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~:BB Anniversary Bash:~ Member Awards

Armu4eva Coolbie

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Posted: 03 May 2010 at 10:57am | IP Logged

(At an auditorium near to the MU office. A very troubled looking Vini dressed in Casuals is struggling with some papers and literally running towards the Auditorium and finally reaches the stage. In the meantime on the stage a smart, confident and dapper looking Tanu is getting all set to speak on the mike)


Vini : *Phew* Finally made it..


Tanu: *Shakes head sideways* (To herself- Shux'.now I have to share the Attention..hmmph)


Vini: *Ahem Ahem* Good evening Ladies and Gentleman


Tanu: (Butting in) & Sunny


Vini: Yh yh..*Whatever* Well friends it gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all..


Tanu: (Butting in) to her Wedding' LMFAO


Vini: *Glaring* Very funny'.


Vini: (Continuing) Hmm.. so friends it gives me immense pleasure to share with you all the significance of the fast approaching historic day of 25th of May '


Tanu: *Scratching her head* Historic day??? Did Man U win the league that day?? Or did Sasha err Shahid go shirtless on that day..??


Vini: *Furious* Culd u just stop irritating me and do the job on hand'.This function is not abt ME


Tanu: *Flashing her million bucks smile* Yh u so wish it was'.Btw' whats our job on hand?


Vini: Sharing with our wonderful BBians the plans for celebrating the HISTORIC day of 25th May..


Tanu: *Super confused* Vini.. can u pls. talk in English' whats so historic about 25th May


Vini: *With a smirk* I knew it.. I knew it.. u can never do a job properly' Ufff'..


Vini: (Continuing) Ok I will give u some hints.. hope u get it..


Tanu: Yh yh.. go ahead.. I will get it in the first hint' I m pretty smart u know..


Vini: *Whatever* Ok.. so on 25th May..


Tanu: The TV Screens went RED????


Vini: No''..n I thot I was giving the clues'.  Nyways' on 25th May' 45 gorgeous, scintillating beauties were praying to God to make..


Tanu: *Jumping up n down*  I get it' I get it' it was the day of 'Miss India competition' and they were praying to God to make them all Miss India'.


Vini: Goodness '.*Starting to get a headache* NO' !! Well another clue.. on 25th May a bare chested hunk was shown running on a beach'splashing water on himself..


Tanu: I got it' *Yes.. does the I M THE MAN dance* it was 'Dostana released that day n John walked out in his low cut swimming trunks' *drooling on John*


Vini: *Snaps her fingers* Ohh No was not and this one is u r LAST hint' get it.. & btw if u dun..u will keep ur BIG MOUTH shut for the rest of the evening..


Tanu:* Dukhi muh* Ohh ok' *Nobody loves me..*


Vini: Well on 25th May the DROOLICIOUS hunk Aamir Ali , the Dapper Jai Kalra, the scintillating Rukhsar, the sweetipie  Vivek Mushran, the cute Anchal Sabharwal and last but never the least'' the mindblowingly SEXYLICIOUS Ejaz Khan burst out on our TV Screens'.


Tanu: *Eureka-got it* It's the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of '.


Vini & Tanu (in chorus): BHASKAR BHARTI''''.



Tanu: Oh that we know whats on 25th May.. whats the plan??


Vini: Well.. we have an awesome plan to organize a HUGE BASH for all the BBians and make 25th May a night to remember..


Tanu: (Continuing) And one of the key elements of the BASH are'''.the 'MEMBER AWARDS'


Vini: (Interrupting) Erm..hello we have already had Member awards.. n u know I was voted the SWEETEST MEMBER'of the forum *raising her collars*


Tanu: Well that was a mistake.. u see.. now we all have realized our mistake  and intend to correct it..*Laughing*


Vini: *Dukhi muh* No body loves me'


Tanu: Kidding sweetie.. well these awards are FUN awards..the Crazy types and its exclusively for the BB Anniversary'!!


Vini: *Excited* Wow.. so what are the categories..??


Tanu: Well here we go'..the first category is..



Vini: OMG' Most flirtatious member' *Worried* hope I dun get it'


Tanu: LMFAO'. I so hope u do'


From the audience ' Immy shouting: No ways..that award is exclusively copyrighted to me.. Immy aka Imran 'The James Bond' Abbasi.


