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Hello Friends

Welcome to the Archive Mansion for our much beloved forum The Vampire Diaries.
All important links will be posted here. If you think a link is missing then please PM either myself or sourpuss (Bhav)
Click below for:
Thank you. =)
Your TVD Dev Team - Rachu, Bhav, Jot, and Meli

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List of Characters


Elena Gilbert

Played by Nina Dobrev

 Human, alive.

17-year-old Elena Gilbert and her parents were in a car crash, roughly four months before the series begins. Elena was the only survivor. Because of this, she is portrayed as melancholic and slightly withdrawn from the social scene, of which she was previously active in. In the beginning of the series, she also has to deal with her brother Jeremy's drug addictions. After their parents' death, their aunt Jenna moves in to take care of them.

Elena has a habit of writing in her diary. It is revealed that before the series begins, she and Matt Donovan were a couple and broke up, but the two remain good friends. On her first day in a new school year, she meets Stefan Salvatore, with whom she falls in love, despite him being a vampire. They go through a rough patch when Elena discovers that she is the splitting image of Katherine, whom Stefan and his brother Damon were previously in love with, but Stefan and Elena manage to work things out.

It is revealed in the show that Elena is not, in fact, the Gilberts' biological daughter. She was in fact adopted, and her biological parents are shockingly revealed in the final two episodes.


Stefan Salvatore

Played by Paul Wesley

Vampire, alive.

Stefan Salvatore, Damon's younger brother, was turned into a vampire by Katherine in 1864. Unlike other vampires (including his brother), he drinks animal blood instead of human blood. Stefan is often mysterious and sad, except for when he is around Lexi or when he consumes human blood. 

It is revealed that before he was turned, he and Damon got along very well, but both were in love with Katherine. When Stefan tried to reason with his father to spare the vampires because not all were evil, his actions indirectly led their father to discover that Katherine was a vampire, and she was consequently entombed in Fell's Church, or so everyone was led to believe. Since then, Stefan has been haunted by Damon, who refuses to forgive him for what he did. Stefan tries his hardest to protect the people he loves from Damon, going as far as to poison Damon with vervain and imprison him to prevent him from killing.


Damon Salvatore

Played by Ian Somerhalder

Vampire, alive.

Damon Salvatore is Stefan's older brother. While Stefan was Compelled by Katherine to drink her blood, Damon was not, and did it willingly. Damon blames Stefan for Katherine's supposed entombment, and has never forgiven him for it. He is obsessed with Katherine, even after Anna tells him that she didn't care about him. He is ruthless and a little psychotic, hunting mercilessly. After he escapes from being imprisoned by Stefan, he turns Vicki into a vampire. He also infiltrates the Founders Council, gaining their trust to protect himself and Stefan.

While Damon is completely uncaring and unfeeling, as the series progresses, his actions reflect an increasing concern for others (and for Elena in particular), even if Damon will not admit it. For instance, he alters Jeremy's memory of Vicki upon Elena's request. Damon and Elena's friendship gets stronger throughout the series, and Isobel reveals to Elena that Damon loves her and would do anything for her. His humanity is shown in the finale when he tells Jeremy about Anna's death, because he wants to "do the right thing".


Katherine Pierce

Played by Nina Dobrev

Vampire, alive.

A vampire that both Damon and Stefan were in love with, whom Elena closely resembles. Both brothers thought she was entombed in Fell's Church with the rest of the vampires, but a church guard let her go, so she was never in the tomb. Despite being free, never once did she try to contact Damon, who has always been in love with her. In the season finale, it is revealed that she is back, and she kills John Gilbert.

It is revealed that she gave birth to a baby girl through wedlock which resulted in her baby being taken away from her. She also stole the moonstone from Klaus which is why she's been running away from him. Her family was killed by Klaus as revenge. Elijah and Klaus both liked Katherine at one point.


Bonnie Bennett

Played by Katerina Graham

Human, alive. Witch.

Bonnie Bennett Elena and Caroline's best friend. She is descended from the Salem witches, and her ancestress Emily Bennett was Katherine's handmaiden. Bonnie and her grandmother Sheila help to open the tomb under the ruins of Fell's Church, but the energy required from the two of them drains Sheila, and she passes away. Damon, who is enraged at Emily, feeds from Bonnie, but Stefan saves her by feeding her some of his own blood. Elena explains to Bonnie that Damon and Stefan are vampires, and Bonnie subsequently leaves town. When she returns, she is distant towards Elena and Stefan, blaming Stefan and Damon for her grandmother's death. She develops a hatred for vampires, but she saves Stefan and Damon because she knows that if anything were to happen to them, Elena would be heartbroken.


