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SR- You Are Mine -One Shot-(2nd update 1st pg)

ka7eela IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 May 2010 at 12:34pm | IP Logged

hey friends this is a sequel of my other one shot..if you haven't read it yet here is the

link: SR-I belong To You-one shot

anyways..i have just wrote this!..to cheer up my beautiful SR friends..i will complete it in another time ..hope you guys like itEmbarrassed

The rain has already stopped when Sid parked the car in the parking lot, out side the building..he looked down with affection to his beautiful wife who was laying her head on his shoulder ..she must have dozed off..there was a hint of smile on her beautiful lips..she lookd so calm and peaceful!

Smilingly he recalled their moments of passion, that they shared after their confrontation!..and how they hugged and how he kissed her gently, his lips caressing hers softly!..she was trembling in his arms..he recalls how he pulled her closer to his body!..his hands were placed tightly around her waist..

He breathed deeply and then sighed!.. their first kiss was absolutely magical!..he recalled how he got carried away, kissing her deeper without being affected by the fact that they were still standing outside, near the road under the pouring rain..their beautiful moment got broken because of the flash lights and the horn of a truck that passed by!..

This all seems so unreal like a dream!..he recalls how shy she looked once they parted!..smilingly he shakes Rids shoulder gently with his hand:"Ridhhima hum ghar pohanch gay"..Rids opens her eyes.. and looks at him…he touches her cheek with the back of his hand and says:"neend araha hai"..she shakes her head..she wasn't asleep she was just relaxed….

They get out of the car and there is a sense of awkwardness and shyness from her side..he can sense that..and he understands ..he offers his hand to her and she puts her small hand in his warm hand..he holds it gently as they head to their flat

Silently they reach the flat..once in..Sid says after closing the door:''chalo naha lay hum tum" she looks at him with widened eyes and surprised voice and says:" kya" he closes his eyes and gets nervous reminding himself..dude get a grip and some self control!..he licks his dry lips..and says nervously:"I mean tum jao nahalo..aur mai be jao ga..woh alag alag"Rids bites her lips and smiles nervously..she rushes toward the bed room..he looks so cute when he is nervous..she thought..his eyes followed her..her wet salwar kamees clinging on her beautiful figure!

Sid walks nervously to the other room..once in the room he sits restlessly on the bed asking himself ab kya?..he knows that all he wanted now is to take her back into his arm and...he shakes his head..he knows that he wants her so badly!..and she loves him like he does...but he doesn't want to frighten her!..dude you have to have some self control now..she must be feeling nervous!..you shouldn't rush her in doing anything that she doesn't want to..he thought

He sighs deeply..he wants their first night to be very special and very romantic..but how?!..he puts his hands on his hips leaning his head backward and prays silently :"God kuch tu raah dikado"..He shakes his head and walks to the bath room to take a shower..

After taking a hot shower and wearing a white kurta with a blue jeans he brushes his hair his mind and heart still in battle deciding on what to do..then suddenly an idea clicks in his mind.. of taking her to another honey moon this time to somewhere beautiful like Bahamas and afterward they can spend sometime with his family back at Houston too..

he sighs feeling relived!..there they can start their marital life..there they can have that special wedding night!..but he wasn't that keen of this idea because this means he has to wait few more days or weeks :"uff ..ab kitna aur intizaar, liken Ridhhima ke khatir" he nods..i will do anything for her sake..to make everything perfect for her! he smiles..so what if he has to wait a bit..he makes up his mind and decides that he will surprise her after setting everything..

Meanwhile Rids was in the room towel drying her hair..wearing a white salwar kamees..she looks at her reflection she was trying hard not to think of what happened previously how they kissed..but she couldn't stop her self..blood rush to her cheeks..she blushes..her eyes twinkle, she touches her lips!..Her first kiss..it was so magical..she thought..and then she hears a knock on the door!..

Rids opens the door to see Sid holding her mobile he says in his husky voice:" woh tere dad ne call kya hai..woh tumsai baat karna chahata hai"..she nods and takes the phone..Sid closes the door and walks away..

"Hello ha papa"..a worried Shashank replies" kesai ho? tum dono teek ho..wo parish bohut taiz te aisle ye phone kia..siddhant sai bat hui" his voice was full of concern. he pauses Rids smiles affectionately this is her dad ..the first man she ever loved!...

She knows that her dad didn't call them just because he was worried for them being out side in the rain but he was actually calling to check upon them ..upon her! ..how is she coping being alone with Sid again under the same roof!..and did they have another rift or not!..

She closes her eyes feeling like crying ..yet again his dad was her true knight in shining armor who came to rescue and saved her from making the biggest mistake of her life..yet again he was the one who made her..made both of them realize that they were about to destroy their lives and for what? for a battle of egos and for some insignificant miss understandings regarding her past that shadowed their true feelings

She feels so owed for her dad, her eyes get misty as she replies:" papa mai teek hu..ab sai sab kuch teek he hoga!" and she couldn't help her self from becoming emotional and she starts to cry..Dr. Shasnak on the other end gets really worried: "Riddhima kia hua?! ..Siddhant nai kuch kya kia?"..his wife who was standing beside him gets worried too and she says" kia hua shanshak? Riddhima ko kya hua?"