Sakeena (aka Ejazkhanmyjaan) : Well I dun mind the award going to anyone.. just ensure that the KILLER MACHINE Eijaz remains wit me'*Gushing*.


Vedika & Noorie: Hey with us too'Luv Ejoo..


Vini: No probs sweeties.. u can so keep the award and the Machine .. LOL


Tanu: Ok.. Moving on.. the next category is'



Vini: This award sooo belongs to me'


Tanu: Hello.. no ways.. this award belongs to me'


Vini: Yh'in ur dreams'(Tanu & Vini fighting)


Kanu: Erm' (Tapping Tanu & Vinis shoulder) Well girls.. I hate to break ur hearts 'but u see.. it's the Armaan award' and well everybody knows.. Armaan is my MAN' *blushing*.


Ghazal & Neha join in the chorus:.. yh yh kanu u bet yaar'.. Armaan is OUR MAN. Tanu & Vini.. back off


Zoya: Hello' guys.. Armaan is mine as well..!! Am singing 'Oh boy ur mine' since past three days.. having watched Aamir.


Mahnaz says a hi-5 to Zoya : Me too


Vini: Ok ok girls.. chill chill'n Tanu  see people are already upset wit u.. go learn some manners..*hmmph*


Vini: now moving on' the next dhamal category.. up for grabs is'.



Tanu: Oh gee..i know the winners already..


Vini: U do.. & culd u care to share..


Tanu: No I wont.. u are always scolding me.. *dukhi muh*


Vini: Ok..keep sulking.. n well I can already see a super duper excited' Hina (shonasukirti) & Ghazal preparing their Winning speech..


Tanu: Oh lolz.. hey I see Naley and Haaki rehearsing their speeches yaar..indeed they all are such darlings.. now the next category is..



Tanu: This is my fave category yaar..


Vini: It is..  so any guesses..who culd b the Payal here


Immy: (running to stage) Payal.. payal.. who said payal' !! Payals mine.. yh.. Payal girl ur so mine


Vini: Erm.. immy .. this is an award about the Most Helpful member of the forum u see.. so dun get too excited.. we aint talking abt Anchal..


Immy: *Dukhi muh* oh ok.. but still ..whoever gets this award better watch out for ME'


Tanu: (to herself) God err.. KK ..pls. let it be Vini.. Wuld b a pleasure to watch immy grill her


Vini: (to herself) KK.. let it b Tanu..wuld b a pleasure to watch immy grill her


Vini: Back to our job'Hmm'so the Next category up is'



Tanu: Man..this is gonna be the toughest category to choose yaar..


Vini: Yh I agree' our BB forum is overflowing in Sweetness' and Mithas..


Tanu: Hey  look at the audience.. every BBian is pointing to the next BBian for this award..


Vini: Man I luv this forum.. *Muah* BBians u rock..


Deepu: Yh girls.. I so agree.. our BBians are super sweet..


Tanu: (singing out aloud) Uff teri ada..i like the way u groove..


Vini: (Smiling) Oh wow.. so finally u r dedicating a song to me


Tanu: Yh u wish I did' well I was just talking abt our next category.. which is'


Vini: (Jumping up n down) Oh this award belongs to me.. me'.


Tanu: Hello..n what gives u that idea??


Vini: Dumbo' thts coz its on MY name'


Tanu: Hmm'don't be so excited sweetheart.. u have the entire Gyaneeta Crazziens up in the arms


Vini: Uhhhoo.. yh I guess ur right..i shuldn be too excited. GV Crazziens.. luv u all'.


Vini: (Continuing) So the next category is..


Vini: Umm' Tanu ur fave category is here..


Tanu: Mine' tell tell.. bolo bolo ??


Vini: That's coz u happen to RULE in being the Most CONFUSED member of the forum..girl..


Tanu:*Sulking* Umm.. ok..but u know what Gyaan is cute.. and I am cute as well..


Vini: LMFAO..joke of the day.. ur cute?? Uff my tummy hurts laughing.. its Gyaan who is cute


Shabz: Yh yh.. not just cute he is hot.. remember how hot he looked in my Siggy??


