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Caramel_21 Goldie

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Posted: 06 July 2010 at 11:37pm | IP Logged
hey maleeha

finally armaan and riddhima met. Armaan-ariha moments were cute. anjali was keen on keeping ariha with herself but good to know muskaan talked her out. waiting to know his reaction after seeing her at his house.

thanks for the pm and continue soon...

loads of love..

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crazy_4_karan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 July 2010 at 1:35am | IP Logged
Hey awesome part.....soooo finally thy'll met god its going to b awesome i knw already....anjali's feeling with the baby was quiet natural n Riddhima well she's a mother bt thn now i hope very soon the family get's complete Riddhima Armaan N Ariha....

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nidha1983 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 July 2010 at 5:11am | IP Logged
woah dear its really rocking so he is still finding her on the other side she is at his home or say now her too and at last both meet now how he is going to react & when he come to know she is going to suicide den omg plz continue it & thanks for the pm

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Sweet_Ashum IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 July 2010 at 7:42am | IP Logged
I'm verrrrrrrrrrrry late!
But I couldn't do anything!
College you see..
N what a fantabulous part!
Looooooooooooooved it
N you left it on a clifthanger appi!
Chalo jaldi jaldi update karo
Par mere comment late ho sakta hai
Kyunki mujhe college ki wajah se zyada time nahi milta
Update sooooooon
N thanks for the PM

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funkybratz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 July 2010 at 12:40pm | IP Logged
again an update...and that too a quick one..lolzLOL i didnt thought to update today but then again i decided to do itBig smile thank you guys for the lovely comment on the last part...i saw and read every comment and seriously i love you all for writing such sweet comment...
vinz!!! habzi!!! sani!!!! nikki!!! ashu!!! nidha di!!! ritu di!!!and many more...i love you all guys and this is for you...
lol...habzi!!! your comment relly made me remember thatLOL...heheh vinz!!! uff yaar your comment is superb i told you before too...ziyada tareef nahi hoti teir mujh sayLOL sani!!! love you yaarLOL and your comment alot!
guys thank you all for comment and this part goes to everyone here...who take out time and read my fic
althought this is a hell boring part!!! that what i think...still for a stroy to progress we needed it.
love you all
enjoy!!Big smile

       Ask me how many times
                                      my heart has been broken
                                      and I will tell you to look in the sky
                                      and count the stars. 

Closing the door of the guest room which by chance was next to his room he took a long breathe "I didn't saw her!!" "I didn't saw her'she was someone else" he made himself understand. The shock of finding her at his house next to his room was like entering heaven. He stood there next to her room, his hands were still holding the lock'if he want he could just turn the lock and enter the room but his mind made him leave that lock'but what if he was just thinking that she is there!! What if he again opened the door and found no one except his princess???

"Princess!!! I left her alone" his heartbeat became wild'thinking of the merry fact that the little girl was all alone, he kept his hand again on the lock but it was closed now!! He couldn't enter it'he kicked the door loudly and almost cried loud enough to gain attention, but thankfully no one was there and know with the door close he knew that she was there!! Finally she was there.

Ridhima threw herself one the floor as she heard a loud thud as if someone kicked the door really hard, she never thought to meet him again and that to like this!!! It was a surprise a shocking surprise almost killing her. After armaan left, her major aim was to hide somewhere and therefore she locked the room quickly and stood there registering everything, the thud which she heard now made her come out of her own world in which she was just thinking about the man she just saw.

"He is here!!! I knew that!! I knew you would be throwing something worst on me'after all when did you actually made me feel happy, when did you actually thought to give me my happiness!! And today when I tried to give all those things to my daughter you send him!! You send him here for what?? To destroy my life again to destroy my daughter's life!!" she shouted looking toward the ceiling her green pearls where leaving uncountable tears

"What will you get after doing this with us? What? What do you want? Can't you allow us to live with this much pain? That you even send him?" she chocked loudly trying to catch her breathe.

Her eyes moved toward her little angel, who till now have thrown her toy away and was looking at her momma with a worried look. It was as if she would start crying within a while.

Ridhima rushed towards her daughter and took her into a tight hug "baby" she whispered and cried again'looking at her even ariha started to cry her tears made ridhima kill her self, "i made my own daughter cry what kind of mother I m? First I left her and now I m making her cry? What do you want god?" she questioned almost begging for an answer.

"Some one helps us!!! Please some one" she again begged calming her little angel who was still crying like someone have took away the most precious thing away.

