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and fate brought us together! NEW THREAD (Page 87)

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Waiting for ur update Maleeha Smile

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Originally posted by k_anjali12

Waiting for ur update Maleeha Smile

Update plz

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update soon its long time yaar plzzzzzzzzzzz
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here it is guys a new part just for you all!! thanks for the lovely comments!! seriously this baby fic of mine has grown up soo big i couldn't even imagine that! thank alot to you all...sorry for such a late part! but life is getting hectic and busy that why i couldn't cope up with updates! but that doesnt mean i wont write at all!!

do read and comment! 

and yes PMS!!! lol...laters as i didn't slept for almost 24 hours lol

take care love you all...a bit boring part...par sub chalta hai

I can't talk to you anymore, it's not that I am mad at you, it's just that when I talk to you I realize how much I love you and when I realize how much I love you, I realize I can't have you and that makes me love you even more. 


The sun was rising and bringing a bit of light with it, as armaan shifted in his bed, last night have played havocs in his mind! He couldn't bring himself to sleep, whenever he closed his eyes, ridhima tearful face came into his mind taking his sleep away and then the little thought that ariha was his own blood! His own little princess, his baby girl! His daughter cheered him up.



He turned to the other side as he pictured the last night event when both ridhima and ariha was in his room! It was a complete family moment! Though ariha was not in good mood and was crying a lot! But still the three of them were together no matter what!?!



And wasn't it wonderful that both ridhima and he were trying to quite ariha when she was crying? It was really a family moment! He sighed as he moved his hand on the empty side of the bed! It was the same place where ridhima was sitting with ariha snuggled into her stomach, how he himself wished that it was him with his own head on ridhima lap and ariha on his chest' Life would have been soo much beautiful then he can imagine!!


Getting out of the bed he stretched himself to get rid of the little tiredness that was left! Moving towards his bathroom! His own words rang into his ears, which he had said to ridhima! "How can i say all that??" He scolded himself! "Of course i was angry! But that never meant that i end up saying all this to my own love!! What was i thinking??" 


"Was my anger soo dangerous that i could hurt anyone with my words only?" his feet didn't left the place where he was standing! He did wrong he knew that! He was extremely sorry for the words that just came out of his mouth in anger! But was ridhima not at fault??



Even she was the one who was responsible for all this! He knew that both were wrong in their place but somewhere he knew all this wrong things happened to make their life perfect!

"I'll say sorry to her!!" he promised himself as he finally moved towards the washroom to get fresh for his morning walk and gym session.


Ridhima tears were ready to flow as she touched her daughter forehead and then arms. Ariha was having high fever and it was worrying ridhima a lot, the event which happened was armaan had made her cried a lot.


 She had already packed her and ariha's little belonging and was ready to go! But then the picture of armaan and her daughter stopped her and made her think over her decision again! Though her final decision was to leave but then ariha fever came as an uninvited guest! And now she was here crying as she felt the fever rising a bit more!


It was early morning and she didn't know whom to wake, last night Anjali, atul, muskaan and rahul also came too late therefore they would be sleeping and waking up armaan was not in her options


She took the thermometer and kept under her daughter arms, as ariha winched a bit, her cranky behavior and her bad mood was an indication of high fever and everybody ignored it.



"101!! God help me please" ridhima mumbled as her tears weren't stopping, she opened ariha's little Dora bag to take out the medicine which can control the fever.



Shuffling inside the bag she left a relaxing sigh as she found the bottle, opening the drawer of her bedside table, she took the teaspoon ready to give ariha her dosage! Slowly pouring the liquid in the spoon she looked at ariha who was sitting in her lap.


Her face was all pale, no color was there! Her dimple couldn't be seen, as the spark, in her eyes were also missing; it was as if someone had just took her entire facial expression with himself! A lump formed into ridhima throat, as she 'remembered the time when ariha was just a small baby of four month and had a viral fever!


That was the worst time in her life; she had seen her healthy baby shrunk! Ariha lost soo much weight within a week! The doctor also told that they couldn't save her! As she was just a baby and suffering from viral fever.



