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MONDAY 24-5-10

at TA place,charu's people start getting annoyed..puvi and mom outside really of charu's relative asks charu's dad whether the guy agreed for this engagement..he gets very irritated goes outside asks puvi when TA ll come...charu's mother joins dem...i cant believe ur son is so irresponsible..even if he has work he knows its his engagement...TA's mom asks dem ..all these rituals and beliefs are ours so lets start the function when he comes he can join..all our people already doubt whether he has agreed for marriage ..if we go ahead they ll think its true cries out charu's mom..let him they are speaking TA arrives..his mom starts sobbing he brings everyone in...he sits besides charu ..suddenly images of thulsi smiling flash in his the same time charu smiles..he gets slightly irritated...teh photographer keeps taking snaps..he tells his mom he has some imporatnt work and takes leave mom refuses..charu intervenes and asks him to go..for ur son everythn except me is urgent she comments to TA 's mom..he blinks at her ..only u can joke is it..even i can charu tells..he just leaves tells bye to her dad standing of their relative comments..this boy is strange he ignores all of us and leaves like this..porum porum nu poi inda paiyan mapillai a select pannega..TA's mom is listening to all this very worried...


TUESDAY 25.5.2010 TA Counting 1,2,3

Hospital  ICU.  Silence Zone board replaced by Noise Pollution board ,thanks to tilaka. Thaya thakka thaya thakka  , dances Tilaka as doctors & nurse refrain from parting any info about Vel's condition. Archanai galore for the doctors & the hospital at high pitch . Doctor chides her for  creating  a ruckus inside the hospital premises. Says she should be grateful to them for saving her  brother's life . Further adds , though there is no danger to his life, condition is still critical...deep head near coma stage... next 48 hrs. is very crucial . They are doing their best & still if tilaka feels to shift him to another hospital she is welcome to do so. Tilaka labo dibo at 48 hrs. kedu...anger now shifts towards TA , wants to finish him off. Calls inspector Azhagam Perumal [AP] who is away on training, for help. He asks her to lodge a  complaint in his police station so as to deal  the matter  legally .

Another noise pollution scene at MM's house.  Padma screaming frenziedly in her squeaky of her anger MM  for cancelling the wedding [ wish MM had gone ahead with Vel/ Pavi wedding to teach this lady a lesson...stupid woman kach mooch nu  enna kathu kathara ]. Abuses every one left right & centre...addresses MM in ek vachan.. nee , vaa  po [ mariyadai for husband poye poyindhi.], pulls up  family dignity  ...manam ketta kudumbam , kedu katta manidhargal , my head writing been thallufied in this wretched kudumbam ,my tummy catch fire & burning . MM is patience personified but patti  could take no more. Word of war between mamiyar & marumagal with marumagal  insulting all & sundry with special reference to Tulasi. Thats it. Pongi ezhugiraar porumai sigamani ..raises his hand at Padma.  Badrakali  [ Roudhrakali] incarnation by Padma , frenziedly reiterates  her statement  that Tulasi has eloped with someone. As speechless MM & Paati look on an auto arrives at their door & the 3 Devian alight from it. They update about their missing mission .... last day for admission to Engg. college , so TA took them directly there from the wedding hall, paid the fees & got Tulasi  the admission. MM is moved ,blesses her whole heartedly.... nee eppovum nanna irukkanum. Iceland volcano smoke from Padma's ears , vows to destroy Tulasi's ambition .  Storms out of the house with a savaal " nee eppadi padichu kizhikkarenu park karendi ".[ nanna paarudi , mudhalla un pillayai thedudi.]

Police station. Mr & Mrs. Tilaka arrive. The inspector [AP's junior] is sitting & puratting the files. As usual Tilaka does her solo talking  or rather shouting, lecturing on police  functions, their lackadaisical approach towards their duty , yet to arrest the accused in his brother's case  bla  bla .Inspector loses patience , shout at her to give him a chance to speak. Tells her that the accused has surrendered himself & shows her TA kambi counting. Now a drama unfolds. Inspector asks TA to be released ,  tells  him to go home & come back in the evening to be produced in the court . Tilaka jumps up & down. Inspector reveals his plan of action. [ indha inspector eppo vandhalun oru drama podama kaariyam pannaradhillai ]. Allows TA to walk out , but before he steps out of the police station orders his constables to arrest him on the pretext of escaping from the prison. Perplexed TA is given the taste of Mamiyar house' feast ....what else adi udhaythan...dishyum dishyum , mothu kuthu for conceiving surrender plan in anticipation of bail , lot of verbal abuses ....vel mel kai vachavan kaiyai udaikkanum etc etc.  AS usual abrupt freeze.