"Atul bhai is here" muskaan shouted entering atul and anjali bedroom.

"Did anyone muskaan!! Did anyone taught you manners? Because you see people knock before entering the room!" atul said looking at muskaan who made herself comfortable on the bed.

"You are saying as if you were busy romancing monkey." Muskaan replied.

"Was he actually romancing anjali??" muskaan asked looking at anjali who was busy with her novel

"Muski!! Romance and atul are far away you can see that na" anjali shot a look at atul who just flipped the page of a newspaper trying not to hear the girls.

"I knew that'douno bhai ek jaisay hain!!! Sara din office ya phir apni baatoun mein rehtay hai" muskaan shouted making anjali giggle while atul just stare at her.

"Oye kyun chilla rahi hai" rahul entered with a cup of tea.

"Or haan inko tou tea kay bajaye kuch nazar he nahi ata!! Kyun rahul jee??"

"Jee jee!!! I love tea any problem with that?? Atleast tea helps me to get rid of my headaches unlike you muskaan jee, who is just a pain in head"

"was this a definition of muskaan?" atul asked he knew that this would be another war between rahul and muskaan and he wanted to enjoy, making rahul and muskaan fight was a hobby of everyone here'entire family use to wait for their fights, they knew that there fights would never get serious and both rahul and muskaan knew how to say sorry to eachother after their lovely fights.

"Oh yes man!! You didn't know that muskaan mean pain in head" rahul laughed as atul joined them anjali tried to hide her giggle and support muskaan, who was now blazing in anger.

"RAHUL!!! YOU CALLED ME PAIN IN HEAD!!!"Muskaan blazed looking at rahul and then atul who had shifted his head on anjali's lap

"Oh!!! Rahul she cant hear clearly now'I guess she needs ENT SEPCIALIST" atul joked making rahul almost fall off the bed due to laughing, anjali gave a slight slap on atul shoulder suggesting him not to joke anymore.

"atul!!! Even you" muskaan almost sobbed "no one loves me" she sighed dramatically looking at atul and rahul then anjali.

"I came here to tell you all something *sob* *sob* but I guess you all want me to go!! Away from you all" she left out a little cry making rahul heart melt.

"oh!! Sweety we were just joking see!! We love you" he went closer to muskaan pulling her in his lap and kissing her cheek.

"aww that cute" anjali whispered while atul just admired the whole scene.

Atul eyes move from them to his wife who was busy looking at the two in love fighters, he kept staring her with all the love he have in this world, anjali eyes moved downward looking at her husband who was looking at her, a little blush crept on her cheeks looking at atul.

"Atul" she whispered


"What are you doing?"

"Looking at you, admiring you" he mouthed.

"Then don't'they are here"

"Soo what even they are doing the same looking and admiring" he said making her blush even more then ever.

"Please atul'she wants to share something important cant you do this looking and admiring later"

"And then you say I m not romantic and romance is far away from this room'hmmm" he ran his finger on his cheek making her go almost red all over again.

He turned toward the other two who were acting like teenagers' "You can't romance here!!! It our romancing adaa" he told pointing anjali and himself.

"Oh!! Soo finally the Romeo got time for us'you were the one romancing mister" rahul said looking at his brother and the muskaan who was seated comfortably on his lap.

"Ahhmmm' okay!! Soo what?? Leave it!! No muskaan what do you want to share?" he asked and with his little question everyone got serious.

"Bhai is here!!!" muskaan said while everyone just stared at her.

"Soo what new in that?? It his home he can be here when ever he wants" anjali said while atul and rahul nodded in agreement.

"Okay!! Guys I guess I have to tell you everything!"

"What's that in "everything"?" atul questioned.

"Well atul, rahul don't shout okay!! Umm'well I spied?"

"WHAT!!! WHO??? WHO DID YOU SPIED MUSKAAN?" and rahul shouted while anjali looked at muskaan for an explanation.

"Well see I was in kitchen when bhai came, I was looking for orange juice for ridhima, you know dad said to provide ridhima with juice!! Soo I was looking for it and then I saw bhai entering the house he had almost ten bags in his hand and he just handed them to the servant and himself went towards ariha's room!!!" she looked at everyone who were just registering the giving information.

"Why did he go there?? I mean what has bhai to do with a baby and that too a stranger's child?"Anjali questioned.

"Well I guess bhai is attached to this baby and well I don't know'I can't still understand what I saw!!"Muskaan answered.

"Okay tell us now!! What did you saw muski?" rahul asked rubbing his palm over muskaan arms.

