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26/5: Main talli hogayi...

nm21 Goldie

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Posted: 26 May 2010 at 3:06pm | IP Logged
Ok just imagine....

A drunk Riddhima gives a smug grin to the guys....whilst a group of girls surrounding her chant "Riddhima striptease karke dikhao"....

Quite disturbing isn't it, I mean surely if anyone would be saying it to her, it would be the guys/SidMaan. Hmph.

But thats not the most disturbing part, for the audience we know that if Riddhima was in her senses..she would never but never even contemplate of doing what she is being so fervently encouraged to do.

And it starts, Riddhima in fact does look wow. A woman who is a natural beauty anyway is now making an effort to look deliberately "sexy". The guys expression says it all, those intoxicated i.e. Sid and those not, i.e Armaan. A swish of the hair, a turn of the hips and the guys are shmitten, the bg score also helps to set the apparent "mood". Funny isn't it how the boys were the one encouraging a strip tease yet as soon as they see Riddhima pull at her dupatta, guilt washes over all their faces. Ooh nice direction of the dupatta (both literally and figuratively) when Armaan steps aside for the dupatta to smoothly fall across Sid's face....
Ok strip tease done, the suit is gone to have left a jump suit type red ensemble and a Sid-Riddhima eye lock with a very sad looking Armaan on the outskirts leading to........

The dance sequence. We always expect dance sequences to be an exciting part of DMG, something to eagerly await,  as they usually consist of furthering the story in some way...the production team really thought about the lyrics, and the song is from Riddhima's point of view...."lehra ke balkha ke tu duniya bhulake naach".  She is drunk, she does not care, she wants to dance with Sid in her arms, and she will. The one line epitomises Riddhima's whole attitude at that point in time. Armaan just looking over at her, what he wanted to happen is finally happening...lekin yeh kambhakt dil bhi na. Ouch
Sid and Riddhima getting closer........ and we all fall downn!
 Everyone at the party looking at the couple worried, yet they are so clueless just watching each other with furrowed brows, confused by the tumble. Any other time, maybe their expressions would show some sort of embarrassment, but that day is not today LOL
Aw, its cute to see the two making stupid faces at each other and then laughing at themselves. The SR fans clearly wanted their favourites to get drunk for a good reason it seems! Especially in DMG, drunk means some form of cuteness or if your lucky even a confession/declaration of eternal love....
Hai, have to add here...not liking Armaan's tears :( please don't cry baby (*Nish widens her arms to give a massive virtual bear hug to the cutie*)

Ha! Drunk or not, Riddhima always slaps Sid when he seems to be least expecting it! Bechara haste haste rukh gaya! Loved Riddhima's cheeky smile...but Sid drunk or not is never going to happy with such a gesture, in his drunkeness he shakily stands up and walks away. Riddhima smiles to herself, knowing that her hubby is angry at her...chalo manate hain....soft apology? Nope. Wronggg! Playful push of his shoulders. "Kya hai" Sid responds angrily not looking at her. You know it's not going to be one of their usual WW3 type confrontations simply due to the music. I have a stupid smile on my face right now.
Aww, Riddhima is never going to change, confused as always, I feel sympathetic when she says "jab bhi main tumhare paas aati hoon tum mujhe aise door kardete ho...Dr. Mean Modi". I personally love that name and I have to agree, Dr. Mean Modi, typical man not wanting to deal with a confrontation especially when he's sanguine due to the "club soda" that he lies down unwilling to face her questions and revelation.
Aww, I want a Sid, when he's cute....but he's a fool and that's a fact. A fool in love, never to see what's infront of him. Telling Riddhima he doesn't want to send her away but he does so for her to be happy.
Riddhima asks him why he never confessed his love for her and she has tears in her eyes. Even in the state she is in, you can tell how much it hurts her not to feel loved by Sid, for those feelings that she has to be reciprocated. You'd think that if Sid didn't tell her that he loved her, she could have been the first to confess. But she can't, not really. Riddhima is of such nature that she feels due to previous occurences that her love for a person drives them away from her, Armaan being the prime example. Sid confessing first is her reassurance that he won't leave, she doesn't need to be afraid of freeing herself of apprehensions of being left alone.
 If these two weren't drunk, I can vouch this would be a very heart wrenching scene, the atmosphere has made it very light hearted and I'm glad, in DMG one can only face the facts when they're not in the normal senses...or so it seems. I have to say its all the same dialogues at this point, like a broken record. Sober the to baat samaj mein nahi hai...shayad talli hoke samaj aajaye? Riddhima's hurt is also supported by "yaan reh bhi sakenge ya nahi"....i.e. your confession means our togetherness...forever. Until you don't confess, we won't have a future.


Ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan. I have tears in my eyes now. Me and Armaan go way back, I don't look at KSG and think KSG. He is Armaan to me because I knew Armaan Malik before I knew who Karan even was. His hurt pains me and I understand him 100%. Through and through, he can never be wrong in my eyes because whatever he does is always justified. So when I see him looking back on his interpretation of Sid and Riddhima's relationship...and how he told Riddhima to move on, I feel the hollowness he must feel inside, from having experienced losing Riddhima at such close proximity, he has never bore witness to Sid and Riddhima openly "romancing" each other and even today that came across because they were drunk. All those moments of his past he remembers, of what was and what could have been if only....if only. A tear spills onto his cheek....

Sid sits remembering  Riddhima's words, he is still tipsy, but in his mind the seeds of clarity has been sown. He knows who and what Riddhima wants now....

