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DharamVeer - A strange tale of love

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DharamVeer - A strange tale of love

Character Analysis

Rajkumar Dharam : A very obedient and responsible Rajkumar. He gets carried away by the burden of responsibilities. He is superior at horse riding along with Veer. He is very close to his cousin Veer and is often teased by him. He falls in love with Rajkumari Sia.

Rajkumar Veer : A immature and kind hearted Rajkumar. He is seen always teasing Dharam. He does not accept any responsibilities. He is a Shramik (Slave) and is unknown to this fact. He is extremely superior at archery and sword fighting along with horse riding. Veer can lay his life for the safety of Dharam. He falls in love with Rajkumari Ananya.

Rajkumari Sia : A very beautiful and responsible Rajkumari. She has a younger sister called Rajkumari Ananya who is very different from her. Sia does not like wild activities such as sword fighting, archery, horse riding. She is very calm and loves wearing jewellery. She falls in love with Rajkumar Dharam. She has a dress code of a blouse and long skirt.

Rajkumari Ananya : An extremely beautiful and wild Rajkumari. She feels extremely against being a Rajkumari and hates herself for being one. Ananya hates wearing jewellery and thinks lower to boys. She loves wild activities such as sword fighting, archery, horse riding, climbing. She has a dress code of a sleeveless shirt and puffy trousers. She slowly develops feelings for Veer.

Nivitiri Maa : Veer's mother who is the sister of Maharaj Aryawardan. She adopted Veer as she gave birth to a dead baby. She is unknown of this fact. Veer's biological mother had left Veer with Nivitiri Maa when she was unconscious. Nivitiri Maa is a kind widowed woman who loves Veer a lot. She slowly turns against Ananya for several reasons.

Maharaj Aryawardan : A responsible Maharaj who is the father of Dharam. He loves him and Dharam equally and wishes to release the Shramiks from their heavy responsibilities. His brother Jaywardhan is quite differs from Aryawardan's nature.

Rajkumari Indravati : Indravati is a Rajkumari from Ujjaine and is very proud of that. She is the rival of Ananya and falls in love with Veer. Along with loving Veer, she tries to attract him by flirting with Dharam, Agni and Harsh but Veer still does not notice her. She comes to live in the palace by being the daughter of Aryawardan's friend. She breaks Dharam and Sia and Veer and Ananya's relationship.

Rajkumar Agni : An evil Rajkumar who hates the sight of Shramiks. He plots evil plans against Dharam and Veer along with his father and wants to gain the throne after Maharaj Aryawardan. He gains an interest in Rajkumari Sia and nearly assaults her. He becomes partners with Harsh and Indravati to break Dharam, Sia and Veer, Ananya's relationship.

Jaywardhan : Brother of Aryawardan and the father of Agni and Harsh. He wants his son Agni to rule over after Aryawardan. He strongly wants Agni to get married to Sia and Harsh to Ananya knowing that they are already married. He hates the sight of Shramiks like his son and is often cruel to them by beating them with a rod.

Rajkumar Harsh : Brother of Agni, son of Jaywardhan. Harsh adores Ananya a lot and hates Veer for being her husband. He is very determined to separate Ananya and Veer and becomes partners with Indravati and Agni. Harsh is very competitive at Archery and Sword fighting and has a competition with Ananya in order to stay with her but his plans are smashed to pieces when the competition is held in the great chamber with everyone around.

Rajkumar Vikram : He is a very lusty king who only loves Ananya for her beauty and being rich. He kidnaps her and a sad tragedy takes place.

Other characters will be introduced later! Please do comment and tell me if you would like me to continue or stop with all honesty please :) Anyway I will continue but if you would like me to put a sudden stop, I will do so Ouch

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Contents Page

Character Analysis - Page 1.
Dharam, Sia, Veer and Ananya meet, Part 1 - Page 1.
Veer and Dharam realise their love for Sia and Ananya, Part 2 - Page 1.
Ananya kidnapped, Part 3 - Page 1.
The marriage discussion of Dharam Sia and Veer Ananya and the arrival to Aryanagar, Part 4 - Page 1.
Ananya realises her feelings towards Veer, Part 5 - Page 1
The Wedding, Part 6 - Page 2
The Night of the Wedding and the Challenge, Part 7 - Page 2
The Competition and the entry of Rajkumari Indravati, Part 8 - Page 2

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Part 1

It was a very bright and shiny day outside the palaces. In the palace of Aryanagar, a Daasi came running up to the door of Dharam and Veer's bedroom. Dharam answered it as usual and smirked at the Daasi holding a rolled up silk scroll.

Dharam: What is it? What message have you brought, Daasi?

Daasi: Rajkumar Dharam, this is a message from Sumaina. Maharaj Someshwar have specially invited you and Rajkumar Veer. He wants you to come and join him for a feast as his daughter Rajkumari Ananya has completed another mission successfully. The feast is today after two hours.

Dharam: Well okay, you may give me the message and leave.

The Daasi did as she was told. She rushed away quietly and Dharam closed the big silver chamber door of his bedroom. He looked at the sleeping Veer who was taking up the entire space of the bed.
Dharam proceeded towards him and stroked his hair. Veer groaned and turned to face the other way.

