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and fate brought us together! NEW THREAD (Page 75)

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heyyy dear,
when r u planning to
plzz update soon


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that's nice part do update soon and pm me when u do plz
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heyyy dear,
when r u planning
to update next part
plzz update soon

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Hey when r u going to update?????
Eagerly waiting to know what will happen next..
Pleease update soon...
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beautiful,mindblowing story
loved it. loved armaan's reaction but i hope he doesn't scare her off. he needs to give her some space.
waiting for the moment riddhima will fall in love with him.
please continue it soon 
thanks for the pms
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heyyy dear,
when r u planning to update next part
plzzz update soon

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dont i just love this ff
so really amazing n awesome
u just rock
totally n amazingly
thanks a ton for the pm


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hey guys new part...sorry i know i m late but this one is really long! i didnt replied to any comment as my net is troubling alot...but thank you all for commenting i loved each and every comment of yous...and thanks to all those who prayed for me!!!! i got selected luckily! love you all alot enjoy the part

p.s- as i said my net is troubling alot i cant promise of sending pm...soo you seriously have to wait for them!

p.s.s- i didnt checked the part after writing, therefore sleeping or grammatical error would be there!

To the world you are one person, but to one person you are the world.

"Don't just do that'okay!!!! Don't do that! Please" rahul begged looking at the devils infront of them

"Maar isko!!! He deserves it maar!!!!" the sound roared into the whole house! Sunday was a fun day!!!! And everyone could see that!!!

"Yes'why did you do that with me haan!!!!? Why???? Meinay kya bigara tha tera!!!" another woman from the same lounge shouted

"I didn't knew it was you, or else I wouldn't have done it at all, I m sorry don't just throw that on me!" rahul cried, these women will kill him one day and no one would even cry looking at his dead body.

"He didn't did it intentionally" came a voice of atul who was sitting and having his breakfast


Atul moved his hand on his right cheek just to find it covered with white cake cream.

"WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?!" angrily he got up looking and stood next to his brother who was soon to be killed

"You took his side! And those who take sides of devil are devils too" shouting at the peak she said while ridhima just sat and looked at the four idiot fighting for just nothing or for what rahul did

"I said he didn't do it intentionally'it was just a mistake, he didn't knew it was you" looking at the red hair woman, who was angry as hell atul shouted!

"Wow, rahul doesn't know who loves to eat French fries with ketchup!?!" mimicking in a baby voice muskaan said.

"Yes he knows that I m the one who loves to et French fries with ketchup still he did that!!!!!" anjali took the remaining cream cake in her hand just to throw towards rahul, who was begging for mercy after all he just had a good shower.

"Yes rahul you knew that anjali is the one who eat ketchup and chip" arching his eyebrows atul asked.

"Yaar I thought it was muskaan that why I did that, varna I wouldn't have don't it at all!" looking at everyone he true-fully said.

"What's with the noise here?" armaan asked coming from upstairs, covered in his shorts and shirt with was just made for him; it was covering him as if it would just tear off any moment and would show his perfect abs.

Ridhima eyes directly moved towards the man coming down she couldn't help but notice his lips which were completely full, suddenly the event of the morning flashed in her mind, his cologne which was soo strong that she could just feel it from the place she was sitting, it was the same smell which she had felt two years before but this time it was stronger, she closed her eyes as she felt reaching toward them,

"i cant think of him i cant!!!" her mind chanted where as her heart wasn't making her think anything else other than him.

she felt slight weight on the couch where she was sitting which made her open her eyes just to make her see his eyes which were big blue and daring, soo daring that she got a slight nervous, thinking about how he must be picturing her in his mind by looking through his blue pearls.

She kept on staring him while he did the same, suddenly as if someone kicked her, she felt embarrass of her act her eyes quickly moved downward not able to stare at him more, when she felt herself admiring his body frame which was so firm and perfectly fit as a loin. The drop of water ran down from his hairs under his shirt making the shirt wet and showing the cuts of his abs.
Her eyes again moved up looking at his hair which was deep and straight through which she wouldn't mind riding her hand.

