update 26th may 2010: DIVORCE #2 yet for Pankaj?

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Part 1

Chachi & Poonam are continuing the conversation.  Chachi whispers to her a plan, and Poonam tells her that it's difficult, but she'll do it.  Chachi tells her that she has to.  Today there is just them, but in future, along w/ her baby will be Jyoti's baby as well, and then, the hole will be deeper.  Deepu turns towards them, as he figures out that they are plotting something.

Pankaj arrives @ Kabir's house (how did he know where he lives? Shocked)  Kabir is surprised to see him, and invites him in.  Pankaj asks  him if he is  along, and Kabir  confirms that, and asks why?  Pankaj asks him about his family, and Kabir  tells him he doesn't  want to bother them.  Whatever has happened has happened (so he has some history of resentment against his family  @ large?) and besides, he has his friend. LOL  Pankaj somewhat sarcastically responds that Jyoti is there, and when she is there, who else is needed?  He  asks whether she takes good care of him?  Kabir tells him that if one has a good friend, caregiver and cook, one doesn't need anything  else in life.  Pankaj asks him if that's his life philosophy?  Kabir says no, it's his expectation.  Pankaj tells him that with such heavy-hitting words, it doesn't seem that he depends too much on them.  He tells Kabir that he takes his life too lightly (if only you could as well, Pankaj, you could @ least make Neelam happy)  Kabir tells him that he could say that he doesn't believe in putting himself under undue pressure, and that he knows some people who take things too seriously, and don't listen to their  gut instincts.  They make their decisions after listening to others.  Pankaj is thoughtful, since this obviously hits home.  Kabir jokes that it cannot always be true that 2 & 2 are 4 - if it matches, it matches (yeah, if the & means subtract or divide LOL)  That's why he doesn't give undue currency to what others say: he just listens to his instincts.  He tells him that w/ such trust in one's instincts, God is w/ one.

Back in the Trivedi house, the jagrata is going on, and Deepu gets up and splits Poonam from Chachi, and demands to know what that conversation was about?  Poonam denies it, and asks whether he's spying on her? (when you behave abnormally, don't be surprised if people do)  Deepu tells her to remember that she's @ her maayka, and that the honor of their family is in her hands.  He tells her that if she talks about their  family to others, it would have regretable consequences. Clap Poonam asks him what he has heard, and he tells her that he is trying to explain to her.  Poonam tells him that he's not explaining, he's threatening.  She asks him whether he thinks she's plotting against his sister?  He's very concerned about his sister, right?  Poonam tells him that in future, they too would have a family, does he ever think about that?  Deepu tells her that family matters are discussed within the family, not in front of strangers.  He tells her that he knows what's bothering her - that didi lives w/ them, right?  He asks whether he should kick Jyoti out, and points out that she's the one who has maintained the family.  She's been there long b4 Poonam, and has done a lot.  Poonam stops him, and tells him that she's not interested in his lecture.  Deepu tells her that she's here on a sacred occasion, and doesn't feel remotely ashamed of talking like that in such a setting? ClapClap

Pankaj returns home, and one of the servants comes up to him, and wants to talk to him.  He tells him that as an employee, he normally doesn't dare speak up, but having had the salt of that family, he feels his duty is to speak up, since a great wrong is happening.  Pankaj asks what's wrong, and the servant asks him to go to his room right now!

Part 2

Pankaj opens the door of his room and shouts @ Neelam, who is w/ Gautam Clap Neelam signals to Gautam to be quiet, but Pankaj asks Neelam who's there w/ her?  Neelam puts on a brave face, denies it and offers to bring him tea, but Pankaj yells @ her again.  He reminds her that while he can't see, his sense of hearing is greatly enhanced.  He tells her he can hear his breath, and demands to know who it is.  He threatens to wake up the entire house if she doesn't tell him.  Gautam tells him that it's him, Dead Gautam, and Pankaj tells her that this is the same guy she was talking to the other day, right, and who had a tiff w/ him?  Neelam tries to deny it, but Pankaj accuses her of serial lying, and tells her that he recognizes him too well.  He yells @ him to get out, and Gautam leaves.

