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Love will Find its Way- MJHT Completed (Page 6)

cuteangelgirl95 Goldie

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Posted: 17 May 2010 at 4:03pm | IP Logged
awesomeeee cs
loved it
do contineu soon

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Dalilangel Groupbie

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Posted: 18 May 2010 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
update soon

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358674 Goldie

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Posted: 19 May 2010 at 10:25pm | IP Logged
really nice .....
pls update soon......

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AnotherAdmirer IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2010 at 8:05am | IP Logged
358674, mini_khushi, ThIsgalluvSAJAN, pluks, kris97, sam-18, marisol45, ght_sajan, afshanafreen, aarthi.ramani, sukirti_sanaya, AttractiveAdya, sweetsonal156, Shafoo, kasufan4ever, sajanroxx20, sana_sajan

^^Thanks a ton for hitting the like tab:D

Guys am so glad u liked the first chap, am sorry took reallyyy long to update...act m short of time, so cant reply to all of u indiviually.
As to ur guesses n doubts..well i have sumed it

So firstly,
glad u liked the baby boy Dev:)
Ermm actually its with evry1..they all r gonna have probs...and I know many are sayin sam is so slow..but he's not ...u will get many flashbacks of these 2 years...dont judge chars so soon:)
As this is altogether a has quite a different plotline.
In The Pact i had clearly stated Its not the characters who play bad, its time and conditions which will be unfavourable.
But in the sequel here. Feel free to take sides and be biased.
Enough said i dont want to give out much. *grins sheepishly*
So posting the second chap:)

Chapter 2
"Next time Dude" Uday patted samrat's back grimly
Samrat simply nodded at other teammates and headed towards their benches.
"Well played guys!" Samrat was passing water bottles to all of them, patting their backs.
"there's always a next time" he kept passing these words of encouragement, he and uday broke away from the group and joined another group.
"Hey Guys!" Uday and samrat slapped hands with their gang.
"Samrat next time" Dia tried to smile not able to find any words of encouragement.
"Ofcoz, we made it to the semi-finals that's not bad!" samrat smiled.
"Waah! Gunjan ke saath rehkar to tum bhi usi ke tarah ho gaye ho" Nupur exclaimed grinning as she draped her arm around gunjan and pulled her.
Gunjan and Samrat shared a small smile but the next second samrat looked away and heaved a sigh.
"Partytime Guys!" Uday exclaimed.
But didn't get any cheers in return.
"Guys party time!" he exclaimed again, but only got a 'he's lost it' kind of look.
"Guys! Hum sab aaj miley, match ke bahane hi sahi" he replied trying to make them see the bright side.
"Actually Uday is right" Benji grinned.
"Okay then party" CJ murmured confused at Uday's behaviour. He caught her doubt and pulled her by the waist.
"Am fine, we will win next time definitely"he spoke confidently, CJ smiled and gave him a peck on his cheeks.
"okay party it is" Gunjan smiled a lil sadly.
Samrat bent down and picked up Dev who was holdng dia's hand.
"Watsay dev.. party?"
Dev smiled and nodded his head "Party" he spoke with huge eyes.
The gang laughed and for that second everything seemed normal, just like it had been 2 years back that night, when love bloomed, But in these 2 years, so much changed, that now they kept the fears and doubts and above all secrets buried deep down in their hearts.
Night 8:00
Gunjan's room

Gunjan smiled as she stared at nupur's reflection in the mirror.
Nupur was dressed in a lilac anarkali dress, she was applying her sindoor.
"hey Gunjan" nupur greeted smiling at the refelction.
"nice dress di" gunjan smiled.
"thanks, wat are you going to wear?" Nupur asked turning to her.
Gunjan opened her cupboard and held out a maroon and cream churidar suit (imagine the one she was wearing in the college play track)
"nice" nupur smiled as she touched the clothes fabric.
"Okay u get dressed I am going to help dia with dev u knw"
Gunjan nodded.