Quickly remembering his touch which she felt around two years back her breathe got a bit strong she remember that it was soft and gentle but yet strong and seductive...she almost stopped breathing and closed her eyes as she felt his breath like steaming hot bath water which brushes the side of her neck.

"stop checking me out" armaan chuckled near her ear, as he felt her breathe getting hitched, he knew that she was staring him since he showed his face in the lounge and to make her enjoy more he sat next to her, but he never knew that even in his presence she wont stop herself, he sat straight looking at her beautiful face and her green pearls which were still stuck on his face, he smiled "soo it wasn't just me in love" his heart said.

He looked at the scene happening infront of him! Everyone was up to something right now! And the woman next to him was still looking at him, how his heart cried to take her into his arms and cuddle her!

"WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE!?!" he shouted looking at everyone and making a point to take ridhima out of her dreamland! he didn't minded her watching him or checking him out but then his brothers and his two bhabhis were also there.

"Bhai!!!!! Save me" rahul said coming to armaan and ridhima, while armaan just laughed looking at his brother state, he was covered with cake and still muskaan and anjali weren't leaving him.

"What you did?" armaan asked looking at his little brother begging for security.

"What he did!!!! Don't ask him bhai'just don't you don't know what he did'look at my hairs!!!" anjali cried making a point to show armaan how awful her hairs were looking

"Wow anjie they look nice'red!" armaan chuckled

"What!!! They look nice bhai'there is ketchup all over my hairs" anjie cried while muskaan consoled her.

"How did it get there?" confusion took over armaan'ofcourse ketchup on hair'rare combination!

"I'll tell you bhai" giving an evil glare to rahul, who had just destroyed his beautiful wife hairs he moved towards armaan to tell him what rahul had done.

"actually'rahul thought muskaan was having French fries for her breakfast soo he knew that she would use ketchup too, therefore he added some baking soda in the ketchup bottle and shook it up, and went away from the kitchen'not knowing it was MY WIFE who was having French fries, and

when anjie opened the bottle of ketchup to add some one her fries, the ketchup splattered everywhere!' atul controlled his laugh and again added " and when all this wasn't enough rahul came out from the corner and laughed at anjali soo much that she actually started to sob"

"Haan bhai who toh main agayi varna anjie would have flooded the whole kitchen just by crying" muskaan added sitting with anjie.

"And from that time they are trying to kill me bhai!!! I thought it was muskaan that why I did that" crying again he murmured

"God'I don't know how you people got married seriously!" armaan laughed, he wished he could have seen the whole scene by himself too

"Bhai we love each other, but this is the limit he tried to attack me by his ketchup prank!" muskaan shouted at top of her voice

"Oh oh oh!!!! Chill muski ab toh sab hoga na! Leave my poor brother" armaan couldn't complete his sentence as the phone call interrupted him

Looking at the phone next to him he saw the caller name and sighed "muskaan its your phone" he knew she was the only one who cant tolerate this sticky creature.

Muskaan went closer to the phone and saw the caller name, her eyes moved toward armaan, who was smiling apologetically at her, while the other got to know who ti was by just looking at armaan and muskaan reaction.

"Hello" muskaan said totally not interested in the person on the next line

"ciao" the other person said.

Muskaan laughed out hearing the other girl on the line "stop faking Italian Miss sui"

"L'hmph'My il nome il suvarna" continuing her faking accent the girl said

"What the hell!!!! I m shutting down the phone bye!"

"No no no no wait!!!! I said my name is survana!!! Stop calling me sui got that"

"Oh I remember you told us to call that right?" muskaan asked totally irritated

"I told you to call me sue okay not some Sui! And please agar name liana nahi ata toh don't take" sue said anger came over to her as she continued her sentence "and tell me one thing why the hell it only you who picks the phone up"

"Excuse firstly do you know whom are you talking with! I m MUSKAAN MALLIK got that! And secondly I know you don't know how to respect but still try to respect'and thirdly no one in the house loves to chat with you! And now my question why the hell did you called?" muskaan spitted

"What do you mean "why I called" cant I call and my to-be-in-laws house?"sue asked, she was in love with armaan'that what she always said and therefore she always considered malliks house as here'where as armaan on the other hand would love to dive in a well than to marry this stupid girl.