Dharam: Veer! Veer! Come on, get up Veer!

Veer: Dharam, it's only two!

Dharam: Not two! Seven!

Veer: Aww! I always wake up at eight!

Dharam: Not today Veer. We are going to the Palace of Sumaina. Rajkumari Ananya, daughter of Maharaj Someshwar has completed a mission successfully.

Veer: So? What does that has to do with our concern?

Dharam: Veer! They want us to come and join them for a feast. And today is their gathering so come on and get up! Maybe, you'll find your Dream Rajkumari today?

Veer: Dharam, we all know you can fall for any passing by girl!

Dharam: Passing by girl? Now you are finished!

And with that they both start running around the room while Dharam is chasing Veer. Soon after the quarrel they gallop away to Sumaina. As they arrive the two big gates open and inside is a beautiful garden where Rajkumari Sia is swinging and Rajkumari Ananya is doing sword fighting with a sword fighter. Veer and Dharam are both amazed at them as they do not recognise who they are. Rajkumari Sia looks up to see Dharam and Veer staring at them. She purposely calls out to Ananya.

Rajkumari Sia: Ananya!

And with that Ananya's sword drops to the floor and the sword fighter wins. She glares at Rajkumari Sia and walks to her with red fuming eyes.

Rajkumari Ananya: Di! You made me lose! I was going to win! It's all your fault!

Veer and Dharam both start laughing at the situation which winds up Ananya more. She glares at them both and turns to Sia who is also grinning a little.

Rajkumari Ananya: Di! Who are these people? How dare they proceed in our premises! Get out!

Rajkumar Veer: Before you make a hasty decision of getting us out of here, I am Rajkumar Veer and this is Rajkumar Dharam and we are from--

Rajkumari Ananya: Aryanagar. But this still doesn't give you the right to proceed in our premises--

Rajkumari Sia: Stop it Ananya! Stop showing too much attitude! Now go and get a welcoming platter for our guests.

Rajkumari Ananya bursts out laughing. Before she could control her laughter Sia starts staring at Dharam dreamily. Finally Ananya speaks up.

Rajkumari Ananya: Di, you think I am going to get a welcoming platter for these rude people? I have not touched anything in my life other than my beloved weapons! Anyway what brings you here?

Dharam: Actually we were invited for the gathering of the feast because you completed a mission. Congratulations.

Rajkumari Ananya: Why, thank you! I like people who APPRECIATE me.

She glares at Veer who had been noticing her for a while now. She had the same interests and qualities as him. They could become good friends, thought Veer. But Veer's thoughts were smashed immediately.

Dharam: Veer, say congrats to her.

Veer: No, she is too egoistic.

Rajkumari Ananya: How dare you...! That's it, Di. I don't want to see this rude person here any more. In fact, I am going horse riding in the woods. You can stay and celebrate my winning!

Rajkumari Sia: Ananya, not today. You are going to go and join this celebration seeing this is for your winning.

Rajkumari Ananya: But, I didn't tell Pitajee to have this feast now did I, Di? And no one stops Ananya from going horse riding. I'll come back when I want to, besides, I feel ashamed that I am a Rajkumari, I would have much been a normal ordinary girl.

Rajkumari Sia: Ananya! How many times have I told you not to repeat this argument!

Veer: Rajkumari Ananya, if you don't mind, can I join you with horse riding?

Rajkumari Sia: Of course! I think it's better you go with Ananya otherwise she is not going to return until she has given her horse arthritis.

Rajkumari Ananya: Di! I am not going with him. I am only going by myself. I can look after myself and I know when I have to return!

Veer: Let's go.

Rajkumari Sia: Ananya, if you want to go horse riding, you are going with Veer, is that clear? And please for my sake be back by twelve or Pitajee's going to be do know that don't you...?

Rajkumari Ananya: Not another lecture please! I do as I please.

And with that she climbed on her horse and galloped away followed by Veer who later rode close to her horse.
As Dharam stared at the beautiful Rajkumari Sia, he fell more and more in love with her. She kept on smiling and finally spoke nearly stopping Dharam's heart.

Rajkumari Sia: Please come inside, you may rest for a while. I am sorry for what you saw today...Ananya's a bit like that...she hates being a Rajkumari...

Dharam: Oh it's absolutely fine. Thank you very much.

She smiled and turned to leave making Dharam's cheek's turn beetroot. He fell backwards on the round silk bed and stared up at the beautifully designed walls. All he could see was Sia's smile.
Ananya stopped mid point at a big oak tree. She set out her arrow hitting point and got out her bow and arrow. Veer stared at the situation. She seems so superior at everything, just like me, Veer thought. He dreamily stared at Ananya who's arrow's hit the point in the middle every time. She finally spoke up.

Rajkumari Ananya: What are you staring at?

Veer: Oh, nothing. Why have you stopped here?

Rajkumari Ananya turned to face him, her beautiful curls nearly all over her face. She had fuming eyes and looked as if she would gulp him right down. Instead she spoke up with a very harsh and sympathetic tone.

