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and fate brought us together! NEW THREAD (Page 102)

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@ hmm ohk ohk .. Update Sooon ... n the remaining part ... kal dekh lenge hum .. U Have to update tht part soooooon ohk LOL

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ohkay ladies!!! heres the update!!!!

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Originally posted by funkybratz

ohkay ladies!!! heres the update!!!!

Lagta hai invisible update hai...mujhe nazar nahi a raha...LOL
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@mujhe bhi LOL

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hey guys!!!! well...i know most of you are ready to beat me with whatever you have in your hand...but please people try to understand my probs too!!!

and thanks for your all wonderful fantastic comments i love them and i love you all!!! i never knew my three parts SS would grow as a full fledged FF it just because of you people! and now i have completed 100 pages!!! ekkksss i m soo glad!!

thank you all very very very much!

ohkay! now the main thing...this is just a bit of the part, the half is still to be completed and i would do it till tomorrow and would update it tomorrow, right now you have to read this!
as few of my dearies (friends) just want to see me updating my love them!!

i didn't checked any grammatical mistakes neither spelling error!!
enough of my talks enjoy the part





"And the days went by like paper in the wind. Everything changed, then changed again. It's hard to find a family. It's hard to find a family, like this."



"Mom!" "Dad" "god you people seriously back!!!! Wow" rahul almost jumped from the last stairs, while atul followed!


The sight of having their parents back was wonderful and can't be expressed through words! They were missing them badly and now at last they were here! Rahul went forward running towards his mom and hugged her tightly almost breaking her ribs.


He was soo pleased to get her back, she was the woman he admired a lot and the woman who adopted him when he had no place to go! Smiling he left her, to see her sleeping at him.

"I missed you a lot son." Patting his cheeks with love she told rahul, who had a special place in her heart, she loved him a lot, although she loved all her children equally but rahul being adopted wads treated in a much special ways.


"Yeah right mom! You missed us a lot that's why you both were on your second honeymoon." rahul giggled while Anaya twisted his ears and Billy laughed

"You're just saying that because you are jealous son!" Billy laughed.

"Shut up you two! Rahul we went to see your uncle okay! And Billy it wasn't a second honeymoon soo stop calling it that!"Anaya glared.

"Oh yes how it can be second dad!! You have crossed your second honeymoon long time back; this must be your fifteenth or sixteenth! Right!?!" atul added as he hugged both his parents.

Billy smiled patting atul cheeks "yes! See Anaya our son are way too smarter than me" Anaya huffed while Anjali continued to smile at her husband's parents.


"soo mom, how was your trip?" Anjali questioned, as both the women sat in the lounge, while muskaan was in the kitchen making tea and the rest of the guys were out in the garden. Ridhima was in her room with ariha without even knowing that the heads of the family were back and armaan was busy in an    un-scheduled meeting which arrived without even informing him! How he had to leave ariha to her mom and rush back to the office.


"it was good Anjali, we met them after soo long, can't even imagine everything has changed soo much there, your uncle was missing you all a lot, but wee you know these business things!" Anaya answered as she stared towards the stairs. She knew that two of the family members were still missing and she also knew that they won't come and meet her; it would be her who has to go and meet them.


"Mom! What are you staring at?" muskaan questioned as she handle Anjali and Anaya the tea

"Uhh nothing nothing at all" she answered as she saw muskaan and Anjali both looking at her as if ready to start questioning.

"You know everything, don't you?" muskaan questioned! Hoping to get a positive answer, it was enough! They didn't want to hide anything, especially from their parents who loved them like o other thing in the world.

"Well armaan never hides anything from me" that was it! To make both her daughter-in-law gasps.


The thing which worried them now was how they would react, it wasn't like nothing happened! Two years!!was a big thing and it consisted of three life armaan, ridhima, and ariha, their daughter. Anjali looked at muskaan who was just staring at the floor, as if finding something really precious.

"mom see I know you are protective about bhai but seriously he loves her, we have seen him mom, you don't know! And ridhima well we think that she is just scared to accept her feeling because she never lived in such environment! We don't know how she used to live before but seriously she will take time to adjust" both muskaan and Anjali tried to explain annaya, they didn't wanted their parents to create any problem between the brewing  couple!


