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(SR) Dupatte mein Dil

arp04srocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 May 2010 at 9:53pm | IP Logged

 All I can say is TGIF...I LOVED today's episode and can not wait to see what is in store for us.  So today's epi started with Sid in his favorite home away from home the changing room.  Where the audience is finally shown that he is in fact questioning all he has done.  That he is not so set in his plans about getting Ridz out of life anymore.  He believes Ridz's intentions are true and that he himself is not sure why he continues to push her away and refuses to accept her with open arms.  Then we see Sid imagine Ridz and have the cutest self conversation to date. Where she tells him that he's an idiot, and then asks him the question he should have been asking himself all along, "In this early morning, why are you thinking about me??"  Clearly the fool is in love, he just refuses to admit it to himself. So of course we see Sid close his eyes and tell himself that she is just his imagination.  Yet when he opens them, he is shocked that she is in fact gone. You can just see that deep down inside Sid knows that Ridz does not want to go away from him.  And his subconscious (dream Ridz) is trying to bring it to light to uloo Sid (conscious Sid).


Of course, after these two fake Ridz encounters the real Ridz comes in.  And despite everything that has gone down between them, and all she has seen and her resolve to leave his life forever.  She once again makes the effort.  She puts her ego and her hurt aside and attempts to have a conversation with Sid.  She tells him its nice to see him on duty.  Of course poor Sid has been bashed on the head twice in a row with fake Ridzies and thus in the most adorable way he denies what he is seeing.  It can't be Ridz, it's just my imagination, please just go away.  Real Ridz has no clue what is going on in her dear husband's head, how he is struggling with the actions he has taken and how she has managed to make a place not just in his heart, but his mind as well.  So she does what any woman would do when she is rejected by the man she wants to be with.  She questions him, "Do you really hate me that much?? That you can't even look at my face???" And then she leaves, wounded again.  The real tragedy is that Sid never realized that whom he was talking to was in fact the real Ridz.   And unbeknownst to him he hurt her again.


Then we see the elevator scene.  A great attempt by Dr. Armaan to get these two to talk and open up.  But of course this is Sid and Ridz Modi.  It takes a gun to their heads (or one of them leaving forever) in order for them to open up.  So they ride the empty elevator in silence.  But as is true of any moment Sid and Ridz have together, silence does not mean emotionless.  They share some intense eyelocks where each desperately wants to tell the other what they are feeling.  How they are broken and lost without the other.  How they want to just take each others hands and clutch them and never let go.  Of course, for once Ridz's stubbornness is, in my opinion, well deserved.  She shouldn't be the one to talk first after all she tried to open the door in the morning but it was slammed shut by Sid and his "leave me".  So she waits, and of course Sid is lost in his thoughts trying to think of something to which to start the conversation.  But of course this is DMG and they had to have the entire hospital enter this elevator just as these two were about the to take steps towards each other.  So what ensued was an awkward ride and then they both separated. 


Then my favorite part, the morgue.  Ingenious plan I must say.  Put a girl afraid of the dark into a place filled with dead bodies and then scare the crap out of her.  And the results are priceless.  Ridz runs away terrified and right into the arms of Sid.  She stands there clutching him knowing that he will stand between her and whatever scariness is lurking just beyond them.  I know she didn't see Sid while she was clutching him, and then when she realized it was him she backed off.  But her instincts knew that it was indeed Sid holding her.  She stood in that embrace for quite some time.  As they say when you are frightened your senses are enhanced, and I'm sure Ridz knew that the man she ran into was in fact Sid.  This also takes me back to scene where Sid drops off Ridz at Naina's and he asks her "tumhe daar to nahi lagegi?" and Ridz's response is "ab nahi lagegi".  Once again, all the darr that Ridz felt was gone because Sid was with her.  Of course, reality must invade and Ridz remembers all that has been said and done.  So she backs off even though it's the last thing she wants, you can tell from her face.  And you definitely can tell that Sid doesn't want her to leave. 


All it takes for Sid to forget reality is for Ridz to come near him and look into his eyes.  So as he watches Ridz leave with a face that clearly states, "mat jao" the dupatta Gods intervene and Ridz's dupatta gets caught in Sid's watch.  You see Ridz turn around look at Sid, and you just know that Ridz is hoping that Sid has stopped her.  That he wants to tell her to not go and that they need to work things out.  But of course that is not so and when she looks she sees a confused Sid looking at her, and you see her face fall.  You see the disappointment in her face and her struggle to control the hurt she is no doubt feeling.  Next we Sid struggle with the removal of the dupatta.  When I saw this part I had a flash back to the honeymoon bangle getting stuck in Sid's shirt.  And no matter how hard Sid tried he just couldn't get the bangle unstuck.  And he had no choice but to swallow his stubbornness and allow Ridz to remove it herself.  Once again, here we have the dupatta stuck and Sid struggles trying to remove it.  Finally, Ridz steps in removes the dupatta herself.  Now to me both of these scenes just shouted of the relationship Ridz and Sid have.  That no matter what problems Sid tries to tackle it is only with Ridz that he will be able to overcome them. 