Vini: Yh sweetie he was super hot in that one.. n well so lets move on'to the next one..n I luv this category or what..



Well now that completes Phase one of the Award Categories.. the next phase is coming at a post near u, soon.........

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Armu4eva Coolbie

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Posted: 03 May 2010 at 10:58am | IP Logged
Well hope u all had some refreshments in between...Wink now back to business..


Tanu: Wow.. this is awesome.. I can see loads of Jodis err I mean.. Friends made on this forum.. I mean they are as close as one family..u see..


Vini: Yh me too' this is going to be my fave category to see who wins..

Pooja: I agree guys.. gonna b fun to see who wins.. 

Tanu: Mine too.. dying to see the winners' !! Will it be the Crazziens, ArBians, Pay-kars or AJ WOD lovers..


& btw..look we are thru with 8 categories already' wow'


Vini: Yh.. 2 more to go.. so lets continue'


Tanu: Yh.. with one of the most Special categories' I gotta say..



Vini: And this one surely belongs to the awesome ..super rocking FF/OS & Short story writers of the forum'.


Tanu: Erm but cant the awesome COMMENT posters also qualify for this??


Vini: Ofcourse they can' but seriously.. the FF writers are in a league of their own.. *Smiles broadly*


Tanu: Oh Hello.. just coz ur an FF writer BY ACCIDENT dun be overhappy ok' U have super duper tuff competition from the likes of Kanu, Zoya, Jassie, Sohana, Hasini, Ghaz, Immy, Noorie, Deepu, Haaki and Naley..


Sohana & Jassie: Yup girls.. this is gonna b a very closely fought category.. So excited to know who wins it..


Vini: *Looking down* Umm yh u bet yaar.. such super talent we got in our forum.. I mean.. we should really get one or all of them in the CV team of some big production houses.. and save the Indian TV world from all this rona-dhona CRAP..


Tanu: Yh raise a toast to all of them'. & hey Hasini is already making a winners VM Wink


Vini: Oh finally we are in the final stages of this Loongggg nite'*Phew*


Tanu: Yh.. guess everybody loved my speech..


Vini: Yh.. they luvd it so much that I saw BBians asking for headache pills u know'


Tanu:Ok fine.. I wasn't the only one talking u know.. u bored them as well..


Nadii: Erm.. girls.. sorry to interrupt..but u know.. its been a very long long speech.. Can we finish it ASAP'' Wasting time on IF is against the COC u see..


Vini: (Pointing towards Tanu) See I told u ..ur Chapar Chapar will get us in trouble..


Tanu: Yh its my fault.. n u r the Shyest member I m sure.. Ok..fights aside.. lets finish it..


Vini: And the final category is'



Tanu: OMG .. OMG ..i so wanna vote for this one right away'


Vini:Oh really.. so who u voting for'?? The awesome VM makers' the mindblowing Siggy/AV makers.. the dazzling FF writers or the innovative post makers??


Tanu: *Confused* Erm.. I thot this was gonna be easy to vote..


Vini: No dear.. its gonna be the HARDEST & TOUGHEST category to vote..


Bublai: Yh guys am super confused too.. who to vote for??


Tanu: Yh I agree'fullto'so Vini it's a wrap finally..


Vini: Yh I guess


Sur: Hello..girls.. you all got in all the Guys and Girls.. what about ma Sunny boy?? No category for him??


Tanu: Erm.. yikkes I totally forgot..!! Sur real sorry sweetie.. !! Promise will have another round of awards soon.. and exclusively for shall be named the 'BB Sunshine awards'..


Vini & Tanu: Friends.. thank u soo much for putting up with our longggg speeches.. hope we din put u all to sleep..!! Have super fun in voting'


Remember these are fun awards.. so plz have fun.. join in the super celebrations for BB..


U can vote for ANY MEMBER of the BB forum u want to.. Have fun voting. Hope to catch u all soon'


Vini : Oh noo Tanu.. no body wants to be bored by u AGAIN..


Tanu: Yh yh.. we shall see..!! Btw votings are open till 15th May'Have fun VOTING guys..


Vini: Gud nite and shabba khair..



So friends.. this is it.... End of the post..!! Once again i will list down the categorie for your ease of reference..

