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ArSh OneShots: MESSAGE pg 23!!! URGENT (Page 5)

..Ashi.. Goldie

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Posted: 11 May 2010 at 12:47am | IP Logged
plz pm me when u continue

sammy4u IF-Rockerz

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hey dear great  one
continue soon
asmara19 Senior Member

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hey that was very nice. please pm me wen u update next i wanna see what happens next

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that was awesome ... do continue soon!!
richa_b Senior Member

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That was an interesting start. Do continue soon and plz pm me when you update.
karans_angel IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 May 2010 at 12:06pm | IP Logged
thats awesomeeee.....loved it....
plzz update superrrr soooon n do pm me.....
eagerly waiting...
Big smile
Norz IF-Sizzlerz

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plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz contd soon
cant wait now
do pm me
Sneak. Groupbie

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Jaaniye - Dhokha Part 2



Her stern and forthcoming words pierce him like a knife, he stands still. But cannot for too long as she turns to walk away, he grabs her arm and she is fighting for freedom of his grasp when he pushes her against the wall. Her slim body hits the hard wall with a sounding 'thud', he, with his forceful masculine body, overpowers her. She sinks into him. He, with wet eyes, looks at her face, which is now facing downwards as she cannot even meet him eye to eye, and mutters "Please, look at me"...."Riddhima" he says in his velvet voice which she always surrendered to...however, this time she does not look at him.


His wet eyes lead into flowing tears which, one by one drop onto her hair.


"I can explain"...



"Nothing happened, I swear"


As Armaan uttered these four words, Riddhima's eyes opened, her face began to lift and she felt a sense of strength as she began to loosen herself from Armaan's tight muscular grip. She untangled her hands from his and pushed him back in utter anger, he jolted backwards with water dripping from his eyes and anger piercing through his heart. Just as Riddhima stepped forward to get away, Armaan, flexing his muscles, he grabbed hold of Riddhima's wrist and powerfully twisted her back using her small waist. With his hand tucked around her waist, he tried to hold her up against the wall, but Riddhima resisted. She felt the utter need to express her inner pain, she began to hit him, hard and he was standing his ground and hardly moving, he could definetly feel the pain of her hard punching as he shut his eyes, but no pain was painful enough than what he had seen in the papers. She gave him one last push which subsequently freed her from his grasp. "That's what you always say, nothing happened, havent I heard that one before" Riddhima shouting beyond no recognition she continued. "For the past 2 months I have been waiting for you, awake or asleep all I thought about was you, especially as you sprung this Delhi trip on me at the last moment, leaving you with no time for me whatsoever, so when I saw the paper what was I supposed to think", "Nothing happened ' don't  they always say that after something surely happened which you are to cowardly to admit! Well if you had an affair with her why don't you admit it? Because I am sick and tired of this"


These words pinched Armaan as if in a dream. He had no hold over Riddhima now. "But, jaan'honestly I didn't do anything..just listen"' "I've got no time to listen to you, theres nothing left to say or do"' "Just leave me"

She pushes him as he comes forward to block her from walking away. She hits him in pure pain and anger and he quickly grabs hold of her wrists and held her up against the wall, her wrists were held up by Armaan on either side of her face. He lifted them higher and pushed them harder against the wall. His anger reaching out towards her. She was practically helpless. The penthouse was completely silent, Maani had gone home and everything was still, the only form of movement was around the corner from the kitchen pushed against the wall. Armaan uttered.. "Jaaniye, please'.just let me explain. If you don't want to talk then listen!" He said urgently. "Ask Rahul if you don't believe me, nothing happened in Delhi, the girl in the photo was one of the company's - whom we were dealing with- client, she started a conversation with Rahul and then me, we had drinks at the bar and then Rahul & me left. The next day I'm waiting for Rahul outside the hotel and she comes and sits on the bench near me, I sit on the other end, she starts to come closer and closer, but before I could get up she pushed herself onto me" "That's all'I stopped her before she kissed me, and left, leaving her on the bench, after that we never saw her again"


' "Trust me"'



The following day, Riddhima woke at 9am, was on the phone for an hour, started to pick clothes out of her tidy wardrobe, grabbed her Louis Vuitton luggage, threw the clothes into two of the large Louis Vuitton bags and left the bedroom. Armaan had slept in the guest room after what happened last night. Before leaving the penthouse, Riddhima looked at her left hand, something wasn't right, she removed her two Tiffany rings; engagement & wedding, and placed them into the small silver tray which lay near the door on a wooden table. She left'with her luggage.


