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finally!!! i here with another update...pretty late i knowLOL but was busy with papers and soo many confusing things in life that i almost didn't wrote anything!!!!lol...well this part is a mix up of everything i guess pretty boring, what i think i don't know abt you all...took ummm3 hour to finish it since i started to write and that was mid!!! i m soo overwhelmed with the comments i got on the last part...i wanted to reply to everyone bfr posting the part but then everyone wanted an update soo i thought to finally give one...comment are really important even if you like it or notEmbarrassed...thanks to everyone whoa comment for the last part love you guys!!!!

this part goes to everyone who wanted an update and was busy pming me and scraping me for it habzi!!! sani!!! vinz!!! nikki!!!Sweet_Ashum!! ritu di!!! kashish!!! prinnia!!! this is for you all sorry if i forgot any name hereEmbarrassed

Love, I get so lost, sometimes Days pass and this emptiness fills my heart when I want to run away I drive off in my car But whichever way I go I come back to the place you are

"Home sweet home" muskaan whispered coming out of the car and stretching herself. She moved toward the back door where their guest was sitting.

"Come on I don't want to listen that ""I can't live here thing" again rahul take her bag with you" she squalled.

"Look maam I can't'"

"Ridhima how many times I have to tell you don't call me maam!! Do I look old to like about 60 70!! No na, then please don't make me feel one" moving toward the door as she joint her arm with ridhimma's and whispered "come on !! I guaranty you will love us, once you get to know about us"

Smiling at her she move toward the door with ridhima when rahul joint them a smile crept on his lips looking at his wife and the way she was acting as if a baby got his soft toy, the way she held ridhima hand was like they both were sisters and he knew they should behave like one until and unless they solve the whole puzzle

"Good morning maam" Anna said looking at muskaan and the rahul who was just smiling her eyes
move toward ridhima as she moved her head in respect of her.

"Anna I told you to look after the guest room is it done?" rahul inquired

Before getting the sudden call for Shashank they were planning to clean the room all by themselves but when Shashank called everything got disturbed muskaan shouted that she wanted to go and pick ridhima where as, looking at this opportunity atul announced that he would be catching up with his sleep'while anjali since morning was shouting that "as bhai have ordered she would take care of the baby"'today everyone was looking quite busy then they should be on Saturday but no one minded that it was as if the whole family was complete and happy plus they knew that somewhere they will get time for each other.

"Just five more minutes then she can go there sir, till then you can please let her sit here I'll bring refreshments" sincerely she moved towards the kitchen to bring the fresh baked cake by anjali and tea.

"Ummm'.maa'oh muskaan where is'I mean'where is ariha?? Ridhima questioned

The pain of loosing her daughter and the happiness to get her back was unbearable, she just wanted to go, find her daughter and hide somewhere in a corner where no one can see them, no one can hurt them, no one can look at her daughter the way they have seen calling out names and saying bad things about her daughter's father what was his fault in all this?? They didn't decided that they would be living together and raise a child he even didn't knew that he have a baby but then as always her mind interrupted "he should have tried to find her!!!" she knew that she was wrong in thinking like that'he had stopped her but then she cant allow her mind to think that way atleast he would have tried once even if she didn't go back to him.

"Oh angel!!! I mean ariha she must be with anjali'wait let me call them I know how it feels to stay away from your child" smiling at ridhima she saw a thin layer of tears in her eyes, her eyes moved towards rahul who was just standing in a corner noticing each and everything, their eyes met as he got to know what muskaan wanted to tell moving forward he stood next to ridhima

"Hey ridhima ariha is fine you see absolutely fine'and we all love her plus the factor which surprise us is that she is such a sweetheart that even bhai melted in front of her'although he didn't said anything par hum bhi un kay he bhai hain we know each and everything about him" giving the most cheesiest smile ever and slightly punching ridhima on her shoulder he said making her giggle "and she extremely calm baby no shaitani at all"

"Are you joking she is the naughtiest child ever" ridhima said trying to fit herself in the environment while she felt her tears leaving her eyes and touching her cheeks, she didn't wanted to cry not in front of them she wanted to act strong too strong for herself and her child.

