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Posted: 06 June 2010 at 3:24pm | IP Logged
yipppeeee!!!! lol...i m again back...soooo!!! here are some pics which i guess will help you all to know the places where the scenes are taking place and can help you picturizing it!

please note this is all what i got form google search soo...thank to the google uncle for these picturesLOL and the sweet princess pic is giving by ritu di!!! thanks di for this pic i lovvvveeeeed it!

here is our princess ariha!!

ahhh!!! here is armaan roomWink lol i have this wierd love for white soo i made it white.

well this is rahul room!! i hope all muski rahul and rohan fit in the

hmmm...sooo here is atul room!!! i think you all will like it

and here is the lovely baby room

i hope you all will like it!

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funkybratz IF-Dazzler

Joined: 14 July 2009
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Posted: 06 June 2010 at 3:24pm | IP Logged
ohkay!!! here is the part...thanks for liking the previous part...i loved your all comments...thanks friends,
i m sorry i couldn't reply to you all at all...busy with was my luck that tomorrow's paper is delayed due to storm and's why here i wrote a part for you guysSmile read it and comments please!!!!i would love to read it!

and vinz i m not a moti like you called me in the commentROFL..heheheh

...well i uploaded pic of ariha and the rooms do comment for them too...btw those who have reserved the post please update it soon...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed i would love to read it!!

soo now here it goes:

"How is she doctor?" atul asked, only he knew how he have recovered after watching her almost killing herself , she would have jumped if they didn't reached on time , thanks to rahul that he was done with the tyre or else they would have been just standing there and staring at her while she was planning her suicide!!!

"she is not at all in a good position Mr. Mallik'I thinks she is emotionally torn and looking at her health I can easily say that she haven't eaten anything from atleast last 2 day. Plus her BP is too low and you know that low BP is dangerous, she is thinking about something continuously!!! And she have a bad foot injury too as if somebody dragged her or someone threw her harshly" the doctor said he was shock to see her condition at first and then knowing that he have to save her, he just started to give her injections and other things which can improve her condition.

"Doctor I m done with the formalities soo can we take her home now?" rahul looked at the doctor who was looking as if he have just came from moon.

"Did I tell you Mr. Mallik that you can take her home?"

"no but'we can now'I guess'you just gave her all the things she needed to get well and the medicines are there'soo we can now according to me" rahul said totally confused within himself.

he was scared that if she tried to suicide again then who will save her'it was her luck that they came on time or else she would have been in that sea and no one could have found her and she would have died till now.

"Ahh'Mr. Mallik I guess you should turn a doctor yourself'for what I see here is that, you think that she is just a little ill and after what I heard that you want to take her away to home after looking at her condition too" the doctor sighed he was getting angry after all he knew her condition better then those mallik boys.

"But doctor!!" atul said, he was tired of being a listener and after listening this soo called conversation which was soon to be turned as an argument knowing rahul he wanted to interfere "I guess she needs family right now it would be good for her to get back home."

"Ahh so you think the same Mr. Atul, after all I just discussed her condition with you, still I hear this coming from your mouth too'well sorry to disappoint you both but she is my patient right now and I don't want her to face anything which is dangerous, I prefer her to stay here, under my observation until she is fine to go with you both"

"soo how long is she going to stay here?" rahul was fully irritated by this doctor, the doctor wasn't understanding or even trying to understand their situation, he didn't want her die, he didn't want that little angel to suffer the same way like he did when his mother died!!!! Plus that baby is too small she needs her mother!!

"I guess we have to keep a check on her for almost 24 hours or soo'if her condition gets well then she can go to your place but if she doesn't as her BP is too low than she is going to stay here for almost 2 to 3 days" the doctor answered he knew what they both were feeling, they have told him about her and the way she was killing herself, but then as a doctor he need to look after her health.

"Oh'ohkay!! Rahul I guess he is correct, I think you should go back home I'll stay here with her until she is fine!" atul have already decided he wanted this woman to get well soon, according to him she knew something which was secretly related to there brother and for him he wanted her to get well at any cost.

"Did I also tell you that I don't want you both to stay here!" the doctor laughed, these boys really have to learn about him he sighed

"Man'see' doctor now you are really getting on my nerves!!" rahul laughed, "Atleast let one of us to stay dad."

"Ohhh!!! No'no don't get into relation son-in-law, this is my hospital, I don't want our relation to get into profession, I m your father in law at home rahul not here. That why I always tell you to call doctor here" Shashank gupta laughed.

He was a very good friend of Billy mallik since college, but then as rahul and muskaan turned into lovebirds, there friendship grew more toward the strong side, and around seven years back when muskaan announced her sudden pregnancy with rahul child, they didn't knew what to do? And then they made them get married and themselves turned as relatives.

