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updating soon!!!
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thanks for the wonderful you all...i know i have delayed alot therfore here is the longest part ever!!!!

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You're the home my heart's searched for so long. And when I saw you my heart whispered, "Home, home at last."


she heaved as he kissed her neck with full of love and passion, outside the sun was about to rise the curtain were slightly glowing with light rays from the sun, she arched her back making him bite her throat. The heat of the moment was too high making them touch the peak of passion.

He slowly made his hand go towards her thigh, separating them and rubbing his palm over hr right one, she shuddered at his touch wanting and demanding more from him, slowly and carefully he pressed his whole body wait on her, making her go out of senses,

Her breast pressed against his manly chest, as he felt her heaving under his touch, he entered her almost quickly making he moan, joining her lip with his, he kissed her passionately as his pace quickened inside her.

She felt him stiffening inside her, as he left her lips, and groan inwardly, her eyes were tightly shut flowing in the world of just love, he threw his body on her feel contented and calm. They stayed there for as long as they could, making there bodies relax.

Shifting him beside her, he kept his hand on her waist, bringing her near him, she kept her head on his bare, manly chest, closing her eyes, ready to go to sleep.

"You have to take the pills" he voice was quite like a whisper but she heard it.

Tear weld up in her eye as she closed them tightly, trying not to destroy the romantic moment, but her heart wanted to say what she was feeling, she have too!!!

"Atul" she whispered.

"Hmmm'"he calmly said, he knew what was coming, and to be true he didn't wanted to listen that at all'he knew what she would say and what she would get as an answer

"I don't want to have pills'I want to have a baby" he tightened his hold on her waist bring her even more closely.

"Anjali didn't I say that we would try once the doctor tell us that everything is fine!!??" it wasn't a question it was a complete statement telling her to wait for a while before the go a head for a child

"but if the doctor said that we cant have one then?" her question did shook him but he knew that he couldn't share his emotions with her, knowing that she was more emotional in this case.

"Then we wont try" she looked at him, wide eyes'how can he even say that? Her mind questioned, tear brimmed out from her eyes telling him how much his statement had hurted her and her heart.


"How can you even say that atul?" she saw his eyes were closed, and knowing him she knew that how his own statement had hurted him,

She kept her head again on his chest as she felt his old tightening again.

"Because!!! I love you anjali and I don't want anything to wrong with you" he caressed her waist by rubbing his hand over it.

"Nothing will happen'I know nothing will, please we can try" she tried to make him understand but she also knew how serious he was while taking decisions.

"No!! Not now anjali, atleast wait till the doctor tells everything is fine."

"Still I won't take the pills'maybe everything would turn out to fine, maybe I would get pregnant and we would have a baby." she said closing her eyes and nuzzling into him

"Anjali!!! Why aren't you understanding?" he asked hearing he latest statement'the doctor had told that she wasn't able to carry a child after her miscarriage but still she was stick to her decision that it made him get angry on her.

"no atul you aren't understanding, you don't know how it feel when I see ariha with ridhima and rohan with muskaan, you don't know how my heart cries feeling that I cant make you happy because  cant give you a baby wont listen to you this time" she said removing her self from him and turning toward her side

"If you didn't listen to me'." She heard him saying, her heart told that he was deciding to say the next part "if you didn't listen to me and by mistake got pregnant, I wont accept the child" he said, his heart cried hearing himself and knowing how much it would have hurted her.

She quickly turned looking at him and she started crying almost with hiccups "atul?" she questioned, she didn't knew what to say except his name

Looking at her he moved toward her, making his hand go on her waist and hugged her tightly "just please'try to understand anjali" his heart cried "you know I cant lose you, if you carry a pregnancy, it would be your life which would be in danger and I don't want that'I love you soo much, I cant imagine my life without you, just!! Just wait the doctor told us that once she feel that you are able to carry a baby inside you we can go ahead'don't you understand how tough it is for me?" he asked praying that she would understand him

She moved her hand behind him, hugging him properly and she cried "I understand you but then I want us to have a baby'" she stopped for a second and then continued "I'll have pills don't worry"

He moved out from the hug looking into her eyes she was trying to smile but he was known that how hurted she was "I'll take the appointment to meet the doctor" he said as he saw her smile reaching her eyes.