"umm'okay'soo then I saw bhai going out of the room in a hurry I thought to follow him but then i was like no I shouldn't go'he went upstairs toward his room and I just stood on stair case looking at his room, which suddenly got opened and he was coming down but then stopped and turned towards ridhimma's room"

"then what happened muski??? What did he do?"atul questioned

"he just opened the door and went inside'I didn't knew what he was doing in there'I quietly hid my self behind the pillar and stood there for like 10 minutes'and then the door opened and bhai came out he was too angry atul as if he wanted to cry or kill some one'he murmured something and I didn't understood it'and then again he tried to open the door but it was locked and he just kicked the door and went away" she left a sigh after telling them everything and as expected their mouths were hanging and the were all SHOCKED!! Except atul who was still registering the information.

"Ummm what did he do inside?" anjali asked atul.

"I don't know even I got to know all this now!" he whispered where as rahul just looked at them

"Ummm'well guys!! Please be back to normal'and anjie we shouldn't look at the fact that what he inside the thing which we should look is that why he was there and why he acted in such a strange way?" she said while rahul nodded.

"Muskaan is right yaar!! I mean whatever he did inside is his personal matter we should only look at the fact that why he reacted this way!"Rahul announced while atul adjusted himself more into anjali's lap.

"Hmmm'I guess!!! It time we should see the things which they are trying to hide." "Muski and anjie you should both inquire ridhima about her husband or boyfriend or whoever ariha belongs too ask her in a way that she doesn't get to know that what we are trying to know actually'because you see bhai would die but will never tell us anything and ridhima I guess she would." Atul said while muskaan answered

"What if ridhima tries to hide all this?"

"Then I guess we just have to note bhai and ridhima when they are together and well ridhima would have thought that whether she would stay or leave." Anjali felt her heart getting numbed by just thinking about ridhima leaving but then she just made herself understood. Atul and anjali had a long chat over this situation and then atul have told her that they would again try once the doctor told that she can easily carry a baby without any complication'They thought of her carrying a baby made her smile but then atul shook her.

"if ridhima decides to leave then I think there is really something hidden in this house because even ridhima and us know how ariha is soo happy staying here. And I know that she won't do anything to take her daughter's happiness away" rahul answered
And then the four decided to find out what was this going on in this house'they knew that there was something because of the way armaan acted and today whatever muskaan told was just a proof that forced them to find more things.

Armaan entered his beautiful room, and sighed he ran his hands on his hair almost pulling them out, tears ran from his eyes as he heard her crying loud enough to be heard. He knew she was here finally!! She was here and that too after two years, he rubbed his tears away going toward the cupboard in which he has secretly hidden that red dress.

"I always wanted you next to me" he said touching the dress he threw his hands and remembering the sight he have seen a while ago. "but I never thought to meet you like that" he closed his eyes as he heard and knew she was still crying in her room "don't cry you are hurting me." Tears ran out as he said that.

She have hurted him a lot since last two year he was getting hurted by her, how he ran all over the places just to find her?? How he almost every night remembered the first sight of her!! And the fact that hurted him the most was that even when he told her to stop and wait for him she didn't waited and still after knowing that she was there at his place he tears were hurting him.
The time when he saw her all he remember was the hurt she have provided him but sill he wanted to go pour out his love for her'he went forward to drag her in his arms hug her till he felt that she would be here always but when he saw her retreating back'he stopped he knew that she wont let him do anything and without even a question he moved out thinking that he didn't saw making himself understand that she wasn't there at all.

His eyes moved towards his bed which was filled with 35 bags each contained stuff toys, clothes, blankets, pampers, cleaning tissues and the best thing a walker. He laughed a little remembering how he fought with the shopkeeper who was showing him the walker, he had found fault in almost every thing they showed and after looking for the best he choose the one whom everyone suggested him'but still he questioned them about the plastic material.

He sat down on the floor opening a bag which contained stuff toys in it. He didn't want any hard toy for ariha because he thought that she would hurt herself with them therefore he bought soft toys for her. Even the clothes he brought were beautiful'whatever he liked he bought it . his smile polished off his face as something hit him.

"ARIHA!!!" he said "ridhima is her mother!!!!" how can he forget that, he had that letter with him and he remembered the name of the woman in it. "But I don't know her name." he sighed

"What if her name is ridhima??" "Will that make ariha my daughter?" just a little thought of calling ariha his made him feel happy and satisfied. Got up from the floor taking each and everything form the bed and hiding it safely under it.