Armaan woke an hour after she left. He showered and freshened up. He came out of the room in search for Riddhima, he knocked on the door of their master bedroom but got no answer. He was walking around in a pair of boxer shorts and nothing else. He called out "Riddhima" several times, to hear nothing. He had then realised she had left the penthouse, but' "Where's Riddhima gone? It's Saturday, she couldn't have gone to the office'let me ring Muskaan"


Muskaan: "Hello"

Armaan: "Hi, its me.."

Muskaan: "Oh.."

Armaan: "Do you know where I could find Riddhima, shes not at home?"

Muskaan: "That's because she's here, with me & Rahul, she's come to stay for a while"

'''.Long pause


Armaan: '''. "uh, What, Why? Let me speak to her, she has to come back home to me"

Muskaan: "Sorry she doesn't want to speak to you"

Armaan; "Muskaan, you have to let me see her, just once, please?"


Muskaan: "I don't know'after what you did'I don't know!?"

Armaan: "Please"

Muskaan: "Fine, Me and Rahul are going to out for the evening, you can come by at 7pm we wont be in."

Before Armaan could thank Muskaan she had put the phone down, after all she is Riddhima's best friend, she deserves to be angry.


Back at Rahul's house, Muskaan was getting ready, her and Rahul were attending Rahul's friends party in Colaba, Mumbai ' they didn't want to have to take the long journey back home so they booked themselves into the Taj Hotel, where the party was being held. They wouldn't be back until tomorrow. Rahul, was dressed in navy smart trousers and a white shirt, he knocked on the guest bedroom door when Riddhima was unpacking her things. "Hey, you alright?", Riddhima answered.. "Oh, hey (half smiling) you ready to go? I was just unpacking, all these clothes and uh I think I left some important things back at home'I should'" Before she could finish and stop creasing the linen top which was in her tight grip, Rahul slowly pulled it out of her hand and by holding onto her shoulders he turned her body to face him. "Ssh, just ssh! You don't need to explain anything" he uttered. Rahul, besides being Armaan best friend, him and Riddhima always had a strong connection, just as friends. He always supported her when Armaan did the wrong thing, he was always there for her, he even listened to things she couldn't tell her actual best friend, Muskaan. After all, even girl needs a male best friend. Riddhima was about to speak when he quickly placed her into his arms. He hugged her tightly, as if he could feel her pain, after all he knew exactly what Armaan was like, he knew that Armaan could never live without Riddhima, but yet he still hurt her. Muskaan hovered past the door to find Rahul, what she saw in front of her did not shock her, or hurt her, because she knew the bond between Rahul and Riddhima was strong and nothing but a loving friendship. She sighed in happiness, that finally Riddhima is being comforted, if not by Muskaan, but atleast by her husband.