"Thank you" she said'.as he again hugged her kissing her shoulder, she moved out from his embrace and saw him and the smile on his face.

"I love you" she whispered

"I love me too" he said making her a bit angry for destroying their moment, she formed  a pout as he looked at her and quickly captured her pouty lip with his'

As the kiss slowly started to turn form slow and romantic to wild and passionate, the heat rouse again, but then they both stopped knowing that if they didn't sleep now they wont get to sleep the whole day, as muskaan would surely try to wake them up.


"I guess we should sleep otherwise we wont get any sleep" anjali said

"yes I know muski  wont leave us...she would try to wake us up by banging our door" she listened atul as she shifted her wait on her shoulder making her reach the side table drawer, taking out the pills, she put then inside her mouth and drank the water which was kept on the table.

Atul saw her as he felt much more relax now "I have to talk to the doctor" he told himself



Ending up with his last lap'he moved his body toward outside the pool, feeling complete different and complete, he took his towel rubbing the water droplets from his body which were kissing his perfectly hairless chest, he looked for his robe and seeing it on the pool-side-relaxing chair, he made his way towards it.

Taking the robe he wore and lied on the chair, the sun was now shinning much brightly, but still the cloud were there, wind wasn't anywhere to be felt stating that I would again going to rain today. His eyes moved on the long pool and the clean water'he felt good swimming in it and then enjoying the made him feel fresh and new.

He felt some one constant eye on him, feeling that someone was continuously staring at him, he turned to see no one' "May be I m thinking a lot" but then what was thinking'NOTHING at all!

Again he felt someone this time, he knew it was human; he turned to see that it was Anna, with his juice, newspaper and cordless phone.

 "Good morning sir" anna said looking at him'he was happy and it was shown on his face

"Good morning anna" armaan said looking at her "why you brought the phone here?"armaan asked looking confused.

"Sir everyone is sleeping inside and madam called she told me that she would call again after five minutes so I brought the phone here" armaan nodded hearing about his mom and turned to look at the long bluish pool.

"You can keep the things here" armaan ordered and saw anna keeping the tray on the table and going toward the door which leads inside the house.

The phone rang and quickly taking the phone in his hand he brought it toward his ear "hello" he heard the voice.

"Hello old man" armaan grinned knowing what the next person would say.

"Huh'why I ever called you!!!!"Armaan laughed "you know what'if you tell someone to compare between you and me they would call you my dad" Billy mallik said

"Stop dreaming old man" armaan laughed.

"Talk to your mom then" Billy announced

"Dad'I m missing you" armaan said taking the deep breathe, as he felt billy doing the same, he loved his sons but armaan being the eldest and the responsible was always his favorite, he had never compared his sons but still armaan had a special place.

"missing you too son'"Billy whispered, he had seen armaan change a lot with two year and not knowing the reason he could do anything but to wait for the day when he would be back to normal.

"Ohkay'I m off'talk to your mom" Billy said quickly

"Wait dad'we can talk'you know I always have time for old man" armaan laughed again heartily

"oh really well I don't have time for people older than my age" Billy said mocking his own son "well you see son there is a basket ball match going on TV and I want to watch it soo I have to go" Billy held the remote in his hand and started to switch the channel to find what he was looking for.

"Ahh'I can understand trying to feel young at old age'go on it normal" armaan mocked. He had always taken his dad as his best friend and therefore talking to him like that was the most causal thing.


"Yeah right atleast I m trying to feel young but you aren't even doing that'soo enjoy your life son bye." Soon the phone was handled to Anaya who was sitting on the bed reading the newspaper she had just received now.

"Finished the chat with your best friend?" she asked billy who was now enjoying the basket ball game.

"Yes we did! Why are you jealous?" billy laughed looking at his wife where as armaan laughed think the way her mom would be staring at her dad.