Rajkumari Ananya: Don't you think our horses need rest? They have a life too. Just because they are animals doesn't mean we treat them bad! I know you don't have any feelings but I do.

Veer was instantly surprised at this. He felt a huge fume inside him which had made him burst out suddenly.

Veer: Oi Gamandi, I have no intention of being harsh to my horse but I know he is not tired.

Rajkumari Ananya: How dare you call me, Gamandi? And I know when horses are tired. Now clear off! Go back to Sumaina or wherever you came from, I don't want you here!

Veer: Fine, It's better to die than to stay with you.

As he turned to walk away he turned and looked at her practising archery. Then he remember Rajkumari Sia's helpless eyes and decided to stay but to put a challenge in front of Ananya which she could not turn down. He starts talking to himself loudly.

Veer: She thinks, she is best at Archery. No one can beat me at Archery!

When Ananya heard this she glared at him and suddenly aimed an arrow at him and sent it but he caught it immediately.

Veer: What the?

Rajkumari Ananya: Ananya was only testing you. Ananya thinks you are a worthy person of playing against! Ananya never plays with any stranger but seeing as you are quite superior too at Archery, Ananya will prove to you that you cannot beat her.

Veer: Just as you wish, Rajkumari Ananya. By the way, why don't you like being a Rajkumari?

Ananya looked up from her arrow with angry eyes. She turned away and looked at the mid point.

Rajkumari Ananya: Ananya does not think it's any of your concern. Now tie this on your head and hit the point.

Veer took the small cloth and tied it around his head covering his eyes. He aimed and shot and found that his arrow was far off the middle. Ananya grinned happily and tied the cloth to her head covering her eyes. She aimed and instantly it hit in the middle. That did it, Veer glared at her angrily.

Rajkumari Ananya: See? Ananya is very much more superior than you! Now let's go back to Sumaina or Di's going to be angry.

She placed all her equipment back and rode back to Sumaina followed by Veer who could not get his eyes of Ananya.
End of Part 1

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Part 2

Inside the great bedroom, Dharam lay thinking about Sia when suddenly Veer burst in angrily. He
As Dharam was thinking about Sia and him, suddenly Veer burst in. He seemed drenched with sweat and anger. Dharam suddenly sat up at his sudden appearance.


Dharam: Veer?

Veer: Let's go from here! I can't stand another moment here with that crazy Rajkumari Ananya! It was a big mistake to go horse riding with her! I can't stay here another second! Let's go Dharam, now!

Suddenly Rajkumari Sia appears from all the shouting to see Veer screaming. She instantly knew it was Ananya's fault.

Rajkumari Sia: Rajkumar Veer, whatever's wrong?

Veer: It's your crazy sister Rajkumari Ananya! She has winded me up!

Rajkumari Sia looked taken aback by this. She stepped back nervously. Soon Rajkumari Ananya appeared with her father Maharaj Someshwar.

Maharaj Someshwar: Rajkumar Dharam, Veer? When did you both arrive? Sia? What's going on, whatever's the matter?

Rajkumari Sia: Ananya...what did you say to Rajkumar Veer?

Rajkumari Ananya: The thing he deserved.

Maharaj Someshwar: Ananya! I think this is crossing it's limit! What exactly did you say to him?

Rajkumari Ananya: Nothing. Ananya won the Archery bet he thrust on me.

Rajkumar Veer: Oh, have you forgotten the horse discussion?

Rajkumari Ananya: What horse discussion?

Maharaj Someshwar: Ananya! Enough is enough. Why can't you act as a real Rajkumari? Whatever's wrong being a Rajkumari? Since the death of your mother, you have changed a lot. You don't show any respect and act as if you hardly know me and Sia. I know it took a great effect on you but this is not how you treat guests! Now ask for forgiveness Ananya!

Ananya taken aback by this rushed out of there and soon there was a galloping sound outside the garden and as it faded Maharaj Someshwar sighed.

Maharaj Someshwar: I am sorry from the behalf of Rajkumari Ananya. She is a bit naive and since she has lost her mother, she doesn't show any respect and love to outsiders. Even me and Sia are very concerned about her.

Veer suddenly felt extremely guilty and before he could say anything Dharam spoke up.

Dharam: No, I am sure it's Veer's fault. He also gets too angry sometimes...I think he winded Ananya up...Rajkumari Sia..I am very sorry for the behaviour of Veer...

Rajkumari Sia: No it's okay.

She smiled at him and Dharam once again felt he was going to fall back but instead he nodded controlling himself. Soon Sia and Someshwar left and Dharam shut the two big silver doors. He turned to Veer angrily.

Dharam: Veer! Is this how you speak to a Rajkumari?

Veer: Dharam..I was angry. I didn't mean to scream at Rajkumari Sia but that Ananya drove me mad! But now...I do feel very guilty for acting like an idiot...I should have inquired the entire situation for why Ananya is so hot were is my fault...I was the one who set up the Archery the whole celebration is wrecked because of--

Dharam: Forget it Veer...whatever happened has happened. Now it's no use crying over spilt milk. Let's enjoy this celebration with Rajkumari Sia and the thing you must keep in mind..stay away from Ananya...