Muskaan & Rahul were leaving for the party when Armaan entered, Rahul was not happy to see his best friend, so he carried on to the car, Muskaan did not say a word but pointed towards Riddhima's bedroom and walked out of the house, shutting the door behin her. Riddhima had just come out of the shower, she dried off and was about to enter into her room when a tall, dark and overly handsome figure stood in front of her. His muscular body rippled in front of her, his white shirt with the buttons open floated with the AC and Riddhima's silk gown with reached above her knees felt like it was going to fall off. She looked up to see Armaan's face, her face completely plain. "What are you doing here? Just leave me alone, I don't want to see you" "Yes, but Riddhima I don't know how to live without you, I am so sorry. Just come back home" Riddhima heard water dripping, she turned to see that she had left the shower on, a little. She walked over to it, it was an open shower which meant it had no doors, it was built into the bathroom, and that being a very large bathroom. Without realising, she felt a tall presence behind her as she turned the nozzle for the shower, Armaan was standing tall behind her, he placed his hand over hers as she tried to turn the water off, but instead he grabbed onto her waist, turned her round, she hit the wet shower wall with a thud and at the same time he turned the water on, full. This all happened to quickly for Riddhima to push him away. She was dripping wet in a silk gown, her silky legs were free to feel the water. He removed his white shirt, leaving him in just a pair of soaking wet denim jeans. Her heart was pulsing harder than every before, she was wet, he was wet, he was close enough to breathe for her. Nothing could stop Armaan now. Not even Riddhima's wet hands, which at the moment were reaching up to feel Armaan's muscular chest. She unknowingly began to caress his six pack, or more so his eight pack. His hands took hold of the clip in her hair and took it off to reveal long lucious black long hair reaching below her shoulders. Her hands wrapped around him at his back, he pushed her further into he wall, he over powered her. His wet hands held Riddhima's delicate waist, he went round her waist to her back and pushed her forward in to his body. She was not stopping him. Her eyes shut, the water passing on her skin like cream. He began to kiss her eyes. He moved on to her cheeks, then her mouth. She did not stop him. He moved closer to her lips, "Love me again" he uttered. She was feeling as if she was unconcious, she felt lighter than a feather, grasped by Armaan, the man of her dreams. "Armaan'" She barely spoke. Before she could finish her sentence he kissed her. She let him in fully. They kissed for 10 minutes without any air. It was passionate yet painful as you could that Armaan couldn't live without her, regardless of whether or not he made the mistake. His hands moved from her waist down to the thighs, then behind her knee, he grasped hold of her leg and shifted it up, he held her leg and they both turned around with Armaan now against the wall and Riddhima in the open space, free to leave if she please but she pulled at his hair wanting more. He moved the hair from her shoulders and began to caress her shoulders as if they were chocolate. They had been in there for about 2 hours.



2months later and Riddhima was still living at Rahul's house. What ever had happened that day in the shower was unforgettable for her, no matter how hard she tried she could not erase Armaan's touch from her mind. It was like caramel to the tongue. But she needed to forget. Everything.


Rahul had told Riddhima what actually happened during their trip to Delhi. She was beyond shattered. She was broken. Unobtainable. Even though Rahul loved Muskaan beyond eternity, he continued to stay faithful to her during their trip. So why couldn't Armaan? This drew Armaan and Riddhima further apart. She spent more time with Rahul then ever before. She told Armaan to leave her alone. Well alone.



She got a phonecall that morning when she arrived at her office. Muskaan went into her office and Riddhima placed her bags down near her desk. She picked up her Blackberry and answered the phone'.


It was her close friend from Goa, punjabi girl named Isha. She couldn't get hold of Armaan or Rahul so she asked Riddhima to pass the message onto both couples; Isha's cousin Geet, also a good friends of theirs was getting married in Goa and they were all invited. Riddhima tried to tell Isha to tell Armaan her self but she wasn't clear enough. Instead she put the phone down after the conversation and rang Rahul and explained.

He passed on the message to his so called best friend.



They all got onto Rahul & Armaan's private airplane which was owned by their company, and headed towards Goa. It was a 40 minute flight. Rahul and Muskaan sat together. Riddhima sat alone and Armaan stood near the bar knocking back as many shots as possible whilst constantly looking back at Riddhima who was sitting with her Blackberry placed on the side, with a book in her hand and her iTouch in. He had wet eyes, filled with regret and guilt but also a large amount of pain. His eyes began to turn red with the amount of tears. He brushed them away every time he picked up his Vodka shot. He had knocked down up to 20 before touch down. They all removed their belts. Packed away their loose belongings, as Armaan stood by the bar. Rahul and Muskaan were the first to set foot on the ground outside the plane. Riddhima was packing up her novel and iPod as Armaan moved closer. She felt his presence, but quickly turned leaving nothing behind. She striding past him exiting the plane. He barely touched her.


After stepping off the plane, all four of them stepped into a long black Mercedes Benz which enabled them to relax, what with the AC on full. They reached the Taj Hotel in South Goa. The surroundings of the hotel were very quiet, a market about 1/2hours walk away. But nothing around the hotel. Just what Riddhima needed. Throughout the whole car journey there Armaan could do nothing but stare at Riddhima, she was wearing a emerald green silk dress which reached just above her knees, but to an appropriate length. Her shoes were flats, no flashy heels this time. Her legs, smooth, toned and perfectly coloured legs were screaming at Armaan to touch them, but he held himself back. He wasn't in the mood to get slapped by her.