"Let me tell you this isn't you to-be-in-laws house, and what makes you think that someone from this family would love to marry you! You see rahul is married with me and have a son too and atul is also married to anjie, toh tu kisay shaadi karay gi?"

Rahul laughed as muskaan asked sue one of the most interesting questions, while atul was already rolling on the floor, ridhima sat totally amazed by the way they all were acting where as armaan just waited for muskaan to continue he knew something interesting would come up.

"Why is armaan a gay?" sue asked totally angry.

Muskaan laughed her head out after listening to the woman on the next line "you know what!!! Bhai would prefer to be a gay then to marry you"

A roar of laughter came from atul rahul and anjie after listening to muskaan answer, ridhima eyes arch high up looking at armaan who was smiling and shaking his head as he already knew that muskaan was the only one who could answer that girl.

"Shut up! I just called to tell you that abhi kept a dinner tonight and he told me to invite you all" she was about to keep the phone down when she heard muskaan say something

"Ciao sue" muskaan giggled, it was her aim to make this woman angry.

"Shut up!!! Bye" and the line were dropped.

The house again roared with the laugh!!! It was amazing how all six were laughing together, even not knowing anything about the person on the next line still ridhima laughed with others, she was loving staying here, her mind was telling her to leave with her daughter who was calmly sleeping upstairs but then her heart was thanking armaan for making her stay with them.

It was after soo long that armaan had laughed whole heartedly, before whenever he laughed or smile there was a hidden pain, pain of loosing his love but now! When he knew the woman whom he love was sitting next to him and an angel like little girl was sleeping upstairs he felt relieved and peaceful he wasn't scared of losing them again because somewhere he knew that fate had brought them back to him!

Sitting in the room with her daughter, she looked outside the window and saw the sun setting, making it self ready to come again tomorrow, when again her mind moved back to the event happened in the morning, she felt her shoulder a bit heating up just by remembering how he kept his chin there'even though her mind didn't accepted it but still'she that time felt like she just had a glimpse of heaven.

It was nothing just a random moment, but the feelings which she felt that time were soo electrifying that she herself was totally shocked and somewhere in her heart she wished to feel those spin touching current again.

She took a deep breathe as looked at ariha who had her head kept on her chest and was busy playing with her daffy duck, slowly moving her hand on her daughter's hairs she looked at ariha turning to look at her mother.

"You just look like your dadda" a smiled crept on her face as she saw the same dimple smile coming on ariha's face too.

"you know I think your dadda loves you a lot even when he doesn't know that you are his daughter" ridhima old her daughter as she replaced the hairs locks which were kissing her angel's eyes.

Suddenly as if something pricked ariha she started to cry and in between she tried to call armaan, ridhima noted her sobs contained a word "dadda" too and was surprised normally when ariha use to cry she tried calling ridhima but this time her daughter was herself calling armaan.

Taking ariha in her arms, she quickly got up, and cradled her in her arms, while the baby didn't
stopped crying, it was soo new! She never did that before ridhima thought but then she was never use to such environments also.

Looking at the baby she quietly kissed her and then said "you want to go down?" Where as ariha just rubbed her eyes and looked at her mother.

"Ridhima would you go with us?" anjali asked delight while muskaan quickly crossed her finger hoping that the answer would be yes! They both would get bored and they knew it, armaan had already decided that he was not going as he have to save himself from sue while the other were forced to go because abhi was their business partner as well as a dear friend.

Abhi parents and armaan parent where great friends, therefore whether they all like them or not they have to act like good friends too, even armaan as doing business just for the sake of the relationship between their families.

"I don't think soo, I don't know them and even ariha is acting a bit cranky" ridhima ended while muskaan moan.

"God! Cant us also stay at home please?" muskaan plead looking at the ceiling, while from no where armaan came.