"There is no time to cry mallik!! Now just find what going on here" he announced to himself.

Saturday!!! Dinners were treat for everyone'with Annie and Billy not at home they all use to feel a sense of incompleteness'but still sitting together and having dinner while talking was the best thing a family could look forward too.

Ridhima forced herself to stay up almost the whole time until anjali knocked her door. She practically dragged ridhima out of the room with ariha, who was busy making sounds looking at everyone, anjali knew that after whatever happened with ridhima their house, it wont be surprising if ridhima didn't came for dinner therefore dragging was the best solution.

Sitting next to the head seat ridhima looked carefully everywhere "where was he?" she asked herself when she saw a tray getting ready.

"DON'T PUT THAT IN IT." Muskaan almost jumped at Anna.

"Anna you know na bhai doesn't like radish'don't put that in his salad." Anjali said quietly and then looked at muskaan.

"Muski har baat par chilna acha nahi hai yaar." Anjali said looking at ridhima who was busy looking at ariha.

"Ridhima come one!!! Why soo sad start eating and make angel eat too'she would love the soup."

"Huh'well I m not hungry and ariha had her milk'umm'can we just retire to our room?" she asked looking at everyone, while Anna took the tray upstairs.

"Ridhima!!" atul said finally, they wanted her to act like their family member not a stranger they wanted her to get comfortable with them soo that atleast she can talk freely. "Have some food you know doctor told that you are still weak plus if you won't have food how will you eat your medicines?"

"I m fine'I don't need food'I just want to go to the room" she whispered meekly
Standing up she turned around just to see the blue pairs of eyes staring her. Her breathe got high looking into his eyes which were all red due to crying. Everyone just looked at the two standing opposite to eachother.

"Anna keep my food here!! I'll eat with my family" armaan folded his hands on his chest looking straight at ridhima who was just standing staring at him'he knew that tears where forming in his eyes but now he have to be strong too strong.

"Bhai!!! You here???Want to have dinner with idiots?" atul said looking at armaan, who just turned and smiled a little.

"No atul!!! I want to have dinner with the people I love the most." He said glancing at ridhima who just looked on the floor as if finding something interesting there.

"Bhai have a seat then." rahul requested and turned to look at muskaan and anjie who were sitting with their mouths open he immediately punched muskaan forcing her to close her mouth and shout.

"RAHUL KEEP YOUR HAND WITH YOU." She shouted making anjali come back to the world while armaan just looked at everyone and then ariha who was in ridhimma's arm.

The little girl saw him staring at her as she smiled'making armaan smile too, he slightly winked at her as she threw her arms towards him almost making her self fall down from ridhimma's arms.

"Shh...Ariha behave!!"Ridhima strictly said looking at her doll that just turned too naughty within a second.

Armaan saw the mother daughter moment and didn't know why he just felt the need to defend his little girl "she is a baby!!! You don't have to order her" he almost shouted at ridhima making her look at him while every one saw armaan who was now staring ridhima with anger.

Armaan forwarded his hand towards his little angel, while she quickly jumped out of her mother arms and ran toward him "hey princess" he said looking at his heart

"Aeee" ariha snuggled into armaan's neck making herself comfortable.

"Oh!!! God bhai!! You both look like father daughter" muskaan announced euphorically. While armaan stood in amazement, ridhima felt her world coming to an end she didn't want him to know about ariha now!! And other just wished to bang their heads on the wall.

"Can I have her back I need to go?" Ridhima said trying to rush away from the room as quickly as she can; she didn't want anyone to find out similarities between her daughter and armaan.

"First eat then go!!" armaan roared!! Making everyone amazed, he sat on the head chair placing ariha on his lap, who immediately tried to hold the spoon kept on the plate.

"Princess no!! It would hurt" he took away the spoon form ariha and kept it back again on the plate while ridhima placed herself next to the head seat again.

Atul, rahul, muskaan and anjali eyes were still fixed on the two sitting infront of them they have seen armaan cold stares toward ridhima and ridhima who was trying to hide her self away from him.

"Dadddaaa" ariha moaned loudly while muskaan spoon dropped out of her hand'anjali stopped chewing while atul and rahul eyes shot up towards armaan and ridhima who was till now was trying to hide her tears'which were willing to free themselves from her eyes.

"Yes princess!!"Unlike others armaan was just noticing ariha and ridhima!! He didn't cared what anyone of them were doing or thinking he just wanted to find that was ariha his daughter? And the name of the woman sitting next to him.

