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CM Tuesday May 5th updates

Sorry for the brief and delayed updates

In Beach household, after all the kavi, beach, MA issues, people moving to respective rooms. The scene in Beach room. Beach and MA talking. MA asking how could he be so generous when it come to her. Beach asking how he can stand when sneha in some prob. MA asking who u r telling sneha when i am talking about Kavi. Beach telling oh Kavi matter a? She has all urimai. She has our kudumba varisu sumandhufying. MA tells i made her come inside the house and how can she do that. Beach asking y so much ego? MA telling u ask sorry. MA asks beach about Sneha and he lies that some woman working in site needed money and he gave that. MA again comes back to Kavi matter. MA scolds Kavi some more and tells that she will send her out. Beach pushes her aside. BEach scolds her that Kavi is varisu sumandhfying. She cant bring her when she wants and send her out when she doesn't like. Beach warns that if she talks like this again, she will be sent out.

Super family. AK's daughter coming with her boy friend. Brining inside house. AK son opening door. Daughter goes to room. Madhu vazhi marichu asks about that guy. Daughter tells the one i am gonna marry. Daughter and BF goes to room and shuts the door.  Madhu tensed and bangs the door. Calls her darling hubby to come down and witness the koothu. Son is already witnessing. (Super acting by venkat) Ak comes after some time. Madhu updates. Both knocks the door. Daughter comes out. Madhu shouts. Daughter shuts her up. BF is so excited about this family koothu. AK tells he will take care and asks who he is. Daughter tells BF. AK requests for more detailed answer. BF opens mouth to tell we are lovers. AK asks plan for marriage. BF tells i am ready but not ur daughter. AK aks about the guy and he tells woking in software comapny and good salary. Parents in Chennai. Ak asks her daughter y she is not ready. Daugther tells need more time to understand him. Ak asks how many days of love. Daughter tells 3 years. AK asks if that was not enough to understand. Daughter catches the point, u and mom friend from childhood, still no understanding and how could we come to understanding in three years? She needs time to pazhagi pathufy.

Hope thats all for this episode.

Missing part reminded by Srima.. Thanks to her..
Sneha meets her daddy TV in jail.. asking how he is.. he replies in jail how can he be good? Anyway, asks Sneha if she has done what she promised last time. Sneha replies she met beach and got a place in his heart too. Daddy doesn't but that easily.. Sneha tells how she took tablets, then telling all her anger on them and then getting a house and then introducing Beach as relative to the house owner.. TV is happy and wants that family to be divided and come to conference place, i mean nadu theru.. Sneha tells soon she will split MA and Beach.. Constable coming and asking kaidhis to get inside.. TV piriya vidai giving for his daughter Sneha..
Sorry again that the updates are delayed and brief.
I dont know y I always miss this Jail part..  Dont know what is wrong with my memory.. Anyway, sure I will try to give my best on Thursday's update..



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Chellamey Updates

Wednesday May 5th, 2010. 
AKs daughter gives shock to Madhu and AK. She tells that she has to palagi paakanum the guy and decide whether to marry or not. Venkat advises that it is good if she marries the guy whom she is palaging now. Both the lovers leave from there. Madhu starts scolding AK. (Very bad words) She yells at AK that he is not behaving like a good dad, but like a kooti kudukara Maama (broker)Ouch. Madhu further tells that AKs daughter may sleep with that guy and decides whether to marry him or not. AK is tensed. He warns Madhu not to use bad words. He asks whether at any point of time she behave lke a good mom. He advises her to first behave like a good mom.
Next Scene, In CMs house.
CM,Mama and Vada are in the house. AKs comes there. He asks CM what she is goint to do next. CM says that she is searching for a job. AK wonders why like that. CM tells that her situation (Raasi) is bad now. That is why every business she is taking up is getting some problems. Then, AK hands over a cheque of 5 laksh to CM and tells her to start another Canteen. CM denies and tells him that if she had any requirement for sure she will ask. AK goes. Mama asks CM why she denied 5 lakh offer. CM tells that If she had taken the cheque, the matter later will go to Madhu and it will be a problem. Mama and Vadai understands.
Next scene in AVs house,
In Kitchen, Pearl and Valli are preparing dinner. Kavi comes and takes some utensils to her room. Valli questions why. Kavita replies that she is going to prepare separately. MA and valli wonders. Valli samalichufies MA by telling her that Kavita is already pregnant and she canable to do samayil only few more days. After that, she has to come to them only even for a small glass of water also.
Next scene again in CMs house
AV comes to CMs house.Sees his mappilai Vadai and is Very very happy. He goes to CM and shares his happiness. Meanwhile, Mams arrive with a news paper. He says that there is an ad in that. CM sees and tells that one garment factory is going to be leased. CM decides to take that and run. (But, where is the money?) Everybody says ok. AV decides to ask Beach for the money. CM tells dont. But AV tells that Vadai only bailed Beach with his money when Beach is in jail. So, there is no question of feeling quilty to ask. But, CM tells not to ask. But when did this old man listen ? Mama also supports old mans words. AV goes from there by telling that sure he will ask Beach for the money.
Screen freezes on CM (After many days) (Rojaaaaaaaaaaa director kku marumudiyum gnabagam vandichi polaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