"No wonder my sons are gone after you" she announced

"Hello armaan" Annie waiting for his answer

"Hey mom? Soo you remember me!" armaan asked to irritate his mother

"Don't even say that armaan'I called yesterday but it was you son who wanted to keep the phone down for god knows what!" Annie almost shouted, she had called him yesterday but he was actually begging her to keep the phone down and therefore she couldn't even talk to him at all.

"sorry mom, but didn't I told you that I wanted to go outside in the garden where your other sons and darling daughters were sitting'didn't i?" feeling really sorry for how he forced her to cancel the call he said " I m sorry mom, it wont happen again"

"I know it wont'but tell me one thing what were you doing there? You never sit wit the entire family" getting suspicious she asked.

"Ummm'nothing just like that mood hua toh chala gaya'you know me na" armaan prayed that his mom wouldn't start twenty questions like muskaan.

"Don't lie armaan tell me the truth" she hissed not letting billy hear her, if he hear then it would be a great trouble as he loved armaan a lot.

"Mom'please'cant we talk about this later?" he asked begging again

"Armaan" the stern voice of his mother was enough for him to know that she wanted to know everything.

"mom." He tried to calm himself but then he had to tell her otherwise she would get angry once she found ridhima at their house. "didn't I told you 3 days back about the girl I fell in love and had a ni'." He was about to complete but she didn't let him

"You found her?" she asked delighted at the merry thought that maybe armaan had got his life back.

"Atleast listen mom." He said. "soo about two days back" he heaved again "I found a girl in rohan's room, anjali told me that she found her on our doorstep and they brought her in, according to muskaan she looks like me, well even I noted it, but you know it can be anything, but then yesterday I got to know that the mother of that baby is the woman I love" there was silence on the other side of the phone and he knew his mother was registering the entire information.

"Armaan'is that girl yours?" the question again shook him and he had thought about it even before.

"mom, I want my love back'her name is ridhima'and I don't care if ariha is my child or not I would accept her in anyways" the determination in his voice wasn't missed by his mother as she smiled hearing her son'.this was her son'ARMAAN MALLIK

"Where is she armaan?" she asked

"At our home, she was leaving but I some how stopped her, I want to know why she left me, I want to know about ariha, I want them with me'I just" he didn't completed his sentence as he heard her mother sob

"Armaan son'if she is the woman you love then bring her back" she said back knowing how he son would be feeling.

"Yeah mom just listen'MRS. Ridhima Armaan Mallik and then Ariha Armaan Mallik'doesn't it sound too good mom?" he ask almost making his mom feel like he was a teenage boy who just got to know that his crush actually loves him.

"Armaan you are acting like a teenager" Annie laughed "but to be true it does sound good'ridhima!! Ariha!!" Annie whispered feeling on the moon finally her son her armaan was actually happy too happy. She made a point to thanks god later after ending the call after all she had seen armaan crying a lot and then not knowing the reason behind his tears she couldn't do anything.

When armaan told her about the woman he fell in love, she didn't knew what to say to him either scold him for not telling her or pull his head on her lap and caress his hairs until he felt all his tension going away. Scolding was not at all a choice, she knew that armaan was a man who kept everything within himself and if she scolds him today then he won't ever share anything with her, and therefore she just cried with him n the phone that day'


Armaan had told her everything about ridhima how he saw her!! And he fell in love!! What made him make love to her!! Each and everything and knowing about the girl he fell in love, Annie had a bit positive rays that who ever she is she would be nice. Plus when armaan told her about ridhima leaving, Annie give it a brief thought and thinking about it in a woman way she actually could feel how the girl would have felt!!! She didn't exactly knew the reason about her leaving but somewhere she had thought that the girl would have felt used, and thinking about that she understood that both where at the fault or no one was at the fault'it was just in their fate.


"Mom!!!!" armaan almost screamed

"Shh'don't act like your dad armaan!!!" Annie scolded

"Why??? Had he started calling you mom too!!!" armaan joked

"He is your dad armaan'behave" Annie heard armaan laughing on the other side of the phone, as she held her head in her hand.

