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neha9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 November 2005 at 12:25pm | IP Logged

Ishq Sumander- Part 2


This is a continuation of another Fan-Fiction; if you havn't read that please read the first half of it here is the link to it:  Ishq Sumender First Half 

The fan fiction was started by Soni and I continued it from about page 17 or 18.


Small Character Analysis:

Kripa Sharma: Now lives in Vancouver, Canada. She lives with a friend Amby. Kripa is the owner of a fashion company, the brand 'Envy.' Beside Amby, Kripa is best friends with Nick, Nikhil Arora, for who she worked for the first six months before she had enough funds to open her own company. Today she is the richest Indian in Canada, and the most successful Fashion Designer in the world.

Nikhil Arora: A Casanova, owner of 'Desire' But spends more time with Kripa and in her office. He loves Amby, but hasn't told her. Nikhil shares a very close relation with Kirpa. He's the least worried about his company because it's his father who actually runs the company. Nikhil will soon be shocked when a new turn is taken in his life.

Amber Kapoor: Better Known as Amby, A close friend to Kripa and Nick. Doesn't love Nick. She is always trying to hook up Kripa with guys so Kripa can be happy, but it never works out. Amby lives with Kripa and helps Kirpa with her work.

*****Other things will be added soon!


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neha9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 November 2005 at 12:29pm | IP Logged

This part was also posted in the first half.  This is the first part to the second half.  The next part should be up very soon! Enjoy.

Again, you might want to read the first half before reading the second half here is the link again.

First Half

A beautiful figure in the middle of the yard, surrounded with red flowers and green grass. It was still quite dark out, most likely five thirty in the morning. She breathed in and out, in and out, calmly, taking everything off her mind, relaxing her body, mediating. The task went on until the sun rays started to touch her eyes and distract her, she finally opened her eyes her beautiful brown eyes looking into the rising sun. Her eye color looked even a lighter brown as she looked into the sun, within the matter of seconds the sun was up high and she looked away and stood up stretching. She was dressed in pink sweats and a white tank top with a light pink jacket zipped to her mid stomach. She looked beautiful, her fair complexion under the sun made her look pure. She went into her warm house and glanced at the clock. "Six-fifteen" She whispered. She entered her room, and opened the curtains, letting the sun spread in her room. Then she opened the window and stretched her arms, her hair flying around her face. She smiled looking at the melting snow on the rooftop of the house across from her, it was just beautiful. She leaned against the side of the window and smiled. She just stood there for a few minutes when she heard the soft tap of her door. She turned around and smiled.

"Good Morning Amby." She said, her voice warm and greeting.

"Good Morning, the star of today, Ms. Kripa Sharma! How's the hottest Fashion Designer this beautiful morning." Amby greeted, walking to her with a cup of coffee.

"So the new traveled!" Kripa said sipping her coffee.

"As quick as fire." Amby said, sitting on the bed. "Every news paper, the front page had the news- 'Kripa Sharma- the only Indian designer ever nominated for the Fashion Designer of the year!'" Kripa grinned, as Amby spoke. "You have got what you wanted Kripa." She said walking to her, and hugging her tightly, the two friends parted and Amby looked at Kripa, her eyes sparkling. "Kripa you have got everything you have ever wanted, your life is perfect! Your so lucky!" Amby sighed and went into her dreamland as Kripa made a 'I wish' look on her face. "What?" Amby asked.

"Nothing darling, I'm going to go take a shower and then we have to leave for office." Kripa gave her cup to Amby and left into the bathroom with her towel.

"Oh, that Kripa Sharma, she's never going to change." Amby sighed sipping her coffee.

Kripa Sharma, living in Vancouver, Canada for the past two and a half years. After she moved to Canada and started to work as a small fashion designer for a company named, Desire. After six months at working at the company Kripa had collected enough funds to open her own company and she opened her own Fashion Brand, 'Envy.' And after the hard work of two years she got her self a name that she is the richest Indian in Canada, and the most successful designer in the country, most likely the most successful, Indian, female, designer in the world. 'Envy' was popular in every city of the world. Most work the brand, and some could only dream to wear the brand. Kripa Sharma was living with Amby, a dear friend she had made in the past years. Amby worked with Kripa, just assisted her. Kripa lived in a very small house, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and a very small back yard. Well, maybe it wasn't to small, but too small for what she could afford.

