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and fate brought us together! NEW THREAD (Page 126)

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hey maleeha
updateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee naCryCryCry

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hey!! guys! finally i listened to you all and updated the part...LOL
as always that's for you extremely lovely comments and you "UPDATE" post that thing forced me to write this part down for you :)

P.S: well i didn't find this part boring but as always i find every part boring, i hope i wont bore you guys for so long :)

P.S.S: PMS will be send tomorrow, as i didn't slept the whole night and i have a wedding to attend in the afternoon :S

P.S.S.S: this part is hell long...phew


I promise to love and care for you,

Through times of joy and times of sorrow,

To rejoice when you are happy,

And grieve when you suffer,

To share your interests,

And hopes for the future,

To try to understand you
even when I do not agree,

To do all in my power
to help you be your true self,

Muskaan patted her sleeping son, as her mind continued to work on the plan, she was scared whether she agrees or not, things can change suddenly if they follow the provided plan, it can be either good or either bad, but she knew one thing, that rahul and atul would follow it till they achieve their aims.


The mattress of her bed went a little low, as she turn to see rahul covering himself with the quilt, he looked at her and knowing what she was feeling he quietly kept his hand on her waist dragging her far away from rohan and bringing her close to his heartbeat. He knew what was going on in her mind, from last week he was in the same dilemma, 


"You don't have to worry sweetheart" he mumbled kissing her shoulder and sighing, when he felt her turn towards him keeping her palm on his chest.

"Rahul, what if things didn't go as we planned? Then?" she looked at him as he opened his eyes, and she knew their and then that whatever will happen he would not lose his hopes. His eyes were shining with hope and surety, telling her that everything would be just fine as they want.


"I think I got my answers" she mumbled smiling at him, as he smiled in return.

"You know me soo well muskaan" he sighed kissing her forehead, wrapping his arm around her petit waist.

"even if we fight a lot every day, still  you are the only person who can complete me, rahul" she mumbled as her eyes went drowsy due to sleep, keeping her head on his chest, as she felt him bringing her more closer.

"that what makes this relation special, thank for everything muskaan, for coming in my life, for being a part of my family, for giving me rohan and for every little fight which is stored in my memory, I love you sweetheart" he looked a bit down to see her, her eyes were close but the smile showed that she was listening to him, his smile increased, looking up towards the ceiling he closed his eyes ready to drift off to sleep, when something touched his lips, a merry kiss just like a soft feather.

He opened his eyes as, he saw his girl smiling at him looking straight into his eyes "I love you a lot rahul" she whispered and again joined her lips with him.

the dim light hide them in darkness, as both kissed each other with passion that was totally unexplored and untouched, he captured her waist tightly clasping them between his hand, kissing her, feeling her like for the first time, when the other side of the bed moved and they both knew it was time to stop, before their son shouts at them.

"Rahul leave me! Rohan is here" muskaan heaved, as she tried to control her breathing.

Leaving her and making her lay next to him, he saw rohan who was just a dark black body lying on their bed.

"He asleep!" rahul whispered looking at muskaan, who just turned to see her son.

"But he is here! Atleast behave in front of him!" she turned and glared at him angrily, as he quietly lay down on the bed again.

"I don't get it'he has his room, Anna sleeps with him, still he comes here to sleep, why??" irritated he asked her.

"Because he needs him mother rahul" she smiled sarcastically.

"And what about me? I need my wife but thanks to him I can't wow! Rahul great life" he mocked himself, as muskaan just smiled at his childish behavior.

"Yes rahul great life! Now sleep!" she smiled and turned towards rohan as rahul just stared at her back.


Fifteen minutes gone by, as the room was totally silent, looking at the roof frustrated, he again saw muskaan who was sleeping hugging her son, he sighed looking at both of them, and then a smile formed on his lips, he didn't knew how time had passed, they got married when muskaan was just 19, being madly in love and totally filmy muskaan forced her parent to get them married, it was his luck that he was two years older than her and had started working, otherwise this marriage was the most difficult thing for them, plus to top it all muskaan was pregnant with his own child!


A shudder of chill ran into him as he remembered the day when they had told their parents about it, how things were almost destroyed and how Shashank and Billy friendship came to an edge, with Anaya and Padma acting sensible, they both were married within 2 month, which made things easier.


Muskaan soon became the darling of the house, the only daughter of the mallik, with the malliks heir inside her, everyone use to take care of her like their own daughter and sister! And he use to remember the smiles on each and everyone face, though Armaan and Atul use to tease him a lot during their brother-time-out, but he knew that they both were equally happy to get muskaan, who was not their sister-in-law but their sister.


"Rahul" a sleepy muskaan called out, driving him out of his own thoughts.


Quickly he turned towards her "yeah" he asked totally concerned about her.


"hug me please" she mumbled totally sleepy, as he just smiled, moving closer, he wrapped his arm around her waist, bringing himself closer to her, and covering themselves with the cozy comforter.


"I bet Anaya something is cooking in this house" Billy said as he came back after having a long chat with atul who was busy working on a latest file he received from office.

"What do you mean?" his wife asked as she sat on the bed totally tried from the long journey and then looking at the changed environment at her home sweet home.