Jeremy Gilbert

Played by Steven R. McQueen

Human, alive

Jeremy Gilbert is Elena's younger brother. After their parents' died, he began doing drugs, drinking alcohol and skipping classes. He had feelings for Vicki Donovan, even though she was in a relationship with Tyler Lockwood. Their relationship grew stronger, even after Damon turned her into a vampire. Jeremy's memory of the pain and suffering following Vicki's death were erased by Damon. He meets Anna while working on a history project, and they slowly develop a relationship. Along the way, Jeremy discovers that vampires are real, and that Elena has been lying to him. He pleads with Anna to turn him, because he wants to be with Vicki, but he decides against it when he finds out that Vicki is dead. Anna gives him a vial of her blood anyway. After Damon informs Jeremy of Anna's death, he drinks her blood and overdoses on sleeping pills in an attempt to turn into a vampire so he can close off his emotions.


Caroline Forbes

Played by Candice Accola

Human, vampire, alive

Caroline Forbes is Elena and Bonnie's best friend. She is a rather peppy character, although in the beginning of the show she is rather superficial and shallow. Under Compulsion, she falls for Damon, who feeds off her regularly. Following that, she grows closer to Matt Donovan, and the two begin a relationship, although Caroline is constantly envious and insecure of the closeness between Elena and Matt. With Matt, Caroline becomes a kinder person, becoming more supportive of Elena and Bonnie and even trying to patch up Tyler and Matt's friendship. The season finale finds her hospitalized and in critical condition after a car accident involving herself, Matt and Tyler.


Matt Donovan

Played by Zach Roerig

Human, alive.

Matt Donovan is Tyler Lockwood's best friend, Elena's ex-boyfriend and Vicki's older brother. Although they have broken up, Matt is not over Elena. As their mother is hardly ever around, Matt takes care of Vicki, and her disappearance following her transformation (and the subsequent discovery that she is dead) shakes him deeply. He and Caroline slowly start dating, but even so, he cannot put aside the years of friendship that he has with Elena, fueling Caroline's insecurities.

He later breaks up with Caroline.


Tyler Lockwood

Played by Michael Trevino

Human, alive. Werewolf

Being the Mayor's son is hard, though Tyler Lockwood doesn't admit it. Instead, he presents a tough, indifferent exterior. Tyler dated Vicki Donovan, who broke up with him after realizing that he was embarrassed to introduce her to his parents. Despite this, Tyler hates Jeremy, who he views as competition for Vicki. A mistake that Tyler makes causes a falling-out between him and Matt, but Tyler does make an effort to patch things up, and eventually the two are friends again. The vampire-killing device affects him, even though he is not a vampire, and the EMTs find that his eyes are a golden-yellow, which leads to the possibility that he may be a werewolf. He and Caroline are currently dating.


Zach Salvatore

Played by Chris William Martin

Human, dead.

Zach Salvatore appears to be Damon and Stefan's uncle, but in reality he is their nephew. He has secretly bred vervain, which Stefan uses to poison Damon, and which Damon later distributes to the Founders Council. He is killed by Damon during his imprisonment in the basement.


Jenna Sommers

Played by Sara Canning

Human, dead.

Jenna Sommers is Elena and Jeremy's aunt, their late mother's "kid sister". She left Mystic Falls for a while, after being dumped by Logan Fell, but returned to take care of her niece and nephew. After returning, she had a brief fling with Logan, who only dated her because he needed the compass from the Gilbert residence. Following that, she and Alaric Saltzman, the new history teacher, have started dating. Jenna was aware that Elena is adopted, which angers Elena after she finds out.

Jenna was killed by Klaus during the ceremony of breaking the curse.


Alaric Saltzman

Played by Matt Davis

Human, alive.

Alaric Saltzman is the new history teacher, replacing Mr. Tanner. His ex-wife Isobel, whom he was madly in love with, was turned by Damon. In revenge, he tried to stake Damon, but Damon stabbed him instead. A ring that his Isobel gave him, which prevents the wearer from dying, saved his life. Despite his hatred for Damon, he teamed up with the vampire upon Elena's request to save Stefan from the freed tomb vampires.