Pankaj then accuses Neelam of taking the same advantage of his blindness, and demands to know what games she was playing behind his back?  He tells her that she cheated him.  Neelam asks him what else could she have done?  He doesn't have any right to question him, since he's neither fulfilled his duties as a husband, nor has he given her the happiness that a husband gives.  ClapClap (I love how gutsy she is, and her fightback: imagine Jyoti in such a situation, she'd have left a puddle on the floor)  She tells him that the woman who cheated him and is carrying another person's baby, he's still remembering her day & night. ClapClap Before he dares accuse her of anything, he should ask himself this question - one whose hubby is like him, what should she do? ClapClap She suspects that he must have treated Jyoti exactly the way he treated her!  Neelam tells him that today, it seems to her that Jyoti was never guilty of a thing!  The fault was his!!!  ClapClapClap Pankaj is totally stunned @ this statement!!!

Next morning, the phone rings, and Poonam tells Jyoti it's Kabir-ji.  Padma asks her to find out how he is, and Kabir, who's overheard the question, tells her that he's completely fit.  He tells her that he's about to order breakfast, and asks her whether he'll  order it for her as well, or whether she'll eat and then come?  Jyoti, in what's either mom mode or wife mode, can't say which, tells him not to order outside food, and that she's getting food for him from home (Kabir, get a combo oven and make your fav stuff, instead of letting the girl who won't marry you dictate your diet, as well as other aspects of your personal life LOLLOL) Kabir tells him that since food is better when hot, can she come here and make something (there, that's more like it!!!) Jyoti agrees.  She asks her parents whether she can go there and make his breakfast, or else, it will get cold by the time she gets to him.  KK & Padma both agree, and Padma notes that he must be  hungry, and not to bother about home.  Jyoti leaves.

Poonam notes that didi thinks about everybody but herself. (So this is what chachi told you to say?) KK & Dadi look @ her surprised, and Dadi tells her that Jyoti was like that since a kid.  She'd  distribute whatever was given to her to her siblings, and be happy they ate.  She says that god still creates such people.  Poonam tells her that god didn't do justice by Jyoti.  By this age, she's gone thru so much.  KK looks @ her somewhat suspiciously.  Poonam asks how long will this continue - granted she doesn't say anything to anyone.  But she too is human, and must have dreams of  her own - her own home, hubby.  Poonam thinks Jyoti should remarry ClapClap (now you're talking!!!  Not that your intentions are pure, but if you are what it takes to unite Jyoti & Kabir, all power to you!)  KK, Padma & Dadi all look @ her shocked.

Poonam says that if didi doesn't think of this, so what - they would think about it!  She hopes that it doesn't happen that time passes, and they regret it when it's too late (not a bad plan, chachi, not a bad plan @ all!!!)  She still has her whole life  left in front of her.

Dadi agrees, but asks Poonam how did she happen to think all this?  Poonam tells her that when she saw Jyoti alone during the jagrata, that's when she thought of this.  She tells them that she's embarassed @ the things she's said to hurt her, and gets embraced in return.  Dadi tells her that when one goes to pujas, their judgement tend to improve.  However, what Poonam wants is not  possible, since Jyoti is pregnant w/ the son of a guy who is still alive.  Poonam points out that he's remarried!  He's not even prepared to give his name to that kid (Kabir aside, how many would want to give their name to a kid Jyoti already has from a previous marriage?)  She says that she knows that this doesn't make a difference to Jyoti and that she's doing what she's doing for Kabir as a duty, but she's speaking out since this is a family matter.

Poonam points out that as it is, Jyoti's reputation has been soiled by Pankaj, and seeing her w/ Kabir, people  will start their rumors and innuendos.  She doesn't want Jyoti to be hurt a second time.  After thinking all this, she thinks that they should seriously consider a 2nd marriage for Jyoti.  (Poonam, just support Kabir's proposal to Jyoti whenever you find out, and everything will be good)  For her  happiness, as well as the future of her kid.  They should find a nice guy for Jyoti (Just agree on Kabir once you find out: this search is justified on your assumption that he hasn't proposed to her, and nor does he plan to)  Padma & KK look thoughtful about this.

