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Kool's Commentary : May 27 PR (Page 2)

nikitagmc IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 January 2009
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Posted: 27 May 2010 at 1:00pm | IP Logged
Hail Kools!!!
Agree with all your points.
today again we had a comedy session... I was laughing all through the show and my Mom was glaring at me as angrily as the Pyaasi Atma glares at Archana sometimes... hahaha... no offence... I love my mommy!!!
First point: About Balika Vadhu
Saw a bit of Balika Vadhu today. The grandmother of the boy hero Jagdisiya (about 12-13 yrs of age) forces him to marry a girl child even though he is married to Anandi (his 11-12 years old wife) since Anandi is having mental and psychological problems owing to a bullet injury.
all this happens in utter secrecy without telling the family members. The boy is literally forced into the mandap. But ultimately, he throws his pugdee and stuff down and says "i WON'T MARRY!!!"
At that time, I felt, Kaash Manav aisa hota!!!! This 13 yr old boy has more spine!!!!!
Then the grandma blackmails him- get married else I'll throw Anandi out. After the ceremony ends- Anandi comes there, gets hysterical, and says- "I AM THE WIFE AND HE IS MY HUSBAND. THAT'S IT!!!" and then proceeds in front of EVERYONE  to untie the gathbandhan between the bride and groom.
At that time I felt- "This is called fighting for your rights and fighting for your marriage." All this from an 11 year old girl.
And it made me think- "What crap are we watching in PR." Man, I was cheering non-stop while watching Balika Vadhu today, and my Mom was so pleased with the whole thing, and then this bakwaas episode of PR.
I guess we saw all this in BV and not in PR cos children are truthful and do not cheat themselves or others, right???
All said and done, lets go back to the episode.
Savita and Damodar- immature... extremely extremely immature. The right thing to do to stop the divorce would be to counsel these three fools- Manav Archana and Shravani. But NO! These two are sitting and making plans as to how to cancel the divorce. What do they plan to do? Ummm... lets think.. maybe Damo will pretend to have a heart attack and Savita will cry her heart out. Next time, Savita will have one. Next to that, Kaka, then Sulo, Mano.. anyone else??? Oh okay... they can involve Mohan rao, BA (if troubles get solved by then), Girishji (if he is convinced about Archu's goodness) and the silsila will go on. But never will they behave a bit maturedly and counsel Shravani, Manav and Archana. All right, leave Manav and Archu to their horrible fate, but what has Shravani done to deserve such a marriage????
I have only one word-  sick, stupid and totally immature!!!! (oops: that's 3 words!!!)
Archana Manav love story has turned totally stale for me. Not interested in their story  AT ALL. All I want in this story now is for Bappa to make some grand entry and say that I help those who help themselves- not those who say Bappa Bappa all the time. That is ALL I want from the show.
Satish and Varsha ROCK!!! Felt so bad for him today. And why isn't Varsha wearing salwar suits? Didn't Satish say wear whatever you want to wear??? Why isn't she going to work??? Come on Varsha, at least you don't disappoint me!
Urmila is an emotional fool. Confirmed.
Who's left??? Umm.. I think no one. But even though I was laughing non- stop at the slap scene, I felt very bad about Shravani later. Serious. Bechari faltu mein bhugat rahi hai. Archana shud have told, no I promised and now I'll go.
I guess it is useless to expect ANYTHING from PR now. Just interested in one thing-- what will the creatives do to stop divorce? After watching it, maybe I can conveniently switch on to something else.

