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Part 1

Padma asks Jyoti where Kabir is. Jyoti is speechless, and everybody stares @ her, and Padma asks her why is she silent?  She asks whether Kabir told Jyoti anything b4 leaving.  Deepu too tells Jyoti that he thinks something is wrong - when he went inside to see Kabir, the latter seemed quite sad.  Dadi disagrees, saying that seeing him, one's sorrow disappears.  KK remarks that Kabir is full of life, and never lets anything let him down.

The guests tell KK that the wedding was a success, and KK thanks them for attending.  The guests then take their leave, and the Sharmas re-enter their home.  Padma mentions that she's bought a gift for Kabir, which is why she asked.  Jyoti stares @ her, and Padma asks her whether there's anything wrong in her getting Kabir a gift?  He did so much for Sushi.  Poonam mutters to herself that this too must have been bought w/ Deepu's cash (I wonder whether I should start taking bets on this marriage of Sannam lasting?)  Jyoti then notices Kabir's scarf left hanging on a chair and picks it up, and Poonam notes the same thing.  She offers to put it away, but then asks Jyoti if she's going to return it?  Jyoti tells her that whenever he comes, she'll return it.

Poonam then tells Jyoti that she noticed that even @ the wedding, the 2 of them didn't speak to each other - did they have a fight?  Dadi tells her that she sees too much and thinks to much - and tells her to give her mind a rest.  She asks Poonam to make tea, and KK is surprised that she wants tea @ this time.

Padma asks whether nobody wants to see her gift for Kabir?  They all do, so she opens it.  It's a really awesome designer motor-cycle helmet Shocked(Gee, I had no idea that Padma of all people had such awesome tastes)  Everybody looks @ it in awe, and Dadi tells her that she doesn't believe that Padma has bought this (neither do we Shocked)  Padma laughs and remarks that she's hardly a geezer (can one be forgiven for thinking otherwise given how she's always so obsessed about izzat, what others think and the like, which Kabir's type doesn't?)  She says that she's noticed how guys nowadays wear this type of helmet and travel (all this while, Jyoti doesn't seem remotely impressed)  She thought it would look good on Kabir.  Deepu suggests to Jyoti that she present it to him, but Jyoti, who's lost in the events of that day, declines, and says that whenever he comes, Padma could give it herself.  KK notices Jyoti, and tells her that she doesn't seem well, and Deepu tells her that she's exhausted, and to go to her room and rest, and he'll get her meds & water.  Jyoti agrees. Padma thanks the gods that everything went off well, and wishes that there was someone to welcome Sushi to her sasural.

At Brij's place, dulha & dulhan arrive, and Brij tells Sushma that by returning to him, she has given him a new lease on life, and that while he can't undo their past, he can promise her that in her future, he'll not give her any reasons for any grievances against him.  They take each others hands, and he tells her that she might find it strange that there is no one to welcome her.  However, just as he's about to continue, the door opens, and Kabir introduces himself as Brij's mom, dad, bro, sis all in one (couldn't he have delegated this around - like he be the mom, Amit the dad, Ravi the bro etc? WinkLOL) Both dulha & dulhan are dumbfounded, and Kabir tells them that it wasn't much - they checked the internet, took down some notes and did some preparations (so did Kabir find out from the internet how to break into Brij's house? ROFL Security tip for Sushma - turn off the Wi-Fi before going to bed.)  He asks them to excuse him for any shortcomings.  Brij tries to protest, but Kabir tells him that he complained when he had nobody, and now he's complaining when he has others?  He then asks Sushma whether she has a good impression of her  saas?
ROFL Kabir then does the arati for Sushma ROFL (wouldn't you prefer Kabir to Bhairavi as your MIL?ROFL) and then feeds Brij & Sushma the mithais.  He then calls for the pot of rice that Sushma then knocks over as a part of the ceremonial entry, blesses her and following that, he lays out a white paper mat for Sushma to walk on w/ the alta prints.

Brij hugs Kabir, and tells him that he's done a lot.  Kabir asks him whether he's going to ask how the debt be repaid, but Brij tells him that he wishes that Kabir get a good wife, and that Jyoti and her kid are accepted by  Pankaj (Brij, if only you knew that both cannot happen - it's either one or the other)

Part 2

Jyoti goes to her room, clutching Kabir's scarf.  This time, for a change, she starts getting flashbacks of Kabir, not Pankaj.  The bike rescue, the introduction by  Bhagya-da, the teddy bear gift, the temple diyas, the media circus outside her house when Kabir escorted her to safety, and finally, his proposal.  Jyoti remarks to herself that she had no idea when their friendship turned into love.