"I mean, I was talking to atul and he suddenly asked me, that if they ever did something mischievous then will we forgive them?" he told her randomly, as she just stared at him with her big eyes.

"Oh lord!! What did you answered??" she asked hoping that h would have said something sensible.

"Oh...ho don't worry, I just told them that they are our children whatever they'll do we'll forgive them" he smiled showing his whole set of teeth as he saw his wife changing her expressions.

"Oh God!! Save us from the coming trouble, Billy you know just for a sake of your old age try to sensible sometime, these children of your are surely planning something and you just agreed with them!" she almost shouted looking at him angrily as he stood rooted at his spot.

"What do you mean? I am not involved with them"

"What do I mean!!? You are asking me this! You are surely involved with them! You just patted on their back saying I will forgive you! How can you even think of saying that when you know that the always bring trouble after asking this silly question!"She almost shouted, knowing well that the trouble was not far away from them.

"oh'ohkay'fine I did that, come on Anaya, let them do whatever they want to, I hope this time trouble would stay far away from them" his smile irritated Anaya, as her brain quickly worked on what her children are planning upon.

"Billy!! Can you please go to sleep, because right now my mind is in not a position to talk about anything else other than to think what they are planning to do! And just in case my temper lose and I throw you out of this room for patting at their back, you try to be n the safe side and close your eyes." her little long statement was enough to tell him that she was not in her complete sense, sensing trouble he quietly laid down on the bed as his saw his wife thinking.

"Mallik Women!!" he sighed "and I guess armaan won't be safe from his woman too" he completed, as Anaya just heard him with a small smile that flashed on her lips for a merry second.


"Come in" armaan announced, as he heard someone knocking on his door at midnight that too umpteen time. His eyes moved towards the large window, which was covered with white clothed curtains, it was surely midnight and he was engrossed in his files.

The door clicked open, as he saw a woman covered in pink shirt and Capri, he smiled she was surely looking cute, more than he could ever expect, carefully holding his baby girl in her hand she moved inside, as his eyes couldn't believe what was happening here! Was he seriously dreaming?? Or maybe god had finally shown some light on her brain that she was here.

"Ahmmm" ridhima shuffled with words, which weren't allowing themselves to flow out of her mouth, she hadn't expected her to land her of all the other rooms in the world, but then had god left anymore choice for her!

 "Actually" she sighed, as she saw ariha moving her lips in her sleep.

"Yeah!!" he asked totally confused, "what brought her here?" his brain shouted as he looked at her confused

"Nothing'I must go!" she quickly turned toward the door which was now closed, she'll have her shower tomorrow, she can't stand her more, the more she stood the more weird things will get.

Quickly throwing the file away, he stood like a total gentle man "wait!" he shouted, "what the hell was going on!?!" he mind asked.

"What?" she turned to look at him, her one look and she knew that he was confused than ever.

"Ummm'I meant what happened? Everything fine with you and her?" he came towards her standing in front of her, pointing towards his princess, who was comfortable wrapped in her mother's arm.

"actually" she sighed "actually'" her mind zoomed out as he came more near too her, the distance was abit more than a inch and his one step would finish the rest of it too, his musky smell started playing havoc in her body, as her eyes just looked towards the floor.

"Actually what ridhima?" her eyes suddenly looked at him, she had never heard her name like this! For the first time she felt her name beautiful, her orphanage caretaker often told her that her name was beautiful but this was the first time she felt it.

"come on say it, we have shared a lot," his eyes sparked, with a glint of naughtiness that what she guessed  "and I guess you can say whatever you want to" he completed, as he saw her closing her eyes.

She quickly opened her eyes, completely composing herself "armaan'"

"Yeah" he smiled cheekily.

"Take care of your daughter, I am going to have a shower" her brain stood numb, she didn't expected ariha to be registered as "his" daughter and that too from herself.

His smile increased "soo finally she was starting to live like malliks and was even ruling like malliks women" he thought resting his arms on his muscular chest

"I meant take care of ariha" she told him again.

"It would have been great if you would have registered her as "our" daughter" he teased as he forwarded his hands to have his princess to himself and no doubt, he could bet that he just saw his love lady blushing and smiling

Quickly and carefully handling ariha to him, she turned to go, before he could embarrass her furthermore, when she again heard him say something...

"Ridhima" her heart thudded as his voice conveyed her name "what was wrong with her??" her inside shouted at herself.

"Yeah" she turned to see him, walking towards his bed, as she herself opened the door to go out, not wanting to show how badly he or maybe be his room was effecting her.

"Who take shower at midnight?" he chuckled, as she looked at him for few minutes and then turned, ready to walk out when again he called her.

"What?" she questioned hoping that he won't say further something?

"If you need company then do call me! Ohkay" her mouth dropped, as she heard him saying all this with a hell bent serious face, and then within seconds she saw him giggling at her face.

"Armaan!!" she mumbled walking out, quietly closing the door realizing that her daughter was inside sleeping peacefully.


"Princess, I feel that your mother is trying to learn things from muskaan and Anjali" he chuckled as his chest swell with love when he saw his daughter sleeping peacefully on his chest.