Part 3

Kabir calls Jyoti, and asks her what's keeping her?  Jyoti comes and complains that half the breakfast is complete, but she can't find the salt, and Kabir laughs a gloat laugh. LOLLOL and gloats that she can't find something as simple as salt LOLLOL  Jyoti complains that there is sugar in the tea container LOL, masalas in the sugar container ROFL, she has to lick everything to find out what it is ROFLROFLROFL (Awesome, Kabir!!!)  She tells him that it will take a week to sort out everything in that factory ROFLROFL

Kabir tells her to come there, and he'll solve her problem  in 2 minutes.  (how, does he have a look-up table announcer on his cellphone? LOL)  Jyoti demands to know where the salt is, and he tells her he's solving the problem, and tells her to chill (not w/ the masalas, of course ROFL) He makes a call, and orders 2 pohas, 2 teas, and the tea in a thermos.  Jyoti gives up, as usual LOLLOL and looks @ him in sheer resignation LOLROFL  Kabir tells her that a hot breakfast is on its way, and they'll enjoy it.  As for the salt, it was over last week LOLROFLROFL (Now you tell us ROFLROFL)

Jyoti accuses him of being on restaurant food for the last 1 week, and Kabir admits it LOL She demands that he calls the grocer and order 1 kg salt (yikes!!! Shocked) and then call the restaurant and tell them order cancelled. OuchAngry Kabir looks glum Ouch She tells him that he's on medication, so no outside food Ouch Kabir calls, and Jyoti laughs @ him. Ouch

In Pankaj's place, he yells to Neelam, who is upstairs, and she's on the way.  Another person w/ him shows him where to start writing.  Pankaj signs it, and Neelam arrives.  She asks him what is it about, and who the person he's with?  The lawyer tells him that these are divorce papers, and that Pankaj has signed them, and she should as well.  Neelam is shocked and demands to know what it is, and Pankaj says 'divorce papers'.  He tells her to sign it, and free both of them from this relationship.  Neelam demands to know who he thinks he is to take such a decision unilaterally?  Pankaj tells her that all his answers are already w/ her, and there is no point prolonging the argument.  Neelam demands that he come w/ her, she needs to talk to him.  Pankaj yells @ her, but she takes the divorce paper, and rips it to shreds and throws it @ him ClapPartyDancing and tells him that this is her decision!  Pankaj is left fuming!!! DancingParty


I liked Deepu's confrontation w/ Poonam, and his ability to nip things in the bud.  I think it's sad that Poonam can't stand Deepu's sisters - whether it was Sushma or Jyoti.  Nonetheless, if what Sushma suggested to the family re: Jyoti's 2nd marriage was her chachi's plan, she's not such a villain after all, as others like Bhairavi.  I liked Poonam presenting that suggestion to Dadi, KK & Padma, even though the motivation was self serving.  Only problem: Poonam's plan only works if the dulha is Kabir, not anyone else.  After all, since Jyoti couldn't even get a job from anyone due to her reputation, who will want to give her a hand in marriage when she's supposedly carrying the baby of her ex-hubby @ best, and a total stranger @ worst.

Pankaj's visit to Kabir was strange, and even stranger was his behavior there.  Nothing about any thanks or paying off any debts, but instead, just that lecture about following his  instincts.  If what Pankaj did after that was follow his instincts, it's too late.

I loved today's Neelam episode - Pankaj finds Neelam w/ Gautam, exactly as one had hoped for, and predicted.  And I love Neelam's spunk and chutzpah even more - she  got back @ him, and actually told him that Jyoti wasn't guilty @ all - he was!!!  Really sent Pankaj into a thinking mode, and he signs his next divorce.  I loved Neelam's reaction to it - just tear it up and throw it in his face.  I can bet that this divorce will be expensive, and separate Pankaj  and his fortune.  Incidentally, where's Bhairavi?  I've stopped wondering where the rest of the Vashist parivar is, but at least Bhairavi was always there, but now?  I hope Sundara's suggestion plays out, and Neelam tells Pankaj that CM knew about Gautam when she agreed to the marriage: it would be even more priceless if and when Pankaj finds out that the reson he was pushed into divorcing Jyoti and marrying Neelam was to get Kesav-ji not to kick Minal out of her sasural.  I'd love to see his face then!!!