Next morning, Pankaj arrives @ a spot where he takes his morning walk, and asks Ram Singh to wait for him there.  Somewhere nearby, next to a car, Neelam is meeting Gautam, and she asks him how he dared to call her to meet her there?  Gautam tries to apologize, but Neelam tells him that the fault was hers for falling in love w/ him - she went that night to get saved by him, only to find him w/ another woman, and that b'cos of his betrayal, she was forced to marry a blind guy.  Gautam tells her that he had asked her to obey her parents, but the truth was that he too was depressed after losing her, and needed a woman to comfort him (if only Jyoti could have easily done w/ Kabir what Gautam so easily did w/ that other girl)  He says he has no idea how he could have made such an error in judgement, and apologizes again.  Neelam tells him that she has no wish to talk to him, and tells him to get lost.  Gautam tries to apologize again, saying that he didn't knowingly do all this.

Just then, Pankaj arrives near that car, and accidentally bumps into Gautam.  Gautam shows his short temper, and yells @ him (while I normally sympatize w/ the handicapped, it was funny to see Pankaj, who normally resents people being sympathetic towards him, get the third degree Party) and Neelam is shocked to  see Pankaj.  Pankaj apologizes, but Gautam continues abusing him and Pankaj tries to reason w/ him, telling him that he did apologize.  Neelam looks panic-stricken, and lip-signals Gautam that it's Pankaj.  Gautam then takes Pankaj and leads him to the sidewalk.

Neelam heaves a sigh of relief, but Pankaj turns back  to where he was w/ Gautam, and calls for Neelam.  He stretches his hands trying to feel Neelam, but she limbos down and evades him successfully ClapDancing  Pankaj then walks back to his car, and Neelam is saved.

Later, at home, Pankaj is in his room, and Neelam enters.  He asks her where she had gone that morning, and she swaggers up to him, and tells him that regardless of wherever she was, what difference does it make to him?
DancingClap But today, for the first time, it seems that he cares at all about her!  Pankaj tells her that she is ignoring his question, and repeats it.  Neelam asks him where he saw her?  He tells her that he was @ his morning walk, and some stranger was calling out to her, and so he knows that she was around (how does Pankaj know or think that she's the only Neelam in Udaipur?)  Neelam asks him how is he so confident that it was she who was w/ that person?  She asks him whether he saw her?  Pankaj angrily tells her that he can't see, but he can sense things, and once he hears something, he doesn't forget what he hears.  He senses that she was right there.  Neelam mocks him and tells him that he is accusing her of something just based on his senses?  She points out to him that not everybody understands the idea of 'sensing' things as evidence.  Saying this, she leaves the room (Perfect mockery of Pankaj's '6th sense')

Part 3

That night, Jyoti opens her cupboard and takes out the teddy bear.  She hugs it, and tells Kabir in her mind that she knows that he's in search of her happiness, but she had already won her love earier, as he well knew.  Pankaj was in her heart earlier, and is to this day, and Kabir knew all that.  Now, he even knows that a part of Pankaj is a part of her (why can't that stupid fetus crumble - it's not like its mom has a healthy life)  Jyoti thinks that maybe it's now easier for Kabir to understand her relationship w/ Pankaj.

Elsewhere, Kabir is on his jeep having a heart to heart conversation w/ Amit.  This time, Amit, who was previously encouraging Kabir to pursue Jyoti, now warns him about the pitfalls of pursuing this relationship.  He tells Kabir that it's not just that Jyoti is divorced - she's also pregnant w/ the baby of her ex.  He tells Kabir that despite how open minded he is and how simple this seems, it ain't.  He tells Kabir that while his family might accept a divorcee as their bahu, they would never bestow on a baby she had w/ her ex the family name.  He tells Kabir that as it is, he is isolated from his family - he'd be even more isolated.  He tells him that even if he manages to sell his family on the idea, what would he tell society (actually, if he  can sell it to his family, that's enough - who gives a rats rear end about society?  It's not like Kabir is going to become the Maharana of Mewar any day)  Amit then interrupts Kabir and says that he knows that Kabir will say that he doesn't care about any of that, and he knows that he's saying that b'cos he is in love.  But in future, after her baby is born, grows up, finds out that Kabir ain't its real father, and he won't see himself in that kid, then that kid will always be a reminder to him of how Pankaj was Jyoti's first love, and that kid is living fruit of that love.  He reminds Kabir that he too is human, and could snap under that pressure, and after that, he'd regret and hate this decision.  He apologizes to Kabir, telling him that maybe he said too much, but that one day, he'd definitely remember these words of Amit.  And he cannot avoid this truth.  It's a big decision, so think about it: once he's made a decision, it'll be a point of no return.


