A Short OS on RoSha-Perfect Date

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Hi,i'm Jassie...Well i wrote this for the BB bash on Bhaskar Bharti forum but it's mainly a Risht'.com-Rohan,Isha,Huzeifa FF..It's my first attempt,do comment on it!!!

24th May
Isha:Hey guys,what a pleasant morning it is....Rohan Mehra,tum itne jaldi kaise uth gaye?

Rohan:Isha Mirchandani,good morning..Want some coffee??

Isha:Yes please...

Rohan:Get it for yourself as well as one for me too..(Isha shook her head)Aur Huzeifa tum?

Huzeifa:No,i'm fine...I'll talk to you guys later...

Isha:What's wrong Rohan?Isse kya hua hain?

Rohain:Bet haar gaya tha..Bechara!!

Isha:Kaunsa bet?


Rohan:Women!!(Isha hit his elbow)Oww!!


Rohan:Ek hot ladki khadi thi lift lobby par..Maine sirf yehi kaha tha ke bina kuch kare aur kahe,woh mere taraf chal kar aayegi aur Huzeifa bet laga diya tha aur usse yeh zaroor laga tha ki woh kadam bhi nahin badaayegi...

Isha:What?Tumne kuch kiya tak nahin aur woh tumhare taraf aa rahi thi??(quite confused and irritated at the same time)Yeh kaise hua??

Rohan:That's a trademark secret...Tumhe jaanne ki koi zaroorat nahin hai..Aur maine paise jeet li hai!!

Isha:This is the third time in a row that Huzeifa's losing to you...

Rohan:Kuch log ki kismat toh aksar kaafi kharaab hota hain...

Isha:That is so mean!!

Rohan:I know..Bye!!

Isha:Hey suno,did you get the BB anniversary bash invites??

Rohan:Yeah i did but i'm not intending to go as i'm busy doing nothing..(Isha gasped in shock)


Rohan:Don't worry;I'm definitely not gonna say that..I just said that on your behalf...I'm surely coming!!Need to get a hot date quickly!!

Isha:(smiled)I can be of help if you want..

Rohan:No thanks,main khud dhoond loonga..

Isha:Well I've got a pretty friend who hasn't got any dates yet..Well she was quite late in reserving her popular dates so they got grabbed by others...

Rohan:Look,I'm no last option for any girl alright??Usse Huzeifa se milaa dena...

Isha:You are seriously very mean,Rohan!!

Rohan:So toh hoon..Chalta hoon..Ek minute,tum kiske saath jaa rahe ho??(Smiled and raised his eyebrows repeatedly)

Isha:Tumhe sunn kar bohat khushi hogi ki mujhe date mil gayi hai...

Rohan:Acha??(nodded his head gently to the left and right)Kaun hai??

Isha:BB bash par dekh lena....Bye!!

Rohan:Isse bhi date mil gayi??Rohan bachu,kuch karo...!!

Isha:Can i come in,Huzeifa???


Isha:I've got coffee for you...You look depressed,yaar.Are you still mad at Rohan??

Huzeifa:I'm just mad at myself...Abhi abhi Ruchika mujhse paise lekar nikal gayi...Bata nahin aur kaha kaha se mere paise nikalne waale hain...

Isha:Bet??(Huzeifa nodded)Ab kaunsa bet hai??

Huzeifa:Kal lagaya tha Ruchika ke saath..Ki woh aaj late aajaayegi...How intelligent of her to come early!!

Isha:Awww Huzeifa!!!I feel so bad for you yaar.....(placed her arm around Huzeifa and hugged him)

Huzeifa:Yeh betting week toh bhari padh the jaa raha hai...Rohan's idea,of course!!Rohan toh bataya hi hoga na..Woh ladki ke baare mein??(Isha nodded)

Isha:Waise did you get the invites for BB bash??I left it on your table...

Huzeifa:Isha,mann hi nahin hai aane ki..Aur waise bhi mujhe inn sab cheezon mein koi interest hai hi nahin....

Isha:Nahin Huzeifa,you've got to come yaar...It's gonna be so much fun....Please yaar!!

Huzeifa:Is mein toh saaf saaf likha hain...Kisi ko saath mein le kar jaana hai...Aur mujhe bilkul bhi time nahin hai...

