned on its head with this episode though. Deification of Archana is complete. The last bastion has fallen. A couple more days like this and we may have Shravani praying to Bappa to stop the divorce too.

There are so many holes in Archana's little speech - didnt she actually oppose the divorce 2 months ago? So, was she still rooting for Shravani then? The fact is , that Archana doesnt want to divorce, has said it many many times in more than one way - but its Manav who does. He never ever said I will stop the divorce proceedings and that is precisely why they are divorcing and not because of any other reason.

Ajit was so comical today, it was hilarious watching the actor's expression....and Vandita, less said the better....completely bored with this serial now.

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bhavni88 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 May 2010 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
thanks Kool....I found the episode very boring...

all this divorce hype is actually boring me now...

It will be stupid if they show shravs changing after one slap?.....

lets hope the creatives show us a good twist...LOL

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nikitagmc IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 May 2010 at 12:34pm | IP Logged
Hail kools!!!
Kools, ABSOLUTELY LOVED your commentary today. Especially about the washing clothes part. Hilarious to the core!!!
The 'Manav getting a high' thing and washing clothes coz he was in a romantic mood was just so funny!!!
See, that is why it is difficult to turn away from this fellow. Just when I declared that I'm not thinking about characters any more, he comes and washes clothes with his wife in his egoless, humble manner. How can one hate a sweetu like him???
He is a sweetu, but a very weak sweetu. He needs an emergency spine transplant and some grey cells.
Rest of the episode is BORING.
Archana explaining things to Shravani- I have mixed feelings.Many of the things she said were wrong, but Kools, Manav and Archana could have stopped the divorce had the baby not been in the picture. Right? So what Archu said that they are divorcing cos of her wasn't wrong in a sense, that they were giving up their lives for the baby. (although I also have to say that this is a most foolish way of paving the baby's future and destroying thier own)
Savita and Damo- uttery ridiculous, they continue to irritate me. Savita's expressions were horrid today in front of that advocate. She was behaving like a real witch.
Finally Sulochana did what I was waiting for so long- counselled Archana and Manav to think that what they were doing was wrong and ridiculous and would benefit no one. Three cheers to her!!! (Unfortunately its quite late, but at least its hundred times better than Savita-Damo's useless tactics)
What else... umm.. yeah.. Shravani proved again that she is not bad. I still believe if some sensible elder like her Dad or Archu's Mom or Damo or even Manav counsels her and explains the situation, she will agree. I haven't seen the episode today (such a relief.. Mom and I went shopping) but from what I have read, it seems she was pretty guilty. Come on Shravani, show that you were really a sensitive social worker... educated practical ladkiyon ka naam mat barbaad karo.

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Savvy IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 May 2010 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
Fab commentary Kool!!
yea Shravni finally succumbs to Shakkar LOL
You r right...Miss Shakkar never replied back to Savita but she cant hear Shravni's abuse Confused
The description of the cloth washing scene by the two holy lovers made me laugh LOL
Hate Ajit completely! I wonder how he can dominate Miss Shakkar that easily..Shravni shud've had private tutions with him on how to dominate Shakkar LOL
Manohar baba is deff better than Chubby face n is more practical =]

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