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Chellamey  Updates,

Wednesday, 12th May 2010.........
Sneha have sleeping pills dinner. Beach with a doctor, immediately reaches Snehas house. Sneha is already in dizzy mood. She sees Beach coming and acts some more. Beach opens the door and finds her darling sleeping. Doctor gives an injection and tells no problem as usual. He advises Beach not to go out this night and stay with Sneha only. He also tells that this type of women may commit suicide if nobody is there with them. Beach says ok. Doctor leaves. Beach sits near Sneha and sleeps there in chair. (Have to see this episode. The background music, Camera work on Sneha and Beach,, Excellent!!!!!!!!!!). Morning time, Sneha wakes up and finds Beach sleeping in chair. She wakens up Beach. Beach gives some advice not to commit suicide anymore. Sneha asks for her dads case. Beach tells Sneha to keep a good lawyer. Sneha asks for money. Beach says that he will sponsor. Sneha gives a warm look and tells that it is because of her only he is doing all this.Beach says he has to go home. Sneha sends him with utmost caring words.
Beach reaches his house. He asks Pearl whether AV has woken up or not. Pearl says that he hasn't yet. Beach wonders. Goes to his appa and finds him still sleeping. All the AV clan comes there. Bell brings a doctor. AV wakes up. Tells that he is feeling so weak. Doctor asks whether he ate food last night. Pearl and Valli thiru thiru muzhichings. AV says he ate food.Doctor gives some medicines and advises him to take rest. Valli and Solamalai disperses. Solai asks Valli to take care of AV since Pearl may have many works. Valli tells the truth to Solai that it is because of Pearl only AVs health is bad now. Kavita ottu kettufies the truth and tells it to Beach. All assemble again. Beach scolds Pearl and tells that AV is a great man having perunthanmai etc..... Everybody disperse.
In the Kitchen, Pearl and Kavita have a challenging session. Pearl challenges that she will send Kavita from her home. Kavita says lets see.
(Anyway Sooooooooper aaappu for Pearl)

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CM May13th Thursday updates

First scene enaku suthama pidikala..
Scene starts with CM and AK starting from garments factory to some exhibition. AK tells CM will get many new designs in the exhibition. The gate is closed. CM telling security open the door. Vadai opens it. CM shocked and AK's expression is different.. Romba kevalamana oru paarvai.. CM asks y he is doing and wer is security? Vadai tells security on urgent leave and hence he is taking care and nothing wrong in it. He convinces them and asks them to start as it is getting late. CM taktes her seat in the ack yard while AK is about to get into the front court. Vadai insists that he too take the backyard as it will comfortable for their urupadadha talks.. AK is hesitant, may be acts so. Vadai tells no matter what others think we are clear na so no prob.. AK gets into backyard and car starts. Vadai oru perumaiya vo ila paavamavo oru lookudan standing.. Car going, CM sad, AK ena expression kandraviyo theriyala.. AK starting talks abt CM and Vadai. Pugazhndhufying vadai.. Purushana neengalum vanganu kooda kupidadha indha amma CM also othu oodhufies on how he wants to suport her as parigaram for his mistake. AK feeling bad about his security job. CM tells its all fate and happened. AK tells u both should be happy. CM tells her preggy matter. AK is happy as if Madhu told that and tells foetus uruvana neram they both united eerything will be fine.
ROmba kevalam, indha scene ellam thevaye ila.. Erichala varudhu indha AK va  paatha. CM purushana kazhati vittu vandhadhuku idhu oru karanama?" He wants to support her and she also left him in his way..." Aiyo Rama, indha madhiri kazhisadai episode ellam enda enaku kudukara??

Next Kavi in kitchen taking food in plate. MA and Valli arrive and see that. Kavi gives them a look and leaves. Vallie remarks that she takes food like their hotel and MA tell for her vayiru innum thallala and when it happens she has to depend on them for everything. Kavi serves that food for AV. AV gives the food a look. Kavi tells everything she prepared which he likes. AV talks some thathuvam pidhcadhu pidikadhadhu no diff. Kavi agrees she doesn't understand. AV comes to the point. He dint like her in the beginning and now she serves food. How could he tell that now. Kavi tells in her case it is always the same, first disliking and then liking. AV tells he will also like her if she accepts one thing. Kavi tells what. AV tells she took Amu's life and sitting here. Kavi asks if he asks her to go out. AV tells how can he when she has kudumba varisu and Amudha's paavam will not let her live happily. Also, she has same rights in Bell as Amudha does and hence asks her that all three live together. Kavi tells its with three member's life and not only that she can decide.AV asks her decision alone. Kavi accepts for his sake and AV  happy telling that he will convince Amudha. Kavi is very angry but shows only to the camera.