Making her lay in bed, he removed the files from his side, ready to lie next to his princess, dragging the quilt on his daughter and himself, he took the remote to close all the lights of his room

"let your mother enjoy the shower princess, here dadda and his girl will enjoy their sleep" he smiled saying that, as he felt ariha cuddling more into him, he kept and arm on her dragging her more into him, careful not to crush her, he smiled as he closed his eyes.


Ridhima stood in front of her provided closet, taking out the dark green shirt and pink capri, which actually belonged to Anjali , she heaved, the clothes which she was wearing were actually belonged to muskaan and Anjali, if they didn't provided her these fabric she would have been cloth-less.


Her eyes moved towards the transparent bag which came along with her from the hospital to this house, quietly taking out the bag from the closet, she moved in front of the mirror, looking at herself, her body was covered with white towel, as the droplets from her hair touched her neck sensually and the hid themselves inside the towel which covered her softness.


Her eyes moved from that water droplets and stared in the eyes of the woman who that mirror was reflecting, with a sudden gush she felt her past almost running in front of her in the mirror like a film, with that drink, to the way armaan kissed, then the bedroom where the accidently conceived ariha, the morning rays when she ran away from the hotel away from her daughter's father, the time when ariha was brought in this world, the words and statements she had to listen from the people, then the malliks, leaving ariha in fever on their door step, trying to almost suicide, then rahul and atul finding her and none the less standing again in front of the man from whom she ran away!


Life was changing fast, her past was now far away, she never knew how each and every day and each and every moment was taking her away from the place she belonged to! Living with the malliks was changing her, but she knew she had to go from here after sometime, maybe not now but sometime.


Opening the transparent bag, she took out the dress, which she found in the washroom cubicle on the beach, she smiled looking at the dress, how eager she was to get rid of those torn clothes that she took the clothes which were kept in that cubicle. The clothes were still dirty the same way that they were that night, "maybe no one wanted to touch them" she told herself

Throwing the towel away she quietly wore that dress, as she saw a sudden change in her, the dress was matching her anymore, the glow which was on her face wasn't going with the dress which actually belonged to her, she stood looking at herself for a very long time hoping that the dress will look the same way on her body like it had the night she first time wore it.

"my past had left me" she mumbled, as a tear rolled out from her eye, "I don't have anything which belongs to me now" her tears not stopping at all, as she felt disgusted of herself.

Throwing the dress away from her body, she quickly covered herself in that green shirt and pink Capri, she did look cute and relax. "It's time, I should forget my past and move on" she mumbled again and felt herself content with what she said.

Quietly taking the transparent bag, and keeping the clothes inside it, she went near the dustbin and threw the bag inside, keeping in mind that it shouldn't ever come out. When she heard a knock, surprised by the sudden knock that too late, she quickly opened the door just to find Anjali there all smiling.


"You scared me Anjali" ridhima sighed as she quietly brought her inside and closed the door.

"I scared you!! How can that be possible? Do I look soo bad at night?" she asked climbing the bed and putting a pillow on her lap.

"No'no'it just I didn't expected anyone awake at this time" smiling she took the hair brush from the dressing table and sat on the bed opposite Anjali.

"Ohh'by the way, where's ariha, my baby?" her eyes moved towards every corner of the room, as she couldn't see her darling girl.

"well, she's with armaan'I thought to have a shower and he was the only person awake soo I handled her to him" whispering more to herself, she told her, hoping that she would understand but looking at the biggest smile plastered on Anjali, a blush crept on her face.


"Come on don't smile" ridhima moaned.

"What!! I didn't smiled" Anjali laughed.

"Yeah I can see that" throwing a pillow at her new friend ridhima shifted herself in a bit more comfortable position.

"Ohh'well I came to inform you something" back to the main plan, Anjali announced the reason for which she came here.

"Ahan'what? You want help in anything?" ridhima asked she knew that she have to pay them back as they have helped her alot, soo why not today.

"Yeah help her by giving our clothes back" Anjali chuckled, as she saw ridhima looking at the shirt she was wearing "did she really think we need them back" Anjali mind laughed

"You want them back'I don't'" her sentence was left hanging when Anjali laughed loudly, keeping a hand on her stomach.

"You think we need it!!! Girl keep them we really don't need them and if you want more than do come, my closet is all open for you" her laugh subsided as she completed the whole sentence.


"Then? What??...actually me and muskaan and planning to take you out for shopping tomorrow with ariha, so that we can get your closet filled too, and ariha's too" winking she answered the confused ridhima.


"no buts, we are going tomorrow and that final, actually muskaan was planning to come too with me to your room to announce our shopping plan, but I guess rahul got romantic and maybe now both of them will be sleeping" she told.

"How can that be possible?" ridhima questioned.

"What can't be possible, us going to shopping?" now it was Anjali was more confused than ever.

"No!!! I meant rahul being romantic and then both sleeping??"  Her question made Anjali laugh again, no wonder her bhai was in love with this woman, she was just perfect for him.

Controlling her laugh she answered "actually rohan sleeps with them, so their romance lasts for just five minutes, because muskaan don't allow rahul to even touch her when rohan is there, she is like we'll destroy him"

"Awww'poor rahul" ridhima chuckled, as she saw Anjali standing up and going towards the door.

