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Episode No 1   Monday    26/4/10
Updates by Rojapooo

Annamalai Sweet Stall - this is where the story starts - konjam kaaramaa !!! Tamizharasi is our heroine - All the people in the shop wish her and if u thought that she owns the place, think again. Tamizh's dad, Annamalai by name comes there and happily takes money from the collection - Tamizh tries to stop him vain..
"Delhi poganum, Minister ai parrkkanum...blah blah " ( loosu paiyya loosu paiyya loosu paiyya Roja intha serial ai update panna poraa - BG by Roja) Tamizh is begging him to leave the place and put the money back but daddy says that it is his shop and he has every right to take the money.  Well, the pleading and refusing goes on for a while ..the rest of the staff are watching a free drama......there comes
Ashok ( Dileepan of TMS) whose father is the owner of the sweat oopsss sweet stall. Roja is given to understand that Annamali was the owner and had to loose all his welath due to some unforeseen problems. Ashok shouts at Annamalai " this is our shop and you
are stealing??" Annamalai says that he has not sold the shop
" registration is in my name !!! And I gave it to your dad only in lieu of the money I owe !!!" To cut a long story short, Ashok necks out A.Malai who lands ...bang in the nadu theru....(Rojaaaa, intha nadu theru conference room unnai vidaathu pole irukke di !!) Ashok
tells Tamizh that she must make sure to keep her dad off this stall "illatta, next time avar kooda you will also be thrown out. gotcha??"

Tamizh cries in the nadu theru, chides her dad for being a loosu paiyyan.." now now get this straight. We owned this......once upon a time.... not any are just the father of Tamizharasi who works here " Dad is in a challenging mood - "oru naal I will get this stall back... wait and watch sonny boy..." - leaves.Tamizh
cries in the nadu theru some more ..suddenly realizes that she has some august audience... decides to go back to the shop. Priya, a co-worker wants to know as to why Tamizh wants to work in a place which belonged to her " is it not a painful thing for you?? And to
be intimidated by Ashok like this??" Tamizh says that she is confident of getting back this shop "my dad will own this again. I will make sure.  I may not have the money but I have the urge and confidence. Na jeyichu kattuven paaru.."

The A.Malai household - he has four daughters and only one wife (Thank God for small mercies !!!) - Tamizh, Kavitha (loosu of Megs) , Swathi and Vasanthi. We all know that Tamizh works in the sweet stall. Kavitha is working and studying - long distance education. Swathi goes to the college. The last one Vasanthi looks as if she has inherited the loosu trend from daddy dearest. Alangara paithiyam - amma kitte irunthu 50 rs thirudi eye liner, powder nnu dhool panniyirukku ( hmmm athu use pannina athani things um vaanga 50 rs pOrumaa?? India le ellam romba costly !!) Dress pannindu enge pOrathaam??? Dish washing kku !!! Some lighthearted  banter from Swathi.... dad fumes over the incident in the sweet stall. Amma
( Lachu of Megala) says that they all have to go for a wedding but appa refuses " appO ellam car le pOi erangi thousands of rupees gift kuduppen..ippO watchman kooda mathikka maattan, I am not coming.." Just then Tamizh arrives - amma asks her to get ready "namba ellarum pOittu varalaam..." Tamizh does not want to but Vasanthi wants to "periya kalyaanam..nalla saapidalaam.." Tamizh feels bad and agrees. A neighbor lady comes and gives rs.1000 to amma (Meenakshi) - for the wedding. She also brings a saree "pOna maasam seetu le u got lucky Meena" . Vasanthi eyes the saree with glee but says that one of the others who go out must take it. The girls decide to draw lots - each write their name and the neighbor lady picks. Well, it is Vasanthi who gets lucky..... Roja got to know that it is Vasanthi's B'day the next day and all the sisters wrote her name ..ore paasa mazhai.... amma, appa and neighbor lady are gloating..


Updates by Eljay
Roja, what have you gotten me into?  My heart sinks at the thought of the next two years!

