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SR - Scene we would like to see..

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At Sanjeevni the day is about to end. Riddhima leaves the hospital and is walking through the parking and as she comes out of parking on the road looking for a taxi. A black motorbike stops next to her. She gets startled due to the sudden braking of the motorbike. Its a 500cc bike. The rider is wearing black leather pants and jacket. He is wearing black gloves with sweat-holes and a black helmet with silver lines on both sides of it. He keeps revving up the engine. Riddhima is puzzled to see the rider and wondering what does he want from her.
The rider shows her his left hand thumb and pushes in the forward direction, as if offering her a lift.
R: "kun hain aap?" she asks in a stern tone.
Rider: "aaiye main aap ko drop kar doon".
R: "sorry mere liye aap ajnabi hain".
Rider: "main ajnabi toh nahin hoon. Aaj taxi wale iss taraf nahin aa rahey hai, koi jaloos nikla hua hai, sarak band hain". He explains to her the reason for offering.

R: main ne kaha na, main ajnabion se baat nahin karti aur na hi unn ke saath motorbike par baithi hoon.
The rider on hearing this takes off his helmet. It is Sid and Riddhima is shocked to see him. Gives him a real nasty look.
S: "main ajnabi toh nahin!" he says softly.
R: "laiken main tumharey saath nahin jaa sakti."
S: "koi sawari nahin miley gi, aaj mushkil hai..main tumhey ghar chor doon ga.. "
R: "main paidal chali jaon gi.." she is adamant.
S: "main tumhey khaa nahin jaon ga.. aur iss baat ki fikr bhi nahin hai ke log kuch kahengay.." hinting her about their divorce not being effective.
R: "main tumse darti nahin hoon.." she starts to walk.
S: "Riddhima, sab dekh rahey hain, main ne kub kaha ke tum mujh se darti ho.." haath jortay huay "main hi tum se darta hoon."
Riddhima stops walking, gives it a thought and decides to accept his offer. She walks to the bike and steps on the foot rest and tries to hold the seat as not to touch Sid, she climbs onto the pillion seat. Sid understands that she does not wants to hold him. He revvs up the engine just to tease her as if he is going to fly off. Turns his head on his right side and asks "Ready!"
R: "Sid tez mutt chalana.." then a slowly adds "mujhe darr lagta hai"..
Sid slowly takes off and drives on the road. Riddhima is holding on tight to the backseat. She is maintaining her body distance from Sid. Sid is casually driving through the traffic and applies brakes at the traffic signal, Riddhima body moves forward with momentum and she places her hands on Sid back to stop herself from pressing on to Sid. Sid smiles. As the traffic signal turns green Sid revvs up and accelerates suddenly and Riddhima suddenly puts her right hand around Sid to keep her from falling back.
R: "Sid ahista chalao.." she hits on his back, twice but not very hard.
Sid slows down and turns his head to talk to her, "Sorry, powerful bike hai, khud hi tez ho jaati hai."
R: "Phir mujhay yahan uttar do.." she is not angry but slightly shaken.
S: "nahin, ab ahista chalaoon ga. Tum zara pakar kar baitho, kahin girr na jana" she is already holding him with her right hand and does not remove it.

Scene changes and Sid drives her through different roads and enters a beach. Riddhima realises and asks him "ye tum mujhay kahan laikar ja rahay ho."

S: "hum ghar hi ja rahey hain.."
R: "laiken ye to beach hai.." she is not happy being tricked.
S: "Mujhe iss bike ka engine check karna hai. Road par to traffic bahut hai, socha beach par kar laitey hain. Abhi shaam ka waqt hai, log bhi zyada nahin hain."
R: "Sid tum ne mujh se jhoot kaha.." she was becoming angry.
S: "buss 2 minute lagain gay.." Sid trying to convince her. He did not stop the bike once so as Riddhima might get off.
R: "Tum bike roko aur mujhay uttardo.." she pushes Sid from behind.
Sid drives the bike closer to the water as the sand is harder and its like driving on a hard surface. The water sprays from the tyres onto Sid and Riddhima and Riddhima says "mera dress geela ho raha hai."

