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[till July2 2010]

The story starts with Kokila searching for a girl to marry her son Aham. She rejects a girl named Indira becoz of her modern behaviour like speaking english and answering Kokila's comments.She then discloses to Panditji who is incharge of looking for girls  that she wants a domestic girl and not  a modern who dont dare talk back to her and becomes her daughter in law first than her son's wife. Urmila meets Panditji and inquires abt Indira's rishta, panditji thn tells her how rich Modi family is and the kind of daughter in law Kokila wants. Urmila assures Panditji that her daughter is much like the girl Kokila wants so Panditji fixes the date and time for the meeting. Kokila however tells Panditji tht they would go ahead of time to know what kind of people they are. Unaware that Kokila will arrive early Urmila teaches Rashi that she has to act in front of Kokila as a very domestic girl and not talk in english or say anything to Kokila. On the day of meeting Kokila arrives early and sees Urmila scolding Gopi for being careless and Gopi quietly listening to her, she aslo sees Rashi who comes in the balcony looking Gopi to help her wear a sari. Kokila chooses Gopi for her to be her daughter in law. Urmila and Rashi are unhappy and plot schemes to break the rishta only till Urmila comes to know that Hetal has a son Jigar and so she thinks that he would be best for Rashi. Kokila announces Aham-Gopi engagement and Aham's girlfriend Anita is shown who tries hard not to leave Aham even after engagement but Aham chooses his mother's happiness and Anita has no choice but to leave him. Urmila is constantly advising tricks to Rashi to get close to Jigar and become a nice girl in front of Modi family, she advises Rashi to set a fire near hetal and rescue her but the plan fails and Gopi end up rescuing Hetal and gets all the praises from the Modi family.Urmila scolds Rashi for the plan failure and curses Gopi. Haldi ceremony takes place for Aham and Hetal announces that she has chosen a girl for Jigar and puts forth Sonal as her choice. Kokila doesnt like the idea but agrees for the marriage of both the son of the family at the same time. She thn calls Urmila to give the good news, Urmila gets excited thinking that they have chosen her daughter Rashi for Jigar but are shocked upon knowing that Sonal is the one for Jigar, Rashi is upset and cries and Urmila tells her to have faith in her and tells her some plan. Sangeet ceremony takes place, Aham hesitates to dance with Gopi and upon seeing Kokila he stops dancing. Jigar and Sonal dance and Rashi jumps in between them but fails to attract Jigar towards her. Urmila tries to create misunderstanding to Damini-Sonal's mom but fails. Rashi tries to get close to Jigar with false pretence that she wants to unite Sonal and Jigar. Jigar becomes friends with her and gets close to her. Damini notices this and doesnt like. Kinjal tells Gopi that Aham loves only Anita, Gopi is shattered and tells Mami that she cannot do the marriage. Kinjal writes a letter stating that Aham loves somebody and cannot marry Gopi, Rashi gets holds of it and lies to Gopi that it says that Aham likes her a lot and wants to marry her. Marriage day, Damini states that she cannot get her daughter's future ruined since Jigar is having an affair with Rashi. Rashi and Urmila are happy but act otherwise. Jigar says that marriage will take place and he will marry Rashi since her name was spoilt and he knows very well that they no more than friends. Marriage of Aham-Gopi and Jigar-Rashi take place. After marriage ceremony takes place. Gopi is waiting for Aham at their first night, Aham just comes ignores her and sleep, Gopi is sad. Next morning Gopi does all the aarti, everyone is pleased, Rashi is still sleeping and calls Gopi, she orders Gopi but upon seeing Kokila she lies, and Kokila warns her that Gopi is older to her in the house in relationship so she should respect her and not call her Gopi but Jethaniji and not call Kokila aunty but kakiji, Rashi agrees though disappointed. Rashi comes to know that business is taken care by Aham and JIgar's dad and is upset that her dream of getting loads of money is shattering and thinks abt seperating the family and getting Jigar's share. Aham comes to know that Gopi is illeterate he slaps her and thinks that she lied to him, Gopi is shocked. Hetal comes in the room and comes to know abt Aham's treatment and wants to talk to him but Gopi stops her. Kokila comes to know abt the slap too and she scolds Gopi that she should now know that marriage is no joke, she will have to strive to maintain marital relationships. Aham clearly makes Gopi know that he will never love her and not to have any expectations from him, he cannot do anything but let her in his room. Gopi decides to leave the house and tells Kokila abt it and Kokila makes her understand that running away wont help she should learn how to slove things for herself and make them right. Urmila listens to this and explains to Rashi how it will be better for her if Gopi leaves the house, Gopi will become bad and she will get all the importance all she has to do it act as if she loves everyone dearly. Aham accuses Gopi of stealing and throws her out of his room and Gopi decides to leave Modi House.