He knew how he felt to know that his only lovely child at the age of 20 got pregnant but the fact that rahul never left her side made him and padma too strong to handle things and soon thanks to Billy and Anaya they handled everything and now he was happy to see that her daughter got everything in that house, a loving husband and son, two protective brothers, Billy and Anaya who loved her as their own child and anjali who was her best friend cum sister.

"I know that doctor" rahul said making him come back to the earth and his hospital "but still cant one of us stay?"

"Well look Mr. Mallik!!" he said coming to his professional side when he heard atul giggle his eye widen over atul to ask him the reason of his sudden burst out giggle.

"Hahah!!! It soo funny uncle to hear you call him Mr. Mallik when you refer as retarded rahool" atul answered

"Well no more laughing her Mr. Mallik" "and yes I should tell you both that you both can't stay here! I don't want the media to enter this hospital at all'once they knew that you both are here with a girl who tried to kill herself then they wouldn't leave the whole family in peace" "you both go home and catch some sleep I will call you once she gain her consciousness back till then go home, my nurse the ward boys and me myself is going to look after her." Shashank continued

"Oh...Okay we got that!! We should leave now'and doc call at our cells we don't want anyone to know about this at all'I guess we will tell the ladies by ourselves only right rahul?"

"Right man'we don't want a panic attack at home" rahul sighed

They both left from the corridor where they have stood for eternity now!! Talking to someone who was too close to them like a father, has always calmed them down'their feet moved toward the special ward where she has been sleeping now.

They entered the ward and looked at her, her face was completely pale with a slight bruised on her forehead, her thin body was lying like a dead person on the hospital bed, the room was completely silent that her rough breathe could be heard by them.

"Hey" rahul said once he completely looked at her situation, she was in her sleep but he needed to talk to tell her that she has to get well soon

"well I know that you don't know me" atul listened his brother who was trying to make a conversation with the almost breathing dead body and he went closer , keeping a hand on rahul shoulder who was sitting on the stool kept next to the bed he looked at her.

"soo I should introduce me'or us'well I m rahul and atul mallik, the one who are taking care of your baby girl, and I should tell you she is an angel and she didn't even disturbed us at all she was just lying on anjali, atul's wife lap"

"But she needs you more than us!!! You are her mom and a baby always needs his or her mother'soo I wish that you heard me and you get well soon, and yes once you get well you will be staying with us and I bet you are going to love us!! And even muski and anjie wants to meet you soo please get well soon and then we will take you back to our home soo friends??"

"Well I guess you will need time to think over my friend request soo I will just give you this night and tomorrow we need you as our friend."

Tears left his eyes as he said all those words but looking at this stranger's condition was hurting him more, he stood up and left the place while atul just stood there!!

"Ahh!!! He is crazy ridhimma'fazul mein stress dai raha hai tumhay!! You just get well soon and yes I agree tomorrow we need your answer." Smiling and looking at her sleeping face he left behind rahul!

The morning rays hit her hard as she turned to look at her sleeping husband'he was out all night and she slept while reading the novel'therefore it never hit her when he was back, she removed his hand from her waist which was tightly held by atul, she stood up arching her body and closing her eyes once and then opened it!! Opening the door she looked down stairs at the lounge which was shinning due to sunlight.

Anjali saw Anna moving toward the hall and picking a sofa pillow from the floor which rahul had thrown on atul and rohan after loosing a scrabble match, she smiled remembering their sweet memories which day by day becomes sweeter.

Anjali moved toward the baby room, and opened it her smile widen thinking about the days when she would do this on daily basis, enter this room and waking ariha, her eyes moved toward the window which she had opened last night for the fresh air but right now it was close!! Her smile suddenly vanished and then she moved toward the bed and saw what???? NOTHING!!!!!

Her steps rolled backward and she suddenly left the room, standing on the corridor and crying thinking that she again lost the chance of acting like a mother she didn't knew what to do??? She never thought to have her day start like this!!! The baby was no where to be seen. What should she do?? Maybe she is with muskaan!! Her mind told her

"Wake up monkey" she shouted for the fifteenth time banging the door again and again

"Uff!! Rahul look who is it?" muskaan announced while sleeping

"pagal hai kya muskaan!! Khud dekh tera nukaar nahi hoon" rahul answered dragging his son toward his chest while rohan made himself comfortable lying between his parents.

"muskaan monkey open the door'I bet if you didn't opened it na tou I wont talk to you again and then you wont cry on your husband shoulder telling him to make me talk to you." Anjali shouted, she knew muskaan becomes to lazy after getting up and she wanted to know where is the baby.

"kya hai Bandar?" muskaan asked scratching her head while trying to open her eyes and look at anjali

"Muski yaar the baby is no where to be seen in the room." "I can't find her anywhere." Anjali cried as muskaan eyes widen in horror.


