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MONDAY 3rd May 2010


TA's cautious persuasion to convince Vel pays off & finally truce established between two.Both shake hands & confirm friendship. To further strengthen his truce treaty  TA gives his visiting card to Vel ,promising to help whenever needed. LOL the card happens  to be that of a Biriyani shop [ha ha  velukku aapu  halwaku badil hot spicy biriyani doi ].TA excuses his over enthusiasm for the blunder , hands his original card &  extends his advance wishes for a long happy married life as he would not be able to attend due to his engagement on the same day [alibi established] & leaves..  Oru AANava siruppu at the corner of Vel's lips.

Outside TA explains to his friend the reason for this samadhana udanpadikkai.... to divert Vel's attention from him when they carry out their operation abduction. The friend expresses his fear, but TA pooh pooh  it.

Patti pondering over pethi's plight...just 2 days left for the wedding. Patti is all in tears... angry at Tulasi not being bold...worried about her future at Vel's hands. Tulasi Budha has the same standard replies .... not to go against father's wishes...disprove his view of her being like her mother...she has proved this point by agreeing to marry vel... decides   to face life stoically ,accept her destiny blindly. Illustrates  the innumerable humiliations she faced not only at home, even outside.  Flashbacks of schooldays when students mock at her when she struggled to write an essay on the topic " Mother". A male student misbehaving  with her...Odi poi kalayanam dhan kattikkalama ,kalyanamdhan kattikkittu Odi polama [ srima sings]. Deepa enters the scene & gives the boy a palaar. Advice galore by Deepa [ Hmm enna prayojanam...sevidan kadhila oodhina sangudhan].Says...Pongi ezhu penne , use your hands & nails to teach such rowdies a lesson...these words of Mahathma Gandhi are for practising not for just memorising for the sake of exams. Throw your guilty feelings about your mother to the winds & reincarnate as Barathi kanda pudhumai peNN.[Deepaku thondai thaNNi vathinadhudhan micham , our thyagasudar remains the same].On the contrary Tulasi becomes more philosophical about life. Advices patti. Quotes Kannadasan , prepares self to walk along  holding Vidhi's [fate] fingers. Irritated & upset patti shouts back that God has the power to change the so called Vidhi even at the last minute,  keeps her fingers crossed  for some miracle.


MM/ Padma clan all set to go for Pandak kaal function.Vel's car arrive to take them. All nicely decked , wardrobe courtesy Vel,  Mohan flaunts his branded dress , Oppukaga MM asks patti to accompany them..patti refuses. All drive away in the Osi car.

Patti Tulasi left alone in the house.Patti expresses her firm belief that "he" will definitely stop this wedding.  Tulasi wonders at the repeated use of "he" & wants to know who that "he" is & patti's fingers point at  Lord Muruga.



Rajesh,TA's registrar office friend ,develops cold feet as the D day draws closer. Consults the boss who warns of dire consequences , even loss of job or kambi counting if registrar & Vel get a whiff of it. So Rajesh safely takes the matter to registrar ,points out the similarity in names of the girl & her father in Anand's registration form & Vel's wedding invitation. Now the ball is in the registrar's court. Habba Rajesh heaves a sigh of relief.

Pandakkal padalam in full swing .MM family arrive. Vel upset at Tulasi's absence, but jollu viding at Pavitra, Padma squirms. Thru the function Vel is impatient & restless   making all monkey gimmicks [ Velku Vaal onnuthan baaki ].  Operation Pandhakkal nadal success.  Now all get ready for the next item of the programme ... vera enna dining hall padai edupputhan.  Alas , a van ,reversing speedily hits the pandhakkal uprooting it . Livid Vel beats up the driver , his henchmen , for their part ,give some dharma adi to the driver. Tilaka considers it as an ill omen ..Vel  brushes it off as  mooda nambikkai.

Registrar calls Vel & informs Tulasi/ Anand matter. Pochuda...the dormant doubting Thomas inside Vel wakes up .Takes MM aside. Accuses dad & daughter of  trying to cheat him. Informs about Tulasi's thiruvilayadal... of entering into thiruttu kalyanam at registrar's office with Anand.  First time MM gets irritated & angry with this sandheha pisasu , uses strong words while defending self & Tulasi , boldly looks at Vel's face & argue. Vel insists on calling MM's home to check. Convinces himself that Tulasi is still at  home. But doesn't trust her fully & doesn't want to take any chance. Hence decides to post 2 of his adiatkals as security at MM's house.MM detests the idea. Vel  then dismisses MM with a stern warning to show his other side if things go wrong this time. MM clearly shows his anger & displeasure on his face while leaving.[Habba ippothan MM ku udambila konjam  soodu soranai vandhirukku. Think  MM  will decide to stop the wedding  & put an end to the insult galore]

Vel calls PI Azhagapperumal. Muted conversation & instruction [ Thank God ].Finally  AP promises to take care of every thing.


 Hi friends missed this part in Tuesday's episode.