Veer: No Dharam..we cannot forget this...and Ananya has left the palace again without telling anyone...what if know how wild she is...she could do anything...

Dharam: Veer...go and get her back...ask Sia if she knows any place she might go...

Veer nodded and turned to leave when suddenly Sia arrived. She stared at the two Rajkumar's and smiled.

Rajkumari Sia: It's okay...Rajkumar don't need to go anywhere...Ananya returned...she always does that but then returns...please freshen up and come downstairs...the guests have started arriving...

She smiled again and Dharam suddenly stopped her.

Dharam: Rajkumari Sia?

Rajkumari Sia: Yes?

Dharam: You have a very charming smile. Please never change that smile to a frown..

Sia smiled shyly and crept away slowly. Dharam realised he was in love with Sia. Veer looked at the dreamy Dharam and sat down thinking about Ananya. He remembered her superior horse riding, archery and sword fighting. He remembered her angry and tearful eyes when he asked her why she doesn't prefer being a Rajkumari. As he looked at Dharam who was staring at the door since Sia had left, he saw Ananya came walking towards him with a smile on her face. She spoke to him.

Reflection of Ananya: Veer...

Veer: Ananya..?

Reflection of Ananya: Yes it's me Veer...I am going to part my ways from yours...

Veer: Ananya, I am sorry...

Dharam: Veer? Why are you blabbering nonsense? Are you practising how to say sorry to Ananya?

Suddenly the Reflection disappeared and Veer came out of his thoughts. He looked at the questioning Dharam and shook his head. Veer realised he was in love with Ananya.
Meanwhile all the invited guests had arrived. Ananya stood in a corner of the moving around guests and seemed extremely bored while Sia stood nearby introducing everyone to Ananya. Then Sia brought a charming boy in front of Ananya who seemed extremely desperate to meet her.

Rajkumari Sia: And this is Rajkumari Ananya. Rajkumari Ananya, this is Rajkumar Vikram. He wanted to desperately congratulate you on your winning. Maybe you can narrate your whole entire mission to him?

Rajkumar Vikram: Congratulations. exactly did you plan out such great victory?

Rajkumari Ananya: I didn't plan out anything, it just happened seeing I am a very qualified sword fighter.

As she turned to leave, Vikram grabbed hold of her wrist and smiled at the angry look on Ananya. Meanwhile Veer had been watching all of this. He could not stand Vikram touching Ananya. He proceeded towards them as he kept on staring at Ananya who was trying to wriggle her wrist out of his tight clutch.

Rajkumari Ananya: Let go off my hand or I will let my lion upon you.

Rajkumar Vikram: But listen, you haven't clearly told me--

Veer: Let go off her hand.

Ananya and Vikram both turned to look at Veer who was completely staring at Vikram. Vikram immediately let go off her hand and let her proceed. Ananya passed Veer without saying thanks. Veer followed her when immediately Someshwar spoke up loudly to everyone.

Maharaj Someshwar: Thank you everyone who has especially come here for the feast and gathering for the winning of my daughter Ananya. But this is not why I have called everyone here...there is a very special reason which was undecided until now. Exactly after a week there is going to be a Swaymwar for Rajkumari Sia and Ananya.

Every Rajkumar let out a big excitement sigh as they all wanted to marry Sia or Ananya seeing they were really beautiful. Sia smiled a little but Ananya came and stood next to her father speaking out loudly.

Rajkumari Ananya: I just want to make this clear. That this Swaymwar is only for my sister Rajkumari Sia. I am not going to be a part of this Swaymwar and that is exactly what's going to happen.

Maharaj Someshwar: Ananya! Be quiet! My decision is fixed and not even the world can change it.

Rajkumari Ananya: Pitajee! My decision is fixed too and not even Lord Krishna can change it!

Ananya then rushed out of the great hall and up to her bedroom. She immediately slammed the big silver doors and fell on her bed letting out a few tears but not a sound of cry. Everyone downstairs had been dumbstruck but they still took in everything. Veer and Dharam were both amazed at this and soon the feast began. Everyone sat at the great table apart from Veer and Ananya. Dharam looked around to see Veer but all he could see were people proceeding to the tables chattering. Suddenly Rajkumari Sia came and sat next to him. She smiled at him and Dharam smiled back. The food was served and Dharam could hardly eat anything as Sia delicately ate her bread in small morsels.
Veer slowly pushed the half closed silver door and peered inside to see Ananya lying facing the bed and staring in space.

Veer: Ananya?

Ananya suddenly blinked and sat up on her bed and turned to see the sympathetic Veer who stood in the doorway. She had glistening tears on her fair cheeks and some in her eyes. She turned away distinctively and looked at the window. Veer slowly proceeded in holding a small box wrapped in silk cloth.

Ananya: What do you want?

Veer: Ananya...listen..I am sorry..for...everything..I didn't know you...forget it...can we be friends please?

And at that time, Veer held out a small box wrapped in silk cloth. She stared at it and then to his loving face. But she was too angry to react to his kindness. She immediately rushed out of the room, leaving a puzzled and heart broken Veer.