S: "wapas ghar hi toh jana hai." but also drives slightly away from the water. He starts to gradually accelerate, 30..35..40..45..
R: getting panicky "Sid hum tez ja rahay hain, mujhay darr lag raha hai.."
S: "apni ankhen band kar lo, agar darr lag raha hai.." and continues to accelerate, 50..55..60..65

R: "Sidddddd! pleeeeeezzz! " she begs but Sid continues .. 70. 75. 80.. and suddenly Riddhima clasps Sid from behind with both her hands in a jhapi. Her body is pressed against his back, her left cheek is resting between his shoulder blades, her eyes tightly shut. And she is scared and holding him as if her life depended on him. Sid notices her jhapi and starts to slow down to relatively lower speed and then turns around making a tight turn and Riddhima yells as if on a roller coaster ride, "Ahhhissstaaaa!!!" He keeps the bike in a circle and Riddhima yells "Sid!! mujhay chakar aajayenge.."

Sid straightens the motor bike and slows it down and gradually stops and shuts down the engine. Riddhima stays in the same posture and holding him tight between her arms, hanging on to him with her eyes shut. Sid, takes off his helmet and waits for her to recover out of it. After few seconds Riddhima opens her eyes and looks at her own position and feels embarrassed about her weakness. She slowly removes her arms from around him and tries to get off the bike and feels dizzy and leans on to Sid for support. Sid raises himself from the seat and supports her with his arm, her body resting against his left arm and shoulder. She stays in the position for half a minute or so and recovers, and slowly walk away from him and stops at a few feet. Sid puts the bike on side stand. Open is side bag and pulls out a bottle of juice. Opens it up and walks towards Riddhima. She is looking down, slightly embarrassed and lost, as this all happened suddenly. He offers her the juice. She accepts it with a thanks. Sid takes off his jacket and lays it open on the sand and asks Riddhima "aao yahan baith jao.. " and he himself sits down. She looks at the jacket, then at Sid and slowly sits down next to him sipping the juice. They both are quiet and Riddhima says "tum ne juice nahin liya.."

S: "woh eik hi bottle thi..tumhe zaroorat thi, tumhay de diya.."
R: "Ye mujhse lay lo.. " she offers her juice.
S: "nahin nahin, theek hai.." he tries to be nice
R: "main bhi toh tumharey kehnay se lay lia tha.." she extends her hand. He takes it from her, and says "sara toh nahin pi liya?" Riddhima looks at him and is slightly amused. He takes a small ghoont and looks at Riddhima, if she was interested in taking it, she gestured no "nahin tum iss ko khatam kar do.."
Sid gulps it down in one go and throws the bottle away. And starts to take of his shoes.
R: "ye kya kar rahey ho?"
S: "Ab beach par aye hain toh paani main bhi jayengay.."
R: "Ghar nahin jana.." she resists
S: "Chale jayenge Riddhima.. 2 minute tehar jao!" After taking off his shoes he rolls up his trouser to knee height, and gets up. Riddhima is sitting on the jacket. Looking at him.
S: "Uttho Riddhima.."
R: "main paani main nahin jaongi.. "
S: "tum namak ki banni hui ho ke ghul jao gee.. " he uses sarcastic tone.
R: "Kaprey geelay ho jayengay.." she gives her reason

S: "Zahir hai paani kapron to geela hi karey ga.." then extends his hand for her to get up and says "thori dair main sookh bhi jayengay.." She takes off her sandals and gets up on her own, still avoiding Sids body touches.

They walk together on the sand towards the sea and stop where the seawater starts to touch their feet. Riddhima feels relaxed as the waters passes over her feet and the sand beneath her feet slides out with the ebbing water. The sea breeze is blowing Riddhimas hair and she does not try to hold them down. Sid looks at her from the side of his eyes. She is looking so beautiful. "ye hai woh jiss ko main jaan booj kar khona chahta tha?" he was thinking. Suddenly a slightly bigger wave came ashore and Riddhima jumped, enjoying herself and lost her balance and held on to Sids' hand. She quickly pulled herself away and said "sorry!!"