"MUSKAAN!!! MERA DIMAAG KHARAB MAAT KAR!! PEHLAY BACHI KI MAA DHOONDVAYI AB BACHI!!! LIST DAIDAY KIS KIS KO DHOONDNA HAI!" rahul said while keeping his hands on his son's ears so that he won't wakes up anywhere near soon




"WHAT!!!! THE BABY IS WITH BHAI!!! YOU ARE GOING MAD RAHUL PATA NAHI KYA KYA KHETA REHTA HAI JANGLI" anjali shouted this was news now the baby with bhai, the day was turning toward a strange path.

"Haan bhai have the baby and his room is lock, me and atul tried to open it after coming back but no use, and between it 7 bhai would be leaving for jog within a while soo chill AND LET ME SLEEP MONKIES"

10 30AM

Armaan felt someone touching his nose and then those little hands moved toward his cheek, the sudden movements of hand disturbed his sleep as his forehead formed a few lines telling that it was really disturbing him!

They hand went toward his forehead touching those frowning lines while the lines vanished quickly and a smile came on his lips, his mind registered that this small hand belong to his princess only and they way she was exploring him right now was to enjoyable.

He opened his eyes slowly too see the little girl lying on his chest, her hand were still on his forehead waiting for those lines and big blue eyes were resting on his forehead she turned her eyes toward his as they met, within a second armaan quickly closed his eyes wanting to enjoy more,

But she didn't wanted that her fingers moved towards his closed eyes and within a second she poked them hard while he shouted

"Awww'princess what was that for? Poking fingers in my eyes'want to see me go blind in front of you" he said in a total baby voice, as his eyes stare at her blue ones.

She was looking more beautiful then she was yesterday, her eyes were sparkling with a glint of naughtiness, she chuckled loudly with full energy which turned her pink cheeks into a red colour, while her hand met eachother as she clapped looking at armaan who was pouting like a lost baby while lying on the bed. Her hair smooth and soft as silk touched her forehead.

Armaan moved his hand toward her hairs touching those soft hairs he pushed them backward, while she moved her head into his neck resting it there for a while she got up and sat infront of him.

Armaan got up and sat on the bed, as his back touched the soft headboard on his bed, his white room was shinning with the sunlight; this was the most beautiful room in their house as it was just simple but something was completely different in this room.

His hands moved toward her as he brought her on his lap'"so princess had a good night? After you see it was armaan mallik with whom you slept" he winked at her while she chuckled

"Aeee'" she shouted.

"Ahh'princess peace peace'you shout a lot, I wonder!!! Was it your mom or is it your dad who shouts like this haan?" he smiled while she touched his lips

"Oohh'soo does my princess wants a kiss?" he asked as she rested her head on his well shaved manly chest

He gave her a kiss on her head while she moved her head and saw him

"Soo princess ready for the jog?"

He turned his eyes towards his watch which was lying next to them, and then a looking at the time a terror came on his face

"10 55pm!! HELL I FORGOT MY JOG!!! SHIT!!! I WANTED TO GO THROUGH THE FILES TOO BEFORE PLANNING A MEETING!!! NO WAY!!! I DIDN'T GO TO THE OFFICE!!!! I SHOULD BE AT THE OFFICE RIGHT NOW'AND MY JOG AND GYM'MAN HOW CAN I GET OFF WITH MY DAILY SCHEDULE????" he asked the baby..Who was looking at his changing expression and sometime was even trying to copy his eyes expressions.


"Wait let me get off from this bed and change and rush to the office!" he told the baby

Putting her on the bed he stood up turning toward his washroom, when he heard her cry, rushing back towards her he picked her in his arms, hushing her and making weird voices soo that she could stop crying.

"Hey Ariha!!! Look dadda has to go to office'but I'll be back soon'so don't cry baby, I don't want to think that I left you here crying give me a big big smile please." He saw her stop crying while she sadly looked at him

"mom mom" she again sighed and it hurted him, he now wanted to see that woman who left this princess here, and once he found about her he wouldn't leave her easily, she have to pay for the pain this baby was receiving right now.

"Ahh'see princess dadda here Na'soo no need of mom mom, she would be back lovey dovey and then my princess would smile like an angel." "Soo wait for dadda till he comes back after getting ready and yes don't get naughty'I know that you are too naughty to handle sometime"

"Eeeiiissshhh daaadddaaa" she shouted while he again shouted from the washroom "peace princess!!!"

Coming back from the washroom he looked at her who was nowhere could be seen, only a sound was coming from underneath the bed, he moved towards that side of the bed, and sat down on the floor in his perfectly ironed black suit which he never thought to destroy.

He saw her playing with something and didn't know what was it, but he knew that his room doesn't have a toy at all in it.