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Brief Written Update 3rd May '10 (1st Episode)
Saathiya 3rd May10 OnL/DownL/Pics[1st Epi ]*EHQ*

Saathiya 4th May10 OnL/DownL/Pics *EHQ*
4th May -- HQ Saathiya* Episode 2 *WatchOnline/Dow

SNS Written Update 5 May
Saathiya 5th May10 OnL/DownL/Pics *EHQ*
5th May -- HQ Saathiya* Episode 3 *WatchOnline/Dow

SNS Written Update 6 May 2010
Saathiya 6th May10 OnL/DownL/Pics *EHQ*
6th May -- HQ Saathiya* Episode 4 *WatchOnline/Dow

SNS Written Update 7 May 2010
Saathiya 7th May10 OnL/DownL/Pics *EHQ*
7th May -- HQ Saathiya* Episode 5 *WatchOnline/Dow


SNS Written Update 10 May
Saathiya 10th May10 OnL/DownL/Pics *EHQ*
10th May-Saathiya-HQ Video-Online/Download

SNS Written Update 11 May
Saathiya 11th May10 OnL/DownL/Pics *EHQ*
11th May-Saathiya-HQ Video-Online/Download

SNS Written Update 12  May
Saathiya 12th May10 OnL/DownL/Pics *EHQ*
12th May-Saathiya-HQ Video-Online/Download

SNS Written Update  13 May
Saathiya 13th May10 OnL/DownL/Pics *EHQ*
13th May-Saathiya-HQ Video-Online/Download

SNS Written Update 14 May
14th May_Saathiya-Video-Online/Down
Saathiya 14th May10 OnL/DownL/Pics *EHQ*


SNS Written Update 17  May
Saathiya 17th May10 OnL/DownL/Pics *EHQ*
17th May-Saathiya-HQ Video-Online/Download

SNS Written Update  18 May
18th May -- HQ Saathiya* Episode 12 *WatchOnline/D
Saathiya 18th May10 OnL/DownL/Pics *EHQ*

written update for May 19, 2010
Saathiya 19th May10 OnL/DownL/Pics *EHQ*

SNS Written Update 20 May 2010
Saathiya 20th May10 OnL/DownL/Pics *EHQ*
20th May-Saathiya-HQVideo-Online/DL

SNS Written Update 21 May 2010
Saathiya 21st May10 OnL/DownL/Pics *EHQ*


SNS Written Update 24 May 2010
24th May-Saathiya-HQVideo-Online/DL
Saathiya 24th May10 OnL/DownL/Pics *EHQ*

SNS Written Update 25 May 2010
25th May-Saathiya-HQVideo-Online/DL
Saathiya 25th May10 OnL/DownL/Pics *EHQ*

SNS Written Update 26 May 2010
26th May-Saathiya-HQVideo-Online/DL
Saathiya 26th May10 OnL/DownL/Pics *EHQ*

SNS Written Update 27 May 2010
Saathiya 27th May10 OnL/DownL/Pics *EHQ*
27th May-Saathiya-HQVideo-Online/DL

SNS Written Update 28 May 2010
Saathiya 28th May10 OnL/DownL/Pics *EHQ*
28th May-Saathiya-HQVideo-Online/DL

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1st June-Saathiya- HQ Video-ONline/Download
Saathiya 1st June10 OnL/DownL/Pics *EHQ*

written update 2nd June
2nd June-Saathiya- HQ Video-ONline/Download
Saathiya 2nd Jun10 Video OnL/DownL/Pics *EHQ*

Highlights 3rd June 2010
3rd June-Saathiya- HQ Video-ONline/Download
Saathiya 3rd Jun10-Video OnL/DownL/Pics *EHQ*

Saathiya 4th June Written Update
4th June- Saathiya Video-ONline/Download
Saathiya 4th Jun10-Video OnL/DownL/Pics *EHQ*


written update June 7, 2010
SNS - Written Update for 07th June
7th June-Saathiya- HQ Video-ONline/Download
Saathiya 7th Jun10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *EHQ*

written update June 8, 2010
Saathiya 8th Jun10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *EHQ*
8th June-Saathiya- HQ Video-ONline/Download

