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MONDAY 10-5-10

deepa and kal arrive..they meet thulsi..hug and cry..
vel is dressing himself up..LOL admiring his youth Dead...vel comes to thulsi room and warns the gundas to be careful...he knocks the irritated deepa opens the door and tells him thulsi is dressing..tilaga arrives asks vel to dress up.. thulsi gets ready..she looks pretty in a green saree...tilaga takes her down..

deepa tells patti she has lost hope in TA ..patti tells her so many marriages have abruptly stopped ..we have time till vel ties the knot ...

thulsi is brought down..vel keeps lookin at by one the guests arrive they give dem gifts..vel purposely gives the gifts to deepa..deepa is wild..

meanwhile TA is giving instructions to 2 men...
mohan is drinking wid frds...vel interrupts asks him to have foreign drinks not local ones..he is thrilledAngry
patti is sitting in front row looking glum..a worried padma tells MM she is scared patti ll fall sick...he says nothing can stop this marriage..its come upto reception stage..
thulsi and co in room all looking sad..she  tells patti to eat...i wont eat or do anythn tat has got to do wid vel cries out patti...
she tells thusli she d rather die and stop this marriage..thulsi no expression Angry...

tilaga comes in asks dem to have food..they all force patti as she comes down..she looks here and der..suddenly she falls and gets heart attack..faints ..thulsi is scared MM padma all rush..tilaga is angry and tells dem not to create confusion before  marriage..
padma and pavi are equally annoyed..
thulsi cries asking patti to look at her..Confused(think patti is acting!!)


TUESDAY 11.5.2010

Patti  faints complaining chest pain & becomes unconscious [ is she pretending?],  Thulasi wailing , MM panics , Padma , Tilaka  irritated , commotion all around. Tilaka exhibits  her displeasure in harsh words much to Tulasi's anguish who gives her a Badrakali look. Unaware of all these,   Vel happily having his foreign water beating party. Information reaches him ,little effect on him , leisurely finishes his peg before  attending to the matter.. Vel dials  for  an ambulance  , in the mean time makes scathing remarks " kizhavi sethu  ponalum parava illai. Can keep the body in the hospital for two days & do the rites later after the marriage &[ most imp ] shanthi muhurtham,much to Tulasi's annoyance.  Shattered Tulasi loses her cool   ,  shouts at vel...." nothing will happen to my patti . She will not leave me". Vel  gets to taste Tulasi's wrath for the first time & is startled  at her bold outburst. Ambulance arrive , patti is wheeled in to it. Vel wants  only his henchmen to accompany patti. But Tulasi insists on going , Vel refuses permission.  Dormant volcano inside Tulasi erupts .Second rude shock awaits Vel....Tulasi boldly looks in to his eyes & declares , " i will not be alive to take your  thali if denied permission". Tilaka frets & fumes. Vel  left with no choice, manasoda grants permission , decides to escort her. Tilaka rules it out citing some custom. Finally Vel sends two of his henchmen to accompany them , mainly to keep an eye on Tulasi. Vel  stops Deepa & Kalyani  from accompanying Tulasi. [ Hostages  ]

Camera  focuses  TA & group waiting for somebody. Then it moves  to show the ambulance...patti lying still & Tulasi crying. The scene then shifts to marriage hall. Very tense atmosphere here, MM  worried about mom's condition, padma irritated with the kizhavi's last minute tantrums , Vel restless with the delay. Vel asks his man  to find the whereabouts of the ambulance. At the same time an ambulance enter the hall. Vel's eyes eagerly look for Tulasi. Much to his annoyance the ambulance  boys alight with the stretcher & apologise for their delay . Livid Vel   doles out some abuse & drives them out.  Adi patta puli Vel storms towards Deepa / Kalyani ,catch hold of them by their neck, accuses them of conspiring , demands to know Tulasi's whereabouts . Unable to extract any useful information from them , his anger turns towards MM. Feels cheated ,  finally  issues a fatwa ...Hall [house]  arrest for all & sundry . None can step out till Tulasi's return. Entrust the security duty to his men , failing which they  will face the music. Orders his chief adiaal Jayaraj to track the substitute  ambulance  immediately & bring back Tulasi.