Vicki Donovan

Played by Kayla Ewell

Human, vampire, dead.

Vicki Donovan is Matt's younger sister. A drug addict, she hooked up with Jeremy for the drugs as she dated Tyler, but she eventually left Tyler for Jeremy when she realized that Jeremy cared more for her than Tyler did. Damon bites Vicki repeatedly after being imprisoned in the basement with vervain, and subsequently turns her. While Stefan tries to get her to refrain from drinking human blood, she feeds from Logan Fell, completing the transformation. At the school's Halloween party, she loses control and attacks Elena, forcing Stefan to stake her in front of Jeremy. She is buried haphazardly, but her body is later found by Caroline.



Played by Malese Jow

Vampire, dead.

Anna is the daughter of Pearl, one of the tomb vampires and Katherine's best friend. Anna was not imprisoned in the tomb, and has spent the years waiting for the comet to pass so she can free her mother. She initially befriends Jeremy because she wants Gilbert blood to revive Pearl, but she eventually falls in love with him, prompting her to want to turn him. She gives Jeremy a vial of her blood in case he wants to turn, but after the vampire-killing device is activated, she is taken away and is staked by John Gilbert.



Played by Kelly Hu

Vampire, dead.

Pearl is Katherine's best friend, and is roughly 400 years older than the Salvatore brothers. In 1864, Jonathan Gilbert was smitten with her, but upon discovering that she was a vampire, he had no choice but to turn her in and imprison her. After Anna frees her, she initially wants revenge on the founders' families, but later changes her mind and wants instead to coexist peacefully in the town. However, she is killed by John Gilbert.


Emily Bennett

Played by Bianca Lawson

Human, dead. Witch.

Emily Bennett is Katherine's handmaiden and Bonnie's 4th-great grandmother. She is one of the most powerful witches in the Bennett line. She created the jewels for Katherine, Anna, Pearl, Damon and Stefan to allow them to walk in sunlight, but she also imprisoned the vampires in the church. She made a deal with Damon, that in return for Katherine's safety, he will look after her bloodline. When it comes time to release the vampires and follow through on the promise, Emily refuses, saying that she cannot allow the vampires to be released into the town, which enrages Damon.


Lexi Branson

Played by Arielle Kebbel

Vampire, dead.

Lexi is an old friend of Stefan's, though it is unclear how they met. She makes it a point to visit him on his birthday every year, and it seems she is the only one who can draw out Stefan's wild side. She has tried to go 'vegetarian' like Stefan, but has failed, and instead drinks from blood bags. She was framed by Damon for killing a human, and was staked by him as well.


Isobel Flemming-Saltzman

Played by Mia Kirshner

Vampire, alive.

Isobel is Alaric's wife, as well as Elena's biological mother. She studied the paranormal in college, and slowly became obsessed with vampires. Because of this, she was sent to Damon by John, who turned her at her own request. She acts as Katherine's messenger, trying to reclaim the vampire-killing device for her.


Sheila "Grams" Bennett

Played by Jasmine Guy

Human, dead. Witch.

Sheila "Grams" Bennett is Bonnie's grandmother and mentor. She was the one who told Bonnie that she is a witch. She teaches occult at the local college and has consequently earned the reputation of a crazy lady, which works fine for her. She helps Bonnie to perform the spell to open the tomb, but the energy it requires of her is simply too much, and she passes away during that night.


Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes

Played by Marguerite MacIntyre

Human, alive.

Sheriff Liz Forbes is Caroline's mother and a member of the Founders Council. She has a rather strained relationship with Caroline, but her actions prove that she loves her daughter. Along with Logan Fell, she leads the search for the vampires that are ravaging her town. She covers up Logan's death though, and because of this he attempts to turn Caroline into a vampire as revenge on the Sheriff. She confides her plans in Damon, believing him to be trustworthy after he gives her vervain.


Mayor Richard Lockwood

Played by Rob Plago

Human, dead. Werewolf?

Mayor Lockwood is, obviously, the mayor of Mystic Falls, Tyler's father and a member of the Founders Council. He is harsh towards Tyler, and apparently cheats on Carol quite openly, something that disgusts Tyler. He is affected by the vampire-killing device, and is mistaken for a vampire. In the burning office with the rest of the tomb vampires, he is killed by one who wants revenge on the Founding Families.


Carol Lockwood

Played by Susan Walters

Human, alive.