Anaya smiled looking at her worried girls, "do they actually think that I would question armaan and his love lady relation" she thought! Of course she had thought about everything! But the best solution she have was that armaan should do everything the way he likes, yes she would be there to guide him! To hold ridhima's hand and make sure she gets to her son! But she won't give her finally decision to them! Because somewhere she knew that a little involvement can destroy their lives and she didn't wanted that at all!


Armaan had cried a lot and now nothing will make him cry more!!


"Well my little girls! Do you actually think that I would create trouble between them! I know that what armaan did was wrong! But then he also loves her and the best thing is that he solve his own problem himself" she placed the cup on her lips as she felt the tea already getting cold! "And me and Billy will accept who ever armaan chooses as his life partner!" a smiled form on her lips as she saw muskaan and Anjali both smiling at her!


"Soo that's mean'you and dad are fine with ridhima!?!" Anjali questioned crossing her fingers.

"Well we already love her" Anaya completed as she got up, and turned towards the stairs just to go up.


As Anaya left, muskaan turned toward Anjali who was already sitting next to Anjali! As a glint of naughtiness shone in her eyes, it was time to work on the plan they have created by wasting two hour of their sleep, and somewhere they knew the plan is going to work, even though in the start things would be trouble, but it's better to suffer from problems now.


 With Anaya and Billy fine with armaan and ridhima's relation's, thing have gotten much easier, otherwise the four were already planning on "how to convince our parents."


Armaan, signed the papers, and then turned towards his laptop, he didn't knew that running back home earlier would cost him soo much, he had to look up at the presentation again, just to clear that nothing was missing in it! He sighed as he saw the time, 8 15!! He told himself. Till few weeks earlier, he didn't even look up at the clock just because he knew that there was no one at his place who will be waiting for him!



But now! Things were different, he himself wanted to rush back to his place; he knew that ridhima won't be waiting for him, but still she was at his place! He thanked himself for telling guards not to let her go out at all! Because he knew that once she went out she won't come back again and this time she will leave we his own life, with his baby girl!!


He picked up his phone from the corner of the table and looked at the number, he wished to dial! He smiled at how he forced Anjali to provide ridhima with a cell phone just soo that he can contact her! Anjali have stared him angrily and had called him Romeo! Just because the way he had started to act!


He remember the day he had called her for the first time! He was too eager to hear her voice and too know how ariha was feeling! But with the eagerness he was nervous too, he had dialed the number thrice and still he had cancelled the call! And the next time before he could even call, she had called him as his number was too much strange to her! He smiled when she got to know who it was in the call! H could bet that she had actually dropped her phone down! But then it was ridhima who he was thinking about!


He clicked on the message icon as he thought what to write? Within seconds he just started to write the lamest thing he could ever think about! And then deleted it!

"God me armaan mallik is thinking what to type as a message!! This is hell" he scolded himself, as if god has listened him, his phone suddenly rang! Looking at the caller id, his face changed thousands of expression; he was happy, amazed, nervous all of the sudden and scared of thinking why had she called??


Adjusting himself properly, he picked up the call.


"Yeah ridhima" he answered making her believe that he was busy with something.


"Ummm armaan, I hope I didn't disturb you?" the panic in her voice didn't go unnoticed by him; he smiled thinking how her expressions would be changing.


"No you didn't, I was just checking the presentation: he answered as he could hear her breathing.


"Oh! I thought I disturbed you" she sighed as she saw her daughter busy playing with her daffy duck! God this girl have fallen for this duck! Her smile increased as she saw ariha looking at her with big eyes and making a hawww face as if catching her mother talking to her father red handedly.

"Hmmm  why did you called?" armaan asked unknown to the moments the daughter and mother were sharing.


"Oh yes well I called to ask you whether you can bring few biscuits?" she asked as she stopped ariha from going down from the bed.

He left the presentation which he was checking and stared at the door did he actually heard her properly!!! "biscuit??? Ridhima you want to eat biscuits!!" not understanding why she is asking for them he questioned amazed by her demand.

Ridhima just heard him questioning her, was he actually amazed by her demand! And she wasn't asking them for herself!

