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SS: 19th June Series, Mora Piya,Story VI uptd 17/6

Fishfish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 May 2010 at 12:02am | IP Logged
Dear Friends,
Must say I am having a wonderful time with our forum http://alliswell.express-forum.net.  Making up new characters and writing about them, quite interesting and challenging for me as a writer.  On of my friend sent me a PM saying my first story there 'Strangers In the City', is better than any of my JB stories.  Well what can I say but JB is iconic to me and I am very close to those two characters, they have been the reason of my creativity outburst if I may say so.
Kantaben is a woman full of energy and a woman who encourages you and pushes you, yesterday all of a sudden she started a 19th June thread in AIW as we call our forum and believe me reading her story I was once again tempted and inspired to write JB after three months, now I have written JB and not posted here, the very forum in which I started writing is something never happened till now, but then lets see I may write about JB for the series to give some healthy competition to Kantaben  Embarrassed  But till then here is the story I have already written and posted in AIW...

Piya .. mora .. piya .. mora piya ..
Mora piya maanat nahin .. mora piya ..

Mora piya mo se bolat naahin
Mora piya mo se bolat naahin

Dwaar jiya ke

Ooo dwaar jiye ke kholat naahin
Mora piya mo se bolat naahin
Mora piya mo se bolat naahin






Bani put down the tray on the table, the family had assembled for breakfast and she was doing her duty as a bahu'.as she served to Aditya, Masi and others, Jai waited patiently for his turn will come after Jigyasa he knew, Bani had this peculiar order of reverence which she maintained, first it would be Aditya as he was the son-in-law of the house, followed by Masi, Dadi and Jigyasa, he came next and after him others helped themselves '.so when his turn came he tried to catch her eyes but then she chose to look away taking her seat next to Aditya and as usual smiled and giggled at Aditya's jokes, Jai noted that she was still not stealing her glances towards him'


Areh Jai why are you not eating, kya problem hai beta, namak jaida lag raha hai'..


Nehi nehi Masi I am alright'.Jai went back to his breakfast only to notice though Bani stopped chewing she did not turn towards him'..


Grrrrrr thought Jai, majak bhi nehi samajti, mai bhi kya kum hu, let me teach her a few lessons too, chalo mai bhi baath nehi karta'.


Aditya hurry up man, kitna samay lete ho, we will be late for our meeting'


Kaunsa meeting Jai, I don't remember seeing any meeting in the scheduler'.


Hai ek and now hurry up' Jai glared at Aditya who was staring at him blankly as if to say I just don't recall'having worked with him for many years and knowing Jai's tempers Aditya quickly recovered himself, yes yes Jai'.then whispered  something into Bani's ears and both of them burst into a laughter'..


Papa, Bani Mami this is not done,  bad manners whispering into each other's ears but you never seem to learn'.Anu grumbled'


As they were through, Jai stood up and led the way towards the door, Aditya like other days shouted his byes, Bani pretending to be busy stared at his retreating back waiting for Jai to turn and give a wink at her, his usual way of goodbye'.he did not and Bani was crestfallen'




He wanted to have some fun, yesterday he went out for dinner with a client and noticed his mobile battery was running quite low and it was dead after a couple of calls, after he finished the dinner it was past midnight and as per rules he was supposed to make call to Bani that he is starting for home'.with few recent rash driving accidents, Bani gets worried if he takes longer time to return'.as he sat inside, he asked the driver for his mobile and informed Bani, I have started'..


Ji'.so you should be home within 15 minutes'..


Ha but you know Friday night and these young people'..


Subh subh boliye 'ask Shankar to drive safely and I am waiting for you'..


Hmmmm'.milta hu kuch hi der me'. as he disconnected he noted the time already 19th June'a smile broke on his face


So when he came near his house, he asked Shankar to stop the car, getting down he asked him to go home and park it and leave for the night'.


But then'aap matlab idhar'.I can wait for you, Shankar said'


No no don't bother, I will just hop into that medicine shop and buy a pill, I mean something is wrong with the food I think, I will walk back home, some fresh air and a bit of exercise will help me'..


Shankar did not know what to say, Jai never did this before but then Walia Mansion was not too far away'.




Oh Shankar I am a grown up man and nothing will happen to me, go otherwise you will not get the last train home, jao jao, your wife is not keeping too well you said'.


As Shankar drove away he walked upto the shop, brought some chocolates specially the ones Bani loved and then walked towards the back lane, he would enter the house like he did during his college days to escape from his mother's eyes when he returned late night'.




