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FF: YuNa Magical LS cont. pg30 - 5/08/11

Nadz_YuNalover IF-Addictz

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Posted: 25 May 2010 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
Hey guys, as u all must be knowing by nowLOLLOL im crazzy for YuNaEmbarrassed i dnt care wat happened in DMG i made this post wer i will post what i had expected from episodes from 18th May 2010... i'll see how it goes about and how many epis i can writeLOLLOL i'll try my best to carry on and on but lets see, hope u like it, starting with 18/05 and 19/05 on the next postSmile

Hope u all njoy itWink suggestions of later scenes to suggest, will be updating this dailySmile



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Nadz_YuNalover IF-Addictz

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Posted: 25 May 2010 at 1:21pm | IP Logged

Starting from the scene in sanjeevani when naina decides to run away after her duty is done!

18th May 2010 (I wish it happened)

Yuvi is leaning on the wall and adoring HIS Naina, Naina was busy talking to her patients and treating them, he jst keeps staring at her with a killer smile… after half an hour of his lonely staring session jp joins him, he tries distracting him but he wudnt budge so he finally stands in front of him blocking his beautiful view…

"kya hai jp?? Wats yoor problem??"

"oh to ab aap se baat karne ke liye problems dhoondne honge kya?? Dost problem ke waqt saath dete hain problems ke liye nahhi aate" he says getting emotional, yuvi smiles and pulls his cheeks and jp gets embarssed.

"naatak matt kar okay" he says.

"waise yahan ho kya raha tha??" he teases.

"naina ka intezaar, bhag rahe hain na hum aaj" he says and jp gets hyper.

"main to bhool hi gaya aaj raat teri shaadi hai, hume invite bhi nahi kiya, this is not fair, humaare mughal saraayi me aisa hota to hum ye karte… bla bla" yuvi jst stares at him annoyed.

"BAS JP, bas okay… maine jiggy se kahaa tha tujhe bataa de, ab hatt"

"to uv bhayya, aapne suhaag raat keliye room book karliya??" jp asks blushing and uv looks shocked.

"kya matlab?? Mera ghar hai na"

"to aapki saari history jaan sakhte hain papa aur aapka ghar nahi pataa hoga unka?? Sachem dafuur hai.." he says when uv gives him a look "I mean bare bhayya agar aap apne ghar gaye to papa to aapko dhoondh hi lenge na"

Uv agrees "to ab main kya karoon??"

"Kuch matt karo…" su comes in and both the guys turn.

"hey su"

"hey uv, tumhe kuch karne ki zaroorat nahi hai okay, humne sab arrange karliya hai" she says smiling, uv looks at her confused "Humne??" he asks and raj enters, uv's smile fades off.

"raj dekh aaj tune…"

"chill uv, main aaj tujhe nuksaan pohochaane nahi aaya hoon, itne din door reh kar realize kiya that I was wrong and tera aur naina ka pyar to eternal hai, koi nahi tor sakhta usse" he smiles and uv returns the smile hesitantly.

"friends??" raj offers, uv shakes hands with him and they hug.

"su flowerji aapne iske saath sab kiya?? Hum kya marr gaye the??" jp starts his nautanki and they all nod there heads.

"waise jiggy kahan hai??" uv asks and su smiles and turns back to see where he was left.

"Dost dost naa raha, pyar pyar naa raha" he is singing.

"jigz chill okay, waise wo phool to tumne arrange karwaa diye na??"

"haan wo maine set karwaadiye, naina ke liye kuch bhi" he smiles and uv is reli happy to have friends like them.

"okay lets do the check list" su says and starts.

"phool and setting?, jigz check"

"Hotel room, raj check"

"naina ka luggage, su check"

"pundit ka arrangement, jp check"

"Yuvi aur Naina ke bhagne keliye car…" they all look at eachother and uv looks worried.

"CHECK" they hear a voice and turn, its mac, yuvi rushes to him and they do there greeting then hug.