They reached the hotel. Muskaan & Rahul proceeded to their Executive Suite, whilst Armaan walked to the next level to his room, and Riddhima, sadly was on the same floor as him'but a few doors away "Thank God. You saved me! I want to relax and enjoy this wedding, and not have to run into Armaan the whole time we are here" She thought to herself.




The wedding celebrations began the following day. Riddhima stepped out of her room, Armaan shortly followed as they both, one by one, entered Rahul & Muskaan's suite. Rahul was left speechless after seeing Riddhima, she was wearing one of her own designs; it was a royal blue and gold crystal encrusted sari, just by looking at it, it looked like it weighed a ton. The sari blouse covered her chest, leaving her toned and flat stomach visible, the rest of the sari had a flowing pattern of crystals floating in one direction, encircling with the gold embroidery. The drape of the sari over her shoulders was quite enough to make a man go weak at the knees, as it just about left enough of her stomach on show. Rahul then saw Muskaan come through, she was wearing a similar sari but it was pink with silver embroidery dazzling through the fabric like bolts of lighting. She looked flawless. Rahul was mesmerised. Muskaan & Rahul walked off into their en-suite as Muskaan needed help with her necklace.

As they walked off, Armaan entered the room, he was left with no words, no expression, no thoughts, as he saw this tall, sexy, suave woman standing in front of him. He wanted to grasp her waist, twist her round and just kiss her. But he couldn't. He walked in wearing the infamous un-buttoned shirt and tailored trousers. Riddhima's dori at the back of her top had come undone, she had no idea Armaan was behind her so without looking behind, she stretched her arm to try and tie it up, but failed. Armaan, unaware of what he was doing slowly walked up to Riddhima, and held her dori strings in his hand, he barely touched her back but she felt it and lifted herself up, pushing her shoulders back. He tied up her top and moved a strand of straightened black hair from her shoulder, before he could kiss it, she turned.


She was shocked to see who had just touched her. The sight of him nearly bought her to her knees, his muscles were clearly visible through the shirt, she felt as if she should button his shirt up making sure every other girl knew he was hers. But she couldn't. She had no hold over him now.



The baraat was proceeded outside, Riddhima was no where to be seen, as Armaan pondered here and there. Rahul & Muskaan went outside with the bride & groom to see them off. As Armaan turns around to walk out with the Baraat, a little girl, Preeti, runs along with Riddhima's hand in her little palm. She is Geet's neice and Riddhima loves her. She runs off whilst quickly whispering in Riddhima's ear, unable to hear what she said, Riddhima tries to stop her, but Preeti has run off. Riddhima can do nothing but smile. Armaan hears the little girl running past him, he turns to see where she came from and sees Riddhima's hand outstretched in front of her to call for Preeti, her big smile is enough to make him smile. Riddhima notices Armaan standing there with his jacket, as always, folded in his arm. Her smile breaks. She picks up a bit of the front of her sari, so that he heels do not get trapped, and turns to walk away, or run. He, sick & tired of this, looks to see if anyone is around and sees no-one, therefore he begins to casually walk behind her, slowly raising the pace of his steps. Riddhima is metres away from reaching the pool outside, she is still in the hotel building and is slowly stepping one foot in front of the other. "What is happening with me, I don't know what to do" she utters quietly. Confused as she is, she is unaware that Armaan has now reached her, he grabs her wrist and pulls her into a darkish room in the hotel. He pushes her to the wall and they stare into each others eyes. The frustration is clearly noticeable in Armaan's eyes, and thevulnerability is clear as day in Riddhima's large brown eyes. She comes back to reality and tries to push Armaan away.


"I know you felt it too" Armaan says.

"I feel nothing for you anymore, and even if I did it doesn't mean anything anymore"

"How can you say that? I love you" Armaan utters, quietly but firmly.

"Love? Right" Riddhima stands her ground.