A man in scooter comes to college in search of Siva (PA) and sivasu. Two guys discussing about college without AK not good. They divert the man to siva and sivasu who are coming. This guy goes to them and orama thallitu poi tells that he needs seat for 5 guys who haven't scored good marks. PA and sivasu asks if he is broker and he tells yes, he is and he will get good money and he will part that with them too. They are happy but question on what the guys are going to do with BE. The man tells they are periya idathu pillai and just needs a pattam behind their names. They ask y he came in search of them instead of going to some great men. The broker tells  few ppl look great but will not have any power but few will look small with more powers and they will get things done. Sivasu so happy. PA has some doubt if they will get prob but Sivasu tells no prob they will get money and the guys will get seat. What if they study or not. They will give money and get passed. They confirm with the broker about the brokerage and asks him to move assuring to let him know once things are confirmed. The man leaves. PA and Sivasu comes to Madhu. Madhu asks abt feedback from college. They hesitate. Madhu asks if they talk wrong? Sivasu tells thats fine but they dont consider her and still consider AK as chairman. Madhu is  angry. They also tell that they have to stand before AK for each and everything. Madhu tells that the college is in the name of AK and she will get it into her name soon. They tell no need, instead u build a better college. Madhu tells it will cost and it is not matter of playing. They tell she can earn. Madhu asks where will she go. They tell she can earn from here itself. Madhu gives them a confused thimiru piditha look.

I dont know what happened after this. Someone please update. Thanks.

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Friday 14/5/10

Naattu Sarakku has a hay stock on her head -
enna oru adaasu
hair style??? - Sivasu and PA are in the process of veppilai adichufying. "intha edathile ye u can mint money " Well, the plan gets outlined and Madhu is all ears. She is only worried about wooing  the "donors " and making money with out getting in to any trouble. Sivasu and PA promise to take care of every thing. Madhu gets ready to count money. Just then she gets a call from some one - another pOttu kuduthal mannan - who informs that AK has come to open a new account - for some one else. Nattu Sarakku does a "jong Jong" - (nadaiya?? ithu nadaiyaa?? oru Boogambam anrO nadakkuthu !!!!
Mudi yaa? ithu mudiyaa??? oru vaikkOl piri pOl irukkuthu - BG by Roja)

Sneha goes to meet daddy darling - prison visit. She managed to con Beach - a costly advocate will represent Thavasi. The lawyer promises Thavasi "consider yourself free . I have saved more criminals than innocents !!!" Thavasi is keen to know the modus operandi from Sneha. She says that she hit Beach where it hurts -
"bingo , he is throwing away money !!" Thavasi warns her " just remember that u are are not going to fall for him ,eh??' Sneha says that she is ready to do "any thing" ( nalla appa, nalla pOnnu !!)

Omni and Ak in the bank. They are called in to the manager's cabin.The manager is new. Ak says that he has come to introduce
Omni . The manager says that there should be two signatures. Well , well, our jong jong jongs in to the manager's room. Omni and AK
pale visibly. The manager is happy to see the new comer. Requests Madhu to be the 3rd person - " ivanga new account open panraanga, avar oru sign pOttachu....neenga onnu.." Madhu says that Ak's signature is as good as hers - beats around the bush and finally
says that she is Mrs. AK. The manager is surprised about AK not doing the intro. Madhu says that he never introduces the right people "always useless people ai thaan intro pannuvaar" The manager says that he is totally confused " I can hardly read in between these lines...
but can u sign??" Omni kku already suru suru nnu kovam ( ennai pOi useless nnu solraa??? Naa yaaru??? CBCID kke case solve panni kuduthava...OHO nna naam !!) - tells the manager that if she can open an account only with Madhu's signature she would much rather go account - less. Finally the manager puts a stop to this drama by signing himself. The drama venue shifts - to the corridor of the bank.

Madhu wants to go to the club - "ennai ange drop pannittu nee apram enge vena pO. Nee thaane ennoda driver?" AK says that he has an important meeting and he needs to take Omni. Omni asks him to get lost with his arumai wife "na manager kooda pOi paarthukkaren.."
Madhu does some moraichings...but Omni kku athellam jujubi.....The couple leave after  AK renders an apology.....Freeze as usual on Omni....

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Tuesday May 18th updates - Periya aapu from Periyanayagi

The updates are too short and sorry for that..

Sneha gives Beach coffee with sleeping mills mixed. Beach after havign that  feels dizzy but tries to leave.. Sneha asks him to be there for sometime and Beach stays there.. He sleeps there itself for the night..

CM with the other board members holds a meeting and conveys them about the order they got.. She tells them they will get 20% on the profit and hence they accept.. CM leaves.. The guy who said no to this order is also there in the board and informs others that they cant do.. he tells them she just took the factory for lease and she has nothing to do with.. He tells that he is going to be the one always there and convinces others to obey him. He  tells that he will see that she is not completing the job in the specified time. They three walk together... Vasu sees them together and has a doubt.. He is yet to investigate just as in the case of food pall(zh)i...