While Vel's cronies are in the thedal  padalam  , inside the ambulance patti is still lying motionless &Tulasi crying. Unable to bear Tulasi's incessant crying patti decides to end her drama. Suddenly sits up & laughs , says  enacted the drama to save Tulasi. Tulasi gets upset & worried, insists on getting back to the hall . The henchmen also shout at patti & instruct the driver to drive back to the hall. Now  the climax. The ambulance boys pounce on Vel's henchmen with tranquilized hanky , make them unconscious , & push  them out of the ambulance .  While henchmen are pushed out , TA & party push themselves in to the ambulance. Seeing them Tulasi screams & tries to jump out of the moving vehicle. She too was given tranquilizer treatment by TA who orders the driver Joseph to take them all to his [ joseph's ] house. Vel's  search party  [ I think so ] see the 2  gundus  lying on the road ,pick them up & leave.



Wednesday May 12th Written Update

hi Guys HugI am back !!!!!!!Big smileBig smile  After one month of fun at home in India, nalla amma kayai sapad , it sucks to be back to this life.Confused I am so sorry about last week, I thought of updating but I was   still so jet lagged couldnt even sit up straight. Thanks for being so understanding. I see I didnt miss much as all the excitement in thendral has just started and today's is a total explosive episode. So here is the update.

Vel is sitting angrily. He looks at everyone one by one, pavitra,padma, Muthu, kalyani and deepa, drinks some more and still ConfusedConfused his goons come back and jayraj says we searched the whole area and patti isnt admitted to any hospital here. vel says patti will be admitted only of anything is wrong with her. where did that ambulance go? jayraj says we searched but couldnt find them. Vel says now he knows the plan, all planned by tulsi and these two frnds, they also wanted to escape with her but I stopped them. he asks them where tulsi went. kalyani says we dont know but if she ran away coz she did not want to marry u then we are happy. he slaps kalyani, deepa demands who the hell are you to beat us? vel gets even more angry and threatens deepa to tell the truth or he will shoot them. he tells his sister akka this tulsi never calls me but she called the other day and said she wants deepa to come to the wedding, I agreed and this is my mistake all of these planned and helped tulsi run. he strangulates both deepa and kalyani, they still say they dont know anything. deepa says u know lot of people ask them to find her why are you killing us for  this? they are suffocating and cannot breathe. vel's sis asks him to leave the girls and ask muthi, he said its his responsibility . vel leaves them and says muthu ur  big kiladi,  u took 5 lacs and last minute made ur daughter run with somebody else, u daughter has to come back. tell me where u sent her? phone right now, muthu says I dont know. vel's sis says ur daughter ran away, now give us back our money and jewelery.  vel tells sister wat r u saying? is money imp now? our gauravam is at stake, running away is not new to this family. muthu is Confused the wedding has to happen and muthu should have an answer to that. vel's sis comes up with possible people tulsi could have run with. she first thinks its may be TA. Vel disagrees and says he then apologized and also tomorrow is his engagement, he invited me for that. I also went and made inquiries, he is really getting engaged tomorrow. he has got a good bride and surely he wont be responsible for this. deepa and kal are shocked to know this. muthu and family is all Ouch Vel's sis then maybe its the constable guy who wanted to marry tulsi. Vel says no I have already put him in place.his chapter is closed.OuchOuchit cannot be him, it is someone new and muthu is all hand in glove in this. kal and deepa are also shocked. "Anda pattium tulsium vechu nadagam aadi en thalaiyla molgai arkai pathrukan"ROFLROFL(super dialogue I loved it)  muthu says why would I do that? u are always suspecting me? vel shouts oh fraudu andha oodu kaali pethavan thane ne ROFL if I dont ask you whom should I be asking? muthu says u know many police officers, ask them to find her. Vel is amused by this, he says look at this, he sends his daughter away and expects me to ask others to find her. just like u were insulted coz ur wife ran away, the whole world should insult me coz my wife ran away?ClapClap(I am so happy that muthu is getting all the blame, patti used to always say ur pavam will not leave u happy) padma is all OuchOuch vel says I am quiet coz of my status, if the world knows vel's bride ran away it will be my biggest insult. Vel keeps looking at pavitra(pavs)  and says I will give you one hour, get tulsi back or I will have to take some other decision. the full muthu family is ShockedShocked deepa and kal areOuchOuch  muthu is all ConfusedOuchShocked

Here TA and all frnds are there, patti is worried that tulsi hasnt regained conscious. she asks Ta what have u done? she is such a light sleeper that she wakes up with the smallest sound and now she isnt even listening to me. TA says dont worry I have given her sleeping medicine, she will sleep at least for 6 hours, dont worry she will be alright. patti asks why did u do this? TA says this is the only way to save her from vel, u saw the way she behaved in the ambulance, dont worry everything will be alright tomorrow.