Rids can hear her parents worried voices and she says smilingly with tearful eyes her voice choking:''nahi papa Siddhant nai kuch nahi kya! She pauses and then says again:"thank you papa..aap nai mujai ek buhut bari galti karnai sai rok lia..thank you papa"

Dr.shashank..gets relived he sighs a deep sigh..and reassures his worried wife patting her hand:"sab teek hai"..and then talks back to Rids" bolo Riddhima"..Rids says: "papa mai buhut kush hu " she pauses and says:"mai Siddhant sai bhut pyar karte hu..papa"..Dr shashank smiles and closes his eye, he looks up in gratitude and gets emotional and says:"sada khush raho..Siddhant buhut acha larka hai"..she smiles :''jante hu papa"

After talking a little bit more she says bye to her dad..and talks a little bit with her concerned mother who sounded very happy for her sudden self realization

After this emotional episode Rids washes her face and brushes her hair..and then not so sure what to do she walks to the door and opens it slowly..she looks through the half opened door to Sid who was lost in his thoughts relaxing on the sofa..

She stares at him ..he is so handsome she thought!..she scans him without him realizing that..she looks at his lovable features with deep affection ..she loves his thick hair, those deep eyes and those lips!..remembering the kiss and the hug her heart beats start to get faster!..she sighs looks at him with intensity..

Its easier to observe someone when they are the least aware!…he looked restless and agitated a bit..she can sense that and some how she knows what's going in his mind!..and he has the right she is his wife after all...she blushes and bites her lips and thinks, ab kya!

At last Sid senses her gaze..and he looks at her direction, their eyes meet..and she feels a ticklish feeling through her tummy..he smiles a big smile..she smiles back and comes out of the room…

Rids slowly walks towards Sid..there was still that sense of awkwardness and nervousness lurking somehow somewhere in her being!..he stands up offres her to sit!..and that's was kind of funny she thought..as there were plenty of sofas!..he realizes his silliness too..and pat his head!..she sits and he sits opposite her..both in silent mode..then Sid says:" papa say baat hui.. sab kuch teek hai?!" she nods..he smiles and looks away nervously she does the same..he says offering her the remote: "TV?"..she nods again!

Rids clicks through the channels until she finds one of her favorite movies being aired on fox movies "Ever After"..and checks the time that it started..she says shaking her head with disappointment "oh too late. only half an hour left"…Sid says" oh I like this movie"..Rids a bit surprised in a naughty voice and asks:" tumko love stories acha lagti hai?!"..she giggles..he looks at her and says:" Riddhima buhut chees hai mere bare mai jo tum ko pata nahi hai"..there was a hint of sadness in his voice..

She looks at him her eyes become misty a bit..true she never tried to know more about him..about his likes and dislikes..he senses her feelings and says changing his tune: "waisai tum larkyon ko kyun yeh galat fehmi hai ke sab larko ko bas action and thriller movies basand hai ..kyun tum larkyon action movie nahi dek tay ho?! tu phir kyun ham nahi dekh saktay hai love stories?"..he winks at her smiling mischievously

She sighs, smiles and says:" point noted dr.Siddhant"..he says then:" janti hu mujhai kyun yeh movie pasand hai?" she waits for his answer he continues:'"kyun kai es mai yeh prince iss larki ka diwana nahi hua keh woh khubsurat hai!..agar dekho tu isski dusri sister buhut ziada khubsurat hai unsai..woh issko islyeah chahanay laga kyun kai unki buhut achi dill hai..aur woh buhot smart be hai"..he smiles..she gets taken back. these were exactly her reasons too for liking this movies so much!..she says in surprise voice: "mai bhi"..both smiles

Sid looks at her with dreamy eyes.. while she watches the beautiful movie ..she was all smiles.. she moves a strand of hair and puts it back her hair.. she senses his gaze and looks back at him..and she becomes nervous again..Sid sighs..he can understand her state of mind and he can somehow feels what she was feeling..and he thought: ab kuch tu kaho dude!..he stands up and comes closer to her ..she becomes more nervous..

She turns to face him trying not to look at his eyes..he holds her arms and says:" mai janta hu kai yeh sab nai shuraat hai humari beech mai"..he says in a firm yet tender voice reassuring her.." likin tum barsihaan mat hu."he looks away..and then looks deeply at her and says:'"mai tumsai bhut pyaar karta hu riddhima..mai esa kuch nahi kargoa tere marzi kai bagair!...

He pauses and then says: "waisai meh yeh batani wala nahi ta..surprise tumko dena chatata..liken mainay decide kya hai kai hum apni zindaki ga dusra step lain lai gay..phir ek honey moon par jany kai baad..laikin isdafa Bhamas mai..phir audhar sai hum jaigay Houstan taki tum mere family sai be mil sako"..he smiles a big smile waiting in anticipation for her reaction..

