***Happy Birthday SANJU***

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Today we celebrate your birthday who Brings happiness to everyone, Someone who gives more than she gets, And fills our lives with joy and fun.

We all truly wish you a great day and we all hope you have a wonderful and successful life and may all you wishes come true.

Now lets bring out the birthday cake:
And now some gifts:

Yeh the shopping trolley is free aswell!!

Once Again Sanju:



Jalebo!! - I can't express in words what you mean to me - no matter what i write about you it will always be less!
All i can say is that I will always love you & you will always stay in my heart - forever!
Plus i dont want to make you cry on your birthday so no emotional speeches by me! and you know why im writing in pinkLOL
Basically this post shows my love for you!!
You want another gift? chal only because its you, here you go....

Wifey no.2 right!!Wink
Sanju u are a true friend ,sweet & smart ,
you'll go straight to the other person's heart &
stay there forever Heart...
a funny person , loving & compassionate ..
u are a wise person who knows exactly when to send a flying chabbal from the UK over to the CVs, when to send hiten with an enough load of mooch glue over to sapna ROFL& when to drool revers LOL
really love you sanju Hug
now make a wish !!

Many MANY HAPPY returns of the day. I dont know how to make a b'day card with lots of pictures or funny little things,but if i have known you right,you would know my heartfelt wishes just the same.Most important birthday in many ways,I hope you achieve all that you have wished for,and more.I know you will.

We have shared many laughs,and we have shared the bad times too.You are a true blessing for me.I wish we remain the same,for many many more years to come.

So,Astla Vista,Babyyy!!

ROFL ROFL Did I say that right??

LLLOLAH LOL Embarrassed



TongueMay God Bless U my dear Samar...Tongue
TongueI cudnt write a poem abt u...
As Im not a 'Poet'...
TongueI cudnt draw a sketch of u...
As Im not an 'Artist'...
TongueI cud give my luv & affection 2 u...
As Im ur 'Friend'...
Rose is the symbol of Friendship & Love,sent 2
the people that v r fondest of...
So this rose bring warm thoughts &
a fond wish 2 say,
May life's sweetest Blessings be ur's on tis day,
& everyday of a happy year.
TongueWen u came tis earth at first time,
Its not only urs birth,,,
but also ur Mom's next Birth...
So Wish ur mom Also..Tongue
TongueI Wish U all success in ur life...
Ur life bcums brighter always...
Thank You for being my friend...Tongue
Once Again,Happy Birthday 2 u SamarLOLLOLLOL
With Luv,SheelaSmile



A girl with her head set firmly on her shoulders!
Dear Sanju,

The wishes in this greetings post are sent with lots of love, its hoped you have the kind of day that you are dreaming of Day Dreaming

You wished a world of happiness, with joy and laughter too LOL
Its hoped that all good things in life will surely come to you Embarrassed
For your such a dear person and this comes with love to say you mean so very much to all those who are lucky to know you
and so have a wonderful birthday as truly deserved by you our little Sanju!

Happy 21st

 Lots of Love and Hugs
your friend
Shahara xoxox

Someone has said that--
Always draw a circle around the ones you love, never draw a heart because hearts can be broken, but circles are never ending.
Sanju--You are a gem .SmileSmileSmileBig smileBig smile
On your B'day I wish you a healthy , wealthy ,happy and succcessful life.
I made some siggies for you , hope you like them.....
Anu( your KiweeBig smileBig smile)


Happy birthday sanjana may all ur wishes and dreams be fullfilled as desire ..... muahz.. best of luck and god bless.. from samantaEmbarrassed


Sanju is my favourite BahuLOL
THe most funny moment i remember with you when i, viduyudii( vidya), you & anu was chatting with each other abt new nick name of all members of forum.
that day i had posted one of Dm's famous dialogue  & anu & viduyudii understood it that it was Dm's famous dialogue but you did not understand & you asked me again that it is Dm's famous dialogue right? that day we all laughed so much. then you asked why u all laughing. & we said to you that all India knows it was Dm's famous dialogue & u r asking us? & b'coz of that incident you were given the new nick name as LED (let light tube light).
that memory was my funniest memory with you. Thank you!

you are real sweet hart who never feels bad if we comment bad & i love you for that.


You are a special person and wishing you all the finest things on your special day..

!!!!!!!!!Happy Birthday!!!!!