Update for Tuesday, April 27, 2010 - episode 2:

Paasa mazhai under way - Vasanthi is sobbing and thanking her sisters for letting her get the sari.  Neighbor says she has seen sisters fighting over a sari, she is seeing sisters vittu kuduthufying for each other here.  They go and get ready.

Everyone arrives at the mandapam.  Vasanthi seems to be a loosu - gets all excited over a rose on the sign, fusses when Tamizh asks mom to give the gift because she wants to be in the photo and video.  They all go together to give the gift, Vasanthi goes and stands beside the bride.  They get ready to leave, Vasanthi wants to eat, someone insists that they should all eat, Vasanthi is the most excited by this, they all go to eat.  Tamizh meets some long-lost friend there, stops to talk, tells Kavitha to take the others in, and stands and talks.  Vasanthi gets excited over finding five seats together, fusses over finding only one poriyal, keeps asking for more while Kavitha tries to hush her.  One lady sees her acting silly like this, looks disapproving, sees someone who is looking for a seat, and takes that person to the extra seat beside Vasanthi, and V says that it is reserved for her sister.  Lady 2 goes away, Lady 1 goes to the sambandhi amma, and asks her who that kootam is.  Sambandhi amma says it is a family known to them, actually related, and Lady 1 tells her about Vasanthi getting all excited at the sight of food, and it looks like they came there just to eat.  Tamizh is standing there and she hears the whole conversation.  She gets upset and goes and tells Vasanthi to get up.  Mom protests, Vasanthi wants to take the laddu, but Tamizh drags her away. 

Tamizh goes to the sambandhi amma and Lady 1 and tells Lady 1 that they are not "sOthukku alaiyaravanga,", oru timele they also lived well and fed 100 people daily, they came there only because sambandhi amma insisted that they should all come, their gift is worth more than the food.  Mom says that she brought her daughters not to eat, but hoping to find a good match for them there.  By this time, the whole mandapam is watching them, and Tamizh turns around to explain this to them, and asks them to continue eating (what?  and miss all this wonderful drama?)

They all go home in an auto and dad welcomes them.  (How did they all fit in there?  I remember having a hard time with just my cousin and my niece, how did five women fit in there?)  Mom tells Tamizh to cut the onions for uppuma, he asks them why they are eating uppuma after kalyaana saappaadu, Vasanthi complains that Tamizh didn't let them eat.  He wants to know if they said something kurachal about their gouravam, Kavitha says that they have no gouravam to begin with, how can it be lessened?  He gets angry and says that it is all mom's fault for taking all of them to the marriage, mom and dad trade insults over who is responsible, dad swears that he will make her proud of him again and goes away.  Tamizh goes to talk to him, sending Kavitha to help mom and Swati to console Vasanthi.  He tells Tamizh to console mom, who may end up not eating out of anger over dad. 

In the kitchen, Kavitha is cutting onions, (very delicately!), and mom tells her to give the uppuma to dad, because she is afraid he won't eat because she shouted at him, Tamizh hears this, smiles to see mom and dad caring for each other so much.

Dad is fuming over this loss of gouravam and blames Kandasamy for all this, and curses him saying, Avan naasama poiduvaan.  Then they show someone saying that Kandasamy Annaachi nalla irukkanam, and guess who this Annaachi is?  None other than RK of Anandam fame.

Thodarum ...


Sorry about Lady 1, Lady 2 etc.  I didn't catch their names.

Updates by Rojapooo
Wednesday 28/4/10 Episode No 3

Introduction of Kandasamy and family - the same Kandasamy
who gets the curse from Annamalai " I lost every thing because
of him, avan naasamaa pOiduvaan "
(habba, intha dialog writers
kku ellam negative words illatha dictionary vaangi kudukkanum !!)
Just as A.Malai curses K.Samy, a couple do just the opposite
"neengalum unga kudumbamum nalla irukkanum" Well, the reason??? K.Samy gives some money to them for their daughter's wedding. The couple leave after "intha help ai naanga marakkave mattOm" and Mrs.K.Samy ( Sulakshana of yen soga kathai yai kelu thai kkulame - awwwww,  Roja kku Malargal ninaippu varrathe ..Sammyyy, Daaasaaaaaa, enge pOittinga??) looks sad. Reason??? She has 3 sons and none of them are married.