Wednesday: 25th May 2010

Episode starts from insp beating TA and thilaka is all Big smileBig smile. Her husband is all ConfusedConfused Thil says insp AP(his name is too big and I m bad at spellingsLOLLOL)  has asked us to write a complaint. Ins says surely do that, that will make the case stronger. He asks constable to get the pen and paper. other constable put TA in jail.Confused Thilaka is about to write and insp gets angry, he says she has left her sick brother and you are making her write all this. Ma'am just sign on this and I will make the case so strong that he cannot get out of jail. Thil is all Big smile How dare you try to oppose vel. Thil signs the paper, Insp says u signed now I see him, he can never come out of jail, I will see him. Thil says she now believes him and let this guy rot in jail and once bro wakes up I will teach thools a lesson. insp follows thils till the car and assures her that he will take care of everything. He goes in and asks to get TA out. When TA comes out all battered by the beatings, he asks do you know why I asked you to leave and then caught you and beat you? coz if I did not do that the lady would have gone to commissioner and then you could not have come out in this lifetime. TA is all OuchOuch (I guessed this would happen, thats why AP had to go for trainingWink) He continues that policeman has a body language for each beating. I beat you only lightly not to hit you a lot. otherwise that lady would have not believed me. TA thanks him. Insp says I made lot of inquiries about you. I also went to you house and I found out from your frnd that your getting engaged today, he asked me to give you some time and that you will come and surrender. After all my inquiries I came to know that you are a nice guy. I thought of giving you one chance and you came by yourself and surrendered and that proves you have not done anything wrong.ClapClap

TA  is all happy hearing this. I already know a lot about Vel but only when I inquired I came to know how much bad he has done for thools.her sis has signed on blank papers, this one thing is enough, see what I do now. will u have coffee or tea? TA refueses, insp says he has a doubt, TA says he only hit Vel. insp says not about that. as far as I know, that thools isnt related to you, when you have engagement going on in your house, not even bothered by that why have u taken so much risk? TA says for me risk taking is like eating risk. LOLLOL Insp says I am talking seriously dont crack jokes. so whats the link with that gal? TA looks down and says that gal is my sisters frnd. The lawyer comes in then with TA's frnd and he says I have not done anything major, I will fill some small case. lawyer says vel is not a small man, he will inquire what case you have put. Insp says yes he will do follow up, he believes if he has money he can do anything, if any prob arises I have blank paper signed by his sis. ClapClap lawyer gives bail paper and tell insp to be cautious. insp says don worry. TA leaves. constable says insp AP is very much involved what to do if he asks why we let him go? insp says this ayyah has all puniyam for the pavam that ayyah has done. LOLLOL Insp asks TA again what is ur relationship with that gal? do u love her? TA says dont you know I am already engaged. Insp says when I asked you whats the link, u bowed your head and said sis frnd, but I know u understand me. If you love some gal dont marry someone else just coz of some bad situation. That is not good for both you and ur fiance. Let me tell you one thing you have taken more risk than I have as a policeman and that too for that gal. thats why I am suspicious. If you dont have any feelings like that then leave it. But if you really have feelings dont leave it like that, you have brought together so many loveres, dont let you love go waste. TA says nothing like that thanks the insp and leaves.