Moving between the ladies he stood infront of ridhima and bow down a little, taking ariha in his arms he quietly whispered "I have to talk" and ridhima knew it was time, he would clear each and everything today. As if the earth stops moving, even ridhima breathe stopped for a while...How she wished the earth would gulp her before armaan started his grilling session.

Taking ariha in his arm, he noticed ariha quietly snuggling into his neck; he moved his hand on her back and then her hairs loving while the baby just kept herself in her dadda's neck.

Since morning the poor little girl wanted to jump in her dadda's lap, she missed his warm hugs soo much that a time came that she started to sob uncontrollably in her mother's arms and now when she was with her dadda she just wanted to feel him.

"bhai'.i don't want to go!" muskaan declared, she had looked at armaan and ridhima, and then she have also noticed armaan mumbling something in ridhima's ear'but then she didn't want to ask them and make thing uncomfortable. She knew everything would come out sooner or later, therefore it was better to wait than to make the two uncomfortable.

"Muskaan you don't have any choice, I m not going soo that means you all have to go!" armaan moved towards the stairs taking ariha with him.

Anjali looked at the clock, it was time they should start to get ready, plus she knew that muskaan would take a lot of time as she had to make rohan ready too.

"come on muskaan lets move'ridhima you want to come and suggest us what would suit the best?" ridhima who was busy looking at the re-treating figure of armaan and ariha came out of her dreams, she couldn't stop armaan, when he was taking ariha with him after all the baby also belong to him and plus ariha was missing him soo badly and she never wished to do anything which makes her daughter cry!!

"Huh'sure lets go!" mumbling she got up to go with the other two ladies.

"Soo what with this little princess of mine?" armaan asked as he felt ariha not at all leaving him, he brought her up to his room to give her the toys he brought, but then she wasn't willing to move off his lap.

Ariha looked at armaan, who was just staring at her the same way she was doing, her hand slowly moved towards his lips as she poked her finger into it. Armaan took her hand away from his lips kissing it and then he kissed her cheeks.

"Don't worry we would be back soon" armaan said smiling at his princess, as he found her smiling a little too.

He moved her out of his lap and kept her on the bed, as she suddenly started to make crying sounds. armaan who was already half laying on the bed quickly took ariha back in his arms as she made herself comfortable, her thumb was in her mouth and eyes close while lying on her dadda's chest.

"You missed me soo much princess'even I missed you alot" armaan said as he slowly and lovingly moved his hand on her hairs, making her sleep peacefully.

Slowly keeping the little princess on the white fluffy bed armaan made himself more comfortable, his one hand was on the chest of the little girl so that she doesn't wake up, she was being too cranky and wasn't leaving him at all, her naughty self wasn't there today and that fact scared a bit to armaan' "my princess should always smile and act like she feel" armaan thought

"Bhai!" slowly opening the door anjali saw armaan lying on the bed with his eyes stuck at ariha's face and a hand kept on her chest. "i wont be surprise if bhai turns out to be angels father" her mind said.

"Shh'quietly anjie" armaan mouthed.

"Bhai she won't get up, she is in a deep slumber" anjali giggled as armaan smiled looking at ariha sleeping on his bed.

"Bhai ridhima is here...we are leaving" anjali whispered as armaan looked at her

"Good she is here, I want to talk to her" armaan told anjali, who thought it was the best time to ask about ridhima

"Bhai you wont mind me asking something about'err'ridhima?" armaan smiled at anjali, ofcourse he knew that his family would have noticed ridhima's and his interactions.

"Do you really have to ask'cant you all see it by yourself?" he answered as a light smile was still present on his lips.

"How can you love her? When you never knew her?" anjali felt totally speechless she never expected armaan to answer this soon.

"I don't want to go in details anjie, but I love her and my love is two years old" he said while he knew what anjali would be thinking.

"And ariha?"

For few seconds armaan didn't answer, he didn't know what to say? He looked at ariha as the fatherly love grew inside him "she is mine, I m her father!" armaan completed looking at his princess and then bending down her kissed her forehead

Anjali just stood there looking at armaan and ariha interaction, as a big smile reached her lips, she quickly jumped and ran towards the lying armaan, throwing herself on to him she whispered "I m soo happy for you bhai, ridhima would be our bhabhi!!!!"