9th June-Saathiya- HQ Video-ONline/Download
Saathiya 9th Jun10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *EHQ*

written update June 10, 2010
10th June-Saathiya- HQ Video-ONline/Download
Saathiya 10th Jun10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *EHQ*

Highlights June 11, 2010
11th June-Saathiya- HQ Video-ONline/Download
Saathiya 11th Jun10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *EHQ*


14th June-Saathiya- HQ Video-ONline/Download
Saathiya 14th Jun10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *EHQ*

SNS Written Update June 15 2010
15th June-Saathiya- HQ Video-ONline/Download
Saathiya 15th Jun10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *EHQ*

SNS Written Update June 16 2010
16th June-Saathiya- HQ Video-ONline/Download
Saathiya 16th Jun10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *EHQ*

17th June-Saathiya- HQ Video-ONline/Download
Saathiya 17th Jun10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *EHQ*

SNS 18th June Written Update highlights
Saathiya 18th Jun10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *EHQ*
18thJune-Saathiya- HQ Video-ONline/Download


SNS Written Update 21 June 2010 Compl
21stJune-Saathiya- HQ Video-ONline/Download
Saathiya 21st Jun10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *EHQ*

SNS Written Update 22 June 2010
22nd June-Saathiya- HQ Video-ONline/Download
Saathiya 22nd Jun10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *EHQ*

SNS Written Update 23 June 2010 Compl
23rd June-Saathiya- HQ Video-ONline/Download
Saathiya 23rd Jun10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *EHQ*

SNS Written Update 24 June 2010 Compl
24th June-Saathiya- HQ Video-ONline/Download
Saathiya 24th Jun10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *EHQ*

SNS Written update 25th June 2010
25th June-Saathiya- HQ Video-ONline/Download
Saathiya 25th Jun10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *EHQ*


SNS Update 28/06/2010 : Complete
28th June-Saathiya- HQ Video-ONline/Download
Saathiya 28th Jun10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *EHQ*

SNS Update 29/06/2010: Drama Continues
Saathiya 29th Jun10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *EHQ*
29th June-Saathiya HQ Video-ONline/Download

SNS Written Update 30 June 2010 Complete
30th June- HQ Video-ONline/Download
Saathiya 30th Jun10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *EHQ*

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thanks for the links!
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SNS Written Update 1 July 2010
1st July-Saathiya HQ Video-ONline/Download

SNS Update-July 02,2010 - Aham Crosses all limits
2nd July-Saathiya- HQ Video-ONline/Download


SNS Update 07/05/2010: Jhuth Bole Kagdi Kaate
5th July-Saathiya- HQ Video-ONline/Download

SNS Update 07/06/2010: Urmi Traps Gopi in her Plan
6th July-Saathiya- EHQ Video-ONline/Download/Pic"s

7th july update
7th July-Saathiya- EHQ Video-ONline/Download/Pic"s

July 13- Aham Embarrassed coz of Il-Literate Gopi
13th July-Saathiya *EHQ*Video-ONline/Download/Pic"

14th July-Saathiya *EHQ*Video-ONline/Download/Pic"

15th July-Saathiya *EHQ*Video-ONline/Download/Pics

16th July-Saathiya *EHQ*Video-ONline/Download/Pics


July 19:Gopi Abt 2Leave but precap worth watching
19th July-Saathiya *EHQ*Video-ONline/Download/Pics

July 20-Best Epi so far, At Last Kuchh To Hua
20th July-Saathiya *EHQ*Video-ONline/Download/Pics

July 21-Picture Abhi Baaki Hai
21st July-Saathiya *EHQ*Video-ONline/Download/Pics

July 22- Baa Saves Gopi
22nd July-Saathiya *EHQ*Video-ONline/Download/Pics

July 23- Gopi Bach Gayi, hurrayyy
23rd July-Saathiya *EHQ*Video-ONline/Download/Pics


July 26: Nothing Special
26th July-Saathiya*DVD Q*Video-ONline/DL/Pics

July 27 : Rashi to be Caught
27th July-Saathiya*DVD Q*Video-ONline/DL/Pics

July 28: Overall A Good Epi
28th July-Saathiya*DVD Q*Video-ONline/DL/Pics

July 29:Rashi Gayi Kaam Se as Koki Trapping her
29th July-Saathiya*DVD Q*Video-ONline/DL/Pics

July 30: Rashi ki Band bajayi by KSH
30th July-Saathiya*DVD Q*Video-ONline/DL/Pics

July 31 :Dhamaka is planned for Koki
31st July-Saathiya*HD Q* 1HR SPL*ONline/DL/Pics

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