Maha episode or Maha dissappointment? (Page 2)

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haila haila shabz analysis! LOL I am ready for my post mortem then! Wink but let me read this first! Big smile

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Wow...really good analysis!! I agree 100% the 'Maha episode' was a total disappointment. I actually enjoyed the wedding episode more less the item dance and Shyamu's looooong lecture at the end:-(

I was so expecting a Kriya scene...especially after the way Krishna has been treating Pratigya of late. I also don't understand why this whole veg non-veg issue had to be dragged out during the maha episode. I used to find Komal endearing but she is just a younger version of her mother!!

Towards the end when they showed Shakti all drunk and Kesar trying to get him to go to sleep I was shocked!! C'mon, you have just found out that Shakti has been forcing Kesar to abort their babies and yet you are smart enough to leave her alone with him????? I had expected SS to instruct Pratigya to take care of Kesar....not just for that one night but for the entire duration of her pregnancy!!

I think the CV's are losing track of the story now. It will be such a HUGE disappointment if this show becomes another saas bahu saga....I still enjoy watching the older episodes more and keep reminding myself of the way things used to be....

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Originally posted by Shabz.

I too was dissappionted with the epsidoe, i really wanted Shakti to be punished more GrrrrrrrrAngry and only wanted to see Singh family drama

And thank you so much for doing this i always enjoy reading itClap 

I loved how kriya walked in thakur niwas with kesar, I found that scene quite significant because both of them were on either side of her'they will definitely be a force to reckon with when united and kesar can rest assured that her baby will see the world and have a loving chacha/chachi. Thakur and ammaji were shocked to see kesar with them lol and  ammaji didn't know kriya were off to watch a movie and when ss mentioned the cinema I thought ammaji would go off on one but she ever so sweetly said "cinema se itni jaldi" lol, you can never make her happy.

i really thought that was great too, Pratigya was being a wonderful support to Kesar, who looked absolutely terrifed, but Pratigya held her the whole timeClapClapClapand Krishna foloowing in fronmt to deal with SS and Amma as he knew they would have 50 questions to ask and he will deal with them first, but so glad he let Pratigya explain

From there on kriya stepped up and showed shakti for what he is'a devil in disguise. Kriya had some very hard hitting dialogues and krishna's disgust for his brother's antics was very clear on his face. I loved how Krishna said shakti sent them to watch a film while he was busy making his own film and he clearly said that pratigya saved the house..i think his appraisal for pratigya annoyed SS though and ss in irritation asked about shakti's whereabouts.  I hated how shakti walked into the house, he was trying to avoid SS and acted like he had done nothing wrong! I'm glad SS was persistent in questioning shakti and got him to stay put. Krishna didn't keep mum and disclosed where shakti had come from, ss seemed shocked I was even more surprised when he gave pratigya the opportunity to reveal all to SS. Pratigya once again showed us she was a woman of her word, rather than going onto recounting what happened in the hospital she spoke to kesar first and told her how it was important for her to reveal everything for the sake of her and the baby, so in a way she was asking for her permission which was really sweet of her. SS thought she was just going on about crap but she finally got his attention when she said shakti was about to cremate ss's grandchild, the look of shock on his face was evident, but that soon turned into disbelief and I think in a way he started to defend shakti by saying kesar had a problem hence she couldn't conceive, maybe that was a last ditch attempt to convince himself that shakti wasn't capable of doing what he was accused of doing. Krishna stepped in and in an exasperated tone said how the "ghar ka khazana" was going to be stolen right under their noses and told his father how low shakti is. Ss told him to be quiet and I think somewhere deep down SS thought pratigya had managed to drive another wedge between the brothers and I also had the distinct impression that he still didn't like how a woman was given free reign to talk hence his impatience for her to spill the beans and he asked her yet again to "prove" her claim. Pratigya showed a lot of courage by walking towards him and telling him that the barren tree (kesar) had bore fruit before and the look of utter shock on everyone's faces when she told them of kesar's previous pregnancies was a sight to see, they all looked shocked and speechless, especially Krishna. I think this was the first time SS had pratigya's complete attention throughout the scene and you could see a spark of pure hatred in his eyes for shakti albeit even if it was for a brief moment. Pratigya seems to have gained more courage in conversing with the family because if she wanted to she could have stopped at just the mention of the abortions, but she went on to degrade shakti further by telling the whole family of kesars plight and saying how this is the first time she has seen a human "eat" his child'the whole thakur clan actually had the decency to look ashamed and looked to the ground.

not sure if i agree with you here about SS not being pleased with Pratigya a female speaking and standing up, he actually said to Pratigya you have done a good job or something like that and gave her blessings, i think he now regards both his bahus highly, i always thought he loves his bahus and daughters, but his thoughts on women are mostly about how a wife should be 

The way SS walked towards shakti spoke volumes, I hated how shakti tried to feign ignorance and even implied kesar was to blame for the abortions, but SS knows his sons well. He has a lot of faith in Krishna and took kriyas word over shakti's. shakti's bubble finally burst and he went on about how he was saddled with an ugly wife and didn't want to be saddled with ugly kids'that did it for SS and he gave shakti a tight slap. What SS said rang true, shakti is no prince charming, how can he say he is unfortunate to have an ugly wife when he isn't much of a looker himself'if u ask me kesar is the best thing that has ever happened to him, it's a shame he hasn't realised that. He said he wanted a choice when it came to his kids, was he holding out for SS to get him married again to someone fairer? He is a freak and he needs to learn that looks and complexion isn't everything. One thing I didn't like was how SS stopped at one slap. Shakti killed 4 children, they were not just his kids but SS and ammaji's grandchildren'he had no right in taking their lives. One slap was nothing compared to the sins he carried out against his wife and family. I didn't expect SS to chuck him out of the house but I did think he would throw a few more slaps and gaali's shakti's way but unfortunately nothing like that happened, shakjti got off lightly if you ask me.

