My 'Little' CID experience!!

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"It started out as a feeling..

which then grew into a hope..

which then turned into a quite thought..

which then turned.. into a quite WORD..


... and then that word grew loudER and LOUDER

till it was a Battle Cry!

I will come back.. when you call me.. No need to say ... 'GOODBYE' ... "

Very Honestly.. it started as a Television Show when I was a little girl.. it turned into one of my favourites soon! Then it turned to the longest running show on Indian and I guess International Television as well! Lately.. I have known it to be my obsession.. something that made me know amazing friends I will cherish forever.. it taught me bravery.. taught me that dying for your country is the ultimate pride... it gave me a reason to call each Friday - 'Good Friday'...
The list is really Endless!

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen.. you guessed it right.. I speak of none other than - CID .

The Question comes - Why CID so suddenly? The simple reason being - When an Uncle (a very dear one :P) asked me before my board exams that what would I want after my boards? He is a producer in Bombay (I WILL call it BOMBAY.. do whatever you can! :P). The Uncle talks of Sushmita Sen, Salman Khan, Suniel Shetty, Shiamak Davar... people you would definitely want to meet.. but what I answer him is - I want to see the CID shooting. I want to meet my heroes. And he agrees... and so does my family!

For like 2 months and 15 days... all I think of is.. I am gonna meet CID!

Finally the BIG DAY.. 19th... We made plan to go to Khandala and Lonawala.. but Uncle called the previous night and told us that we are going to see CID!! I had heard some stuff about the team from an inside source.. and I was so dying to meet them! I dressed in the best.. looked as good as I could.. and set off..
Now one BIG wrong thing with me is that I always sleep in car journey if its anything more than an hour. It took us some more than an hour but this time I didnot sleep a second.. I remember and cherish every moment of my excitement! It was fortunately on the way to Lonawala and Khandala. It was almost outside Bombay.. possibly the only reason why people dont see them often or fans dont reach to them lots...
We reached there and you bet the security guards of that area were so cool.. they actually told us go there without even letting us tell where we wanted to go.. and when I got down.. the first person I saw was Udit. Now Udit works in the CID team.. yes he does and I happen to know him too.. well he happens to know me too! :P ... I called out to him but he was busy entering the make up van and shocked to see someone calling him suddenly. Also because he had no clue how I looked :P .. Anyways.. the guy who had to show us around came and took us in.. the shoot was scheduled for 9 am but we reached there after 10:30 am.. yet the shoot hadNOT begun. Only the extraas were there. They were seated and the crew was deciding on the shot angles and how and from where to shoot.
While waiting.. I went and met Udit.. he was glad to meet me.. after I told him its me :P ... He told me that the first scene didnot have cops.. and the cops were in the van getting ready. They come and they have breakfast and now getting ready and so I couldnot meet them in the van :( ... but I could when they come for the shot. Finally the shoot started.. they were apprantly waiting for someone and when he came (I dont know who he was).. the shoot started.
I know people (Everyone).. that CID has lost that charm it had... but for past few months I see that they are improving.. stories got something that is more catching.. it is yet not that good but trust me everyone, they are trying. They took one shot which was a simple walking one atleast 7 - 8 times... just to give us the best one.. and trust me.. it wasnot easy. Everytime something or someone did a small error and they had to do it all again. The shot was hardly for 30 seconds.. yet they work so hard for it.. for us. Lets appreciate that! And trust me.. Everyone there is so sweet. We were total strangers for them.. but everyone came and met us.. even the extraas.. they were so glad to meet us.. they were faces who keep repeating but not very prominent ones..

There was a lady.. I took her to be the writer first but no she wasnt. She waited patiently while every time the shot was retaken... and we talked to her.. I suggested why not practice it once?? She said they should.. and I told that they did for the 111 minute long episode.. and she said but that was a big single shot one... I reminded her that this shot they are trying to take is ALSO a single take..

and when finally the shot was fine.. she came to told us too.. and the smile on her face.. that was just too sweet!

Anyways.. when the shot was being taken and retaken.. Viivek came... He is a little more tall than he looks. He is totally white.. the kind of fair that you will feel that he might get dirty if you touched him.. but he is really sweet. He came himself to meet us. And he talked genuinely and in the end he said 'feel at home' ; That was really sweet for him to say. And then as it wasnot his shot.. he went back.

Finally when the shot was taken fine... did someone shout.. call the 'cops' ... yes they call CID cast as 'cops' ... I loved hearing this because I never thought of this. Anyways.. first one to come was Viivek.. and I was just seeing him go.. and then I turned my head to the other entrance (there were three of them)... and in came Daya. There was a glass door to this entrance and ... I was seeing him through the glass door. He is ALOT more tall and handsome than he looks. He is NOT at all the fat as he looks. He is overweight definitely but in the show he sometimes looks alot round and HE ISNOT ROUND... He is really tall.. Tall enough that you had to like look to the sky to talk to him.. But he had that shine you find on Daya's face. He walked past me to the director.. I have no idea.. but the moment he passed.. I started feeling really HOT :P .. I started sweating like hell.. and I ran to the washroom to wash my face and gain my lost breath!!