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Part 3

Meanwhile Rajkumari Sia had searched the entire palace for Rajkumari Ananya. Sia felt extremely worried and was just about to go and tell Maharaj Someshwar when she collided with Dharam who was going downstairs with Veer.

"Rajkumari Sia, where are you going in such a hurry?" Dharam inquired. "Is there any help we can be for you?"

"Dharam, I can't find Ananya anywhere, I checked everywhere...even her horse is in the stable and she never leaves Sumaina without her horse..I asked everyone--" but Sia was cut short by Veer.

"Rajkumari Sia, please don't worry, I will myself go and look for Ananya...she must be somewhere.." Even he was feeling a bit worried now.

"I was thinking, I should tell Pitajee," Sia replied with agitated eyes. Dharam placed a hand on her shoulder.

"I think it's better you don't, Sia. Your father is enjoying himself for Ananya's and Veer will find Ananya unharmed...we promise..." he smiled at her. She smiled back and suddenly hugged him tight. Dharam turned to look to Veer who simply smiled and nodded noticing that this was not a time to tease. He quickly rushed down the aisle and disappeared round the corner.
Meanwhile Ananya was lying unconscious with blood running down her head. She had her hands tied with a pole and her feet. She was in a room with no windows and a brown door simply shut. Her hands were bleeding as they were tied with ultimate force and she was whimpering in pain. Suddenly the brown door opened and a familiar figure walked in carrying a plate. It was no other than Rajkumar Vikram who was dressed in the same dress as he was in the gathering. The plate had four oiled chapatis and two small dish holders. One had lentils in it and the other with a broccoli dish made with cut cheese. Also Ananya spotted a glass filled with buttermilk. Vikram who sat beside her tore a small morsel from the oiled chapatis and dipped it in the lentil. He then brought it to her mouth but she simply turned her face the other way.

"Rajkumari Ananya, don't ever do that. Don't ever disrespect food. I know, you don't like being here but after you refused for the Swaymwar, I could not seek a better way to make you mine. By hook or crook you are going to be my wife and you got two options on how to do that; one, you could do it without any force and two, I will apply force on you," he spoke angrily putting down the morsel.

Ananya gave him a very pitiful look. "Unfortunately for you, Rajkumar Vikram, I have refused the Swaymwar and there is no way, I am going to be your wife. But one more thing may interest you, and you may want to know that I have already given my heart to a trustworthy and loving Rajkumar. So please, do not boast over me and never thrust a warning on Ananya," she replied with an evil smirk.

That done it. Vikram immediately raised his hand to slap Ananya but was stopped by Veer. Ananya who hated slaps more than anything, had shut her eyes and turned the other way.

"How dare you plan out such thing, Vikram? How dare you even think about abducting her from her own palace? You will have to pay out this deed, by DEATH!" Veer screamed. Ananya immediately recognised the familiar voice and looked up to see Veer fighting with Vikram. Soon Vikram was lying on the floor with a sword in his stomach. Veer stopped for a moment and turned to look at Ananya's hurtful eyes which were gazing up at him with love and respect. He immediately broke the eye lock and started untying her when suddenly he touched something red and wet. He turned to look at Ananya's wrists which were bleeding non stop. He quickly untied her feeling very hurt and weak seeing her blood.

Suddenly Sia and Dharam burst inside. Sia was shocked to see Ananya's state with blood running out of her wrists and head. She could not bear the thought and immediately thrust her face in Dharam's chest. He stroked her long hair and patted her back.

"Di, what's wrong?" asked Ananya not realising she had heavy blood running down her head and wrists. Sia turned to look at her with a puzzled look and hurtful eyes.

"Ananya, don't you realise your state? This is all mine and Pitajee's fault, we should have never given you too much freedom. Look at your state, you are bleeding and you don't realise anything? Is that how much you are treating yourself?" asked Sia angrily shaking her by the shoulders as she stood up. Veer and Dharam stood behind watching.

"Di, it's just blood--" she was cut short by Veer who was also angry at Ananya for raising enmity with everyone.

"Rajkumari Ananya, I think you have lost your head, why do you have to always raise enmity with everyone? You know, I am not always going to be there for you, what if something happened to you, what would I do without you--" he stopped immediately realising he had expressed his true feelings for her.

Ananya stared at him with questioning eyes and pain. Sia immediately knew what had to be done next. She knew Veer loved Ananya and he would be a perfect husband for her. She decided she would immediately talk to Maharaj Someshwar and start the on going process of the wedding. As they were walking away from the ruin, Ananya was trapped in, Veer noticed blood dripping from her wrist but he looked at her walking lifelessly. He immediately pulled out a small cloth from his shirt and took her hand in his. Sia and Dharam stopped and stared at the scene as Veer wiped blood off her wrists.

Before he was done half way she pulled her hands away with utter force and backed away slowly shaking her head.

"No, it's not necessary, I am fine," she whispered and continued walking. As soon as they got to Sumaina, Maharaj Someshwar was taken aback at seeing his daughters. As Sia had planned not to inform about Ananya's disappearance she could not resist herself from expressing herself and had told him before following Veer. Maharaj Someshwar rose from his throne walked over to Rajkumari Ananya and slapped hard across her face.