"Armaan what wrong with biscuits?" she inquired him.

"Ridhima nothing is wrong with them! It just people ask for things like pasta, pizza, like they want to eat in five stars and well your choice! It not like I can't bring them, it just you amazed me a lot!"He ended B.I.S.C.U.I.T.S!!


"armaan mallik!!! Shut up! I have better choice than BISCUITS ohkay!! And yes I was just asking for your own daughter, because you see she doesn't demand for pasta, pizza or five star food!! It would be good if you bring the biscuits for her otherwise'." She left the sentence hanging, while armaan laughed at himself!!! What was he actually thinking!! To think that this; woman ridhima, would demand just a little from him.


"Well Ohkay! But you didn't completed your otherwise ridhima'it not like you were trying to say that It would be good if you bring the biscuits for her otherwise you won't kiss me good night!!!" armaan smiled,  this is soo much fn then he could ever think! And well she called soo he can actually tease her.


"Shut up armaan! Otherwise you won't get your daughter alone!" her cheeks were burning red. 

"God why did I ever called him" she thought, he was effecting her! His little cheeky talks were making him go all red, he was burning her skin and it felt soo right!! That she had for once stopped thinking about it.


"That mean I would get you along with her!!!" armaan smiled, he wanted to run away from the office, buy biscuits and reach home as soon as possible, he couldn't miss her expressions.

"Armaan! Behave" she ordered, her cheeks were till now glowing with redness and she didn't want anyone to see her now! What would she say?? "It armaan on the call making me go all red!!"

Ariha moved near her and kept her head on her mother's lap, while ridhima looked at her! On the other line armaan was all quite! He has actually listened to her! She moved her hand on her daughter's hair, who has dug herself in her stomach.


"Armaan" she questioned! Was he still there?

"Yeah!" he questioned totally engrossed in his presentation! Life can't be more beautiful, his love was on the phone accompanying him! He didn't have to say this but the days when ariha fell ill have brought them a bit close, even though they weren't friends, they weren't lovers because ridhima still didn't loved him still the bond was highly different! May be because they have actually brought their princess in this world.

"Ummm'.when you would be coming back?" she asked, she didn't knew why? But she wanted to see him; she herself was amazed by the way she was thinking, it was not like her! This man, according to her had destroyed her life, he have ruined her future still she was talking to him like this!! What was the reason behind it!?!


"in a while, the presentation is really important, actually I was thinking why don't you send the driver to get the biscuits of yours?" he asked as his eyes moved on the computer screen trying to look at everything in the document.

"well I actually I did tried to do that and even climbed down half of the stairs, there was someone, a woman sitting in the lounge with muskaan and Anjali and I didn't wanted to go down, in front of them because'" she touched her forehead hopping that she could explain armaan why she wasn't willing to go in front of the total stranger.


"oh!! I didn't knew someone was coming at our place," he answered thinking who it can be, he looked at the calendar, and then something registered in his mind!!

"Oh he knew who they were!!" his PA had told him that his dad had called and made a registration for their returning ticket a week before, therefore it must be no other then his own parents at his place.

"it okay you didn't felt like going in-front of the woman, I know you don't want to questioned about anything!" he answered her, it was amazing that how he easily understood her!


"yeah I don't want to be questioned! I wanted to explain you this only" she sighed, how things were changing, her mind started to think.

"don't worry I'll bring whatever stuff you want. You just stay in peace." he huffed, as he also changed the slides.

"armaan, can I keep the phone down now?" hearing him huff and sighed she could feel that he was trying to concentrate at his work too, and she didn't want to interrupt him! She had already done a lot of interruption.


"yeah! I have to look up at the things here too, I'll be back home soon, atleast I'll try too'you takecare of ariha! And if she is hungry then tell Anjali or muskaan! Okay?" he asked, read to keep his phone down

" yeah I will okay, bye" she closed her eyes as she answered him.

"bye ridhima" that was it, he kept the phone down.


 but the way he took her name at the end made her breathe deep, she felt as if he was next to her, very near to her ears, she felt a shudder. As her thought took her to the day when he had made her his! The way he sensually had called out baby!