i agree Shakti desreved more, but i think SS is a lovely father, you can tell he really loves his children and has spoiled them rotten, i don't think he ever really hit them, the shock on everyones face with the slap just showed that 

The emotion portrayed by SS when it finally dawned on him that he was going to be a grandfather was wonderfully portrayed'it brought tears to my eyes, you could see how much he longed for a grandchild and his happiness is infectious. He even spoke sweetly to both his bahu's and called kesar by her name. Ss's happiness showed no bounds and he told pratigya to pamper kesar'looks like pratigya has free reign to make rabdi whenever she wants to now and ammaji cant say a thing lol. SS has a lot of expectations now, one being a grandchild from kriya, I felt sooo bad for Krishna'he is his the apple of his fathers eye and he too loves his father dearly but the look on his face portrayed a deep rooted kind of pain, he knows he cant give his father that kind happiness in the near future and I'm sure that thought must have broken his heart.

this scene was wonderful, both actors SS and Arhaan were wonderful, you felt SS's happiness and Krishna's pain at the same time ClapClapClap 

SS just found out he is going to be a grandfather, shouldn't he be celebrating? Yet right after the revelation he was shown at the saxena's feeding Komal non veg, how unrealistic can the creative's get? He didn't even tell komal the big news. I really don't get komal's problem, her in laws don't allow non-veg, big deal. That woman seriously needs to grow up and learn to adjust with her in laws, every house has their rules and you can't just come in and cause chaos. The thakurs wouldn't let pratigya throw tantrums like that so why are they butting in and trying to make the saxena's change their way of life for komal. Ammaji went off on one when pratigya asked if she could make rabdi, you don't see naina ji do the same to komal so why the partiality. SS even said adarsh and komal should live separately just so his daughter could have here desires fulfilled'how would he like it if Krishna left the house with pratigya?  I hate their hypocrisy. Its not as if the saxena's are making komal go hungry and further more they have no objection to her not eating non-veg, they just want her to eat non-veg outside and not in the house. What SS did was wrong and very insulting.

yes it was so rude, like i have said in another topic i am muslim and if someone came to my house with bacon or ham or alcohol, i would be furious, SS was very wrong here, was blinded by his child's love 

The scene at the dining table was very sweet'SS and Krishna are always a delight to watch and their chemistry is amongst one of the best I have ever seen. They both bounce off on one another and the unconfined love between them is a sight to see. SS is a child at heart, the other day Krishna was refusing to eat breakfast and SS literally dragged him to the table to eat and today the tables were turned and Krishna took the role of parent and SS the ziddi child lol. SS proved once again that Krishna is his most loved child, he openly said it and gave in to krishna's demands, that was really endearing to see.

i loved that scene it was so cuteEmbarrassed

thanx for ur patience ladiesEmbarrassed 

thanks again for listening to my requestBig smile


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It was bad editing indeed.

Was surprised after knowing abt all the baby killings SS went to feed non-veg to the spoilt brat Komal....why does SS interfere in Saxena's family matters....really want to see Pratigya throw tantrums in thakur house abt not seving non-veg and maybe saxena should visit thakur house again (remember money he gave to buy books) and show him the mirror again......Thakurs and there hypocrisy ....different rules for daughter in laws and married daughters

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i realy like the bond between SS and krishna..i wish shakti had the same bond with his father...but shakti is too idiot..
i love the dialoug between them....and i loved that SS slap shakti in the precap..he desrved that
great post dear

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maha disappointment...nothin was related to the concept of the epi

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wow u r really good!
i somehow feel tht this story will somewhat be like othello. just that othello was very weak in listening to people and so id krishna. othello had a prob that he thought his fair wife was not after him but playing his out like his enemies told him to believe and got really jealous cuz he loved..who was it desdemona? i forget his wife name :D but i feel tht this will bring a great distance bet the two bros..b/c firstly K married someone of his own choice tht too outside thakurs stuff n S didnt get to even tho he wanted to. so S and angad wud be kinda like Iago. There wud come a point when K wud know tht P got kidnapped but i think they wud tell him tht she didnt want any relations w/ u b/c she had other realtions w/ angad..(s wud say tht) yet i feel tht S wud be a two timer to Angad n K ruining using them to ruinthemselves..cuz K 's biggest weakness is tht he listen to ppl and believes them n its also prats. But my god, just by introducing this track i feel they got 1000 new tracks opened up for future..just imagine..S's revenge, angads revenge, prats revenge/change, ammas revenge, kesars baby, komal/adarsh...fight. n amongst all misunderstandings..i seriously dont think kriya wud happen soon. but what they shud start at is atleast by tlkin n listening to one another..b/c friendship can build strong bonds for later on..\
but i also want later when they come to prats character question..when S n angad misrepresent her in front of K..for K to say...i can believe everything but not that shes unpavitra or whatever..cuz if he just listens to them..he doesnt really love her..b/c love is trust..n he needs to trust her...its shudnt be like other normal tc shows tht the someone says ur grl slept w/ him even if she didnt n the guy just starts hatin o her even tho he hasnt heard what she had to say...quite frankly all tv shows r like tht..this cud change.
plus i wanted this not to be another saas bahu drama BS..but its turning into one cuz all they cud focus on is amma n her evilness...we've seen how low she can stoop...but no more..
sorry for writing too much carried  away w/ my iideas..

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