Roja kathai solla poraa - K.Samy kku oru younger bro. Purana kaalathu Lakshman - annan kizhicha kOttai thaanda mattar. The mother looks at both her sons and feels proud. Brother kku oru daughter + 2 padikkaraa. She goes to the temple and comes with prasadam - Roja gets to know the family Muthukumar, Saravanan and Karthik . Moonum moonu ragam. Muthukumar has a grocery shop. Saravanan has a white collar job and so has his nose up in the air. No 3 Karthik oru sidu moonji - karla kattai, untidy room nnu jool vittundu irukku. K.samy's father deserted his wife and sons -
engiyO Odi pOittaram , so oru new character might knock at our doors ... any time sooner or later !!!

Premalatha - athai ponnu comes. To cut a long story short, Muthukumar jollu vittufies at Prema but she has her eyes on Karthik. Karthik chases her from his room...from his if she is a rabid dog !!! Paatti teaches Kamasutra lessons to grand daughter " velile thaan vallu vallu nnu vizharaan, he hides his love for you ..deep inside" Pethi is skeptical. Just then, a few men come and hand over
a bike to K.Samy "you buy our products and this year you have bought for the maximum, this is our gift.." The three boys eye the bike with greed written large in their eyes..what follows
next is absolutely juvenile - the three overgrown men do a "kudumi pidi" sandai for the bike. Finally, the 3rd son brings a match box "enakku illatha bike vera yarukkum illai da" - burns the bike ...the elders are distraught but the sons could not care less. They all leave. The rest , including the + two girl are shocked. K cries, his mom lends eye support, the girls are shocked and Mrs.K has a wise crack ready "oru kalyanam ( one??? all the 3 are dhadi maadus !!) pannitta sariya pOidum" Now K.Samy is livid "kalyanamaa??? Oru kalyanam
nammai paduthinathu pOraatha??? Look at my brother and his daughter - wife less mummy less !!!!" Visions of some one burning "ayyooo ammma ammma" ... Mother cries.....


Episode - 4        Thursday - 29.4.10 By Laksh

Credits to

Thamizh , Kavitha (Kavi) , Swathi are getting ready to leave .. Vasanthi wears the new saree & shows it to sisters .. Kavi wish her & says she look pretty .. Swathi (she is the youngest , says vasanthi akka) teases her saying , she'll win miss.west mambalam title .. Thamizh too compliments her sis for her part .. Vasanthi takes her mom's blessing .. Annamalai wonders why .. Later apologises for forgetting the special occasion .. Vasanthi takes his blessings too .. A.malai feels bad to see his empty pocket .. Thamizh offers him Rs.100 .. A.malai gifts it to b'day baby .. Assures to celebrate her next b'day in a grand manner .. Vasanthi shows her displeasure .. As he never fulfills hs promises .. Reminds her dad & Thamizh abt the same assurance , they gave her for last b'day .. Asks for cake cutting ceremony .. Mom chides her .. Says there is no panam kaaichi tree .. Thamizh comes for sisters rescue .. Promises to have a celebration .. Convinces her mom tht it would be a relaxation for Vasanthi , who stays at home all day .. Gives Vasnthi Rs.500 & tells her to make arrangements ready in the evening .. Thamizh then says she is leaving to court .. Tells her dad to accompany her .. He refuses saying , he needs to meet mavatta seyalalar reg some loan issues .. Further asks for Rs.500 to hire an taxi .. Thamizh hesitates , but then gives him the amount she saved to get bus pass ..

