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Ethereal-Path IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 May 2010 at 2:15pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Nikki_19_luv

plz plz plz
update kariyo na
humko parna hai next part
niks uske examz aa rahe h toh she isnt cuming onlyn .. isliye i think update ll hav to wait ...after all, its her 12th boards now ! Big smile

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abey mal
i swear ab update nahi kiya na
i'll eat u up
yaar i wanna read wat happens next

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funkybratz IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by coolvini4u

Originally posted by Nikki_19_luv

plz plz plz

update kariyo na

humko parna hai next part
niks uske examz aa rahe h toh she isnt cuming onlyn .. isliye i think update ll hav to wait ...after all, its her 12th boards now ! Big smile

hahah!!!! ryt nikks yar part hai but i have to edit it!!! *sight* i hope you get it today lekin i m not sure yet Embarrassed

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funkybratz IF-Dazzler

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hey friend!! how are you??? well i m back with a part and this time a quite to long wish you all like it though!...sorry i didn't replied to your comments and compliment, i will reply once i get time because i m stuck with exams badly!! please guys pray that i do well in them and get good grades...well coming to this part...ahem ahem will i made a lot of afford that i write it well and i hope i m quite successful in thatEmbarrassed and i want comments for it please...between do tell how was it...i really was thinking not to post it seriously i think you all wont like itConfused
please do comment and criticize

alert: this part contain some paragraph which are quite on age limit...soo please read it if you are comfortable..i don't want mods to make me close this ff.

"That was the last thing I wanted to happen today!!" rahul shouted

it was enough for him now'first his PA lost their important file and because of this he had to face armaan's lecture on how careless his PA was!! Then after coming home he heard muskaan pouring her heart out on how rohan disturbed her each second' and then his own son who is still confused that after getting old he will become a cricketer or a basketball player came to him and forced him to play FOOTBALL!!! And then when he thought that his night would be peaceful and clam, he got to know that there is a stranger baby in there house and now he is finding the mother of that baby!!!!

And when he again thought to move his car towards there house after there brother time out session, there car's tyre got punctured!! And now they were standing on the dark side of the road next to the sea.

"Oh I want to go home too rahul but first we have to fix this tyre yaar" atul whined as he turned to see rahul almost lost looking toward the sky,

His eyes haven't moved from that lady standing near the deep blue sea, and something made him get to know her more. he till now have registered that she have long hair and her complexion was fair thanks to the street light and rahul car which stopped almost near her, but still they were far to register her face fully.

"come on let do it then atul!! Bring the kit from the back of the car and then I m going to change this tyre"

"hope that I get that kit of yours" atul said as he made his way toward the back of the car

"why so??? I don't think that the driver took it away he always ask before taking it" rahul was totally confused over atul dialog he didn't let anyone take that kit until and unless it was too important.

"well your son MR ROHAN MALLIK was using it yesterday! I told him to keep it back but I don't know if he did that or not" atul said trying to control his smile as he remembered his little buddy steeling things from his dad's car.

"oh god!!! Why that little boy is turning like that man!! I hope you find that too now." rahul prayed

Soon atul brought that kit, as rahul got the extra tyre from the back, and started to change the tyre'the time was running too slow today' and the wind was too strong too, they have already lost precious thing today which didn't even belong to them'it was for that little baby.

Atul eyes moved from rahul to that girl again who was now standing up and again her eyes where toward the sea'rahul too moved his eyes toward the lady which was attracting his brother, he saw the woman standing, she was soo thin and with long hairs fair complexion, her hairs due to wind were moving and were covering her face.

"Well I don't know but I kind of have a feeling that she isn't safe there!" rahul said

"You looking at that green dress one too?" atul questioned, amazed at the sudden start of conversation

'Well yes!! Even when I don't want too still I m staring at her" rahul smiled as atul too smiled in reply

Their eyes again moved towards that girl. While the wind changed its way!! And then what they saw was totally shocking as if god was with them too'

"Ridhimma!!!!!!" rahul said as he saw the girl trying to put her hair correctly


"Omg!! What should we do now man we found her god thank" rahul almost jumped in the joy of finding the mother of the baby

"RAHUL MAN QUICKLY GET OVER WITH THIS TRYE MAN!!! WE HAVE TO REACH TOWARD HER DO IT QUICKLY NOW!!" atul was complete taken over with the sight which was far away from him, he didn't knew what to say and now all he wanted was to reach toward her!