"he is my friend and my dad too'soo that mean I can act like I want with him'you know even ariha is a lot naughty, the girl actually tries the worst stunt, she makes me feel how death is'yesterday she jumped in my lap and was about to fall badly'uff that time I just thought that I m going to die" he finished with in a breathe hearing Annie giggle.

"What?" he asked

"You know you would be the best dad" she sighed thinking about armaan and her family

"yeah I can just picture myself as dad'but not the best one" armaan whispered his mind drifted towards what his princess would be doing right now "mom I want to ask something?" he said taking the entire attention of his mom

"Come on speak!" Annie whispered hoping that nothing dangerous would come now!

"Would you and dad accept ariha and ridhima?" he felt a bit scared he had never given a thought about it'he never thought about his family and parents.

"you didn't needed to asked cant you see I m already trying to accept her'and telling about your father for you he can do anything and I guess he would love your love too" she smiled looking at billy who had a packet of chips and was enjoying the match to fullest.

Armaan smiled as he heard he knew that but for himself and his heart he needed to ask, he loved his parents soo much and going against them was the last thing he wanted to do.

"Thanks mom..."

"No need to say thanks armaan'remember I m your mom" she heard billy from he other corner "armaan your dad is calling me need to go son'we are coming back this week ohkay?"

"Why the old man wants to romance?"Armaan giggled

"Armaan behave he wants me to order tea" Annie again scolded

"Chill mom'I'll be waiting for you both take care bye." Armaan smiled he love to irritate his parents

"Bye son and take care of yourself and the entire family'bye"

"Bye" armaan again whispered and kept the phone on the table, ahh he missed his parents a lot'he smiled remembering their conversation with him

Relaxing himself again and looking at the sky he remembered how it actually started all thanks to MR. Wayne, who somehow happened to be the friend of the person who had recently started a very well know club.

"MR. Mallik!!!!" Wayne shook armaan hand after closing the deal, armaan was busy with this project for a very long time and now when it was completed he felt calm and relax, plus he had more work to do! Malliks where soon moving from America to India, as the base of there business was in his father's land he had to look after the renovation of his house and therefore atul was here too with him but he was staying at anjali's place, armaan had kindly told them that he would be more comfortable in a hotel as his working hours can be rough sometime therefore he kept the meeting at the hotel where he was staying.

"MR. Wayne'I m glad that we handled this project together and are very successful in it" armaan said getting up from his comfortable sofa.

"yes indeed Mr. Mallik we did it'soo that call for celebration now can we?" Wayne asked armaan kindly.

"oh!!! I don't wish to celebrate without my family Wayne" getting casual with the man he had known from last six month he said.

"what about a drink then'the next door club is own by my friend we can go there and enjoy" armaan looked like he was thinking for a second, he didn't even want to drink either, but then looking at the person standing next to him he whispered a simple yes with a nod.

Sitting in the club and looking at the sexy bodies swinging from her to there, he could see people making out in the corner, taking wine like they were water and dancing without caring about the world. Wayne had taken the corner table soo that atleast they could sit and talk decently without having a look on someone tongue in someone else's mouth.

"I guess we should leave" Wayne announced armaan knew somewhere why he was saying that.

"No'no it fine we should stay" armaan smiled and looked at the door which was quite visible from their seating.

"Hey man!!!" someone hit wayne on his back as wayne turned around looking at the person

"oh dev!!! Hey man!!! Where the hell where you? Dude the club is indeed something." Wayne looked at dev smiling and then he introduced him to armaan, who shook hand and smiled at the person, they talked about casual things and then slowly Wayne and dev started to talk within them selves making armaan feel left out.

