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FF:TaSHa Love Story *truth revealed- part 1* (Page 52)

Armu4eva Coolbie

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Posted: 06 April 2011 at 9:15pm | IP Logged
Wow.... super update ... loved the baji and esha track...!! Keep em coming Hug

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NainaSengal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 10:52am | IP Logged
Amazing update....upload asap

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skavitha08 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 April 2011 at 3:28am | IP Logged

Part- 18

After two updates I am going to write TaSha scene I miss them so much…. I know you all do the same but let's enjoy TaSha in this episode with a little romance and lots of thrill and suspence

 I din get time to proof read do please pardon my English lol...

The day dawned … nakku/diya woke up and saw dutta sleeping by her side and she was still in his embrace, slowly she freed herself, careful that she should not wake him up and got down the bed to take a shower after a while she came out in a simple saree with wet hair and a beautiful a smile on her face … she left the room to prepare tea , it was early in the morning the hall was deserted looked like no one woke up nakku went to bappa and vvery unlike nakku she kept looking at him and smile and a few tears in her eyes like she is thanking him she lit the oil lamp prayed for few minutes and went to the kitchen prepared tea and proceeded to their room while she was going to her room she stopped at the veranda as she saw baji storming towards the guest room she wondered why would baji go to abhilasha/isha's room so early curious about it she left the tea on the table and went to the guest room by the time she reached

She saw this scene as she was not able able to hear anything through the window which had a transparent curtain

[Easha: I thought you were here to apologise

Baji: apologise? For what?  (This question was intentional he wanted her to mention last night kitna besharam hai na baji lol I like him like that lol)

Easha: For what? For what you did last night

Baji: last night? What happened last night?   Like he din have the lsightest of ideas :P

Easha: don't act smart you know what I am talking about

Baji: well what did I do … got close to you like this (pinning her to the wall) held you like this (held her waist and pulled her closer) and and and and he came forward to kiss her and all of a sudden fell on the rocking chair as if passed out and you think I should be sorry huh and raised his eyebrow

Easha was thunderstruck her baji's yet another mood swing but this one looked more genuine to her but she din stand quietly and said yeah you should coz this is no way to behave with a women she said in a child like anger

Baji: ok I will if saying sorry is enough for what happened last night and now then I am thinking of finishing what was left incompletele last night and then apologise saying so he again tried to kiss her this time easha pushed him away to find a playfull and happy baji who just teased her. Baji opened the door turned back to her and once again said that don't tell anyone anything a pause he stared winked at her and left the room]

Nakku hid herself when baji opened the door and stormed off she was not able to believe what she just saw all the time smiling and she saw easha again who was blushing suddenly nakku felt like she has everything every happiness she ever prayed for everything was becoming normal and happier than ever and so she feared that all shuld stay this way forever…

Nakku went back to her room took the tray with the tea kettle and walked in…

She kept the tray on the side table near the bed and opened the curtain and rays of sun ditrectly hit dutta's face disturbing his sleep nakku went near him and pecked on his forhead and said good morning dutta smiled … instead of getting up he pulled her and hugging her went back to sleep nakku struggled to release herself but she was not ready to let go

Nakku: saab chodo subah hogai utt jaao

Dutta:  hmmm and hugged her more tightly

Nakku: saab chai thandi hojaayegi


Dutta: hmmmm

Nakku: thought this is not working and she had a wicked thought and said baji ko kisi se pyaar hogaya hai

Dutta:  hmm pause Kya!!! And woke up sat staright and asked kisse????