She looked at the deep blue sea which was soon going to be her home. She didn't know what to do all she remembers was that her little one year old daughter now belongs to some strange family. she had no choice left she had to leave her because even she and god know that she can't stay with her what will she do with her?? She can't give her anything from food to clothes and neither a bright future nor beautiful memories to cherish.

She stood there not knowing whether to jump in the water or go back to her baby doll but she knew one thing that her princess would be happy with the MALIKS they had everything a child wants money, power and a beautiful family who will love her. Plus according to the people, they were good people too from heart they would have accepted her!!
But one thing which was disturbing her right now was a thought which she was trying to avoid for awhile

"did they accept her child?

Or is she still sleeping outside their door?

Did anybody opened the door and took her inside and provided her with warm milk?

She would be crying right now for me!! for her mum!!" her tears were rolling from my eyes like rain from heavy cloud.
She herself didn't know what to do?

Sitting on the rock she still remember that night, the way he made her his! the way his touch affected her, the way he touched every part of her body making her cry for more and the way he kissed her hungrily with passion and LUST OR...LOVE??

"I should have never gotten drunk that day" she sighted plus he was drunk too. She remembered how she almost bumped into him and he ended up kissing her. she tried to get off his hold even though she was drunk but she knew what was going on and that too in public no waitress ever want to be kissed in public and that too when her job was only a month old and she was an orphan. Pushing him hard as he bumped into the wall, she ran away from him.

Standing near the bar area she took two shot of vodkas as they made her loose herself more, although she pushed him hard but still she could feel his lips on hers and the way he kissed almost made her daze.

Right now she was not under her control the vodka shot were getting high on her and then suddenly someone dragged her toward him. She knew from that touch it was him and she didn't even stop him once.

"What was I thinking that time?"She sighed.

Leaving the club with him and totally under the control of those vodka shots, she didn't knew what was happening, all she knew was he was dragging her body towards the hotel which was next to the club she works in.

He entered the hotel room with her in his arms as she was losing her steps. Both were not in control and both were strangers but right now they want each other. He threw ridhimma on the bed and went to the washroom coming back into the room he saw her standing near the gallery door her back was toward him when she felt a cold hand on her waist, he pulled her toward himself as she banged into his bare chest, he kissed her shoulder from the back while she closed her eyes feeling the pleasure he was providing,

ridhimma turned herself to face him he stared at her face as it was the last thing left on the earth and then in her eyes as if reading them while his hand made small designs on her waist she shudder and gasp as a slight current passed through her spine awaking the passion in her.

their eye didn't moved away from their eye lock he slowly moved his face towards her lips and then suddenly he kept his lips on her, he didn't kissed first it was as if he just wanted to feel them. she closed her eyes as she felt him kissing her slowly and softly, moving her own lips with him, they felt the passion rise and then they kissed each other like there was no tomorrow,

He nibbled her lower lips while she did the same with his upper one, opening her mouth she allowed his tongue inside as it met hers, a slight gasp occurred from her throat, making him more hungry.

He pushed her hard toward the gallery door and pressed his body with hers as she moaned hard, he left her lips and turned his face toward her neck and he kissed her there, while her hands went toward his hair. She moved her hands gently on his hairs feeling their softness as he bite her hard, she gasped while he bit her again and again.

Her hands caught hold of his hair hard as his hands roamed on her waist and then going up toward her softness, his other hand went toward her jeans and then he banged his lips again on hers. the kiss was much more passionate and full of hunger then before, as if they were telling eachother how much they want this,

She kissed him hard as he opened her jeans button and touched the most sensitive skin of hers, making her moan hard while he took her towards his bed.

Keeping her on his bed he placed himself above her and kept his lips on my nape kissing her passionately, he moved towards her cleavage licking her and kissing her there. He took off her shirt throwing it far away from her he gazed at her body, as his hands moved on every part.

Taking her softness in his hands he kissed them taking them inside his mouth licking them sucking them and biting them as she continued to moan.

"You are hot baby" ridhimma heard him saying that to her.

He turned himself as she jumped on him kissing his lips. She kissed his neck while her hand roamed on his manly chest making him groan, she kissed his abs and rubbed her upper bare body with his and captured his lips again in full hunger while he held her from her waist and then making his hand wandering on her bare back.

She kissed him while he matched her speed and then suddenly he turned her over keeping himself above her and took off her unbuttoned jean and did the same with himself. His lips didn't leave her as he separated her thighs massaging them, and then he quickly entered making her cry. He kissed her eyes almost drinking her tears which came out due to sudden pain making her move with his rhythm.