"What!! Now I guess you are joking I mean since morning she didn't did anything even had her baby food nicely she is too good yaar I wish rohan was the same" muskaan joined

"No no she hates baby food'and is too much naughty, it quite strange that she acted differently with you all" ridhima said, it was surprising that ariha didn't show her real side to them, but then how could she??? They were complete strangers for her how can she count on them? How can she trust them??

"Omg!!! Ridhimma" a very excited anjali called out the happiness was visible on her face!! It was completely obvious, after all she was the woman who drop her baby on their door letting anjali enjoy a day of motherhood

"I m soo happy you are fine we all were soo tensed when we found ariha on our door, and then thanks to your own brain that you left your picture in that letter, it was like a gift from god and thanks to that picture we found you" she took a long breathe as the word finished from her mouth she was controlling her breathe while speaking

"yea even I dint knew why I left that picture'well'ummm'ariha?" the desperation in her voice wasn't miss by anjali she have always felt the same when it comes to babies, she looked into ridhima eyes as she saw the love her own eye carry for the baby'a ting of jealousy crossed her mind she didn't knew why? But now she didn't wanted ridhima near them she felt as if ridhima was here to take away ariha from them'from her, leaving her again with out a baby.

"Oh!! Yes'of course you must be asking for her after all she biologically belongs to you" sarcasm!! That was what ridhima found when anjali said that it hurted her somewhere after all she was asking about her own child not anyone else'leaving her child with them doesn't mean that she belongs to them now!!

"she is upstairs in her room you see we provided her with everything she needs and I know you wanted that too" anjali move towards the stairs signaling others to follow her while ridhima just stood rooted she didn't knew what life was again throwing at her but the way anjali said all that made her feel guilty of leaving her daughter with them has she actually lost her daughter to them??

"ARIHA!!!" she exclaimed as tears rolled out from her eyes, the joy of getting her back in her own arms was something no one can feel "I missed you soo much baby, I m sorry baby I wont leave you again I promise sweetie"

"Mom mom" she jumped in joy finding the solace in her mother's arm, she was actually waiting for someone to hold her the way her mother does!! She wanted to feel that love again which she was missing.

When armaan left it was as if he took her naughtiness and her smile with him, she was craving for his touch or even her mother touch, though she was a baby but the sense of feeling complete was only felt when armaan or ridhimma were there.

After armaan it was ridhima who held her the same way protecting her from the world and eyes of evil'
promising their little baby to be with her forever and loving her the way no one can do'although armaan just met her a day before but the way he was taking care of his angel was like he knew her from the start from the day her soul was born in her mother's womb!

"I love you sweetie momma wont go anywhere I promise" the word were out as she kissed her child with love and care, taking a look at her baby, she was looking quite clean and her white frock was new as if freshly bought and the smell of powder and baby cream was heavenly'ridhima smiled looking at her angle as she held the strand of her falling silky hair scared to loose her mother again "she is happy and she still remember me and she is mine" the thought came into her mind, the need of mother was seen in ariha eyes as ridhima stared into the blue optics and she needed her baby too'her mind worked as she decided to take her daughter away with her!! But then she also knew that taking her daughter with her was like making her baby enter the world she totally detests and that was something a mother would never want.

Anjali and muskaan quietly observed the scene taking place in the baby room, muskaan eyes move towards anjali who was now quietly crying.

"Move out from here let them be together!! I want to talk" muskaan mouthed as she moved out of the room lately followed by anjali.

The steamy cup of coffee was enough to calm down anjali with a bit of muskaan lecture, rahul, rohan and atul were busy with there weekly scrabble match going on, in anjali bedroom while ridhima was still inside the baby room'anjali eyes moved from the garden towards the main entrance of the house begging god to send ridhima outside.

She wanted to know what have ridhima decided about ariha and her self. It was quite natural!!! and everyone knew that ridhima would surely take a decision about either staying or leaving with the baby'and this thing was disturbing anjali'she didn't mind ridhima presence at home but she loath the fact that if ridhima would leave she would take ariha away too and that for her meant that again she would be left alone without someone who she can look after.