On the other hand, Armaan sits alone essentially mending his broken heart, stiching it together by remembering his promise to Riddhima of reuniting the broken couple.
Aww SidMaan at their best. The drunk intern Sid staggering over, coming to talk to his very sober and depressed buddy/ senior doctor urf "coochie" Armaan. Hai I'm getting stupidly emotional again...Sid's cute questions which inadvertently are tearing Armaan inside. Of course Armaan knows that Riddhima wants to be with Sid, he keeps telling himself that over and over. But to answer Sid's straightforward question is totally different, saying it aloud is the next obstacle to overcome...thus to "batao na, kya wo mujhse pyar karti hai?"....he responds in denial, "tum kis ki baat kar rahe ho Sid?"
Armaan calling Sid "Chintu" with a pinch of his cheek, there is no hate there. Simple respect and understanding and that's what makes SidMaan so beautiful. Even if Sid states he hates Armaan, it's false, he hates having to take advice of the one man whom he perceives to be standing in between Riddhima and himself, yet also the one person who can bring them together.

The best part, Armaan owes Sid nothing, he only took the step of helping Sid because its what Riddhima wants. However, intentionally or not...Armaan has found a soft spot for Sid during their love hate journey. Armaan is both the confidante for Riddhima and Sid...yet Sid relates to Armaan more because it is less awkward, Riddhima has to hold herself back sometimes due to her history with Armaan. Another thing that relates SidMaan is their love for Riddhima...hence whilst Sid describes her with his arm resting on Armaan's shoulder, I find it awkwardly funny...both are lost in her thoughts, and Sid penetrates them with his revelation "Mind it, Riddhima se sabse zyaada main pyar karta hoon" and Armaan...can only smile.  Love cannot be measured...and it is debateable, what Armaan is doing, maybe Sid would never be able to do it, but such is love...it can only be shown when tested. Sirf pyar kehne se pyar to nahi hota na....?

Sid acknowledging Armaan's goodness and wanting his help feels like a personal victory. His pleads and demands of wanting Riddhima back in his life...is quite cute, reminding me of a little boy in a sweet shop. But it shows a side to Sid which we have not had the fortune of meeting...the drink helps him to express his desires, those desires which he had buried in the corner of his heart somewhere, giving way to his mind to make his decisions for him. And now that Riddhima has spoken, Sid wants her back in his life....he knows now.

Ahh the precap stating otherwise, it was ok for a drunk Sid to accept with further ado that Armaan would willingly help him. Yet a sober Sid demands the explanation, "Kyun Armaan?"

And the conclusion, Armaan taking the role of cupid once again... at the moment I know that I feel bad because I know more pain awaits Armaan, but what can you do. I visualise Armaan singing to Sid "teri rab ne banadi jodi tu haan kar ya naa kar, yaara, yaara, yeh bole Jogi (Armaan) ka iktaara hooo"

Over and out!

Do comment/ like/ dislike? :)

love and luck to all! Mwa xx


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gimzy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 May 2010 at 3:40pm | IP Logged
Superb analysis nm21, u totally wrote wat i felt watching today's epi,

but i would never hav been able to pen it down so beautifully!! so Clap 

Clap  Clap  Clap and big thanks!!!

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rapunzel84 Goldie

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Posted: 26 May 2010 at 3:56pm | IP Logged
I said this in one of the posts - U, Poco n arprocks are my Terrific Trio! I always always always look forward to posts made by the three of you....
So as usual Take a Bow ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

The episode was beautiful and perfect in every sense...It brought all the emotions that DMG stands for - fun, friendship, bonding, pain, and love!

You'd think that if Sid didn't tell her that he loved her, she could have been the first to confess. But she can't, not really. Riddhima is of such nature that she feels due to previous occurences that her love for a person drives them away from her, Armaan being the prime example. Sid confessing first is her reassurance that he won't leave, she doesn't need to be afraid of freeing herself of apprehensions of being left alone.

Absolutely spot on...even i said the same thing in my post on today's episode tht people r saying y dint ridhhima say she loves sid and the answer was simple - its fear! Fear of losing sid as well just like she lost armaan...fear of rejection just like she felt wen armaan left her...coz only a woman in love wud b so desperate to hear the three magical words from a man...she wasnt assurance..she cant risk it another time...she wants to know if she is also gonna b loved and dont girls normally expect guys to make d first move?

Loved ur bit on Sidmaan....They were adorable and am so looking forward to the 6 din ladki in track...Both the karans will rock it once more Day Dreaming

PS: Sid calls Armaan 'Bhai' was like one of the high points of the episode for me....awesome!!

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mysterieux IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2010 at 5:18pm | IP Logged

Awesome...analysis.....triangles are always the worst...coz one ends up hurting the most......


Episode was really good...SR were fantastic.....Sidmaan were outstanding.....and Armaan was heartwrenching.

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pinguunique IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2010 at 5:36pm | IP Logged
I have only 1 word  for your analysis now:

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nikita_88 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 May 2010 at 5:38pm | IP Logged
Awesome analysis!

I loved what you said abotu SidMaan because it spoke volumes and I actually prefered it to the SR scene which was cute and amazing to watch but with SidMaan today I can't explain it but it was a needed scene!!

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princess1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2010 at 10:35pm | IP Logged
Hi dear....
Wonderful Written...
tumhara post padhke main Talli Ho gayi....!!
Very welll......depicted SID, Armaan and Ridzie's Mindset.....have been thrown by the game of destiny......everyone is swinging in the motion of feelings ....and today it just went out in sweet cute way !!!
very well written !! wonderful post dear !!

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luvarti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 May 2010 at 12:45am | IP Logged

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