Taking her out from underneath the bed to his arms he shouted because that what he can do right now

"ARIHA PRINCESS!!!! IT'S A COCKROACH NOT A TOY!!! HELL YOU HAVE TOTALLY FINISHED HIM!! KEEMA BANA DIYA BECHARAY KA" he saw her almost starting to cry and he didn't want that right now atleast.

"Baby see cockroach is not good for my princess na'soo we will go and wash hands okay'dirty girl play with cockroach and my princess is a good angel soo no cockroach for her"

"Cocko yiii" he heard her saying

"Yes yes baby cocko yiii'.it bad, not good"

Taking her towards the washroom he opened the door and then putting her on the sink he opened the water, as the water touched her she chuckled loudly.

"Ahh water angel now let's wash your hands and face."

Taking a handful of water in his hand he rubbed her pretty face and then taking the liquid soap he rubbed her hands carefully, not caring that his own clothes were now fully wet.

He took her in his arms and looked at his watch "armaan mallik is always on time'right" it was almost 12 now and he didn't knew what his colleagues will say after finding that he is late and not just half an hour almost around 3 hours late.

"Bhai she was with you all night!" anjali asked looking at him coming out of his room

"Ohhh yeah'yes'yes she was with me anjie "he didn't knew what to answer that this baby was with him and he was almost acting like her father!!!

"You didn't go for the jog?" muskaan shouted from the corner

"Well yes I didn't back ache you see!! Didn't felt like going" again he lied he didn't woke at time just because he was having a beautiful and peaceful sleep after 2 years.

"When did you take her in with you?" again anjie questioned

"Well she was crying and I thought to wake you up!! But then thought to handle myself"

"Bhai you had dinner yesterday?" Muskaan asked playing her favorite song on the player

"Well I can't answer you right now muski we can play 20 questions after I comeback from the office" his eyes moved towards the baby who was looking like an innocent angel " ahh'the cheeky monkey is now an innocent angel right now" his mind smiled

"Lair bhai you never comeback on time soo I guess it's a way to make me stop questioning you" muskaan pouted.

"Shut up muski" anjali shouted as armaan looked at his both little bhabhis, his heart left a beat as his mind thought that she would have been with them right now if he didn't left her or if she have stopped that day and maybe he wouldn't have been going to the office on Saturdays just to have fun with her and his family

"no muskaan'I will come on time, I guess things are changing and soo I guess my life" he smiled looking at anjie and then the baby

"Well take care you all'I hope your husbands wakes up soon..i don't know why they always take an off on Saturday"

"Too have fun bhai" muskaan answered

"well yes'I guessed that" moving his hand lovingly on ariha hair he ordered "I don't want her to cry you both take care of her'and anjie I now that you will still!!! I m telling you not a single tear from her eyes at all" he said moving towards the stairs and turning last time to see his princess.

While she shouted "dadddaaa" making both anjali and muskaan stunt

While armaan shouted "peace princess" making almost both of them speechless.

"Things are really changing anjie"

"Agreed muski"

Muskaan turned toward the song she wanted to play, as armaan moved toward the key holder taking his keys with him. His eyes moved instantly on the stairs which led him to his princess as he felt something different alive and completely new, he saw anjie moving with his doll toward the lounge.

He walked toward the door opening it and then hearing muskaan singing

Dil kyun yeh mera shor kare, dil kyun yeh mera shor kare
Idhar nahin udhar nahin
Teri ore chale

Dil kyun yeh mera shor kare
Idhar nahin udhar nahin
Teri ore chale'''

as he sighed...just wanting to go back and get his ariha in his arm

comment time!!!1 please do comment and like the guess many people are happy with armaan and ariha moment...ridhimma is now soon going to meet armaan lol...and then this would be a huge happy familySmile do even comment on pics please...

p.s: i send buddy list to those who are in my buddy list soo add me in it if you want me to send pm..SmileSmile

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res for a mindblowing and one of the best parts i have ever read on fan fictions. have got exams tommo, so skl se a kar edit karungi.

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Awesome, cnt wait for AR to meet!
Update soon!

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Iqbal Neha1
Iqbal Neha1

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mindblowing part
rahul atul shashank scnes were really good i really liked the way shashank was teasing them and their relationship was amazingly described.rahul,atul and ridz scenes were too good i really liked the convo between rahul and ridz hope ridz wakes up soon and becomes friends with them.armaan and ariha moments were beautifully potrayed,i really liked the way how things were changing in the malik household.

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hey nice part n thnx fr d pm cont soon

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KaSh-Maneet-Fan IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome update as always
loved it
loved anji,muski and rahul fight
loved armaan and ariha scences
2 cute
cant wait until AR meet
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mali di
jus love love love this part. armaan and ariha r so so so cute. now i can't wait anymore i want AR to come face to face. di update soon.

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