I returned to find my mum dad talking to a man who had his back to me.. I had guessed it to be him but I always had my doubt considering his totally different body language. He was none other than - ACP Pradyuman - Shivaji Satam.

He wore this black shirt. Ofcourse I have seen him wear this.. but still he was a completely different person off the camera. He kept smiling and beaming while he was talking to me and he is never angry... I was liked shocked! And this person.. he actually came and hugged me.. He asked me how I was.. and then what I am doing.. I told him I am doing nothing.. for 12th over and results were to come two days later. He was so glad hearing this and he wished me luck. He then asked me what will I do later in life and I told him I wanna be a forensic doctor.. and he said so you are gonna be a surgeon.. I said no.. I am going to be Dr. Salunke and he smiled. He had to then go and listen to the scene.. and he asked us if we had tea and breakfast.. but ofcourse we had tea but not breakfast... He asked if we met others.. and we said no.. and he said dont worry.. all will come.. Daya and Aditya..

First time I heard someone call him Aditya... not Abhijeet.. and it was so different! I looked to where director was.. he was near the third gate.. Daya was there with him.. and then I noticed another guy.. who was standing a little behind.. he was observing everything silently - ABHIJEET!! I will never forget the look on his face.. the first time I saw him.. I didnot capture it for I feared if he got angry for clicking him without asking.. but trust me.. I will never forget that look!! So innocent it was.. he was looking for someone as he called someone moments later...

Well.. then came Freddie.. he came from the same door as did Viivek. Now Freddie was a REAL SURPRISE! He had a beard and wore a watchman costume. He had to be the ultimate one!! He wasnot goofy as he is shown.. he was smiling all the time talking to us.. but he was totally a normal guy. And my mum told him that we would love to meet his wife too and he laughed a little. He was more of a little sophisticated but nice. And did I mention.. he is really not the way he looks.. Yes he is fat.. (sorry!!) but he is really smart.. You had to see him walk.. I was totally amazed! He looked no less than a model.. amazing attitude this guy carries.. hats off Freddie sir.. oops.. Dinesh sir! :D

Well.. he had to go because he was in the scene with Hrishikesh Pandey .. who too played a watchman.

The crew told us that this episode is about some radioactive material in an auditorium.. and now the cops are disguised. Abhi and Daya were the attendants... Freddie and Hrishikesh were watchman.. Donot know about the rest of them :S

Then I saw Vaishnavi walk in.. Oh girl! She is damn thin.. perfect zero figure.. and the way she carries herself.. bet there are guys dieing for her! :P She wore a good shirt and tight jeans. She had a wig on which had short hair to the ear.. Sorry.. I didnot meet her or take any pic. I was so busy staring Abhi and Daya all this while.. that I didnot meet the new cops or Vaishnavi. Already they were getting late to shoot the next scene... and I was just too mesmerized! Abhi was still a little gloomy... I dont believe it.. without meeting Abhi.. I had pictured him this way and he actually turned out that way.. someone who is a silent observer... strictly professional.. very friendly to his friends and the people he loves... but he can get really angry!! I cannot tell you how I knew he would be like this or the confirmation to these qualities.. you will just have to take my word for these! Meanwhile.. Daya was talking to everyone around.. He has longer hair than we see.. not really long but yes longer than what we see.. and I noticed in the Friday episode that he gels or oils them to keep them down.. but trust me he looks good when those hair are just carried by the wind! Totally wow...

We then went to meet Abhi.. oops Aditya! He instantly had a smile seeing us. He was really sweet! I couldnot speak... he is definitely taller than he looks and ALOT MORE YOUNG!! TRUST ME.. STOP WORRYING.. HE'S GOT YEARS LEFT BEFORE THE MARRIAGE AGE GOES... HE ISNOT AT ALL THE OLD HE IS SHOWN... and probably it was also the clothes. He looked totally like in late twenties and NO I AM NOT JUST SAYING IT FOR I LIKE HIM.. I MEAN IT! He then started talking randomly.. when dad told him we are from Delhi.. he told us that he worked in the Sri Ram Centre .. in Delhi.. but that was years back.. and he asked us from where we are? and we told Almora (Uttaranchal) and he said that he has had been there..
I feel amazing whenever anyone tells that they have had been to my native place.. and when Aditya said it.. wow! And when I was there with Aditya.. ACP sir passed and he called out to Aditya and said that she got her results tomorrow.. wish her.. and he did wish me.. how sweet of him!! I mean both ACP sir as well as Abhi..
And then my dad was telling Abhi that I watch CID nonstop.. Abhi raised an eye to look at me... he was seeing my dad na first.. and then asked me ' aap bahut CID dekhte hain? '.. Before I could say.. my dad went on that she watches CID 24*7 and my cousins are also nuts about it... I told ABhi.. not just my cousinss but I got this little gang of CID on fb.. and we are all freaks! Abhi thought for a while.. really silent.. probably thinking of asking me to study a little or not.. but ended up saying.. keep viewing CID or else how will we earn... I was laughing hard at that..