"Ananya, enough is enough. Your craziness had nearly killed me today. I was so worried, why did you have to refuse the Swaymwar and make enemies! Speak to me, Ananya! What answer shall I take from this silence? Every time, you hurt yourself, your family, and you bother other guests in for your care! Ananya, I am tired of this now and you are having a Swaymwar along with Sia. You simply have crossed your limits and now it's too dangerous to resist!" he screamed at her.

"Pitajee..." Sia was stopped by Someshwar's hand risen to stop her. He turned and walked to Dharam and Veer. He smiled and hugged both of them.

"Dharam, Veer..I am very thankful to you both. You have looked after Ananya and Sia...and especially have handled the craziness of Ananya with softness and delight. Is there anything you would want me to give you?" Someshwar asked both of them. Dharam knew this was the right moment to ask Sia's hand for marriage.

"Maharaj, if there is anything you can give me, then I would ask Sia's hand for marriage," he replied coolly. Sia gasped but Veer kept on staring at Ananya who was facing the other way with her hand on her cheek. Then suddenly Someshwar smiled and hugged Dharam.

"Of course, I knew since Sia sat next to you when the feast was held. You couldn't get your eyes off her hmm?" he teased. Sia blushed shyly forgetting about Ananya but the happiness which had taken over her.

"Dharam, Veer, please be our guest for tonight. And tomorrow Dharam, I will write a letter to Maharaj Aryawardan about Sia and your marriage. Sia, take Ananya inside and do try and change her state, she is worn out. Daasi, take Veer and Dharam to Ananya and Sia's rooms, they will stay there tonight and Sia and Ananya will sleep in the guest room."

Soon they all parted. But as Sia had put Ananya to bed and wrapped her wrists with bandages, she had not forgotten about Veer and Ananya's marriage discussion. She walked into the hall where she knew Someshwar would be writing letters for several things. She went and sat beside him on the soft delicate sofa.


"Sia, you are still awake? Go and rest, you seem very tired,"

"Pitajee, I...want to discuss about something..about..Ananya..and Veer.." she whispered. Someshwar looked up and nodded.

"I was wondering, Veer takes utter care of Ananya...and he is very concerned about her. I have seen love in his eyes for her...Pitajee..we cannot find a better husband than Rajkumar Veer for Ananya..." she spoke up. Someshwar sighed and leaned back and nodded.

"Well then in that case, there will be two letters going to Maharaj Aryawardan," he smiled. Rajkumari Sia hugged her father feeling ever so overjoyed. She could not wait to tell Dharam and Veer but a small voice spoke inside her.

"Does Ananya love Veer too?"

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OMG...!!! Another Dv fic... I am so excited... do continue soon...
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Part 4

Immediately the next morning, Sia rushed off to find Dharam and Veer walking down the corridor. Dharam seemed very happy but Veer seemed quiet and concerned. Sia rushed up to them and smiled and questioned Veer.

"Rajkumar Veer, please be honest about this, do you love Ananya?" she smiled gasping for breath. Veer was shocked by this. He turned to look at Dharam who was smiling and nodding. Veer nodded and Sia smiled.

"Well then, here is a good news for you. Seeing that you were expressing your love to Ananya by caring for her, I had a word with Pitajee last night. I asked him about your and Ananya's wedding and he immediately gave consent!" she excitedly spoke. Dharam gasped and smiled. A little smile came up to Veer's face. Dharam elbowed him teasingly.

As soon as Veer, Dharam and Sia had breakfast they all started wondering where Ananya was. Someshwar immediately told them that Ananya was outside practising her Archery. They came outside to see her standing with a bow and arrow in her hand and her eyes covered with a cloth. Suddenly Veer came and stood in front of her. Both Dharam and Sia were shocked when Ananya let go off her arrow and he held it just in time. He was looking at her glistening hair which glowed in the sunlight. Her fair skin shining with purity and admiringly. As she took off her cloth she noticed her arrow in Veer's hand. Her smile immediately turned into a frown and as she walked towards him she placed her hands on her waist.

"What is my arrow doing in your hands?" He did not reply but kept on staring at her with the same position.

"I am talking to you, what is my arrow doing in your hands?" she asked loudly. Sia and Dharam both smirked and as she tried snatching her arrow from him, it broke in two pieces. They laughed even more. She gave them an angry look and stared at Veer.

"How dare you break my arrow! What kind of--" she could not finish as Veer started.

"Rajkumari, I will answer all your questions in Aryanagar where I know you will enjoy living," he smiled walking towards Dharam and Sia. They laughed even more.

"What are you talking about?" Di, what is he--"

"Paglie! Pitajee has fixed your marriage with Veer and mine with Dharam," she knotted her fingers with Dharam's.

"WHAT!?" Ananya screamed. All three of them burst into laughter.

"And you're finding this funny, Di? Along with them, no one asked my permission and fixed--"

"Ananya, you will not find a better husband than Veer," Someshwar suddenly spoke with his hands on his back. "And I am not taking my decision back." He walked up to Dharam and handed him two silk scrolls, one pink and one blue.