Feeling bored armaan looked again at the entire club and then the door he could see that the door had a name it was a staff room. Suddenly as the door opened he saw a girl coming out! He looked at her from top to bottom she was like an angel, her hair was a richest shade brown almost touching black. It flowed in waves to adorn her glowing skin. Her eyes, framed by long lashes, were a bright, emerald-green and seemed to brighten the world. A straight nose, full lips - she seemed the picture of perfection. He couldn't take his eyes of her she was everything'just perfect just what any guy wants.

she was wearing a white top and a jeans, which every other waitress was wearing, the white colour added a glow on her skin making her almost shinning in the semi dark club, her hairs were moving from here to there touching every feature of her face.

Armaan was totally in daze, he saw a girl making way towards her and looked at them carefully, the girl told her something and within seconds he saw her tying her hairs into a high ponytail. Armaan noted her long neck'how had he missed that? He felt slightly heated by just looking at the angel infront of him.

His eyes followed her everywhere she was going, she was a waitress here, he saw her making her way towards there table, the thought to look at the beauty infront of him was making him go some how crazy, even though the room was  dark but still he could make out her every move.

She came near their table but someone called her and she was gone! Armaan sighed desperately, he wished to see her but then she didn't came, an other waitress took their order and that was the last armaan saw the girl that day.

During the next three days armaan couldn't take out the picture of the floating angel in that club, how he wished he could have seen her. The way she arched her body while tying her hairs had indirectly made armaan notice her beautiful curves, the thought that he had never done these kind of things before made him go even more mad and now when she wasn't still in front of him, he was picturizing her moving toward him!!!!

"God help me" he sighed getting up from the chair. It was around 6 30 and armaan had just talked with the architect, the work in the house was about to complete within a month and the shifting was to be taken place, with the house work and the office work he didn't even had time to breathe but here he was just thinking about the woman he saw in the club.

Going toward the club, he stood outside thinking for the last time whether to go in or not! Taking a deep breathe he opened the door and went in! Luckily he again got the same table which he had when he came with Wayne, sitting there he ordered a fruit punch and held his eyes toward the door.

The loud crash near the bar caught everyone attention and so did his, he saw that there was the same girl "his dream girl" "what was that dream girl thing?" his mind asked himself'armaan shook his head to get all this things out of his mind and looked carefully at the scene happening at the bar.

"I m soo sorry sir, it wont happen again" she cried looking at the person standing infront of her

"What does that mean It wont happen??? It happen right now! Cant you walk carefully is it important to push people?" the person shouted in full rage, armaan saw Dev wasn't anywhere to be seen may be he was out!

"Sir please, I didn't did it intentionally, it was by mistake, I didn't knew where was mind was and suddenly I crashed into you'I m really sorry" she sob while completing her whole sentence. Something pang in armaan's heart deep down all he wanted was to go punch that man and take that girl into his arms and make her stop crying, promise her that he would protect her always!

"Intension!!! Right! I know your intention you crashed into me soo that I could notice you'you poor people always do this to make us rich people yours" the man said and walked past her! The sentence killed ridhima and somewhere I did killed armaan too.

"You shouldn't have said sorry to that bas***d" the other girl standing next to her said.

"Then what should I have done?" armaan felt pure innocence on her face she was cute and innocent and he liked it! she was just like a baby ""BABY" sounds great I would call her that" he smiled at himself thinking how mad this girl was making him.

"it wasn't your mistake, he was the one that crashed into you!!" she rubbed off the tears from her eye and smiled at her, where as she just pouted.

"I m a worker here, if I didn't said sorry then the boss would have thrown me out." She smiled this time and went away.

Within few days armaan was counted as a daily customer, he got to know that the girl duty was always near the bar, while he sat in the corner, though he knew that he was attracted to her physically but somewhere deep down the physical attraction was nothing compare to the emotional feelings he had for her, he didn't named as love but he had accepted the fact that he liked her more then he liked any other woman. And that was the thing which brought him here to the club everyday!


He entered the club which was on the full swing, people were more then the other day, he didn't knew what was going on but there was a kind of celebration.

He went to his own table, sitting there quietly waiting for his baby.

"Sir" someone disturb him, he was finding that girl and here someone came to disturb him. Turning around he saw a waiter next to him standing with a pad and a pen.

"Sir what would you like to order?" handling the menu card to armaan the waiter stood patiently.  