CM calls up Vadai and informs that they will be late and asks him to get food from nearby hotel. Vadai tells ok and prepares by himself.. CM and Mams reaches home and finds dinner ready.. CM intakes the dinner with pugazharam.. She tells that they should appreciate the hotel in person, coz when they were running hotel they felt happy over appreciation.. Vadai informs that it is his kai pakkuvam.. CM and Mams feels happy.. CM ehuku Purushana vitutu Mams and Ak vaye kootitu poranga.. Purushan is also a good Director rite??

In Sneha residency, Beach wakes up. Sneha allangolama crying... She tells that she was thinking Beach was helping expecting nothing. Now that he has made her a pro*****te.. Thalaila adichitu azharanga.. Beach confused a shocked a nu enaku puriayala... As usual gives some expression...

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Hi Guys,
I wasn't able to watch the Thursday episode completely.. Thought of watching online.. But none of the site works for me,... So unable to give a detailed updates... Anyway, I have given just a glimpse of the thursday episode..  If someone, can give detailed updates I will be
very thankful..   Thanks for understanding..
Thursday May 20th updates
CM, Vadai, AV and Mams in factory.. A happy moment... CM goes to take a stool for AV and feels dizzy. The others come running and catch her.. CM and AV head to hospital. Dr. asks about Vadai. CM tells busy at work. Dr. scolds for not taking proper care, food and rest.. AV tells busy at garment business.. Dr. advices to take rest.. They both leave.. AV expresses his concern. CM tells if she fights and be bold, her child also will be the same. AV asks stupid qn, how will the child know all this. CM answers, the feotus will feel the same as the mother. She tells she needs her child to be brave and fight and not to lose like her. AV shut.
At beach's household beach going to take bath. Gets call. MA informs beach who in turn asks her to pick. MA picks and Sneha on the otherside. MA asks who is she. Sneha tells avarukku theriyum so give the phone to him. Ma demands to know abt her. Sneha insults her by saying if she is servant -maid? MA shouts. Sneha cuts and has a victorious smile and look. Solai, Bell and Valli inquire MA. MA shuts them up.
Beach comes and asks who was on the cal. MA puts back the same qn. Beach tells she was the one to answer the cal and she has to tell. MA tells wat happened. Beach gets the mobile and notices the number. His face changes. Puts up a thiruttu muzhi and MA inturn notices this. She demands explanation. Beach says he doesn't know, else he would have saved the no. MA tells he has the no. in heart and she tells abt face expression change. Again cal MA picks and Sneha asks where did u go without answering. MA tells it is her again and not beach. Sneha cuts. MA shouts at beach. Beach tells someone playing and trying to create confusion in family and not to make it bigger. Leaves to their room with his mobile.
Valli screws up MA by telling that she should be careful. MA comes to Sollai and Bell.. They tell that it is some prank and to leave it.. MA then comes to AV and tells that Beach changed. AV tells Beach already changed when he lost paasam on sister and asked him to go out if he is not interested. AV tells these many days MA dint come to him coz, all that happened was on her side but when things go against her she comes to him. AV also tells that Beach crossed the limit and he can do nothing. Valli tells that he is also a man and so supports Beach. Beach comes out well-dressed, MA asks if he goes to meet her. Beach tells not to still develop the issues..
I have not seen after this. Someone please post, what happened.

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Hello everyone,
I am new to the forum and love your updates.  I noticed that the Wednesday update has not been posted.  Since I watched the episode I have just posted it underneath.  I hope that is ok.

Update for  Wednesday 20/5/2010

(Sorry friends I might have mixed up the order of events in my update)

Scene 1

Sneha continuing her oppari ' tells Beach that he has ruined her life.  Beach looks confused but noticing his confusion Sneha  gets worried  that he would find out about her drama and cries even louder ' tells him that he took advantage of her last night.  Beach looks confused/embarrassed.  After a lot of nonsense about how she was now ruined Beach foolishly tells her that he would take care of her from now onwards ' Gentleman's agreement ' Just don't tell anyone else.  He walks away, Sneha gives a triumphant look

Scene 2

CM walking around royally in her garment factory ensuring that work is going well.  Vasu doing the same . CM and Vasu talk about how the work is progressing.  We then see another man (An electrician we later find out) fiddling with some connections on a switchboard.  He intentionally disconnects the power and electricity is shut down.  CM worried. Vasu offers to go and check.  Vasu goes up to the switchboard.  Electrician says that there is a problem that he can't fix and he has asked someone to come and check further.  Vasu brushes him aside and says that he would check and even if 5 minutes the work stops they will lose a lot of money.  Electrician tries to object but Vasu just ignores him.  In the meanwhile Mama coming up to CM asks her what happened.  CM says Vasu has gone to check, come lets go too.  Vasu in the meanwhile is fiddling with the switchboard.  Electrician tells CM that there is a problem that he cannot repair but Vasu who knows nothing about this is interfering. CM and Mams ask Vasu to come down as it might be too dangerous.  Vasu says he knows a few things and after fiddling with a few wires, voila! The power supply is restored!  CM angrily shouts at the electrician and says that he should show more sincerity.  All go back.