He goes out and asks his frnd to go to thools house and tell her not to tell anybody that she hit Vel. I have already surrendered and let her name not come in this. i dont have her phone number or would have called and told her. frnd is hesitant and asks TA to come with him, TA says he is feeling embarrassed to go to thools house  and also mother must be angry as I left the engagement in hurry. frnd leaves  and TA keeps thinking on what the insp said

Here in thools house , muthu is sitting with his head down in regret. Patti says thools everyone gets only what is in store for them. see, you thought that anand was a good guy and he did not come. You thought TA was a bad guy and he helped you. deepa says even if what anand did was bad in a way it helped thools. patti asks muthu why are you sitting like this? the day u acccepted thools that day you became a big person. thools asks why he dad is sad. muthu is all crying and he asks thools for forgiveness for torturing thools without understanding her good nature. both father and daughter hug and thools says she cannot see her father crying. muthu says okay I will not cry and you will not have troubles coz of me. muthu repents for his past behavior. you should have at least asked if I was worth being a father and u forgave everything. thools is all emotional. deepa says patti has brought up thools like that, she will never hurt anyone. patti says its thools good nature has changed you. you stopped the wedding you planned. thools asks how vel is? patti tells her dont talk about him. let him go to hell.thools says no that cannot happen, otherwise everything will do waste coz its me who hit him with a lamp.Clap

Thursday May 27th 2010

Okay guys I am back with todays update.

Epi starts with Thools admitting the fact that it was she who hit Vel. muthu, patti and pavitra(pavs) shcoked. muthu is all ShockedShocked patti and muthu Unhappy thools tells everything and that TA told her not to tell anyone. Patti says dont worry if vel dies I will tell I killed him. ClapClap TA's frnd comes there and thools introduces him to her father. he says TA has surrendered and accepted he killed vel. everyone is ShockedShocked thools says appa lets go to police station now. the frnd dissuades her from going. but she is adamant, says I can give my life also for what TA has done. frnd says dont get emotional, you studies will be affected. thools says he has a generous heart, so what I use that to my advantage? she asks appa to come with her, muthu agrees. frnd says listen to me and tells the whole story and says TA is out on bail, no problem now. thools says he has come out on bail, he problem is not solved yet let me go and surrender. frnd says I understand your point of view, but if there was no truth in our case the SI would not be helping us. frnd continues that TA has done all this only for your studies. thools understands , frnd says if you go to station now then it means all effort by TA is gone waste, if you still want to go meet TA and go coz its his decision. You respect him I guess, in the kalyanam manadapam you followed him without asking questions(no she did ask lot of koshtinsD'oh) so now also listen to him. everyone isOuchOuch deepa advises her to leave this for now and meet TA tomorrow and then decide. TA's frnd leaves and thools is all lost in thought.  Deepa and Kal leave. Pavs is all OuchOuch and muthu tells her not to tell padma the truth that thools hit vel. Pavs says no I will not tell anyone, akka came forward in the kalyana mandapam and I will never forget that.(okay one villi turned positive Big smile) pavs asks muthu if he will hate her, mohan and her mom. muthu hugs her and she cries. muthu says enough pavam I did for thools, no more. Even I have made mistakes, no one should cry in this house and both daughters hug father. patti is all happy seeing this and prays to murga.

Here padma is seen sitting in hospital.(Shockedshe went to see Vel, srima you were rightThumbs Up) enter thilaka and husband. they are Shocked to see padma. padma all sweet talks, asks how mapallai is? more than the wedding being stopped. i am all worried about vel. how is he? dont worry about thools, she didnt get married. she wanted to study so went to college for admission. let mapallai become alright and then studies is nothing, we can do this marriage. Thilaka gives her ONE TIGHT SLAP. ClapClap Padma is all ShockedShocked Thil is all Angry how dare you stand in front of me and talk like this. padma says no I respect you. thil says ennadi pollada mariyadai? and goes to slap her again.ClapClap her husband stops her saying dont behave like this in hospital(I was hoping for one more slapLOLLOL) thil shuts him and says she has no idea in which situation we are. big respect she has, what talks she said in the mandapam.  when you had marry your daughter to my bro what all you said? you may have forgotten but I cannot forget all that. Ideally I should have slapped you there.ClapClap but because it was kalyana mandapam I left it. your daridaram son studies or does not study, for his studies only you took money from my bro. first take money from my bro and then insult him. what you think I forgot all that? thils' husband asks her to leave as she has come to inquire about vel's health. thil says what you think she has come to ask vel's helath? she is all scared that if this wedding will not happen we will ask money back. frist time wedding stopped I did not want their alliance. but she and her husband muthu begged and stayed outside my house. they said somehow marry my daughter, that muthu even saw security job. having mercy I arranged for marraige and look where these people have bought my bro. Padma tries to clarify but thilka aks her to get out from there. thils' husband says you go now, we will talk later.  thil says there is no later, return the money with interest or lose your house and stand on the road with family, dont forget I have the house papers. padma is all Shocked padma is still standing, so thilaka pushes her away and get lost. ClapClap thil is still cribbing how she came after insulting us so much, she decides to get all the money from her. Vel's men come and ask what to do about that anand? thil orders them to free him(now what love triangle again?Wacko)