"thanx yaar"

"anything for you bro" he smiles "waise yaad hai maine tab tujhse kya kaha tha/? Aaj tu iss larki ke saath bhag raha hai" he smiles and uv jst smiles and looks at naina.

"Guys tum sab nahi hote to main… thank you sooo much" he says and they all sigh..

"uv friends don't say thanx okay" su says.

"Haan and we are not jst your friends but ur family too" mac adds they all group hug, just then naina turns and sees them all, she smiles and walks to them.

"tum sab??" she asks and they all get outta the hug, su was in between yuvi and raj, naina at first looks at uv as if she is angry, he gets worried and moves away but she laughs.

"mujhe to lagaa sab waste ho jaayega" he laughs.

Naina notices mac "mac tum?? Tumhaari aur uv ki dosti hogayi??" she asks, they get worried, mac starts to lie but uv tells the truth at first she is annoyed as he always lied to her but eventually she sees the love in his eyes and hugs him, all the patients and friends clap for them.

Scene shifts to pappa;

"naina, Naina… Naina" he shouts around the house and realizes she wasn't there, he calls the hospital and finds out she had late night duty at first he decides not to interfere but then he remembers that yuvi wud also be there so he decides to go there.

General ward:

"guys I think ab hum sabko jaana chahiye" su says as she realizes YuNa lost staring at eachother, while the rest are jst staring at them dreamily, she nods her head in frustration and pushes them all to reality then gets them outta there.

"yuvi main report banaa leti hoon" she says and moves away, he jst stares at her dreamily.

She walks to the desk and starts arranging all patients files, yuvi comes behind her and looks at the papers but getting close to her, she feels embarrassed but doesn't say anything, he goes closer, now his cheek was touching her, while she was turning the page he also turns it and then holds her hand in that pretext, she gets embarrassed.

"yuvi choro na" she says as he moves his other hand around her waist, now his one hand on her waist, one holding her hand and his cheek touching hers.

"kyun choroon?? Meri hone waali wifey ko??" she blushes at the word wifey, she turns around and they stare at eachother he wraps her around his arms and strokes her hair.

"aaj hum dono shaadi… im so excited" she says and looks at him with love "I cant believe aaj hum dono ek atoot dor me band jaayenge and then no one can separate us" she says, he holds her hand in his.

"tumhaara haath kabhi na chorne ke liye pakra thaa maine aura b yeh haath main kabhi nahi choroonga" he says and kisses her hand…

"lekin yuvi papa, papa mujhe maaf to kardenge na??" she asks worried, he cups her face.

"tum unki jaan ho, unke jigar ka tukra, he loves u a lot… wo zaroor tumhe maaf kardenge, aur meri pyaarisi naina se koi zyada der tak khafa reh sakhta hai kya??" he asks and she blushes, he moves her hair off her cheek and then goes closer and kisses her cheek, she goes red with embarrassment as the patients make noises lol

"yuvi tum bhi na" she says and moves him away and starts walking when he catches her hand, then pulls her back into a hug.

"I love you naina, I cant wait till you are mine, only mine" he says and she blushes.

"AISA KABHI NAHI HOGA" they both move away hearing that voice and look worried as papa enters the place…

Soon everyone is gathered at the nurse station, the epi ends on YuNa faces separate…

The rest of the epi cud be wat it was…


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Nadz_YuNalover IF-Addictz

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Posted: 25 May 2010 at 1:22pm | IP Logged

19th May 2010

Pappa-YuNa dialogues added in English as requested by milana, sorry for the delay **holding ears**

P: I've chosen such a gud alliance for you in London, such a good family and boy, they will keep you so happy, cum cum with me.

N: papa plz why don't you understand I cant be happy without uv.

Pappa sits down upset, looking saddist.

P: how long do you knw this boy?? Six months, 8 months?? I looked after u for 20yrs, and today this 6-8 months is more important to you?? My 20yrs love is wasted?? U were this tiny wen ur mum left you, I wonder wer I lacked in ur growing up.

