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hussain in a new musical play.!!!! (Page 2)

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Wishing Hussain and all  All the best
today is the preview night
the preview of Zangoora at Nautanki Mahal on 15th Sept.at 4pm
Bollywood musical Zangoora, to be staged at Nautanki Mahal Sep 17 in the Kingdom of Dreams.
Event :
Venue :
Kingdom Of dreams, Sector 29
  • Location :

    Zangoora is a fantasy tale set in the fictional Kingdom of Shaktishila. It's a classic story of good vs evil as a gypsy boy Zangoora makes his journey to his true destiny of being a prince. A love triangle emerges between Zangoora, princess Sonali and a feisty gypsy girl Laachi. Strung together with all time favorite Bollywood song the story explores a larger than life world full of magic, music, dance, color and all things Bollywood. Romance, drama, action, magic and scintillating performances and foot tapping music that promises to enthrall audiences like never before. Come join the world of Zangoora
    CWG video of the trio
    Sneak Peek at india's biggest bollywood musical on stage live "ZANGOORA - THE GYPSY PRINCE" coming soon only at the Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon ...
    by kanikau | 2 weeks ago |  
    Actors and Dancers Mr. Husain Kuwajerwala, Ms. Gauhar Khan and Ms. Kashmira Irani gave an astounding dance performance on the theme of Gypsy Prince Zangoora. Choreographed by renowned dance director Mr. Shiamak Dawar, the performance started with Husain descending from the top clasped in an eagle's clutches and that clicked its connection with the audience which rocked further with Gauhar's and Kashmira's sways.
    Flash Mob activation video
    Flash Mob activation for Zangoora - The Gypsy Prince at various location in Delhi & NCR.

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    hey ,.....................Smile
    thanx for the great newzzz................

    surakshita IF-Sizzlerz

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    Posted: 21 September 2010 at 12:45am | IP Logged
    thanks swapnali for the reviews and articles
    Vivek oberoi too had watched and give rave review for it
    here is the first of the review and Hu bytes out on 18 sept itself
    had tears in my eyes with all smiles on what i knew he would achieve became into reality with this interview. fantastic wordings in this review and in the cwg review too that i posted earlier
    wishing Hu and the whole team amazing runaway success
    Posted On : 18th September, 2010
    The sounds of music, laughter and applause are back! With the stage set and the curtain raised, the spotlight was on none other than Hussain Kuwajerwala. Audiences in Delhi saw the opening act of Zangoora, the musical broadway show, being hosted for the 1st time in India. The opening show had a packed house and it also got a unanimous standing ovation at the end. Hussain, who plays the lead as the gypsy prince in the musical says, "it was a film in theatre instead of 35mm. It was something that has never been done or seen before in India. There was so much happening in the 2 hours that we were on stage from the normal acting, singing, dancing etc., to things which have never been done like magic, aerial work, sword fighting. It looked like a LIVE hard-core bollywood film. As an actor it has been a very fulfilling and a big learning process for me as you get to learn much more than what one can in films or TV. The stage, the set-up, everything was grander than life and was on such a huge scale that it was awe-inspiring not only for us but the audiences too." Hussain surely must be elated at the response & we wish him all the luck for continued success.

    India's first Broadway-like cinematic-themed theatrical musical extravaganza, Zangoora - The Gypsy Prince, was performed for the first time at Gurgaon's Kingdom of Dreams.
    DIVYA KAPOOR was in attendance