Carol Lockwood is Mayor Lockwood's wife, Tyler's mother and a member of the Founders Council. She flirts with Damon on Halloween, suggesting that she is having problems in her marriage.


Logan Fell

Played by Chris Johnson

Human, vampire, dead.

Logan is a news reporter, Jenna's ex-boyfriend and a member of the Founders Council. He dates Jenna to get Jonathan Gilbert's pocket watch/compass, which he uses along with Sheriff Forbes to track vampires. As a result, though, he is killed by Damon, and Vicki feeds on him. Anna and Ben then turn him into a vampire, and he is later staked by Alaric.


Jonathan "John" Gilbert

Played by David Anders

Human, alive

John Gilbert is Elena and Jeremy's father Grayson's younger brother, as well as a member of the Founders Council. In his youth, Grayson taught John about vampires from their ancestor Jonathan's journals. He had a crush on Isobel, sending her to Damon after she expressed her desire to become a vampire. John and Isobel then work together to procure Jonathan's device for Katherine, who later kills him. It is also revealed that he is Elena's biological father.


Mason Lockwood

Played by Taylor Kinney

Human, werewolf, dead

He is Tyler's uncle as in Richard Lockwood's younger brother. The last time he had visited the Lockwoods was aproximately 5 years ago. According to Liz Forbes, Mason is not a believer and is no way part of the council. There is something he knows and he believes it to be the "Lockwood curse". He is killed by Damon when Damon learns that Mason is working with Katherine.

George Lockwood

Played by Simon Miller

Human, werewolf, dead

19 year old confederate soldier of 1864. He was the one who let Katherine out of the tomb after the town of Mystic Falls had rounded up all 27 vampires

Aimee Bradley

Played by Tiya Sircar

Human, dead

She has a crush on Matt Donovan and had gotten hot and heavy with Tyler Lockwood in 2x4.
She is now friends with Tyler. She is killed by Katherine


Played by Maiara Walsh

Human, dead

Has a crush on Jeremy Gilbert and is friends with Aimee Bradley. She was almost killed by Tyler Lockwood after being pushed down the stairs by him accidently. Katherine compels her to try and kill Tyler, in order to defend himself Tyler pushes her away, she hits her head and dies.


Played By Justin Geer

Human, dead

He was Mason's best friend who ended up getting killed by Mason accidently. The death triggered the Lockwood changing Mason into a werewolf.

Lucy Bennet

Played By Natashia Williams
Human, alive, witch
She is a 20 year old witch. She somehow owes Katherine her life which is why she tried to help Katherine get the moonstone but after finding out that Bonnie was her cousin, she switched sides and helped the Salvatore brothers


Played By Daniel Gillies
Vampire, alive, dead
An original vampire who is over 500 years old. He was the one who was after Katherine back in 1864. He wants Elena because according to the legend, the curse of the sun and moon can only be broken if a Petrova doppelgnger [Elena] dies. He is doing all this for the main original vampire, Klaus.
Elijah is then killed by his brother Klaus.


Played By Lauren Cohen
Vampire, dead 

She is also a vampire that is over 500 years old. She was friends with Lexi and was running away from the originals because they were after her best friend, Trevor who was later on killed by Elijah. She offers her help to Stefan in protecting Elena.


Played By Trevor Peterson
Vampire, dead

He is Rose's friend, another vampire over 500 years old, he was given the task to get Katherine and give her to Elijah but he had pity on Katherine and let her go, he along wit Rose have been running ever since. In order to stop running, Trevor and Rose agree to get Elena so they could give her to Elijah but he is killed by Elijah despite his help.

Played By Bree Condon
Human, alive

Pretty college master's student, with a slight German accent. She was Slater's girlfriend and comes home to find him dead. Alice calls Cody because Elena asks her to [thinks Elena is Katherine]. 
Cody Webber
Played By James Harvey Ward
Vampire, dead
Vampire in his 30s. Tries to take Elena from Damon and Rose. Is killed by Elijah.

Played By Michaela McManus
Werewolf, alive, dead
25, sun-kissed and sexy, a surfer girl with a brain. Mason's friend and a werewolf. New enemy of Damon's

Played By Stephen Amell
Werewolf, alive, dead
He is Jule's boyfriend and wants revenge from the vampires [Stefan and Damon] for killing Mason, his old friend.