Bani was in many was a bit superstitious, it was her mother used to say that nobody should leave the house feeling upset and angry, if something happens you can never forgive yourself and everybody while leaving home should be at peace, a calm mind is needed to negotiate with the traffic specially in the morning when'.


Is something wrong with you both, Masi asked'..as Bani helped Tony to clear the table'


No, nehi matlab aisa kuch nehi huwa''


Kya baath hai, aaj tujhe goodbye bhi nehi bola tera taraf ankhe chura ke bhi nehi dekha, you did not even smile shyly at him'..Dadi asked '.


Oh my God, these two women still observing everything, Oh ho Dadi, aap bhi na, we are now married for more than a year aur abhi toh'.


Aur abhi toh kya Dadi's eyes danced'.


Kuch nehi, Bani blushed'


Ayi hai mai mar jawa'Masi commented '..


Tum dono toh bachcho se bhi ageh nikal gaye'.Dadi observed'.Bani moved away, given a chance these two old ladies would spend their enter day dreaming and talking about their love story'.




Bani waited for her mobile to ring, him saying he has reached office but then she knew he will not, he is upset with her now, not that he not did not try to make up but she was really angry'aisa bhi koi karta hai'.


Hearing the car, Bani quickly opened the front door only to see no one and Shankar drove straight towards the garage'..


As he came back after parking the car, Bani asked Shankar Sahab kaha'.


Abhi atahi hoga memsahib, he got down to buy medicines'


Why what is wrong with him ?  Bani got tensed '..


Well he was saying the food did not agree with him so he will take something not sure if it is at home and return soon'..


Ok goodnight Shankar'..Bani wished him, after all the shop is just round the corner, she waited in the gangway for him to return only he did not even after 20 minutes Bani panicked, it is not even 5 minutes walk and what is keeping him, koi hamla toh nehi kar diya, or has a car knocked him down, she was seeing terrible pictures in front of her eyes'..after another 5 minutes she ran up to her room, she will once again change and go out to look for him'..as she took off her nightie to put on the first dress she could lay her hands, when she heard '.hai hai what a welcome'.


Bani turned to see him leaning against the door attached terrace door, smiling gleefully'.


Aap idhar se'.


I wanted to see how much you miss me'he replied'..


It took Bani two seconds to realise she was tricked'.


Miss you indeed'.she glared'.pata nehi mai kya kya dekh rahi thi'.if this is a joke I am sorry I don't like it'..Bani screamed pushing him away, putting back her nightie '..


Dekho I got your favourite Roches chocolates'.


I hate chocolates and I hate Roches chocolates even more, Bani ran out of the room and went into Rano's'now that room in the middle of the night meant out of his reach, it is that room Bani used as her 'mayeka' whenever she was upset '..




Mora piya mo se bolat naahin
Mora piya mo se bolat naahin

Dwaar jiya ke

Ooo dwaar jiye ke kholat naahin


Though Jai was upset with Bani he knew Bani was right in getting angry, lekin itna bhi kya, he was hale and hearty and got chocolates for her too, she did not realise the effort he undertook, he rubbed his palm, climbing the wall after so many years, got scratches too, dekhi bhi nehi, the knee was also hurting 'Grrrrrrr so much of effort lekin effect kuch bhi nehi'nakh par makhhi nehi baitne deti''Jai rubbed his knees.


Is something wrong Jai, you do not look too well'Aditya asked'..


Jai winced'.nehi I am fine, he knew if Aditya came to know he would not spare him balki pura duniya ko bolta phirega, iss umar me Jai Walia climbed the pipes to surprise his wife, prestige a dhajiya udh jayega'.


Aditya was barely managing to control his smile'.


What are you smiling at'.Jai frowned'.


Yesterday night when I was trying to evade your sister's non stop chatter I thought I saw a shadow somewhat like you jumping into the terrace like the way you did in the past'lekin maine socha iss umar me'.must be one of my boys but now since you are rubbing your knees'..Aditya was giggling


Shut up and get your eyes checked, kuch jaidahi dekhte ho tum'.


Oh yes, I know I am getting old'..


Jai growled'old hag'. and looked out of the window wondering why the office is not coming soon'.


Glad you realized that somethings are not meant for at this age'.Aditya replied softly'


Jai fisted his palm only to winch in pain'




As car was about to take the turn at the next crossing before entering office, Jai felt for his mobile, Bani usually calls now and then he will call once he reached his chamber'.the mobile rang not his but Aditya's'.