She sighed, things were going wrong! That person had destroyed her life! He had with no right made her the mother of his child! Though she loved her baby but things wont change, he was a total stranger to her' and even if she forget all this, then how can she forget the night when he had fought with her and the statement he had said!! She felt a pang on her heart remembering that night! How they both have shouted, how things turned out cruelly, how she had told him that ariha was his child.


She won't allow this man to rule her heart, she won't ever love him, he happens to be her daughters father and nothing! After all didn't he destroy her life! Her eyes moved towards her daughter who had actually slept!

Her thought were going totally against armaan! But her heart had actually started to beat for him! She had called him today, because she trusted him! It was true she needs biscuits for ariha, but she could have told Anjali and muskaan or maybe rahul or atul, they would have brought it for ariha! Now they all were almost a family, still she called armaan. And the way he was talking! It didn't disgust her for once'but she felt different she felt needed! She felt wanted by someone, and that made her feel good.


Since childhood she didn't felt like this, but staying in this family had made her feel soo! And none the less she unknowingly thanked armaan for that'even though her mind was against that man but her heart was totally in favor for him! His one move can make her lose herself and that time her mind couldn't even stop her.


A knock brought the confused ridhima back into the reality, she didn't knew since when she was busy with her thoughts but she knew one thing that ariha was deep into her sleep and she was just half lying on her bed, she looked at the time in her cell phone 9 30!! The room was already dark as she didn't switch on the lights at all.

Taking the light remote, she clicked the button which made the room glow itself, as the lights were switched on. Removing ariha from her lap and adjusting her on the pillow she stood up and went towards the door! "It could be armaan!?!" her heart fluttered like a butterfly, as she reached the door

Opening it she was amazed to find that there was no armaan...

Clad in navy blue sari, neck length hairs and with fair complexion a woman stood in front of ridhima, a little smile was plastered on her lips as if inviting ridhima for a hug!!! The woman resembled someone, ridhima couldn't pin point but she did resembled someone!! Or maybe someone resembled her a lot!!


Behind her she found a man coming towards them, even he was smiling but at whom?? The woman had her back towards him! That means he was smiling at ridhima? Confusion took over her, as she just stared at the two people standing in front of her'who were they??

The man came next to the woman, his glasses did told her that he was old enough to be called young, but still his body which was strong and fit did told her that he had taken a lot of care of his own physique!!


She stared at the two while they stared back at her, but the difference was of a mile, where she was just staring, they had a smile on their faces too!! A hidden smile'.her mind start to think that where she had seen them! She couldn't remember but now as things started to dawn upon her she could only get armaan picture in her mind!!!


"God'they are his parents!!" her mind reflected, and she knew that it was right! Armaan had the same complexion, which the woman had! His smile matched with the man standing in-front of her!! And the height of this man was the exactly like armaan's'but armaan was a bit taller than him, her eyes moved towards the woman, she had dimples!! Even armaan had dimples and even ariha had them!!


Now she was totally sure who they were!! But then what should she do now?? She asked herself!


"Ummm...?" leaving the phrase she wanted to say'she tried to smile at them. This was one of the awkward of her life.


"You don't have to say anything sweetheart" the man said, he moved forward and raised his hand, to touch her head with love.


"I m sorry'but I don't know you'both?" awkward! She thought'meeting armaan again was not that awkward then meeting the two standing here.


"Well'yes!! You don't know us because you see'when you came here, we both were out on our honeymoon!" Billy chuckled! Just to get an elbow punch from his wife.


"Behave Billy'and that was not a honeymoon sweetheart, we just went to see one of his relative'or well you can say his close friend" Anaya answered as she smiled again at ridhima, who in returned smile back, a genuine smile, not because these people were fun but even because she remembered how she had almost ordered armaan to behave on the phone and how he had shut his mouth, like he wasn't even there.



"See, she is smiling, that means she knows that you are lying!! Right sweetie, you agree that it was a honeymoon trip?" Billy asked as he moved forward and stood next to ridhima, his hand moved on her shoulder and held her protectively, like a dad.


"You agree with him?" Anaya asked, looking pleadingly, as ridhima stood vexed'she couldn't think of saying anything, after all she doesn't know them at all, and here these two were acting as if they knew her forever.