"Don't worry; you won't face the same situation, just leave ariha with me, when you want to romance" Anjali winked, while ridhima looked at her confused.

"I don't'." her voice trailed off, as Anjali words registered in her mind!

"good night!" before ridhima could shout at her, Anjali shoved herself out of the room as ridhima stood on the bed, huffing and puffing ready to kill her.



"Yeah'it's at 1 in the afternoon"

"No...No...No'I want all the media here, this is the biggest event for me and my company"

"Ofcourse, it whole press conference, naah, I would be there, soo what would be the need of armaan!"

"Ohhh'wait'armaan would be there, why you are cancelling it, he would be the one who would address"

"Ohkay'remember 1 sharp"

"Yeah bye" abhi cancelled the call. As he sat on the couch kept in his office, it was 10 30 sharp and everything was arranged, except armaan's schedule. He didn't know that whether his friend cum business partner was busy at 1 or not, because he wanted armaan to be free, the media person has already told him that they want armaan to address or else the whole press conference would be a complete waste of time.

"Rahul has brain" abhi chuckled, as he remembers how rahul had suggested him about the whole press conference. According to rahul, this press conference would highlight the project which modi's and malliks will do together in future plus it would tell the whole world that both malliks and modi's are partners in business, plus it would make modi's name as famous as malliks in the business world.

Abhi smiled, this press conference would make things better for him and he can't wait for it to start.


"I guess this one is fine, what do you say ridzi?" muskaan called out the latest name she had given to ridhima.

"Ummm'this'hmmm" standing with ariha, who was busy playing with the provided toy, she looked at the dress suggested by muskaan. The navy blue color long shirt with a white trouser.

"Yeah it's great" ridhima finally announced, as muskaan chuckled.

"You take soo much timing inspecting it, and then finally says yeah its great" muskaan quoted.

"well'I think you were looking that for me, soo I had to inspect it for a bit longer, just trying to show you how interested I am!" ridhima told smiling sarcastically, even she didn't knew how many dress have they brought for her, maybe more than she can count each and every kind of dress was there with every colour and they both have brought everything and even now Anjali was lost somewhere.

"OH MY GOD!! You are trying to joke, that's a great sign" muskaan joked.

"Ofcourse not, I am just trying to be sarcastic but it's not working on you guys" she sighed, as she looked at another dress, which muskaan took from her hand.

"It nice, this yellow will suit you, come on we are buying both" she moved towards the corner, as ridhima quietly followed her, with a baby in her arms.

"Muskaan!! That shirt is of 5000, and it's just a shirt!! For god sake don't waste soo much money on a shirt" annoyed she told as she saw muskaan taking out her credit card and shoving it in the hands of the cashier.

"You know what?"


 Gesturing her to bring her ear closer she whispered "we'll be going to the most expensive lingerie's shop and just a piece of cloth there would cost us like hell" she smiled, as ridhima looked at her for a second.

"I guess, we should pay the bill" ridhima announced, she had never shopped like this, hell she had never even tried to shop in her dreams like this.

"Girls, I am done!" Anjali came running towards them, as she saw both muskaan and ridhima leaving the shop.

"Give her to me please" she quickly took ariha from ridhima, as she handled a bag to ridhima.

"What's this?" confused, ridhima questioned.

"Just a small gift, there it the washroom, go and change quickly" she smiled, as her fingers played with ariha's hand who was trying to put them in her mouth

"What!?! Why?" a shout came out of her lips as she looked at Anjali and then muskaan, who was pointing her at the door.

"Come on ridhima go, we'll take care of ariha" muskaan pushed her towards the changing room.

"But'." She moaned.

"Go now" Anjali ordered, as ridhima quietly moved towards the room.


"Soo, what's the status??"Muskaan quickly asked, as she saw ridhima entering the changing room.

"Well I brought everything, each and everything which she would need as malliks daughter-in-law, the dresses, sarees, and well each and everything!" Anjali told trying to remove her hairs from ariha's hand

"Oh'nice, and did atul or rahul called?" muskaan further investigated

"Yeah, atul did' told me that, that idiot abhi had called the press conference at 1, we need to be there till 1:15, soo that each and every person from the media would be there when we arrive" she looked deep into muskaan eyes, she knew that even muskaan was equally scared.

"I hope everything goes well!" muskaan mumbled, as she looked at Anjali whose eyes were fixed at the changing room, she turned to see what caught anjali's attention and there she found ridhima, standing in gorgeous white saree, with light silver work on it, her hairs as usual were open, and the which Anjali had kept it that bag id match the whole dress, the saree complimented her entire figure, making her look extremely beautiful.

"Bhai would faint If he saw her" muskaan mumbled.

"If I was a guy, I would have fallen for her" Anjali sighed.

"She is going to be MRS ARMAAN MALLIK" the both heaved.

"Mom mom" ariha shouted, clapping her tiny hands, making everyone smile.

Ridhima slowly and casually took her step, not wanting to fall at all, she didn't understood why Anjali gifted her a saree, but then she liked it, it was a new change, she had never wore one before, when she was small she use to drape a dupatta on her waist considering it as a saree, and then her orphanage aunty use to teach her how to drape it like one. Thanks to her she actually knew how to wear a saree, otherwise she would have freaked out inside the room.