Pankaj comes out of a bank, and a bunch of thugs are talking to each other on the phone.  One grabs Pankaj's suitcase, and he tries to struggle.  Kabir & Jyoti run to the scene, and Kabir stands in front of Pankaj and takes a bullet for him.  Jyoti arrives @ the scene and screams, 'Kabiiiiirrrrrr-ji'


A watershed episode!!!  For the first time ever, the flashbacks Jyoti gets - since flashbacks are an essential part of this serial, even though a good memory of the past ain't - are flashbacks of Kabir, not Pankaj.  Even though @ the end of the serial Jyoti notes that her heart still belongs to Pankaj, the question is - even if she were to return to him, could she ever expel Kabir from her heart?  So looks like Amit was right - once Jyoti knew that Kabir loves her, she'll start remembering him, not Pankaj.

If yesterday was a drag, today was very eventful - one could almost say too much so.  First of all, Padma has such a awesome taste in motorcycle helmets? ShockedLOL  I can imagine her being good to Poonam or now again, Brij, but I could never dream of her being good to Uday, Pankaj or Kabir.  Maybe it's b'cos she doesn't know he might become an item w/ Jyoti.  But it was funny seeing them all wondering what was wrong w/ Jyoti.

Kabir & his friends being Brij's 'sas' was the funny, but cute part of this - making Sushma feel like she's welcomed by a saas, even though she won't have any (how lucky she is, compared to Jyoti or Sudha).  I just didn't like Brij hoping that Jyoti be re-united w/ Pankaj - even though he doesn't know better, surely he ought to think that Jyoti deserves better than him.

Neelam's saga gets better by the day, if not the moment.  When I saw the precap to the 2nd part, my first reaction was 'uh, oh, Neelam might get exposed', but thankfully, that didn't happen.  Instead, Gautam, who turns out to be quite obnoxious, gave Pankaj the 3rd degree.  After that, it was funny watching Neelam and Gautam jointly work to deceive Pankaj right in front of him - this creep deserves no less.  He's reaching out, and Neelam is ducking so that he can't feel her.  At the end, when Pankaj confronts Neelam as to where she was, I just loved her throwing his 'ehsas' argument back in his face, telling him that he needs something more than that.  After all, it was that famed ehsas that convinced Pankaj that Jyoti was guilty, right?

Jyoti pulling out her teddy bear was cute, but I didn't like her saying that her heart still belonged to Pankaj.  However, if the CVs are planning to unite Jyoti w/ Pankaj, rather than Kabir, then what they showed in the 3rd segment is the way to go.  Amit, who had previously been encouraging of Kabir, this time had good arguments as to why he should not proceed w/ this plan.  Only thing I disagree w/ him on - Kabir could marry Jyoti, and after she has her first kid, he can still have, say, 2 more kids w/ her, and those kids aren't going to be reminders of Pankaj.  I've hoped, and still hope, that Jyoti loses that baby in a miscarriage, so that she and her superstitious self can take it as a signal from the gods that they no longer approve of her bonds to Pankaj, and that at least, that roadblock is removed b/w Jyoti & Kabir.

Tomorrow will be the episode where Kabir is shot, and that will probably put Jyoti in a point of no return w/ Pankaj - meaning that even if she did eventually return to him, she could never have him exclusively in her heart, to the exclusion of Kabir.

Episode rating: Thumbs Up
Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up

Pluses: Neelam & Gautam both making a mockery of Pankaj, Gautam blasting him and Jyoti for the first time having flashbacks of Kabir, instead of Pankaj, Padma's  awesome designer helmet for Kabir

Minuses: Jyoti reflecting on how she still belongs to Pankaj @ the end of the episode

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thanx 4 the update............
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Thank - U Big smile
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Actually I noticed that the bike helmet Padma bought for Kabir looks EXACTLY the same as the one Kabir was wearing the day he first met/saved Jyoti. I noticed that since they had that scene as one of Jyoti's flashbacks...
As for Jyoti's expressions, they are getting more pathetic by the episode. Whats with her dull face? Is she trying to attract questions?? I found it funny that while the Sharmas are discussing if Kabir is ok, he's over at Brij's playing the role of Sushi's saasLOL
And as usual, the Neelam scenes were the highlight of the episode! I especially liked when she made the sarcastic comment and asked Pankaj if he 'saw' her there. PricelessROFL

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Thanks for the update.
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thanx vrisha...jyoti is confused as usual...anyways i enjoyed the neelam part of the show the best..seriously...she gave it to pankaj well and good..

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Very nice narration and so are the comments and ratings
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thnx for the wonderful update

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