Meanwhile.. my mum had gone to meet Daya and she called me there..

I donot know why isnot Daya looking different here but trust me.. he looked so wow.. that I was mesmerized!! I actually asked him - Are you real? And he looked at me thinking how stupid I am.. actually he just looked at me at first.. and then after a little pause he asked - Do we look like cartoons to you?
I was so glad to listen to his voice.. I said no.. but I dont believe my eyes.. and then I told him not to wear the usual clothes he does as Inspector Daya... I told him he looks bad in those and the thing he wore right now was alot more cooler and he should wear like these.. and he said that this is a disguise.. so I asked him to wear clothes he wears at his home but not those pathetic ones...

Daya glanced at me.. and wow!! I was just tall enough that I saw directly that on Daya's sleeve there were some red marks.. no NOT blood.. but some colour.. and I did this to glance away from his stare...

Then we all stood for a picture.. Daya, Abhi, Daddy, Mum and me.. I WANT a pic alone with Daya... fore like in this one.. I am next to Abhi but not to Daya.. and you know what?? Abhi was calling me 'AAP' .. I felt like fainting or telling him away.. but both options would have caused my loss.. And I know Abhi isnot looking really tall here and I know why!! I saw that.. he actually bent while the pic was being clicked.. and that is the reason why Abhi looks shorter.. Otherwise.. yes not like Daya.. But Abhi is really tall. You actually look upto him!! :P Lollzzz.. I love double meaning talks :P

And yes.. Daya looked alot younger too. He looked even younger than Abhi. And its NOT just me.. My parents say the same too! They areNOT that old as they are shown! Hate the channel for doing so!!

And well.. there were Jasveer (KIran), Vaishnavi and Hrishikesh.. but I didnot meet them.. for it was already 12:30 and we had to go on with our journey.. though everyone told us that we could wait and see the shot and then talk again to the cast.. but dad said lets go.. Before going.. I went to Aditya and told him that I want to ask you something.. and he asked what?

I told him - you worked in that movie called Dil Se Pooch Kidhar Jaana hai... He said yes. I asked him that Why does your wife kill you in the end? I could barely speak in front of him and he had to bring his ears as low as my mouth to listen... and then he told me.. ofcourse I am NOT putting the climax here but Imagine.. Ramya, Jeet and I have been nuts about this Movie since ages... we really want to see this... and searched the whole net.. we know everything.. the climax is that the wife kills the hero.. but we couldnt find the CD anywhere.. and indeed I asked Udit to find me the CD and he was such a sweetheart that he went and asked Aditya.. Unfortunately.. Aditya didnot have the CD either that time.. he had given to someone.

Honestly.. the whole journey ahead to Lonawala and Khandala.. I was beaming and speechless.. those people were magic and they spelled it on me!! To all CID fans.. trust me.. if you are a big one.. you NEED to meet them! It's altogether a completely different experience.. those guys are totally not like the way they are shown. ACP sir is so sweet. Freddie is sensible!! Abhi is very soft spoken.. I cant imagine him to ever shout.. Daya is the life.. he talks to everyone around and very nicely!! And Viivek is very sweet... So to all CID fans.. TRUST ME .. you outta meet them ONCE to know the real them!

... (to read my entire journey update.. check my blog entry - - hope you like it and sorry for advertising it LOLWink )

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I am dying to see the pics but can't, I am in office and they are blocked Angry. You are so blessed sweetie. Wish you took me with you, joking Big smile. So happy to hear about everyone. Glad you had a great time.

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Shruti di u call this "Little"???
iski 1% bhi mere saath hua hota to i wud have been speechless too....lekin mera bad luck!!!
i loved the part where Shivaji Sir, was passing by and he asked Adi sir to wish u luck for ur results!!! Soooo Cute.... Shruti u r really lucky yaar!!! Ab to xam results pakka bahut achha ayega....LOL
Adi sir's pic is looking very cute!! Awww...such a sweet smile!Day Dreaming
i have become sooo happy that now i can even bear one more month of bad CID episodes!!! yes i can..but i hope i dont need to...Big smilethanx Shruti....thank u very very much! i have been waiting to know them as persons and how they are while shoots for a long time...and i got it! Thanx to u!!!Big smilelove u Shruti!

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This is enough to forgive them for last week's episode...Smile
Thanks for posting. That was very very sweet. You are truly blessed to meet them. And I consider myself fortunate for getting a chance to read your experience.
This has pulled me out of 'you can't guess where'!!!!

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Thanks for sharing with us! It's great you had such a nice experience. Big smile
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thnx for sharing your experience with us...that's really great!!!

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Thanks for sharing with us! It's great you had such a nice experience. Smile
Shruti di u call this "Little"??? if i was replaced in your place i would be very happy that my wish is complete to meet cid cast one in life .
.i was gone to lonavala 2 weeks back .

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Luna u r so sweeeeet!!!!! So sweet of u to share wt us!!!!! thanx a lot!!! i agree wt visrom- u have indeed lifted my spirits especially wt adi sir's cute pic and d rest of ure experience!!! GOD BLESS YOU.

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