    Killer Machine award *couf couf* Bhaskar of the forum (Most Flirtatious member of the forum)
    My MAN, my HE-Man award *ahem* Armaan of the forum (Most Romantic/ Dreamy member of the forum)
    Jhansi ki Rani -I am the MAN award, the Bharti of the forum (Fighter machine -the Rebel n yet the Jaan of the forum))
    The 'Main hoon na', the Payal of the forum (Most helpful member of the forum)
    Jiya o jiya' The Gud se meethi Jia of the forum (Sweetest member of the forum)
    Uff teri ada ' The Killer Ada ' Vineeta of the forum (Most stylish member of the forum)
     Flop ideas ka Sartaj 'Bharti se panga leke phas gaya -Gyaan of the forum (Most Confused soul of the Forum)
    BB ne milai Jodi - ArBi of the forum (Always TWOgether members of the forum)
     ABCD chodo, naino se naina jodo- WOD star- AJ of the forum (Wordsmith of the forum- most eloquent member)
    Jo hai albela-jiski dewane/a BB ka har member-KK of the forum (Most Creative member)
Hope you all had fun reading..and will have more fun participating..!!TongueTongueTongue In case of any errors or anything you wish to object to plz. tell me.. i will edit accordingly..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
*Edited to add*  These are open awards so u have to post your VOTEs in THIS post itself.... Wink

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BlessedSexyone IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 May 2010 at 11:39am | IP Logged
i can see 2 that i should win hahahahahahaha, LADIES HELLLLLLLLLOOOOOO
I will edit that now LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL loved the introduction, we need to find a channel to view thisLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL AND IT WONT BE SONYAngryAngryAngryAngryAngry IMMYSHOTPRODUCTIONS shall produce these awardsLOLLOL be careful how u pronounce my production houseWinkLOLLOLLOLLOL i can see a view awards with my name on itBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile haina ladiesWinkWinkWinkWinkWink Payal is definetly mine okkkkkkk and Bharti, so it looks as if it is an all out fight for Eijaz and Aamir............ok for Aamir, Eijaz is Sakeena's they will be no discussion on thatBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig i will be accompanyin Ragini and Aanchal to the awards, there my datesEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Eijaz will be accompanied by Sakeena with Vedika and Noori runnin behind plannin to kidnap and welllllll who will be goin with Aamir, i will let u all decideLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

Edited by BlessedSexyone - 03 May 2010 at 11:48am

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Armu4eva Coolbie

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Posted: 03 May 2010 at 11:41am | IP Logged
Yh immy.. i see that too..Wink
BlessedSexyone IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 May 2010 at 11:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Armu4eva

Yh immy.. i see that too..Wink
i editedLOLLOLLOL i jus had a really funny thoughtLOLLOLLOLLOL lookin at how much effort u put into this post, imagine when u went to post it came up INTERNET EXPLORER CANNOT BE FOUNDLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL how funny would that beLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

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Armu4eva Coolbie

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Posted: 03 May 2010 at 11:56am | IP Logged
^^ immy: Well if that message came today.. i wuld ensure that Mr. Explorer ended up ripped to pieces by my sheer fury n acute frustration...........
n well yh.. i wonder what vedika n Noorie wuld plan to get Ejoo from Sakeena....
n well u bet.. Aamir is up for grabs.. wonder who nets him in the end..
thank u for ur appreciation sweetie... Hug
ghazal_naz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 May 2010 at 11:59am | IP Logged
awsome work tanuLOLLOL
i can soo imagen u and vini on stage and pulling each other legLOLLOL
and i will vote soonWink
lets see who will winCool

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BlessedSexyone IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 May 2010 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Armu4eva

^^ immy: Well if that message came today.. i wuld ensure that Mr. Explorer ended up ripped to pieces by my sheer fury n acute frustration...........
n well yh.. i wonder what vedika n Noorie wuld plan to get Ejoo from Sakeena....
n well u bet.. Aamir is up for grabs.. wonder who nets him in the end..
thank u for ur appreciation sweetie... Hug
poor Mr Explorer, nothin worse than a frustrated womanLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL Vedika and Noori would plan bribery, they would say,"Eijaz come with us......or we tell Anjali she free to phone u"LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL(don ask long story)

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