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CM Thursday May 6th updates

First scene - AV clan in beach house.. This arivu ketta AV goes home and asks Sollai about Beach. Sollai asks y? AV tells wanna speak to him only reg something imp. Sollai tells he is inside. AV comes in and finds Beach standing. AV tells he wants to talk to him. Beach asks him to tell. AV tells personally literally meaning alone, (but in our culture it means alone where there are just the family members, some relatives, some friends, some neighbours and some unknown member). Everyone ajar to listen to what is going on between Beach and AV, a father and son, ilena head will burst(thalai vedichidum).. Beach asks AV to tell there itself, as everyone knew everything.. Aama pa, evaroda sallabam kooda theriyum paarunga.. AV tells how vadai paid to bail him out and CM and Vadai united now and they are in need now, so give them back the money. Beach and MA talk agaist him as follows. Edhu yaar sonnadhu nu theriyala.. Mr. and MRs. Solai also get chance to utter few nonsense words..

They(Beach and co): vadai's odukaali brother reason for Beach in jail. So they paid.
AV tells: everyhting in the world has some reason and nandri.. What if they have not done parigaaram for their mistake?
They tell: he was in jail coz of them. and lot of money was spent on him. ( Appanuke kanaku paakaranga.. Idhula kooda porandhavangalam emmaathram.) Who will give that.
AV tells: Vadai felt bad for his venture when Av was released.
They tell: what feeling after all kodumai.
MA: CM doesn't know value of money and threw the signed papers on beach and let her feel for it.
AV: Yes, she didnt know and so only she gave everything. BUt she respected human who are now hesitating to help her.
Mrs. Solai: Don't punch and show (kuthi kaamikaradhu) We are not intersted to help

Solai also adds for his part and AV asks him to tell what his brother does is wrong and not to blindly support him.
Solai tells he supports coz, what Beach does is correct.
Beach tells not only AV, but everyone should feel it as correct. then only he will do. MA and co happy. AV tells when these ppl are there, beach will not help and so only he wanted to talk personally. Beach tells, anywhere the same reply. After some more polambal from AV, Beach asks AV not to always worry about other family, just think atleast about our family also and leaves.
AV sad sitting in swing, ponaal pogattum poda. Pethi comes. AV tells she needs to grow amidst good ppl but all in family are selfish. He is worried about her future. Pethi tells dont worry and she also has someone to follow in the family. Pethi tells that AV is also in that house only. AV sings yen uchi mandaila sillungudhu, ne sonna vaarthaila jivvungudhu.. and hugs pethi. Both happy.

Second and third scene combined in my updates.. Second scene - outside to inside the garments factory, theird scene - inside to outside garment factory.

Vadai, CM, Mams get down in front of garment factory from an Auto. The factory which they decided to take on lease. Paarak paathute going inside. Mams asks someone, where is MD office. He shows the way to office. The trio  take the way. They enter office. Encoutered by an employee. CM tells decided to take on lease and hence going around seeing. Suthi suthi vandhanga, suthi suthi paathanga, moonu nimisham adha thaan kamichanga.. Neraya thaiyal machine nga, neraya tailors irundhanga ellarayum avanga suthi pathanga.. CM then informs receptionist abou their vist and their aim , not about her 6 months aim, but their wish to lease the factory. The receptionist gets permission from MD thro intercom and sends them in asking them go straet(straight) and take pichangai turn. They go to MD's room. Tow chairs in front of MD. CM takes pradhana seat without offering to others. Vadai, out of respect offers seat to Mams and tells he will be seated at the back. Vadai takes a chair from behind and gets seated behing CM and Mams singing ne munnala pona nan pinnala varen. CM starts talking about lease. MD says fine. Mams asks for lease amount. MD tells 40% of profit enaku kudunga. Trio shocked. CM and Vadai tells this is too much. CM tells since business dull u r leasign rite? MD tells, nou have mistaken - business dull coz of me. I, lot of business in foreign, no time, no seeing garment, so leasing to interested person so that they will take care and develop. Very skilled labours, everything, u can earn more. (Business in US? Uzhavar sandhai? No time a? Hey no moolai nu sollu. Ivlo scene konjam jaasthinu thonudhu.. korachukonga..) CM and Vadai playing passing secret game. We used to play in childhood days.. CM kaiya vechu marachikittu passing secret. (Jinga jinga junga junga jingala jingaale. Vadai CM kai maraivu laye tells Jumba jumba jumbo jumbo jumbaale.. CM tells sunga thanga jinga. Vadai nods, as if edho purinja madhiri. Mams tells ennayum velayatula sethukonga.. CM tells velayattu mudinju pochu.) CM accepts for 40%. MD asks them to pay 50 lakhs as deposit. CM asks y ya? MD tells 4 cr machine giving. Surity? what if damage? CM tells not possible bye. Mams makes her sit and asks MD to give two days. CM asks how? Mams tells we will talk outside. Ungala madhiri nan kaiya vechu marachukittu ellam pesa maaten.. MD tells ok for 2 days. They all come outside.