Scene shifts back to the wedding hall. Muthu is walking all dejected. muthu family sitting in the side. Vel comes there and says see its dawn and no sign of ur daughter. I want to get married today, I came as a groom and will go from her as a married man. all my guests will be arriving soon, how can I find a bride in the last minute? have u thought of something for that? muthu family is Ouch Vel says why are you so  Ouch you dont have to work hard for that, I will tell you a solution. Pavitra is there, make her the bride.ClapClapClap  everyone is shocked, pavs starts crying, padma is all stunned. even deepa and kal are surprised by this. muthu is all confused he says mapallai enna sollarel nenge? vel says why are you so shocked? I got ready for this wedding on your assurance, your daughter ran away then its your responsibility. so make your second daughter the bride. now if I buy a thing in a store and the thing is not good then its the shopkeepers responsiblity to give me a new thing, similarly I am asking a new daughter, whats wrong? Vel's sister is happy with the solution. padma pleads to vel and says this is not fair, pavs is not yet of marriageable age. whats ur age and her age, how can I get her married to u? vel says leave my age, thools and pavs have hardly any age difference, when you agreed to marry thools to me then why not pavs?ClapClapClap muthu is shocked to hear this, he actually is helpless. deepa and kal are happy hearing this. padma falls at vel's sis feet and asks how this wedding will happen? Vel says it has to happen. all big VIP's are coming for my wedding and if it does not happen then its a big insult to me, I will explain the reason for the bride switch but this wedding has to happen. pavs hugs her mother and cries. pad says even if I lose my life I will not allow this wedding to happen. a marriage should happen only when its with the girls wishes, otherwise there is no happiness in marraige, no age match, no ideas match and how will I allow this wedding to happen? I will not allow my daughter to go to this hel.. muthu is ShockedShocked he now realizes what he was getting thools into. deepa and kal look at each other. pad says lets go from here, she asks muthu to come with her. Vel says how can he go from here? he has taken 5 lacs from me. he tells muthu u decided to sell ur daughter for 5 lacs, what differnce it makes which daughter u sell?ClapClap pad tells muthu just coz ur daughter ran away like her mother, why should I sacrifise my daughter? she tells pavs not to cry and lets get out of here, no one will marry you. Vel shouts at them EHH, they look back and he has a gun pointed at muthu's chest, everyone is shocked. vel says if I dont tie a thali to your daughter then u will loose your thali. padma is shocked but she says I dont mind if I loose my thali but I will not allow you to tie thali to my daughter, for me only my daughter's life is important. muthu is all shocked on hearing this. epi ends on his shocked face.

I cannot wait for tomorrow's episode. Wink


 THURSDAY  DATED 13.05.2010

Vel threatens  to kill MM if not permitted to tie the knot on Pavithra's neck. Padma opens her Netri KaNN at MM & throws an angry look at Vel & declares " I don't care for my thali , but will never let you [vel] tie one on my daughter's neck. My daughter's life & well being is more important than anything else.[ MM mugathil coal poosu. ] Thus saying Padma tries to kambi neetufy from there. Poor Padma under estimates Vel. Vel enna muttaLa. His men promptly close the door .  Padma's escapade attempt sabotaged. He anger now shifts to MM, scoffs at his spineless nature [ neethane adhukku kaaranam] ,  accuse & abuse him for standing like a tree while his wife & daughter are being manhandled by strangers. Decides not to depend on her useless husband to save them. Screams for help from sonny boy.  Yells MOHANNNNNNNNNNNN .[The whole hall , even our house, vibrates at her screams]  Sozzled Mohan was brought supported by 2 men , couldn,t even stand steadily. Seeing him Padma  gets the shock of her life , her hopes  crumbles like a pack of cards .Like a tigress charges towards him....palar palar palar & starts the oppari & curses....dei  rascal engendhu da indha pazhakkam vandhadhu , nee uyiroda iruppadai vida sethup povadhe mel , sethu tholai . [Ezhdha enakku kai koosaradhu ]Enough is enough. Vel could take no more of this hysterical outburst [ neither could we the viewers ]. Shuts her up with rude remarks & orders his men to lock them up in a room , including Deepa/ Kalyani. Padma / Pavi enter the room first. Padma slams the door before others could enter. Another drama , another round of oppari ,MM & others  keep knocking the door & asking her to open,while Padma has a different end hers & Pavi's life... better to do Karyam than Kalyanam. Takes the new blue coloured pattu saree of Tulasi & starts the preparation for hanging operation.