    hen over a hundred dancers W groove to the tunes of the music director trio of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy clad in costumes created specially by Bollywood designer Neeta Lulla as part of India's first Broadway-like cinematic themed theatrical musical extravaganza, it cannot be an ordinary sight. Penned by Javed Akhtar, this musical -Zangoora The Gypsy Prince -was performed at the Kingdom of Dreams, the ornate art and theatre venue developed in Gurgaon jointly by Wizcraft and the Apra Group. With actors Hussain Kuwajerwalla, Gauhar Khan and Kashmira Irani playing lead, it took the entire unit over eight months to come up with this show. Says Viraf Sarkari, director, Wizcraft International Entertainment who is also the producer of the show, "We all have been working for over 15-16 hours a day.
    It takes about two years for a Broadway show to get ready but we put up Zangoora... in eight months." With all the masala that makes for a hit -boy-meets-girl romance, finding a long-lost price and then finally revenge -the show kickstarted with the best of what Indian music masters have ever produced with classics like Pehla Nasha from Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander, Mehbooba Mehbooba from Sholay and Dilbar Dil Se Pyare from Caravan. ShankarEhsaan-Loy have only "rearranged the music" for this show. The actors sometimes jumped and floated in the air and sometimes shocked audience with never-seen-before magic tricks. The idea sprung into Sarkari's mind two years ago while watching a Moulin Rouge performance in Paris. "I wondered why, despite a beautiful culture, creative and hardworking minds and a history full of folktales, can India not have something of this kind -or even better --of its own?" Sarkari added. For both Hussain and Gauhar, the experience was one-of-its-kind. "How we came about putting those eight months of hard work into just two hours of show is something that cannot be explained in words," said Hussain. Agreed Gauhar. "I had first come here (Kingdom of Dreams) six months ago and was overwhelmed by the huge Nautanki Mahal. But noting can beat the feeling when I gave my first performance here because we achieved what no one has even attempted ever before," she said. For supervising director David Freeman, it was the earnestness to communicate the experience of watching a Broadway or West Endscale theatre to an Indian audience which saw him venture into this project. "Every time somebody flies in the air, there are at least three people behind the stage making sure everything goes well," he said, adding, "I have done many shows abroad but never come across such a level of musical/ theatre before. There were definitely over a 100 people off-stage and almost the same number on stage.
    In one of the dances, there were as many as 80 dancers. If this experiment is successful, it will change the face of live performances in India." At a time when once can watch experts performing for free at places like India Habitat Centre, India International Centre and Kamani Auditorium, Zangoora comes with an expensive cost of '1,000, '1,500, '2,500, '3,500 and '6,000. "But look at Broadway, West End and Moulin Rouge," Sarkari argued, justifying the highly-priced tickets. If consumers abroad can pay as much as 60-200 for a seat at such shows, Indians, armed with larger disposable incomes, can surely pay '6,000 for a Bollywoodstyle musical extravaganza, complete with cutting-edge technology and visual effects," he maintained. For '6,000, the viewer will get to sink into a Lazyboy and relish butler service too.
    "This production has cost us much more than what a good-budge movie costs. It is quality entertainment. It's not a show you decide to watch on a random day. You have to plan an evening for it," he said. Sarkari further admitted that this is the most expensive experiment of his life till date and it will not just stop here. "I already have two more musicals in mind which I am thinking of producing soon. In fact, if you were taken aback by the kind of special effects we used this time, let me tell you we haven't yet fully exploited these effects and are saving them for the second musical." The show opens to public September 22. The show's producer confirmed that the first choice for the Zangoora's role was actor Viveik Oberoi but denied he had turned down the offer.
    "Viveik had agreed to be a part of production but for some reason, the show got delayed by a few months. Now Viveik had given us only a certain number of dates. Given his commitments, he could not do the show. But I must admit, after seeing Hussain on the stage, I realised nobody else could have performed the character so efficiently," he said.

    photo Sahil Kathpal

    Source: Charu Thakur
    Published: September 20

    Musical B'way comes to India with Zangoora

    zangoora_600Zangoora Zangoora Zangoora'these very words echo the four walls of the magnificent Nautanki Mahal, a new theatrical addition to the Kingdom of Dreams, making the audience gasp in awe at the world's biggest Bollywood live musical, Zangoora- The Gypsy Prince.

    With the opening of the curtain, the show takes you to the fantasy world of Zangoora, letting your senses experience a never-seen-before act, making you wonderstruck. The spectacular stage splashes with vibrant hues of blue, pink, yellow; and the music resonates in the theatre with majestic sets, colorful costumes, evergreen songs, seductive moves, spellbinding performances, breathtaking aerial choreography, the show is definitely a larger than life experience. "Zangoora is an Indian cinema styled live musical, bringing alive the splendour of India in a mesmerizing on-stage drama," says Anumod Sharma, Director, Kingdom of Dreams.

    Penned by Javed Akhtar, the musical speaks of a fantasy tale about a young gypsy prince and his magical journey in search of his true love and destiny. But, more than the story what captures the mind and soul and makes you want to shake a leg are the innumerable evergreen hits blended perfectly in the story by musical trio- Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, making it a splendid musical. With dancers grooving to the mega hits like Choli ke peeche kya hai from Khalnayak, Dilbar dil se pyaare from Caravan, Bhumroo from Mission Kashmir, Jai ho from Slumdog Millionaire, Pehla nasha from Jo Jeeta Woh Sikander; it makes the musical, entertaining and interesting, keeping you awestruck.
    But, this musical is no regular opera where music and dance accompanies the story. In fact, Zangoora is a perfect blend of animation and theatre. Where the screens on the either side of stage give a 3D effect, the lighting and sound makes the performance spellbinding and the aerial choreography with characters hanging from the roof is simply breathtaking. The smoothness and agility with which the characters perform in the air gives an entire dreamy effect to the entire act.