Armaan chuckled as he returned her hug and heard her out "yes she will, but I guess that would take time" he pouted, while anjali couldn't stop herself from bursting into happiness "but if you didn't go today I guess than it would take a hell lot of time, as I have to talk to her alone

"Sure bhai anything for your love life" anjie smiled winking at armaan, who was trying not to make his smile show up on his lips

"And please don't let her know that you all know about her" armaan told, pointing out the direction of the door.

Anjali give a meaningful smile to armaan, while armaan felt himself going a bit red "okay now go!!!Hush hush hush" as if shoving a cat armaan threw anjali out of his room; he knew that today his entire family would know about ridhima.

Taking steps slowly he made his way towards her room, ariha was still sleeping in his bed room and waking her up was never his choice. It had been half an hour or may be more that all the members have left the house; it was just him, ariha who was sleeping and ridhima with whom he has to talk!

He knew that ridhima won't be ready for his questions, therefore after his brothers and bhabhis left, he gave her and himself time soo that both could get ready with what was coming next.

He knocked the room door twice, but no one was opening! Again he knocked carefully as he knew ariha was still sleeping and even a slight noise would make her get up, plus he wasn't next to her right now, therefore she would get even more scared.

He turned the knob himself as the door opened, peeping in slowly he called ridhima, who wasn't anywhere near his sight, plus the room was totally dark only the window was helping it to get lit, he moved further as he saw her standing near the window, she was busy looking at something, or maybe busy thinking of something.

Moving further, he stood behind her, his chest touched her soft back both suddenly felt sparks in their body, it wasn't new but everytime they were much stronger than they felt before.

As if someone forced her, she closed her eyes; her thought against armaan wasn't present at his moment, since the morning incident she was thinking about armaan, each time she tried to think about something negative, her heart gave out something positive making her defeat.

Getting into the moment and completely forgetting the fact that he was there to ask her few answers, he made his one hand go toward her waist, pulling her more inside him as if capturing her and trying to hid her from the world, his other hand made itself go near her neck-shoulder removing her hairs from her left shoulder, making it completely bare.

Her heart jumped feeling herself getting absorbed into him, she didn't knew when her own hand moved toward her waist where his hand was kept, she kept her hand above his, her mind was willing to remove his hand from her waist but her heart just wanted to hold it till it was there, she tried to remove his hand from their when she felt him taking hold of her hand too.

It was now her hand covered by his on her waist, she then felt him removing her hairs from her left shoulder., his breathe touched her bare shoulder making her shudder as if it was completely natural thing, she arched her neck high, tilting her neck on his right shoulder, telling him that he was allowed to do anything he like!

Armaan moved his lips on her beautiful long neck and slowly started to kiss her, he knew she was totally into the moment but somewhere he also fear that she would regret it later, it was as if someone was telling him that she would regret it! But no one can take over his heart right now, he was with his love and no one can try to snatch this moment away from.

Kissing her on her neck he moved towards her shoulder, sucking her milky white skin, making his tongue taste her skin and the kissing it with full of love, he again trialed his kissed from her shoulder to her neck sucking her soft skin and then kissing it.

She hissed as she felt him taking her skin inside in his mouth and the biting. He hand tightened on his hold which was one his waist as she felt him kissing her even more passionately than she thought.

Suddenly as if the world came crashing down, armaan left her with a jolt, she turned to look at him who was busy concentrating on something else, her mind started to think about what was he thinking but then her thoughts drifted to her daughter "where is she when armaan is here?" her mind alarmed

"Shit ariha" armaan almost shouted, starting to run away, he had heard someone cry but the moment he was in was soo strong that he ignored it, but when the cries were getting louder he forced himself to leave ridhima and he knew he was correct someone was crying and it was no other than ariha.

Hearing her daughter name, her heart panicked "where is she?" tears started to form in her eyes as she saw armaan running away, within seconds she too followed him.

Entering his room both ran towards their daughter, she was sitting on the bed crying her heart out, not feeling anyone close to her she felt scared as the tears suddenly formed in her eyes.