"I love you baby I love you" she heard him saying that continuously while nibbling her ear. She didn't know what to say? How to reciprocate to his feelings? They were stranger who just want eachother'and the most important thing this was all happening under a drug effect!! Her hands were still massaging his hairs. As he went out with a gush, making her cry again.

He kept himself next to her, taking the quilt which was kept near their feet, he put it on her and him, lying next to her he saw her eyes slowly being close due to those shots.

He placed his hand on her waist bringing her near him, he kissed her lips again while she snuggled more into him. He closed his eyes as sleep took over him and plus the wine was to effecting badly.

Waking in the morning as the sunlight hit her hard, she turned herself on his side but she didn't saw him it was just her on the big bed'she didn't knew what she could do at this moment as the tears suddenly made their way in her eyes, her hands moved our that place where they laid together.

She closed her eyes as her head pained due to those drinks, it was hurting her badly, She turned her face towards the side table and saw a tablet and a glass of juice a smile suddenly made place on her lips, taking the tablet in her mouth and drinking that orange juice she moved her eyes towards the mirror and saw herself,

she had a different spark inside her eyes and the emptiness she had always felt inside her was long gone she couldn't feel it anymore he took her emptiness with him and what did she got in return? ?A different spark, a smile that wasn't leaving her lips and a thought, that why he said that he loved her? He didn't know her they have never met then why he made love to her when he can have anyone else? Was he taking the revenge of pushing him when he kissed her in public? But they both were drunk and may be that was the reason he said that he loves her.

As her mind registered these thoughts, the smile left her lips and a fear came over she knew that whatever happened was wrong totally wrong, she was with a complete stranger last night, who didn't knew her at all and neither she did, what was she going to do now?? What if something bad happens? Which she even didn't think about yet? And then he wasn't here too she cant find him in the room'he left her , as every stranger does after these kind of nights'she was all alone now and again.

"But then why he said I love you?" she said out aloud to ask her logical mind and to find the answer her self!!

"I shouldn't have done that!!" she told her self again standing up and looking towards the deep sea. "because of my one mistake my daughter isn't here with me" "but if I didn't made this mistake my daughter would have never been here in this world right now" she sighed, she was happy with this little fact that, that incident made her get someone who belong to her'alone her!

She remembered the way she got his letter, and it made her more confuse

she kept her feet on the ground, almost dragging her body off the be, as it pained, like it never had and that too on those places which she never knew her tears were making their way easily out of her eyes rubbing them off as the fresh tears again made there way out she stood up and then she saw that there was a beautiful red dress kept next to her jeans and shirt on the couch.

Looking and those piece of clothes which belonged to her, she got the flash that how he removed them from her body, shaking her head and forcing herself not to remember that night which almost completed her or totally destroyed her, she went toward those clothes and then saw that a letter was also safely kept on that red dress.

She didn't knew what to do either to open it and read it because as she have heard people after these kind of situations use to write

"We had a good time please do a favor never try to contact us.bye"

But then she needed to know what he wrote for her opening the letter carefully and reading it she took out a long breathe


"Hey baby good morning!!
                                                                              Sorry didn't know your name, well!!!! I know you would be thinking that I left you but not soo soon baby' I had an urgent meeting this morning and therefore had to leave you' didn't thought to wake you up from your beauty sleep=]'

You wait for me there!!!

I'll be back soon

Love you sweetie.

Your love Armaan"

Tears rolled out from her eyes as she went through her past again!! The past which wasn't anywhere near her present and future! She didn't know where to find armaan!! And what if she found him out what was she going to say that "hey remember me I slept with you once" anyone would laugh upon her if she did that! And plus there were thousands of armaan in this city how would she have tracked him down? She can't go behind everyone back calling out there names!! And then looking at them like a mad person.

That's why she never tried to track him down too'and if he wanted e would have done that himself!! She had made her self believe that it whatever happened was just because of that drinks, if they would have never gotten drink nothing would have happened'or if she wouldn't have tried that drink which a customer provided to her she wouldn't have landed on bed next to that armaan.

She even didn't waited for him to return back from his soo called meeting , taking the letter with her and wearing her own clothes she just ran away from that room from that hotel and if these things were not enough to destroy her in a day she was thrown out of her job too just because she was late.