"Bourbon would be fine." Armaan said handling the menu'he knew that he cant handle alcohol a lot but still he wanted to have it today and bourbon was much more stronger then vodka!

"Sir you came now?" the waiter again questioned!

"What kind of question is that?" armaan thought whether he came now or not was known of this waiter business.

"Yes why?" he asked

"Oh!!! Well sir today is the six month anniversary of the club and drinks were served to everyone'I dint saw you have one therefore asked."

"Oh" armaan whispered "it fine" smiling he told the waiter

"Oh no sir you would be getting one" and then he left leaving armaan alone to admire the girl he was waiting for but he couldn't see her anywhere.

"Handling the drink which were served freely the waiter left. It was a sparkling pink wine but more strong then they usually served to the customer, according to the waiter it was brought specially for today's celebration.

Taking the sip of the beauty in his hand he looked at the bar, he couldn't see her "where is she?" his heart questioned, somewhere deep down he felt a bit scared that he wont be able to see her. Looking near the club gate and the staff door he sighed and forced his eyes to move on the bar again, which was full of people.

he noticed her standing on the corner of the bar, talking with someone, there was a man, armaan blood boiled within second as he saw her talking with someone, the person was too close to her and she didn't seemed to notice it.

The waiter brought his bourbon and saw him gulping down the pink beauty within second'taking the empty glass he left.

Around the corner armaan eye where darting at the two who were almost join together, he couldn't hear anything but his eyes could see that the person was angry on something and he was yelling at his life. Holding the glass bourbon, armaan got up and moved towards the bar and heard them talking.

"Sir this is what you demanded for'no order is change by me." She said.

"I didn't ask for this Reposado tequila, I wanted Anejo tequila" the man shouted.

"This is Anejo tequila sir" he saw the man moving more closer to her while she remained standing there.

"Okay drink this! And tell me which one is this" handling the tequila glass in her hand the man moved backward and folded his hand waiting for her to drink.

Anger took toll over armaan taking a sip of his own drink he moved much more closer to then, "she was his!" his heart shouted no one had the right to talk to her like they are doing right now.

"I don't drink sir" she tried to move away when the person grabbed her hand and pulled her, her body almost touched his  as he again thrust the drink in her hand she struggled to get out of he hold of this man but it wasn't getting possible, the hold was much more stronger then she could imagine.

"drink this and I'll leave you" the man whispered huskily.

Armaan finished his drink in a gulp his anger was touching the peak and still he didn't wanted to d anything, standing there with the affect of two hard alcoholic drinks he looked at his baby drinking the tequila, he saw her making faces as her throat hurt.

The man moved his hands on her waist and rubbed his palm on the back of her, she struggled to get out of the hold, when somebody punched the man.

Armaan stood boiling in anger, the girl stood behind his back scared to even move'moving forward armaan bent down to punch the man again where as she quietly left toward the door.

"don't you dare touch her again" anger blazed from his eyes as he said those word "I love her and she is mine" completing the sentence armaan moved toward the door where she was going. Pulling her hard towards the wall he kissed her with hunger and anger'he loved her still she was standing that close to a man, the anger which he took out on that man wasn't over ill now, he continued the kiss forcing her to kiss him back.

His lips rubbed her lips like a hungry loin, but still his heart felt good now, her lips were much more softer then he could imagine, taking her lower lip between his lips he sucked it, he felt her hands struggling to free her self but e wasn't in a mood to do that.

Biting her lower lip, he heard her moan by the pain she received through his bite. He sucked again that lip and forced her to open the mouth, though it took sometime but she did opened and the heat of the kiss intensified.

They kissed like that was there last kiss, rubbing and moving each other lips together the felt passion, armaan hands went to her waist and pulled her closer there front pressed against each other, moving his hand on her waist he again fastened his kissed.

When he felt a hard push, he touched the wall behind him and saw her running towards the bar, she was taking another shot, he almost ran towards her and pulled her closer, with that he took he toward his hotel.