    With Hussain Kuwajarewala, Gauahar Khan and Kashmira Irani playing the lead, the entire act took months to realize into a reality.  "For past eight months, we have been rehearsing day- night to put together this musical extravaganza. And, it is worth all the effort, says Hussain. Well, not only did the act, but the entire concept of Nautanki Mahal took years to conceptualize into the form in which it exists now. "It took us many years to realize the dream of coming up with Kingdom of Dreams. Seeing Moulin Rouge gave me the idea of coming up with the leisure destination as India has a rich blend of culture, craft to offer to the people," says Viraf Sarkari, Director, Wizcraft International Entertainment. 

    Stellar performances by Hussain and Kashmira and the seductive moves by Gauhar Khan do make for a complete package. Zangoora is a must watch to experience the 4D effect of making you take into the dreamy world of fantasy.

    Zangoora: Bollywood comes alive on stage
    Sep 22, 2010 06:44 EDT


    It's not a film, not a play and not a dance-drama. Well, maybe it's a fusion of all three.

    But "Zangoora: The Gypsy Prince", billed as Bollywood's biggest musical ever, is definitely something Indian audiences have never seen before.

    At the newly launched 'Kingdom of Dreams' on the outskirts of Delhi, an elephant pops up on stage, the hero arrives flying on an eagle, the heroine swings down to the proscenium — of course, all this with the help of wires, stage props and huge LED screens that bring palaces and dungeons to life.


    "Zangoora" is a celebration of Bollywood over the years, with dances set to popular musical numbers.

    The vivid costumes, aerial acrobatics, sound effects and flawless choreography weave a tale of fantasy on the stage.

    Of course, there is nothing new about the storyline of a young prince raised by a troupe of wandering gypsies far from the kingdom while the villain kills his parents and usurps the throne.

    This is a Bollywood musical so all's going to end well, good will triumph over evil, the prince will surely get back his throne and win his lady love.


    Does the story really matter? If "Zangoora" were a Bollywood film, I would be sceptical about its success at the box-office.

    But at the 'Kingdom of Dreams', the scenes unfold in front of a live audience spellbound by the aerial sequences, special-effects and even a bit of magic.

    Interest does flag in the second half as "Zangoora" hurtles towards its expected climax and you keep wondering if there is some new aerial stunt or unseen special effect in the offing.

    Some of the denouement scenes are a tad melodramatic but the rest of the two-hour show more than makes up for it.


    I can't help wondering whether "Zangoora" would have been a bigger draw with Bollywood stars like Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai.

    Viraf Sarkari, the man behind 'Kingdom of Dreams', has said "Zangoora" cost much more than a Bollywood movie. A few millions more may have sufficed to bring in a more saleable star.

    Even so, the musical seems perfectly cast with a bunch of talented television and theatre actors. There's Zangoora (Hussain Kuwajerwalla), his gypsy dancing partner Laachi (Gauahar Khan), princess Sonali (Kashmira Irani), villain Zohrawar (Sadanand Patil) and dozens of minor characters and dancers.

    At an entry fee ranging from 1,000 to 6,000 rupees, watching musicals at the 'Kingdom of Dreams' may be a luxury for India's middle-class but for those who can afford it — you have to watch "Zangoora".


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    greatsumkum IF-Sizzlerz

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    Posted: 21 September 2010 at 1:45am | IP Logged
    ALL THE BEST HUSSAIN ...........
    FOR YOUR BRIGHT FUTURE.............Smile.........  

    ..Swapnali.. Goldie

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    Posted: 21 September 2010 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
    Hey all,

    I am verrrrrrrrrrrrry happy to post this article. My hands are shivering with happiness. I am so happy for Hussain!! Read to know more :)


    Indian Broadway comes alive with colourful 'Zangoora' and Hussain

    Monday, September 20, 2010 5:10:03 AM by IANS

    By Radhika Bhirani
    Gurgaon, Sep 20 (IANS) This musical has everything that Bollywood stands for. Romance, emotion, drama, magic, action, dance and dollops of colour - "Zangoora - The Gypsy Prince" takes you into a world where the glitz and glamour of Hindi film industry comes alive through a well-woven story complete with the jhatkas-matkas. And Hussain Kuwajerwala's performance is to die for.