Muthukumar ( think i got his name right , Gopal from idhayam) returns home .. Krishnaveni (Veni) offers some food for him .. Prema comes with her mom Janaki (Gobi's sister easwari from Metti oli) .. MK face la 1000 watts bulb hearing Prema .. after a formal talk with MK , both ladies go to kitchen .. Veni sends Prema with kaara chutney to serve her son .. MK gets to know tht Janaki has come to talk abt Prema's wedding ... MK face la appadi oru pragasam LOL .. In kitchen Janaki opens the wedding topic ... Veni says she knows Prema loves Karthik .. And gives assurance for their marriage .. Pazhaniappan (Kandhaswamy's brother , robot from kolangal) comes with groceries .. Veni says she is looking for nice brides for her two sons .. And they can conduct Karthik - Prema wedding once the elder brothers get settled .. Janaki is all happy .. Pazhani gives oru unclassified look Embarrassed ..

MK tries to wash his hands in the plate .. Prema stops him .. Adds not to waste chutney .. And has food from the same plate Dead... By now , u all would know abt MK's reaction WinkLOL ... Loosu Prema also takes the jasmine flowers he has got for swami .. MK jollu vittunde goes to store ....

A Periyavar (Kandhaswami appa??) takes milk in a coconut shell from a lady .. Drinks it & goes to a murugan temple .. conveniently sits in the middle of a step .. Other oldies yell at him .. Tells him to go sit in a corner .. He doesn't care .. A couple climb the stairs with a thamboola thattu .. Periyavar stops them & tells them to go home right then .. Adds he has something to do at home .. Wife says he looks disturbed . give some money .. Hubby drops a 1 rupee coin .. Periyavar tells him to take it back , as he'll need it soon [Pochuda , death ?? athuvum friday kaa .. suththam Angry] .. Wife says they have come to give first invite to god .. Periyavar stresses tht they have some theetu & not to go inside temple .. Other oldies chide him & send the couple .. Hubby climbs couple of steps , gets a call .. Well , his son met with an accident & is no more .. Couple does an RKO & run home .. Other oldies thank Periyavar with folded hands .. One asks how he got to know .. Periyavar replies he deal directly with lord murugan EmbarrassedLOL ..

Kandhaswamy (KS) prays for the unity of his sons & breaks a coconut .. Periyavar gets hurt .. KS apologizes & offers his angavasthram to wipe his blood .. Periyavar refuses to take it ... Adds all blood are same .. KS recognizes him as his father .. Thanks murugan .. Asks why he lfet them .. Periyavar replies he went to kailayam .. KS offers to take him home .. He refuses & says his house is too small .. Further says some thathuvam , for you , veede ulagam ; for me , ulagame veedu .. KS tries to convince him .. Further asks why is beggar state .. Periyavar angrily says he only came begging to murugan , seeking unity among his sons .. KS is dumb struck .. says you are no human , but a god .. Also asks if god will listen to his prayers .. Periyavar says there is only one solution for his problems .. And it's to bring all 3 DIL's from one family , means siblings .. Assures tht will happen , as it's fate [Appo MK thaan thamizh pair aah Confused] .. Saying so , Periyavar walks away , leaving his son KS to wonder how it'll happen ....

Thodarum ....

Pallu Knot episode dated 30th April

Updates by Srima
Thamizh  tensely waiting outside the court. Ashok calls & blasts her for the delay , one hour permission time expired long ago. None of the other staff able to answer any of his questions , want to refer  back to her for each & everything,  shouts purposely she had not delegated. Tamizh's  efforts to defend herself falls in to deaf ears. Lawyer  comes to her & says the case could not be taken up as the shetji has again asked for vaida. Apparently the shetji has cheated them of their pledged property inherited by Thamizh's mother. Thamizh is upset over the frequent adjournment while the lawyer observes civil cases will always drag for years.The lawyer before leaving reminds her of his fees overdue. His junior however consoles her & assures of  sure success once the case comes for hearing.

 MK in dream land , riding his bike oblivious of the surroundings ,  with his moneybag precariously hanging. Camera focuses on the moneybag & MK's romantic flashbacks alternatively. Lo the scooter [ or is it a bike?] bumps over a speed braker & the bag breaks off the hook to fall on the road.