Your budday flowers

A few gifts for you

Big smile

Memories from the

Some Statements Made be Sanju
"As always.. I even have a photo of him now in my flat.. Call me sad.. I know but last year my sister got me a photo frame, with two slots.. I put one of me and one of DM..   Blushing Blushing"
"Don't know about pants.. But he looks well fine in that resham ki dhoti.."          
"I don't need hay and machars.. As long as i have DM.. All izz well.."
"Sapna.. DM is the word.. Seriously.. I don't what got me sooo crazy but im devoted to him now.."
"DM is my dream man!! He is gentleman but can be a sher, he is gorgeous, funny, romantic... imperfect  yet perfect.."
"Din Raat Bas Ek Hi Naam.. DM DM DM!!"
"No matter what picture it is DM looks shexy as always.. He might be frowning or smiling but the man is beyond beautiful.".
"The three musketeers  hey hamda?? You, me and Sapz.. All admiring Mr Delicious.."
"Excuse me missy.. I love DM plenty to.. He's the only person on my bheja 24/7.. Subha Shaam.. Mee totally latoo over the moochwala mahi!"
"yep angry DM = sexy.. happy DM = sexy.. and basically DM = sexy!!"
"Please leave DM alone I just about shooed off Subhi and Santu!!"

(God and you all call me the bad one - look at her)

"Besharam who me?? Im not besharam.. Im just very much in love with a man who happens to be around 60now! but looks sweet as 16!"

hi5 graphics

To the world  full of DM exclusively for Droolers...........
   The DM Dictionary.
  Dedicated to Sanju on her B'Day
How this game of words began?
Well I( Anu) used to argue with the DM Droolers ( Sapna and Sanju) that not everything in this world can be related to DM...But these girls are really clever that till now I have'nt got a word that can't be related to DM..Unfortunately I lost and they won the game.....They related evrything like CD, USB , hatoda etc .......
So I and Sapna dedicate this for Sanju who is one of the craziest DM drooler
Have a glance.................
PLASTIC: Plastic container that the dip comes in..LOL LOL( source : Sanju)
VACUUM CLEANER: Vaccum aka Clean tidy man..LOL He hates mess as we saw when Suraj dropped the cake on him he ran to get himself cleaned up..( source: Sanju)
a flag is held up high - the wind blows it (liek it does to DMs hair)
a flag is risen for pride - and DM is always or pride
a flag is always flexible like DM
a flag can come in many colours - DM kurtay many colours(source: Sapna)
an eternal flag in our lives  ( hearts)source: Sanju)

HATHODA:He beats his enemies with it..Wink or we use it to choo of DM haters..LOL( source: Sanju)
you can use it to cut and scare people - so DM is one himself - toooooo strong( source: Sapna)
MARKER: marker can be used for many things - to teach, write - write many things and our DM teaches many things, he is our teacher( source: Sapna)
He marked and engraved his name on every page of our life with him..( source: Sanju)
CD:CD of Love Songs we sing for him.. and plus DM doesn't sleep without listening to Subhi's voice on the CD..( source: Sanju)
CD is portable and can be taken anywhere - and so can our DM - he is our jaan whereever we go hes with us ( source: Sapna)
CAMERA: he has captured all of our hearts!! ( source: Sapna)
USB: Censored( source: Sapna)

PERFUME: Perfume is a fragrance and the only fragrance in our life is DM (source:sapna)

PILLOW: we always have pillow fights with our DM (source:sapna)

WHEEL: A wheel normally comes in the form of a circle, and our life is a big circle, and only DM completes our Wheel of life (source: sapna)

Oh and remember the game 'Wheel of fortunes' well our fortune is DM (source: sapna)

CAR:  car is a type of machine, and we all know DM is the MacharMachine.. (source: sapna)

( source: Sapna)
CLOCK: there is never a second that goes by when we don't think of our DM (Source: Sapna)
FLUTE: the soft music it plays is just like the beautiful voice of our DM (source: Sapna)
TIE: we are tied in a lovely bandan with DM (source: Sapna)
CAP: This protects you from the sun, but the only protection we need is the presence of our DM (source: Sapna)
SIGN: One Sign from DM's eyes takes you to a whole ned world (source: sapna)


 The Lion King Roaring Mufasa ImagesBlue Lion Images

Happy Birthday Black And Pink Text Glitters

Dear Sanju,
We hope you liked this gift by us........
Keep Smiling my friend and we love you!!!!!!!!!!
Wishing you a happy, prosperous , successful, healthy and wealthy life.....
 Sapna and Anu
Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile

Good Luck Cat Glitters

LANGUAGE: His eyes speak a whole new language (source:sapna)
HEAVEN: DM is our heaven on earth (source:sapna)
LOVE: Well what can i say, i shall let sanju do this one, take it away sanju.........................

I'm not a writer of love and no amount of words can tell you how much you mean to mee.. This could have just been another stupid crush that i would get over by when i felt these emotions that i'd never felt before i understood it was something much more deeper..