Entering the lift he felt her wobble by the effect of the shots, pulling her in his arms he entered his room and there he finally made her his.

Opening his eyes due to the alarm in his cell, he saw himself sleeping on her chest, moving a bit up he kissed her lips lightly with no intention to wake her up, he never thought that this is how he would feel hat he had actually fallen in love with her, last night flashed in his head and with no regret he looked at the girl sleeping next to him, he knew nothing about her neither her name but he promised himself that he would find it.

He turned himself toward his side and took a glass of water and then the a pain killer from the drawer'eating one he kept on the side again, he looked at his cell and saw a sms by atul about the meeting which was about to happen after an hour.

"oh shit'I forgot about the meeting" he whispered to himself and saw her kissing her lightly on her forehead, he got ready and left for the gift shop which was in the lobby.

Looking at many gifts he finally stuck with the red dress he liked a lot, taking beautiful card with him he rushed inside the room to see her still sleeping, moving towards the couch he placed the red dress and wrote on the card

             "Hey baby good morning!!
                                                                              Sorry didn't know your name, well!!!! I know you would be thinking that I left you but not soo soon baby' I had an urgent meeting this morning and therefore had to leave you' didn't thought to wake you up from your beauty sleep=]'

You wait for me there!!!

I'll be back soon

Love you sweetie.

Your love Armaan"

Quietly keeping the card he opened the small fridge and took out the juice in a glass and taking the pain killer from his side e kept it on the side table which was near her. Kissing her for the last time he went towards the door and left.

"bhai where is the file?" atul had asked him as soon as he arrived at the office the meeting was about start with fifteen minutes armaan who was never late in the office was late today and then he forgot the file also.

"Oh shoot!!! I forgot it in the hotel room" looking at atul who was now equally tensed like he was about the file he said.

"oh no problem bhai, you stay here ad I'll go and bring it" atul offered smiling at his brother who was forgetting thing which was not everyday.

The sentence armaan heard was not new but this time he got conscious, if he send atul then atul would meet the girl sleeping in his bed. And he didn't want that, he knew that one day his baby would come infront of the family but not now!

"err'I'll check in my cabin okay!" moving towards his cabin, he quickly took out his phone ready to dial the hotel soo that they could transfer the call in his room, he would tell her that they would meet in the evening he would explain her why he was calling!!! He would tell her to leave soo that atul can go and pick the file without seeing her.

The bell rang for quite sometime but no one picked it, he was about to cancel the call when he heard someone picking.

"Yes please." Armaan guessed that it was her voice and quickly asked!

"Who are you?"

"Sir Room service'I m here to clean he room" the woman on the other side said.

"Hmmm'okay can you handle the phone to the'" he didn't knew what to call her right now, he didn't even knew her name "umm'my wife"

"Oh sir she left just about 10 minutes ago" armaan stood there while he heard the woman, he never thought that she would leave!

"Sorry what?" he asked for the confirmation

"Sir she left" the woman said again.

"Oh'" armaan heaved


"Ye'yes?" his mind wasn't able to register that she had gone, he couldn't force himself to believe it.

"Sir there is a red dress on the couch where should I put it?" armaan closed his eyes as he heard it, his heart was paining and he couldn't tell anyone how torn he was feeling right now.

"In the cupboard'bye" and the he immediately cancelled the call.

Composing himself, he told atul to go and get the file, while he continuously hid his own tears.

"You are fine?" atul asked, he had seen a girl running down through the stairs when she again turned around to go up, he stood there in the lobby not knowing where she was heading to, s he moved toward the room where armaan was staying he saw the same girl pushing something inside her pocket it was a small card, he wanted to run after her but then right now his main motive was to get the file!


"Completely" armaan whispered and moved inside his cabin again he had tried to control his tears but atul question had almost made him much weaker! Opening the barriers which had stopped his tears he cried for long hours and then made a point to find her again.


Getting up from the relaxing chair, his eyes moved toward the window of ridhima's room he was lying there for god knows how long and somewhere he had a feeling that he was being watched, he turned to go inside when he felt that again, quickly moving his eyes towards the window, he saw ridhima standing and staring at him.

