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DMG PaathShala - Queries Answered

monar IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 09 March 2010
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Posted: 10 May 2010 at 9:29pm | IP Logged
DMG academy to clear Utter confusions

All other pathshala posts- http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1388222

Okiee Kidzz I here with aal your Answers 

here are the qooschans

@Bhavi20_s: Sexy Sid  ko Chudail  Ridz  se mukti kab milegi ?

Ans: Nahi Bhavi looking at current scenario iss janam mein iss badtameez ko chudail ka he saath milega, and they will keep on swinging in this love hate relationship and their kidz will look for nana jis help to resolve Vanilla butterscotch issues.

@BlueSoul: What does AR Forever means? What is the meaning of Soulmate? What is the meaning of "True Love" and what does 'Eternal Lovers' mean?

Ans: Ballooo AR forever is a confusing urban legend.

Truoo lub *me and Shweeto Singh* Blushing
ahem!!! beta True love is like seeing ghosts... we all talk about it, but many of us have ever seen one.
and Eternal Lovers are the people who tell that they experienced this ghost .
Is an Asymptote meeting in infinity..

@nikita_88: Since I have been asking all day what is the meaning of love?  

Ans: *serious answer* Geek- there is no exact definition of what is love, but yeah when you're in love can be defined up tp an extent

love is when you live just to see someone happy, love is when you forget and forgive anything to see a smile on special ones face, love is when you hurt someone enough to hurt yourself, love is when you force yourself to stay away from special ones because of their happiness, even though what you ever want is to be with them, Love is when you forget about I and just think about U

and to fill this gap between "I" and "U" you put "L" ;-) *gyaan hai le lo free hai.. kya pata kal ho na ho Wink*

@Supercool3: hate and hate = love and love

Ans:yeah you hate so much to hate someone is what you call you love so much to love someone... *aage decode kar* *I mean no imaan dharam in asking qooschans* Confused

@Shruti: *too inquisitive*

1. Why do people don't talk and assume things

    this is sysmptom is called telepathycologically syndrome, when people think that what they are thinking can be carried by particles around, so they end up assuming that saamne wala banda is coming from AJMERI BABA aashrsam *people in US must know him* and catch the wavelength of there telepathylogical communication ;-)

2. Why do SR don't have a proper conversation without any interruption -

    well their Jodi is having transmission like Doordarshan when they need to Tez *aaj tak* with colors and star, but still watching imagine *NDTV*, so end up getting RUKAWAT KE LIYE KHED HAI...

@Painted_Lady: whats the difference between a bodymate and a soulmate?what are the conditions where a soulmate can act as a bodymate?ok..here comes another most confusing,yet important question from my side..is there anything called 'true love'?if the love is not true,can we call it 'love'?

    Buffy answered it

To answer painted lady qsGeek
Question 1:whats the difference between a bodymate and a soulmate?
Bodymate soulmate difference...*ahem ahem*
Body mate : bakras available for use as puching bag.....to vent anger at will
Physical torture
Soulmate: Nalayaks available to hear repitative lecture titled " Tum mere layak nahi ho" 
mental anguish
Question 2:what are the conditions where a soulmate can act as a bodymate?
When MPD patient  escapes from its confines to be unleashed onto unsuspecting world and the only way to control that patient would be immunized social worker hell bent on saving the world. This immunization also called "Mahaanta vaccine"  is currently available in very few numbers. The only ones being currenly immunized are  people suffering from high assumption fever to protect them from sever backlashes of the MPD patients.
Social worker=Bodymate+ soulmate
True love = I have not read that chapter.. ..I will leave prof Mona to ekshplain

1 -budtameez and chudail kab "love tunes gayenge???

    beta they need to visit Shanky & TJ ENT to clear their throat to speak up, nose *to smell love* and Ears to hear what other person is saying, they are under extreme stress caused by A-effect, and can only be cured when kept in isolated chamber @ Modi Palace with required arms and ammunation for Consummation ;-)

2. pehla kiss kab hoga??

    *Hoo* teachaar se aise qooschan Kaan pakad ke oothal baithak *and apne kaan pakadna*

3. Mr. Modi apna udhaar kab chukayenge???  (BB bet wala)

    BB bet wala ke BB se bet wala ... jaldi udaar chukaya jaayega 1001 Baba Champu Chand ke hissab se jab grahon ke dasha Uttar se chal kar dhakshin ke oor hote hue Pachami disha ke ooe mudegi, aur shani apne satve isthaan se 10 ishttan mein pravesh karega to biwi swyam apna udhaar chuka degi cats...

4. HDDS ka vanraj hone ke liye SIDDY widdy ko kya kya karna padega??

    Thoda doop khada hona padega *for obvious reasons*, thodi pee kar KUCH NAHI bolna hoga.. and for sometime need to take Mrs Modi out of Sanjeevani to Paris.. things will happen on its own then...

Sid had a question..

5. Where do I fit in KKHH.. tell tell

    Hmm let me think.. gotchaa He-Anjali as She-Rahul was in love with *A*He-Tina

Ridzy had a Q too duh!!

6. Mere Vanraj ka face kitna white white hain.. yeh kaun sa cream issshtemal karte hain???

    Lux uski twacha ka raaz *Nahi hai* its just he use multani mitti, and when Riddhima modi got to know that she jumped into the pool followed by A factor.

@tomjerry2: y ppl watch DMG ?? benefits n limitations of watching show ??

Ans:    Beta this is real touch quooschan, I am still doin ma current thesis on it, once thesis is done I will let u know
    but till now I can just say, DMG directly attack your left brain, which is why you stop thinking right and then no brains left.