"look anjali I m tried of making you understand that she wont go, me and rahul have really forced her to stay and any human being in their sane behavior would stay just to thank for taking care of their daughter it quite natural"

"No muskaan!! I guess ridhima is quite different, you yourself have seen that she left her baby with a stranger!! No mother can do that'everyone needs to be quite strong to leave their daughter like this and she is that strong if she can leave her baby with us, she can even decide to take her away and she can even decide to build herself up soo that she can provide everything to ariha" anjali cried "I just don't want to loose that girl muskaan, god will never give me a chance again"

"Who said that you won't get a chance?? And yes to be precise we can take help from court also, you see ridhima herself left her daughter her with a letter and a bag and we accepted the baby so if ridhima tries to take ariha away then we can show the proof to the court and then ariha hopefully will belong to us" muskaan knew at this time and looking at anjali state she have to make her calm and this was the best way making anjali feel that they can take ariha from anjali.

"and one more thing even if they both stay here still ridhima would be called her mother not you anjali, she would be the one who would take care of her baby not you'the baby would go to her to find solace and peace, she wont come to you'you should also think over these fact anjie. Ariha is ridhimma's daughter not yours even if the stay her presence wont affect you in the way you want'think about all this today you want ariha but once ariha will get old and will be able to understand things, she would not come to you she would go to her to share her happiness her sadness her sours and her secret she would never come to you at all."

anjali sighed listening to muskaan that was the truth, even if they stay she wont truly feel like a mother should feel with ariha, they baby wont come to her crying or laughing or she wont share her secrets when she gets old with her, she would do it with her mother and that was ridhimma and no one can share anything with anyone else when they have their mum to share with.

"I guess you are right muski it won't affect like I want, the relation would always remain the same way like I have with rohan'I guess I shouldn't cry about her leaving or staying I should just feel glad that I enjoy a day with a baby acting like her mother plus I wont mind if ridhima decided to stay" she said sheepily

"That like my girl'baby you take time to understand thing" muskaan laughed making anjali giggle "so what say wanna go and see the weekly scrabble match"

"What is there too see? They don't even spell a word correctly" anjali stated.

"That is the best thing Na'come on move lazy bumps!!!"

"Well I have already gone through every detail of this project and I guess we should start working on it." Armaan said giving the file back to the person sitting opposite to him.

"Yes!! I guess the collaboration of our fashion house was the best decision and now with the start of this project we are going to rule the fashion world" he laughed as he saw armaan smirked

"Don't get soo high ABHI and stop dreaming, the project is not even started and you have started to rule the fashion world" "you know we have to fight with many people before getting on the top!!"

"I know that armaan but still maliks name is all over India and even have international branches too and I guess people will get mad knowing that malliks have entered the fashion world too" "between everyone knows that you have whole 75% share in this fashion house'I wont be surprising if people forget to attach MODI next to MALLIK while referring to our fashion industry"

"Well yes I guess It won't be surprising at all but still I don't understand why you always bring this share thing between us!! You are my very dear friend I don't want you to compare what we have, I know its business but the way you say makes me feel like I m superior to you and I really don't want to feel that" armaan sighed he always felt that abhi is trying to make him realize that armaan was always the upper hand in everything, it felt like abhi was always indirectly taunting him and he didn't wanted to feel that at all.

Even when armaan got to know that abhi sister Survana has a crush on him and is totally mad about him he didn't knew what to do?? and still that time abhi was the one saying "survana armaan will get the best for himself not something like you'he will get the best for himself" though it was a bloody merry joke still armaan noticed something in those word that no one could understand'he knew somewhere abhi have always detested that armaan was all on the top'anyone would even if he is your school best friend.

Getting on the top was now a passion for everyone and the same goes with abhi that was the reason when abhi came up with a collaboration deal armaan decided to put most of his share in it soo that even if something gets wrong most of the profit would belong to the malliks.

"But that is the truth armaan!! You are always the one taking care of everything look you didn't even got married and see your brothers are enjoying their married life, it wont be a shock if mallik didn't got a heir from you!! Get yourself relax armaan'sue is still free she would love to marry you whenever you want" abhi mocked and then laughed.

"Ummm'Yaa!! Right it better that I don't get married at all then" he laughed "by the way I guess abhi I should leave you see it time to head back home, well see you tomorrow I guess" armaan picked up his cell phone as he heard abhi shouting

"Armaan you leaving early!! I hope everything is fine? or muskaan and anjali have found another girl to hook you up?" abhi again laughed

"No nothing like that just tried I didn't tell them to find someone for me" '"bye abhi"

Armaan moved toward his car and sat inside his mind was still stuck on abhi joke "it wont be shock if mallik didn't got a heir from you" it was true it really wont come as a shock because his whole family have started to believe that he wont ever get married and bringing a heir was out of this world that too when he was still thinking about that girl who have practically destroyed his life!!!