Armaan came out of his room, as his eyes directly moved towards the corridor and the room where last night event happened'he knew it was his mistake! His head directly bowed down feeling guilty of his own words! He was wrong! His words were hell wrong!



Why he had to shout!?!'after all he got his love after crying for almost 2 years and now when he knew that he has his love and his daughter too with him then why the hell he was taking out his anger on ridhima! The important thing was that she was now here! At his home! With his family! With him! Wasn't that enough for him?? Didn't he want her to stay with him? With his family? As his wife?


"Wife!" the word burst into his mind as his heart did a little hula hoop! "It would be great if that happens soon" he told to himself! As his wild thought came into his minds with a blush on his cheeks.


Hearing a cry! His thought suddenly vanished! As a worried expression took over the blush that was on his cheeks, how can he never recognize this voice! It was ariha! his daughter! His princess! His heart filled up with air as if ready to burst! He was a father! A dad of a wonderful baby girl! It was as if his every dream was coming true!


Till last night he was just focusing to get ridhima answer his question, he knew he had hurt her! And even her words had hurt him but still the little words by ridhima that ariha was his daughter made him feel alive. It was as if someone had given life to a dead plant'.indirectly ridhima had provided him with world best happiness! And that was the reason he wasn't angry on ridhima anymore.


He immediately stopped his PROUD-TO-BE-A-DAD thoughts and ran after the crying voice! Which was coming from ridhima's bedroom!??


Taking hold of the knob, he stood there for seconds, nobody was awake till now! He thought for awhile to just enter like nothing has ever happened yesterday night! But then he decided to knock the door! He could hear ariha winching and ridhima was saying something.


Knocking slightly he stood for a second, waiting to hear ridhima allowing him inside the room! Again he knocked as he could hear ridhima and ariha both inside!


"Is something wrong happening inside?" he asked himself totally worried! How he wished to enter the room without permission.

He looked at the roof, frustrated as he thought to knock last time just to see whether ridhima would reply or not! And if she didn't open the door he would himself go inside without permission not caring about anything!!


With the last knock and hell worried expression he stood waiting to hear ridhima voice, taking a deep breath he finally decided to enter the room, taking the name of god he turned the knob, after yesterday night anything can happen with his life!! Maybe ridhima can even try to kill him!


After all whatever happened yesterday wasn't an easy thing to forget! He entered the room quietly without making a fly know about his entrance as he saw ridhima standing near the bed with ariha in her arms! The sight again shook him hard! This mother and daughter can easily make him breathless.


Standing in shirt and trouser, ridhima looked soo cute, her hairs were tied neatly in a high ponytail, while ariha was draped in a shirt and here pamper! Armaan frowned as he saw the back of riddhima's shirt! "Haven't I seen it somewhere?" he thought within himself!

"Doesn't muskaan have the same shirt and pant?" his frowned was now totally gone as him mind came up with a conclusion!  "she is sharing clothes with anjie and muski!" armaan told himself! He has to tell muskaan and Anjali to take her out for shopping! Soo that she can buy her own things according to her comfort level!


Feeling someone presence behind her, she turned quickly just to see two blue eyes staring her body! Her blood boiled as the tears which had just dried a while ago were ready to take back their previous position!


"What the hell??" ridhima almost shouted as she felt ariha winching a bit!


"What are you doing here?"the question shook armaan hard! He had given her soo much pain that she didn't wanted him near at all!!

"bab'I mean'ridh'"he moved forward to talk to her, he was really sorry and he would do anything to please her.


"Just leave okay!! Just go!!"she shouted, as within seconds ariha started to cry.


"I know you are angry about yesterday night! Fine! But atleast don't shout! Look now she is crying!!" armaan moved forward to take ariha in his arms! As he saw ridhima moving backward, away from him!


"don't come near me or her! okay I can take care of her'' we don't need you!"her tears started rolling out, as the picture of last night flashed infront of her! And the ariha health was worrying her too. How she wished it was Anjali or muskaan who have entered her room and not armaan!