"These are the letters to Maharaj Aryawardan. It's about your and Veer's marriage. If he has no problem we will begin all the festivals as soon as possible." he patted both of them and went back inside leaving Ananya even more angrier. She stomped off away to the back garden of the palace as her horse followed her. Sia giggled along with Veer and Dharam.

"Don't worry Veer, she's like that, she herself loves you but arrogance takes over her," Sia giggled.

"Bhabhi Ji, this is what I like about her." he smiled looking at the direction she left. Dharam and Sia went "Ooooh". Soon Veer climbed on his horse as Dharam hugged Sia goodbye. He kissed her cheeks and wiped the tears off her eyes. He climbed on his black mare and galloped away followed by Veer.
After the long and tiring journey, both Dharam and Veer arrived safely at Aryanagar. They touched their parents feet and they both handed their scrolls to Aryawardan. It said:

Aryanagar ke Maharaj Aryawardan

Main aap ko isliye lik raha hoon, kyunki maine inn do dino mein Dharam aur Veer kho apni behteyon se pyaar karte hue dekha hai. Main chahta hoon keh Dharam ki shaadi meri beti Rajkumari Sia seh ho aur Veer ki shaadi Rajkumari Ananya seh ho. Agar aap kho koi aapati nahi hain toh main chahta hoon keh hum shaadi jald se jald karwade.

Maharaj Someshwar

Maharaj Aryawardan finished reading the letter and turned to Dharam and Veer. He patted their heads and immediately wrote a letter back telling Maharaj Someshwar, he had no disagreement and that they should immediately get them married.
As soon as Maharaj Someshwar got the letter, he told Sia and Ananya. Sia felt very overjoyed but Ananya was very upset because she treated Veer as nothing. They had to pack and immediately leave as Maharaj Aryawardan wanted the wedding taking place two days after. Sia sat packing her jewellery and dresses in a bag. Ananya sat on the bed lost in her thoughts. Sia clicked her fingers in front of her eyes.

"Ananya, remembering Veer? You are going to be with him in two days. In his bedroom, with him!" she teased. Ananya who was not in a mood to take any jokes stood up angrily.

"Di! I do not love Veer! I hate him, hate him, hate him! I never treated him the way you thought I did! And now--"

"Enough Ananya, whether you like Veer or not...keep some respect for your father. You should have told him before. Now it's too late. Get that frown off your face and feel a bit happy for our wedding. Start packing or should I do it too?" said Sia getting Ananya's dresses out of the wardrobe and putting it in the bag.

"Ananya, now it's time you start wearing Lenghas and Blouses with jewellery. Now you are getting married, you have to let go off these clothes and start acting like a Maharani!" she packed her Lenghas and Blouses which Ananya never wore with jewellery which remained untouched for several years. Sia left all her clothes which Ananya wore. Ananya was too shocked and hurt by this and rushed out. She let out her tears.

Few hours later, they set off to Aryanagar with Sia sitting in her Palki and Ananya on her horse lost in thought. Meanwhile in Aryanagar, both Veer and Dharam could not wait for them to arrive. Without thinking once they climbed on their horses and met Sia and Ananya arriving slowly. Dharam hugged Sia in her Palki while Veer's horse stood next to Ananya's. He stared at her but she simply looked the other way angrily which made him to smile. They proceeded towards Aryanagar while Veer could not get his eyes off Ananya and Dharam and Sia had sat together on a horse.

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Part 5

As the great gates of Aryanagar opened, there was the most beautiful garden anyone can ever imagine. It had beautiful roses on the sides and an area where it lead to the great palace, five times larger than Sumaina's. Ananya however did not act surprised and shocked, instead she rode slowly, still missing her palace Sumaina. Sia had already got off the horse and was running like a little kid towards the palace. Dharam ran after her and caught her from behind her waist. He soon released her and looked up at Rajkumari Ananya still looking gloomy.

"Rajkumari Ananya, I know you feel bad about leaving Sumaina but things are the same here too, you will soon get used to it, Veer will not let you be along and sad, he can change the atmosphere in a click of fingers," said Dharam kindly. Ananya was suddenly clicked out of her thoughts, she had not listened a single words to Dharam and stared at him puzzled with her innocent face glowing. Veer was touched by this and couldn't resist staying away from her any longer. He got off his horse and pulled down Ananya without her even realising.

Rajkumari Ananya: What are you doing?

Rajkumari Sia: Ananya, I know this is a bit of a haste for you but you can't--

Rajkumari Ananya: Di, you have already done a lot of harm. I am not sad or gloomy about anything and this is a hasty decision but seeing that it has been decided, I have to obey it. For the first time, Di, I had to obey an order without any consent of mine, because of you.

And with that she walked off further with her mare but was suddenly stopped by Veer as he clutched her wrist with puzzled eyes.

Rajkumar Veer: Ananya, why are you so...acting as if you never even knew this was planned?

She rescued her wrist harshly and stepped back.