S: "abhi doob jaati toh.." he said smiling, because of her reaction as if she is going to drown in 2 inches of water.
R: "Paani ka kuch pata nahin hota..kubb baha ke lay jaye.." she said justifying her jump.
S: "chalo agay chal kar dekh laitay hain" he points towards the deep sea.
R: "paani ghaira toh nahin.." Sid offers his hand and Riddhima reluctantly accepts it and they start to walk into the sea. Small waves hit them just over shin level.. Riddhima is very excited, sea water passing thru her dress. She holds Sid's hand tightly.
Sid looks at her and says, "kahin meri haath ki hadian na torr daina..?" Riddhima is looking at the small waves coming towards her. They move into the sea taking small steps. The water reaches Riddhima's knee level, and the water flow becomes faster as the waves passes through.
R: "Sid! bus! Sid bus aur aagay nahin jana.." Sid laughs and says "kuch nahin honay daita tumhey.." and Riddhima looks at him. Trying to hold Sid's hand with both her hands. Sid looks at her and says "Riddhima tum jo bhi kaho laiken iss baat ko toh manti ho keh main tumhey kuch nahin honay doon ga. " as he says this a slightly bigger wave hits them and the water reaches at Riddhima's waist height.
R: "Sid meri cheekh nikal jayegi, hum doob jayengay.. " she is trying to hold Sid and Sid passes his left hand around her waist and holds her close to his body. Riddhima calms down and feels secure. Sid feels the softness of her body under his arms.
S: "Riddhima tum kabhi samandar main nahi ho?"
R: "Ye Naha hi toh rahi hoon, kapron ke saath." She replies not taking her eyes off the small waves coming to the shore.
S: "Kabhi poori paani ke ander gaye ho?"
R: "nahin Sid, mera saans ruk jayega.." she is not liking the idea.
S: "Aray baba yahan par hi neechay baith jayenge, wave humarey sar ke oper se guzaar jayegi."
R: "aur jo sara salt water pait main chala jayega.." Riddhima becomes stiff in anticipation.
S: "Dekho hum saans rok kar eik dum neechey baithen gay. Paani oper se guzar jaye ga. phir kharey ho jayenge.."
R: "Sid kahin maarr mutt daina issi bahaney!" she tells him
S: "Chalo saans ander kheencho, roko aur main boloon ga GO! to hum neechay baithen gay aur main tumhe khud hi oper lay aaon ga... ready.." Riddhima practises deep breaths and holds it for few seconds. Then nods. Sids arms is around her waist. She puts both her hands over her face. As Sid sees a wave approaching he says "ok, saans lo, roko and GO!!" and he lowers himself in the water taking Riddhima down along with him. He stays down for 5 seconds and after the water crosses over their heads he stands up pulling Riddhima along. As she comes out of her water, she starts to cough as she took in some water.
S: "main ne kaha tha saans rok ke rakhna.. zyada paani toh nahin pi liya, pehlay hi samandar main paani kam hai," he jokes with her. She coughs more and spits out the water and make faces and suddenly another wave hits them and she is not ready she jumps onto Sid, putting her arms around him. Sid likes this and touches her hair. They stand like this in waist deep water and time is passing by..
S: "eik dafa aur karen?" Riddhima tries to get away from him.
R: "Nahin kissi bhi soorat main nahin." and suddenly yells "Sid! mere paon par se koi cheez guzari hai.."
S: "Koi crab ho ga" and Riddhima starts to yell and jump in the water. Sid slightly bends and lifts her up in his arms. She passes her hands around his neck. Riddhima is staring in his eyes, and Sid looking back into hers. As the waves pass it slightly lifts up Riddhima bringing her closer to Sid.
S: "Ab try karen, paani ke ander.."
R: "Sid mere sarey baal kharab hogaye hain."
S: "Riddhima, baal bhi kharab, dress bhi sara geela.. ab kiya problem hai.. get ready.. on the count of three." Sid watches the approaching wave and count 1....2...(riddhima takes a deep breath and holds) ..3 as Sid is about to lower himself in water, Riddhima clings herself around Sid neck, her face is on Sid's neck and arms fully around his neck. Sid cheeks touch her cheeks as they go under water and he stays there for 10 seconds and Riddhima moves her body and pushes Sid's cheek with hers indicating him to surface. He surfaces and she continues to cling to him like a child. She was able to hold her breath till the end. Sid could feel her soft body against his chest. He stands their just mesmerized by this new feeling he had with her closeness.
The sun is setting at the horizon and Sid turns around slightly to show her the sunset.
S: "Woh daikho sunset."
They both watch the sun setting into the water. They kept staring at the horizon even after the sun had set, watching the orange color of the sky.
S: "Chalen.." asks her
R: "nahin 2 minute aur." she says enjoying the closeness of Sid, the man she got married to but never came as close as today.
S: "ye 2 minute mere waley toh nahin, jo main bol kar tumhey yahan laya tha.." Sid reminds.
R: "ho bhi saktey hain." she replies in a soft voice. Sid was never spoken to like this before.
S: "Mera kya hai, main toh sari raat tumhey iss tarah laiker karha reh sakta hoon. log samjhen gay ke main koi jaap shaap kar raha hoon." he smiles and Riddhima also smiles.
R: "ye tumahara jaap hi hai Sid.." she speaks softly, and there a certain liking in her voice. As sea breeze blows, Riddhima shivers and Sid notices that and starts to walk out of water towards the motorbike. He is still carrying her, now water is dripping from her dress. Riddhima realizes that they have come out of water and says "Sid mujhay ab neechay uttar do.."
S: "Tumhey muft ki sawari mili hui hai, jacket par ja kar tumhe land karonga." he is very joyful. Today was something which he never felt in his life. As they reach near the bike, he lowers her onto the jacket and she stands there. Looking at her dress, all wet and clinging to her body. She touches her hair and its sticking on her face and she says to Sid "Ye tum ne mera kya haal bana diya hai, bilkul churail lag rahi hoongi.."
S: "Na baba main tumhey churail toh bilkul nahin kahoonga. kum-az-kum aaj toh nahin lag rahi." Sid takes out a small towel from his bike's side bag. Riddhima starts to straighten her dress, tries to dry herself up. Sid puts on his shoes and gets ready..