Pavithra  panics , runs & opens the door & take shelter behind Deepa scared of mom.All are pushed inside the room & door locked. Padma's anger still not doused , restarts her archanai , blames MM for all the happening  & polabufy hysterically for spoiling her daughter's future dreams & aspirations. Deepa who has been watching all these with a squirm on her lips ,slowly starts her lecture.......uncle now you must have realized Vel's nature & to this wretched man you wanted to marry off Tulasi all for the sake of few thousands of Rupees . You never cared for her aspirations & dreams about which your wife is talking now.  Even she had lot expectation about her life. If only had you some love for Tulasi or considered her as your daughter you would have thought twice before accepting Vel's alliance. Now you are reaping the fruits of  your actions. You are the perfect  example for the saying  "thun vinai thunnai sudum ". "Mur pagal seyyin pir pagal viLayum" is obsolete in this computer age. These days you will face your punishments immediately & you are experiencing the same.ClapGlum MM is speechless.

Tulasi still sleeping with worried patti sitting by her side. TA walk practising. No sight of Anand. His friends lose their patience  decide to go in search of  goes to his work place [police station ] the other to his house. TA tries to defend Anand  , wants to wait for some more time.But his friends decide otherwise & leave. The first one reaches the police station & was informed that Anand has been on medical leave  for the last 3 days. He immediately informs TA. AS usual  TA assumes Anand has taken the leave for marriage & doesn't give much importance to the news.[ Just can't understand this character... He is in neck deep problems, but going much much overboard to help friends.I think this fellow is going to learn his lessons the hard way , going to dig his own grave.]



friday 14-5-10

TA's friend goes to anand house its locked..he goes to one of his neighbours..they tel him they dont know ...he calls up TA updates him tells him anand always switches off cell if he is in a problem..i have lost hope on anand unnecesarily we brought the.. gal wat do we tel her..TA is worried...asks him to come back..

early morn,tilaga comes into room..pavi is sleepin ..she asks padma to dress her..padma falls at her feet..hw can i give ma daughter to vel she is too young..when they go out ppl wil mistake them for father-daughterLOL...her whole life wil be wasted..pls lev her..

tilaga tells her..its all MM's brother has to get married today..if u were so eager for thulsi marriage u should have watched her..stop crying..padma accuses MM ..he is shocked promises that he dosent know anythn..tilaga walks out vel comes..

he tells padma ..ennaku enna korachal..she tells ur age..he says pavi must be happy to lead a life like this ..i have spent more than 5 lakhs on this marriage am not a fool...Confused
padma again mentions abt his age..he loses his cool..brings one gunda asks him to marry pavi..vel tells padma..this guy is young let him marry her but first ngt is only wid meDead
all r shocked...he tells MM rather than this arrangement get her married to me..he approaches pavi and tells her not to cry..

TA still waiting for anand..very worried..thulsi gets up asks patti where she is..patti tells her marriage wont happen..thulsi gets furious runs out..tells TA not to interefere in her life..i nevva asked u for these days i sat in ma house coz i didnt want ppl to compare me with ma mom..she ran away i didnt want to ..but uve made it true..she sits down bangs her hand cries uncontrollably..TA is little surprised..patti comforts her she brushes off patti's hand..they don und me but nor do u..for their sake u acted like u got heart attack i don care about ma life..its all over ..she runs opens door..TA stops her..
either i go alive to marriage hall or ill kill myself screams out thulsi.Angry..



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Thanks bjda
Omg, I do hope Patti is acting. What will become of Thulasi if she really is dead Unhappy

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Vani19 IF-Rockerz

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Thanks Bjda for the update, me too hope that patti is acting.

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As of now this serial is moving at a brisk pace unlike the other megaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa serials.
I hope stupid thulasi does not create problems about 'odi ponnave' song. Anand will surely be in trouble now as the senior cop has already been sounded out. I suppose TA will now quitely attended his engagement and so will escape Vels eye. I dont think Vels knows the TA and Anand connection.

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Super update.


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Thanks for the update Srima, nice to see this serial is moving fast.....

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Yes kuttyponnu, I agree with your views. Enough of Tulasi's parrot songs.
I can't understand her logic of going along with her father just to prove him wrong that she will also follow her mother's footsteps. High time She  realizes the troubles taken by her well wishers & be bold & yield to their wishes. In a way Tulasi is also selfish like her father who only thinks about her vairagyam. I feel sorry for those two girls , held as hostages .I agree with you on TA's engagement angle too. Vel is sure to cross check on this , & make an ass of himself.

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I agree with you sriram.  i hope this thulasi wont put another oppari and telling what she is doing is for her father sake.

hope TA will be fine and also all his partners.

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