Armaan lets go of her hands. "I am sorry for what I did, what more can I say? I've apologised enough, you've put me through pure torture. I don't know how to live without you"


Riddhima firmly replies "Well then start to learn because I cant be with you"


Armaan is furious, but hides his pain. He firmly says "I did the most dangerous thing I could when I said I love you back then and I never looked back"

He touches the side of her face as he speaks, she shuts her eyes. It is obvious how weak she becomes when he starts to speak like this. She cant hold back the love she has for him, but she must. "No one could ever love you as much as I have" he uttered quietly. She sank at the knees. "You and I loved each other'" she spoke. "But then you broke my heart" She firmly ended. This brought Armaan to tears, he refused to believe she didn't love him. He was about to turn and leave, when she drew him back "I'm not finished" she spoke. But he didn't care, he turned to face her, grabbed her arms and pushed her into the wall for the second time, but this time he was not going to give her a chance to even speak. He began to caress her shoulders, and then slowly lowered his face and began to kiss them. She shut her eyes, she was in heaven, all she wanted was for him to touch her, but with her ego and his huge ego, things got in the way. This carried on for a few minutes and before Armaan reached her mouth, she opened her eyes and pushed him away and ran off.


She ran off, walking as quickly as possible, fixing herself as she paced along the various doors in the hotel. She had reached the poolside, she continued walking until she came to the ornate part of the building, hardly any chairs near, only nature. But then it began to rain, heavily. But she didn't care. She needed to wash off what just happened. She was taking it all in, just as Armaan ended up behind her, he grabbed her waist pulled her round and kissed her on the lips. Riddhima, overtaking by all this, quickly freed herself from his tight grasp and pushed him away and ran to the nearest roofed section of the hotel which was visible. Armaan turned to watch her, she ran in her wet sari, as he stood there dripping wet in his shirt and trousers. This image was perfect.


Riddhima's heart was racing "What is going on, what has gotten over me? Why am I giving in to him. I cant love him anymore. I just cant" Just as her words finished she reached a large pillar which was just one of many pillars holding up the roof above her. She looked in front to see these pillars disapear around the corner as this was the downstairs patio of the hotel. She leaned against the pillar with her back. Her hand placed directly above her chest as she tried to catch her breathe. Just as she was able to breathe successfully, a wet, manly hand touched her stomach and went all the way to feel the side of her waist. He was behind the pillar, with his hand on her stomach. He slowly moved her hair from her shoulder, and lifted her sari piece which hung over her shoulder and dropped it to the floor, he then moved the thing straps of her sari blouse to reach the side of her arm. She was left bare shouldered. He kissed her shoulder, moving, slowly up her neck and at the same time beginning to walk in front of her. He was so close, when she ran off. She was so wet with the rain that he could not even catch her arm to pull her back. She ran and ran until an arm came out of a door and grabbed her waist and pulled her in. She, unknowingly had stopped outside Armaan's room. As she had been running, she had reached the second floor inside the hotel.


He pulled her in, and covered her mouth. The next thing she noticed was that she had been pushed up against his room wall and he was in front of her. All his toned body was dripping with water. Because of this fact he began to take his shirt off. Her heart was ready to jump right out of her skin. She had nowhere to run. She thought "What am I supposed to do now, agar jao to kahan jao. Armaan ne to darvasa bhi lock kiya hai. Arre, mein kya karoon. I cannot fall into his love trap'no" Just as that thought finished, he touched her neck, he unclipped her heavy diamond necklace and slowly slipped it off her body, onto the floor, next he began to pick up the top part of her sari which was drenched and hanging off her right shoulder, he was successful as now he had full view of her stomach, she lifted her hand to stop him, but he grabbed it and pushed it back. "I know you felt it too, and you are feeling it right now. Don't stop yourself" he whispered in her ear. She melted. He began to kiss her neck and she grabbed the back of his hair and pulled him closer. Much closer, they embraced in a long kiss, no breathe of air was needed.



He had picked her up and placed her on the bed, he lay on the side of her, but his face was kissing her neck, she was pulling on his hair and then they kissed. They both turned, so that he was now on his back with her over the top. She then found her lips touching his chest, then his 6 pack and then back up to his neck. This went on for hours. He had carefully unwinded her hair, so her loose locks were carefully placed amongst her face. She had never seen him this romantic, and he even did some things to her which he has never done before. Before they knew it they were making love. So much love that no-one could stop them. They kissed and sighs were heard every so often as this was the first time that they were "connected" in the last 3 months.


After all, "Seperation makes the heart grow fonder"

Guys, I know it was a bit of a long one

Hope you all enjoyed it!




Sneaks x

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