Charu's household receive the letter sent by Sudha along with Tulasi's photo. All are upset . Mother says they should have gone for an alliance suitable to their status. Charu brushes it off saying it is the handiwork of some miscreant.Father decides to go  to chennai to investigate



Updates by Srima

Discussion on letter going on in charu's house.  Mummy  daddy upset. But Charu has a valid point. The sender of the letter must be a close relative or a friend of TA family since the person concerned knew their  [ charu's]address & phone number.  Father decides get the truth from the horse's mouth & decides to meet TA/ Family personally. Charu also accompany.

It is a Sunday morning . Terror Sundari is in the bank waiting for TA. TA comes , goes to meet the Badrakali [ in his words ]. First archanai for entering her cabin with out knocking , lacks basic etiquette , no manners bla bla  . Second blow for taking his seat with out her permission. TS unhappy with him on Murugesan case...28 lakhs loan not a single instalment paid & TA sleeping over it. TA promises to get the full payment with in 2 days as the party has gone to Kula Deivam temple , will sell their  house & settle the full amount. TS dismisses him with a warning.

 TA decides to gate crash in to murugesan's house. Shock awaits him at there....House already sold to a North Indian couple who have purchased it  only after their lawyer  verified the documents & gave them a clean chit. TA's next stop is the hospital where he comes to know of Murugesan's true colours. Decides to see him one hand after Anand's wedding.

TA's house... Charu's father show them the letter ,TA's  mother starts her alapanai, & praises her son as thangam vairam manikkam etc etc, not to believe the letter ,Sudha  keliya suzhikking her lips ,Puviarasu & Lavanya sitting & standing like statues. TA comes shocked to mom crying, gets very upsets, gets to know the reason for her tears , suspects anni to be the anonymous author of the letter .Tells them that the photo girl's name is Tulasi , soon to be married to his friend Anand. All are relieved. Charu's father is convinced apologises . But TA is in no mood to accept the apologies & alliance of doubting jacks. So asks them to leave.



Thursday May 6th Updates

TA says I did not want to see drop of tears from my mom eyes and you guys have made her cry.. Charu gets excited hearing those words..  TA says I don't want to continue with this alliance.. Charu please walks out with your dad.. Charu's dad says I am sorry.. I have decided that you will marry my daughter the moment I heard your decision of not letting your mother cry at any point in life.. This shows how much love you will shower on your wife.. This is the best place for my daughter.. he says TA' mom lets do the engagement on 15th and marriage 2 months after that at Bangalore in a grand scale.. Sudha is angry.. TA says 15th not possible.. I have an important job.. His mom shuts him and agrees for 15th.. Charu's dad says lets do the engagement at your home since it is a gr8 place where you are happily living a contended life with your sons.. As they are about to leave, TA says pathumma don't come back again saying we got another letter and makemy mom cry again.. Charu says I did not come now on suspicion.. I took it as an opportunity to meet you.. TA ore vekkam.. TA's mom and lavanya laugh out.. Sudha kadu kadu..


TA at his bank.. he opens the loans original documents and gets to know that Murugesan has cheated him.. TS summons him.. he follows the etiquettes this time correctly .. TS asks him about Murugesan.. TA says 2 more days he will come back and pay up.. TS says too much of time is given.. If he does not pay up within next 10 days.. use his original house documents and arrange for selling his house to recover the debt.. TS is thiru thiru.. He sysy pavam madam avar.. TS says don't mix sentiments in business.. She walks out of her cabin and TA follows her.. TS says We are not running a dharma sthabanam to pity all of them coming with money problems.. If he does not pay in 10 days I will initiate criminal proceedings against that fellow.. I will report to the head office about you and you too will have to face criminal action.. TA is dumbstruck.. All this is heard by TA's friends and all staff at the bank.. TS leaves and friends ask TA about the reason for TS saying criminal case.. TA updates the Murugesan cleverly cheating him and kambi neetina matter to his friends.. They scolds TA for being so careless in his job and are prepared to help him in operation search Murugesan.. TA says that is not important now.. priority is Anand's marriage.. Come lets discuss about that..


Thulasi is ready to leave to the choultry.. ( beautifully dressed in a pattu pudavai with all jewels Vel gave her) .. In the other room Padma and her daughter Pavi are fighting for the mirror to deck themselves.. MM comes and asks if they are ready.. Padma chases Pavi to check if Thulasi is ready and occupies the mirror.. Pavi angrily storms into Thulasi's room and says you are ready na.. Come mom is calling you and storms out..  Thulasi tells patti we are now going to the choultry.. Tomorrow by this time my marriage will be over.. Nothing can be done now.. Let it happen as per Dad's wish. I wanted to study further .. But that has remained as a dream.. Patti says I have hopes on my Murugan.. He will save you.. We have a chance till the last minute before thali is tied around your neck..