She went towards the edge where she was standing for awhile now and all she wanted was to finish herself, she was missing her child badly, her lap was crying to get that baby on it again but she didn't wanted that!! It was for her baby's good she did it for her and now she didn't wanted to destroyed what she have done, and to stop her mind and heart race she wanted to die! Top kill herself! To kill the feeling of being used by that man just for his own pleasure! And to forget her baby she have to do this! She had already decided that she was going to jump in the sea and will finish everything herself

Tears rolled out from her heavy eyes, as she closed them, making herself free from all the worries in life she tried to jump in the water the blue sea, when someone held her arm forcing her toward him as she burst out crying and within seconds she fainted.

"She is safe atul!" rahul said looking at his brother who was just in shock after seeing that baby's mother trying to kill her self!

"I think we should take her to the hospital and we have no choice come on atul" rahul said taking ridhimma in his arms and moving towards the car as atul quietly followed

The day have ended and the night was about to end'with the end of this day there was an end to something else too'and now the thing were going to start in a new and different way.

WOLLLAAA!!!!!!!!!!! i did it now i want comments do tell how was it!!!! well i know no armaan and ariha moments here!! but now you will get to see them more as the story goes!!! and yes those who think this was the past only!! well there is armaan side wait for that lol...please i need comments now!!Smile
P.S: i would send PMS to those who are in my buddy list!! if you want pm then please add me

P.S.S: i m not sure if i can send you PMS today right now but will surely send itSmile

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thank you soooo much guys for the comments tooo i loved them surely will reply to you all soonnnnnnSmile

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Sani_Rani IF-Sizzlerz

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bbz firstly am really that i didn't comment on previous parts but trust me they were simply amazing and out standing. now coming to the part, man the red bit was sooooooooooo hotttt and romantic. i am so glad to know that armaan didn't jus ditched her and went away. i wonder why riddhima never waited for him. kash wait kar letiLOL and yayyyyy atul and rahul caught her. muahzzz now can't wait to know whats gonna happen next. love ur ff mallu muahzzzz.

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Ravz. Senior Member

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aaahhhhhaaaa !!
          so armaan is definitely the father? ( i knew it :P )

[unless it was a difirent armaan - though i think not]    ;)     - sweet :D

    awhhh thank god Rhidhima's okay :-)     -> why would she try to kill herself ?! :'(

i'm soooooo glad atul and rahul found her in time!
and now AR + Baby can be together as a family ??? :O can't wait when armaan and rhidhima see each other awwwwhhh wow...

haww did armaan really mean that "iLoveYou" ??? - or was it just lust?

Goddd so many questions ;; well done you've just confused me more lool :P

Please .. Please .. Please .. Please .. Please .. Please .. Please .. Please .. Please .. Please .. Please .. Please .. Please continue soon, really waiting to see what happens next :D

        (oh + thanks for the PM =D hehe)


Rav ;)

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Ethereal-Path IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey Mallu  Hug

Finally, tune sab par reham kar ke update kar hi diya .. LOL...  waise, u knw wat i got busy warna teri FF ko attack karne ka mera sabse pehla motive tha.........ROFL..though i shud say sorry for updating my comment soo soon bt den mujhe nae bolna ....kar le jo karna h...........LOLLOL

Btw, mujhe ye part padhne k baad seriously believe ho gaya how much useful red red Mr. tomato is..ROFL
Man u blew my mind with this update........ By God ! Kya part tha...........
AR past was really sumthng hell shocking .. ShockedEmbarrassed... n the red part was sooo damn "ahem ahem "......Wink..kiske khyalon me reh kar likh rahi thi....hmm?.......WinkROFL

Tere dimaag ki tarah teri story bhi unique h ... dono ka perfect combo h.... LOL...  m sooo damn excited for AR meet ... par tu ab isme kabab me haddi at ban jaana firse..........AngryLOL... i cant see ridz like this......Cry ...uski condition is so damn pathetic .........Cry..please moti inhe waapis milwa de ...i promise i ll give you a cheese spread as gift ... !! n tujhe meri classes me bhi free entry doongi... LOL

waise, m soo happy as Atul-rahul found ridz (though i already knew it ....WinkLOL) fir bhi abhi jyada khushi hui..........m soo damn excited for ahead!

I missed armaan n ariha's moments .. bt ab jaldi se update karke woh bhi de dena...... cnt soooooooon... abhi toh leave bhi h teri..... Tongue

thanx 4 d pm ...

love you sooo much
Ur Vinzi Embarrassed

P.S : see, is baar i was 2nd to comment........Wink..yippee!!..........Dancing... U see mujhe toh dance karne ka bahana chahiye hota h na..........ROFL

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