Armaan almost ran towards his side of the bed, taking ariha in his lap, where as ridhima went toward the other side her tears where now too started to show up.

Armaan felt someone pricking his heart or almost taking his heart out, his princess had turn herself all red while crying, her face was full of tears and she tried hard to breathe in between her cries'

"How can I be soo irresponsible!?!" he questioned himself, while is eyes looked at the woman sitting next to him, he didn't made only ariha cry but because of his one irresponsible behavior even ridhima was crying.

"Princess see dadda here'don't cry now!" he consoled ariha who was snuggling more into him, but her tears weren't stopping.

Ridhima moved more closely to them, as her hand reached ariha's head moving it with love trying to stop her from crying. She looked at armaan who with each passing second was getting worried, since the time ariha was with her, she was soo lazily and was hell cranky, and now when she wasn't stop crying armaan was getting worried, he thought that maybe sleep would be good for her but still she was here crying.

"Give her to me" he heard ridhima saying, as he looked at her removing her tears from her cheek, slowly putting ariha in her lap, he stared at the mother and daughter

"What happened to her? She would be fine, right?" armaan asked directly staring into ridhima's eyes and then moving his hand on ariha's hair who had snuggled herself into ridhima's stomach.

"She is acting like this since the morning'I guess she would be fine till tomorrow." Ridhima mumbled

"can you go and bring her bottle of juice from my room?" she asked.

Armaan quickly jumped out of the bed and opened the room door running out to get the bottle for her princess "may be juice would do well"

Entering the room again with the bottle he saw ridhima mumbling something to ariha, he sat next to them handling the bottle to ridhima, who kept it near ariha's lips. Ariha didn't accept the juice and started to sob again, she was pushing the bottle away from herself.

Armaan looking at scene, quickly took ariha away from ridhima into his arms and got out of the bed, slowly and lovingly cradling her going towards the joint gallery.

"Hey princess!!"Armaan whispered near her ears, who had snuggled herself more into his crook of the neck.

"What happened to my princess today!'haan? Why isn't she in a good mood?" he asked her as he felt her holding his vest tightly in her hand which was on his neck.

A small smile played on his face as he felt her possessiveness, he turned back to see ridhima still sitting on the bed looking at the two of them and he could see she was hell worried too.

"Okay, I got it! You don't want me to go anywhere right...see I m not going" he felt her wincing again, and he quickly rubbed his palm on her back trying to calm her down.

"Look princess dadda wants to talk to mum okay? And if you didn't sleep how would I do that? You know you snatch my whole attention." Armaan chuckled listening to his own word; he was talking to her as if she would understand whatever he was saying

Ridhima slowly got out of the bed, walking toward the beautiful scene she could see in her life, her daughter was soo much in love with her father and she could see that, even armaan was looking soo much at ease, as if all this thing were natural.

She stood near the gallery door, not willing to destroy the view infront of her.

"Isn't your mom enough to take my whole attention? And now you do the same thing!" armaan said unknown to the fact that someone was standing behind him listening to what he was saying.
Ridhima knew he was talking about her! But she couldn't make out the entire thing he said.

Slowly armaan turned around to find ridhima standing on the gallery door; she had a bottle of juice in one hand while she was looking at both of them. Armaan slowly moved his hand near her asking for the bottle of juice as he could feel ariha was again drifting into her sleep.

Handling the bottle to armaan, she saw him feeding ariha, who had drifted back into her deep slumber.

"I should put her in your room! May be she isn't comfortable here" armaan whispered looking at ridhima, who still had a thin line of tears.

"Hmmm'maybe" answering back, she saw armaan moving ahead and leaving the room, she could make out from armaan voice that he would be soon questioning her!

Armaan kept ariha on the bed, he opened the night light as the room was just having light from the window, and he looked at the time, moving his hand on his hairs he bent down to kiss ariha again for the last time in a day.

Looking at ridhima standing on the entrance of the room, he sighed! It was time, already soo much time had gone, he wanted to ask her everything.