    Be it the ornate venue - the 840-seater Nautanki Mahal at the recently constructed Kingdom of Dreams, the aesthetic and tasteful sets, grand props or the flawless dramatisation, smooth aerial acts and livewire dance performances - the musical stands to change the face of live entertainment in India.

    Set in the fictional kingdom of Shaktishila, Zangoora is a tale about a boy who grows up to be a gypsy dancer, unaware of his real identity of a prince.

    His journey from living in the jungles amid a gypsy troupe, falling in love with a supposed princess and finally winning back his throne, has been depicted in the musical. It was produced by the Great Indian Nautanki Company - a joint venture between Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt Ltd and Apra Group.

    Starring Hussain Kuwajerwala, Gauhar Khan, Kahmira Irani and Sadanand Patil, the musical boasts of names like Javed Akhtar (story writer), Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy (music directors), Neeta Lulla (costume designer), Shiamak Davar (choreography) and Omung Kumar (art direction), among others.

    Hussain, and the two leading ladies get more than ample chance to prove their dancing mettle with remixed hit Bollywood numbers like "Mehbooba mehbooba", "Bawre bawre", "Tumse milke dil ka", "Pehla nasha", "Chura liya", "Khuda Jaane", "Choli ke peechhe", "Beedi" and the likes, thrown in almost every 10-15 minutes.

    The music, unlike in Broadway shows, is not live. But what is remarkable is the uniform energy and zest in the actors, who deliver dialogues without gasping for air even after power-packed dance sequences on the stage or in the air. And the dialogues are indeed live.

    Hussain's work as Zangoora is par excellence and, at moments, it is tough to take your eyes off him even in the presence of 50 other artistes on the stage. He also has a 'Shah Rukh Khan moment' in the musical when he throws open his shirt to reveal a perfect six-pack.

    But it is his dance moves, acting and stage presence which leaves the audience asking for more, with many wondering if the initial choice for the role - Vivek Oberoi - would have been as good.

    Gauhar, with her washboard stomach and graceful dancing, made for the perfect gypsy dancer. But one does end up feeling that trained acrobat, actress Isha Sharvani, who was earlier cast in the play, would have done better justice to the aerial acts, now being performed by Kashmira Irani.

    The story is of course as predictable as it can get in Bollywood - but it's worth the experience. Yes, there is a slight lack of action sequences, which could have made the climax more dramatic, but forgiven for the grandeur that the show has to offer.

    The venue is equally grand, plus they offer free drinks and snacks before, after and during the 20-minute interval in between the two-hour musical. The cheapest ticket costs Rs.1,000, and if you would like your experience to be royal, be ready to shell out Rs.6,000 for the best seats in the hall as well as some pampering during the show.

    "Zangoora - The Gypsy Prince", in the making for over a year, will open its doors to the public Tuesday. Whether you like the show or not - one thing is well-assured - you'll definitely be hooked onto the title track 'Zangoora zangoora' played only at the end of the show, with the cast dancing to it in jubilation.

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    I found one more article on Wall Street Journal blog. They have mentioned about Hussain's entry, but unfortunately did not bother to put his name. Anyway, I'm still posting it, I know Hussain's name will be all over in a few days!!


    India's Kingdom of Dreams Eyes Las Vegas

    September 20, 2010, 5:52 PM IST

    By Prerna Sodhi

    Prerna Sodhi/The Wall Street Journal

    The Kingdom of Dreams is home to live entertainment theaters, state cultural pavilions and scores of restaurants.

    The Kingdom of Dreams, a cultural amusement park on the outskirts of New Delhi that attempts to fuse Broadway and Bollywood, gave reporters a weekend preview of its first production, "Zangoora, the Gypsy Prince," which opens to the public Tuesday.

    The musical started with extravagant dance sequences of popular Bollywood numbers, taking the audiences across Indian cultures starting from Kashmir to the western region of Maharashtra.

    The story, written by scriptwriter and lyricist Javed Akhtar and set to music composed by well-known Bollywood music directors Shankar, Ehsaan & Loy, was a fairly clichd tale of a prince who is brought up by a childless gypsy couple after the murder of his parents by an evil general.

    Fortunately, as the story became increasingly predictable, with each scene the staging, elaborate costumes and special effects became more and more unpredictable'in a good way.

    At one point the dancers flooded the audience area, making heads turn with a surprise entrance from the back into the aisles. That was just the start.

    Aerial acrobatics combined with animated stage sets and surround sound created an unusual immersion experience. In one scene, with "mermaids" kept aloft against a backdrop of moving ocean waters, the audience felt like it was underwater too.