Isha:We're having a small round of drinks na...Shayad waha koi miljaaye??You've got to come,i don't care!!!

Huzeifa:Rohan ko toh itne aasaani se mil bhi jaaye par i don't think...

Isha:Kitne din ho gayi hain na??

Huzeifa:Kis liye??

Isha:Rohan ko ullu banaa the huwe??(raised her eyebrows and smiled widely)

Huzeifa:Haan,seriously Isha..that's usually so much of fun...Is baar kuch naya karna chahiye!!

Isha:Toh ho jaaye???(raised her eyebrows)

Huzeifa:Par plan kya hai??

Isha:Woh toh..(Just then,Rohan knocked on the door and Huzeifa held Isha's hand,gesturing her about Rohan's arrival)

Rohan:Oye,kya kar raha hai??


Rohan:Isha madam ki haath pakad rahe ho??Unke date ko bura lag gaya toh???

Isha:Rohan Mehra,baat kya hai??

Rohan:Surprisingly,someone has to be reminded of our meeting with a client..

Isha:Arre..i almost forgot!!Come...Huzeifa,i'll meet you in the evening at Ruchika's party..You better come!!

Huzeifa:Ok i'll meet you then...

~At Ruchika's Party~

Isha was with her friend while Rohan and Huzeifa just arrived.Ruchika got Rohan and Huzeifa a drink each.

Huzeifa:Where's Isha?

Rohan:Haan,apparently tumhe kisi ki baahe chahiye rone ke liye..

Ruchika:Rone ke liye??Hhmm..

Rohan:Bet jo haar gaya tha..(Huzeifa gulped down the drink)

Ruchika:Take it easy,man..

Huzeifa:Take it easy?Ek hi din mein teen hazaar gayab ho na koi choti baat nahin hain..

Ruchika:What a perfect situational song for you,Huzeifa..Hain na,Rohan?(Both of them bursted out laughing,hearing "You're Such A Loser"song in the background and Ruchika excused herself)

Rohan was watching the crowd and looking aorund while Huzeifa was helping himself with some chips.Just then,Rohan saw Isha talking to a girl who was looking stunning in a maroon dress.While Isha was taking a glass of wine form the waiter,the girl looked around as well and saw Rohan looking at her.She looked elsewhere and continued chatting with Isha.

Huzeifa:Looking at some girls?

Rohan:Did you even have to ask that??Look at the girl in the maroon dress..

Huzeifa:The one talking to Isha?Arre wah;she's even looking at you...

Rohan:Watch me..

Huzeifa:Heyy where are you off to?Yaha rukho..

Rohan:Woh bhi theekh hai..She's just coming here and she'll converse with me!!

Huzeifa:Yeah,right!!Main bet laga kar keh sakta hoon ke woh tumse baaat karne nahin aa rahi hain..

Rohan:Oh yeah?Fine,let's have one final bet..1000 Rs??Deal?

Huzeifa:No thanks if it's just 1000..For your kind info,i lost 4000 this week!!

Rohan:Ok,make it 5000 Rs??

Huzeifa:Are you crazy??5000 Rs??

Rohan:Tumhare marzi,darpok kahi ke!!

Huzeifa:Ok deal!!!

Rohan:Ohh boy this is so much fun!!Get ready to get your wallet emptied!!

Both rohan and Huzeifa were eyeing the girl.Just as the girl was about to talk to Rohan,Isha jumped in at the golden opportunity and happily introduced Jassie to Huzeifa.

Isha:Hi guys,this is Jassie..and Jassie,this is Huzeifa..

Jassie:Oh hi Huzeifa..It's a pleasant surprise to meet you here..I mean,Isha has been talking about you and i've decided something..

Rohan:Hi,I'm Rohan Mehra...

Jassie..Yeah,hi..Erm Huzeifa,let's have a dance..


Jassie:Come on,let's have this dance..(Isha saw Jassie having a good time with Huzeifa and looked at Rohan whose killer smile vanished form his face and got replaced by patches of irritation)

Rohan:Nice going,isha..I thought i'll ask her to the BB bash..

Isha:Oh really?I thought you are no last option of any girl and that i ought to introduce her to Huzeifa instead..

Rohan:What has that got to do with this?Tonight,i just lost 5000 Rs and a great girl too..