"You look beautiful" muskaan squealed in delight and hugged her tightly, as if she had never met her before.

"Thank you muskaan and thank you Anjali for this gift" she smiled giving a side hug to Anjali.

"Awww'.anything for you, until I get to hold this sweetheart of mine" Anjali chuckled, tickling ariha a light, making her giggle to core.

"Mom mom" ariha shouted laughing in between as ridhima moved her hand to get hold of her baby girl.

"My baby" she sighed as ariha hid herself under the crook of her mother's neck making the girls smile.

"When is going to speak?" Anjali questioned out of blue as the moved toward their car.

"She is learning, she listens to something and then try to speak it" ridhima smiled, as she felt her daughter growing with the speed of light. It won't be long when her daughter would shout like everyone does and when she would run.

"It would be fun to watch her speak, I am waiting for that day" Anjali smiled, as the three moved towards the car, and saw the driver opening the door for them.

"Me too" ridhima whispered as she kissed ariha's forehead.


"Atul, it 12:45, everything ready??" rahul asked as he quickly entered atul cabin.

"yeah bro, done within five minutes the meeting with the Roys is going to start and then I am going to call abhi, so that he can't even show his face to the press" atul answered as he got up from his seat and stood next to rahul.

"What about bhai?"  Rahul questioned.

"Ohh'don't worry, I told his PA that tell abhi that bhi I totally busy and he can't attend any press conference at all, though he is completely free" atul winked as rahul smiled.

"Dude, I got this feeling that modi will call bhai when the press would be here, soo that bhai can't say no'"rahul told

"Yeah but he can't, because modi will be with us in the meeting with the Roys" atul finished, as the plan was working just fine.

"And what about the girls?" rahul asked.

"right the girls'well they actually have raped our whole back account, but well they are girls after all, I told Anjali to come here till 1:15 soo that the whole pres is here" atul ended as he saw the time.

"God its 12:50 already. We need to rush come on bro" atul announced as they both ran from the cabin.



"Hey, ummm Janie do I have any meetings or any call?" armaan asked, how can his schedule be free!

"Ohh'no sir you don't have any meetings or calls till tomorrow morning" his PA announced as she was guided too by atul.

"Ohkay, where is atul and rahul, are they having lunch?" he confirmed.

"No sir, not at all they had meeting with the Roys" being extremely loyal she answered.

"oh'alright then, if nothing comes up to me till 2, then I'll leave ohkay, and if you want you can leave at two too" his eyes moved towards the wall clock which struck on each and every second, why waste time when he can easily go home and enjoy with his own family.

"Okay, sir I'll look till 2" she noted in note pad and closed the pen safely keeping the phone down when another call interrupted her.


"Janie'" abhi confirmed.

"Yes sir speaking" she answered

"Janie can you transfer the phone to armaan please, its urgent" he plead, he knew she was too loyal and if armaan had ordered her not to disturb him, then she would prefer death then disturbing him.

"Sorry sir, I have strict orders of not to disturb him, I can't forward any call, till he told me too" she lied.

"But Janie, it's important" irritated by this PA he told.

"Sorry sir, even my job is important sir, no call transferring, thank you" keeping the phone down, she almost felt her heart skipping a few beats; she didn't knew what was going on! But then she had to follow then given orders.


The car moved at its normal speed, as Anjali and muskaan heartbeat started to get wild, as the office was getting closer their heart beat was getting faster, they didn't knew what would happen or even if things would fall in their places or not.

Anjali turned to see ridhima who had ariha in her lap and was enjoying the beautiful view of the city, she didn't even knew what was going to happen now! The saree she wore was not just because it was a gift; it was because she was soon to be declared as Armaan Malliks wife!

Muskaan checked her cell for the last time, no message or call from any of the guys, she knew that they won't call her right now but just for a bit of support'just for letting her know that they both are with her she wanted to hear their voice.

"Where are we going?" ridhima asked baffled as they turned towards the total opposite way from the house.

"Errr' where are we going muskaan?" Anjali questioned as she turned to look at muskaan who was staring at her angrily! Hell both of them knew where this car was leading.

"Well'ridhima! Actually'ummm'rahul and atul! Yes!! Rahul and atul planned lunch today they told us that we can go a pick them from the office and then we'll have lunch" muskaan told, as she quickly found an excuse in her brain.

"ohh'ohkay" she turned herself again towards the window, noticing the beauty, while ariha continuously sucked milk from her bottle, ridhima one hand moved on her hairs, touching their softness as she quickly tuned to ask again "is armaan coming too?" she never knew that she would ask this question, her brain didn't supported her and within second she question both her friends who were sitting there.

"We don't know'he's always busy during these hours" Anjali hide her big grin from ridhima, answering her decently.

"Ohhh'" ridhima whispered looking again outside.


The meeting had already started as, both rahul and atul stood in their seats, looking at the presentation going on the screen, they just had to see that whether the project the Roys were handling which was given by them was going correctly or not and thus they could easily invite abhi to see it.

"Soo, Mr. Mallik, what do you say about this?" the presenter spoke, looking at both the men.