Looking at him staring her back, she quickly closed the curtains ad moved back to sit on her bed'"your dad has turned much more handsome ariha" she spoke to the little girl sleeping on her bed. a blush crept on her face as she remember how long had she been standing there and watching the father of her daughter.

Looking at the clock on the wall'she got up! She had to take medicine but before that she wanted to have a cup of coffee, slowly moving downstairs she entered the kitchen and saw anna working there.

"Good morning maam" anna smiled at her showing how happy she was to see her there.

"Good morning" she whispered back "didn't anyone else woke up?" she question the house was looking empty and she was somewhere deep down missing the fun and the moments she get to see with them.

'Oh'it Sunday and normally the family is sleeping this time, except armaan sir, they all wake up pretty late" answering anna moved towards the fridge, taking out the things she needed to cook.

"Oh..."feeling to talk more with anna she again questioned "then what does armaan do the whole time?"

"He is in the study mostly'office work" she completed.

"Ahh'umm'can I have coffee?" forcing her self not to ask anymore question about this family she requested.

"ANNA!!!" armaan hissed from there behind'he was looking angry.

"Sir you give us both a heart attack" anna said keeping her hand on her heart.

"I don't care about your both heart attacks'" he said eyeing ridhima and the anna."I told you to clean my room nicely'I still found a cockroach in the bathroom!"

"Sir Cockroaches stays in bathroom only" she said while ridhima tried to hide her smile.

"Anna that my room! I want it clean'only humans are allowed in my bathroom and bedroom no cockroaches" he ordered in much more angry tone.

"Maam I think I wont be able to provide you with coffee, the mixture is there you can make it'.sir I m going to clean it now" poor Anna said and leaving  the two.

Ridhima ignoring armaan moved to the cupboard where anna had pointed the mixture was! Where as armaan just stared at her.

"Make for me too" armaan ordered from behind and smiled inwardly.

Ridhima quickly turned around looking into his eyes where as she saw a slight smirk on his lips." I won't, make it yourself"

"No'no'no sweetheart you would make it" he smiled at her, folding his hands he stood there staring her back.

"And what makes you think I would?" she questioned.

"I didn't requested you...i ordered you soo no choice, you would make it!" arguing he saw her folding her own hand on her chest.

"in that case I m not making for myself too." She hissed and started to move out form the kitchen just to be pulled back.

He stood there with her infront of him inhaling the sweet fragrance of her, he kept his chin on her shoulder and stood there closing his eyes wishing that she shouldn't have left that day

Ridhima stood in daze the fact that he wasn't doing anything and was just standing behind her made her go in daze, she had never thought that he had soo strong effect on her. She felt him rubbing his body and moving infront of her, she stares into his eyes which where opened now and all she could see was love in them.

"You have to take the medicines, make it for yourself I was just teasing." He whispered and kissing his forehead he went away, as if he was never there at all.

As she saw him going up she knew that somewhere he had much stronger effect on her then anyone can have, moving her hand on the shoulder where he kept his chin, she moved towards the mixture. While she felt her heart beating rapidly.


hoping that you all would have liked it!

love maleehaBig smile

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Hey Maleeha,
The part was awesome, I loved it.
Finally both sides of story is out but what I won't still hadn't come... I guess, I'll have to wait again for their confrontation :(
By the way, the cockroach part was really funny LOL
Please continue soon and thanks for the PM :)

Luv u<333

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Mrs.Hulk IF-Stunnerz

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Hey Maleeha

Just read the part
and let me tell you
The part was MarvellousClap
Loved the part totally
Relationships Between Armaan & his parents was supurbStar
specially Billiy & armaan'sLOL
Annie was a very understanding MOMEmbarrassed
and i am very much Glad to know about Armaan's pastTongue
that was awesome
keep continue SOON
Thanks for the PMEmbarrassed

Lots of love

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fahsaad IF-Dazzler

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it was a beutiful part
i loved it
can u plz send pm when u udate the next part
it was really gud

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