    The lead actor playing the part of Zangoora made one of his entries flying in over the audience while hanging from a realistic looking eagle.

    "The thought behind this concept was a cinematic approach to a live show with virtual backgrounds and a feeling that the stars are walking out of the celluloid," said Viraf Sarkari, director of Kingdom of Dreams.

    But just as dreams in real life are out of reach or are for the rich so is it with the Kingdom of Dreams. The cost of tickets to the show starts at 1,000 rupees (USD $21.87) and goes up to 6,000 rupees (USD $131.28).

    When asked about the affordability of the place for most Indians, Mr. Sarkari replied "One production costs us more than a good Bollywood film and if you go for a Broadway show the seats are pretty crammed. Here we are providing luxury with drinks, snacks, comfortable arm chairs," he said.

    The entire production of Zangoora that costs around 250 million rupees (USD$ 5.5 million) and three more productions like it are in the works. One of the upcoming productions focuses on the cultural extravaganza most visitors to India hope to attend.

    "The production is called 'Balle Balle My Big Fat Indian Wedding' which will be a hardcore Punjabi wedding that will make the audiences feel like 'Baraatis' (wedding guests) by making them wear 'pagdis' (turbans), etcetera ," he said.

    For foreigners looking to have a Bollywood-style wedding themselves there is good news. The producers also plan a mock-marriage that will take place within an hour-and a-half for foreigners who would like to have an Indian wedding. (Many busy Indians might enjoy such a truncated "shaadi" as well.)

    "We will have bookings for these people and we will film it and provide them with DVDs as souvenirs," says Mr. Sarkari.

    But perhaps the biggest production the Kingdom of Dreams is affiliated with is the Commonwealth Games. Composer A.R. Rahman unveiled this theme song here in August and Mr. Sarkari, the brains behind the kingdom, also happens to be the director of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Commonwealth Games. He wouldn't share any details.

    Commenting on the expansion plans Mr. Sarkari said that he plans to set up a Kingdom of Dreams in Mumbai, Goa, Kerala, Bangkok, New York, London.

    Mr. Sarkari eventually wants to replicate the over-the-top cultural hub, practically a mini-city that is also home to state cultural pavilions and scores of restaurants set against a backdrop of buildings modeled on old palaces, in another over-the-top city.

    "My ultimate vision is to have a Kingdom of Dreams in Las Vegas," he said.


    ..Swapnali.. Goldie

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    Posted: 21 September 2010 at 12:07pm | IP Logged

    And one more here


    Bollywood on Stage

    Debesh Banerjee

    Posted: Sep 21, 2010 at 0619 hrs IST

    A newborn prince is dumped among the banjaras, an evil sorcerer plots against the king and queen, a beautiful princess meets a feisty gypsy girl, good and evil clash amid treachery and counter-ploys and, a few minutes before the curtain falls, the prince fulfills his destiny of wearing the royal crown. With all the makings of a kitschy soap opera, the play Zangoora: The Gypsy Prince, set in the fictitious kingdom of Shaktishila, will open at Nautanki Mahal, the new theatre at Kingdom of Dreams, a culture destination in Gurgaon.

    Wizcraft director, Viraf Sarkari, who operates Kingdom of Dreams and has co-produced Zangoora, resorts to superlatives while talking about both, the theatre and the musical. "With aerial flying sequences, special effects, digital surround sound, lights and 3D video projections on each side of the stage, we have created something better than what Broadway and West End has on offer," he says.

    The musical flirts with different genres of romance, action, drama and thriller, and boasts several big names. Lyricist Javed Akhtar has written the story, Shiamak Davar is credited with the choreography and the cast includes 24 performers from TV and stage like Hussain Kuwajerwala, Isha Sharvani and Gauhar Khan. British artistic director David Freeman, a veteran of London's West End productions, has come on board as co-director. Neeta Lulla of Devdas and Jodhaa Akbar fame is responsible for the garish costumes.

    Fittingly, Shah Rukh Khan was recently announced its brand ambassador. Filmy numbers like Pehla Nasha , Khuda Jaane and Chand Taare Tod Lau have been tweaked and woven by composers Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy into the narrative to make the 2.15 hour musical look like a film on stage.

    The show opens today and will be staged every evening, except Mondays. Tickets are priced at Rs 1,000, Rs 2,500, Rs 3,500 and Rs 6,000.

    greatsumkum IF-Sizzlerz

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    omg.............Big smile
    i m very excited 2 c dis movie............Dancing.DancingDancingDancing.
    n dying to  c dis.....DeadDeadDead

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