CM asks y asked 2 days? how can we arrange. Mams tells AK. Cm tells a big No. Rejected 5 lakhs itself how 50 lakhs? Mams tells 5 lakhs enama kuduthadhu u rejected. Now we will get kadan. CM doesn't agree.. Mams and Vadai convinces. CM tells AK will feel bad. Vadai tells when u rejected that day, he would have felt bad. But now if we ask, he will be happy. Mams tells some thathuvam about mutual help drives world. and nthing without help and no one can come up an all stuff. CM tells what if he doesn't have? Mams tells he will get it from someone else. Ada paavigala, ungallukkaga avaru kadan vanganuma? CM takes Madhu's pechu telling that she will be insulted by Madhu and AK will feel uncomfortable. Mams tells, reply to her that we got only kadan and not enama, we will give when business develop (Engalukum kaalam varum kaalam vandhal vaazhvu varum vaazhvu vandhal kadanai naangal thirupi kudupome). CM doesn't buy. Mams tells, we will give the responsibility to AK and let him decide. We will abide. CM tells her usual words, I accept as u compel. They all leave.

Apo thaane nalaiku prachana vandha, nan apove vendamnu sonen, ninga dhan compel paninga ipo paarunganu solla mudiyum.. Vendam na, CM should be strong, no matter how they convince..

Thodarum. Kandipa indha episodela jail scene ila.. Enna miss panenu theriyala...

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Friday 7/5/10

 Starts at a temple - Mr.Vazhinjaan AK is coming out and the Omni
trio alight from an auto. AK asks the stupidest Q "Samy kumbida
vantheengalaa?" ( Roja orders - 4 idli, 2 vadai, 1 bucket saammbbaar)
Omni smiles ( intha punnagai enna vilai?? Mr.Vadai sonna vilai -
BG by Roja)
and Vadai says that they have come all the way "only to
see you, sir" Vazhinjaan is very happy "ayyaaa Omni ennai paarkka
vanthirukka doyyy" ( hai hai, sozhiyan kudumi summa aadathungovvv) Finally AK learns that it is all about money (athikam illai gentlemen, only 50 lakhs !!) Well, Omni needs the for the garment factory lease. Looks like AK prints his own currency - promises to dole out that sum..the next day !!!! The trio is happy - Vazhinjaan does some more vazhisal...Omni throws the dog some bone.....a smile.

Aavudai household - the clan is eating. Pearl and Valli are serving. Kavitha comes there and orders Bell " why are you eating here?? I have cooked for the both of us.." Pearl immediately jumps saying that the Aavudai household has never had two kitchens. Beach asks "why this separate cooking?" Kavitha says "naanga rendu perum chinnan sirisu.... sapidarache cootchi coo pannuvOm. Ipdi common dining table is a big no no for me.." Pearl is the spokesperson and
tries to veto such cootchi cooing. Aavudai asks Kavitha to bring her food "ingeye ellarum sernthu saapidalaame !!! " Kavitha says that she can sure part with her food but "Bell , ulle vanthu thaan saapidanum" Beach asks Bell to play Mary's lamb. Bell puts up a feeble protest but plays the lamb anyways. The rest of the clan ditch their food and leave. Aavudai gives a parting shot to Pearl "kudumbam nna ellaraiyum serthu kittu poganum. Vendiyavanga, vendaathavanga nnu differentiate panninaa...ipdi thaan" Pearl and Valli have a tete et tete " Kavitha first thani cooking le start panniyirukka....apram property divide panra varai plan irukku !!"