He have started to think like that now'she left him and he was mad about her, she didn't came back and he ended up searching everywhere he could think she would be!!, She never ever thought to atleast inform him that she was going and wont comeback when he wrote her a letter stating her to stay!!and now she was the reason that his life was stuck on the point from where she have left'though he still loved her but hatred was taking a toll!! He would have loved her, took care of her and provided her with everything she wants and still she left'left him alone all alone.

He punched the steering and then moved his car toward the only place where he has first seen her.

His car moved towards the same club as he looked at the gates it was 6 sharp and club was on full swing, he felt a bit funny that how till yesterday he was sitting in the office till late night and now just because he have a feeling that ariha would be waiting for him he was driving back home.

Moving inside the club a flash of memories fall into his brain, how he craved to feel that girl again by his side forever but then from where should he bring her back? And even if he get her back wat would he do??? Hug her like a lost lover or slap her tight just because she left him??

"Hey!!" he said to the bartender who now knew him quite well now. "did you sa'"
His word weren't complete as the bartender himself interrupted

"lonely lover see' your lady isn't here till now! She, as I told you was thrown out of this work around two years back and I really didn't saw her again here"

"Well do you know where she lived or something like that soo that I can track her down?" armaan almost plead

"Armaan look man!!! I told you that I don't know anything about her! She was just a month old waitress and that's it!! no personal information was provided by her to us" frustrated he said, how many times he have told armaan to forget that girl!! But armaan never listened he was adamant to find her.

"But you can find it from your manager see people always keep information about their staff and stuff I guess if you find it in some computer data of yours we can get it"

"look ARMAAN THE LONELY LOVER that is enough I told you once and again I m telling you computer software got destroyed long time back soo no data is present and another thing there is a word called move on I hope you have heard it!!! Armaan please it been 2 year yaar move on forget her, if she was yours she would have been with you here, but she isn't here! Forget her armaan it for your own good" he sighed it was difficult to make a strong headed man like armaan to understand few things like moving on!!

"How can I just move on??? When she practically took my heart away!!" he hissed, he was fed up of hearing things like that now it hurted him a lot he cant just move on like his love was just nothing for her!! If he had to just move on he wouldn't have cried for her like he does almost every time.

"See catch a chick have fun!! I m telling you as a friend you know this club have sexy hot waitress if you want the would be willing allow you to have fun with them for a night or two" Randy winked.

"Tell me one thing!!! Did America throw you out because of your dirty brain? Because every time I ask about her you end up saying all this bloody stuff" armaan inquired.

"No America didn't threw me out they have send me on a mission "TO GET ARMAAN THE LONELY LOVER BACK ON TRACK BY HOOKING HIM WITH SOMEONE ELSE" he tittered

"That isn't funny at all"

"Well I guess normal people would laugh at this but looking at you well you aren't normal armaan" he laughed

"Randy see I m asking about her and you are here trying to crack jokes!! Where can I find her??" frustrated he again asked more to himself then randy

"At your home lonely man" filling the glass with whisky he said

"What!!! What did you said!!! At my place now that funny"

"well I didn't meant that she is staying there'if she was there you wouldn't have been coming here to find her and would be busy romancing with her in bedroom or may be bathroom or kitchen, lounge is also good and well garden can also be fun sometime"

"Shut the hell up stupid man!!! Always saying something cheap cant you actually tell me what you mean?" anger was blazing inside armaan it was he who should think what he must do if she was with him at his place.

"chill out man, look I meant go home lay down and mind you I m not talking dirty here and think about her'she is in your heart in your brain and where ever you would go she would be with you even you are at your place or your grave"

"Yaa right idiot'I can't believe I wastes almost entire 45 minutes here with you!!" armaan said standing up from his bar stool taking his keys with him'what he would do except to go home and find his second love his princess waiting for him.

"But still I m your bestie right!!!!" he heard randy shout form the bar.