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Savvy IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 May 2010 at 1:00pm | IP Logged
Awesome commentary as usual Kool!!!
Urmi is being really silly here...she's not ready to listen to Satish even once n is ready to break his reltion with him!! Why doesn't she herself think the way she wants Satish to?! She has been knowing Satish ever since they were born but met Ashwin only a few years ago but she's ready to break the bro-sis relation Question why?!!
6] Why the hell is Mohanrao's POV not shown ? Any reason ? Has he gone UP to meet Bappa or what ? I think he sleeps like for 6 months!!! ROFL
The Pyasi Atma got royally furious coz Miss Shakkar once more prolonged her stay . First she was doing God Bharaai God Bharaai , now she is saying 3 more days even after the God bharaai . What if she doesn't leave even AFTER the three days , thought the Pyasi Atma , frightened .LOL This woman is JUST NOT BUDGING . One excuse after the other she is making and continuing here . After 3 days she will say , I will stay till PB is born . I have now become part of his life I cant go NOW .I will now live only as a FRIEND . Then when PB is born she will say I will go after his naming ceremony . THAT will be my last day . Then , on naming ceremony day she will say I will go after his one month anniversary . Then second , then third . Then she will say I will go AFTER his First Tooth comes out and the Teething ceremony is held . Then the First Birthday . And these Duffer Deshmukhs will go on nodding their heads and insisting that she live here only . Arre Watz going on yaar thought the scared Pyasi Atma. At this rate this woman will even hide under my suhag raat bed under the pretext of decorating it , just to add noises to her COLLECTION OF MEMORIES FUND . No No , I gotta stop it , thought the Pyasi Atma . Let them call me the bad one , I dont care . hahahaha hilarious one Kool ROFL
Pyasi atma wud surely have thought of all this but poor girl/choo got slapped Cry ROFL
you r right! All the Bappa bhakts are lying all the time but it is to save ArMan marriage in case of Sav Damo n for their love in ArMan's case.
Though Shravni is telling the truth, she's wrong as she has so much negativity for Archu n she wants to have Manav...i dont think she really loves him
Archu doesn't have  a right to slap Shravni...Shravni isn't asking hr for all that help but it was such a relief to see Archu slapping Shravni LOL
May b Archu doesn't want to b called Miss Shakkar anymore LOL

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tarantulla_p Goldie

Joined: 14 January 2008
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Posted: 27 May 2010 at 1:00pm | IP Logged
Urmila is suffering from the 'telly pativrata syndrome' which starts in extreme denial, followed by vehemant support and ultimately resulting in her turning all negative punishing Varsha for ruining her life (??) The minor detail about the husband's infidelity is always ignored by the said pativrata...

As for Satish's dad, I think he has gone undercover - trying to 'prove' his bahu's truth. Atleast that is his pretext. Either that or he is under the tutelage of Archana's dad in the art of 'blocking out the female voices in your life'.

Shravani, poor hormonal, spoilt, very pregnant woman - her worst nightmare has come true. She was promised and promised and promised by everyone she would be Manav's wife soon and now everyone is secretly planning and praying for something otherwise and people are angry with her that she is upset? On top of this, her nemesis keeps trying push food down her throat and acting soo sweet. Seriously, cant Archana give her some space or does she not know what that means. I know she means to mean well but forcing yourself on a person who doesnt like you is not healthy.

Archana, kudos to her for finally admitting she wanted to stay on. Atleast she was honest. Manav - tsk tsk, not so much.  He wants her to stay but wont say it. She stays and drives Shravani up the wall - he doesnt care....can he not tell her ' Archana, you are staying for me, please stay away from Shravani'. Why cant he for once tell Shravani, 'look sweetheart - I asked her to stay so please dont get yourself a heart attack'.

As for Vandita's snapping point - here it is!!! Vandita is made with the Archana brand of genes. She will take all bullsh*t on herself but when in comes to her bro and sil, she will put her proverbial foot down, hopefully on Ajit;s you know where but I am sure, she will snap now. You see this is exactly what her Guru does or would have done.

I dont think anyone has introduced Ajit to Shravani - now there is a love story waiting to happen. Atleast they have a joint cause ;)

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nikitagmc IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 January 2009
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Posted: 27 May 2010 at 1:05pm | IP Logged
Speaking of 'something else'... those who are tired of this stupid, stupid couple called ArMan, please try this new serial- Mrs and Mr Sharma Allahabadwale on SAB TV. Fab serial!!! The chemistry between the two actors is too good, they are one silly couple but they have so much of cute romance that they leave you with a smile and saying 'Awwww...., now THIS IS LIFE!!!'
Also try Lapataganj. Simple, realistic and very very funny. Here also the lead couple ROCKS!!!

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OnePiece Goldie

Joined: 16 May 2010
Posts: 2338

Posted: 27 May 2010 at 1:12pm | IP Logged
@nikita: even i saw BV today..exactly my thoughts...i was comparing the same wid PR...thinking of manav...even told my mom y cant manav do dat?..