Vadai and Aavudai meet Amutha - who cries. "yen edathile antha Kavitha?? I wont leave this . Court le I will refuse to divorce." Vadai says that there is no point in holding on to Bell " nee apdi pidivaathamaa Bell ai corner panninaalum, he wont live with you happily !!" Finally Amutha is told about the poojai for the garments
unit "nalaikki mma, u should fact you better come and live with us, no more hostel " Amutha refuses the kind offer. Ore azhugai mazhai !!!! AK with Omni trio - leasing of the garments factory - AK gets the documents verified by his advocate and doles out a single cheque. AK ashtothram is sung by all and sundry....Omni
once again throws the dog a bone.... a smile..... and freeze

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CM Tuesday May 12th update
The scene at RS(Radhika Sarathkumar?) Garments, meeting, CM with certain employees. CM asking for reason of the company being in loss and wants to know from them. Everyone telling the name of MD. CM wonders y his name? They tell coz his carelessness is the reason. CM assures she will take care and Meeting dismissed. Veliya dwara balakar madhiri wait pannitu irukanga all vetti fellows for now, Mams, Vasu, AK and Vadai. CM updates how employees point their fingers at MD and how MD supports them. Vetti aalunga support employees but CM tells they see only negative side of his forieng visit and not positive side. They hold a round standing meeting and decide to spy on employees for which Vasu is unanimously elected and he is also accepting just as a hungry dog got its bone. Mams gets something in his mind and decides to clear other two along with him from there. Its vasu and AK ila but Vadai - MAms tells some prob with a m/c and they move. Mams may be decided to give some thanimai for them.. Indha scene padu mattam... edhuku vechanga nu puriyala... CM asks AK to come inside.
Beach and Sneha in Sneha's house... Sneha slowly starts her talk abt her dad. Beach tensions of India agararu.. Sneha asking him to help bail out Thavasi for now and later they can get him out. Beach talking abt athai killing. Sneha telling he is sinner but now thirundhitanga.. Beach doesn't buy.. Sneha tells he is suffering inside. Beach tells let him. My dad suffered without doing any mistake. let ur dad too.. Sneha asking then u helped me? Beach telling wat child do when parents do mistake.. should not punish child so helped u.. Wil help u for anything but not in this part. Sneha asking should he die there, beach telling let him..  Beach mudiyadhunu strict a sollitaaru and leaves.. Sneha crying and thinking..
In AV's household, AV comes for dinner. MA asking dint he have in CM's garment function. AV telling no. MA's ponnu morachufying mom. Mom sending her inside. MA telling AV she thought he would had there. AV telling, he cannot due to morapadu and asks to serve as he is hungry. MA tells she has poured water. AV asks y. MA tells its late and so only. Valli comes and tells she also dint have and y did se do that. MA tells that she dint know asks her to take water poured food. AV drinks water and leaves. Valli asks y leaving without eating? AV tells few need that.
Valli tells she cant be without having and dinner and goes to kitchen to find that food is still fresh. Demands reason to MA. MA tells AV morning going to CM function, over pesing, so punishment. Valli tells old age, what if something happens. MA tells punishment and leaves. Valli is sad and closes the vessel without having. This MA has become kal nenju kaari. I was literally crying on that scene. AV is poor creature..
At night time, Sneha takes some tablets in her hand and makes a call to beach. MA gives the phone to beach. Beach on seeign the caller, gives a thiruttu look and moves a step away, so that MA will not hear teh voice and picks up the cal. Sneha threatens to end her life as she dont want to live and cries. Beach asks her not to do something foolish. Sneha threatens him again. Beach asks her to stop and tells he will come. Sneha asks not to and she will die. She intakes the tablets. Beach is interfered by MA. He asks her to bring shirt and tells "Hello" just like pokiri Vadivel... Indha scene no one should miss.. We were are laughing at how beach was telling hello. MA asks what prob.. Beach tells his friend mentally disturbed attempting suicide. MA asking which friend.. Beach shouting i have thousands of friends and do u know all of them. He tells teh same hello in every gap. MA brings the shirt and beach adha pottu kite starting.
MA - venum kattaiku venum.. vella kattaiku venum.. Nalla venum..
Valli - konjamavdhu sensible a nadandhuko ma.. atleast neeyavadhu..
Enaku konjam marandhu pochu.. so as usual missing part, if any, will be filled up my fellow team members...

Thanks for ur patience..

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