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Kool's Commentary : May 20 PR

koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 May 2010 at 12:10pm | IP Logged
Kool reporting from base ............... Satish Shines in PR
Varsha has THANKFULLY not attempted suicide . She had , apparently , gone in a trance like state and had turned into stone . Like the ancient Rishis . Satish dismissed the others and his mom who stood there petulantly with her plump arms crossed , NOT WANTING TO GO BUT TO LISTEN ON . But Satish was FIRM . He said those words that I was dying [ like a fish out of water] to hear in PR .
'' I want to talk to my wife ALONE.'
He then sat near her on the floor and told her that he wanted to hear HER side of the story . That he was her husband and that he wanted to hear it all . Muvaaaa . My favorite , sensible Champoo . Muvaaa .
Meanwhile Tamasha parties arrived , one by one . Chubby Face was gasping so much for breath I thought she wud have an attack of asthma right there itself and fall in her samdhan, Bunface's arms . Is my daughter ok ? Where is she , where is she , she was gasping . Manohar looked on , tremendously constipated . All these never ending dramas and high emotion had given him this constipation problem over the years .Sometimes he looked like that for six days at a stretch . The moment his problem cleared he wud start laughing for days together . His wife and his devi daughters were too much to handle , too much . He often wished he had never married .
Bunface , in a totally foul mood by now , started insulting Chubby and Manohar . What are u asking HOW UR DAUGHTER IS , ha . she asked sarcastically . ASK HOW WE ARE DOING . Your daughter is a cheapo , she has spoilt my sons life . This and that .
Zimmedari Baba cud not take it anymore . He immediately sniffed zimmedari here and rushed to take it . He had done Varsha's kanyadaan , Varsha was his muhboli dAUGHTER now , HIS zimmedari . He felt exhilarated , thrilled . Blood tingling with all his zimmedari genes activated , he rushed to confront Bunface .
Dont talk about Varsha like that , its your damaad who is sleazy , he told her boldly , while Bunface gasped at his cheek . [ This is terribly bold for Zimmedari Baba , who is rather a dear and never hurts a fly with his words.]
What ! thundered Bunface . You are saying MY DAMAAD is a sleazeball ? How dare u ! protecting UR SAALI ! Chamcha of saali ! If u care for the THODISI IZZAT we have for u na , just SHUT UP OK ! [ Hey ! I mean HEY ! Hey BUNFACE ! What the hell did u mean by that remark , THODISI IZZAT ? What has Zimmedari Baba Done to u that You suggested to him that anyways u have very less respect for him , ha ? He has never crossed ur path !How dare u ! }
I myself told Varsha ur damaad's ASLI ROOP , Zimmedari Baba tried to tell , but BUNFACE was in no mood to Listen .
Urmi looked shocked .
Sleazy Damaad looked impassively perturbed .
Bunface looked as if she wud have a FIT .
Satish  frowned .
Varsha sobbed .
Manohar badly wanted to clutch his tummy . Etiquette prevented it .
Sleazy Damaad smiled smugly . Saas was totally under his suave thumb , so was biwi with the sexy arms . He had nothing to fear , nothing .
But he was wrong . Miss Shakkar ran to him , and stood before him just the way she had stood before Rasika to do izzat aarti . How dare u play with my sister;s life and put her zindagi on daav , arent u ashamed of urself ?She screamed .
Emboldened , Varsha came into her real mode . U shameless , bad man ! If u have HIMMAT show na ur real roop to ur wife !Cmon , show it , show it ! she screamed hysterically .
Of course Sleazy Damaad had no such intention AT ALL . He was not so stupid . He merely looked on stolidly ahead , giving Bunface and his sexy Biwi the impression that he was a soldier manfully taking bullets in his chest to protect the country .
Meanwhile the pativrata in Urmi woke up . She may wear backless , and she may work alone in a foreign land and manage business efficiently like a man but she is out and out a pATIVRATA woman who will NOT tolerate her hubster being called characterless by two women whom she hardly knows and who seem to have rather EXOTIC past stories floating around Dombivli .
Dont u dare talk like that about my husband , understand !She told Varsha furiously .I KNOW HIM . Full BHAROSA I have on him . Fultoo . Got it ?
Sleazy Hubster smirked , then decided that this was the best time to put his Lucifer like tail between his legs and slink away with WIfey .
ENOUGH , he spoke up firmly . Just Coz Im not saying a word doesn't mean U guys can go on with ur rubbishy tales about me . Cmon Urmi , lets Leave .
And with that , Suave Ashwin made a stylish , suave exit , leaving the stupid Karanjkars NON PLUSSED .
Outside , Chubby Face fell in Zimmedari Baba's dutiful arms and wept uncontrollably . Why does this happen with my daughters only , why why why ? Whats wrong with them ? { Good question .] Chubbys chest heaved so much that Zimmedari Baba didnt know how to hold her straight . He felt quite , quite overwhelmed . He wanted to do somersaults , high jumps , pole vaulting , ANYTHING for this chubby , weepy woman . She had fallen right into his arms and clutched his shirt ......a sureshot sign of ZIMMEDARI .
Just leave the matter , let it solve by itself in a few days , Manohar said to Chubby , secretly annoyed by her tamashas . Let Bhavna Tai make a FAISLA  FIRST . Whats roadside crying gonna achieve .Lets leave it to BAPPA , he added as an afterthought . That wud shut her up , he was CONVINCED .
Inside , Bunface got the shock of her life . So did Varsha .Both women , true to PR tradition were taking silly decisions ALL by themselves and expecting the man to follow as chupchaap as Zimmedari Baba did . But the man proved he had a BRAIN OF HIS OWN .
I can't stand u , U go right now , Bunface commanded Varsha .
Yes I will , its ur house after all , conceded Varsha .
No one is going anywhere ........declared Satish firmly , putting a stop to all this noonsense . Varsha is my wife and I trust her implicitly .She STAYS .Just coz Im quiet Dont think I dont have MY OPINIONS .
Ok a moment here to give 3 Muvaaas to Satish . He desrves this and is the star of the day in my eyes .
Bunface flounced off . Varsha looked at him with new eyes .The falling in love has STARTED and boy he is WORTH IT .
Meanwhile Zimmedari Baba and Miss Shakkar reached home to find Savita waiting to eat dinner with them . And guess what Miss Shakkar did ?
Yup . Dismissing of her sister's grave problem , she started planning Shravni's god bharaai .She looked so thrilled at setting a date , so thrilled that even Bappa , up in the heavens was ZAPPED .
Well , we viewers r not zapped .We r used to Miss Shakkar by now . She just wants more insults , she needs her fixes when the effects wear off , the poor dear . Let us all wish her a happy insult guys . After all she works so hard for it , truly .
Pre Cap :  Savita pretending that Karanjkars wont be invited for the baby shower .
Vandu was not shown . Im sure , her bruises will become public in the baby shower .
Like button if u liked , even by those who like my commentary and say so but dont click it . I can then know exactly who like it .And coments even if u dont .
Kools signing off for the day . Bye .