Adi was in India, still in a boarding school. He had refused to come with Kripa. Kripa let Prithvi's family have rights over Adi, and the would visit her often, but Dadi was the one would fully take care of her. Adi didn't like to see Kripa too much any more. Adi was 10 and he had enough sense to know why he didn't like his Mom very much any more. Kripa had Adi when she was quite young, and she was still quite young.

Kripa had started to live a very easy life. She was very busy at times, but made such an agenda that allowed her to manage almost everything. But then there would be days when she would work 24/7. And then she had days when she took off and sat at home watching movies all day. Kripa had forgotten everything, she had compelled her self to forget that she was once married to Prithvi, after his death to Angad, she even made herself forget that she was a mother of a ten years old. But at the same time she wouldn't move on with her life. Kripa had dated many guys in the past two years but just to make Amby happy, and let her know she was trying to move on with her life. She wanted to, but at the same time she was to scared. Scared history might repeat it self again and again. Besides Amby, Kripa had a close friend Nick, or actually Nikhil Arora he was Indian, owner on Fashion House "Desire." Nick, was a very close friend and nothing more. Nick loved Amby but Amby didn't have a single clue. She didn't know herself what she felt about Nick, Nick was a Casanova, and therefore, his job was to flirt with both Kripa and Amby. Of course more with Kripa because he knew Amby would give him a nice long lecture if he didn't anything misbehaving with her. Kripa didn't mind because she knew how Nick was, and Nick knew his limitations. Kripa had met Nick before Amby and therefore, Nick knew more about Kripa. Nick shared every relation with Kripa, he was older to her, he treated her like his sister, his friend, and sometimes Kripa would treat Nick like his son. Nick's and Kripa's relation just couldn't be named. They knew how to fight like brother sister, wife and husband, (which they did for fun when they saw another couple fighting) and as two good friends.

But behind all these smiled and happiness Kripa was a depressed person. She still, after two years, cried at nights wishing Angad would be by her side to embrace her and then tell her how much he loved her. Kripa loved Angad, she knew this, and no matter how much she would totally forget him but at times something would happen and Angad would stand in front of her smiling, crying, and sometimes teasing her. Kripa didn't know where Angad was right now, she hadn't seen him in two and a half years. But she did know he was no longer in India. Kripa was in contact with Dadi due to Adi, and Dadi had started living with Josh who had married Aaliya after she divorced her husband. No one knew where Angad was, no one but perhaps Angad himself.


I know what you guys look like after reading this part- Angry 

I will continue tomorrow as i know what the story is now. LOL I was confused Embarrassed  If I don't everyone send me PM's LOL  Or just do to remind me. Embarrassed  Sorry.

I know Adi's age dosen't make sense just imagne, don't want to make Kripa to old.  LOLEmbarrassed  Nick is played by Vikas Bhalla, AKA C.J or Jeet from Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahie, or Akshay from the latest, Ek Ladki Anjani Si. Tongue  Amby, I have no Idea.  You can imagin who you want.  Any questions about the new twist? :P Confused




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Originally posted by Evee

adi broke my heart Cry

how can he not care about kripa....

kripa broke my heart too Cry

how can she not know where angad is... why dosent she try ti find out where he is, why did she leave adi Cry

angad Angry GET BACK NOW!!!

Relax evee! You'll know soon! Tongue

Pooja922 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 November 2005 at 12:37pm | IP Logged
nice!!!...cont soon!!
zarna IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 November 2005 at 12:38pm | IP Logged
neha read this part in the other one
its really nice
continue soon
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awsome neha!!! Clap Clap Hmmmm i am dying to know why Kripa left angad!! If ye Prithvi ke kaam hai to mein aaka Prithvi ko batati hoom meri damaag mein kya hai!! Angry Angry Mujko twist chiya tha lakin itni bari twist nahin!!!!! Cry Confused
neha9 IF-Rockerz

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Kripa entered her cabin through the large glass doors and put her files down turning the lights on. Like every morning she was the first one at the office. She walked to her chair only the find someone sitting on it. The chair was turned and she saw the head. "Who is this?" She asked walking a little slower to her chair. "Who is this?" She yelled a little louder. Suddenly the chair turned and Kripa saw a man with a mask sitting there. Kripa jumped back and closed her eyes tightly. The next thing she heard was someone laughing. She slowly opened her eyes and saw Nick standing there, cracking up. "Nikhil Arora, I will kill you!" Kripa grabbed a file and hit smashed it on his head, still quite scared.