"It good, the work is going really well, but I think we need a suggestion here!" atul answered in a complete bossy tone.

"You said its good then why do you need a suggestion?" Mr. Roy asked, scared that they might lose one of the big project given by malliks.

"Oh'don't be scared Mr. Roy, it's just a friendly advice from our every dear friend, I hope you won't mind that?" atul arched his eyes brow high up, totally knowing how it would have affected the other person, after all this was their project they can easily take it and easily get a suggestion too.

"sure, go ahead" Mr. Roy mumbled, as he saw atul forwarding his hand to take the phone to call his dear friend, while rahul just sat grinning knowing very well that the plan was on rolls.


"Hey, abhi!" atul stood up moving towards the window to look the world underneath his feet.

"Yeah'can you come up to the meeting room, want to show you something?"

"Why! You shouldn't have called the now! No'we need your help, after all you are the only reliable partner we have"


"See man'bhai will control the media, you just come up here"

"Okay'run fast, see ya"

He cancelled the call turning towards the others, as he saw rahul smiling at him, joining his smile he back on his chair, as they both saw abhi entering the room.

"I dint knew you both needed me this urgently, the media is standing on our doors, they have taken-over the corridors of armaan and you both" abhi huffed as he joined next to them.

"Really! We didn't know that!" rahul chipped.

"Yeah! That why tell me what I have to do, then I'll leave" he added.

"Oh! Abhi, we need your help badly here, and the meeting is going to last for an hour, you have to be with us till the end, it good for your business too" atul whispered in his ear, as he saw the Roys glaring at them.

"Oh! Okay, I am here" abhi smiled, knowing how well this would affect his business, Roys were a big name too, and sitting with them and handling a particular thing can do wonders for him.




The car crossed the gate, as muskaan and Anjali silently prayed, hoping that the best would happened, looking at the surrounding they felt proud, the building was huge and gorgeous totally showing what the standard of each and every person who owned it.

Ridhima felt breathless, as she saw the building and the way guards opened the gate for them, the garden on the way was beautiful just like she wished to see, green and not too much large, she looked at the other side, as the car moved itself towards the entrance of the door, which will guide them inside, at every corner a guard was standing as if owning the position, and protecting each and everyone who entered the building.

The car suddenly came to a halt as they all realize that the main entrance had arrived, Anjali looked at muskaan who did the same with her, they both turned to see ridhima who was just looking at them with amazement.

"What happened?" muskaan inquired, looking at ridhima's face.

"nothing, you know'I use to cross this road every time and I use to stare at this building for soo long just because it architecture and the reflecting glasses it had all over, I use to love this building but I never knew that I will cross these gates and would sit with the owners of this building" tears left her eyes as she completed her words, it was true that life was unpredictable.

"Ridhima" Anjali smiled at her she knew what ridhima was feeling.

"I don't know what to say" ridhima mumbled as she saw her daughter looking up to her staring at her eyes which left big pearls.

"Eeeyyyee" ariha shouted at the top of her voice taking everyone's attention.

"I love you baby girl" ridhima smiled tearfully as she kissed ariha on her cheek, Anjali turned to glance at muskaan who was having tear in her eyes too.

"Come on guys stop it'we need to grab lunch from our men" Anjali shouted at both the crying ladies, as she heard a little clap from ariha hands and it made her day.

"Eeehhh" the little baby shouted as if totally agrees with her new beloved aunt.

"Oh my god!! She agrees with me!" Anjali left a delightful cheer, bending down a little to kiss ariha, when someone knocked on the window.

"Yes" muskaan asked as she opened her window to see a fully armed guard standing there ready to share his news.

"Good afternoon madam" the guard said looking at the three ladies, he had already seen the two but the new made him think twice before saying anything.

"Good afternoon any problem" muskaan inquired, hoping that nothing disturbs their plan.



"no'but I would really like to convey you that, the whole press is inside, and they have jammed Mr. Mallik's corridor, where your respective husband and Sir Armaan Mallik sits, therefore I would say that it's not the best time to come here, you know that once the pres sees you they would surely question you about anything related to personal and professional and I hope you all won't want that" he conveyed warmly hiding the little warning, he remembered that the last time these women came here was showered by many questions and he didn't wanted this to be repeated, though he didn't cared about it but then he respected the malliks a lot.

"Oh'no no'everything would be just fine you don't worry" muskaan give a smile hiding her worries, she knew the trouble was about to start but that what they all wanted.

"As you say maam" the guard returned a smile, silently moving a bit backward and opening the door for the woman to come out.

Slowly all of them stepped outside looking at the entrance crossing their fingers, except ridhima who happened to knew nothing about the going on process, she moved with the girls with ariha in her arms who was acting totally naughty.

"You won't do anything naughty inside" ridhima whispered in ariha's ear.

"Issshh" she slapped on ridhima's lips as the whole silent corridor turned to look at them.

"Hawww'ariha slapped momma" ridhima grew her eyes showing her amazement, and the pouting her lip, as ariha looked at her mother of a second.

"Mom mom" ariha winced as quickly hide herself in her mother's neck hiding herself from everyone, showing her anger to her mother.

"girl'you are totally your dadda's daughter" ridhima whispered smiling to herself not knowing since when she had started to note armaan so much that she could easily compare her daughter with him.