Scene changes, they reach at Riddhima's father house where she is staying. Sid parks the bike and she get off, Sid sits there.
R: "Sid darwazay tuk nahin aao gay, Papa intezar kar rahey hongay, unn say mil bhi laina." Sid gets off the motorbike, places the helmet on its rear view mirror and walks with Riddhima. They reach at the main door of the house.
S: "Riddhima, aaj ki shaam mere liye bari yaadgar raheygi... aur tumhara bahut shukriya." he is blushing, not sure whether admitting to Riddhima made him blush or thanking her?
R: "Shukriya kiss baat ka Sid?.. lift to tum nay di thi.." she enjoys Sid's condition and smiles.
S: "main eik baat kahon tum bura toh nahin mano gi? " she asks her
R: "nahin Sid, tum bolo." she holds his hands affectionately.
S: "Riddhima...... aaj shaam main ne apnay aap ko tum se bahut kareeb mehsoos kiya hai...... aur pehlay aisa kabhi bhi nahin hua."
R: "kyun nahin Sid..main bhi aisa hi mehsoos kar rahi hoon.. aur yeh baat kabhi bhi mushkil nahin thi." She moves closer to Sid as if she wants him to hug her. He immediately runs his arms across her and hugs her gently, but she is keeping both her arms folded between their bodies.
R: "Hum saath toh karhay hai laiken poori tarah se eik nahin huay hain.." she tells Sid, "aur agar hum apney beech say sari fazool batein, shak waighaira nikaal dain " and she removes her arms from in between their bodies and puts them around his waist. "toh humarey darmain se sub kuch hutt jata hai aur ham itnay zyada nazdeek aajatey hain." Sid could feel her entire body against his and he understood what she was trying to make him understand.
S: "Will you do me a favor Riddhima? Will you kick me in my back for being so stupid." Riddhima laughs and comes out of the hug. She opens the main door, it was locked and Dr. Shashank was not at home. She turns back to look at Sid who is gazing her as if he is lost.
R: "Sid, ander nahin aaogay? aa kar naha lo, sara sea water saaf ho jayega" the softness in her voice is pulling the earth under his feet, sucking him into the door.
S: "Riddhima, if I enter today, I will never be able to leave.." Sid was lost into this new feeling
R: "Sid, eik biwi aur kiya chahaye gi.." she almost talks to herself
S: "Riddhima, I can't say no to you. Agar tumahrey papa aa gaye to shaamat aajayegi, aisa kartey hain ke toss kartey hain." He takes out a coin from his pocket. "head or tail, Riddhima your call."
R: "heads.. and you will come inside.. right!"
S: "Right Riddhima.." and tosses the coin in the air.

to be continued..........


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omggggggggggggg this is beautifull!!1 love ittttttttt!!
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That was soo cute.
I hope it's heads, lol. :P
Continue soon pleasee.
You write really well btw.
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omg omg omg
its totally fantastic

i dont know abt sidhima
but i definitely want to have the water scene someday with my hubbyTongue
its completely out of the world

plz plz plz update it sooooooooooooon

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Kelly Evans

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awn that was sooooooo cute! :D
waiting for more!
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Originally posted by mariaa.xo

That was soo cute.
I hope it's heads, lol. :P
Continue soon pleasee.
You write really well btw.



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Hats-off to u Mars for writing such a beautiful SR Scene which conveys every emotions & feelings.ClapClapThumbs Up
I want Heads.
Kya Mars,Plz Jaldi Toss karo aur aage likhoon.
Plz we r waiting for this.
Brilliant piece of writing.Clap

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beautifully writtenClap..wonderful scene and so romantic..i love!!Embarrassed..please do continue!! Smile

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