Ha Bani, yes we are at the crossing, achha suno today when I return make some pakoris for me for nashta'.nehi nehi mujhe pakoris khane ka man kar raha hai, bahut din nehi khaya and in the night make some chicken reshmi masala'mere liye'you know what I will be a good boy the whole week and eat stew only aaj bahut mann kar raha hai'..please Bani please'..Aditya pleaded, areh Jai tum mujhe itna ghur kyu rahe ho'.kuch bolna hai Bani ko?  Aditya smirked'..


NO'.Jai turned his face away'.


Pata nehi kya ho giya, kharos wala muh lekar baitha hai, theek se baath bhi nehi karta'Aditya complained lowering his voice but enough for Jai to hear it'..




Piya .. mora .. piya .. mora piya ..
Mora piya maanat nahin .. mora piya ..


As the men returned from work, Jai tried not to limp as his pain in the knee had gone from bad to worse, gritting his teeth he managed to walk into the study and bang the door shut, making enough noise to ensure Bani hears it'.




As if she needed to hear it'playing cards with Dadi and Masi Bani played on'.


A gaya'Dadi's eyes danced''



Hmmmm Bani concentrated on her cards'..


Tu jayegi nehi, kitna satayega'..Dadi asked'..


Kaun kisko sata raha hai Dadi, aap mujhe bhagana chahate ho, khelna nehi aapko, you are losing so you are looking for excuses'.


Mera serial ka time ho raha hai, Masi announced, disgusted Bani threw the cards getting up'.




In the darkened study Jai sat drinking his whiskey, itna der ho giya na koi nasta na kuch, he is sitting and no sign of madam and Aditya bhi kaha mar gaya, must be going around Bani wagging his tail, wanting his pakoris'hmmm Bani makes the best pakoris in the world but today'.


The door of the study opened, he did not need lights to say who entered the room, the tinkling of her bangles were enough for him to know'now madam chooses to take notice of me'.pati hone ka yeh sukh, some attention at last''Jai sipped his whiskey'.


Bani came near him, is she wearing a pink saree? He squinted his eye as the moonlight fell on her.. Her hair was open'she sat down near his feet, now she will beg for forgiveness I will not budge 'rone do'.


She pulled his leg instead''


Ouch lagta hai'..


Bani leaned and switched on the table lamp, he was wincing in pain'.


Kya jaroorat tha yeh sab karne ka Mr Walia'.kuch ho jata toh'.folding up his pant she applied balm


Kya hota Bani, I climbed that bloody pipe how many times I don't even know'.bus kal pata nehi kya ho giya'.


Aaapka '..


Now you also don't tell me that I have grown old too, subah se wahi sun raha hu'.


Hai kisne aapko buddha kaha'Bani asked knowing trying to look serious and knowing fully well who can it be'.


Woh Aditya, the bloody owl, but why I am telling you all this, after all you did not even appreciate my effort ran off to '..


Before Jai could continue any further, Bani stuffed a Roches chocolate in his mouth'.bus ek hi bacha ke rakhi thi aapke liye, I have eaten the rest, some say in my condition I should be eating pickles lekin mujhe toh chocolates hi pasand hai'aap bap banne wale hai Mr Walia and chahe koi kuch bhi kahe I know you are not old'.I was waiting for today to break the news to you, aaj 19th June hai'..Bani leaned forward and kissed his chocolaty lips'.


Piya .. mora .. piya .. mora ...piya'..



++++++++++ the end+++++++++


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stranger2rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 May 2010 at 12:34am | IP Logged
sweet and funny story , really enjoyed it
jeenal20 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 May 2010 at 3:35am | IP Logged
hey jayati..
that was a very sweet story...
jai climbing pipes for bani...
that was cute...
kuttu Goldie

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Posted: 27 May 2010 at 4:46am | IP Logged
Hi Nice to see you on this forum. And a sweet story on JB. Poor hubby dear has to go through a lot of pain to please his wife. But still the wife acts pricey. But finally she did come around. and Jai got the best news too.
divan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 May 2010 at 7:19am | IP Logged
Bring it on Jayati...I am ready to battle...for JB at least...Heart
johnangad IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 May 2010 at 9:04am | IP Logged
glad u wrote here!!very cute story
kooliio IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 May 2010 at 9:22am | IP Logged
that was a cute JB ff...
it was awesome..loved it

Edited by kooliio - 27 May 2010 at 9:23am
Rockyy_ Senior Member

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Posted: 27 May 2010 at 11:26am | IP Logged

The things we do for love.Heart

Looking forwards to the June 19 rivalry between you and Divan.

P.S. Really enjoying your forum. All the best.

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