Muskaan cell phone vibrated in her hand as she saw a message from her hubby.

"Did you guys reached? if yes then come to our corridor" she sighed looking at the message, her fingers were totally numb to answer him anything, as she just closed the screen moving towards the elevator.


The elevator door tinged as they saw a life size picture of Billy Mallik with his sons, a sudden jolt of pride hit them all and there in front of them stood armaan mallik, rahul mallik and atul mallik, with their father who was sitting in a really comfortable brown, the white background complimented the whole picture as all the men were in black with brown chair.

Ridhima looked at the totally furnished corridor for the first time in her life, she had never in her life seen all this, her eyes wandered to the every corridor, as the cold temperature for the air conditioner made her feel a little cold, as they moved ahead.

she was amazed to see a whole wall covered with armaan rahul and atul picture, again a life size picture was hanged which consist of armaan alone in his pure white suit, his hands were in his pockets and he showed his little smile, she carefully saw it as she felt that he wasn't smiling at all, he was just trying to smile, her eyes moved to see his eyes as the just stared back at her with no emotions at all.  

Her eyes moved to the next big picture who was rahul his naughty smiled was there, smiling all from his heart the black suit complimented his physique as his spiked hairs showed his complete nature which he had kept for muskaan and then she saw atul who just smiled like his elder brother but the difference was armaan was trying to smile but here he was actually smiling, from his heart, she smiled back looking at their picture, as a complete family stood in front of her.

The crossed they wall, quietly as no one spoke a word, ariha too remained quite showing her anger to her lovely mother, when suddenly the heard some shouts, not in a bad way but as if someone was eager to know about few things and then they stood in front of the press.


"who the hell did this?" armaan almost shouted on the phone, he didn't even knew that they press was coming and now they all were here plus he didn't felt like facing them, for them his professional life wasn't enough, they needed to grill out his personal life when ever his came in front of them

"I don't care, I didn't told abhi about any press conference, show all these people the gates and don't allow them inside" armaan closed the call, as he stood angrily! He had thought to go back home, but here all these press people had almost covered the whole corridor.

He again picked up the phone and quietly dialed his PA extension, hoping that maybe he can somehow remove these people from here.

"Hey, Janie, can you trace rahul, atul and abhi for me?" armaan ordered controlling his anger.

"Sir, I just got their schedules, they all are busy in a meeting with the Roys" she answered, as her eyes moved outside looking at the people who have aimed at their corridor.

"What's abhi doing their?" confused, moving a hand in his hair he asked.

"sir, according to his PA Atul sir called him for some advice" she check her computer screen as she provide him with every information, it was in her duty to also note down others schedule too, so that she could inform armaan about it whenever he asked.

"Oh okay" armaan huffed, no one was there to take him out of this mess

Muskaan, Anjali and ridhima silently move forward, as ridhima heart silently started besting twice every second, she didn't know why? But right now she was feeling scared; they slowly started to enter the crowd, as suddenly every one attention turned towards them.


"Mrs.Mallik!" one of the person holding a mike turned towards Anjali who kept on walking knowing completely well how to tolerate these people.

"Mrs. Mallik can you please tell us about the Modi and Mallik deal?" the other person came running towards them as ridhima walked behind them, ariha, looked amazed at the sudden crowd totally ready to cry.

"We don't know anything, please give us our way" Anjali told, holding muskaan hand, and moving faster.

"Is a complete Malliks decision to join hands with the Modis?" another question as slowly ridhima patted ariha, who had thankfully controlled herself and didn't cry.

"Excuse us please" muskaan announced as, one of the reporter suddenly turned towards ridhima, scaring all the girls and killing ridhima.

"How do you know mallik?" the question shook ridhima, as she tried to move forward, but suddenly her ways were covered by the reporters who zoomed their camera's on her.

"what relation do you have with them maam?" another question, ridhima eyes saw muskaan and Anjali who were standing their looking at her, it felt that she had taken all the attention of the entire media, no one was there with muskaan and Anjali anymore.

"Excuse me" ridhima tried to move again, but then ariha started to winch, almost crying, the little girl controlled her sobs but the tears now felt freely from her eyes.

"Let me move please" ridhima told, as she cleared ariha's tears, muskaan and Anjali looked at eachother as they didn't know what to do. Suddenly feeling someone presence behind them, they turned to see rahul and atul, who quietly held their hand and took them towards the corner to see what's going on.

"Maam, do you know malliks well?" another question as ridhima just stood still looking at the cameras, when ariha burst, almost wailing taking everyone in shock.

"Is it yours baby?" anger rubbed off ridhima, here her daughter was crying and these people were questioning her.

"Please move" ridhima announced as she saw no one listened to her.

"Maam please, answer us, how long do you the Malliks?" the reporter again asked, wanting to take out some spicy news for their channel.

She looked everywhere for help, but couldn't see anything except the press people covering her from everywhere; ariha wasn't stopping herself with every second her voice was getting louder and louder.


"Sir!" Janie almost ran into the room as armaan saw her in frustration, he was angry totally angry.

"What?" his direct question scared Janie a bit, but she knew that she had to tell him.