Dia's Room
Dia smiled and pulled out a pair of jeans with green T-shirt.
"Dev?" she turned, he looked up at her with questioning eyes.
"idhar aao"
"Dia" nupur had entered.
"Hey nupz" dia greeted.
"If u don't mind can I dress dev today?" nupur asked softly.
"Ofcoz" dia grinned and passed his clothes to her.
Nupur's face lit up as she held Dev in her arms "dev aaj bui tumhe tayyaar karegey"
The boy was confused.
"mujhey to pehchanta bhi nahin hai" she spoke sadly.
"Pehchan jayega" dia smiled encouragingly.
"hmm tum kya pehen rahi ho?" Nupur asked.
"This dress" dia smiled holding it.
Nupur was quite surprised as Dia pulled out a long sleeveless dress with texures and designs of blue and black combination.
"Classy" Nupur smiled.
"Thanks RV got it for me" dia smiled and entered the washroom attached to her room.
Nupur smiled and started dressing up Dev for the party.

Benji, Samrat and Uday sat at the main hall waiting for other girls.
"Life is quite a mess for me" Benji was saying.
"Yeah we heard" Uday merely whispered.
"Heard!? Dude the entire world is not only listening but also seeing!" Benji exclaimed pulling at his hairs.
Samrat patted his shoulder.
"Look dude, you have to get used to such stuff, when u chose sheena, u chose this life"
"well I regret it" benji spoke.
"Wat?" samrat and uday asked shocked.
"I mean..not being with sheena, but her life..I mean she asked me, whether I wil be able to adjust u knw..she was willing to leave her career"
"and now u regret it?" gunjan's shocked voice reached them.
Benji jumped on his seat "no!" he exclaimed "Its just that I wish my life was normal like before"
Gunjan blinked and found samrat's eyes gazing at her.
"Tum sabki yahi problem hai, sab kuch waisa hona chahiye jaisa hamesha se tha...nothing should change" Gunjan murmured and entered dia's room.
"yeh kya keh rahi thi?" uday asked sam who simply shrugged "mujhey nahin pata" though he knew very well what she meant.
"Anyways last thing I want is gunjan angry with me, dude pls tell her" beni stopped to frame his sentence "tell her that no one would like their life to be made the breaking news of a news channel"
Samrat nodded "I understand buddy"
"Benji chill sab theek ho jayega, let rumours be around..they will forget this issue once sheena's movie gets released." Uday said.
"I hope" benji mumbled. "teri life main sab theek?"
"mast! CJ is very understanding" Uday smiled "she's perfect"
"glad to knw" samrat smiled as he rested his head on the sofa and shut his eyes.

Dia's Room
Gunjan smiled at dia
"You are looking gorgeous" she complimented.
"thnks hun, u look fab as always" dia replied.
"Dev was playing with his toy on his bed while nupur sat next to him.
"Di, jiju kaise hain aur shipa aunty?" gunjan asked.
"Woh theek hain" nupur smiled nervously "u knw the mayank, he gets worked up at times"
"I wish aunty gets well soon" dia sighed as she applied her lipstick.
"yeah she will, wat about RV?" nupur asked.
"he's going on some trip tonight..for a photshoot" dia replied.
"thts nice to knw" nupur smiled.
"yeah" gunjan said as she sat next to dia.
"Gunjan tu bata yeh samrat ke saath kab tak aise rahegey?" nupur started.
"matlab?" gunjan asked.
"well mujhey yaad hai itna gussa kiya tha jab tum donon ne ek hi ghar main rehne ka faisla kiya tha" all three of them laughed.