And when Pankaj does get divorced, I hope it's splashed out that while Jyoti has been divorced once, Pankaj has been divorced twice!!!  I hope Kesav-ji threatens to kick out Minal again, and that this news hits Pankaj - it'll be fun seeing him manage this!

I love the scene of Jyoti being @ sea in Kabir's kitchen. ROFL Had Jyoti been in mine during my bachelor days, she'd have had it worse: I hardly had anything, and my fridge was more often than not filled w/ restaurant leftovers, and several condiments - she'd have found whatever sauce or ketchup she wanted, as well as coke and OJ, but not much else. LOL Of course, shuffling the contents b/w containers in Kabir's case was really hilarious.  I liked Kabir calling for the outside food, and then telling Jyoti that they had no salt.  Incidentally, Jyoti, just skip the salt - no big deal! LOL

Episode rating: Thumbs Up
Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up

Pluses: Deepu scolding Poonam, Pankaj finding Neelam w/ Gautam, Poonam proposing Jyoti's 2nd marriage, Jyoti's  scene @ Kabir's home and Neelam ripping up the divorce papers and throwing it in Pankaj's face

Minuses: Pankaj's visit to Kabir

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thanks for the nice update.
really apprecite your workClap
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Wat a rocking epi!! Its getting better and better by the day!

Deepu giving an earful to poonam, kabir's in ur face comments infront of pankaj (did u'll notice kabir is always endearing to all..tries to make everyone smile including his one-time haters like padma or deepu even when they hated him but infront of pankaj he minced no words...incidently does he know how murky Jyoti's divorce was?), Jyoti's 2nd marriage idea, neelam's bindaas cheating on pankaj in his OWN room n ripping up the divorce papers (good dont divorce him so soon, torture him more till he sheds tears of blood n then ask for a huge alimony, expose bhairavi like sundara's prediction n bring him on the streets alone n well taken for a ride!!! n besides dont divorces need some reasoning n proof? Wats pankaj's proof of neelam's infidelity..his 'ehsaas' of gautam, its not like gautam will speak against neelam is court!)

n last but not the least...Jyotir moments always make my day! Jyoti first almost did a grihapravesh with a football n now is already in kabir's kitchen..loved the whole "salt" saga...poonam u want a good guy for Jyoti well sweetie juss look around (besides dat will save u time of looking at guys n Jyoti will leave early n ur purpose will be served)

Hope the CVs keep this up for Jyoti-Kabir marriage chances seen brightest right now!!

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Oooooooooooooooh I wish there was a love button rather than a like button!!1 Loved the update today Vrisha, you have no idea how much time you save fo so many people!!
Thank you sooooo much!!StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
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Also, just b'cos Gautam was in Pankaj's room doesn't mean Neelam was cheating on him - they could have been discussing her last party, or how unhappy he is w/ that gal he cheated w/.  After all, Gatutam had all clothes on.  If Pankaj wants a divorce and the best he can say is that Gautam was in Neelam's room, any judge would laugh @ him.  At any rate, I loved Neelam ripping the divorce papers, and I can bet that all Neelam has to do is alert Kesav-ji, so that if Bhairavi threatens Neelam, play that good ole Minal card, and in fact, make it clear to Pankaj that the price tag of his divorcing Neelam is Minal getting divorced as well ROFL

Neelam, drag this divorce saga until the day Jyoti gets married, and then ask for something like Rs50 crores in alimony and then sign.  I think your papa's sick business will be covered, and once that happens, if Uday & Sudha ain't gone already, I can see them leave, rather than be burdened w/ Pankaj's debt.


You should watch today's episode - it was one of the best!!!

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shmuupieanu rulzanna44misty85

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Thanks for update. I think Neelam won't leave Pankaj so easily. Her family married her for money. Neelam & her family will give Vashisths a tough time. But they deserve it. I hope before Pankaj's divorce Jyoti gets married to Kabir. That would be a big blow to him.

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I love the way this show is going right now, I was really worried earlier they were going to reunite Pankaj and Jyoti. Now with Poonam carrying out her chachi's plan, I think this is going to pave the way for Jyoti coming to a realization. When asked to remarry, she will be forced to understand that she wouldn't be happy with anyone other than Kabir.
Also, I loovvvvveeeeddd the Pankaj-Neelam scenes today. Now that's what you call karma!!

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Thanks for the written update.

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