Ridhima stood at the entrance hoping that armaan would drop ariha on the bed and leave and then she could look herself and her daughter in the room for the rest of the night. All of a sudden she felt his hand taking hold of hers and dragging her out of the room, she didn't know when he came next to her and dragged her out of the room.

She knew no one was there in the house and somewhere she trusted armaan too, but still she felt scared!! Trying to get rid of his hold she struggled hard soo that he can remove his hand from her.

"stop!!!" she whispered scared to death where as he said nothing and just walked

Pinning her on the wall of the corridor, armaan stood in front of her almost blocking her ways, he took her out of the room soo that ariha couldn't wake up. He would talk now! Moving his hand forward he removed the strand which was falling on her face and tucked it behind her ear. He felt ridhima shivering as he did that, then slowly he moved his finger on her neck as if checking it length

"Stop please!" he heard her say.

"You didn't stop that time! How should I stop" she heard him saying this, as she felt his breathe slowly coming near her ear lob.

"Please'arm...aan sto'p it" he was rubbing his lips on her neck making her almost go breathless.

"even I use to shout the same thing since past two year'. "baby please stop don't go" but you never came back" he whispered touching her ear with his lips.

"Leave me please" tears where forming in her eyes she wanted to go back inside her room, she want to hug her daughter who was sleeping in there.

"I m not like you ridhima!" she felt her name the most beautiful thing in the world right now as he took it, but something was stopping her to accept it, she just wanted to run away "I wont leave you at any cost" huskily he said as he dropped a small kiss on her beauty bone.

"why did you left me that time?" he moved his face away from her neck and looked straight into her eye, he could see soo many emotions in them.

"I want to go." She whispered trying to get out of his hold, when she felt his hand moving on her waist and tightly holding her.

"you aren't going away until I get my answers" the anger was now clearly seen by ridhima, she gulped hard not knowing what was coming next, but sill she wasn't ready for this at all, she wanted to go!!

"I need to go'leave me armaan" pleading she looked into his eyes.

"don't force me to take you into my room, and I swear once I take you inside I wont let you come out until I get what I want!" it was a warning and she knew now she have no other choice than to answer him.

She made up her mind, she would answer why the hell was she scared? She would answer him and leave.

Looking at her he started to again question, he knew that she would answer him now!

"Why did you left that day?" he asked tightening his hold on her waist even more.

"What do you think why should I have stayed?" Ignoring the effect his closeness was causing she asked.

"Just don't back fire'okay!!! Answer me" he said as anger was now completely on his mind.

"We were strangers, how could I have stayed!" she answered as she felt him losing his hold on her and moving backward

"YOU DIDN'T READ THAT LETTER!!!! YOU DIDN'T HEARD ME SAYING "I LOVE YOU" ALL THAT NIGHT'YOU HEARD IT RIGHT STILL YOU DIDN'T STOPPED! WHY?" he shouted scaring her! He came back to her and held her tightly from her shoulder.

"You are hurting me" ridhima cried as she felt pain going trough from her shoulder to her entire body


"it was just those drugs which made us spent the night together!" crying she said, pain was evident in her voice.

"Yes right it was the drug! That why when I got up in the morning without any drug affecting me, I wrote that letter! I got down stairs to find that dress! I guess I did that too in drug effect right?" he asked as he left her as turned away making her face his back

"We were strangers'complete strangers'I never knew you than how can you love me?" she asked ofcourse! She didn't know him then how he could love her!

Turning back he looked at her "is it really important to tell you how I fell in love! The thing matter is that I love you and you left me crying" his voice took high pitch as he said the last few words.

"it was just a night armaan! And in one night you fell in love with me! It would be just lust and nothing complete lust" her voice roused slowly matching his angry voice.

"DON'T YOU DARE CALL MY LOVE LUST! IF IT WAS LUST THAN I SWEAR I WOULD HAVE USED YOU AND THREW YOU OUT! BUT I NEVER DID THAT! IT WAS YOU WHO LEFT ME, NOT CARING ABOUT WHAT I WOULD FEEL! IT WAS JUST A NIGHT FOR YOU! BECAUSE FOR ME IT WAS BLOODY EVERYTHING!" making his hand go through his hairs, staring at her he pointed his finger at her, she was displaying nothing her face was just pale.