2 -If... A+R = AR & S+R= SR then  (A+R) (S+R) = ??? maths !!!!

    A+R=AR ----(1)
    S+R=SR ----(2)

To Prove --- (A+R)(S+R)==??


    (A+R)(S+R) =AS+AR+SR+R^2 -- (3)
    from 1 -
    S= SR-R
    S= (S-1)R
    Substituting the value in (3)
    (A+R)(S+R) =(S-1)AR+(S-1)R^2+AR+R^2
    (A+R)(S+R) =AR[(S-1)+1]+R^2[S-1+1]
    (A+R)(S+R)= R[sA+RS]
    (A+R)(S+R) = SR(A+R)
    cancelling (A+R) from both the sides
    we get
    S+R = SR
    which means S added with R will be productive
Hence proved    

3 -Whn was the first Eye lock scene b/w AR was happened ?? History

    when seen but as it is enternally historical love ishtory so I think it was first happened when, Alexander came to Delhi Via MughalSarai, and landed to Agra to buy land for Shanjahan to build Tajmahal
4 -Wts the basic difference b/w Armaan physique & Sid fysik...state n e 2 !!!. Ermm  Geography !!!!

    Ahem.. Armaan physique is easily displayed and often seen in different place and easily available like Rain in Cherapoonji, and Sid's fysik is rarely scene and like himalayian range only 20% is explored yet...

@N7genius: Can I person really take so much time to decide whom she wants to be withConfused? I mean you take a liking for different people for different reasons, but I thought some where deep down you always want just one person to be around you always. And this is the person you love

Dean aka Pocahontas's Answer: Dear Student,

It all depends on a person's neuron activity , hormone synthesis and the rate at which blood is pumped in their heart. If the three processes are fluctuating , the person will be indecisive but if it's normal, the person will behave normal and take a decision.

kkhh they showed Rahul first romancing Tina and then when she died he fell for Anjali and married her. Was Tina Rahul's first and only love or was it Anjali? becuz he says "pyar bhi ek hi baar hota hain" par why he said that becuz, he himself fell in love 2 times. LOL And similarly in DMG Riddhima first romanced Ammy boy but after he disappeared into thin air she married Siddy Widdy and started falling for him? Now who is her "true" love? Shocked KKHH and DMG kya samjana chahte hain hume?

    Buzzy very good Computer's question this is what we call Cyclic Redundancy error. Please refer google for the same, and if still not able to underishtant than I am here for you *I want to you explain everyone*

@moviebuff05: udthi zulph theory explain please

    Well this was an old theory which now been contradicted by new theory of Udtaa Dupatta, which flies on earth with the gravitation force of Mars on it... and uderneath it are censor to record wrong time to fall on

*hufff* can someone please get me a glass of water now

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letitgo IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 May 2010 at 10:29pm | IP Logged
Teacher ji Ice-cream for u

PS: muhje dean poco ke exam mein ache marks dena Wink

aur bataiye app ke liye kaunsa dish banao( with lots n lots of butter Wink)

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shanti05 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 May 2010 at 10:58pm | IP Logged
Two people i adore to the core Mona and Shamil !!!
Awesome yaar I mean you guys are too good
You make this Phorum an awesome place with your posts


Mona teacher here you are 

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mysterieux IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 May 2010 at 11:12pm | IP Logged
Mona teacher...
You my faborat teacher
yeh lijiye paani...bahut mehnat kari.........aur kya kari....saare  kwaschen ka sahi answer kari..........
*jaake  busy watching  udtha dupatta  in action from all angles*

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sups2222 Goldie

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Posted: 11 May 2010 at 12:06am | IP Logged
glass of watwer no yaar here is thanda thanda milkshake JUST ONLY FOR UUUUUUU
PHEw all ur questions were superb n answers wree tooo goooodddddddd re..............wowo i like DMG frm nw becoz such hillarious psots ./coll keep going onnnnnnnnnnnn

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PSharada IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 May 2010 at 12:14am | IP Logged
@monar:- Are you for serious girl. I mean how do you come up with such good posts and I am like wow, I can never ever write up such a good post. I really enjoyed this post but special mention should be made of the following

Soulmate: Nalayaks available to hear repitative lecture titled " Tum mere layak nahi ho" 
mental anguish

    A+R=AR ----(1)
    S+R=SR ----(2)

To Prove --- (A+R)(S+R)==??


    (A+R)(S+R) =AS+AR+SR+R^2 -- (3)
    from 1 -
    S= SR-R
    S= (S-1)R
    Substituting the value in (3)
    (A+R)(S+R) =(S-1)AR+(S-1)R^2+AR+R^2
    (A+R)(S+R) =AR[(S-1)+1]+R^2[S-1+1]
    (A+R)(S+R)= R[sA+RS]
    (A+R)(S+R) = SR(A+R)
    cancelling (A+R) from both the sides
    we get
    S+R = SR

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lighteningbuzz Goldie

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Posted: 11 May 2010 at 12:19am | IP Logged
Lol Mona ji,
Very good answers to all of the questions. Lekin kya mera question itna difficult tha ki apne mujhe usse google karne ke liya keha diya? Sleepy Koi baat nahin I see how it is CryCry
On a serious note Mona,
Great job! I mean the way you answered the questions creatively. Take a bow seriously! Wink

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tomnjerry2 IF-Addictz

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rejherved....i dunno if i will travel..... Tongue ROFL
Keep--------------Smiling !!!! Smile

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