Armaan anger boiled as he heard her completing the sentence! They didn't needed him! And here he was crying for her! He ear felt ariha crying voice as he looked at his daughter! At their daughter!


"Give her to me!"His hard tone, made her look at him, she could read his eyes and if it was true he was getting angry! A chill ran into her spine as she shuddered remembering his angry tone he uses.


"She is fine with me! You don't need to do favours!" armaan wished to slap her hard! But he would never to that! He can make love to her wildly but slapping was never in his choice!


"Ridhima! Just give ariha to me! She will be fine" this time his voice consisted of a pleading tone too, which she never expected! She thought for moment as she looked up to him to see him coming closer


Armaan moved his hands to take his princess in his arms, his hand brushed her softness, as ridhima just closed her eyes, tears rolled out from her closed eyes as they touched armaan's hands, his eyes moved to see his love crying'it was his fault this time! His words have scathe her soo much!


"don't cry" he invoked! As he took ariha in his arms, who was silent by now! Ridhima looked at both father and daughter! She had seen how comfortably ariha places herself in her father's arms! She was a baby and she didn't know he was her father! Still the girl was soo much in comfort


"She is hot!?!" armaan almost panicked! "What happened to her?" he stared at ridhima! His princess was hot and it was unusual!


"She has fever! She would be fine" ridhima answered coldly, even though she was worried like hell, she didn't wanted armaan to know about her worries.


"GOD HELL!!! She has a bloody fever and you are telling me now!!! What if something serious happens then!!!! Where are we going to run?? Haan!!!" he out-cried! As he saw her looking at him


"She would be fine! I have given her the medicine!! Okay!" her collectedness shook him hard! How can a mother act in such a normal way when her daughter is ill?


"Yeah right!!! What should i expect from you!!!" his ready to kill words were back! Ofcourse! He was a father who had stayed away from his daughter since she took her place in her mother's womb! Just yesterday night he came to know that, the girl he has fallen in love was his own daughter! And now she was ill'his outrage was justified!


"What the hell do you mean by that!?!...even I m hell worried if I don't show you my emotions that doesn't mean I don't have any! Since yesterday night I m worried! Okay!!" she back-fired him immediately before he could say something more!


"yeah right'.." armaan didn't continued as he moved his hands on his baby girl's back, who was winching again, it pained her to listen both her parents fight! And it pained her parents to see their girl in pain!


"Shhh princess'see dadda is here! He going to take you to the doctor okay'and then we all will smile like we do!!" armaan consoled his daughter, as ridhima listened to him.


"I just told you that I have given her the medicine, she would be fine!" ridhima again tried to make armaan understand, who was busy with his angel.


"I don't want to listen to you!!!" he shouted angrily! As his one hand continuously moved on ariha's back, who was a bit dizzy.


"and why??? When I m telling you she would be fine then listen to me! I know her better, okay!" moving forward she tried to take ariha away from him, just to get a soft, harsh push by armaan!


"you know here better, because you weren't here with me! I lost the most precious moments with my daughter! Which I can never get back! And still here you are trying to snatch her away!" he shouted at the woman in front of him.


" I m not snatching her away, she needs rest, give her back!" ridhima answered matching his tone, "was he afraid that she would take ariha away from him??"


"if you had ever cared about her! You wouldn't have left her on a door of a stranger! Y daughter use to cry for you! She use to ask me about you! Calling your name! and still you left her like she isn't important to you at all!..."he breathed heavily "and now you are acting all caring!"


"it was your house, not someone stranger!" she answered


"you know it now! That it belongs to me! But you didn't knew that, that time when you were leaving! Right! It was my luck that you left her here otherwise! She would have died! At someone doorstep!" tears strolled over his cheeks, even the thought of his daughter dying scared him!


Ridhima sobbed hard as she registered her word! Truly it was just in their luck that ariha landed at her father's place! God have planned all this already! She looked at armaan who was rubbing his tears off his cheeks and then kissing ariha's hairs! Ridhima could see how armaan had tightly held ariha in his arms as if she would run away or someone would take her away.


"What was I thinking when I left that day form the hotel?" she questioned herself as she saw armaan hugging ariha like her would lose her somewhere.