"Sir, there is a baby in the crowd, crying in her loudest voice" armaan pushed the given information in his brain, A BABY!

"That's impossible, who brings a baby here!?!" he shouted, quickly getting up from his seat wearing his suit jacket, and running out side as his PA followed him.


He stood in front of his door, looking at the crowd created by the press; it was as if they were focusing on only one person, his eyes moved towards the corner and their stood Anjali and muskaan looking worried as hell! And he knew who baby was there!

"Hell!!" he ran upto the crowd as he heard his darling princess crying.

"Move away" he shouted as the whole focus of the media moved towards him.

Armaan saw as his eyes couldn't believe, ridhima stood there in his favorite color saree, and then he saw his daughter crying and ridhima's worried expressions.

"Daddda" ariha wailed arching her arms towards her dad who can hold her and protect her, as the whole corridor felt silent.

"When did this came into our plan? I bet ariha wasn't invited when we planned all this??" rahul questioned who quietly came out of his hiding place. If armaan would have seen them, he would have guessed it was a complete plan and they didn't want to get stuck in it.

"I don't know'shut up" atul whispered back.


"hey princess!" armaan moved, not at all scared, ready to take his daughter in his arm, as he felt all of them staring at him and the woman standing here.

Ariha quickly jumped in her father's arms not crying a bit, armaan smiled and rubbed of her tears, as he saw ridhima looking worried he smiled at her hoping that she would understand that nothing will happen.

"Armaan?" she whispered worried, as he came and stood next to her. His arm moved behind her back, holding her waist protectively, as he slowly started to move.

"Mr.Mallik!" a reporter again shouted as they started to move a bit faster.

"Mr.Mallik what can you say about the moment which have just passed by?" another reporter shouted, as armaan looked at them while ridhima just started at the ground hoping this would end soon.

"It personal, I hope you all will get that!" armaan roared angrily.

"The little girl called you dadda, what do you have to say about it?" again a question.

"She can call me anything" they moved ahead, as ariha kept her head on armaan's shoulder.

"what your relation with her?" the question made armaan to screen at the person, he was angry and he didn't wanted to show it, last time he showed his anger, he had lost ridhima, thanks to ariha who had felt ill otherwise he was dead sure that ridhima would have left his house.

"You have no right to ask about my relations" armaan shouted, as ridhima looked at him.

"Armaan!" ridhima whispered, as she saw the blaze of anger in his eyes

"You have to answer us Mr.Mallik!" one of the reporters shouted back, as the saw them moving ahead.

What do you want to know?" armaan stopped in his tracks as he asked the reporters angrily.

"You don't have to be soo angry armaan" ridhima looked at him as he saw her scared to death.

"Let me just answer them!" he told as he saw the reporters ready to fire question.

"Mr.Mallik what is your relationship with this baby?" a female reporter questioned him.

"SHE IS MY DAUGHTER! DO YOU ALL HAVE ANY PROBLEM WITH THAT!" he questioned back, as his anger took control of his mind.

Suddenly every reporter repeated the news on their mike making it a live telecast for every person who was watching the television.

Ridhima stood in horror for a second before she could register what armaan had said, she never knew that he could say that in front of everyone, though she knew that everyone in his family was enlightened with the fact that ariha was his daughter but saying it again that too on television!!

"and who is this lady with you?" the question shook both armaan and ridhima, as rahul, atul, Anjali and muskaan crossed their fingers hoping that whatever they had planned and hoped could come true!

Armaan eyes moved towards ridhima, who looked at him, her eyes filled with tears, which he didn't wanted to see "I am sorry he mouthed" as he saw her closing her eyes and silently moving in his embrace, her face slowly turned towards his chest where she hide herself from the people as armaan felt her sobbing uncontrollably, his eyes moved towards the people who waited for his answer!

"SHE IS MY WIFE!" he announced, as he quickly moved towards his cabin, when he felt the reporters following him!

"DON'T FOLLOW!" he shouted, as he saw rahul atul muskaan and Anjali standing their looking at them "call the guards rahul throw them out" he announced, as he opened the door of his cabin guiding ridhima inside with ariha in his arms and Anjali and muskaan who was ready to follow them.


sorry for any spelling mistakes, didn't checked it at all.
pm will be tomorrow :)



special thanks to those you waited for me to post the part and how posted "update" request :) i don't remember everyone name but yeah AKSHAD AND SIFOO thanks guys :)


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Hi maleeha...

    Finaly we got it....yaar plz dont take too much time for next update..cant wait...nice part...update soon...Smile

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amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing part

i really like the way u potray all the charecters in your ff
and my favuorite is ARIHA, u describe her sooo well......
happy that their plan was sucessful
luved it, plzzzzzz update soon this time

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wow was worth a wait...OMG my heartbeat was faster thn angi n muskaan while reading LOL....

wow muskaan n anji planned worked ..hope they wont be in any trouble ...and WOW no more words ..

continue soon

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awesome part ClapStar
loved it Big smile
continue soonSmile

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thnk God u hv updated...i thought u even forgt tht ts ff exists....i loved the possessiveness W*H whch armaan took over the situation in the end..plz patch them up...plz plz plz....

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heyyy dear,
nice part
continue soon


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