"HOW CAN I JUST TRUST A PERSON WHOM I NEVER KNOW? HOW COULD I THINK THAT WHAT EVER YOU SAID WAS THE TRUTH? AND YOU WOULD COME BACK!?!" she asked that was true how can she ever trust a complete stranger who just happens to claim that he was madly in love with her.


"YOU THINK THAT ONLY YOUR LIFE HAD BEEN AFFECTED AND NOT MINE! BECAUSE OF YOU ME AND ARI'"she stopped as she saw color draining out of armaan's face, she was here to answer him but she never thought about telling him that ariha was his daughter!!

"Who is ariha's father?" he asked holding her again this time more tightly making her wince in pain.

"Leave me" closing her eyes she begged

Without listening to her he asked "or did you sleep with other men UNDER THE DRUG EFFECT?"
Her eyes were now wide opened hearing his words, how can he even think like that! And what made him think all this, she look like a prostitute or a s**t? Getting the power she removed herself from his hold as tears streamed out of her eyes.

"HOW COULD YOU THINK LIKE THAT!" she cried at the top of her voice, tears didn't stopped flowing out of her eyes, as she saw him getting closer to her.

He knew he had hurted her, how can he even say that, his anger had made him takeout those word which he can never say to his love, still he said all that! He hated himself right now, moving forward he went to take her into a hug when she moved backward.

"DON'T TOUCH ME! I LEFT YOU THAT DAY, THAT NEVER MEANT THAT I SLEPT AROUND OR WORK LIKE A s**t, f**kING OTHER MENS!" shouting she said as she saw armaan closing his eyes and taking whatever she said.

He moved again forward and this time luckily he got her, he held her from her shoulders lightly and then slowly moved his hands on her waist.

"I m sorry'I didn't meant all that" he whispered as tear weld up in his eyes too'how can he even say such thing.

"LEAVE ME!" she struggled hoping that he would leave her.

"Ridhima I didn't meant a word'baby please look at me" he forwarded his hand near her face, making her look at him.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" she pushed him hard as he stumbled backward losing his hold on her "IT IN MY FATE TO GET HURT" crying aloud she said as she fell on the floor, her face was covered by her palms, no one word has hurted her this much, even the couple she met on the beach said all these things but it never hurted her like this!

Armaan moved forward as tears were getting out of his eyes too, his love was crying because of him and he can't do anything except to stand and see.

"baby please stop crying'I swear I didn't meant a word'I nev'" he couldn't complete his sentence as he saw her getting up and removing her tears from her pale cheek.

He ran after her as she was about to enter her room, keeping the hand on the door and pushing it slightly, he saw ridhima looking at the floor.

"Bab'" he couldn't complete his sentence as he heard her saying

"I only slept with you, ariha is your daughter and I don't love you" with that she closed her door with the bang as armaan just felt her words ringing in his head.

Ariha! His princess the girl he loved to the core was his! He felt himself touching the moon, but somewhere he was scared to lose ridhima again, he knew that his words have effected her badly too much badly he have seen it himself.

He looked at the close door, how he wished to get inside at take ariha into his arms and provide with love she deserves. Since a year he was away from his daughter! He sighed as again somewhere inside him he felt another blaze of anger taking control of his happy emotions.

"She kept me away from my own blood and i love her soo much" he said looking at the door.

"Start counting your days Miss Ridhima'as soon you are going to be MRS.RIDHIMA ARMAAN MALLIK!!" with saying that he left for his room trying to cherish the time ridhima and ariha were together in this room. He loved ridhima soo much that he couldn't even stay mad at her.

Ridhima cried hard inside the room. She had closed her door room and had thrown her body at that place only and she had actually heard what armaan had said!

OMG...this part i soo long...well for me it is! i guess you all wanted to read about armaan and ridhima talking! i hope i have come up with your expectations...
*fingers crossed* do comment please!!! i would love to read them!
and do remember about that pm thingy

love you all!!!

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