"Come'.we'll go to the doctor!"Armaan words stopped her tears, as she quickly rushed toward him!


A smile came up to his place, as he saw her rushing towards him, while rubbing her tears, her face was all red!! That was his love for her! He couldn't stay mad at all! That was what made him always fall for her! Her cuteness, she had done soo wrong with him! But still she was the person he loved madly.


She stood in front him! "soo she was worried!" he cursed his mind for shouting soo much at her! But then she was the one behaving all calm and composed


"chalien?" ridhima quickly said, which was an indirect order to armaan.


Armaan looked at her as his smile widen a little and then he quickly composed himself, even though he was worried still he wished to enjoy this little moment.


"Wait!" he ordered as he whispered into ariha ear "I m sorry baby! I know how bad this fever is'.once we get hold of it, we both will beat this fever black and blue'but can you just give dadda two minutes please" he spoke to his sleeping daughter, as ridhima looked at them, a small smile played on to her lips, they look soo cute.


"You are forgetting something!" armaan looked back at the smiling ridhima!


"Huh'what?" coming back from her thoughts she looked at armaan.

"Stop checking me out! You have whole life time for it! Okay'and I just said you are forgetting something!" the teasing tone was missed but ridhima as she looked at him confusingly


"What? I m forgetting?" she asked again.

"well take her milk bottle please!!!!" armaan told, as he felt ariha moving a bit "chill princess just two minutes please" he whispered as he saw ridhima rushing towards the bed and picking the bottle and coming back.


"ab chalain?" ridhima plead


"Yes move!" armaan turned and was about to move out of the room when immediately stopped, making rubbing bang into him.


"NOW WHAT?" frustrated ridhima asked, she wanted to show ariha to the doctor and here this mn was frustrating her!


"Well'I won't ever mind to pick you in my arms'.but'see today princess is the one to get this special treatment" ridhima looked at him baffled! Was he mad or something, here she was worried like hell, her daughter was having fever! And this man was talking about treatments!


"What do you mean armaan??" she angrily spoke.


"Wear some shoes'I won't pick you in my arms'not today atleast! You see'I have the whole life time for it" he winked, as she glared at him and then her feet!!! She was without shoes!!! Hell!


She ran away to get her shoes, while armaan smiled and took his cell phone from his pocket, just to message Anjali, updating her about ariha's condition and about him taking her to the doctor.




A week had passed, and many things were noticeable to many of the family members, ariha bad health was a major turn over' armaan's siblings and their wives had noticed how armaan was way to possessive about ariha's health, it was as if only he was the one to decide about what his girl would eat and drink.


Armaan who had turned into a complete father figure was over the moon, he had never expected life would change this way! Even though his and ridhima relation was still the same way as it had started, but then he also had ariha to cherish! He knew that everyone knows about ridhima now! Anjali had told him that she had shared this fact with everyone and she had even promised to help him get back his love, who was totally a family member now!


 Ridhima!!! She was a happy woman now! The moments she spent with this family were entering her sweet memory book, ariha had jammed well with everyone in the house and that was an important thing, after all her daughter happiness was everything for her!  Armaan had almost taken her half responsibility! He was the one who was taking care of ariha like no one can ever think of taking care. She had herself guessed that everyone in this family knew about her and armaan relation! Ofcourse anyone could guess! After all armaan was soo much into ariha.



The door burst open as she looked up to see who it was! Ariha was busy playing with her toys which armaan had provided her! They can be almost 50 stuff toys! Whole baby room was filled with them and half of ridhima room too.


"What are you doing here armaan?" she asked irritately, he had started to enter her room without knocking and this was one thing she didn't like!


"Well'I just came back from the office'.can I have my daughter now?" he asked huffing and puffing as, she got up from her position and went towards the water jar.


"Here have it'you know she won't run away! Soo please you don't always have to enter all this way huffing and puffing" she said, as she saw his hairs kissing his eyes! How she wished to run her hand in those lock just to put them back!