P gets up: no naina, while im alive I cant let u go with this boy, I also had dreams for ur marriage, now u shud decide u want this boy to stay in ur life or ur papa??


P: will u leave me or him?? Tell me??

Naina is stuck in between.

P: I got my answer, I got it naina, first your mum left me and now you but my blessings are always with u, stay happy.

He starts to leave, naina tells yuvi.

N: uv plz stop him I cant leave without him, do sumthing.

Now uv is in a dilemma thinks in his mind "Naina cant stay without her papa, I have to do sumthing, sorry naina"

Ppa is leaving, uv bring naina in front of him.

Y: I love u a lot naina, but I cant come in between you and ur dad, if we dnt have blessings of elders our relation will be incomplete, by hurting them we can never stay happy.

Naina is worried "but uv"

Y: no naina, the importance of Parents love only I can understand' I've yearned for a hand to bless me all my life, my dad had left me in childhood that's why I cant let u suffer like that, go naina' go with ur papa and fulfill ur duty of being a gud daughter.

He hands her hand in papa's hand and they all look at eachother sad.

Y: I love u a lot naina and I know one day we will meet and if not in this life then the next :'(

Do, pal ruka, khwaabon ka kaarvaan
Aur phir, chal diye, tum kahaan, ham kahaan

Naina is walking away with pappa but turns back with tears and helplessly stares at yuviCry

Do pal ki thi, ye dilon ki daastaan
Aur phir, chal diye, tum kahaan, ham kahaan
Aur phir chal diye, tum kahaan, ham kahaan

Yuvi looks at her then turns away with tears, she looks at his back then turns and he turns and finds her backCry

Do pal ruka, khwaabon ka kaarvaan
Aur phir chal diye, tum kahaan, ham kahaan

This time they both turn the same time and stare at eachother, talking thru the eyes;

N: Im sorry yuvi, main kya karoon samajh nahi aa rahaCry

Y: Galati tumhaari nahi hai naina, galati to meri past ki haiCry

N: Main na papa ke bina jee sakhti hoon aur naahi tumhaare binaCry

Y: ek parent ki ehmiyat jaanta hoon aur tumhe unse kabhi alag nahi karoongaCry I love u naina!

N: I love you tooCry

Do pal ki thi, ye dilon ki daastaan
Aur phir chal diye, tum kahaan, ham kahaan
Aur phir chal diye, tum kahaan, ham kahaan
Aur phir chal diye, tum kahaan, ham kahaan

Naina disappears from sightConfusedCry

Next scene:

Yuvi is boxing and thinking of all his flashbacks' he is angry.

Y: I dunno why im angry with you when I myself told u to go but now how will I live without u??

More boxing, su comes.

S: yuvi stop hurting urself, stop it.

Y: leave me alone right now.

He says angrily and leaves'

PreCap: Pappa sees naina sad and decides to get her a surpriseEmbarrassedSmile



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Nadz_YuNalover IF-Addictz

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Posted: 25 May 2010 at 1:39pm | IP Logged
18/05/10- Pg1
19/05/10- Pg1
20/05/10- Pg9
21/05/10- Pg11
24/05/10- Pg 11
25/05/10- Pg21
26/05/10- Pg21

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suj01 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 May 2010 at 2:50pm | IP Logged
awesome update Nadzi....ClapClapClap loved every bit of it.

no hope from the show.CryCryCry

lot of hopes from your updatesSmileSmileSmile

keep up the good work girl......Hug

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flamingo_aries IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 May 2010 at 2:50pm | IP Logged
wowwww nadzie....i wud had fainted if dis wud had happened...!!! u penned d epi so much nicey....fab....i lvd every bit....kaash aisa hota.....mummaaaa...get more yuna dear...atleast aab to read n write se hi yuna expect karna hai..!!! lol..

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anjananazir IF-Stunnerz

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Fab job loved every part of the episodeEmbarrassed..keep updatingHug

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-bhootni- IF-Sizzlerz

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lol nadz you didn't pm anyone! or me :P...anyways loved it! lol my macky wacky is back!!

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