Rajkumari Ananya: You are right, I never even knew it! And this whole thing was decided! I can't believe I have to give up everything just because of Di's hasty decision!

Rajkumari Sia: Ananya! This is no way to speak to--

Nivitiri: Oh look! Rajkumari Sia, Ananya! So..Dharam and Veer set there hearts on you hmm?

Dharam: Bua! They are tired, you can do the welcoming later.

Nivitiri: Hush Dharam! Let me meet my future daughters-in-law.

She walked over to Sia who immediately bent down and took her blessings. Ananya who was highly annoyed by this starting looking around not interested. But when she reached Ananya, she was amazed at her dressing, a complete tomboy who yet still looked beautiful with black curls left open, she tightly hugged her causing her to nearly fall on her. Then she reached and cupped her face and turned it this way and that. Dharam, Veer and Sia burst out laughing.

Nivitiri: Ananya, you really dress like this.

Nivitiri made a face but Ananya still nodded feeling highly upset. Nivitiri reached out and touched her black curls. Then she started fiddling with her standing position and pulled her along her to the palace while she trailed behind her nearly falling. Veer, Sia and Dharam kept on sniggering as Ananya was getting pulled away.

Rajkumari Sia: Haha! Ananya's not good at meeting people. In fact, I remember, she barely had time for anyone after Maa's death. I wish that she wouldn't have been like this. Veer, please give her all the love and care, a husband should do. She never even got love from anyone, so she separated herself from Pitajee, me and started doing all these wild activities.

Veer: Bhabhi Ji. Don't worry about Ananya, after all I have loved her, I will give her the most love she could expect and even if she does not love me now, I will win her heart and some day she will love me. Until then, I promise to Bhagwaan, I will not even touch her.

Dharam: Veer, when did you become mature?

Veer: Since I met Ananya, I changed a lot. She has changed the meaning of my living to love although she is full of hatred but I will certainly change her to love.
Inside Nivitiri was still holding onto Ananya and was taking her upstairs. Sia, Veer, Dharam stared as Ananya followed clumsily, her arm still in the clutch of Nivitiri. They laughed as she gave them an angry look.

Veer decided to follow Nivitiri and Ananya. He watched as Nivitiri sat Ananya down on Veer's bed. The room had been cleaned and already the flower curtains had been made for nuptial night (Suhaag raat). Ananya was shocked by this and did not know what the flowers were for. She got up the courage to ask.

Rajkumari Ananya: What are these flowers for?

Nivitiri laughed, Veer smiled at naiveness and knew that it was too early to perform any nuptial night events with her. He immediately walked in which made Ananya to get to her feet. Nivitiri knew he wanted to be alone with her so she escaped shutting the big doors. Soon after that Ananya's impressions changed to anger. She started fiddling with her messed up curls ruined by Nivitiri's fidgeting. She flicked her head back and her curls straightened up again.

Veer: Ananya, why are you so angry at me?

Ananya: Ananya's not angry at you but at her fate! She has to get stuck here with you and these flowers are here for no reason.

She was just about to pull one down when Veer stopped her.

Veer: I know you are too naive to know this but this is for our Suhaag raat.

Ananya: What Suhaag raat?

Veer: would be better if you asked Sia about this.

Ananya: I am not interested!

She turned to leave when suddenly Veer pulled her towards him really close. She tried pushing away but she was too weak for him. He held her from her back and they were both gazing in each other's eyes. Veer leaned forward to kiss her when suddenly Sia and Dharam walked in and they both immediately separated. Sia and Dharam giggled.

Dharam: We'll come back later.

Veer: No! It's okay, you can come in.

Dharam: Veer, are you already starting to have a Suhaag Raat? First get married, budhu!

Veer: Dharam! I won't spare you now.

He rushed after him out of the room. As soon as they were gone, Sia looked at Ananya who was looking around feeling embarrassed.

Sia: Ananya, don't you feel that Veer actually loves you? Don't you feel you love him too?

Ananya: There's no such thing.

She walked over to the window and stared down at the fountain where Dharam and Veer were running chasing each other. Sia came and stood beside her and placed a sympathetic hand on her shoulder.

Sia: Ananya, don't worry. I know Veer's love will take over this ego of yours.

Ananya who was barely listening stared at the roof which was perfect for climbing. She climbed out of the window and started to climb. Veer and Dharam stared at her.

Veer: Ananya! What are you doing! Get down now!

Ananya: No! I want to climb this.

Veer: Ananya, I am coming up there.

She barely listened and climbed the roof and reached the top. She could see the whole land from here. Veer came and stood beside her watching her surprising sight. She grabbed hold of his hand in excitement and pointed at the land.

Ananya: Veer, Veer! Look over there! I can see the whole land from here! Veer can you see!

Veer: Ananya. Are you happy here with me?

Ananya: Veer, Veer! Do you see a sheep running in the field?

Veer: Ananya, are you happy here with me?

Ananya: Veer, look over there! Look! The crops!

Veer had enough. He turned Ananya to face him and asked her the same question. After some time she nodded and lay her head on his chest. Veer kissed the top of her forehead and they watched the scenery from the roof.

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