Scene shifts to Sneha's house.  Sneha is serving Beach food encouraging him to eat more.  Beach refuses the offer.  Sneha says for all his hard work he deserves to eat well.  Beach says that he is surprised that she is not angry anymore.  Sneha says why should she be?  Beach says I took advantage of you how did you forgive me so easily.  Sneha says that she was angry initially but she says that she is indebted to him for all his help.  She coyly says that she has no way to repay her gratitude but to give herself to him.  Beach looks stunned and touched.  He finishes eating and gets up to leave.  Sneha walks up to him and asks him to stay the night.  Beach says he won't because he does not want a repeat of that night and make another mistake. Sneha says what difference does it make because the mistake has already been made.  Walks up to Beach and puts her head on his chest.  Beach reciprocates hesitantly with a hand around her.

CM continues walking around the factory.  Stops by a shady looking man who is thiru thiru muyichifying.  He is measuring some material using a tape.  CM stops, observes and asks him to give her the tape.  The guy says why. CM says just give it to me.  Measures the garment and angrily says that he has cut the material 5 cms extra compared to the specifications of the client.  The guy says don't make a big issue this is ok.  CM shouts at him and says if the client sends everything back we will all be at a huge loss.  Asks him to redo everything and walks away with Vasu and Mams.  Tells Vasu and Mams that she is very stressed.  Says that she is worried that the order will not be completed on time.  Mams reassures her that he would take care of everything and walks away.  Freezes on CM's tense face...

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Friday 21/5/10

Well, well, the order gets completed - Omni DOES it (athu sari, ennamO Omni ye machine le ukkarnthu thaicha mathiri - oru kOottame over time panni yirukku !!) Omni beams as if it was a single handed achievement - ably supported by two chaynng chaks , Chithappu and Vaasu.
The manager, electrician and the cutting master face the guillotine - Omni lectures about their inefficiency - chithappu tones it down by asking them to be more co-operative in future. Omni orders Vaasu to deliver the whole thing and get the money "money vanthathum, namba profit le 20% ella workers kkum kudunga, ok?"
Omni once again beams ( athu sari..)

Naattu sarakku with AK - AK is going some where and NS stops him with a "yovv" ( her costume is inversely proportional to the language she uses !!!! ) NS boasts about her "management skills" and AK is not very keen to listen. Vaasu comes with a poor boy who has very good marks . meets AK outside his house and asks for admission "namba college le ....(??!!) epdiyaavathu...." AK says that the college is not his "not any more, my wife is the MD now " Vaasu says that Madhu will listen to AK ( yovvv, nee enna makkanaa??? Madhu listens to AK ???? Kanaa kaanum kaalangal..kalainthOdum megangal - BG by Roja) Ak is as skeptical as Roja " go in and try..tell her that this boy comes with my recommendation.." Vaasu goes in ......Shiva and Sivasu arrive on cue. To cut a long story short, Madhu makes fun of Vaasu - both Shiva and Sivasu lend vocal support - "panam thambi panam, how much can you pay??? " Vaasu gets angry and leaves. ( unakku nalla venum, enge pOi enna kekkarathu nnu oru viyavasthai vendam??)

Kashta kaalam - Roja kku thaan - romance between Beach and Sneha - Sneha seeks permission for an interview. beach does not want her to work for a living. Sneha rolls her eyes, makes her voice more husky ( neram da saammy - Roja muttikkarathu kku enna wall kidaikkum nnu alainjaa !!) - finally beach agrees. Omni is busy ( summa kurukkum nedukkum pOraanga - work goes spite her of presence !!!) Vadai the butler arrives with food. ( hmmm, enna yya luck??? cooking, cleaning , serving ellam seyyaraaru !!! ) Time for the next romance ( intha kashta thai enge pOi solla?? intha serial le romance jOdi vayasu pOrutham semai kodumai !!) Vadai feeds Omni.... ore paasa mazhai.... AK correct aa varaar - ethukku??? Kathale smoke vida thaan - intha "LOVE JODI" ai paarthu thannoda Naattu Sarakku vision manasile vara....
(pugai varuthu,  pugai varuthu AK kathile... Madhu ve nee vanthu paaramma - BG by Roja)


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