Nakku: giggled and said main kyu bataoon and giggled some more poured some tea for dutta and gave him dutta drank the tea wondering who that would be

Dutta: how do u know that

Nakku: I saw him getting cozy with her

Dutta: curious than ever asked her who is she

Nakku: will tell u later and started to leave the room but dutta pounced on her like a lion and caught hold of her tell me who is she

Nakku: I won't tell you … ouch she said as dutta bit her ear

Dutta: common tell me or I won't leave you

Nakku: I won't ask your brother yourself

Dutta: I still won't leave you

Nakku: You will she thought … and said Aai sahib aap

Dutta: immediately left nakku and she ran away coz she only fooled him lol

Dutta: decided to ask baji at once …


Baji was thinking of telling dutta everything bout sudarshan, hari and adhiraj…on the other hand easha wanted to tell nakku about adhiraj too

At the Dining table:

Everyone was there but sudarshan, leela and pari. Nakku served breakfast to all while baji, easha and roops teased TaSha, all of them enquired about suds and family but baji managed by saying they went to a nearby farm house as sudarshan had to meet an old friend who is back from the US and will leave today itself. While saying so baji and easha glanced at each other once and nakku noticed it.

After breakfast dutta and baji left for work AS stopped them saying that you just got married but they said they have some important work that they had to finish but promised that they will be back soon and left. kala had to start packing for Kishore to leave for Amsterdam so she went to her room, roops went to college and  later shopping for TaSha's reception party. AS went to do her prayers and look after the reception arrangements which was tomorrow.

Nakku was smiling at easha so much that it made easha a bit suspicious … they later went to nakku's room , easha said diya I want to tell you something… nakku cut her off and said I know what you want to tell me with a playful smile I saw everything … easha was shocked and said what you saw that and how come you are so calm are you not scared … nakku said why should I be scared its your secret after all you are one to be scared and giggled easha smelled that diya is mistaking something else as what she wanted to say so she shouted that diya adhiraj is in ratnagiri and he saw us at your wedding …

Nakku could not believe what she just heard and stood fixed where she was and started breathing heavily they both looked at each other for a minute… easha moved a step forward and made nakku sit on the bed easha felt nakku shaking in fear so she hugged her to calm her down after a while she told nakku that adhiraj is creating trouble for dutta and baji too as he seems to be the son of an old enemy pause diya he was looking at roops with lust filled eyes  I think  we should tell everything to jiju and baji now….nakku looked at easha and nodded in agreement…


Dutta and baji at their godown talking to each other after they have received their stock of smuggled products and safely stored in the godown

Baji to dutta bhau I want to tell you something… dutta: yes m listning (thought baji himself is going to confess after all) but baji shocked dutta by telling him everything about sudarshan hari and adhiraj…dutta was shaking with anger and shouted why din you tell  me that before

Baji replied that I din wanted to spoil your wedding... After a long time the whole family was so happy …. (Baji still kept kala's truth to himself) dutta calmed himself down and asked baji about adhiraj's whereabouts … baji told him that adhiraj ahas taken a bunglow for rent and is living there for a while no and he has been in talking terms with some pimps and gunda's in ratnagiri but the worst thing is I cannot make out what he is upto but I am sure he is not showing interest in occupying the factory anymore strange haina bhau?

Dutta (thoughtful)… keep an eye on him and let me know about him… don't stop sudarshan from going anywhere let him go I will kill him if I see him… no need to tell anyone at home ask leela to call AS and tell her that they left to US with their friend for some business deal baji agreed and they both started towards patil niwas…


In the evening at Patil Niwas

nakku and easha were ready tell every thing to dutta and baji after they freshened up all were together in TaSha's room nakku made tea for them and started telling dutta about her past she said saab I want to tell you something dutta looked at her and saidkya baat hai nakku u look worried wo saab wo she stammered when easha joined in and said its adhiraj we know him and he is bad very bad he always wanted to take revenge on us and now he knows that we are here… and the most scary part of this is he was looking at roops all the time at your wedding and that is not good jiju that Is not good at all  she paused dutta asked wy would he want a revenge from you?  When baji's phone rang … dutta stared at baji but baji picked up to get more shocked … baji on the phone WHAT??? From where? When? Wiat we are coming…bhau some people kidnapped roops from the the shopping complex … nakku easha shocked dutta angry like anything … nakku said its him its him wo roos ko bhi nai chodega wow o and breaks down and asks dutta saab aap jaldi jaao roops ko bacha lo saab save her soon please dutta held nakku and said na main roops ko kuch hone doonga aur na tumhe kuch hone doonga samjhi ab rona nai…..main abhi jnaa raha hoon mere wapas aane ke baad tum mujhe sab kuch bataogi sabkuch theek hai ? nakku nodded