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nikitagmc IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 January 2009
Posts: 16304

Posted: 27 May 2010 at 1:12pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by OnePiece

manav..i only feel pity for the actor..his charctr is murdered day by day...Agree 100%. I hope Sushant gets a break in a good movie soon or a sensible role with some top notch Telly Producer, some nice show like Sasural Genda Phool. Fab Show!!!

btw..i think shravani looked gud today in the first scene with dat pink dress..k..her haters dont hate me nwLOLAgree 200%. That suit was wonderful. I like Shravani's clothes- light pastel shade churidars. Gotta admit that her dressing style is like mine. I also like Vandu's sari- again magenta pink. I am a sucker for anything pink.

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Tanyaz IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 03 December 2009
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Posted: 27 May 2010 at 1:15pm | IP Logged

Great commentry Kool buddy ...Thumbs Up

Good to see your point of View ...
* Urmila is surely dumb and unreasonable . the facts are out there for ehr to see, she still doesn't want to see them . Her husband was after the girl and she was trying her best to avoid him and Urmila knows that ..
* Satish is just too good . loved the romantic moment between him and varsha . Every good girl in this forum should get a hubby like him ...God bless this lovely fellow .
* First time ever I saw hatred in savita's eyes for Choo ...that is not a good sign . Even if Divorce happens and manav marries her ...when savita goes agaisnt you is just aweful And when maanv did not protect his love Archana , why would he protct a girl he has no feelings for .Marriage to manav will be the worst thing to happen to Shraavni .
* The dinner scene was awesome ..Savita was fantastic . I loved the dialogue that she said to maanav' ghoma phira ke baat Archana pe daal deta hai ' , How true . This is so wrong of manav . He never commits ...he puts the ball in Archana's court and  conviniently dogdes away . I guess he doesn't  likes getting blamed if theings went wrong .
Very happy that Archan spoke the truth ...I always like people to speak from their heart and she did without worrying about anything ...She wants to stay with eye candy Manav as long as she can ..She wants to tell him and talk to him so much more..I wonder what all that is ...
* Insaniyat baba is such a coward ....he did not have the guts to say anything in front of him mom but later comes  in the kitchen ...all acting like a hero with killer smiles and line maroing Archana ...LOL
" yaad to karo gi na." ....wah kya baat hey ..lage raho insaniyat baba ...Wink , he is opening up slowly , of course only when they are all alone ...
Shravani and the thapad ....Now that is a dilemma for me to comment on .
I feel sorry for her and I also feel that somewhere she deserved it .
I feel sorry for her because she is on her way to getting high blood pressure , thanks to this foolish  and ziddi woman called Archana ...I feel like slapping Archana as to why she has to force feed her .I swear . it looks like a joke now the way Archana hounds Sharavani . From that point of view I feel sorry for Shravani .
Where I feel angry at her can  she say ' manav is my world ..' the least she could have done was to say ' manav and my baby are my world' , the baby hardly matters to her .
Also the way she was screaming saying let me and the baby die ....not right , not right at all ..
Still ..Archu had no right to hit her . She is not varsha or Vaishali ,. no matter how much Archu thinks of her as them ...she is not her sister .

Edited by Tanyaz - 27 May 2010 at 1:25pm

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nikitagmc IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 January 2009
Posts: 16304

Posted: 27 May 2010 at 1:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by OnePiece

@nikita: even i saw BV today..exactly my thoughts...i was comparing the same wid PR...thinking of manav...even told my mom y cant manav do dat?..
I don't really watch BV. Today my Mom was watching it, so sat with her to watch it. Although the ending was bad, poor Jagdasiya ended up getting married forcefully, but it was nice to see the two children fight for what they didn't what. And not only the leads- the girl whom Jagdisiya was getting married to protested and said I don't want to marry. I thought, wow, she has more sense than that idiotic Shravani who is ruining her future by marrying Manav.
Children are so much more sensible, hai na..!!! That is why whenever Mamma says 'Grow up!!' I always say, 'you'll regret it when I do, seriously.'LOL

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