TA is sitting with lav and bro and I think he tells them everything. bro says it took so much time to come from a frnd's wedding which did not happen. mom was so worried, how did you arrange this wedding without asking gals's consent? mom orders him not to do such work. TA says how can I let those people down who want my help. mom asks him to shut up and that he has lived how he wanted, now he cannot live like that. TA asks why? have I got horns?LOLLOL mom says see what gal I have seen for you? they are millionares. what a house, to keep up their name you dont go for such jobs. she says sit her I will take drishti. TA says no need. sudha and her daughter come there. mom sees them and says drishti is very imp, our own house ppl thought you wont come for engagement, somehow in the end u made it and shut them up. sudha is all AngryAngry 


TA's mom continues..people here thought function would not take place..suda is fuming..she goes picks up sand from the same place suda was standing..suda notices..when she comes in suda starts screaming..look wat ur mom is doing she is taking sand from the same place where i was standing..TA's mom retorts..chi chi i nevva meant it tat way..i just chumma took some sand look at how ur wife is twisting even small things and making me look like a villi..suda's turn now...for three days i did all the work at home she now comments like this..puvi asks his mom..y did u praise suda in front of her dad during engagement den???...appidi kelunga..she needed my help appo so she praised now she dosent so she's misbehaving says suda..innum marriage has not taken place der are so many things befor that so romba adadhenga...says suda...lavanya intervenes asks suda puvi to go in...mother tells TA if this marriage dosent happen ll kill myself..(nannum notice pannen in all serials mom s keep saying this but no one dies LOLLOL)
TA asks lavanya to come inside his room..he tells her i wanted to give anand thulsi a wedding gift but i gave it to thulsi already..she asks wat is it..he says engineering seat(so cute..Embarrassed)..she asks him..when thulsi said she dosent luv anand how did u feel??..he tels her happy he escaped ...she looks vaguely and goes.den he smiles to himself...
pavi informs patti padma 's not yet home...they are all worried...except patti..MM is walking up and down...patti asks him you have that 5 lakhs la...he says yes,mohan has it...padma arrives...
MM stops her and asks her where her son is nd accuses him of running away wid 5 lakhs,...she gets wild and asks pavi to leave..pavi tells cha and goes near dad (sama appu!!!)
they all go in...padma thinks within hrself...its best to lie low now as am alone even ma daughter had deserted me but one day ll take revenge...


Anand & family get dropped at their house by some gundas. They have slightest cue for their kidnapping , who the people are & purpose of their abduction . Father is happy that at least  they are released. Anand tries  to call TA , finds time is past midnight & decides to call in the morning.


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HI ALL thanks fr the lovely n lively updates ..... even if i miss out on an epi i logon to if fr reviews... gd job eve1 ... cheers ... Clap


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Deepak, it is great to see you here Party....  You are doing a fab job in all the serials as well Thumbs Up...... including as Shorimuthu...  Please do join us more often when time permits....

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hi deepak,
nice to see u here......
u rock in this so is this story too......
making us feel what would happen next???
cheers to thendral and team!! Good job!!!!!

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Deepak, it is very nice to see you here in Thendral forumBig smile.
You are doing an amazing job in ThendralClap i think it is the best character you got in serial till date.Your acting is very realistic and evokes laughter.Keep going.

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@Deepak, you are cute in this serial, but I have one thought - after a whole day of trauma and a sleepless night, you are looking too fresh and calm, and so does Paati, while Thulasi looked exhausted.  Did you have a secret way to stay fresh, or was it just that Thulasi got the tired makeup, and not you? 

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Hi Deepak,  
it is very nice to see you here in Thendral forum.
You are doing very well in this serial. Keep it up.


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hi deepak,
nice to see you in IF..
i really enjoy watching ur scenes..
keep it up very good performance..Thumbs Up

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