She looks at him with a surprised face!..he was expecting a joyful reaction form her..so he gets confused and a bit disappointed and says:''Bhamas tumai ache nahi lagta hai?! tu ham kahi aur jaygay..Europe mai ya Far East mai kahi jaga!..Maldives bhut acha hai..or.." she interrupts him:''aise koi baat nahi hai"

He looks puzzled and asks:'"phir?"..her eyes get tearful..she feels a lump in her throat she looks at him with affection..all the nervousness gone..this is her man!..how blind she was not to see his qualities..his heart of gold!..he still thinks how to go out of his ways just for her sake!..she can senses his longing for her..his impatience and pain to make her his!.. and yet he is still ready to wait some more time to make everything so special for her ..and her alone without any regards to his own feelings or needs!..tears roll own her face!..

Sid looking deeply into her eyes sees the tears..he becomes worried and holds her face into his hands saying in a concerned voice: "Riddhima kya hua ?"..she shakes her head and says in a shaking voice:''mai bhut kush ho Siiddhant" and she hugs him tenderly..he smiles affectionately and hugs her back..a tender bear hug!..he feels proud of himself ..she has just agreed!..Yes now all he needs is to fix everything starting by asking for her and his leave form Sanjivani!.. he thought

After a while Sid pushes her away gently he is still close to her ..and looks down to her and tries to change the subject..he pats on his tummy and says: "yaar buhut book lag raha hai..kuch kani ka intizam karlegay?!''..she smillingly says: "kuch mai banalo" he shakes his head: "nahi behla din ghar laut aye hu aur tum kitchen mai..nahi kuch order karlegay"

Riddhima looks at him and goes into a deep thought..thinking about what he had just told her..about waiting for another honeymoon for them to become a real husband and wife!..she was thinking about what to do!...she was so touched by his selflessness.. he always thinks about her happiness ignoring his own!..he always tries to please her ..why cant she be the same..she loves this man beyond her imagination now ..and she is ready to fix everything..she is ready to make him a happy man..and an idea clicks in her mind!

"Riddhima..Riddhima" Sids husky voice cuts the stream of her thoughts:" kya soch rahi ho?"..she shakes her head and says: "kuch nahi woh tum khani kai bare mai boch rahay tai, kyun na hum woh nai restaurant hai na!.. kia naam te ..ha ..O'solo Mio..audhar sai kuch order karlay?..suna hai waha ka pasta buhut acha hai"

Sid gives it a thought and says: "ha wahi restaurant jo Sue aur baki sab us den gai aur hum dono nahi?''..she nods..and he says: "acha chalo wahi jakay dinner karlegay ..tum change karlo"..and she says almost shouting: "nahi"

he looks puzzled : "kyun?.tum nai he kaha kai audhar ka lengay"..she says: "mainay kaha order karlegay"..emphasizing on the word order!..he says:"kyun nahi chahate hu kai hum audhar jaye..waisai be waha nahi hai home delivery..mujko he jana parega yaar!!
In a naughty way she says:"tao ! jao na!..mere khatir!..mera sar mai dard hai tora sa"..he looks at her a bit agiated.: "acha gole lailo phir hum jae gay"..she acts in an upset way and says:''nahi acha mat jao..mai kuch pasta khud banaloge"..she puts her arms across her chest as a sign of being upset and looks away..Sid smiles..she looks like a little girl when she acts this way..he thought.

Sid holds her arms and turns her to face him: "acha baba mai jao ga likin tura waqt lagay ga..woh 35 minutes dur hai..tu ek ganta sai ziada lagay ga jani aur aani mai"..she smiles, nods and says: "I Iove you"..he smiles and says:"ha! ha ja rahaho ab mujai ziada maska nahi lagao"..he winks and walks towards the door..then turns back and says:" I love you too"

Rids watches him while he go out side the flat..she smiles..it's so weird how things suddenly become so normal between them!..they were behaving now like a normal husband and wife and everything was just fine!..she thought ..she sighs a deep sigh and picks her mobile!..

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shamil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 May 2010 at 12:54pm | IP Logged
blushing.gif blushing smiley image by ozzielass LOLso when are u going to update the next part
awesome OSThumbs Up

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ka7eela IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 May 2010 at 12:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shamil

blushing.gif blushing smiley image by ozzielassLOLso when are u going to update the next part
<div></div>awesome OSThumbs Up

aww thank you sweet heartEmbarrassed...i am so happy that you liked it Hug Hug

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shanti05 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 May 2010 at 1:00pm | IP Logged
Wow soo beautiful I am red and smiling cheek to cheek
very nice OS and Sid is truly a romantic hubby !!

Day Dreaming

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rapunzel84 Goldie

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Posted: 03 May 2010 at 1:12pm | IP Logged
Loved it..surely made up for the boring episode!

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ka7eela IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 May 2010 at 1:16pm | IP Logged
sweet shanti and rapunzel..thank you both for appreciating it glad you guys liked it Hug Hug

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ekthatiger Goldie

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nice work yarr

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nikita_88 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 May 2010 at 1:55pm | IP Logged
Awesome OS loved it!!!

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