Don't worry this nalayak dupatta represents more than just their relationship and problems.  As Armaan said earlier about Ridz, "Uske dupatte mein dil".  And this dupatta has been roaming around and around from person to person.  But Today, it became evident that the dupatta does in fact represent Ridz's dil.  And it was abundantly clear when we saw the dupatta once again get stuck.  This time in Armaan's belt (not quite sure how it could get stuck there without some help'but whatever).  We have a repeat here of what went down in the morgue.  This time Ridz is walking away from Armaan having accepted the dare and as she walks away her dupatta is tugged.  And yes, she has a moment.  What happened in this moment?? Some may say she flashed back to the days when she was with Armaan and was remembering what they shared.  Others may say that she was flashing back to what happened in the morgue and her moment with Sid.  I say, it doesn't really matter.  Because if she was in fact remembering her time with Armaan, then I cant blame the girl.  She did spend two years loving him, and heck after just a few months with my friends random things will make me remember them so why wouldn't something as significant as her dupatta getting tugged on by Armaan trigger old memories?? And if she was in fact remembering her moment with Sid (which in my opinion is more plausible) then no explanations are necessary as she is clearly thinking about the rejection she has once again gotten from her patidev. 


What I think is more important is the way the dupatta removal was handled.  This time, Armaan didn't wait for her to tug the dupatta back, instead he removed it himself and gave it to her.  The way this was shot touched me.  You can clearly see that in Armaan's face that when the dupatta gets stuck he has a serene and happy smile on his face. He is definitely thinking about they're time together.  But he also knows that she is no longer his.  He has accepted this and shows it by removing the dupatta from his belt and giving it to her.  As he himself said "uske duppate mein dil".  To me this scene portrayed Armaan once and for all giving Ridz back her Dil from his point of view. This scene was clearly meant as a closure for Armaan and Ridz as lovers and is the beginning of Armaan and Ridz friends.  So compare this with what went down with Sid.  And you can see that now if we look at that dupatta getting stuck in Sid's watch and him struggling to remove it.  It mirrors exactly the battle Sid faces with Ridz's heart.  No matter how hard he tugs at that dupatta he cannot remove it, just as no matter how hard he tries to tug Ridz out of his heart he cannot remove her.  Finally, it takes Ridz to come in and remove the dupatta from his watch.  Just as it will take Ridz coming to Sid and taking her heart back from him in order from him to maybe start to remove her from his.   


So I leave with this, no matter how hard these two try to run away from each other they will never be able to go farther than the door.  Because when one leaves the other will never let them go.  Whether it is conscious or subconscious they will constantly be searching for their other half.  Aur ab dupatta en dono mein shamil haiLOL, so no chance of running.


P.S. I can't wait till Monday comes.  Talli Ridz will definitely brighten my day no matter what bewakoofi stuff comes out of her mouth. I don't think Sid is drunk (IMO) as he seems annoyed when wifey dear is hanging all over him and who seems to pretend to be joining in the festivities to try and sombalofy his talli biwi.  Btw I would just like to enlighten you all that I have uncovered the mystery of Mrs. Modi's clothes.  She does in fact start with a salwar kameez, BUT it's a button up top so she later removesShocked it and hangs that bewafaa-ing dupatta off her hip.  Obviously to cause a heat stroke on hubby dear Clapand relieve the hot flashes she is feeling after drinking all that booze.LOL


You know the rules...play nice


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naadanmasakalli IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 21 May 2010 at 10:07pm | IP Logged

amazing amazing post

how can u write so well

loved reading it and the duppatta scene was the key it was so beautiful both of them and said a million things

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AnnaNAshley IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 May 2010 at 10:07pm | IP Logged
Awesome post
Loved it Embarrassed

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monar IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 May 2010 at 10:09pm | IP Logged
great post arpi.. amazing analysis of the whole episode I admired every single bit of it.. thnx yaar

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petrichorr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 May 2010 at 10:13pm | IP Logged
Well written post, loved reading it.

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hewascool90210 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 May 2010 at 10:19pm | IP Logged

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mishti_17 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 May 2010 at 10:30pm | IP Logged
Awesome post..Luved it...Written very very nicely...

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sajni786 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 May 2010 at 10:44pm | IP Logged
Arp sweetyyyyyyyyyy...............amazingly well written.........Clap

Ridz dupatta.......or rather her dil was totally well handled in both SR and AR scene...........
While in SR..........the dupatta depicted the pull of SR........the pull that SR have for each ever since they met....the pull that connects them no matter where they are........the pull that brings them back to each other no matter how much they push away themselves from each other.......
And in AR the dupatta depicted the "let go" of R from A.....Armaan is bit by bit letting loose all the threads of love that existed between him and Ridz from his side........and while he is doing that.......he is budding a new profound friendship between them as well.........

I must say.....the star of this epi was the dupatta.......a non-living tangible object that portrayed the story of SRA so beautifully...........so significantly.......

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