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sur_aur_taal Senior Member

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Posted: 20 May 2010 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
liked everything :) except your suggested precap .. not in to eye for an eye punishment
bhavni88 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 May 2010 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
that was great....

suggested precap is what ajit deserves...

satish is the star 4 2day.....LOL

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bhavni88 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 May 2010 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
Outside , Chubby Face fell in Zimmedari Baba's dutiful arms and wept uncontrollably . Why does this happen with my daughters only , why why why ? Whats wrong with them ? { Good question .]


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gaurimisha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 May 2010 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by koolsadhu1000

No one is going anywhere ........declared Satish firmly , putting a stop to all this noonsense . Varsha is my wife and I trust her implicitly .She STAYS .Just coz Im quiet Dont think I dont have MY OPINIONS .
Ok a moment here to give 3 Muvaaas to Satish . He desrves this and is the star of the day in my eyes .
Bunface flounced off . Varsha looked at him with new eyes .The falling in love has STARTED and boy he is WORTH IT .
Great Commentary Kool....suggested precap will work wonders for Rasika n Ajit,if by any remote chance they dare to show it in PR land.
Loveeeee Satish....for once a man in PR land dared to open his mouth in btw his wife n mother and say that he too has a opinion and his silence shudnt be misunderstood...he was thinkingEmbarrassedEmbarrassedClapClapClap....reminded of Old Manav....I'm so happy finally someone other than ashwin puts his grey cells to use to save HIS marriage/life....
Varsha didnt commit suicide...too good...CVs spared there are two characters intact in the showBig smileBig smile
Ms.Shakkar n Zimmedari baba didnt bother me much today thnx to these two stealing the showLOL