Ariha pointed out toward a cucumber lying on armaan plates'she wanted that'armaan not knowing whether to provide her or not'he turned towards muskaan who was busy eyeing atul and rahul calling out name to them.

"Muskaan!!"Armaan said while muskaan jumped up high in air

"Yes'yes'ummm yes bhai." She breathes out.

"Calm down first!! And tell me can princess...I mean ariha have this cucumber?" he asked while ridhima just tried to answer she was her mother she should tell him about her daughter.

"Ummm bhai I don't know '.it up to a child whether they can pull it or not'bhai what I suggest here!!!" she said

"What do you suggest here muskaan?" he asked looking at ariha who was trying to reach that green peace in his plate.

"What muskaan?" he roared.

"Bhai first tell rahul not to punch me" she shrieked armaan looked totally blank for a while "when will they get some brain?"


"No first tell him" she bursted.

"Rahul don't do that okay!!! You guys have bed room for punching and all touching stuff'just don't get physical here" armaan said
calming himself down

"Now tell muskaan"

"Bhai see!!!" muskaan again stopped, looking at rahul and then they heard a roar again

"MY PRINCESS IS HUNGRY AND HERE YOU ARE BUSY FIGHTING!!!TELL ME MUSKAAN!!!" ridhima looked at armaan who suddenly turned his face toward her catching her eyes and looking deep into them.

"BHAI ASK RIDHIMA NA!!!! AFTER ALL SHE IS ARIHA'S MOTHER"she said calmly while armaan just kept staring at ridhima, the word registered in his minds as he turned and looked towards ariha who was again playing with his spoon.

"Soo what does the mother inside you suggest ridhima should I give her or not??"He asked and she didn't miss the sarcasm and a bit of pain hidden in his sentence.

He was waiting for someone to tell him about ridhima and now when he found out that he wanted her to be back in his life whether she wants or not, it was his turn to play and rule and he would make sure that she just doesn't even try to run away.

ahhh!!!! comment are really necessary even if its a boring partSmile

vinz!!!! i feel this one is quite boring yaarConfused

love maleeha

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res DancingWinkROFL

YAYYYYYY!! M the First to comment..... WinkROFL..*does a  jig*

Hey Mallu  Hug

Bewkoof! Idiot! Jerk! Budhhu!...Angry... Ye part kis angle se boring tha.. ? Ermm... lagta h teri geometry bahut hi kharaab h.......ROFLI toh simply enjoyed it yaar...

Especially the banter of AA, RM ...that was too hilarious ... i cudnt stop laughing at their hysterics.......ROFL...  Armaan is really acting like her father caring  ya.. the walker was so funny......LOL...

And as for AR , it was nice to see Armaan finally knowing the truth... !! Wanna see how will things turn out now.. really hope dat ridz kahin chali na jaaye ... though tera bharosa nae h ..tu toh kuch bhi kar sakti h...itni aasani se toh tu humein chain ki saans nae lene degi... hain na? ...AngryLOL... I really wonder kaunse shub muhurat me tere dimaag ki ghanti tujhe inhe milwane ko kahegi ... ? ROFL..koi aur hota toh ache tym ki jaldi umeed kar leti par is case me toh woh bhi nae kar sakti coz we are talking about MALLU here... jo "Insane queen" h.. ROFL... pata nae kya khati h ... oh ya, ofcourse the cheese spread and green tea... Lagta h sabko iske side-effects batane padenge ...teri haalat dekh kar sab ban kar denge in par.......LOLLOL ...

Meri Ma, please inhe ab toh milwa de ...kab tak mis understandings ka bojh apne sir par le kar rote rahenge ... Cry.. sach me yaar ab toh dekha nae jaata.....CryCry..the scene were armaan and ridz cries was really very touching ....CryCry ..its been WHOLE 2 yrs yaar ...please have a bit mercy on them !...i wish i cud say let destiny play its game ... but here toh its you instead of destiny .. .toh ghar ki kheti hi hui na.. ROFL

I wish both come out to know the other side's story ... And Armaan stops behaving rudely with her... coz usne apni life me kya kam saha hai ki ab ek aur baar woh upset ho jaye... as such she is blaming destiny for its cruel games ... Confused

Please bbz, continue soon ..instead SUPER SOONER... things are making me more n more eager and hooked up to ur updates....WinkLOL
Thanks for ur pm..... Big smile

Ur Vinz...!

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amazing part

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