Murugesan Stores ....a  big grocery shop.....brisk morning business is  going of the customers informs the manager about an oil spill on the steps. Manager orders one PuLi Mootai  [ idhanga andhalu peyar] , a 2 feet man to attend to the matter . PM starts cleaning the steps cursing the person responsible for spilling the oil. Notices our hero MK ride past the shop still dreaming. Shouts & stops him. Oru vazhiya MK kanavu kalaindhu ninaivulagam thirumbugirar.Shares his romantic moments  with 2 feet friend , philosopher & guide. Suddenly MK realizes the money bag missing which contains Rs. 50000. Labo dibo nu both trace back their steps in search of the bag.

Thamizh walking along the road finds the bag , searches for  I card or some info about the owner. Unable to find decides to hand it over to the police. Gets an urgent  call from vasanthi asking her  to return home immediately. She hops in to an auto when MK crosses her in his bike , as expected both miss each other.

AnnaMalai home , Vasanthi & AM sitting sadly .Tamizh arrives,Vasanthi run towards her & starts crying , crying , relentlessly crying , irritatingly crying without telling the reason . Thamizh mathi mathi asking appa & vasanthi  , both remaining silent former looking at the ceiling, later emptying glycerine can.[Bak bak srima frantically chanting Kaakka Kaakka , & calling out all the gods to save the Friday from Sangu ooding scene]. Thamizh gets slightly irritated with them [ viewersku ucha katta irritation Grrrrr ]. Finally azhugunni  vasanthi breaks the news...Amma missing since afternoon. Other two sisters return  with empty hands after  valai pottu theding their mom. Reason for her absconding  ? ....Easy as usual mom dad fight , dad accuses, calls her names...moodevi , dharidhram ,[ Hmm Friday Vilakku vaikum neram , so srima manasuk kulla Sridevi Boodevi nu chanting],you are responsible for my downfall ,   don't want to see your face , get lost. Mom is equally strong in retaliating , calls him an irresponsible husband & a father ,accuses him for the loss of 3 crores worth of property which she brought as sridhanam. Both trade insults at each other shouting hysterically ,  finally mom breaks down.  Being a very sensitive lady takes the drastic step to leave the house.


Thanks Rojakka , for the very first update .. this heroine has acted in manikoondu serial too naa .. so , thamizh thaan kudumbathai thooki nirutha porangala Ermm ...

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Thanks for the updates roja..

the timings of this serail makes it difficult for me to watch it.. but I shall definetly read the updates and join in your discusisons..
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Thanks Roja .As Nithya mentioned the timing poses problem to watch the telecast.  I am willing to lend you all a helping hand by taking up Friday.

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Originally posted by srima

Thanks Roja .As Nithya mentioned the timing poses problem to watch the telecast.  I am willing to lend you all a helping hand by taking up Friday.

You are a sweet heart - please do - more the merrier.
After hearing from Priya, I shall freeze the schedule, ok?
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Thanks, Roja, for the update.  I shall do my best today to remember all the names and do my part.  I see you found one more sucker here.  Priya is the smart one, she does not fall for your requests, and ippo satthame kaaNom.  Hmmm, enge poi oLinju kondu irukkaaLo?

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I have decided to watch this serial .. Will join the discussions .. Will act as stand by updater .. What says folks ??

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I have a question - who is the youngest of the girls?  Swati or Vasanthi?  Vasanthi is wearing a half sari and Swati is wearing a pavadai and blouse, but Vasanthi is acting like a spoiled brat which cannot think, and Swati is acting more mature, but her face looks like she is going to burst out in tears any minute.

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Thanks Eljay maa .. Looks like the director suttufied the wedding hall scene from one of bagyaraj's movie (Dhavani Kanavugal) WinkEmbarrassedLOL .. Even the dialogues said by Thamizh & her mom too is a suttufied one ...

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