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sonika74 Senior Member

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Posted: 20 May 2010 at 12:34pm | IP Logged
Hi! Kool I loved the suggested precap and the suggested next precap..Ajit deserves it. i seriously hope it would be god's punishment to Rasika and Ajit and it would turn out hilarious for all the viewers...i wishDancing

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tarantulla_p Goldie

Joined: 14 January 2008
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Posted: 20 May 2010 at 12:51pm | IP Logged
Yay for Varsha and Satish...Its nice to finally have two successful, good people also having the brains. Satish was so consistent to his portrayal - no dramatics or hysterics. He supported his wife as he should have and the statement I liked the most was ' If anybody comes and accuses my wife of something, I will not jump to believe them'..Fabulous.

Varsha - seems to have been zapped out of her self induced trance finally (thanks to Rasika) and come to her senses. She confided in Satish, confronted Ashwin (somewhat), pointed her MIL's mistake right then and most importantly, listened to her husband over her MIL when he asked her to stay. Now that is very refreshing. Archana and Vaishali should learn this from her.

Why is Savita always nearly calling out the divorce and pausing? For effect? Its very annoying - as is Archana's fake enthusiasm over Shravani's anything. Get a life. She should be calling her sis, mom about Varsha or finding out how  Vandu is since she shared all this news risking herself. Speaking of who, I am really not sure what Vandu's call to Manav actually accomplished other than unleashing the demons in Ajit. Sounds like no one needed Manav and Archana's testimony - Bhavana didnt believe them and Satish was a true gentleman anyway. Seems like a big waste of energy.

Love the suggested precap but too simple..dont want Ajit's torture to be so shortlived.

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nikitagmc IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 May 2010 at 1:32pm | IP Logged
Hail kools!

Lovely commentary! And lovely episode!

Today I finally understood why the name of the serial is Pavitra Rishta- to show the relationship between Satish and Varsha- fantastic! Now I'm more interested in Satish- Varsha's story than Manav- Archu's zimmedari gatha which has become sick anyway.

Three cheers to Satish- Varsha! Hip hip hurray!!!!

Gauri, you're right, today Satish reminded me of Old Manav- specially when he blasted Savita when she called Archana badchalan once- gosh! I still remember how badly he shouted at her and how zapped she was. Since I'm in a good mood today, two lines for him...

"Behti hawa sa tha woh...
Udti patang sa tha woh...
Kahan gaya use dhoondho..."Cry

Yaar hamara tha woh...
Chhuke hamare dil ko...
Kahan gaya use dhoondho...

Of course, Manav listens to our song and sings to Ekta...
"Saari umra hum, mar mar ke ji liye... ek pal to ab humein.. jeene do, jeene do..
Give me some sunshine, give me some rain... give me another chance... I want to grow up once again..."

(Sorry to all those, who are getting bored, actually i'm in a  very good mood today.. going home tomorrow... yay!!!)
Then I hear Manav sing, think of my FF and sing...

"Jaane nahin... denge tujhe... jaane tujhe denge nahin...."

As for Manav, I'm loving him again- thanks to your commentary kools. You see he has become the comedy king of PR. The best punch lines and the most hilarious comments are always about Manav. Seriously, Zimmedari Baba rocks in your commentary. Muvaaa to this little teddy!!!

Thankyou creatives for not butchering Varsha and Satish. Now I have something to look forward to in PR. I'm sure that now Varsha will start falling in love with Satish. BA, go take a walk!

Ashwin, I hope he goes back to America with his wife. Feel sorry for her though. I hope the truth comes out in some way before they leave and she dumps him like a hot potato.

Thankyou to all those who read my silly ramblings... what to do... I have to stay awake whole night...

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