Our first meeting was through the television and i'd eagerly wait for you to appear.. I never felt something or someone evoke such feelings within mee that you made happen through your eyes.. We began meeting everyday and I realised I was changing.. Changing like the colours of the rainbows and becoming more of a person that i've never been before.. People say love happens when you least expect it and thats what happened with mee.. I learnt to love you with all your flaws.. I respect you from every corner of my heart and not seeing you pains me deeply.. I've engraved the letters of our love in my heart so that no one can steal you away..

You are like the fragrance in the flowers that drive the bees made.. I'm a hopeless lover whose eyes only search you.. Your more important to mee than I ever could imagine and meeting you is the miracle that God made possible.. Even though we are miles apart, I sense your very being here inside me..
Your small cute mistakes make mee love you more and with each passing day my love grows..Some say i'm crazy and i am about you.. You give a whole new definition to love and that's what makes mee love you so much..

I have cried and i've seen you cry. i have laughed with you when others didn't find you amusing.. When you think i'm not listening my heart knows what you are saying.. Don't know whether you will ever be able to reciprocate these feelings within mee.. I don't know if i can ever love again..
Your name is magical and mee my stomach do somersaults when i hear it.. Do you understand when i whisper these special words..
Your every emotion and word is captured in my heart and i can quote you when i say i am dufford for being so madly in love with you..
You all may say how can someone love someone so much.. I'd say i disagree.. You deserve every hapiness and that may not be with mee.. I let you but cling onto in my heart awaiting for your footsteps to knock on my heart and give my life a whole new definition..

I forbid any thought that leads mee away from you and cry at the plight of lovers being apart.. but my heart is true when it says its utters only your name... I have seen many romantic movies but no hero is comparable to you.. Your the one hero that makes mee fully happy..

Your small aadat's like your adorable dimples and your little mundari's in your ear.. Your twirling of the mooch drives mee crazzy but anything that has your name attached is jannat..
Think mee as crazzy but this crazzy deewani believes you are her world..

I love you.. till ever beyond eternity and more.. One lifetime is never enough and i want your footsteps to be with mee no matter when.. I need the support of your hand no matter.. I may be angry at you for the things you do but deep down its my heart that bleeds being away from you..

Time, people, circumstances may change as they do but my love will never.. Even if we never unite my heart will always burn an eternal flame of your name..

And she says shes no writer - jhoot nahi bolte sanju - buri baat
But WOW what a confession yaar - Sab ki Dil ki baat boldi!!
Finally I got a Siggie, specially made for you Mrs DM...
(created by sukhi)

I would just like to take this opportunity to THANK everyone for their support and love, for this post to be made:
Ammoos - (for helping putting this thread up)
Anu - for the DM dictionary
Sukhi - for all the DM creations
And all of you for passing your thoughts and wishes!!
oh sanju totally forgot to give you your badge:
P.S. Sanju check your hotmail emailBig smile
and let us know if your still alive!!

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Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Biiirthday to Sanju!

Happy Birthday to you!!!

God Bless&Love you to bits.

Hug Hug

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Wishing you a very Happy 21st Birthday Sanju......May all your dreams and wishes come true ....Hope you have a fab day .......
Loadsa love ....

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My hands are shaking right now..LOL

To each and everyone who wished me thank you so much..

Sapna.. I opened my hotmail cos my brother wanted me to go on camera so the family could wish mee..
and oh my..
I firstly almost collapsed when i saw the message..
I don't go on hotmail ever.. and when i saw your gift i died..

Ronit messaged mee..!! OMG.. I am having problems breathing right now.. feeling slightly woooohoooo..

I love you all so much..

Will comment in the morning as im shaking so much after Sapna and Kiwee's  surprise gift.. Gosh..

Love you all so much..

Thank you..

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Hi Sanju, Partywishing you a very happy birthdayClap
May all ur wishes come trueDay Dreaming
Enjoy the day, my lovely friendHug

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Happy b-day Sanju

Wishing you all the best in the year to come. May your days be filled with sunshine and beautiful colors. And may your nights be filled with comforting dreams and wishes to come.

No one desrves a happier birthday than you.

Youth happens, but age is earned.

Days have passed into years,you have become better with time. May you continue to become better with each birthday you enjoy.

Happy Birthday
You are very special
And you deserve the best
I wish you a wonderful life
Filled with love and happiness

Don't count the years, count the blessings.

More cookies for you
love - Anna

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Happy Birthday Sanju
Hope you loved your surprises!
May you achieve all that you desire in life
health, wealth, success,love & a long & fruitful life!!
Love & Hugs

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