"nahin!" nupur exclaimed folding her hands at her front as she stared at samrat.
"Gunjan is ghar main tumhare saath nahin rahegey"
"nupur kya tumhe mujhpe bilkul bhi trust nahin hai?" samrat asked.
"to phir?" samrat asked.
"di aapko mujhpe bharosa nahin hai?" gunjan asked shocked.
"Nahin!" nupur shut her eyes irritated now.
"Aisa waisa kuch nahin hai..oke? Mujhey emotional blackmail mat karo, maine keh diya to bas keh diya tum donon ek ghar main ek saath nahin reh sakte"
"Main kahan jaonga?" samrat asked.
"tum kahan jaogey?" gunjan started "tum kyun jaogey? Yeh tumhara ghar hai, di main kahan jaongey?"
"Uff tum donon, dekho kabhi..aisa hota hai, isiliye shaadi se pehle ladka ladki saath main nahin rehte" nupur spoke.
"Di yeh kaisi baatein kar rahi ho" gunjan looked away feeling a little shy now.
"Haan nupur pls be practical, yeh sab purane zamane ki baat hai!" samrat exclaimed.
"Okay! Samrat tum neechey wale kamre main rahogey aur gunjan tum upar" nupur ordered.
Gunjan turned to samrat as she very well knew it was samrat's place and not nupur's.
"As you say your highness" samrat smiled relaxed now.

"hann haan" nupur stopped laughing and turned to gunjan "phir dia aaye to samrat ne upar shift kar liya..jab main ghar aaye to mujhey laga ki usne tujhe propose kar diya lekin nahin woh to alag kamre main reh raha hai.." nupur said.
"yeah"gunjan mumbled.
"Did he..u knw even try?" nupur asked hoping a yes in return.
"No Di" gunjan mumbled.
"Okay did u try?"
It took a lot of courage to reply to that question.
"No" gunjan lied.
"are you planning to?" gunjan shook her head as nupur encased her hand around hers
"main baat karun?" she asked.
Gunjan jerked up and almost yelled "no"
"O-Kay" nupur mumbled.
"Okay guys m ready lets go" Dia smiled as she picked dev.
The 3 girls entered the hall to find CJ chatting with the rest of the guys.CJ was dressed in black jeans with a purple sleeveless top, her long hair layered and tapered-swooped bangs hiding her face.
"Let's Go" Nupur smiled.
All of them headed out to the nearest pub.

Chap ends

Hope u guys liked it:)
Well guys m always with open ears for criticisms
Do tell me wat u think of the current track:)

Lots of luv

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No_Comments IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 May 2010 at 8:13am | IP Logged
Me first finallllyyyyyBig smile
Too good Zeejaay...
Mazza agyaa by god....
Liked the flashbakk too mch...
Soo sammy koo apne hi ghaar main niche rehna parra....LOL
And Nupsi tayyar karri thi Dev ko..
Too cuttee with Bui roaming around Dev....Embarrassed
You are too wonderful writer dear....
Agle baar pleasshhhh thoda lamba..
Im bohut lambaTongue...
And I'm sure Dia Nusi and Gunjan looking gawwjjuuussss like always....Day Dreaming
Cont soon...
And I read it before the PM..
Soo cant say thnnxx for PM...EmbarrassedLOL

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358674 Goldie

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Posted: 20 May 2010 at 8:17am | IP Logged
really good

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Soulmate_Sana IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 May 2010 at 8:27am | IP Logged
but still whats going on in sam mind is he okay do he is having some problem with gunji
isnt he happy staying with gunji
i mean what is up with him im confuse
did not he was the one who was about to chose gunji leaving his career
than what happen now
im confuse with samrat behaviour
n im dam not liking it
well sab main accha charater CJ aur DEV ka hain
plz continue soon
n thnx for the pm
lots of love

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AnotherAdmirer IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2010 at 8:38am | IP Logged
@sana(sajan_sana4ever)- thnx fo appreciating my work hun:D am so glad u liked it:D
yes as the track proceeds the length of the chap will increase surely:D
Ofcoz the 3 r lukin fab:)luv ya!

@358674-(srry hun wats ur name?)- m glad u liked it:) thnx a ton for appreciating my wrk, means a lot:)

@sanu-arrey chill, n relax.
I guess u missed it here is a glimpse of samrat's prob
Gunjan blinked and found samrat's eyes gazing at her.
"Tum sabki yahi problem hai, sab kuch waisa hona chahiye jaisa hamesha se tha…nothing should change" Gunjan murmured and entered dia's room.

CJ and Dev glad u r liking them...:D thnx a ton for appreciating my work! luv ya!

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