The question got across her brain, as she realized what Anaya had asked!


"No no no!!! It isn't like that at all'" she couldn't say it any further this was getting bunglesome!! What should she say?


"Then?? You don't agree with me?" Billy looked at her, as if hoping she would say yes to him.



Ridhima inspired in the air as she decided what she would say! This was enough, she didn't knew them but still she had to been the peace maker here "well as aunty says that you both went to see a close friend of yours" she pointed to Billy, who was continuously smiling! He was proud of armaan's choice! When Anaya told him about armaan and his tragic love story, he was too angry but now when he thought about all this! He knew that Anaya was right! Let the children make their own path! They will just guide them and show them the way to open doors.


"But as we all know that you both went alone and honeymoon always consist of couple which you both are!! Soo for you its honeymoon, because well you both were alone! And for you aunty it was a visit to the relative as you both did visited them!" she looked at both of them! Who were just smiling!!! AGAIN JUST SMILING!!



"Ummm you both understood what I tried to say?" she asked hoping that they would have actually understood her.


"Oh yes'yes...We did!!! I got everything! For Anaya it's a visit and for me it's a honeymoon! Great one on one!!"Billy gave her a fatherly side hug, while Anaya came and took her hand in hers!



Rubbing her hand lovingly, like a mother "finally we have a peacemaker at our place! Who doesn't takes anyone one sides but says what she feels is right" stating, she moved and kissed ridhima's forehead and then looked straight into her eyes "welcome to the family, you are from now on our daughter"



A pool of tears, formed in ridhima's eyes, armaan had really given her the entire family! What more can she get after the two people standing next to her.


"Hey!! Don't cry, we didn't wanted to make you cry" Billy smiled rubbing of her tears.


"Its!... It's just I never had a family! And all of a sudden, I got everything'it's looking like a complete dream, which I didn't even thought to see" she cried out, while Anaya hugged her, understanding her situation.


"It not a dream sweetie, this is real, you are real, we and real! And we are here with you, this is your place as much as our! We don't care if you accept us as your mom and dad but for us you are our daughter."Anaya told her, making her stand straight, rubbing her last few tears'the day armaan told her about ridhima, she had accepted her, because she had no choice! But now she was proud of her son, for making a good choice, she could see ridhima as a perfect daughter-in-law! And now Billy has even accepted her, otherwise Billy could have been a big trouble.

"And from now on you are going to call us mom and dad! Or whatever Anjali or muskaan calls us" billy patted her head.

Ridhima looked at them, as now her real smile shone, she loved them already, and her tears again weld up! This was the happiest day of her life after getting ariha back in her life. Who could have guessed that these two strangers would suddenly become her family, even she had a family now! The two people standing here would be her parents, atul and rahul are already like her brothers, even muskaan and Anjali were her best friends now and armaan'she thought armaan!! Who was he to her?? Her mind grinded itself thinking of the relationship, armaan could get?? Her thought ever stopped as Billy slightly nudged her.


"well, someone told us that you are also hiding a princess in your room?" ridhima just looked at Billy, even armaan calls her'no their daughter princess, she remember the way he always called ariha princess, it actually made her feel that ariha was the most important part of their life!! It isn't surprising that armaan nature and character had gone over his father! They resemble a lot! Like father, like son! She smiled, had she noted armaan this much!!!


"Yeah, she is inside sleeping" she smiled again moving away from the door, to let them inside.


Unconsciously Anaya held Billy hand tightly! She was finally going to see armaan's blood! His daughter, their princess she had waited for this day and finally here they were. Billy rubbed the back of her hand, he knew how was she feeling, even his feeling were the same; the difference was that he wasn't showing like his wife.


They went near the bed, where the lights were bright enough to see, thanks to ridhima who had switched on the lights before opening the door. Together the couple stood next to the bed!


Anaya sat next to ariha who was sleeping, her hairs have hidden her hair from her own grandparents, looking up at Billy Anaya smiled, as she saw him telling her to remove the strands from ariha's face through his eyes.