"I'm sorry." He said still chuckling. Kripa gave him a mean look and pushed him out of the way and sat down picking up the glass of water. "Did I scare you that much?" He asked feeling sorry now.

Kripa stood up and yelled, "Yes!"

"Oh! I'm sorry!" He walked to her and hugged her. "It won't happen again. Promise."

"It better not, and anyways how did you get in?" Kripa asked slapping his head.

"Oh you know me!" He said in naughty tones.

"Shut-Up Nikhil A-"

"It's Nick darling!" Kripa rolled her eyes and sat down again. "Where's Amby?"

"I don't know. She left to do some work." Kripa said turning her laptop on and opening up a few files, singing checks.

"Kirpa, will you ever learn to breath?" Nick asked, as Kripa looked up at him and smiled.

"Never, I don't have time to breath anymore!" Kripa said, trying to sound normal.

"I know that!" The staff had started to arrive and Nick decided to order him a coffee, while his coffee arrived he sat just observing Kripa. His coffee was soon there and he picked up the news paper, only to find Kripa's picture on the front page. "Kripa, what are you doing on the front page of the news paper?" He asked.

"I think I won a prize for being able to handle you! That's why I'm on the front page." Kripa said grinning. Nick smiled at her and read the news, really happy for Kripa.

"I'm really proud of you Kripa!" Nick said putting the paper down.

"Thanks Nick." Kripa said still looking at her laptop. "Nick I have to go to a meeting, I'll see you later!"

"Which meeting?"

"Well, I'm designing for the Awards this year so I have to go meet the producers." Kripa said gathering her files and putting her laptop in a case.

"Ok, you want to meet for lunch?"

"Ok, get Amby as well, and SMS me the place you guys will be at, I'll meet you there!" Kripa rushed out the glass doors.

Nick turned and watched her rush out, still doing many things at once. Stopping to talk to some workers, singing papers. "She's pagal!" He said smiling.


Kripa stopped her beautiful Lexus 2006 SC 430, in front of a grand office and then looked at her watch. She was a fifteen minutes early. She had enough time to get her self another cup of coffee. She parked her car and gathered her stuff and went to Starbucks. After buying herself a cup of Espresso she went into the office. She entered the elevator with a few other ladies and men. Floor after floor they got out and she was left alone. Finally her floor came and she made an exit from the elevator and pushed open the brown doors with her hips and entered the board room. She was still quite early, five minutes. She set her stuff down and reviewed her presentation one more time, making minor changes. As she finished members started to arrive. And finally the head arrived. Everyone stood up, and Kripa and the young man shook hands. "How are you doing Luke?" Kripa asked him sitting down.

"Great!" Replied the very handsome blue eyed man. "How is the always there before time Kripa doing?" He asked.

"Couldn't be better!" Kripa said happily.

"The same answer like every time huh?" Kripa smiled and winked. They smiled. The meeting was called to order. Kripa and Luke had worked together in many projects. And this wouldn't be the last. Kripa had been designing for the Awards night for the past two years. Not just the outfits but even the sets.

Kripa took a deep breath, she had done this many times but it was a first every time, she stood up and started the presentation on the slide. Explaining each and every concept, every color and every design. She was clear about everything, and that's why people enjoyed working with her. She would do the job so perfectly that no would need to question her. She finished the presentation and everyone clapped for her and the work was on. The awards were in three months, more than enough time for Kripa. She had done her job with the outfits, they were designed, and the fabrics were here, she just had to tell her workers to start putting everything together. As far as the sets were concerned, she would be there 24/7, Amby would take care of the outfits while she would work on the sets more.

Like always after Kripa finished a presentation she took Angad's picture out of a small box and held it close to her smiling.

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Originally posted by simplyconfused

awsome neha!!! Clap Clap Hmmmm i am dying to know why Kripa left angad!! If ye Prithvi ke kaam hai to mein aaka Prithvi ko batati hoom meri damaag mein kya hai!! Angry Angry Mujko twist chiya tha lakin itni bari twist nahin!!!!! Cry Confused

LOL its ok dont cry LOL

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