Isha:You lost to Huzeifa?Wohoooo!!!!

Rohan:Wait,so she's the girl who needed a date for the BB bash?

Isha:Apparently,Rohan Mehra..

Rohan:For the first time,i'm losing a girl to Huzeifa..

Isha:Just look at both of them,having so much of fun...It's been so long since we've seen him dance and be happy,na??Come on Rohan..cheer up!!

Just then,Isha excused herself to receive a phone call and she excused herself.Rohan wa spondering over Isha's words and thought to himself,"No Isha,i still don't see it.."and he got startled

for a second to see Gaurav standing next to him.

Gaurav: Hi Rohan...

Rohan:Heyy..(gave him a fake smile and looked for Isha)

Isha:Rohan,looks like we're stuck in the same boat..Oh hi Gaurav..

Rohan:Ab kya hua?

Isha:Does my face somehow state that i ought to be ditched?

Rohan:Let me take a look..Ermm...

Gaurav:Stop it,Rohan..You're so mean!!Are you ok,Isha?

Rohan:(felt super irritated by Gaurav's fake concern)Isha,why don't you go to the BB bash with..

Gaurav:I'm going there too so why don't you join me??(Rohan looked super annoyed with Gaurav's old bag of tricks)

Isha:It's ok Gaurav,thanks anyways..I bet there are some other girls whom you can ask..I'm not interested in coming with you,thanks!!(looked at Rohan who was pretty surprised and elated with her response;Gaurav left form there)

Rohan:Isha Mirchandani,yeh achanak iss tarha peshaana and all?

Isha:I'm truly fed up..I wonder how many times i got ditched at the last moments...

Rohan:I feel you tonight..(hugged Isha and both of them headed to meet Jassie and Huziefa)

Jassie left off in a rush after inviting the Rishta team over for the BB anniversary bash.

Isha:So Huzeifa,she invited you to be her date?

Huzeifa:Well she did invite me but i refused..


Huzeifa:WEll i told her that i'm not into too much partying and all but i would definitely turn up since she sweetly invited me..

Rohan:Arre yaar!!Anyways here's your 5000..

Huzeifa:Something good to treasure for tonight!!It feels so much good to touch these notes rather than losing them to others..

Isha:And i got ditched tonight..

Huzeifa:So sorry to hear that,Isha...Hey maybe,we cna go together...

Isha:that's a brill idea,Huzeifa..(Both Isha and Huzeifa left form the party)

Rohan:Heyy,that's not done!!What about me??Guyzz!!!(went after them)

Isha first dropped Huzeifa home and then Rohan followed suit.

Rohan:I can't believe it..That idiot gave her up for me..

Isha:He shouldn't have,right??

Rohan:Ish!!!Well,does she know about that?

Isha:I don't think so but i didn't expect it from Huzeifa..He told me that he saw you looking at her and how you felt truly bad..


Isha:You better make it on time and ask her then..

Rohan:Yes Ms Isha..Good night!!Hey,sunn..

Isha:Kya hai?

Rohan:You better come with Huzeifa,k??

Isha:(smiled genuinely)Bye!!

25th May

Rohan eagerly awaited for Jassie to arrive at the entrance door of the BB bash venue.He waited for some time before she finally appeared in a gorgeous green dress.He simply couldn't take his eyes off her as she lifted her dress a lil and rushed to the entrance door.Just then,she stopped upon seeing Rohan.

Jassie:what are you doing outside?

Rohan:Was waiting for my date till now...

Jassie:So has she arrived?

Rohan:Yeah,just a second ago..

Jassie:Aha!!So where is she?

Rohan:Right in front of me...Waiting for me to bring her inside...

Jassie was surprised at Rohan's special gesture and looked intently into his eyes.Her lips curved upwards,bringing about a beautiful smile on her face and Rohan extended his hand.

Rohan:So shall we??

Jassie:Anytime...(Winked at Rohan and smiled,placing her hand on his and both of them went inside to enjoy the BB bash with everyone else)

your comments will be deeply appreciated..Thanks!!

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That was really excellent! You got the tone of the show perfect. It actually sounds like an actual episode.

Great job :) You have a talent for sure.

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its very nice but i wanted rosha to go together on date!Embarrassed

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amazingly well written! just felt like we're watching an actual episode!~

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