Moving her hand on ariha's face, Anaya removed the hairs as the sight of their darling granddaughter was now in-front of them, looking at ariha! Billy placed himself on the floor, sitting on his keens. They couldn't believe it! Ariha was just like armaan! The same nose, even her locks fell on her fore head like armaan's though her hairs were totally straight, billy looked at ridhima who was standing near the foot of the bed! She had silky straight hairs! Ariha got her hairs from her mother! He again looked at the sleeping beauty, he could make out that she had got a dimple too.


This was wonderful! Life was now complete for him, he couldn't believe his eyes! When Anaya told him about everything and about armaan's daughter! He had thought how would she be looking, but he could have never thought that she would be an exact copies of her father! He just wanted to wake her up and hug her tightly; he wanted to hear her calling him her grand dad!! He wanted to do soo much with this little angel.


He looked at Anaya, whose tears were rolling out! He kept his hand on her lap as she again held it tightly and looked in to his eyes, the glint which her eyes had was soo rare, he had seen this glint when rohan was born and now again he was seen it!


"How old is she?" Anaya asked, as she caressed ariha face with her hands.

"1 year and 2 months" ridhima whispered, as she saw the love they were showing toward her daughter. Her heart fluttered! Finally she has actually given ariha what she never got! Her main purpose to make her daughter life comfortable was completed, now she didn't care if she was there with ariha or not, she knew that even her absence won't matter to ariha anymore as she had actually got everything.


"And what's her name?" Billy asked, he knew her name! But he had purposely asked her, he wanted to add something in it

As he didn't got his answer, he again turned to see ridhima, who was looking at ariha with all the motherly love; her eyes were full of tears. "Ridhima?" he said a bit aloud.


"Huh'yeah" ridhima asked looking back at him, his eyes weren't leaving ariha, but she still drifted them away.

"Sweetheart what's her name?" Billy grinned, while ariha bent down to kiss ariha's forehead.


"Her name, ariha'" ridhima couldn't complete, as she saw Billy attention moved towards ariha, who turned in her sleep. Anaya smiled increased as she saw Billy noticing the same thing and smiling.


"She sleeps like'" Billy pressed her hand a tight stopping her to say what she was about to, he knew she wanted to say that ariha sleeps like armaan  but he didn't wanted Anaya to say that now! He didn't desired ridhima to know that they already knew everything.


Ridhima ears shot up! She had heard Anaya! And she knew that Anaya knows everything! And not Anaya Billy even knows! Otherwise he wouldn't have stopped Anaya from saying it. She was right the whole house knew about her and armaan's relation!


And the thing which she noticed was that, she wasn't feeling bad at all, but it was as if a huge burden was removed! It better that they knew it before! Because if they got to know all this in-front of her then she would have been shattered and would have felt disgusted! Now when they all knew this! It felt comfortable! Nothing was hidden now! Everything was clear!


Billy moved ahead and kissed ariha's forehead, rubbing his palm loving on her hairs he announced "Ariha Mallik! Welcome to the family"


Ridhima's eyes shot up! She never expected this! She never thought this! Ariha was armaan's daughter! It was fine, the family knew about her and armaan this was also fine! But this! How can this be fine, it was not like ariha was alone! She had a mother too!!

Ariha getting mallik name was no problem, but now people would recognize ridhima as a mallik too, because she was actually living with them!!

still to be continued!!!!!!!!

need comments guys!

for the added part Wink

and thanks for making/ helping me complete 100 pages

love you all


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I waited enough for the update now you wait for the comment....LOL
LOLI will edit tomorrow!!!!!!Wink


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Originally posted by sameera_12

Originally posted by funkybratz

ohkay ladies!!! heres the update!!!!

Lagta hai invisible update hai...mujhe nazar nahi a raha...LOL

meri update to invisible...ufff kyya zamana agaya hai!!! ghor se dekho sameera and himaLOL

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@n Finally LOL.thnks for the update yaar ... n ha' we can wait for tom ... tom pakka na' ???LOL

Can understand ur work schedules .. but u see ... cant even ignore ur updates ... In my case .. I have to blame Sam for this ..she recommended me this Wonderful ff ...  N  wo bhi sirf tumhari tarah hei reg. updating style LOLBig smile

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