TA at home getting ready to leave.. His mom stops him and scolds him for going out on the eve of his engagement.. TA says Anand's marriage I need to go.. mom shouts at him for doing this social service even after Charu's dad has expressed his displeasure..  TA says I will be what I am.. If he does not like.. Let him find another alliance for his daughter.. Mom says tomorrow when they are there you should be here.. TA says engagement in the evening.. I will be back by noon tomorrow.. Mom is upset.. She says I will kill myself if you are not here tomorrow.. TA says I will not marry Charu if you don't let me go.. I have promised Anand that I will help him.. Moreover I want to save that innocent girl Thulasi from the clutches of that oldie also a baddie Velayudham.. Mom says looks like you are going to clash with big heads.. Please don't land yourself in trouble and affect your koodeswraan FIL's prestige.. TA does not care.. he says I will not listen to anyone when it come to friendship and helping friends.. mom says you will prosper only when you leave those friends.. TA is upset.. Sudha is feeding her daughter and listening to all this.. Sudha says all the marriages TA conducts are problem prone.. looks like this one is starting with a big problem.. I feel this engagement will not happen tomorrow.. I think your son will marry Thulasi and come home malayum kazhuthuma tomorrow and embarrass us in front of all people.. Lavanya says anni don't say so.. he is doing a good job.. Sudha says you fuelling him like this and making him irresponsible guy.. TA says anni being irresponsible is acceptable but spoiling other's life is not.. Sudha gap chip (thirudnaukku thel kottina madiri !!)..  TA waives a bye .. Mom says do whatever you want but if you don't land up before your engagement you will see me a s a ponam.. She storms in and TA walks out with a shoulder bag.. Lavanya follows him to his bike and asks him if she could join him in his mission of saving a innocent girl.. TA says no you should get married and live a happy life.. I don't want you to be seen by rouges like Vel.. Lavanya wishes him all the best and TA leaves in his bike..



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FRIDAY 7-5-10


Thulsi is in her room..pavi asks her to get ready..patti repeats her usual dialogue "marriage wont happen he wil stop it"..tilaga arrives at thulsi's house and asks pavi to take arathi for thulsi..pavi rudely refuses ..tilaga ends up taking arathi..all of dem leave the thulsi walks out she looks back at her house..tilaga says all gals someday must lev der home and asks thulsi not to worry, a grand life is awaiting herDead..
the car leaves..a white ambassador follows dem..anand and TA are inside..anand is very restless..TA comforts him ..anand suddenly stops the car and tells TA that he wants to meet his parents ..TA asks him to meet his parents  after marrying thulsi..he refuses and gets down...TA leaves


padma and thilaga welcome everyone..patti tells thulsi not to worry and consoles her..thulsi tells patti ..appa thought ill runaway like my mom tats y i agreed for this..let appa be happy nothing in ma life has happened the way i wanted it to..patti tells her anytime anythn can happen marriage wont happen muruga wil come in some form and stop it..
thulsi asks patti whether deepa and kalyani would come..she is worried becz both of dem didnt like her getting married..patti asures her tat they would come ...
MM comes in and tells his mom ...thulsi is gettin married in such a huge hall..if not for vel none of this would have happened..patti is disgusted wid him..she threatens saying ppl tom will not bless her but wil come for ma funeral...MM shuts her..padma is outside seeing all this and warns him to be careful...
tilaga comes in ..asks thulsi to be ready for the reception and gives flowers..after tilaga lev's thulsi throws the flower on the bed...
vel is happily sittin in his room..2 ladies massage him,sets his hair,facial etcAngry...he looks at the mirror and comments ..i look ten yrs younger..lady behind him hits her headLOLLOL
he goes out and poses for a photo..padma praises himDead...he tells tilaga to take care of thulsi coz she is capable of anythn and appoints 2 gundas to sit outside her room...
deepa and kal arrive...vel smirks at her a flower ..nee yenoda kadhula poo vekalam nu try panne but here i am giving u keep it in ur head..she glares...padma sees dem is bit tensed...they go to thulsi room..thulsi is very happy..both deepa and thulsi hug and cry..
night time,TA is very tensed standing in front of a car and giving instructions to 2 men...


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Thanks for the update, Srima.Clap Oru maathiri rendu naallukku vanththaachu.. appadinaa aduththa vaaram thaan Thulasi - Vel wedding. Disapprove

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Atleast in this serial days move. Wonder how TA will take care of the pidivatha Thulasi. Does she ever wonder why her mother left her father??? Her philosophy was too much. Wish patti gave her one tight slap like Deepa. What is she going to achieve by proving her father wrong?
The son is so painful and all of them were shinning bright in Vels money after selling their daughter

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Thanks Srima for the update, feel like slapping  thulasi for her stupidity. Angry

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thanks srima...
i actually pity thulsi's husband!!!
i donno hw he wil put wid it vel or TA or anand!.Angry

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Thanks Srima
Thulasi is a good example of how being clever in studies is not the only thing that will get you far in life.

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Thanks Srima maa .. Thulsi stop singing the same old pallavi ... really wish TA stops Thulsi-Vels wedding ..

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Thanks Srima for the quick update Clap .. Poor Thulasi ... Got into trouble b'cos of tht loosu Anand .. hmm , wonder how TA will abduct her now Confused ??

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