Dutta looked at baji and they both left the room …

Precap: roops in a godown like place tied to a chair adhiraj standing next to her, dutta and baji back to PN after getting a call from adhiraj demanding to send both easha and nakku to him, nakku and easha tell everyone about their encounter with adhiraj a few years back …

 A bit more: Nakku's scary past :(

nakku's sister roopa left her mother for money and went to dubai after a year she realised that money is nothing but family is everything so she came back to india and met nakku who was coloured black and roopa did not recognize her so to show roopa she took off the colour and both of them hugged roopa told nakku that she is back forever but before she meets babi aai she has to meet someone else… the same day roopa wished to meet someone who has always been helpful to her in getting out of this business so she went there nakku insisted to come along but roopa said its not a good place for you…

Nakku was not ready to believe her she thought roopa will leave India again so she decided to follow easha joined nakku amd they both followed her …

It was a house with a buch of weird looking people roopa went in and after while nakku and easha saw adhiraj for the first time who was looking at roopa with the same lust filled eyes and he also went inside.

Rest in next update till then enjoy. 



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_Eternity_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 April 2011 at 10:31am | IP Logged


nice update dear

so baaji tell truth about suds but hide kala's truth

adhiraj kidnap roops and he want esha and nakku .
bechara lagta maar khane ke liye bekraar haiLOLLOL
so it's going to be big fight in next updateBig smile

great update dear

thanks for pm

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mIsHeZ.x IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 April 2011 at 1:36pm | IP Logged
nice update kavi  
soo glad D finaly knows d truth without his saying dohka LOL
but wen is baji gona tel bou kala??
oh oh roops now.....i hope nothng hapens 2 her....
btw can u pls tel me y naku is also cald diya??? :S
loved tasha part d was sooo cute...d teasing....everythng...awwwwwww bless em..
pls cont soon....n pls pm me wen u update..x

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kiran255 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 April 2011 at 1:46am | IP Logged

This is awesome 

enemy face to face honey wala hai 
cant wait ,
love baaji and esha 
love Tasha 

and above all love Dutta 
he knows how to roll 
cant wait fro action and yes Ashiraj is a big b*******d

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sinak IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 April 2011 at 2:44am | IP Logged
Loved the update

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skavitha08 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 April 2011 at 3:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mIsHeZ.x

nice update kavi  
soo glad D finaly knows d truth without his saying dohka LOL
but wen is baji gona tel bou kala??
oh oh roops now.....i hope nothng hapens 2 her....
btw can u pls tel me y naku is also cald diya??? :S
loved tasha part d was sooo cute...d teasing....everythng...awwwwwww bless em..
pls cont soon....n pls pm me wen u update..x

Thanks for such a sweet comment ... i was tired after i updated so thought of pming later but m glad u came before i did that.... 
well baji will let dutta know about kala but now dutta and baji have in enough in hand with suds and adhiraj and now roops kidnapped ... knowing about kala will only disturb dutta more and right now he needs to keep his calm

roops kya hoga bhala ... dutta ne kaha na kissi ko kuch nai hoga.. do u doubt his intelligence ladyTongue

hmmm thanks that u liked the TaSha part m so bad in writing romantic scenes 

why nakku is called diya and abhilasha easha is one of the last scenes of my you have to wait for that ... and it has a reason why they are named so..

LOL yeah in my FF dutta does not scream from the roof tops DHOKA !!! lol i have always kept baji and dutta akalmand in my FF LOL

will update ASAP as am about to finish my FF ... LOVE u and ur comments

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