"yes right almost my entire family and my friends are stupid" he shouted opening the door of the club and getting out.

"IDIOTS!!!!THEY ALWAYS WIN BY CHEATING!!!" rahul shouted taking his cup of tea, he eyes move toward everyone sitting in the lounge who were giggling like monkies and even ridhima had a slight smile on her face.

"IT YOU WHO CHEAT DOG!!!!" atul almost burst him.



"OKAY YOU WIN NOW!! FINE WITH ME" finally taking a sip of his almost cold tea he said sitting next to rohan who almost jumped.

"Dad!! Nani is your mother-in-law right?" rohan said confusing everyone.

"Yes my son how intelligent!! She is my mother-in-law!!" happily he threw his arm on rohan shoulder, who was till now up to something.

"MOM!!!! DAD CALLED NANI WOMAN HITLER!!! TOO BAD DAD!!" rahul almost chocked while taking the sip of his tea, and thanks to that the tea which was inside his mouth came out landing on atul who was busy lying on the carpet.

"Muskaan I didn't It was a merry game'muskaan you understand it na" muskaan huffed in anger and gave him a killing look


Rahul eyes moved from muskaan to his son who was now busy chewing the remaining cake in his plate and then eyeing ariha too' "I like this baby dad" he said while everyone burst out laughing.

Ridhima who was till now busy looking at this family was now enjoying them'muskaan as well as anjali were now her friend and made her feel like almost at home. She never felt this much loved it was as if they knew her forever, ariha!! She found now was too much loved by everyone and for anjali she was her world, when ridhima came down and moved towards the garden she saw that anjali and muskaan were coming towards her and then all of the sudden muskaan held her hand and took her to one of the bedroom which she got to know that it belong to anjali, she say one of the caring, loving and funny family together the match was a way to make her feel at home and now she was actually feeling that.

But the question that she would stay here or not still remains the same!! She wanted to stay but what was her relation with them?? Who was she to them?? And why would they even allow her to stay because she just left her daughter at their place.

"Don't eye her!! She is your sister and now son I guess as always you will accompany me today while sleeping in another room right?" rahul word made ridhima come back to the real world, she looked at ariha who was busy playing with one of her new toy the soft daffy duck which till now ridhima knew was her favorite. She was looking too happy and ridhima didn't want to take that happiness away.

"No'no'no dad I m momma's boy I wont sleep with you" rohan giggled moving towards ariha and trying to feed her a little cake while smiling.

"sweetheart rahul'I guess you are all alone this night again like last week" muskaan giggled looking at his face while the anjali made funny sounds sitting next to ridhima. "come ridhima we need to show you something" taking anjali and ridhima with her she moved toward the guest room.

"8 sharp!!! Cant believe I waste almost entire evening in that club, roaming here and there buying thing which I even don't know about" he whispered himself

"take this to my room I m too tried" handling the bags to the servant he made his way towards the baby room entering he found the window again opened "I thought anjali was going to take care of princess and here the window is opened and the air is too cold baby can get cold" closing the window he saw that the bed was empty. A fear ran In his body, he looked again and saw nothing moving his eyes on each corner he didn't saw his princess anywhere.

"may be she is with anjali" he sighed calming himself down "I should change first and then go to anjali to get princess" he moved towards his room and closed the door his brain was filling with things which he didn't want to think at all, he was too attached to the baby and that too in a day the fact of losing her was like killing himself'.quickly changing in his shorts and vest , he washed his face and moved out of his room.

Looking carefully to the room next to him he saw the light is open and then there was a baby sound too'without thinking twice he ran toward the room and threw open the door and then he saw baby sitting playing with her toy, the happiness he felt in his heart was unexplainable he was just looking at her and then he saw his princess eyes moving toward him form the soft toy.

"Dadddaaa!!!!!" the joy in her voice wasn't missed by him, he rushed toward her and almost laid on the bed taking her in his arms he just hugged her and he felt the same thing again like last time as if his missing part was on its place'

"Ariha!!!Baby!!!" he pronounced hugging her and then he heard her shouting

"Peeeaaasshhh dddaaadddaa" he laughed hearing her, a tear roll down from his eyes as he saw her smiling like him.