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Appreciation Threads

Many members wish for a place where they can discuss their favourite couple or their favourite characters. This is where the appreciation threads come in, use these threads to discuss the relevent characters.
Keep in mind that you must abide by TVD forum rules in any of the threads.
New threads must be created once it reaches 150 pages.
The names of the members who create the threads are written in brackets, these are the only members who are allowed to create new threads once they reach 150 pages.
 Delena Appreciation Threads (Jaan730) 

Stelena Appreciation Thread Infallible Love (Roshini.Star)

Paul/Stefan Appreciation Threads (Khushix)

Ian/Damon Appreciation Thread Eternal Stud (Salz.)

TVD Boys Appreciation Threads (sourpuss)
TVD Girls Appreciation Threads (sourpuss)
TVD Couples Appreciation Threads (Anhdara13)
Brothers Mansion (Salvatores and Originals) ( -nautankidollz-)

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Creation Threads

Delena Creations Threads 
Stelena Creations Threads

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TVD Game of the Weeks

GOTW #1 (Rachu_1987)
GOTW #2 (Rachu_1987)
GOTW #3 (Sourpuss)
GOTW #4 (Rachu_1987)
GOTW #5 (Angel-Jot.)
GOTW #6 (dhruv. )
GOTW #7 ( Anhdara13)
GOTW #8 ~(Nayab~)
GOTW #9 ~(sourpuss)

GOTW#10 ~(Angel-Jot.)
GOTW: /This or That\

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List of Characters From The Vampire Diaries Books

Thanks to Anhdara13 (RadzBig smile)
Elena Gilbert

Described to be as beautiful as an angel, Elena is the most popular and beautiful girl in Robert E. Lee High School. Slender and pale, with long blonde hair and blue eyes, often said to be the shade of lapis lazuli, Elena changes over the course of the series from a self-centred 'ice queen' to a more open-minded and kind person. Elena is madly in love with Stefan Salvatore though she does recognize that she also has feelings for Damon, his brother.


Stefan Salvatore

He is portrayed as very handsome; pale, with wavy, dark, brown hair, fine features, and deep oak green eyes. He is not imposingly tall, but he is taller than his brother Damon. However, Stefan is the weaker brother due to the fact that he chooses not to drink human blood. He lives off animal blood, which lessens his Powers. His powers include being able to read at increased speed. He is in love with Elena and is willing to do anything he can to protect her, even if it means killing his own brother.

Damon Salvatore

Stefan's amoral vampire brother. He is very handsome, with black hair, pitch black eyes, pale skin and has a slim body type. He is described a couple of times as being "almost better looking than Stefan" by first Bonnie, and then Elena. Throughout the series he is also portrayed as a very dark seductive figure. His history dates back to Renaissance Italy. He shows feelings towards both Elena and Bonnie, though Elena receives more attention. Damon's morality is always in question'and he is constantly suspected of mischief. Damon is described as extremely relentless. He never takes danger too seriously and possesses a dark sense of humour, as well as very little regard for human life in contrast with his brother Stefan. Damon is regarded as one of the strongest vampires who reside on Earth, which comes from all the blood he's taken in. He has deep feelings for Elena that is not understood by others.

Katherine Von Swartzchild.

She is the young vampire whom Damon and Stefan both fell in love with when they were humans during the Italian Renaissance. Katherine turned the two brothers into vampires in an attempt to be happy with both brothers, instead of having to choose between them. When this didn't work, she staged her 'suicide' by going into the sunlight without her ring, leaving behind a pile of ashes in one of her dresses. The two brothers fought to the 'death' because of her loss. She physically resembles Elena which caused Stefan's initial attraction to Elena, though he later realized that Elena was emotionally stronger than Katherine, who was docile and gentle as was the standard in Renaissance Italy.

Bonnie McCullough

One of Elena's best friends, she is a small girl with deep brown eyes, a heart-shaped face, curly red hair and pinkish, peachy skin. Bonnie is a witch who is overwhelmed by her powers, and attempts to repress the true extent of them without much success. She begins to develop feelings for Damon, though she also feels an attraction to Matt Honeycutt. (Matt is still in love with Elena.) Bonnie is often said to resemble a kitten'cute, small, and relatively harmless, though she has strong psychic powers. Damon thinks of her as 'his little bird' often. Bonnie can be expansive and visionary but can be damsel-in-distress like.

Meredith Sulez.