She didn't know why! But he had started to make his place somewhere in her! Even though she won't accept it, but he had started to be an important part, she knew when he would go for the office and when he would be back! She didn't like the fact that she had started noticing every single thing about him! and even right now she was unconsciously waiting for him entrance in her room.


"well,everyone knows I cant stay without her!" he smiled showing his dimple and moved forward to get his daughter.


"hmmm'I didn't changed his diaper!" ridhima told making him looked a bit annoyed and the smiling


"Well no problem,today she is going to get her diapers changed by her dadda,what say princess?" ariha smiled, as armaan tickled her.


"Eeekkkeee" she shouted as armaan and ridhima smiled.


"Awww'my princess is happy that dad is going to change it" armaan smiled as he touched his nose with hers


"Who says that'she is happy?" ridhima asked, as she moved ahead, pinching ariha's cheeks


"Well in armaan dictionary eeekkkeee means yaaayyy, right princess?" armaan kissed ariha while ridhima shook her head.

"Momma doesn't know anything princess, she has to stay with dadda to learn, right?" armaan looked at ridhima who stared at him!


Dadddaaa" ariha shouted to gain his attention, as armaan took her into his arms, looking at ridhima

"Well! here is her diaper and bottle." She said handling him the stuff, while he moved towards the door.

"Thanks" he said and moved out of the room without even looking back.


Anjali rushed towards the door, as the bell rang thrice! She had promised rohan that she is going to make him some melted chocolate cupcakes, and here someone was busy disturbing her by ringing the bells.


She opened the door and for once angrily stared at the person standing infront of her!  Another person was just behind the first one! She sighed happily and rushed to hug them.


"Finally mom you are back!" Anjali heaved! As she felt the warmth of her mother in law, she was lucky to get this woman as her mother-in-law!


"Oh yes'I feel great to hug my daughter'I I guess I have to meet my new daughter too." She giggled like a teenager getting away from the hug.


"She is gorgeous mum,you bet bhai choice is awesome!" Anjali jumped happily trying to get word to introduce ridhima.


"Why do I smell chocolate from you Anjali?" Billy asked, as he stood next to Anaya, while Anjali moved to hug him.


"Dad! We missed you soo much" Anjali said as Billy smiled and hugged her back.


"We missed you too but not much you see I told Annie not to think about kid on our vacations it makes me feel old" billy chuckled as Anjali laughed.


The freshness of the house was back as the stepped inside, since weeks all they were seeing were tensions, just because armaan was tensed everything was looking dull and tensed too, and now everything would be back to normal!


The four! Muskaan, rahul, Anjali and atul have spoken a lot and they have ended up with a plan! Now it was time that everything should be back at its own place with ridhima in it.

boring right??? that what i found it like but still do comment!

those who want pms...please add me to your buddy list

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aww i luved armaan nd arihas bit it was so cuuuutteee..
continue sooooon....... de part was awesomeeBig smile
de first one to comment yayBig smile

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Hey Maleeha... woooo man u updated after pretty long time but itzz kk cuz these days everyone's life is really hectic...soo itzz all cooll ... :)
and who says tht this part was boring...?????AngryAngryAngry
NOOOOOOOO it wasn't in fact i found this part very cute, sweet and touching... :) <3
to see Armaan being responsible for his daughter.. taking care of her.... loving her (& her mom too...) but it was a very touching part to see Father-Daughter relationship... <3TongueEmbarrassedClap
but also the way u worked on this part and wrote it out was extremely gud...ClapClap
glad tht Armaan did realize his mistake of being rude and unreasonable to Ridz..... and thought of apologizing.. but what they ended up fighting again.. lolLOL cant help it.. as itzz the Trademark of AR's relationship..LOL
awwww Ridz did started feeling for Armaan... <3Embarrassed and hopefully she will fall for him soon.. and as Armaan says will end up being Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Mallik pretty soon.. :) <3
waiting for tht moment to come.. <3
thanxx for a beautiful part.. :)
tc :) and have a gud sleep.. :)
Luv Preet <3

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Loved the part...and it was not boring...Poor ariha had to suffer fever  and on top of that their  parents fight 

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