"Peace princess!! You really are like me aren't you??? Picking things quickly almost in a second like dadda like daughter haan"

She giggled hearing him as if understanding each and every word'"and you know what you made dadda do princess?" he said

He saw her arching her eyebrow high up as if questioning him her hair looks fell on her eyes as if kissing her'she looked soo cute his heart shouted all he wanted to do was just hug her and take her away with him

"You made dadda shop girl!!! I wandered every toy shop for you princess and brought almost entire market, people were laughing at me" he pouted that was true he almost had 35 hand bags in his car and some he carried inside the house till lounge and then handed it to the servant.

She looked at his face and touched his pouting lips making him smile all of a sudden, his eyes shined with love and care "want dadda kiss hmmm?? Girl you are naughty"

She giggled loudly "aeee dadddaaa" making his smile go deeper and then he gave her a big wet kiss on her cheek making her giggle more.

Her smile soon got deeper as she saw her mother coming out from the washroom she almost took her lungs out shouting "mom mom"

"I told you na'when dadda is hear you don't need mom princess" armaan didn't knew who was actually standing at his back and neither ridhima could sense that he was the same armaan'her daughter father!!! The one who almost destroyed her by making her pregnant and the one whom she thought she would never get to see him.

Armaan looked into ariha blue pearls which was now stuck at someone else, he turned back thinking it would be Anna or anjali or it can be muskaan!!! But his world stopped that moment when he saw her!!! His love "she is at home" randy word rang his mind as he stood keeping ariha safely on the bed and looked at her.

Ridhima how ever wanted to dig a grave herself she didn't expected that god was actually throwing this toward her'her eyes moved from armaan to ariha and the again armaan who was busy staring her'he moved forward as she moved backward and then she saw armaan moving out of the room shutting the door as if wanting to break it.

AHHH...finally!!! i did itLOLi didn't checked grammatical error was writing in a hurry sorry for that!!!!! guy want your comment now look this is the biggest part i ever i want wonderful comment well i guess you all would have liked the endingEmbarrassed vinz finally i did it!!!LOL

well i m thinking to start a new fic but i m confused with AR or ARSH well i love arsh more but want you all to tell me what will you all love???

P.S-i would send pms who are in mu buddy list those who want pms please add me in you listEmbarrassed

love maleeha!!!!!

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Posted: 05 July 2010 at 6:42pm | IP Logged
loved it
loved the convo between muski and anji
the scrabble scene was funny
love armaan and arhira
so cute
AR finally meet
cant wait 2 c what happens next
plz dont make us wait 4 long
plz con soon
thanks 4 da pm
ps   plz pm if u start another ff
would love 2 read it

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awesome part
the scene between anjali and muskaan was amazingly potrated i really liked the way muskaan was explaining things to anjali.The scene were ridz meets ariha was beautifully potrayed finally AR have met cant wait till they talk to each other.

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hey nice update..OMG so AR met...i ccant belive what will happend next...cant wait to read more...ohhh so anajali really love ariha and wants her as her baby..well too mad cause ridz is here..i hope AR sort things out between themseleves andbecome a one happy family..update soon and thank 4 the pm..

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omigosh maleeha!!!!
superb part........:)
finally armaan and riddhima meet huh?
this is going to be fun....
luvd the RM scenes too......
and the way u describe Ariha's happiness on seeing riddhima and armaan later on was fantastic.......<3
i really cant wait 4 d next part.......
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue soon and thnx 4 d pm!!!
-loadz of luv

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They finally meet!!!!!!
Lol I'm soooooooooooooooo looking forward to da next part!
New fic on ARSH plzeeeeee!
Love u!


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gr8 part
loved it
thnks for pm
continue soon

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OMGGGGG................AHHHHHHHHHHHH........dey finally met.........i hope dey clear dere differences n be 2gether..........grt part cont soon n thnx fr d me again on d next part

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Fate's Cruel Game [AR ff] ~ *Part 13*page 95(10/9)

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Author: lilangel_soumya   Replies: 775   Views: 54932

lilangel_soumya 775 54932 10 March 2011 at 7:33pm by -Prithi-
Just Married#2 UPDATED:PG14~Riddhima's fate

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Author: IsabellaCullen   Replies: 167   Views: 27882

IsabellaCullen 167 27882 10 September 2010 at 9:11am by Riddss

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