Elena's other best friend; she is tall with olive skin, greenish-brown eyes and long black hair. Meredith is beautiful and somewhat cautious, sticks to her decisions, and is often the voice of reason throughout the series. She is perceived to be mentally stronger than Bonnie, saving her life on numerous occasions. She falls in love with Alaric Saltzman and has a long distance relationship with him

Caroline Forbes

A former friend and current rival of Elena's. She is very beautiful, tall and thin with dark green eyes, bronze skin and glossy auburn hair. Caroline is manipulative, vengeful and desperate for attention from any boy she can find during much of the series 

Matt Honeycutt.

Elena's ex-boyfriend; he's a typical All-American high school quarterback with blond hair, light blue eyes and tan skin. While Matt is heartbroken at losing Elena to Stefan, he accepts it. He continues to be very protective of Elena. Matt is extremely jealous of Stefan and still pines for Elena, though he helps Stefan escape the Haunted House on the night of the first attack [in The Awakening], but afterwards begins to think that Stefan might have killed Mr. Tanner. Later in the series, the relationship between Stefan and Matt is closer to that of best friends. He is forgiving, loyal and is described as the friendly boy-next-door type.

Tyler Smallwood.

A direct descendant of the Smallwoods that were present at the founding of Fells Church, he is later revealed to be a werewolf. This gene was dormant until he knew how to activate it. He is tall and muscular with black hair, pale skin and dark eyes.


He is an Old One (one of the original vampires) who was a mentor to Katherine, whom she thought she had killed. He has white-blond hair, light blue eyes and pale skin. Klaus has keen abilities and has the capacity to be a fine leader but has a natural instinct to dominate and be the boss. Klaus was the one who transformed Katherine into a vampire.

Judith Gilbert.

She is Elena's aunt. She moved in with Elena and her baby sister Margaret right after the death of the girls' parents. She is the sort of woman who always looked vaguely flustered; she had a thin, mild face and flyaway red hair pushed back untidily. She is engaged to,  and later married to, Robert, though she briefly broke the engagement after Elena's death, thinking it was the best for Margaret. She is caring and one of the last people Elena talks to before dying the first time.

Alaric Saltzman

He is the new young History teacher that was in suspicion of being a vampire hunter when he was in fact studying vampires ever since he discovered that they were real. He has dirty blond hair, soulful hazel eyes and pale skin. He falls in love with Meredith later on, and has a long distance relationship with her while he goes abroad to further his studies. Alaric is good at power-seeking and has high material goals.

Vickie Bennett

She is small with light brown hair and dark brown eyes. She was attacked early in the series and that caused her to go insane. She is left under the protection of Damon by his brother Stefan, but is later violently murdered by Klaus

Margaret Gilbert.

She is Elena's much younger sister, who is 4 years old. Elena considers her to be very innocent, and even secretly talks to her as a vampire after her death, saying that it is not yet her time to rejoin her deceased parents. She has platinum blond hair, pink, peachy skin and light blue eyes


Mrs. Flowers.

She is the owner of the boarding house where Stefan lives. They once thought her to just be a crazy old woman, but she is revealed to be a witch like Bonnie and helps the friends search for Elena in the woods.

He is described as having long bronze hair up to his waist and six pack abs. He helps Damon when a mob of vampires try to kill him. Sage later on, becomes Damon's best friend and is teased by Damon calling him the 'devil'.
Saber is Sage's dog who is great help for Elena and Damon when they had to get to Stefan. Saber is described as an intelligent-looking, handsome black dog. 


Kitsune fox that was controlling Damon using the malach. He got rid of all kindness and everything good Elena had put in Damon. He and his twin sister convinced Stefan that there was a place where he could become human, instead leading him to a place that was lower than hell. 
Shinichi's twin sister. She was controlling the whole town and messing around with them using the malach while Shinichi was doing the same with Damon. Caroline was her main target. 

[The kitsune foxes are described as having black hair with streaks of red at the edges. They have effervescent, golden, laughing eyes.]
Lady Bloddeuwedd
A woman in whos mansion the Kitsune foxes had hid the other half key of the Kitsune key to Stefan's cell.
She is described as having a light faint blush, enormous eyes, yellow hair almost falling down to the floor. She is apparently made out of flowers. 


Kistune Fox
This Kitsune fox was unnamed. He is six feet tall, wears a white tunic over breeches, long white hair and fox-like ears. He gives Stefan a bouquet that changes a vampire to human once it's opened. The same bouquet is then opened by Damon out of curiosity. 

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